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Chapter 232: Song Ci Is About to Give Birth Prematurely

Hugging Song Ci, Han Zhan rested his chin on top of her head and told her, “Baby Ci, when the ferris wheel is completed, come with me. I want to bring you to stand at the highest point of Imperial Dragon Mountain to see this city.”


Hearing Han Zhan’s words, Song Ci’s entire body warmed up.

Han Zhan held Song Ci’s hand and walked towards the manor.

As he walked, he introduced. “This mountain was given to me by Godmother Mo Yao when I was of age.”

Song Ci was not surprised to hear that this mountain was given to him by Mo Yao. “Godmother treats you so well.”

“They only have me as their godson. Of course they like me.”

Jin Luolan was busy with her career and had never given birth. As Di Rongrong had lost a child, she was traumatized by pregnancy and didn’t have any children.

Mo Yao wanted to have a child but was unsuccessful. Han Zhan was their only son. How could they not love him?

Ever since he was found by his grandfather, Han Zhan had been pampered since he was young.

When Han Zhan was 18 years old, which was 2006, the local housing prices were not as crazy as they were now, but the land was still valuable.

She gave Han Zhan a mountain the moment she made a move. Mo Yao’s godmother really doted on Han Zhan.

Song Ci pretended to be angry and questioned Han Zhan. “You actually secretly built a manor behind my back. When did you start building it?”

Han Zhan said, “When Mrs. Mu was still alive, I hired someone to design this house.”

So early?

Han Zhan explained. “Do you still remember? After Madam Mu got pregnant, she fell on the stairs and suffered a major hemorrhage. She suffered a miscarriage and nearly lost her life. At that time, I decided to change to a bigger house, the kind where you need an elevator to bring you up and down.”

There were also several real estate development companies in Wangdong City that built several large villas with elevators. Han Zhan went to take a look but was not satisfied.

Since he couldn’t find anything satisfactory, he had no choice but to hire someone to design it himself.

Han Zhan told Song Ci, “Our previous duplex is getting smaller and there will be two more cubs soon. We won’t be able to stay in that house anymore. It will be complete before the new year and the new house will be vacant for another year. We will move in here before the new year.”

Han Zhan felt rather regretful. He said, “You’re about to give birth and the house has just been built.”

Song Ci stared at her big tummy. “It’s okay. If we change to a bigger house, the children will have a place to play in the future. Moreover, we are still young. Who can guarantee that we won’t have a second pregnancy in the future?”

“That will depend on you.” Han Zhan had a lot of assets. Even if Song Ci had enough children to form a football team, Han Zhan could groom them into talents.

But the body was Song Ci’s. Whether she was willing to have another child or not, he had to respect Song Ci’s thoughts.

The tight door rumbled open.

Song Ci looked up and saw a guitar-shaped fountain square.

Han Zhan held Song Ci’s hand as they entered the manor.

Song Ci stood in front of the fountain square and sized up the scenery of the manor.

To the left of the fountain was the garden and leisure area, while to the right was an artificial lake. It would take three to four minutes to walk from the main entrance of the manor to the main building.

The building was three stories high and had two curved staircases on both sides of the building, leading from the first floor to the second.

Han Zhan led Song Ci into the main hall on the first floor.

Once inside, Song Ci was stunned by the circular dome hall that was 10 meters tall.

She looked up at the circular dome above her.

The dome was designed to be made of semi-transparent glass. It was brightly lit during the day, as if it was completely isolated.

Countless stars filled with the top of the glass.

Seeing Song Ci staring at those stars in a daze, Han Zhan told her, “Those stars have the effect of absorbing light. At night, they will light up. At that time, when you look up, it will look like you are looking at the summer night sky.”

Song Ci was stunned.

It turned out that the reports in the magazines were all true. Han Zhan’s mansion really had a starry dome hall that was as beautiful and exquisite as a Western church.

Han Zhan snapped his fingers.

Above the dome, an arc-shaped barrier suddenly rose, which blocked out the daylight.

The door behind the two of them was also closed. The originally bright hall was instantly plunged into night.

Han Zhan’s melodious voice sounded beside Song Ci’s ear. “Baby Ci, look up.”

Song Ci looked up obediently.

Looking up, Song Ci saw the galaxy. The galaxy was reflected on the dome and was unbelievably beautiful.

Those stars were still blinking.

Song Ci was suffocating. In front of the absolute beauty, Song Ci was at a loss for words. She said, “Oh my god, it’s too beautiful.”

Han Zhan chuckled and told her, “This is my inspiration. I told the designer and he added it.”

Under the starlight, Han Zhan suddenly bent over to Song Ci, stretched out his right hand, and invited her like an elegant gentleman.

“Mrs. Han, are you willing to dance with me?”

Holding back her laughter, Song Ci placed her left hand on Han Zhan’s palm.

Han Zhan placed his other hand on Song Ci’s waist. With a big belly, Song Ci danced a waltz under the starlight.

After dancing, Han Zhan cupped Song Ci’s face with both hands.

He kissed Song Ci’s lips.

After the kiss, Han Zhan suddenly mentioned, “Baby Ci, do you still remember what happened at your birthday party? That day, you walked past the crowd, brushed past them, and walked straight up to me. You smiled at me, your eyes were shining brightly, and I saw stars in your eyes.”

At that time, Han Zhan felt that Song Ci’s eyes were even more mesmerizing than the stars. So when the designer asked him for the design theme of the dome, Han Zhan told him without thinking that he wanted the galaxy of stars in Song Ci’s eyes.

Hearing this, Song Ci’s heart thumped wildly.

She could gradually feel Han Zhan’s body temperature rising and the heat in his eyes was very hot. Song Ci hurriedly released Han Zhan and reminded him. “Han Zhan, I will give birth in a month. Don’t mess around.”


Han Zhan snapped his fingers and the entire room was lit up.

He hurriedly turned and went to the washroom. After a while, he walked out. When he came out, there were traces of cold water on Han Zhan’s face.

The two of them exchanged glances and suppressed their laughter.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you somewhere else.”


The two of them finished touring the first floor and took the lift to the second.

In the lift, Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “How much did this house cost?” She was a layman and only cared about money.

Han Zhan said a number.

Song Ci was speechless and roared in her heart: So extravagant!

Song Ci was agitated.

Thinking back to when she lived in the countryside with her parents, she felt very blissful because the houses in the countryside were more western than those in the other houses in the village.

After moving into the city, Song Ci felt very proud when all the neighbours gathered around to see that her family had bought a ten thousand dollar Sony television.

After that, she was adopted by the Mu Family. The first time she moved into that three-story villa, Song Ci felt like a wild chicken that had entered a phoenix’s nest.

On the first night after entering the Mu Family residence, Song Ci laid in bed and couldn’t sleep well.

But now, she had become the mistress of this huge manor!

For the first time, she deeply experienced the joy of being the wife of the richest man. It was the feeling of walking on clouds.

It felt so good to be rich.

She could already predict that the first week after moving into her new home, she would definitely be so excited that she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep.

Han Zhan brought Song Ci to visit the other rooms and facilities in the house. In the end, they arrived at the master bedroom.

The master bedroom was fully open. A custom-made King-Size bed frame was leaning against the wall, and a glass French window was on the right.

Song Ci walked up to the French window and realized that standing there, she could see the entire Great Dragon River.

In the winter, there was not much water stored in the Imperial Dragon Abyss. The river was calm and the mountains and rivers were fine.

Han Zhan stood side by side with her. He pointed at a building on the river in the distance. “That’s the Imperial Dragon Building.”

Song Ci looked over and saw the Imperial Dragon Building standing on the river. Its tall dragon head roared at the sky in awe.

Song Ci said, “In the future, when you go to work, the child and I can see you at home.”

Song Ci thought of something and suddenly said, “Let’s put a pair of binoculars here. When the children miss their father, they will be able to peek at you.”

Han Zhan said, “Isn’t a WeChat video more convenient?”

Song Ci rolled her eyes at Han Zhan, despising him for being unromantic. She said, “This is called romance, do you understand?”

Han Zhan didn’t understand why Song Ci’s suggestion was romantic, but he knew that he couldn’t refute Song Ci’s point of view at this point.

Han Zhan nodded obediently and agreed with Song Ci’s opinion. “You make a lot of sense.”

The two of them stood by the window for a while before Song Ci turned and walked into the bathroom.

A carved screen was used as a partition between the bathroom and the master bedroom. The left side was the bathtub, the right side was the shower room, and there were two sinks in the middle. Beside the washroom was the toilet.

The corridor in the middle was very wide and there was a incense table. On the table was a 50cm tall jade statue.

Song Ci stared at that jade statue in astonishment.

“Is this me?”

A slender woman was sculpted on the white jade.

She was wearing an open-back dress with long hair and a fox mask. She was playing the violin.

Hearing Song Ci’s words, Han Zhan hurried over.

Gazing at that small statue, Han Zhan nodded and said, “This is your outfit when you and Liang Bo went on Wangdong TV Station’s Spring Festival Gala together.”

That night, Han Zhan sat below the stage and admired Song Ci’s beauty with the audience.

At that time, he thought that he must get someone to carve Song Ci’s beauty into time.


Song Ci was praising herself, but she didn’t know if she was praising herself for being beautiful or if it was a work carved by a craftsman.

Song Ci lovingly stroked that statue a few times. She smiled and teased Han Zhan. “Brother Han, come, I’ll let you touch me when my figure is sexy.”

Han Zhan shook his head and chuckled. “Stop fooling around.”

Although the statue was beautiful, the person beside him was where his heart lay.

“Let’s go to the back of the mountain to take a look.”

Han Zhan personally drove the tour bus in the manor and brought Song Ci to visit the lawn, the training grounds, and the horse farm in the backyard.

In the end, they arrived at the amusement park on the hill behind.

Song Ci looked up at the white Ferris wheel. She shook her head, grabbed a tree beside her, and refused to leave.

Han Zhan thought she was tired and said, “Let me carry you.” Han Zhan’s arms were strong and even if Song Ci had gained weight, he could easily carry her horizontally.

Song Ci reached out and placed her hand by Han Zhan’s mouth, despising his noisy words. “Brother Han, shut up. Let me experience the joy of being a rich lady.”

Han Zhan was speechless.

It was already noon by the time they finished touring the manor.

Han Zhan brought Song Ci to a farm at the foot of the Imperial Dragon Mountain for dinner.

After dinner, Han Zhan received a call from Han Aoyu. He said that an old friend had sent a few quails over for them for dinner.

Song Ci had never eaten a quail in her life.

Han Zhan drove Song Ci back to his grandfather’s place and went back to the office, before coming back for dinner at night.

Han Aoyu was relieved to see that Song Ci’s smile widened and that her depression should have improved.

Han Aoyu covered the quail with a bamboo frame and didn’t kill it.

Due to the previous epidemic, Song Ci didn’t dare to eat wild animals anymore. She asked Han Aoyu, “Are quails a protected animal, Grandpa?”


Song Ci said, “You can’t eat protected animals. If you eat venison now and are found out, you will be fined and sent to jail.” Song Ci was a law-abiding citizen and would never do anything illegal.

Han Aoyu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He liked Song Ci’s obedience and cuteness.

Han Aoyu saw that Song Ci was slightly anxious and said, “This is a quail raised in one’s own home. It’s raised in the mountains and not wild. There’s no virus either. You can eat it without worry. Moreover, do you think I would dare to give you food that can’t be eaten?”

Hearing this, Song Ci finally relaxed.

This time, Zhong Buhui walked out with a kitchen knife in his hand. He saw Song Ci standing beside the bamboo frame and hurriedly said, “Little Song, I am going to kill a living thing. Please excuse me.”

Not only was Song Ci unwilling to avoid him, she even said eagerly, “I like to pluck fur. Uncle Zhong, kill them and let me pluck them.”

Zhong Buhui was speechless.

It was hard to tell that this delicate beauty actually loved to pluck bird feathers.

“Alright then.”

After Zhong Buhui killed the quail, Grandpa brought over water and placed it in the bucket to heat for a few minutes, before letting Song Ci pluck its feathers.

Song Ci stood by the stone table in the garden and placed the basin containing the quail on the table. She grabbed it and felt very good.

After cleaning the quail fur, Song Ci couldn’t resist taking a photo to show off to Yan Jiang about eating quails tonight.

Yan Jiang sent a drooling emoticon.

But he had to go to work and couldn’t go to Grandfather’s house to freeload.

Han Zhan would only reach home at 7.30pm. Zhong Buhui was worried that it would be cold if he made quails early and affect the taste of the food, so he decided to postpone dinner.

Song Ci was rather hungry at 4pm, so Zhong Buhui made her a plate of tri-colored fried rice.

After Song Ci finished her meal, she received a voice call from Su Huanyan.

Why is Su Huanyan calling me now?

Song Ci answered the call and heard Su Huanyan’s sweet voice. “Song Ci, are you still staying with Grandpa?”

“I happened to be here today.”

Only then did Su Huanyan say, “I am now at the old residence of the Cheng Family. My mother came to visit me a few days ago and brought me some specialties from Su City. I thought of how you said you liked Su City’s delicacies, so I wanted to give you some and was prepared to send them to you sometime.”

“Since you happen to be at Grandpa’s side, shall I look for you?”

Song Ci replied, “Okay!”

After hanging up, Song Ci told Han Aoyu, “Grandpa, Cheng Yanmo’s wife is coming soon. Did we cook enough food? I want to keep her for dinner.”

“It’s more than enough!”

“That’s good.”

Song Ci waited at the door for a while before seeing Su Huanyan.

Su Huanyan looked like a gentle lady, but this lady was very brave. She was more than 7 months pregnant and still drove very well.

After parking the car outside the Han residence, Su Huanyan alighted. She was wearing flat shoes and a long blue down jacket. Her stomach was slightly bigger than the last time she met Song Ci.

Although they were both pregnant, Su Huanyan still looked slender and only had a baby bump.

Song Ci stared at Su Huanyan’s slender arms and legs, feeling extremely jealous.

God is not giving me a way out.

“Song Ci, come and help me carry it.”

Song Ci hurried over and saw many gifts placed at the back of the row. Song Ci was slightly shocked. “So many?”

Su Huanyan smiled and said frankly, “Your grandfather is here. I can’t possibly meet him empty-handed, right?”

Su Huanyan patted the beautifully packaged Biluo Chun on her seat. She said, “I heard from Yanmo that your grandfather likes to drink tea. This Biluo Chun of mine is one of my grandfather’s treasures when he was alive. Now that he is gone, it’s better to give it to someone else than to keep this.”

“Then I’ll thank you on behalf of Grandpa.”

The two of them entered the house carrying bags.

Han Aoyu saw that Su Huanyan was carrying a few big bags and walked over with a smile. He asked Su Huanyan, “Little Lass Su is here to send warmth to Song Ci. What about Grandpa, do I have a share?”

“Grandpa, how can I not have yours?” Faced with Han Aoyu’s teasing, Su Huanyan also appeared magnanimous. She handed the Biluo Chun to Han Aoyu and said, “Grandpa, smell this tea and see if you like it.”

Han Aoyu took out a small box from the bag, opened the lid, and smelled the fragrance of top-grade Biluochun.

Han Aoyu smiled. “Good stuff! Eat at my place tonight. There are quails. Your Uncle Zhong is very good at cooking. You will definitely like them.”

It was difficult to refuse such a grand offer, so Su Huanyan agreed.

Su Huanyan brought Song Ci the delicacies from Zhizhi Temple and the Great Lake Silverfish.

Song Ci had previously revealed to Su Huanyan that she loved to drink silver fish soup. Presumably knowing that her mother was coming, Su Huanyan had told her mother in advance and asked her to bring silver fish over.

It was not very expensive, but it was very kind of her to do so.

Song Ci was slightly touched. Su Huanyan had given her specialties, but she didn’t have anything suitable for her. She thought about when she should get something sincere for Su Huanyan.

The two of them chatted for a while before the sky turned dark.

During this time, Cheng Yanmo called her. The two of them were like a pair of business partners, respectful and polite, as they took turns to talk and answer questions.

Everything was good, just not like a married couple.

Song Ci had no say in their lives. She listened quietly, feeling very emotional.

After hanging up, Su Huanyan saw Song Ci staring at her curiously. She said, “It’s Yanmo. Every night, if he works overtime, he will call and ask about me and the child.” Perhaps there was no love between the two of them, but there was kinship.

“He is a good husband.”


Han Zhan returned very quickly and was slightly surprised to see Su Huanyan at home.

“Mr. Han.”

“Mrs. Cheng.”

Su Huanyan greeted Han Zhan and continued chatting with Song Ci.

After dinner, Su Huanyan bid farewell.

Seeing that it was getting late, Han Aoyu said, “Buhui, send Su Lass back. It’s not safe to drive alone at night, especially on such a mountain road.” The reason why he called Zhong Buhui to send Su Huanyan instead of Han Zhan was also to avoid arousing suspicion.

Zhong Buhui was about to get up when Han Zhan stood up first. “I’ll go.” Afraid that Song Ci would let her imagination run wild again, Han Zhan asked Song Ci gently, “Baby Ci, are you coming with me?”

Song Ci would guard against anyone but Cheng Yanmo’s pregnant wife.

She shook her head. “Go ahead. Come back right after.”


Han Zhan then drove his car and sent Su Huanyan home.

Su Huanyan sat in the passenger seat. She stroked her own tummy and chatted with Han Zhan.

“Song Ci is giving birth soon, right?”

“Just next month.”

Han Zhan knew that it would be awkward for Su Huanyan to be alone with him, so he found a topic.

After Su Huanyan fell silent, Han Zhan also said, “Miss Cheng, you’re going into labor in two months, right?”

“Yes, I’m about 20 days later than Song Ci.”

“You two are really fated. You even have children together.”

Hearing this, Su Huanyan smiled ruefully. She said, “It’s fate. There are so many well-bred young ladies in Wangdong City, but I can only get along with her.”

Han Zhan smiled meaningfully.

Su Huanyan felt that Han Zhan’s smile was somewhat strange.

But she didn’t ask further, afraid that she might have misunderstood.

The car stopped at the entrance of the Cheng residence. Su Huanyan wanted to open the car door but realized that it was locked. Su Huanyan realized that something was off and moved her hand away from the handle.

u Huanyan turned and looked at Han Zhan.

Han Zhan’s jawline was very tight and his eyes were extremely cold.

Su Huanyan was slightly stunned and felt uneasy.

Su Huanyan felt offended. She said coldly, “Mr. Han, what do you mean?”

At the entrance of the Cheng Family residence, Su Huanyan didn’t believe that Han Zhan would dare to do anything to her and spoke rather confidently.

Han Zhan’s gloved right hand stroked the joystick slowly. He suddenly said, “Miss Su and our Song Ci can get along together. Is it because you two are compatible in character? Or is there another reason?”

Su Huanyan was slightly surprised that Han Zhan would say such a thing.

Su Huanyan took a deep breath and said, “Regardless of whether Mr. Han believes me or not, I don’t have any ill intentions towards Song Ci. I admire her talent and character very much and just want to be friends with her. If you don’t believe me, you can check on my background.”

As Han Aoyu’s grandson, it would be easy for Han Zhan to find out more about Su Huanyan.

Han Zhan smiled. “Looks like I misunderstood.”

Su Huanyan looked at Han Zhan’s smile and didn’t feel relieved. Instead, she felt even more uneasy.

uddenly, Han Zhan said, “I thought you were purposely getting close to our Song Ci because of Sicilio.”

That was the first time Su Huanyan heard someone mention Sicilio’s name after returning to China.

From the moment Han Zhan said the name Sicilio, Su Huanyan knew that she had no secrets or privacy in front of Han Zhan.

That ridiculous relationship with Sicilio was Su Huanyan’s secret.

Even her family didn’t know that she had once had an unforgettable love with a man in Italy.

Every time she heard Sicilio’s name, Su Huanyan’s heart would ache.

Gripping her seatbelt, she murmured. “How did you know about him?”

“Sicilio?” Han Zhan chuckled. “As Sicilio’s only girlfriend, haven’t you heard him mention that he has a younger brother whose Chinese name is Han Zhan?”

Su Huanyan was slightly surprised. She said, “You are his younger brother called Hoff?”

“It looks like Sicilio really cares a lot about you.” To be able to tell Su Huanyan about his family matters was enough to prove Su Huanyan’s position in Sicilio’s heart.

A few months ago, Song Ci returned from Italy after filming. She told Han Zhan that she had met Sicilio in Italy and Han Zhan sent someone to investigate Sicilio’s life over the years.

Sicilio’s days were very exciting. Every day, he lived like a shooting spy. The only surprising thing was that such a cold-hearted and heartless thing actually fell in love with a woman.

But the heavens had opened their eyes. The woman he loved still left him in the end.

Hearing Han Zhan say that Sicilio cared a lot about her, Su Huanyan only chuckled mockingly.

Han Zhan said to Su Huanyan, “You saw Sicilio’s mother, right?”

Su Huanyan hesitated before saying, “In the past, I accidentally saw Sicilio’s photo album pendant and was fortunate enough to meet Mother Song.”

Han Zhan looked at her deeply and asked, “Was it really unintentional?”

Su Huanyan held her breath. After a long while, she replied, “It’s none of your business.”

Very good. The gentle tulip gene mutated, revealing the essence of her being a tyrant.

Han Zhan suddenly pressed the button to open the door.

Hearing a click, Su Huanyan reached out and pushed open the car door.

She was about to go down when she heard Han Zhan say, “Su Huanyan, Song Ci treats you as a friend. I don’t expect you to treat her sincerely, but don’t hurt her.”

Su Huanyan alighted and turned her back to Han Zhan. She was in no hurry to leave.

Han Zhan said, “If you dare to hurt her, I will make your family pay the price.”

Su Huanyan chuckled and said mockingly, “As expected of brothers. The way you speak is exactly the same…” After a pause, Su Huanyan added.” It’s equally nauseating. ”

Su Huanyan was not afraid of offending Han Zhan.

As the ex-girlfriend of a big boss, Su Huanyan was used to all sorts of major events and dangerous situations. Faced with Han Zhan’s threat, she was really not afraid.

Su Huanyan left after saying that.

Han Zhan scrutinized that woman’s arrogant back view. Actually, he somewhat believed Su Huanyan’s words.

Han Zhan returned home and was stopped by Song Ci at the door.

Han Zhan looked at her in amusement and opened his arms. “I don’t have any hickeys or perfume. I didn’t cheat on you. Don’t worry.”

Only then did Song Ci smile.

“Don’t joke around. I’m not asking you this.” Song Ci narrowed her eyes and stared into Han Zhan’s eyes. She asked suspiciously, “Did you talk to Huanyan behind my back?”

Otherwise, the troublesome and cold Han Zhan wouldn’t have taken the initiative to send Su Huanyan home.

Han Zhan felt somewhat helpless.

“Why are you suddenly so smart?”

Song Ci was a very strange person. Sometimes, she looked like a little fool in a daze.

But she was also very smart when it came to major matters. For example, Song Ci had seen through everything that happened tonight, as well as his collaboration with Song Fei to plot against Mu Mian.

Song Ci closed the door behind her, crossed her arms, leaned against the door, and ordered Han Zhan, “Hurry up and tell me the truth. You’re not allowed to enter the house unless you tell me clearly.”

It looked like he could only make a compromise.

Han Zhan told her, “Su Huanyan.”


“She was Sicilio’s girlfriend.”

Song Ci was confused.

Song Ci was still slightly confused when she suddenly heard Sicilio’s name. Two seconds later, Song Ci recalled Sicilio’s identity and was instantly stunned.

“How can that be? Huanyan and Sicilio?”

Huanyan and my half-brother are a couple?


Song Ci imagined Su Huanyan and Sicilio standing together. It was like a flower stuck in a cracked rock.

It didn’t fit.

“So what did you tell her?”

Han Zhan said, “Su Huanyan might be suspecting your relationship with Sicilio’s mother. I’m worried that she has ulterior motives for getting close to you, so I have to warn her.”

Song Ci couldn’t resist saying, “Huanyan is definitely a good lady. Believe me, my intuition is very accurate.”

Han Zhan couldn’t resist pouring cold water on her. “You also thought Mu Qiu was a good sister in the past.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Song Ci felt like giving Han Zhan a good beating.

She raised her little fist and was about to hit him when her stomach hurt.

Song Ci hurriedly retracted her small fists and used her palms to hold her stomach. “Ouch!” Song Ci touched her stomach and looked up at the nervous Han Zhan. “My stomach hurts a little.”

Han Zhan’s expression changed drastically. “Don’t tell me you’re giving birth?” But it’s only been eight months!

Song Ci reached out her right arm. “Quick, help me to bed.”

Han Zhan carried Song Ci up by the waist.

He carried Song Ci and hurried back to the room.

After lying in bed for a while, Song Ci felt that her stomach didn’t hurt anymore.

She carefully felt her tummy and confirmed that it really didn’t hurt anymore, before feeling at ease.

Zhong Buhui followed him upstairs. Standing outside the door, he asked, “Zhanzhan, what happened to Song Ci? I saw you carrying her up just now. Is she feeling unwell?”

Just now, Han Zhan had carried Song Ci upstairs and scared Han Aoyu and Zhong Buhui.

Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “Are you feeling better?”

Song Ci nodded. “I’m fine. I might have had a cramp just now.”

Her stomach would cramp too?

Only then did Han Zhan turn and walk to the corridor. He explained to Zhong Buhui, “It’s alright now. Song Ci’s stomach cramped just now. She’s recovered now.”

“You scared us.”

Knowing that Song Ci was fine, Zhong Buhui went downstairs.

Although Song Ci had said that she was fine, Han Zhan was still worried.

He took a shower and didn’t sleep. He just laid down and chatted with Song Ci. Every now and then, he would ask her if her stomach hurt.

Song Ci had always said that it didn’t hurt.

At 10.40pm at night, Song Ci couldn’t take it anymore and fell asleep.

Han Zhan was relieved to see that she had fallen asleep.

Not long after, Han Zhan was suddenly awoken by Song Ci.

“Han Zhan!” Song Ci sounded very flustered.

Han Zhan jolted awake and turned on the wall lamp immediately. He sat up and looked down at Song Ci.

Seeing that Song Ci’s face was red from anxiety, Han Zhan hurriedly asked her, “What’s the matter?”

Song Ci felt ashamed but still told Han Zhan, “My pants seem to be wet.”

Han Zhan was stunned. “You peed?”

Some pregnant women would indeed have leakage when they reached the third trimester.

Song Ci shook her head and said, “Not really. I don’t have the habit of urinating. I think…” Song Ci looked uneasy.” Han Zhan, could it be that my water broke? ”

Song Ci could feel something flowing through her body.

That gentleness didn’t feel like urine.

Han Zhan hurriedly pulled open the blanket and checked Song Ci’s pants.

The transparent liquid was not urine at all.

Han Zhan’s expression changed drastically!

“Baby Ci, don’t be afraid. I will send you to the hospital now!”

Han Zhan immediately picked up the phone and called the hospital director to instruct the gynecologist to prepare for delivery and to get them to drive an ambulance to fetch Song Ci.

After the call, Han Zhan carried Song Ci and was about to rush downstairs when Song Ci suddenly shouted, “Brother Han, I didn’t take the child’s clothes!”

Han Zhan had already carried her to the stairwell.

Hearing this, he shouted at the top of his lungs. “Uncle Zhong, Song Ci’s amniotic fluid is broken. I will send her to the hospital. Help me send the children’s belongings to the hospital. I have packed everything and placed them in our bedroom!”

As he shouted, Han Zhan had already rushed to the door.

Han Zhan’s commotion woke everyone up.

Han Aoyu was awake, Zhong Buhui was also awake, and so was the guard who had just changed shifts.

Han Aoyu didn’t even bother putting on his outer jacket. He just put on a tight thermal jacket and rushed out of the room.

He ran to the door and saw the taillights of Han Zhan’s car sweeping past the corner of the wall. They quickly disappeared.

Han Aoyu was so anxious that his hands were trembling slightly.

Buhui, is that Song lass going to give birth soon?”

Zhong Buhui nodded with a grim expression.

Han Aoyu exclaimed, “How can that do? It’s only been eight months!”

Zhong Buhui said, “I’m afraid she’s going into premature labor.”

Zhong Buhui didn’t hear Han Zhan’s urgent words clearly just now, but he could guess what Han Zhan was instructing.

Zhong Buhui went upstairs and opened Han Zhan’s room. He saw the box standing by the corner.

Inside the box were the items that Song Ci had prepared in advance for her delivery.

hong Buhui carried his things and ran downstairs. After Han Aoyu changed, he drove Han Aoyu to the hospital with the clothes.

In the hospital.

Song Ci had already entered the waiting room and the doctor was checking on her water rupture. Han Zhan stood in the room like an ant on a hot pan. He asked the doctor, “Doctor Zhang, what’s the situation with my wife now?”

Song Ci raised her lower limbs. Due to this sudden situation, her face was pale due to the fright.

The doctor looked up and told Han Zhan, “The amniotic fluid is indeed broken, but there is no contraction yet. Let’s do an ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid first. If it really doesn’t work, we can only perform surgery to take out the child. Otherwise, if there is too little amniotic fluid, the child will suffocate.”

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