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Chapter 231: Song Song, I Can’t Bear To Make You Sad

Song Fei couldn’t conceive anymore.

This was like a bolt out of the blue to Song Ci. She was shocked and in disbelief.

How is this possible?

Song Fei looked very healthy. Why can’t she get pregnant?

Song Ci was about to cry. She grabbed Song Fei’s wrist and asked, “Song Fei, are you lying to me again?”

Song Fei loved to lie.

Song Fei didn’t explain and just looked at her in silence. There was a hint of sadness in her cold eyes.

Holding Song Ci’s cold fingers, Song Fei comforted her instead. “Song Ci, I just can’t get pregnant. It’s nothing. To me, it’s already the heavens’ mercy to be able to survive.”

Song Fei and Yan Jiang were very satisfied that they were still alive.

Everything would be infinitely smaller when compared to life and death.

“Although it will be a pity if I can’t have a child with Yan Jiang, I am very happy to think that I am still alive and can still live with you guys.”

As for the child, Song Fei didn’t insist on it anymore.

Perhaps I’m born cold and have no affinity with children.

Song Ci cried.

Tears streamed down her face on their own accord. But this time, Song Ci just quietly cried. She didn’t go crazy or spout nonsense.

Crying, she hugged Song Fei’s skinny body tightly and apologized over and over again. “Song Fei, it’s all my fault! I’m the one who dragged you down. If not for saving me, you wouldn’t have been in a coma for so many years and missed the best time to go to school and ended up with the aftereffects of infertility.”

“Song Fei, can you beat me up?”

Hearing Song Ci’s words, Song Fei stroked Song Ci’s hair gently like her mother.

She said, “I can’t bear to hit you.” Although Song Ci was stupid and annoying, Song Fei couldn’t bear to hit her.

“You didn’t do anything wrong. I did everything willingly.” Under any circumstances, Song Fei had to protect her sister well. This was her responsibility.

Hearing this “willingly”, Song Ci cried even harder.

Song Fei patted Song Ci’s back and comforted her. “Stop crying. Look, you are pregnant with two children at once. This is fate. Song Ci, compared to me who wants a child but can’t get pregnant, you are already very fortunate now.”

“Being fat and ugly is only temporary. When the child is born, he will laugh, cry, and call you mother. At that time, you will know that your persistence and sacrifice are all worth it.”

“Han Zhan loves you very much. He won’t dare to mess around outside. If he really can’t control that third leg, I will help you cut it.”

“So, for the remaining month or so, you must take good care of yourself and the two babies. After the child is born, I will find the best weight-loss specialist for you. I guarantee that you will look as good as before you got pregnant.”

Song Fei was not a talkative person, but today, she said a lot in one breath.

Song Ci nodded tearfully. “Alright, I will listen to you.”

That night, Yan Jiang and Han Zhan arrived home one after another. Song Fei had already prepared dinner.

During the meal, they clearly noticed that Song Ci was slightly different. A few days ago, she was very resistant to eating and would only eat a little after Han Zhan’s persuasion.

But tonight, Song Ci actually took the initiative to pick up her bowl and eat three pieces of braised pork.

Seeing this, Han Zhan was slightly happy. He asked Song Ci probingly, “Baby Ci, your appetite is not bad tonight?”

Song Ci nodded and glanced at Song Fei. “Song Fei’s dishes are delicious.”

Hearing this, Song Fei picked up a drumstick from Song Ci’s bowl, the biggest one. “Eat more if you like it.”

“Thank you, Song Fei.”

Song Ci continued eating.

Song Ci ate two bowls of white rice and half a bowl of soup for this meal.

Taking in Song Ci’s performance, Han Zhan was both happy and puzzled. Han Zhan shot Song Fei a puzzled look and thought to himself: It has only been a day since we last met, why has Song Ci changed so much?

What did Song Fei say to Song Ci?

It looked like it was the right decision to send Song Ci over to stay with Song Fei for a period of time.

After dinner, Han Zhan went to the side of the pool and called Han Aoyu to report Song Ci’s situation today.

Knowing that Song Ci’s mood had improved and that she could eat and drink without crying, Han Aoyu was especially happy.

He said over the phone, “Then you guys can stay at that Big Lass Song’s place for a longer period of time. As long as Song Ci is happy, I will be assured.”


After ending the call, Han Zhan turned and stepped on the smooth stone pavement, preparing to go home. Passing by the garden, Han Zhan saw Song Ci and Yan Jiang sitting on the swing beside the garden.

The two of them had their heads very close to each other. No one knew what they were talking about.

If he didn’t know that there was nothing between Yan Jiang and Song Ci, Han Zhan really would have suspected that there was something between them.

After standing there in silence for a moment, Han Zhan suddenly turned and returned from another path. Not eavesdropping on Song Ci and Yan Jiang’s conversation was Han Zhan’s respect and trust for his wife.

Han Zhan returned to the room and heard the sound of boxing coming from the training room behind.

Han Zhan arrived at the training room and saw Song Fei practicing boxing. She was wearing a black, elastic tight suit and grey loose pants. She had gloves on and practiced boxing.

Han Zhan leaned against the door and watched for a while. Just as he was about to leave, Song Fei suddenly turned around and said to him, “Brother-in-law, come in for a fight.”

Han Zhan turned around and stared at Song Fei’s slender figure. He frowned and said calmly, “Fighting with me is asking for it.”

Song Fei said, “Let’s try.”


Han Zhan took off his shoes and coat and walked into the boxing room. Disgusted that his shirt was hindering his physical performance, Han Zhan even took off his shirt.

Song Fei stared at the scars on Han Zhan’s body and raised her brows.

Han Zhan picked up the glove and shot Song Fei a sharp look. “I will never show mercy to my enemies.”

Song Fei said, “No need to be soft-hearted.”

With that, Song Fei took the initiative to attack.

Her slender figure had great explosive power, but compared to Han Zhan, who was experienced and disciplined, Song Fei was still too weak.

Before Song Fei’s strong fist could hit Han Zhan, he quickly dodged it. He circled behind Song Fei and punched her left shoulder.

Song Fei snorted and turned to stare at Han Zhan coldly. “You dare to hit me?”

Han Zhan raised his brows. “You said I don’t have to be soft-hearted.”

Song Fei sneered.


Song Fei attacked Han Zhan again. Han Zhan was about to grab Song Fei’s arm, when Song Fei opened her fist and stuffed a blue pill into Han Zhan’s mouth.

Han Zhan was momentarily caught off guard and swallowed the pill.

That taste…

It’s like eating chocolate.

Han Zhan hurriedly stopped, took off his boxing gloves, knelt on the ground, grabbed his own throat with his left hand, and reached his gloved right hand directly into his throat.

After a few seconds, Han Zhan successfully vomited out the food in his stomach.

Seeing this, Song Fei frowned and quickly jumped out of the room. She stood in the corridor with good ventilation and looked at the disgusting Han Zhan in disdain.

Han Zhan stared at the little pill on the ground. He turned back angrily and glared at Song Fei who was outside the door.

“Song Fei, you are courting death!” For the first time, Han Zhan disregarded his friendly facade in front of Song Fei and revealed a vicious gaze like a hungry wolf.

Han Zhan clenched his fists and asked Song Fei, “What did you feed me?”

Song Fei said, “I call it the ‘Cutting Off Bloodline’ pill.”

Cutting off bloodline!

Han Zhan’s expression changed drastically!

“Song Fei, don’t be lawless just because you are Song Ci’s elder sister.” Han Zhan stared at Song Fei’s snow-capped eyes and threatened her. “You won’t have a good ending if you provoke me.”

He respected Song Fei because of Song Ci. If Song Fei really did something that crossed his bottom line, Han Zhan would kill her without hesitation!

Song Fei was unafraid of Han Zhan’s threat.

She pouted and suddenly said, “It’s popping candy.”

Han Zhan was stunned.

Popping candy?

Song Fei took out a syringe from her pocket.

There was some light-colored medicine in that syringe. Song Fei shook the syringe and told Han Zhan, “Inside this is the medicine that can really cut off your family line.”

Han Zhan stared at that syringe and remained silent.

He understood that Song Fei was purposely scaring him and punishing him.

He had indeed done something wrong recently.

Song Fei’s expression was very cold. She said sternly, “Han Zhan, if you dare to mess around outside behind my sister’s back, I definitely have a way to let it enter your stomach.”

After knowing that the pill was just a candy, Han Zhan returned to his usual hypocritical and modest self.

Hearing this, his lashes quivered as he promised. “That’s impossible. I only love Song Ci.”

“It better be.”

Song Fei placed the items back into her pocket.

She looked up at Han Zhan’s elegant and handsome face and said, “My sister especially loves to be beautiful and has a fragile heart. Han Zhan, you can’t say that she’s ugly and think that she’s fat. If she really can’t slim down in the future, you can’t despise her and abandon her.”

Han Zhan chuckled. “Definitely not.”

“It better be. If you dare to abandon her, I will make sure you will never have any desire for women again.”

Song Fei was slightly unhappy with Han Zhan. If not for Han Zhan being busy with work and neglecting Song Ci, how could Song Ci have suffered from depression?

If I don’t punish him, he won’t learn his lesson.

Song Fei left after saying those harsh words.

Han Zhan went to the washroom to rinse his mouth, before taking the broom and mop to the training room.

The two inside the house nearly fell out, but outside the house, Song Ci and Yan Jiang were having a heart-to-heart talk.

“Song Fei told me everything,” Song Ci said.

These words came out of nowhere and Yan Jiang didn’t understand what Song Ci was saying. “What did Song Fei tell you?”

Song Ci said, “It’s about her infertility. Ah Jiang, it’s fine if you hide it from Song Fei, but why did you hide it from me?”

Hearing the first half of Song Ci’s words, Yan Jiang’s expression changed drastically. “You said that Ah Fei knew that she couldn’t get pregnant?” Yan Jiang was shocked. “When did she know?”

It was Song Ci’s turn to be shocked.

“Don’t you know that Song Fei knows about this?” Song Ci thought that Song Fei and Yan Jiang had already talked things out.

Yan Jiang shook his head slowly. “I always thought that Ah Fei didn’t know.” That was why he had been very careful and purposely avoided talking about giving birth.

Yan Jiang was afraid that Song Fei would notice something amiss and secretly go to the doctor for a check-up.

Unexpectedly, Song Fei already knew the truth!

Yan Jiang asked Song Ci, “When did Song Fei go for the checkup?”

“It should be during the period when you lied to her and said that the doctor thought she was weak and unsuitable for pregnancy in recent years.”

Yan Jiang was stunned.

Song Ci told Yan Jiang, “Ah Jiang, don’t belittle Song Fei. She is very smart. You lied to her then and she saw through your lie.”

Yan Jiang had mixed feelings and remained silent for a long time.

He had always wanted to hide this from Song Fei and planned to tell her in a few years. Unexpectedly, Song Fei already knew.

“What does Ah Fei think about this?” Yan Jiang didn’t have the courage to ask Song Fei herself. That would be too cruel.

Song Ci said, “When she spoke about that matter, her tone was very calm. But I know that she definitely can’t get over it.”

Being infertile was ultimately a form of harm to a woman who wanted a child.

Song Ci didn’t know what Song Fei was thinking, but she knew that Song Fei must be feeling very pained after knowing this outcome.

It was just that Song Fei had learned to endure all sorts of blows and pain, so she always had a cold face to hide all the pain in her heart.

Only then did Yan Jiang tell Song Ci, “When she knew that you and Han Zhan were preparing for pregnancy, Ah Fei especially wanted a child. Being competitive is one thing, but liking children is another.”

The Song sisters liked children very much. Song Ci used to get along very well with those little brats in the community.

As Song Fei looked cold and unapproachable, she didn’t have the affinity for children. But she would often put a few sweets in her pocket and give one to a child she liked.

Hence, Yan Jiang felt very cruel when he heard that Song Fei wanted to have a child.

“I already knew that she couldn’t get pregnant. That year, when I dug her out from the earthquake, she lost consciousness due to the blood flow from her scalp. A steel tube happened to be inserted in the center of her abdomen.”

Recalling the scene of the earthquake in Bijiang City many years ago, where he successfully dug Song Fei out of the mud and concrete, Yan Jiang still felt afraid.

At that time, Song Fei was covered in dirt and dust, even her lashes.

Song Fei was seriously injured and the blood and dust on her head had dried up. That steel tube was stuck in the middle of her abdomen.

Yan Jiang didn’t dare to touch Song Fei at that time. The doctor and the rescue team worked together to lift her onto the stretcher.

Song Fei, who was still breathing, and the other seriously injured patients were placed in a wide blue shed. The doctor took out that steel tube and saw the blood at the bottom. He told Yan Jiang, “This girl’s uterus is seriously injured. I’m afraid she can’t be a mother in the future.”

At that time, Yan Jiang, who had just turned 18, felt like he had been struck by lightning.

Song Fei was the girl he had secretly liked for many years. There were countless times when he hid under the blanket and secretly fantasized about him marrying the beauty Song Fei and having children with her, after they grow up.

But the doctor said that Song Fei couldn’t get pregnant in the future.

After Song Fei’s condition stabilized, she didn’t wake up. Yan Jiang thought of a way to send her back to Wangdong City People’s Hospital.

Song Fei was in a vegetative state and had to use all sorts of devices to monitor her physical condition every day. She also needed nutrient fluids. The doctor told Yan Jiang that Song Fei’s annual medical fees would not be less than 600,000 yuan.

At that time, Yan Jiang had just started university. Where could he find a job that could earn 600,000 yuan a year?

Coincidentally, during that period, there happened to be an agency that looked up to Yan Jiang and wanted to sign him as an artist.

Yan Jiang signed the contract without hesitation.

But after signing the contract, the company didn’t treat Yan Jiang kindly. He didn’t receive any work for two consecutive months and didn’t earn any money. Yan Jiang was as anxious as an ant on a hot fire.

At this point, Song Ci was adopted by the Mu Family. The Mu Family found Song Ci’s lost elder sister, Song Fei, and was willing to pay her medical fees for free.

In order to let Song Fei live, Yan Jiang had no choice but to give up his love.

The day the Mu Family took Song Fei away from the hospital, Yan Jiang hid in the crowd and watched her disappear from his life.

Yan Jiang had signed a four-year contract with his management company. In those four years, he had barely earned a single cent. Later, Lan Ling took a fancy to Yan Jiang’s face and poached him from his original company to send him to film.

Yan Jiang, who graduated from forensic science, had become the most dazzling celebrity in the entertainment circle.

He had made a lot of money, but he had lost the woman who was qualified to spend his money.

So many years later, when Song Ci came looking for him and begged him to help her steal Song Fei from the convalescent hospital, no one knew how ecstatic Yan Jiang was.

Walking out of that painful memory, Yan Jiang rubbed his face and said to Song Ci, “I know Song Fei can’t conceive, but I can’t bear to tell her the truth. Song Fei has been living too hard. I hope she can live happily. So I lied to her.”

But he never expected Song Fei to see through his lie.

Song Ci could understand Yan Jiang’s actions.

Nobody would have the heart to do this.

Song Ci asked Yan Jiang, “Ah Jiang, if you can’t bear to tell Song Fei the truth, why didn’t you tell me?”

Yan Jiang smiled bitterly. “Don’t you know the answer?”

How could Song Ci not understand?

“Ah Jiang, you are afraid that I will feel guilty towards Song Fei after knowing the truth and will feel uneasy for the rest of my life, right?”

“Yes!” Yan Jiang nodded. “Song Song, I can’t bear for you to be sad.”

Yan Jiang really doted on Song Ci.

From a young age, Song Fei was the eldest among the three of them. Meanwhile, Song Ci was silly, gullible, and naive. She was often bullied by Song Fei when she was young.

Yan Jiang admired Song Fei in his heart and didn’t dare to say anything bad about her. But he couldn’t bear to see Song Ci being deceived by Song Fei.

From a young age, Yan Jiang had wanted to treat Song Ci better to make up for her bullying.

It had already become Yan Jiang’s life motto to love Song Ci like his own sister, and love Song Fei like how he would love life.

Hearing this answer, Song Ci felt very upset.

She leaned back in her chair and gazed at the leaden sky. She murmured softly. “There are so many people who love me, but I’m crying bitterly over how I’ve become fat and ugly. I suddenly feel very cowardly and weak.”

Rubbing her burning eyes, Song Ci said, “I’ve made you guys worried these few days. I’m sorry, I will adjust my mentality as soon as possible.”

“That’s good.”

Yan Jiang stood up and patted Song Ci’s back. “Get well soon. Don’t let your elder sister worry. Did you know? Ah Fei has been checking for information on pregnancy depression these few days. She only went to bed at 3am last night.”

“Song Song, don’t be fooled by Ah Fei’s cold exterior. She values you more than anything.” With that, Yan Jiang returned to the house.

Song Ci felt like crying again uselessly.

Of course she knew that Song Fei treated her more importantly than anything else. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have sacrificed so much for her when the earthquake hit!

an Jiang entered the house and saw Song Fei leaning against the sofa.

Her gaze landed on Yan Jiang’s face.

“You know?” Song Fei had already seen Yan Jiang and Song Ci talking together.

Yan Jiang stopped in his tracks and looked at Song Fei. “Ah Fei.”

Song Fei remained silent.

Yan Jiang said, “If you really like children, we will adopt one in the future. If you don’t like adopted ones, you can raise me like a child. I am willing to be your little baby.”

Song Fei suddenly walked up to Yan Jiang and reached under his armpits to hug his waist.

It was a little woman’s hug.

Song Fei placed her cheek on Yan Jiang’s chest. “Ah Jiang, there’s no hurry to have a child. There’s a medical research big boss in the United States who developed a black technology called man-made uterus. In a few years, when this technology matures, we can have a child of our own.”

Yan Jiang was shocked by Song Fei’s revelation. “Is there really such advanced technology?”


“Alright then.”

“Don’t speak now. Let me hug you.” Song Fei rubbed her head against Yan Jiang’s chest.

Song Fei’s dependence greatly satisfied Yan Jiang’s vanity as a man.

When Song Ci walked in, the two of them were still hugging.

She coughed and attracted Song Fei and Yan Jiang’s attention.

Seeing that Song Fei had no intention of letting go of Yan Jiang, Song Ci waved her hand. “Continue hugging. I am just passing by.”

Song Fei said, “Get lost.”

The guest room was on the second floor and Song Ci’s stomach was getting bigger and bigger. With Du Tingting’s previous experience of wrestling on the stairs, Song Ci didn’t dare to be distracted at all as she went upstairs and downstairs.

She held onto the railing and climbed upstairs. Only then did she mock Song Fei. “So clingy. Who are you torturing?”

Song Ci pushed open the door and saw that Han Zhan had just finished bathing and was wiping his body. Han Zhan had taken off his clothes and his muscles were especially pleasing to the eye. Water droplets hung on his body—it was very alluring.

Staring at Han Zhan, Song Ci suddenly felt thirsty.

Ah, I really want Brother Han!

She was a pervert.

Song Ci hurriedly took out a bathrobe from the cupboard and threw it on Han Zhan. She flew into a rage out of humiliation. “Wear it properly. Who are you showing your meat to!”

It had been a few days since he was teased by Song Ci. Han Zhan still missed hearing Song Ci tease him.

Han Zhan put on his bathrobe and saw that Song Ci had been staring at his muscular body.

Knowing what Song Ci was thinking about, Han Zhan walked over and rubbed her head. “Don’t be anxious. Brother Han will satisfy you when the baby is born.”

Blushing, Song Ci slapped Han Zhan’s hand away.

“Let me tell you something.”


Song Ci pulled Han Zhan to the bed and sat down. Only then did she tell Han Zhan about Song Fei’s infertility.

Hearing this, Han Zhan was also slightly shocked.

Thinking of how Song Fei ended up like this because she saved Song Ci, Han Zhan also felt guilty.

Han Zhan had also let go of the grudge from being threatened by Song Fei previously.

Song Ci had overheard their conversation downstairs.

Song Ci said to Han Zhan, “Aren’t Godmother Mo Yao and the rest using artificial wombs to give birth? Ask Godmother later on what to do to obtain a spot. I want to fight for a spot for Song Fei.”

The artificial uterus had yet to be promoted globally. In addition, the cost was too expensive, so it was very difficult to obtain a spot.

Mo Yao only got a spot, as she had a lot of money and spent a huge sum of money to fund the research and development of the artificial uterus project.

Hearing Song Ci’s suggestion, Han Zhan agreed.

If he could give Song Fei a spot and give them a child, it would be a good thing if they could realize Song Fei’s dreams of becoming a mother.

“Godmother might already be sleeping. I’ll call tomorrow morning to ask.”


Seeing that Song Ci had taken off her clothes and was about to take a shower, Han Zhan averted his gaze and looked at the green plant in the corner. He said, “I won’t be going to work tomorrow. Go somewhere with me.”

Song Ci asked him where he was going. Han Zhan purposely didn’t tell her and only said, “There won’t be any surprise if I tell you. You will know when you go and see it tomorrow.”

“You’re so boring.”

Song Ci sat down on the bed, turned on the movie that she didn’t finish yesterday, and continued watching. After that, Song Ci fell asleep.

During the third trimester, Song Ci had to go to the toilet several times a night. This night, she went back and forth several times and didn’t sleep well.

In the morning, Song Ci was still yawning.

Han Zhan was already dressed up and standing on the balcony to make a call.

There was a glass door between the room and the small balcony. Through a white gauze curtain, Song Ci saw Han Zhan’s side profile standing on the balcony.

He was dressed more casually today. He was wearing a black turtleneck sweater and a pair of grey suit pants. His blue windbreaker looked especially stylish on the long-legged Han Zhan.

Song Ci felt that Han Zhan’s hair had to be longer. With a fashionable hairstyle, he was even more charming than those male celebrities in the entertainment circles.

But Song Ci loved Han Zhan’s buzz cut. He was energetic, clean, and slightly hard to touch, but very addictive.

Hearing Song Ci slowly turning over on the bed, Han Zhan turned slightly and looked at her. Nodding at Song Ci, Han Zhan turned back and continued talking on the phone.

After chatting for a few more minutes, Han Zhan hung up.

Song Ci put on a thick jacket and walked to the balcony. She stood beside Han Zhan and asked him, “Who were you calling?”

“Godmother Mo Yao.”

Song Ci hurriedly asked, “What did Godmother say?”

Han Zhan raised his brows, turned his cell phone in his hand, and said, “Godmother said that she directly invested 10 billion yuan and became the investor of this project, so she got a spot.”

Song Ci was speechless.

“10-10 billion?”


Han Zhan’s Zeus Corporation had just been established and was in the midst of spending money. Meanwhile, Zeus Corporation’s research and development was even more expensive than the artificial womb and was still in the midst of financing.

It would be very difficult for him to invest 10 billion yuan in the artificial uterus project.

Han Zhan said, “We have to wait a few more years, at most three years.”


“Change your clothes first. We will go out after breakfast.”


Song Ci chose a maternity coat from the wardrobe and changed into it. After tying up her hair, she sat at the dressing table and put on light makeup to look radiant.

After putting on makeup, Song Ci stared at the fat beauty in the mirror and smiled.

Ever since she gained weight from her pregnancy, Song Ci had never posted a photo of herself on Weibo. But today, she decided to face her true self bravely.

Song Ci turned on the lights and took a few photos of herself with the camera lens.

She chose a nicer photo and posted it on Weibo.

She wrote:

Song Song Song Song Ci: [Recently, there have been people asking me why I am not active and not posting photos.

Due to my pregnancy, I had gained over 30 pounds in just eight months. My once beautiful face had turned round and I had double chin on my slender neck.

I look at the person in the mirror and often feel unfamiliar.

I didn’t have the courage to face my fat and ugly self. As a result, I was depressed for a period of time.

But I was glad that there was still a group of adorable people by my side. With them by my side and loving me, I gradually became more cheerful and accepted this not beautiful but real me.

Good morning, everyone.


After Song Ci posted on Weibo, she didn’t care about the fans’ comments anymore.

Regardless of whether they were malicious insults or mocking her, they could no longer hurt Song Ci. Her greatest enemy had never been anyone else but herself.

From the moment Song Ci recognized and accepted this imperfect self, she was already invincible.

When Song Ci came downstairs, Han Zhan couldn’t resist taking a few more glances at her.

he was wearing a long red windbreaker today. The hem of the windbreaker was very wide and perfectly covered her big belly. Although she still looked fat, the red color made her look good. Her eyes were sparkling and exceptionally charming.

Seeing that Han Zhan would still look at her in a daze, Song Ci felt slightly proud.

After she was full, she took her bag and boarded the car with Han Zhan.

Long Yu was driving when he saw Song Ci walking out of the house. He said sweetly, “Madam is especially beautiful today.”

Long Yu and the rest had already received Mr. Han’s instructions. In the future, when they saw Madam, they had to praise her every day for her good looks sincerely.

Song Ci’s heart melted at Long Yu’s praise.

After boarding the car, Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Brother Han, where are we going?”

Han Zhan still shook his head. “Let’s keep it mysterious.”

Seeing that she couldn’t pry any information out of Han Zhan’s shell, Song Ci turned on her cell phone and chatted with her friends on WeChat.

She opened her WeChat and received a message from Liang Bo.

Liang Bo sent a message: [Goddess, I saw your Weibo. I want to say that you are also very beautiful when she is pregnant. You’re the most beautiful pregnant woman.]

Liang Bo: [Goddess, I am holding a concert next year. Goddess, you must come!]

Song Ci: [Congratulations, your concert dream has finally come true!]

Receiving Song Ci’s reply, Liang Bo added: [A lot of people have been guessing Cherry’s identity recently.]

Cherry was Song Ci’s stage name. She and Liang Bo were fixed partners. Liang Bo had once brought Song Ci on a variety show with Wangdong City’s Spring Festival Gala.

It was just that in order not to reveal herself, Song Ci had been wearing a fox mask. As a result, everyone was curious about Liang Bo’s arranger, Cherry.

Liang Bo said: [Goddess, do you want to consider revealing yourself at my concert?]

Song Ci: [Let me consider it.]

Liang Bo: [Alright!]

Song Ci thought: If I successfully slim down, I will take off my mask and reveal my identity. If I am still fat, I will never do it!

Revealing oneself was a glorious moment. She had to look beautiful.

Song Ci chatted a little more with Liang Bo before feeling sleepy. “I’ll sleep for a while.” Yawning, Song Ci leaned against Han Zhan’s shoulder and dozed off.

The car was slightly bumpy, but Song Ci slept very soundly.

“Baby Ci, we are here.” 40 minutes had already passed when Han Zhan woke her up.

Song Ci opened her eyes and saw that their car was parked at the entrance of a large villa.

Han Zhan alighted first, opened the car door, and pulled Song Ci out. Song Ci stood beside Han Zhan and looked up at the manor in front of her. Her heart suddenly thumped.

Han Zhan actually brought her to Imperial Dragon Mountain!

In her previous life, Imperial Dragon Mountain became the most respected land in Wangdong City because the richest man lived there.

There were countless women in the country who wanted to live in this manor in front of her and become the mistress of the house. Unfortunately, Mr. Rich Man remained single his entire life.

Song Ci had once seen an introduction to this luxurious manor in a magazine. It was designed by British architect Mai Kun.

Mai Kun had also won another major architectural award for this work.

The magazine said that the interior of this manor was extremely luxurious. The dome was beautiful and exquisite, and there was even an indoor fountain in the manor.

In the interview, the richest man, Han Zhan, said that before building this house, he wanted to have children after getting married in the future so that it would be convenient for the children to play indoors. As a result, he built an indoor square.

Not only was there an indoor fountain in the manor, there was also an indoor baby swimming pool. At the back of the manor, there was a suburban horse farm and a children’s playground. There were roller coasters, carousels, ferris wheels…

Han Zhan had built an amusement park for his children, but he never had children in his life.

Song Ci looked up the hill and saw a ferris wheel being built.

Seeing that Song Ci had discovered that ferris wheel, Han Zhan said, “I made that for you.”

“For me?” Song Ci was slightly shocked.

Han Zhan acknowledged and said, “I heard a legend related to you.”

A legend related to me?

Song Ci was slightly stunned. She asked Han Zhan, “What legend?”

“I heard that when you were 20 years old, the Dongfang Family’s Third Young Master wooed you and invited you to take the ferris wheel. You weren’t interested in that Third Young Master then and rejected him. Then, someone said that the top debutante was arrogant and looked down on the person who invited her to take the ferris wheel. She wanted to marry a rich person who was willing to build a ferris wheel for her.”

With that, Han Zhan asked Song Ci in amusement, “Is the legend true?”

Song Ci was speechless.

She felt slightly awkward.

“Since you said that it was a legend, it must be fake.” Song Ci explained the misunderstanding to Han Zhan. She said, “Third Young Master is a year younger than me. He lost a bet with someone and wooed me according to the bet.”

“They bet that if Third Young Master managed to woo me, they would give him 10 million yuan. Third Young Master and I already knew each other. I was also vain and loved handsome guys then. After all, I was young. He asked me out and I went.”

“But on the way to the appointment, I received a message from Mu Qiu. Mu Qiu reminded me that Third Young Master was pursuing me to fulfill the bet. When we arrived at the amusement park, Third Young Master told him that he had reserved the entire ferris wheel for me to play alone.”

“I was angry then and said in a fit of pique, ‘What’s the big deal about treating me to a Ferris wheel? If you have the capabilities, build me a Ferris wheel.’”

Song Ci’s ears turned red as she spoke. She felt very embarrassed. “I don’t know why, but it became the version that you know.”

Hearing her explanation, Han Zhan smiled. “Since the rumors have already been formed, I have to confirm them.”

He had to show everyone that Song Ci was really married to a man who was willing to build a private Ferris wheel for her!

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