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Chapter 230: Song Ci is Depressed and Song Fei Cannot Have A Child

“Grandpa!” Song Ci was shocked and hurried over to him.

Han Aoyu fell to the ground, grabbed the tree trunk behind him, and struggled to sit up.

Han Aoyu was shocked to see Song Ci running over. He hurriedly shouted at her, “Song Ci, be careful. Don’t run. I can get up myself.” Nothing must happen to Song Ci. She still had two little cubs in her tummy.

Song Ci was relieved to see that Han Aoyu could still shout at people.

She stopped running, supported her big belly, and hurried over.

When Han Aoyu fell, his head hit the thick trunk of a Luohan Pine tree behind him. He knelt on the ground and rubbed the back of his head. He said to Song Ci, “Look behind my head, is there a bump?”

Song Ci pulled open the old man’s slightly white hair and took a closer look before shaking her head. “I don’t think so. Grandpa, how are you feeling now? Do you have a headache?”

Han Aoyu touched the back of his head again before saying, “I don’t feel any pain.”

Song Ci reached out her hand to Han Aoyu. “Come, Grandpa, let me help you up.”

“No need. This old man fell and has to get up on his own.”

This was common sense. Song Ci usually remembered it, but she was so flustered when she saw her grandfather fall that she forgot about it.

Song Ci retracted her hand and watched as the old man supported that Luohan Pine and slowly stood up.

Han Aoyu’s legs trembled as he teased himself. “Hey, I didn’t sprain my leg and I can still walk!”

“Grandpa, let’s go over and take a rest.”

Song Ci supported Han Aoyu’s arm and led him to the chair.

Zhong Buhui walked over with a cup of tea. “Little Song, why did you yell just now?”

Song Ci ignored Han Aoyu’s pleading gaze and told Zhong Buhui, “Grandpa fell just now. I was terrified.”

“Is that so?”

Zhong Buhui’s expression also changed.

He hurriedly put down his teacup and walked up to Han Aoyu. He sized him up before asking, “Old Master, are you feeling unwell?”

Han Aoyu shook his head. “It’s okay, I can take it.”

“You are not a rock, how can you be resistant to falling!” Zhong Buhui asked Song Ci, “Did Old Master fall anywhere?”

Song Ci said, “I think he hit my head. Uncle Zhong, look at the back of Grandpa’s head. It’s just slightly red when I saw it previously.”

Zhong Buhui pulled Old Master’s hair and looked at it. “There’s really a small bulge.”

]”No, we have to go to the hospital!” Song Ci said.

Zhong Buhui also agreed with Song Ci’s actions.

“Old Master, go to the hospital for a check-up.”

Han Aoyu waved his hand and said, “I’m already so old, there’s no need to check. If something really happens, it won’t be easy to treat. When one is old, one has to admit it.”

Han Aoyu quickly became very energetic and ate more than half a bowl of rice that night.

When Han Zhan returned at night, Song Ci took a shower and told him about this. “Grandpa fell down in the vegetable garden this afternoon and hit his head on a Luo Song. He got up with a small bruise. Uncle Zhong and I asked him to go to the hospital but he didn’t listen.”

“Brother Han, can you take leave tomorrow morning and bring Grandpa to the hospital for a check-up? This head isn’t any other place. If there really is a bruise, it will be troublesome.”

Han Zhan was shocked by this news.

“Did he hit his head?”

“Mmm. Grandpa was planting potatoes then and might have stood up too quickly.”

Han Zhan’s face darkened and he said helplessly, “He even secretly drank alcohol. I really don’t know what to say about him.”

Han Zhan put on his jacket and slippers before heading downstairs.

He arrived at the first level and knocked on Han Aoyu’s door.

Han Aoyu was already asleep.

Han Zhan pushed open the door.

He approached the bed and listened to Han Aoyu’s regular snores. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Grandpa, stop pretending. I know you’re awake.”

Old people seldom dozed off at night. How could they fall asleep so easily?

Han Aoyu felt slightly embarrassed that Han Zhan had seen through his disguise.

He opened his eyes and glared at Han Zhan. “What? Are you here to laugh at me or to teach me a lesson?”

Han Zhan snorted. “Shouldn’t I teach you a lesson? I told you not to drink and not to drink, but you still secretly drank!” Today, Han Zhan went to look at the wine box and realized that the mark on it had been touched.

Needless to say, Grandpa must have secretly drunk alcohol this morning.

Han Aoyu chuckled and said, “You little rascal, have you forgotten how I raised you up by your sh*t and urine in the past? Now that I want to drink some wine, you’re acting like you’re guarding against a thief.”

Han Aoyu said spitefully, “Indeed, grandsons are not close.”

He also felt very aggrieved. He didn’t have any other bad habits when he was old, but he liked to drink a little. Han Aoyu didn’t drink too much and never let himself get drunk. He always drank a little.

But Han Zhan was very strict with him, as if he was looking after a child.

Han Zhan couldn’t be bothered to argue with Han Aoyu. He said, “After breakfast tomorrow morning, I’ll bring you to the hospital for a check-up. You already have a bruise and need to go to the hospital.”

Han Aoyu couldn’t reject Han Zhan’s decision.

Han Aoyu also felt guilty about falling today. Thinking that he would delay Han Zhan’s work tomorrow, the old man felt even more guilty.

Seeing that his grandfather was so cooperative, Han Zhan’s expression finally brightened.

Staring at Han Aoyu’s legs that were hidden under the blanket, Han Zhan frowned and asked worriedly, “Grandpa, are there any other injuries other than his head?”

Han Aoyu snorted and said softly, “My butt seems to have bruised. It hurts just sitting there.”

Han Zhan was speechless.

He went to the shelf and retrieved a bottle of alcohol.

Han Aoyu reluctantly took off his pants and laid on the bed.

The old man’s skin was loose and not very nice to look at. It also felt very strange to touch. But Han Zhan didn’t mind. He first poured the medicinal wine on the old man’s skin and rubbed his palms hard to make the medicinal wine work.

Han Aoyu sighed and said, “Sigh, I am really old. Grandpa was so awe-inspiring in the past, but now… Sigh, a real man doesn’t boast about his past achievements.”

Han Zhan knew that the old man definitely didn’t feel good. He said, “Grandpa is already very healthy compared to the other old men.”

“That’s true. Those old fellows who fought together and worked together in the past have mostly left.” The remaining few were like fighting in spirit now. They wanted to see who would live longer.

Han Zhan said, “Then you should be satisfied.”

Han Aoyu shook his head. “I have to admit that I am old!”

Han Aoyu screwed the cap of the medicine bottle. “Done.”

Grandpa lifted his own pajama pants, turned over, and faced Han Zhan. Looking at Han Zhan’s handsome and deep face, Han Aoyu suddenly sighed. “When I fetched you back, your face was so skinny that it was not even as big as your grandmother’s palm.”

“How did you unknowingly become so old? I am also old.”

Han Zhan said, “It has been more than 20 years.”

“I still want to live for another two years.” Han Aoyu gazed at the ceiling and said longingly, “I still want to spend a few more years with the little guys.”

“Then quit drinking!”

Grandpa remained silent.

Han Zhan returned upstairs and went to the washroom to wash his hands.

He got into bed and Song Ci smelled the lingering scent of medicine on Han Zhan. She asked him, “Where else did Grandpa fall?”

“He fell on his butt.”

Song Ci remembered that Grandfather indeed landed on his bottom first. “Is it serious?”

“There’s a bruise and it might hurt for two days.”

“Did Grandpa agree to go to the hospital with you tomorrow morning?”


Hearing this, Song Ci was relieved.

The next morning, when Song Ci woke up, her side was already cold.

It looked like Han Zhan had been up for a while.

Song Ci touched her lips, feeling slightly aggrieved.

Recently, Han Zhan had been coming back late and waking up early. It seemed like it had been a long time since he gave her a morning kiss.

Song Ci changed and went downstairs. She saw Han Zhan squatting beside a cardboard box and tidying up his belongings. Zhong Buhui handed bottles of wine to Han Zhan.

Under Han Aoyu’s indignant gaze, Han Zhan neatly placed the alcohol into the paper box.

“What are you guys doing?” Song Ci didn’t understand their act.

Before Han Zhan and Zhong Buhui could speak, Han Aoyu turned around and stared at Song Ci aggrievedly. He complained to her. “My good grandson is going to throw the good wine that I have kept for so many years.”

“Inside was all the wine given to me by my old friends! The old guys have all passed away, but the wine they gave me is still there. Seeing wine is like seeing them. I often think of someone when I see it. But this Han Zhan threw my wine. I don’t even have any thoughts.”

Han Aoyu found a very good excuse for his love of alcohol.

Song Ci was not moved by Han Aoyu’s heartfelt words.

She walked up to Zhong Buhui and helped him pass the wine to Han Zhan. As she worked, Song Ci suggested. “Brother Han, it’s a waste to throw away so much wine. Why don’t you donate it?”

Han Zhan said, “I think so too. These are all valuable Maotai and are worth a lot of money.”

Han Zhan looked up at Han Aoyu and said, “Just take it out for auction. Donate all the money sold to the old folks’ home, alright?”

Han Aoyu wanted to refuse.

Han Zhan added, “Grandpa, those old folks in the old folks’ home don’t have any wives or descendants. They’re very pitiful.”

“The money from these bottles of Maotai can buy them a warm blanket and down jacket.”

Hearing this, Song Ci turned around and looked at Han Aoyu with sparkling eyes. She also said, “Grandpa, doing good deeds is to accumulate virtue for the children.”

Han Aoyu couldn’t bring himself to say no to the high praise of “accumulating virtue.”

He waved at the alcohol in pain. “Take it away, take it away. I won’t drink it anymore!”

He still wanted to live another two years to accompany his great-granddaughter. It was time to quit drinking.

That day, Han Zhan used Han Aoyu’s name to send that box of Maotai to the auction house. Three days later, there was good news that those six bottles of wine had been sold for a sky-high price of 3 million yuan.

Meanwhile, the bottle of Maotai that Han Aoyu opened halfway was sold for 600,000 yuan!

Think about it. It would be such an honor to be able to drink the Maotai wine that Han Aoyu had drunk!

After Han Zhan received this sum of money, he used Han Aoyu’s name to donate it to a dilapidated elderly home in the west.

Han Aoyu was a networm.

When he realized that his donation had been reported by a media company on Weibo, he couldn’t resist reposting that post and leaving comments:

[Wine money is just a worldly possession. I can’t bring it with me even if I die. I am already old and it is a waste to keep it. Why do you need to report it?]

Seeing that Han Aoyu had reposted that comment, his fans all left comments.

Military Beetle: Old Han is indeed magnanimous. His insight is great!

Beauty: Old Han, look here. I want to give you a heart sign!

Sister Jade Rabbit likes to eat fish: Look at how honest these old military men are. They donated such a precious Maotai just like that. We must learn from Old Han.

Little Sweetheart: ^ You can learn from Old Han. Firstly, you must have six bottles of Maotai.

Han Aoyu’s heart was bubbling with joy at being idolized by these children.

He laid in the courtyard humming a tune as he swung his legs around in a very relaxed manner.

Outside the courtyard, the sound of a car suddenly rang.

Han Aoyu opened his eyes and stared at the courtyard door. He saw the guard opening the door.

A silver-gray car drove in and a tall man alighted. It was Shen Yubei, whom he had not seen in a long time.

Shen Yubei saw Han Aoyu lying in the yard basking in the sun. He stood beside the car and bowed respectfully to Han Aoyu. “Old Master, you are basking in the sun.”

“It’s Yubei!”

Han Aoyu sat up.

s he sat down, his butt hurt slightly and he couldn’t help frowning slightly.

Seeing this, Shen Yubei thought that he had done something wrong and offended Han Aoyu. He felt slightly lost. Shen Yubei stood there like a helpless child.

“I fell yesterday and my bones hurt.” With Han Aoyu’s explanation, Shen Yubei finally understood that he had misunderstood.

“Old Master, you must be careful. When a person is getting on in years, it’s not a joke to fall.”

“Mmm, a few days ago, Han Zhan brought me to the hospital for a check-up. I’m fine.”

“That’s good.”

Seeing that Shen Yubei was holding a small box, Han Aoyu asked him, “Are you looking for Song Ci?”

“Yes, is Song Ci at home?”

“She went for a prenatal checkup and will be back soon.” Han Aoyu invited Shen Yubei to have lunch at home. Since Shen Yubei had nothing to do today, he agreed.

The two of them sat in the courtyard and chatted.

Although Shen Yubei was in the arts, he was very knowledgeable and could chat about many topics that Han Aoyu paid attention to.

Han Aoyu saw that Shen Yubei was very knowledgeable and looked at him in a new light. Han Aoyu was a boorish man who wielded knives and guns. He especially respected cultured people like Shen Yubei. Back then, Han Zhan’s grandmother was an artistic person.

Han Aoyu was obsessed with her.

The two of them were chatting happily when Song Ci returned.

Long Yu sent Song Ci home and left.

ong Ci was slightly surprised to see Shen Yubei here. “Teacher, when did you come and how long have you been waiting? Why didn’t you call me?”

“Why should I rush you for your prenatal checkup?”

Shen Yubei handed the box to Song Ci. “I am here to send a sample of the movie.”

Hearing the word movie, Song Ci was momentarily stunned. Only then did she realize that she was also a woman who had acted in Hollywood movies.

Song Ci took the sample and asked Shen Yubei, “Teacher, have you seen it?”

“Mmm, your Second Master came back the day before yesterday and watched it with me.”

“How is it?” Song Ci looked at Shen Yubei expectantly and asked, “Did I perform well? Am I stunning?”

Shen Yubei stared at Song Ci’s chubby face for a few seconds before saying, “Your performance looks alright. As for whether it’s beautiful…”

“It’s all thanks to the lighting and post-production.”

Song Ci felt like hitting someone the moment Shen Yubei said this.

“I don’t believe you!”

Song Ci asked Han Aoyu, “Grandpa, do you want to watch the sample with me?”

“Is it that movie you went to France to film previously?” Han Aoyu wasn’t a person who liked to watch movies, especially those kind of artistic films that had a long history. But Han Aoyu was still very expectant of Song Ci’s movie.

“Yes, the sample is out. Grandpa, watch it with me.”

“Alright then.”

Meanwhile, Shen Yubei, who had watched the sample once, watched it again with Song Ci and Han Aoyu.

Han Aoyu saw the opening of the movie and said, “This must be a romance movie.”

Song Ci said, “No, it’s mainly about the life of a music genius with autism. It’s a biography.”

“Then who were you acting in the movie?” Han Aoyu asked curiously.

ong Ci was silent for a moment before saying, “The male lead’s girlfriend.”

Han Aoyu widened his eyes. “You’re acting as someone else’s girlfriend?”

Song Ci felt slightly awkward and blushed.

She was clearly innocent, but she felt embarrassed as if she had cheated on another man and was caught by Han Zhan’s grandfather.

Han Aoyu rubbed his palms on his pants and asked, “Then did you guys kiss? I see very few movies nowadays that don’t have such scenes.”

Song Ci kept her mouth tightly shut like a clam.

Shen Yubei looked at the restless Song Ci in amusement and thought to himself, To think that your little girl would have such a day.

Zhong Buhui also stopped in his tracks and looked curiously at Song Ci.

Did they kiss?

Song Ci’s scalp went numb. What should she do? In the movie, she had kissed the male lead! If Grandfather saw this, how should she explain?

Song Ci finally experienced the feeling of shooting herself in the foot.

Under the watchful eyes of Shen Yubei and Han Aoyu, Song Ci shook her head calmly and said, “My scenes are only for half an hour. There’s no kissing scene.”

Han Aoyu acknowledged but didn’t say anything.

Song Ci suddenly said, “I’m going to the toilet.”

It was very normal for pregnant women to have diapers during the late stages of pregnancy. Han Aoyu didn’t suspect that Song Ci was lying.

Song Ci ran to the toilet and stayed there for a while. She secretly went to the power box and pulled down the power switch guiltily.

Song Ci pulled the power switch and heard Han Aoyu mutter in the living room. “Why did the power go out?”

Song Ci turned and saw a burly man standing behind her.

“Oh my god!” Song Ci patted her chest and complained to Zhong Buhui. “Uncle Zhong, who are you trying to scare by standing here quietly?”

Zhong Buhui pointed at the box. “I saw everything just now.”

Song Ci hurriedly put her finger to her lips. “Shh!”

Zhong Buhui guessed the reason why Song Ci turned off the power and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Alright, I won’t tell anyone.”

ong Ci said, “Thank you, Uncle Zhong.”

Zhong Buhui returned to the living room and heard Han Aoyu say, “Buhui, did the power go out, or did the power switch go off at home?”

“There might be a short circuit. The circuit has aged. I’ll go and check what went wrong.” Zhong Buhui smiled at Song Ci, went to the tool shed, and pretended to check the tools.

Song Ci came back after “going to the toilet” and said to Han Aoyu, “Looks like we won’t be able to watch the movie.”

“Let’s watch it tonight then.”

Han Aoyu chatted with Shen Yubei again and totally forgot about the movie. Shen Yubei and Han Aoyu went to the tearoom to drink tea. From the corner of his eye, he saw Song Ci secretly taking out the sample and couldn’t help smiling.

Little fox!

After lunch, Shen Yubei got up and bid farewell.

Song Ci went to send Shen Yubei off and left the house. After Han Aoyu couldn’t hear her, Song Ci asked Shen Yubei, “Teacher, how are you and Godmother Rongrong now?”

Shen Yubei’s ears were slightly red. He stammered. “Don’t you know her? She’s very clingy. I told her to stay away from me, but she can always find all sorts of reasons to appear in front of me.”

Song Ci chuckled. She thought to herself: If Godmother Rongrong doesn’t appear in front of you, you will probably panic and be afraid. Then, you’ll find a reason to appear in front of her.

Song Ci smiled. “Teacher, when you get married, I will give you a big red packet.”

Shen Yubei blushed and flew into a rage out of humiliation. He scolded Song Ci. “Shut up. Who makes fun of their teacher like that?!”


After sending Shen Yubei off, Song Ci returned to her room with the sample and looked at it on her laptop.

Song Ci couldn’t help sizing herself up in front of the mirror when she saw that fairy-like woman in the movie.

fter she got pregnant, her family always cooked delicacies for her in a different way. Song Ci didn’t have the kind of physique where she couldn’t gain weight easily. After a few months of recuperation, she gained dozens of pounds.

Before she got pregnant, Song Ci, who was 1.7 meters tall, only weighed 50 kilograms. Now, in August of her pregnancy, Song Ci actually gained 15 kilograms of weight!

She would continue to gain weight!

Song Ci pinched her round face, double chin, and fat legs. She felt suffocated.

Han Zhan returned at night and saw Song Ci sitting by the bed unhappily, looking through her old photos. He turned to look at the photos on Song Ci’s cell phone and said, “Why are you always looking at old photos?”

Song Ci said, “I just felt that I was especially beautiful then.”

“You are also very beautiful now.”

Although Song Ci had gained weight, her features were still very well-defined. Even if she gained weight, she would still be a fat beauty.

Song Ci was not comforted by Han Zhan’s words.

Song Ci tossed her cell phone aside and climbed out of bed. She stood barefoot on the wooden floor.

Song Ci twirled in front of Han Zhan so that he could size her up 360 degrees.

Han Zhan was confused.

“What are you doing? Spinning in circles?” Han Zhan couldn’t follow Song Ci’s train of thought.

Song Ci pointed at her double chin and fat thigh. She asked Han Zhan, “Brother Han, you said that it’s cuter if one is fatter. Do you think I am cute when I am fat?”

Han Zhan gave Song Ci a meaningful look. “Of course you’re cute.”

“How adorable?”

Han Zhan racked his brains and thought for a moment. “Full and adorable?” Like a panda baby.

Song Ci was thunderstruck.

She was about to cry.

That night, Song Ci didn’t say much. Han Zhan was also tired from work and didn’t notice the change in Song Ci’s mood.

For many consecutive days, Song Ci was depressed. By the time Han Zhan realized the seriousness of the problem, Song Ci’s condition was already very bad.

He realized that Song Ci’s mental state was off one night.

That night, Han Zhan returned home at 11pm. He gently pushed open the door and saw Song Ci sitting by the bed, still awake.

Han Zhan was slightly surprised to see that Song Ci was still awake.

Han Zhan turned on the lights. “Baby Ci, why aren’t you asleep? Are you waiting for me?”

Song Ci looked up and stared at Han Zhan with a dark expression, her eyes scrutinizing him.

Han Zhan felt that Song Ci’s gaze was slightly strange.

Song Ci got up and got off the bed. She walked barefoot to Han Zhan’s side and sniffed his neck.

Song Ci smelled the alcohol and said in an unfriendly tone, “You drank.”

Han Zhan felt apologetic and said, “I promised to stop drinking, but I was so happy to see my old friend today that I couldn’t resist drinking a little with him.”

Song Ci suddenly said, “I called your assistant this afternoon.”

Han Zhan, “Mmm?”

Song Ci said, “Your assistant said that you got off work at 5pm. But when I called you at 6pm, you said that you were very busy.”

Han Zhan was momentarily stunned. Realizing that Song Ci was suspecting him, his brows twitched. He felt slightly annoyed but also didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I did get off work at 5pm because a friend of mine came to Wangdong City and called me to ask me out for dinner.”

Do you still remember? I told you in the past that when I was in high school, I had a very good friend. After graduating from the college entrance examination, he joined the military with me. He brought his wife and children to Wangdong City today. We haven’t seen each other for many years and are good brothers. I got off work early and held a banquet for them.”

Han Zhan’s explanation was very clear, but Song Ci still suspected Han Zhan like she was being paranoid.

Song Ci asked, “Then why didn’t you bring me along? Did you really visit a friend?” Song Ci started to get angry. She said, “In the past few months, you’ve been meeting a friend or attending a banquet, but you didn’t bring me along!”

“Han Zhan, did I get pregnant, gain weight, and become ugly? You disliked bringing me out to embarrass yourself, so you didn’t bring me along!” Song Ci shouted the last sentence.

Han Zhan was stunned by Song Ci’s shout.

He looked at Song Ci, who had suddenly lost her temper, and was slightly shocked. “Baby Ci, why would you think that?” The Song Ci that Han Zhan knew was a confident and arrogant girl. When did she become like this?

She was suspicious, not confident, and had a bad temper.

Han Zhan realized that there was something wrong with Song Ci’s mental health.

Song Ci lifted her pyjamas and pointed at her big tummy. She said with a pained expression, “Did you see my big tummy and the ugly pregnancy marks on it? You think that I’m ugly, and you don’t love me anymore!”

She pinched the fat on her arm again and questioned Han Zhan neurotically, “Seeing my arm that is thicker than a girl’s calf, do you hate me? Did you find an even prettier and younger girl? Did you go and meet another woman tonight!”

Song Ci was like a hedgehog, sticking up all over her body with sharp thorns, stabbing each thorn into Han Zhan’s flesh.

Han Zhan, why am I like this?! I’m doing this for our children. I don’t want to gain weight either, but if I don’t eat more, the children will be malnourished!”

“Han Zhan, how can you hate me! How can you despise me!”

Song Ci suddenly ran into the cloakroom, opened the cupboard door, and swept all the beautiful dresses, clothes, shoes, and bags she had bought before she got pregnant onto the floor.

Han Zhan chased up to the door of the cloakroom and saw Song Ci venting her anger on those clothes and shoes. He stopped in his tracks and watched this scene in shock.

Song Ci’s behavior reminded Han Zhan of a disease.


When did Song Ci’s condition start to deteriorate?

Why didn’t I notice anything?

Han Zhan was very worried about Song Ci and blamed himself.

He had neglected Song Ci.

Song Ci was still angry and threw another set of beautiful jewelry on the ground. The gems fell to the ground and broke a corner.

Looking at the gorgeous jewelry, Song Ci suddenly stopped making a scene. She looked up at Han Zhan standing under the door and suddenly said, “Han Zhan, you haven’t kissed me for 20 consecutive days.”

“In the past, you would kiss me every morning. If I tease you slightly, you will lose control and not be able to resist. But Han Zhan, you haven’t touched me for a long time…”

“Is it because I became ugly and fat?” Song Ci suddenly grabbed the meat on her arm forcefully. “It’s all this fatty meat’s fault! It’s all their fault!”

“Song Ci! Don’t be like this!” Han Zhan hurriedly strode over, separated Song Ci’s hands, and locked her arms behind her back.

Hugging Song Ci tightly, Han Zhan panted heavily on top of her head in fear.

Song Ci gradually calmed down as Han Zhan hugged her tightly.

After calming down, Song Ci recalled what she had just said and done and was slightly shocked by her own unreasonable behavior.

“Han Zhan, I didn’t do it on purpose. I just…” Tears streamed down Song Ci’s face as she said softly,” I’m just scared. I’m so scared. I’m scared that I won’t be able to lose weight again. I’m scared that you’ll have a change of heart and that you’ll have someone else outside. I…”

Song Ci didn’t know what she was thinking. “Han Zhan, I really didn’t do it on purpose.”

She felt that it was her fault and that she was being unreasonable. She started to apologize to Han Zhan.

Hearing Song Ci’s incoherent explanation, Han Zhan’s heart ached so much that it felt like it was about to split open.

“Baby Ci.” Han Zhan kissed Song Ci’s hair lovingly. “Baby Ci, don’t be afraid. You are just sick. Brother Han will bring you to the doctor. You will recover.”

Han Zhan turned Song Ci around and lowered his head to kiss her tears.

Han Zhan told Song Ci seriously, “Baby Ci, when you called me today, my friend’s car happened to break down and I was repairing his car. The reason why I didn’t ask you to eat with us is that my friend’s wife is Du Xueyan’s best friend. I’m afraid that you two will be awkward when you meet.”

“Baby Ci, I don’t despise you, I don’t detest you, I don’t feel that bringing you out would be embarrassing.”

“It’s not that I didn’t to kiss you. I give you an early morning kiss every morning, but you were still in a deep sleep then. I am not uninterested in you either, but you are in the late stages of pregnancy now and I don’t dare to provoke you.”

“It’s my fault. I lied. I didn’t consider your feelings.”

Han Zhan spoke very slowly and clearly.

Hearing Han Zhan’s words, Song Ci gradually calmed down.

She told Han Zhan, “A few days ago, I saw the movie sample Second Old Master Gu gave me. I saw that beautiful and charming self in the movie. Thinking of how I am now, I feel so sad, so sad…”

Han Zhan nodded. “I know. You’re just in a bad mood. I’ll bring you to the psychologist tomorrow. We can’t avoid it.”

“… Okay.”

Han Zhan pulled Song Ci to the bed and laid down with her.

Hugging Song Ci, Han Zhan patted her shoulder gently. After she fell asleep, Han Zhan called Song Fei.

Song Fei was a night owl. She was still online gaming and hadn’t slept.

“Brother-in-law.” Song Fei unwrapped a candy and asked Han Zhan, “It’s already so late, why are you looking for me?”

“Sister Fei, how was the psychologist you found for Yan Jiang?”

He’s a dabbler. It’s all thanks to our Ah Jiang’s strong mental fortitude.” Saying that, Song Fei thought of something and her expression changed slightly. She asked Han Zhan, “Who wants to see a psychologist?”

Han Zhan told her, “Song Ci.”

In the game, Song Fei missed her shot and hit her teammate in the head.

Her teammate collapsed to the ground.

“F*ck!” That teammate cursed and quickly realized who he was scolding. He hurriedly lowered himself and asked curiously, “F, is something the matter on your side? You missed your shot.”

Song Fei said, “I’m taking a call. You guys play first.”


Song Fei took her cell phone and walked to the balcony.

She leaned against the railing and stared at the pool downstairs. She frowned and asked Han Zhan, “What happened? What happened to the little fool?”

Han Zhan told her, “Song Ci seems to be suffering from depression.” Han Zhan told Song Fei what Song Ci did tonight.

Han Zhan was just stating the facts objectively and didn’t exaggerate. After that, Han Zhan asked Song Fei, “Does her condition look like she suffered from pregnancy depression?”

Song Fei said, “It doesn’t look like it. She is.”

Han Zhan felt helpless. He said, “I want to bring her to see a psychologist. I can’t let her continue to let her imagination run wild alone.”

But Song Fei said, “Send her to me.”


Song Fei said, “Send her over. I will accompany her and her condition will be better.”

“Let’s give it a try then…”

The next morning, Han Zhan woke up very early. He arrived at the first level and was stopped by Han Aoyu, who had also woken up early to practice Tai Chi.

Han Aoyu asked Han Zhan, “Did Song Lass lose her temper last night?”

Han Zhan silently acknowledged.

Han Aoyu thought that Han Zhan had done something wrong and angered Song Ci, so he told Han Zhan, “You are a man and you are older than her. You have to give in to her. Why did you make her angry?”

“It’s not what you think.” After thinking for a moment, Han Zhan still told Han Aoyu about Song Ci’s illness.

Han Aoyu didn’t understand how serious pregnancy depression was at first. He looked it up and realized that people could die during pregnancy depression!

Han Aoyu was so scared that he broke out in cold sweat. He hurriedly found Han Zhan and said, “Quickly find a psychiatrist. Don’t delay the golden treatment time.”

Han Zhan said, “Song Ci’s elder sister asked me to send Song Ci to her place to live with her for a period of time. Song Ci’s condition isn’t very serious yet. With Song Fei by her side, she might get better.”

“Is it reliable?”

Han Zhan told Old Master Han how Song Fei cured Yan Jiang.

Only then did Han Aoyu agree.

As a result, that morning, Han Zhan sent Song Ci to Song Fei’s house. From that day onwards, Han Zhan also checked into Yan Jiang’s house after work.

This way, Yan Jiang’s house was instantly bustling with activity.

Han Zhan didn’t live in their house for nothing. He was in charge of the water, electricity, electricity, and living expenses.

Song Ci was still very depressed. She frequently cried for no reason and apologized to the person beside her after crying. Song Fei also felt slightly upset at Song Ci’s mental state.

On this day, Song Ci woke up from her afternoon nap and realized that she was alone in the house. She suddenly felt like she had been abandoned by the entire world. Song Ci started crying again without warning.

She was crying so bitterly that she woke up Song Fei, who was sleeping in her room.

Song Fei heard Song Ci crying and hurriedly opened the door. She ran downstairs and hugged Song Ci, who was wailing on the carpet.

“Song Ci, don’t cry!”

Song Ci grabbed Song Fei’s arm tightly and asked her in tears, “Song Fei, where have you all gone? Do you all not want me anymore?”

“My elder sister is here. How can I not want you? Song Ci, you are my only family. No matter who I throw away, I will never abandon you!”

Song Ci hugged Song Fei and cried for a long while before calming down.

Song Fei went to pour her a cup of hot tea.

Song Ci held the tea Song Fei handed her. She took a sip and said listlessly, “Song Fei, am I going to die of illness?”


“Song Fei, don’t have children in the future. It’s too scary to have children.”

Song Fei said, “I won’t have a child.”

Song Ci smiled weakly and praised Song Fei. “You have foresight.”

Song Fei shook her head and said, “Song Ci, it’s not that I don’t want to have children. I just can’t have children.”

Song Ci was stunned.

“What do you mean you can’t have children?” She stammered.

Song Fei smiled at her in relief and told her, “Yan Jiang told me that my constitution is poor and that I am not suitable for pregnancy in recent years. I felt that something was off then. Later, I went to the doctor for a check-up and he told me that I can’t get pregnant.”

That earthquake back then injured my uterus and I will never get pregnant in this life. Yan Jiang personally dug me up back then. He must know how badly I was injured then.”

“He told me that I can’t get pregnant these few years. It’s just a temporary measure.”

Song Fei walked up to Song Ci and sat down. She leaned on Song Ci’s shoulder and said, “Song Ci, your elder sister can’t get pregnant anymore. You must be strong and give birth to our Song family’s child safely.”

“The bloodline of Old Song’s family will depend on you.”

This was also the reason why Song Fei had requested Song Ci to have a child and inherit the Song Family’s legacy.

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