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Chapter 223: The Hypocritical Mother, The Son Who Played the Waiting Game

Yan Jiang didn’t listen to Song Fei and leave obediently. Not only did he not leave, he even took a few more days off from his superior.

The leader threatened him. “If you continue like this, your job will be ruined.”

Yan Jiang was willing to be a salted fish. He said, “It’s okay. I have savings that can last me until I am 80 years old.”

The leader hung up angrily. A moment later, he sent a photo of a leave request.

Yan Jiang’s way of expressing his gratitude was very simple. He directly sent a red packet. Afraid that others would think it was a bribe, he even wrote a sentence on the red packet:

Buying candy for Daddy Leader.

Daddy Leader didn’t accept his red packet.

At 5.40am in the morning, Nan Yiyi arrived at the market as soon as the sun rose. She bought a medium-sized carp and went home to make soup.

In the middle of making soup, she put on makeup and changed into clothes.

]After putting the soup into a thermos container, Nan Yiyi carried the soup and drove to the First People’s Hospital in Feng City.

It was not yet time for work, but the hospital was already bustling with activity. In the main hall on the first floor of the hospitalization department, the family members were busy buying breakfast and eating breakfast.

Holding the food container, Nan Yiyi entered the crowded lift.

In the lift, both men and women were secretly sizing her up.

There were many people in the lift and very few people dressed as decently as Nan Yiyi.

She was wearing a dark purple halter dress with a thin windbreaker wrapped around it. Feng City’s mornings were rather cold, so wearing like this would keep her warm and beautiful.

She had taken good care of herself and dressed up meticulously. She didn’t look like someone in her fifties at all. Instead, she looked like a beautiful woman in her early forties.

The lift reached the floor of the Hematology Department. Nan Yiyi opened the door and sashayed out flirtatiously.

All the hospital staff recognized her because she was beautiful, charming, and rich.

The head nurse brought a group of nurses to each ward to inquire about the condition of each patient, preparing to hand over their work after work.

Seeing Nan Yiyi, the head nurse stopped and asked her with a smile, “Ms. Nan, you’re here so early today?”

Nan Yiyi also stopped in her tracks and asked the head nurse with a smile, “Did my son sleep well last night?”

“It was alright last night. He didn’t see you yesterday and was slightly angry.”

“That’s good. Thank you for your hard work.” Nan Yiyi bid farewell to the head nurse before walking towards an independent VIP ward.

She pushed open the door and entered. She heard her son say, “Didn’t I take my temperature already?”

Nan Ketong thought it was a nurse.

]Hearing the sound of high heels clicking on the ground, Nan Ke Tong turned to look.

A mocking smile appeared on Nan Ketong’s youthful face when he saw that it was Nan Yiyi. He said, “Mother, aren’t you very busy? Why are you free to visit me today?”

Yesterday, Nan Yiyi was busy entertaining Yan Jiang and didn’t even visit Nan Ketong.

Nan Yiyi placed the food container on the cupboard by the bed. She placed the bowl on the table and opened the lid. As she poured the soup, she said, “A guest came to our house yesterday.”

“Your business partner again?”

“No.” Nan Yiyi tilted Nan Ketong’s head higher so that he could sit and drink the soup. Nan Yiyi’s culinary skills were very good and the fish soup was delicious.

Nan Yiyi picked up the soup and brought it to Nan Ketong’s lips.

Nan Ketong remained silent as she engaged in a quiet battle with Nan Yiyi.

Although Nan Yiyi was angry, she couldn’t flare up.

Nan Ketong was usually a very filial child. It was just that he was sick and the pain of his illness made his heart break. He had nowhere to vent his emotions and could only vent his anger on his only family.

Nan Yiyi controlled her temper and coaxed Nan Ketong. “This is the fish that I woke up to buy at the market before dawn. It’s also very tough on me. Tong Tong, don’t be angry with me, alright?”

Nan Ketong glanced at Nan Yiyi.

Nan Ketong didn’t feel good seeing the fatigue in Nan Yiyi’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, I threw a tantrum.”

Nan Ketong held his own bowl and took small sips.

Only when she saw that Nan Ke Tong was willing to drink something did Nan Yiyi relax.

]After Nan Ketong finished his soup, Nan Yiyi took a piece of tissue and handed it to him.

Nan Ketong was wiping his mouth when she heard Nan Yiyi say, “Your brother is here for me.”

Nan Ke Tong’s hand trembled.

He looked up in shock and asked in disbelief, “My brother?”


“That’s the elder brother you and your ex-husband gave birth to?” Nan Ketong knew that his mother had another child. He was 12 years older than him and lived in Wangdong City.

But all these years, that elder brother had never contacted Nan Yiyi. Hearing that elder brother suddenly came, Nan Ketong couldn’t help feeling shocked.

]Nan Yiyi acknowledged again.

“Why is he looking for you at this time?” Nan Ketong couldn’t help speculating maliciously. “He wants to get married and buy a house, so he came to look for you to ask for money?”

There was a reason why Nan Ketong thought so.

Nan Ketong knew that that elder brother had been living with his grandmother since he was young. After his grandmother died, he lived alone.

Thinking about it, his elder brother was almost 27 years old. At this age, he should be talking about marriage.

Shouldn’t he buy cars and houses now that he were getting married? Every inch of land in Wangdong City was expensive and the houses there were not affordable for ordinary people.

“No, your brother is very rich. Even if I want to buy him a house, he won’t accept it.” Yan Jiang was too hostile towards her. Yesterday, Yan Jiang was already magnanimous to agree to have a meal with her.

“Then why is he here?” Nan Ke Tong was puzzled.

“He just came to visit me.” Nan Yiyi’s eyes were slightly red. She said, “I am already very happy that your brother is willing to come and meet me and not fuss over what I did to him.”

Nan Ketong looked at Nan Yiyi’s reddened eyes and remained silent.

Thinking of his illness, Nan Ke Tong smiled mockingly. “That’s good too. If I die, you will have another son to accompany you. Mother, you won’t have to worry about not having anyone to support you when you’re old…”


Before Nan Ketong could speak, Nan Yiyi gave him a tight slap across the face.

Nan Yiyi immediately regretted the slap.

She anxiously sized up Nan Ketong’s face, and was relieved to see that he didn’t bleed.

Nan Ketong was stunned. He covered his face and realized that his words doubted Nan Yiyi’s heart.

He looked down at his own hands and apologized in a muffled voice. “I’m sorry, Mother.”

“You’ve been running around between the hospital and the office for me, but I still maliciously speculated on you. It’s my fault.” Nan Ketong wanted to take back his words, but his words were like water that couldn’t be taken back.

Nan Yiyi saw that Nan Ketong’s teeth were bleeding and hurriedly called for a nurse.

The head nurse ran over and saw that Nan Ke Tong’s teeth were bleeding profusely. She hurriedly called the doctor over to treat him.

After some work, the bleeding finally stopped.

Nan Yiyi sat on a stool and covered her face as she cried. I shouldn’t have hit the child!

Nan Ketong laid weakly on the bed. He reached out to hold Nan Yiyi’s hand and said weakly, “Don’t blame yourself, Mother. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Nan Yiyi cried even louder.

As she was crying, she suddenly heard a strange female voice coming from outside the ward. “Hey, what’s the matter? Nan Yiyi, why are you crying? Isn’t your son still alive?”

an Yiyi stopped crying and looked up angrily at the uninvited woman.

That woman was wearing a red cheongsam with her hair in a bun. She was wearing a pair of ruby earrings and looked very elegant.

The woman had a slender waist and a classy face. Even if she was smiling mockingly, it was not detestable.

Nan Yiyi stared at that woman and gritted her teeth. “Xu Fangyuan, must you stab me now?”

Xu Fangyuan sneered. She said, “If you can come to my house to make a scene during my confinement period after my miscarriage, while you yourself were pregnant, why can’t I stab you in the back?”

Nan Yiyi glared at Xu Fangyuan, so angry that she couldn’t speak.

This Xu Fangyuan was the daughter of the Xu Family, a scholarly family in Feng City. 16 years ago, she had married the eldest young master of the Yan Family, a business family.

The two of them had always been very close after their marriage. In the third year after their marriage, Xu Fangyuan was pregnant but lost the child due to an accident.

After Xu Fangyuan had a miscarriage, she had a confinement period of one month. At this moment, Nan Yiyi actually came to the Yan Family with a seven-month-old belly and openly provoked Xu Fangyuan.

Xu Fangyuan fainted from anger. As vengeance hurt her health, she didn’t have a child for five years. Only five years later did Xu Fangyuan get pregnant again and have a daughter.

However, the bigger the family, the more they valued bloodlines. The boy that Nan Yiyi secretly gave birth to was the only male child under the Yan family name.

Although Yan Yu had never acknowledged Nan Ketong’s status in consideration of Xu Fangyuan, he was still Yan Yu’s son and would eventually acknowledge his roots and ancestors.

Nan Ketong was only 13 years old and had already shown extraordinary intelligence. What would happen when he was a few years older?

That was something that Xu Fangyuan would never allow to happen!

But the heavens had eyes and the bitch would be punished by the heavens. Before Xu Fangyuan could lay his hands on Nan Ke Tong and her son, the heavens had already laid their hands on them.

[fuzzy]Half a year ago, Nan Ketong suddenly bled profusely during class and was sent to the hospital for a check-up. Only then did they know that he had acute leukemia.

In half a year, Nan Ketong’s health was deteriorating rapidly. He didn’t have much time left and Xu Fangyuan would definitely come to take a look.

As a result, she specially wore a festive red qipao today.

It was very appropriate!

Xu Fangyuan sat down at the furthest corner from the bed. Her expression was filled with disdain, as if Nan Ketong was suffering from some kind of infectious disease.

Staring at Nan Ke Tong, who became as skinny as skeleton, in just half a year, Xu Fangyuan’s lips curled into a fake smile. She said, “Tong Tong, you look so pitiful now. Auntie’s heart hurts seeing you like this.”

Nan Ketong seemed to have heard something that shocked him. He looked slightly dazed and pretended not to hear Xu Fangyuan’s words.

A moment later, Nan Ketong snapped out of his trance. He smiled at Xu Fangyuan. “Don’t pretend to be merciful.”

“Oh, you saw through me.”

Xu Fangyuan chuckled. “You have good eyesight despite your poor health.”

“Xu Fangyuan, shut up!” Nan Yiyi saw that Xu Fangyuan was still not giving up and was instantly enraged. She stood up and was about to fight with Xu Fangyuan.

Xu Fangyuan suddenly ordered. “Come in!”

Two burly men entered.

Xu Fangyuan smiled provocatively at Nan Yiyi, looking both despicable and adorable. “Hit me, hit me in the face! You must think carefully. You’re not going to hit my face, but the Yan Family’s face!”

“Look, you already gave birth to a son for Yan Yu, but he didn’t divorce me to marry you. What kind of position do you have in his heart? You don’t have any…” Thinking that such forceful words didn’t match her elegant and dignified image, Xu Fangyuan changed her words.” Don’t you know? ”

Nan Yiyi’s face was red and pale from embarrassment, but she couldn’t refute Xu Fangyuan’s words.

Xu Fangyuan and Yan Yu were truly in love. Even with Nan Ke Tong between the two of them, he didn’t tear them apart.

Nan Yiyi knew all too well how important Xu Fangyuan was to Yan Yu, and how much she and her son meant to him.

“I am indeed not as important as you in his heart.” Nan Yiyi gave a strange smile and said, “But in his heart, you are also not a darling child of a fairy. If he really loved you, he wouldn’t have been mesmerized by me back then and spent a blissful time with me.”

Hearing this, Xu Fangyuan gritted her teeth in anger. She instinctively retorted. “He was drunk! You took the opportunity to sneak into his room! You know very well how you climbed into his bed!”

“Ha, drunk. What a good excuse. Every man who has an affair uses an excuse of being drunk. Alcohol itself is also very innocent!”

Nan Yiyi asked Xu Fangyuan in amusement, “You are a woman and you know better than me how Yan Yu is like when he’s drunk. You should also know whether he was drunk or not.”

Xu Fangyuan was speechless.

Of course she knew how he looked like when he was drunk. He was like a loach after he was drunk and couldn’t even stand steadily, let alone having sex with a strange woman!

At the end of the day, he was obsessed with beauty!

Although he had regained his senses after the incident with Nan Yiyi and loved her wholeheartedly, the incident with Nan Yiyi was still a thorn in Xu Fangyuan’s heart.

Xu Fangyuan took a deep breath and muttered softly, “No, no, no. Her son is dying and she is in a pitiful state. I won’t get angry at that poor woman.” After repeating the incantation a few times, Xu Fangyuan really calmed down.

Hearing Xu Fangyuan’s muttering, Nan Yiyi’s blood rushed to her head and she nearly fainted!

“Go!” Nan Yiyi pointed at the door and ordered Xu Fangyuan to leave.

Xu Fangyuan stood up and leaned close to Nan Yiyi. She whispered in her ear, “Yiyi, don’t be afraid. After Tong Tong leaves, I will come to offer incense and burn some paper money.”

Nan Yiyi couldn’t stand it anymore. She raised her hand and was about to slap Xu Fangyuan.

Xu Fangyuan grabbed Nan Yiyi’s wrist and flung her hand away. She scolded. “You’re just a mistress. Don’t be too arrogant!”

Xu Fangyuan turned and walked away arrogantly, but somehow couldn’t bring herself to hate her.

Nan Yiyi closed the door and turned to see Nan Ketong’s disgusted and cold eyes. Her heart ached. “Tong Tong, don’t take her words to heart. Tong Tong, she won’t come in again.”

Nan Ketong stared at Nan Yiyi indifferently. “Didn’t you tell me that you were deceived by Yan Yu back then?”

Nan Yiyi’s expression froze.

Nan Ketong sneered and said disappointedly, “I always thought you were a pitiful woman who was deceived. I really didn’t expect you to be a mistress. And I…”

Nan Kotong pointed at himself and said tearfully, “So I am an illegitimate child…”

No wonder Yan Yu never came to visit me. Even when I graduated from primary school with full marks, Yan Yu never even called me.

So I am an illegitimate child.

No wonder.

Nan Yiyi shook her head in tears. “Tong Tong, it’s not what that woman Xu Fangyuan said. Xu Fangyuan is trying to sow discord! Believe me!”

Nan Ketong pulled the blanket up to cover his face. “Don’t speak. Leave.”

Nan Yiyi saw that her son was avoiding her and could only leave first.

She had just reached the entrance of the hospital when her cell phone rang.

Nan Yiyi picked up the phone and heard Yan Jiang’s voice.

“I still have to stay in Feng City for a few more days. Can you introduce me to a few fun places?” Yan Jiang was trying to be friendly.

Nan Yiyi wiped her tears and pulled herself together. “I don’t have much to do these few days. Jiang Jiang, let me walk around with you.”

Yan Jiang hesitated as if he wanted to refuse.

Afraid that he would reject her outright, Nan Yiyi hurriedly added. “Jiang Jiang, don’t reject me. It’s not easy for Mother to meet you. I can’t bear for you to go back like this. Just give Mother a chance and let me accompany you for a few days, alright?”

Yan Jiang acknowledged awkwardly. “Alright then…”

After hanging up, Nan Yiyi glanced back at the hospital building before turning to leave.

Nan Yiyi’s car was parked at the entrance of the hotel. After a while, she saw Yan Jiang.

He was wearing black pants, a light pink suit jacket, and a black, narrow, fashionable tie. His brown hair was scattered casually, making him look lazy and devilish.

He was biting on the leg of his chain glasses and typing a message on his cell phone. His fingers were tapping away rapidly, but she didn’t know who he was talking to.

Nan Yiyi hurriedly put down the car window, reached out her left hand, and shook it at Yan Jiang. “Jiang Jiang, Mother is here!”

Yan Jiang stopped and stared at Nan Yiyi from a distance. He then looked down, took off his glasses, and placed them on his face.

He got into the car gracefully.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Yan Jiang fastened his seatbelt and replied: [The shark is here. Let’s not chat for now.]

Song Ci: [Go fishing then.]

Yan Jiang turned off his cell phone and turned to look at Nan Yiyi’s slightly red eyes under her sunhat. “You cried?”

Nan Yiyi laughed awkwardly. Her voice was slightly hoarse as she said, “You can tell?”

“Mmm.” Yan Jiang asked again, “Why are you unhappy?”

Nan Yiyi said, “Last night, I thought of you and was about to go back. I couldn’t bear it. Thinking of how adorable you were when you were young and those memories of us living together, I really couldn’t hold it in.”

Nan Yiyi’s expression was sincere, as if she was speaking the truth.

Yan Jiang smiled and said in a profound tone, “Don’t cry. I will accompany you for a few more days.”

“That’s great!” Nan Yiyi smiled again.

“Where are we going to play?” Yan Jiang crossed his arms and looked straight ahead of the car. “I don’t know much about Feng City. In the past, I came because of work.”

Hearing this, Nan Yiyi sank into her memories.

She vaguely remembered that when Yan Jiang was 12 years old, she had promised him that she would bring him to Hong Kong Disneyland when the summer vacation arrived.

In the end, before the summer vacation arrived, Yan Rufeng abandoned them and ran away.

During the summer vacation, she also abandoned Yan Jiang and left home.

She still owed Yan Jiang a trip to Disneyland.

Nan Yiyi suddenly asked Yan Jiang, “How many more days do you have?”

Yan Jiang said, “Five days.”

Nan Yiyi said, “Let’s go to Disneyland, alright?”

Yan Jiang was slightly stunned.

Yan Jiang had a very deep memory of that year when he was 12 years old. Too many things happened that year and changed his life.

The moment Nan Yiyi mentioned Disneyland, Yan Jiang naturally recalled that Nan Yiyi had promised to bring him on a trip to Disneyland.

Yan Jiang narrowed his eyes and smiled ambiguously. “Okay.”

Nan Yiyi was driving and didn’t notice the coldness in Yan Jiang’s eyes.

Hearing Yan Jiang’s agreement, Nan Yiyi heaved a sigh of relief. “Alright, I will book a flight now.”

At noon, they arrived in Shanghai.

Nan Yiyi’s assistant had already bought tickets for them in advance. They would be spending three days and two nights at Disneyland. As a result, once they arrived in Shanghai, they boarded a car to Disneyland and checked into the hotel.

It was a weekend and there were many people at the theme park. Yan Jiang and Nan Yiyi had been queuing for two hours and only managed to ride on one of the rides, before it was late.

They went to the restaurant for an expensive and unpalatable dinner and watched the fireworks show at night. Yan Jiang recorded the fireworks show as a video and posted it in his WeChat group with Song Ci, Song Fei, and Han Zhan.

After Song Fei was done, she saw that video and posted: [Looking for flowers and asking about the willow, so happy.]

Song Ci didn’t mind the trouble and even asked Yan Jiang: [Is the sleeping beauty beautiful? Have you kissed her?]

After taking a shower, Yan Jiang saw the Song sisters’ comments. He first tagged Song Ci and threw a big, bleeding knife at her.

The moment the knife was thrown out, Han Zhan popped his head out.

Han Zhan: [@ Yan Jiang.]

Han Zhan: [Explosive emoticon.]

Song Ci: [Brother Han is awesome. I love you.]

Yan Jiang raised his brows and asked them: [Can we still have a good chat? If you want to show off your love, can’t you just close the door and hide in your room? Please return my WeChat to a pure land.]

Song Fei: [This is for you. Picture.jpg @ Han Zhan.]

Han Zhan opened the photo and saw that it was a cell image magnified by a microscope.

Han Zhan: [Sister Fei, what is this?]

Song Fei: [The predecessor of the Ebola virus is for you.]

Song Fei: [Don’t bully Yan Jiang. Do you think I am dead?]

Han Zhan was speechless.

Song Ci giggled beside him. “Song Fei is very protective of her loved ones. Brother Han, don’t provoke her.”

Han Zhan was slightly innocent. “Yan Jiang handed you a knife first.”

This was logical, but after Song Fei appeared, Han Zhan didn’t appear in the group anymore.

Song Fei asked Yan Jiang privately: [Did you go to Disneyland?]

Yan Jiang: [Mmm.]

Song Fei: [Why did you go there?]

Yan Jiang: [To play the long game.]

Song Fei: [What can I do for you?] If Song Fei didn’t do anything for Yan Jiang, she would feel uneasy.

After thinking for a moment, Yan Jiang said, [I do need your help with something, but not now. I have to wait a few more days.]

Song Fei: [Let me know when the time comes.]


The next morning, Nan Yiyi and Yan Jiang were dressed very casually. They put on sneakers and sunhat.

Although it was Monday, there were still many tourists in the scenic area. Every ride had lines for more than an hour and the ride itself would only last a few minutes.

Only when he was in the amusement park did Yan Jiang realize that Disneyland was not as exciting as he had imagined.

Arriving at Mickey Street, Yan Jiang bought an ice cream. Thinking that Song Fei liked to eat sugar, he ate the ice cream and entered a shop called the Chichi Diti Fruit Shop.

The shelves of the shop were filled with a dazzling array of snacks.

Yan Jiang chose a few types of snacks. As he queued up to cash in, the few young girls behind him were all slightly excited.

Yan Jiang looked down and sent a voice message to Song Fei. [I bought you candy. Should I send it to you or bring it home to wait for you to come back to eat?]

Knowing that Song Fei must be busy, Yan Jiang put his cell phone back into his pocket. He looked up and saw that everyone was holding their cell phones up to take photos of him.

Seeing that he looked up and revealed a handsome face that was no different from the exquisite poster, the young ladies immediately covered their mouths and exclaimed. “It’s really Yan Jiang!”

Yan Jiang was slightly distressed to be recognized.

This was Disneyland. If people came to surround me…

Yan Jiang put his hand to his mouth and shushed them.

The fans understood and said excitedly, “Yan Jiang, don’t worry. We will never tell anyone that you are at Disneyland!”

The fans took photos with Yan Jiang, asked for his autograph, and chatted with him for a while before reluctantly bidding farewell.

Yan Jiang walked out and found Nan Yiyi.

Nan Yiyi saw that he looked slightly frustrated and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I was recognized by my fans.”

“Will it be very troublesome then?”

Yan Jiang said, “Probably…”

“Let’s go to the Caribbean to play.”


Yan Jiang didn’t know that his fans, who had promised not to divulge any information about him, immediately uploaded the photo to Weibo.

As a result, after just 10 minutes, # Yan Jiang, Disney # became the hottest topic!

Yan Jiang and Nan Yiyi arrived at the Caribbean Sea and stood at the back of the queue. After queuing for a few minutes, the tourist beside Yan Jiang noticed him.

Yan Jiang was surrounded by his fans.

His allure seemed to be even greater than that of the Disney tour program, as everyone surrounded him thoroughly.

In the end, the commotion here alerted the security guards at the scenic area.

By the time Yan Jiang escaped, it was already two hours later.

Returning to the hotel, Yan Jiang laid weakly in bed. He couldn’t help complaining on Weibo.

Yan Jiang: I didn’t expect everyone to still be so passionate even after a year.

Knowing that Yan Jiang was lamenting about the commotion at Disneyland today, his fans teased him and said that he could only wear a mask to play.

Yan Jiang ignored his fans’ comments and quickly fell asleep.

Only when he woke up did Yan Jiang realize that there was another trending topic related to him on the trending topic list. However, the main character this time was not him but the mysterious beautiful woman who had appeared in the video with him!

As Nan Yiyi had maintained herself well and looked young and beautiful, some citizens of Feng City recognized her.

After knowing that Nan Yiyi was the boss of several major shopping malls in Feng City, some people started to speculate maliciously that Yan Jiang had found a wealthy lady.

Yan Jiang had over 40 million fans, 30 million of whom were fans and the other 10 million haters.

Faced with his anti-fans, Yan Jiang had always been one to fight back and never compromise.

He chose a malicious comment and replied:

Yan Jiang: If your mother knew that you have such a vicious tongue, she might want to stuff you back in for a rebirth. I never knew that son and mother hanging out would be misunderstood as gigolos and sugar daddies. I am sad that such trashy things like you exist in this world / @ Yan Jiang is an orphan. This woman is definitely not his mother, he’s an oprhan. She might be his godmother, the kind who gives money to warm his bed.

Yan Jiang’s words were undoubtedly a formal response to his relationship with Nan Yiyi.

Then someone was unconvinced.

The anti-fans found another black spot and started attacking Yan Jiang crazily.

Big Yellow Dog: [Hehe, what happened to being an orphan? His mother is so rich, what kind of orphan is he? His image is ruined!]

The Godly Monarch of Destruction: Yan Jiang is a fool. He created an orphan image to gain the sympathy of his female fans. Disgusting!

Glutton’s Hand: [So shameless. Can you be any more fake?]

The masses were spreading rumors and damaging his image. Yan Jiang quickly became the target of public criticism and was slandered in all sorts of ways.

There was no way to play in Disney anymore. Yan Jiang packed his things and was about to leave. He was busy packing his things and didn’t have the time to deal with these lazy and useless haters.

He and Nan Yiyi left Disneyland discreetly and boarded a car to the airport.

Along the way, Nan Yiyi felt very apologetic. She apologized to Yan Jiang and said, “Jiang Jiang, I am very sorry that I didn’t let you have fun to your heart’s content this time.”

“When there’s a chance in the future, let’s go overseas to play together, alright?”

Yan Jiang leaned back in his chair and pretended to be asleep. He shook his head. “I am very happy.”

Opening his eyes, Yan Jiang comforted Nan Yiyi when he saw her frustrated expression. “I am serious. I am already very happy that you still remember the promise from back then.”

Hearing this, Nan Yiyi’s heart ached slightly and she nearly cried on the spot.

Arriving on the plane, Yan Jiang turned off his cell phone according to the rules. After alighting, he sent Nan Yiyi home before returning to his hotel.

After calling for a hotel delivery service, Yan Jiang ate, took a shower, wrapped himself in a bathrobe, and sat on the balcony to check on the progress on Weibo.

Seeing that the topic of “Yan Jiang’s broken character profile” had already become the top trending topic on Weibo, Yan Jiang clicked on the topic and saw dozens of comments from the haters and netizens. He was very satisfied.

After logging out of Weibo, Yan Jiang called his ex-manager, Lan Ling. “Brother Lan, you can send out the things I asked you to prepare previously.”

Lan Ling was puzzled. He said, “Why did you have to put on such a show?” No one knew that the development on Weibo was under Yan Jiang’s control.

Even Yan Jiang and the female sugar daddy started trending because of Yan Jiang.

Lan Ling didn’t understand why Yan Jiang would do this.

First, he purposely lured the haters to dig out the fact that he was an orphan and then released his tragic background. Was this Weibo’s sympathy?

But the Yan Jiang he knew was not someone who liked to use his private life to hype things up.

Moreover, Yan Jiang had always acted according to his own wishes in the past. After he left the industry, he became even more unruly.

There was really no need.

Yan Jiang sneered. “There will be an even better show in a few days. Just you wait and see.”

Lan Ling was silent for a moment before suddenly sighing. “Ah Jiang, stop being a forensic doctor. Come back to my company’s public relations department and I will let you be the minister. What do you think?”

Yan Jiang said, “Don’t. It’s fun being a forensic doctor.”

He could face different problems every day. Every time he solved a mystery, that sense of accomplishment was something Lan Ling couldn’t understand.

Lan Ling felt pity.

“You are a talent.” He smoked and said, “If you can’t be a forensic doctor anymore, welcome back to my side.”


Yan Jiang hung up and started watching the movie.

At 3pm in the afternoon, different comments started appearing online.

The big rooster woke up early: [To put it bluntly, Yan Jiang is indeed an orphan. I was his dormitory mate in university. He had a very tough time then and went to work every day when he was free. We stayed in the same room for four years and I didn’t see his family call him. The information on his enrollment form is that he is an orphan. It is absolutely true. What happened today might have its own secret.]

July Rain: [Actually, Yan Jiang’s family’s situation is rather complicated. If not for today’s incident, I wouldn’t have said such things.]

Yan Jiang and I lived in the same neighborhood when we were young. Our neighborhood was called the Garden of the Rich. It was demolished seven years ago and became the current famous mall.

It must have been many years ago, more than 10 years ago. At that time, Yan Jiang’s father suddenly ran off with a pervert. This incident spread like wildfire. The owners of our community and several other neighborhoods nearby all knew about it.

Not long after his father eloped with a pervert, his mother abandoned him and left home one night. Yan Jiang lived with his grandmother after he was 12 years old. Due to his father, Yan Jiang had been bullied since he was young.

Yan Jiang was already very good-looking when he was young. On the way home from school, I saw him getting beaten up by the senior students several times.

But at that time, I was rather small-minded and timid. Moreover, I was a girl and didn’t dare to help when I saw him getting beaten up.

A few years later, his grandmother died. I think she hung herself. I was not very old then. I heard from my parents that Old Madam Yan hung herself and passed away. I heard that her grandson went to the toilet at night and saw his grandmother hanging by the door. He was so scared that he screamed and shouted. He didn’t dare to sleep for a long time after that.

It’s all true. If you don’t believe me, you can ask your relatives who stayed in the area.]

This Weibo user called “July Rain” spoke very convincingly and vividly. Gradually, the comments under her Weibo account increased.

Many of Yan Jiang’s fans were saying that if this news was true, Yan Jiang would be too pitiful.

But there were also people who questioned the authenticity of July Rain.

It was only when Song Ci posted on Weibo that everyone stopped talking.

Song Song, Song Ci: [July Rain’s news is true. Everyone knows that I am very close to Ah Jiang. Actually, we were childhood sweethearts and lived in the same building from a young age.]

On the night of Ah Jiang’s grandmother’s death, my father helped him carry Grandma Yan off the rope. Although Ah Jiang’s background was very tragic, he was very strong and lived very well alone.

I know that everyone has the right to speak freely.

However, the reason why the mouth and heart are red is because the Creator believes that humans are kind and not dark. Please be merciful with your words and don’t maliciously guess other people’s lives.]

Song Ci’s words confirmed the authenticity of July Rain.

As a result, a large number of people online were feeling sorry for Yan Jiang. They wanted to stroke his head, give him a hug, and lift him up high.

Lan Ling sat in her office and watched as her fans’ attitude towards Yan Jiang changed. He couldn’t help sighing. It’s such a big loss to lose you in the entertainment circles!

However, even Lan Ling only knew today that Yan Jiang actually had such a tragic background.

His father had abandoned him and fled with the pervert. His mother had abandoned him to seek a second romance, while his grandmother had abandoned him to go to the netherworld alone. This series of events was enough to put on a bitter show.

Lan Ling sent Yan Jiang a message: [I have a screenwriter who is especially good at writing bitter dramas. Do you want to give her the authorization?]

Yan Jiang’s reply was very unique.

[Get lost!]

Lan Ling laughed out loud.

Lan Ling asked him again: [Is your grandma the reason why you don’t dare to sleep?]

Yan Jiang:[… I am not afraid to sleep.]

Lan Ling saw that Yan Jiang was unwilling to admit this and knew that he also cared about his face, so he didn’t ask him again.

Lan Ling: [It’s all in the past.]

Yan Jiang: [Mmm.]

At 6pm in the evening, Yan Jiang, the person involved in the incident, spoke again after a day.

Yan Jiang: [I will always be abandoned, but never by myself.]

With Yan Jiang’s announcement, he was once again trending!

In the hospital, Nan Ke Tong spent some time to sort out the commotion on Weibo over the past two days.

Nan Ke Tong’s eyes lit up when he saw Yan Jiang’s speech half an hour ago.

It turned out that the elder brother her mother was talking about was Yan Jiang!

Nan Ketong used to admire Yan Jiang very much. He felt that Yan Jiang was just like a clear stream in the entertainment circles. He didn’t care about his image, didn’t put on airs, and dissed anyone he didn’t like. He was just like a wolf cub.

From a young age, Nan Ketong had been taught by Nan Yiyi to be a well-educated and cultured person. But deep down, he especially yearned to become a man like Yan Jiang who did whatever he wanted.

Nan Yiyi pushed open the door and entered. Before Nan Ketong could turn off her cell phone, she heard the female host explain. “So, yesterday, Ms. Nan who appeared at Disneyland with Yan Jiang was his biological mother who abandoned him. But from the way they interacted, it seems like Yan Jiang has already forgiven his biological mother.”

“I have to admit that Yan Jiang is still soft-hearted towards his mother.”

Nan Ketong hurriedly turned off her cell phone. She looked up and saw Nan Yiyi standing at the door with a pale face.

“You heard everything.” Having been discovered, Nan Ke Tong decided not to hide anything.

He raised his cell phone and smiled mockingly at Nan Yiyi. “The night before yesterday, you said you were busy with work, so you were going to Disneyland with your eldest son?”

Nan Yiyi looked at her youngest son guiltily and remained silent.

Nan Ketong pulled out the IV tube on impulse. Seeing this, Nan Yiyi’s expression changed and she hurriedly shouted at him, “Tong Tong! Don’t be like this! Don’t be agitated!” Nan Yiyi hurriedly pressed the button.

Nan Ketong struggled and roared angrily. “I am going to die lying in bed! Do you see? I am going to die! How heartless must you be to abandon your dying child and go Disneyland with your other son!”

Nan Ketong’s rebuke made Nan Yiyi want to cry.

Nan Yiyi hugged Nan Ketong and said in a sobbing voice, “Tongtong, how can I not care about you! You are the child I raise by my side everyday. My relationship with you is definitely deeper than your brother’s!”

“I want to build a good relationship with your brother and want his…” Nan Yiyi suddenly shut up and stopped.

Nan Ketong calmed down slightly. He grabbed Nan Yiyi’s arm and looked at her with reddened eyes. “What do you want? Tell me what do you want to do!”

Nan Ketong didn’t believe Nan Yiyi at all.

He felt that Nan Yiyi’s lies were not trustworthy at all.

Nan Yiyi released Nan Ketong and took out a medical report from her bag. She opened it and handed it to Nan Ketong.

Nan Ke Tong took the report and saw that it read:

The HLA test at Feng City’s First People’s Hospital.

Nan Ketong continued reading and was surprised to find that he was compatible with the tested HLA!

Nan Ketong was overjoyed. He hurriedly looked up and asked Nan Yiyi, “Mother, who is this from my HLA test?”

Nan Yiyi looked at him with teary eyes. “Who do you think it is?”

Nan Ketong guessed a possibility and was stunned.

Nan Yiyi told him, “Mother has been coaxing that child these few days, hoping that he will forgive me. I will tell him of your existence and strive to make him voluntarily donate his bone marrow to you.” Nan Yiyi also felt ashamed at the mention of her real motive.

To do this to her own child, the mother was truly ruthless.

Nan Yiyi also knew that she deserved to die, but she had no choice. She wanted Nan Ketong to live!

Nan Ketong was her hope!

With that stumbling block Xu Fangyuan around, Nan Ketong would never be able to get a suitable bone marrow!

Nan Yiyi could only curry favor with Yan Jiang!

Even if Yan Jiang didn’t come to Feng City this time, Nan Yiyi would still go to Wangdong City to meet him.

With the test report in front of him, Nan Ketong had no reason to doubt Nan Yiyi anymore. Nan Ketong’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he said hoarsely, “Will he agree?” Medical records said that donating bone marrow was not a big problem for donors, but how many people were willing to donate bone marrow?

“He will.” Nan Yiyi’s tone was very confident. “He can even forgive me for abandoning him back then. This means that he loves me.”

“He will agree.”

Family tie was a knife. It was always on your neck, forcing you to do things against your will.

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