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Chapter 222: I Want Your Handsome Face

Yan Jiang slowly looked up and gazed through the light at the woman behind the door.

Yan Jiang felt slightly dazed.

In his memory, Nan Yiyi had always been a simple and low-profile woman. She loved to wear white dresses at home and black pants in winter.

He rarely saw Nan Yiyi dressed up so gorgeously.

The beautiful and elegant suit made Nan Yiyi look even more charming in it. She must have been a famous beauty when she was younger.

That made sense. An ugly parent would never have such a handsome man like him.

Nan Yiyi’s heart ached when she saw the coldness in Yan Jiang’s eyes.

This child still hates me.

Closing the door gently, Nan Yiyi walked up to Yan Jiang slowly, not daring to sit down. Yan Jiang poured a cup of tea for Nan Yiyi and pushed it across the table. Only then did he look up and say to Nan Yiyi, “Sit, Ms. Nan. This is your territory.”

This greeting made Nan Yiyi’s heart break and her expression turn ugly.

But she didn’t dare to say anything.

Nan Yiyi still sat down. She sat very upright and straight, like a good student facing the dean.

Only in front of Yan Jiang would Nan Yiyi be so ashamed that she couldn’t lift her head.

Picking up the cup of hot tea, Nan Yiyi’s fingers gradually regained their warmth. She took a sip of tea, before calling Yan Jiang’s name anxiously. “Jiang Jiang.”


Seeing that Yan Jiang was still willing to pay attention to her, Nan Yiyi’s uneasy heart finally relaxed slightly.

Nan Yiyi gazed greedily at Yan Jiang’s face. Although she had seen this face on computers, cell phones, advertisement posters, and television, seeing her own child up close still felt different.

She just couldn’t get enough of it.

Nan Yiyi smiled slightly, looking kind of uneasy. She said, “Jiang Jiang, you look even better than when you were young.”

Yan Jiang didn’t want to act out his mother-son relationship with Nan Yiyi.

His lips curled into a mocking smile as he said curiously to Nan Yiyi, “Ms. Nan, I have a question for you.”

Although the way he addressed her was uncomfortable, Nan Yiyi was very happy that her son was willing to meet her.

Nan Yiyi maintained her elegant and calm smile as she told Yan Jiang, “You can ask me anything.”

Yan Jiang put down the teacup in his hand and looked up. He stared at Nan Yiyi with his mesmerizing peach blossom eyes and said with a faint smile, “Since you mentioned my childhood, let me ask you, Ms. Nan, do you still remember what I looked like when I was young?”

Nan Yiyi was stunned and slightly embarrassed.

This child was beautiful, but he had long, thin, and sharp thorns.

Every prick was aimed at her.

Nan Yiyi’s heart ached slightly. Her mouth felt like it had been sewn together by needles and she couldn’t open her mouth to answer Yan Jiang’s question.

Yan Jiang crossed his legs and leaned back in his chair. His gaze landed on Nan Yiyi’s pale lips. Yan Jiang felt grief and indignation. He said, “When you left me, I was only 12 years old and a child who had yet to graduate from elementary school. Now, I am almost 27 years old. I am at the age where I can discuss marriage with others.”

Nan Yiyi bit her lip with her pearly white teeth, unable to retort Yan Jiang’s words.

He added. “My father abandoned me, you also abandoned me, and then Grandma also abandoned me. Why doesn’t anyone want me?”

Somehow, Yan Jiang’s words hit Nan Yiyi’s sore spot. She suddenly broke down and cried.

“Jiang Jiang!” As Nan Yiyi cried, her mucus fell and dirtied her makeup.

She covered her face with her hands and said to Yan Jiang in tears, “Jiang Jiang, I am sorry, but I have no choice. You don’t know that after your father abandoned us, those strangers will gossip about me even when I go out to buy groceries.”

Nan Yiyi imitated those people’s tone and said in a sarcastic manner, “Look, that woman is the Yan Family’s wife. Her husband abandoned his wife and child and ran off with a pervert!”

“She can’t even look after her own husband and was snatched away by a pervert. What a joke.”

“So he’d rather find a pervert than spend my life with her…”

Nan Yiyi looked up and wiped her tears.

She looked very pained. She pressed her chest and said tearfully, “During that period, I would be scolded no matter where I went. The person who did something wrong was your father, but I was the one who was hurt by words!”

“I really can’t stand it anymore. That place is like a cage to me, a stage, and I am the clown being mocked on the stage!”

Nan Yiyi was pressured by life and couldn’t stand it anymore. As a result, she could only flee from reality.

Yan Jiang smiled bitterly and asked Nan Yiyi, “You can escape if you want to. What about me?”

Those peach blossom eyes gradually turned red as tears shimmered in them. Yan Jiang said, “You are the wife who was abandoned by your husband, while I am the pervert’s son. You are gone and you are free, but I still have to bear the crime of being a ‘child whose mother doesn’t even want him’.”

“You can escape, but you are free. What about me? Where can I escape to?”

The more Yan Jiang spoke, the more agitated he became. He gritted his teeth tightly and tightened his muscles, not allowing himself to cry in front of Nan Yiyi.

Yan Jiang’s eyes were deep and dark. He said, “Mother, if I had known that I would be abandoned all my life, I really wish that you two didn’t have me from the start.”

“I am like a lonely ghost.” My parents are still alive, but no one doted on me.

Nan Yiyi was sobbing so hard that she was out of breath and unable to speak. Guilt and remorse weighed heavily on her back as she bent over.

Covering her face, Nan Yiyi apologized tearfully. “Jiang Jiang, I am sorry!”

Yan Jiang remained unmoved by Nan Yiyi’s apology.

After so many years of being mocked and ridiculed how could he let it all go with just Nan Yiyi’s apology?

Yan Jiang couldn’t forgive Nan Yiyi. Looking at his tear-streaked mother, Yan Jiang finally asked, “Why didn’t you bring me along? Did you think I was a burden and would hinder you from marrying someone else?”

Hearing this, Nan Yiyi shook her head.

She cried as she said, “No, Jiang Jiang. You were never a burden. I was just afraid that you wouldn’t live well with me. At that time, I was a housewife and I couldn’t even support myself. How could I dare to bring you along? I can’t let you suffer with me!”

Yan Jiang shook his head. “You will never understand what I want.”

He was not afraid of suffering. He was afraid of becoming an orphan and being loved by no one!

He was afraid of being alone!

Yan Jiang asked again, “It’s tough being with you. Am I not going to suffer following an old woman who has bad eyesight and needs a walking stick?”

Nan Yiyi was stumped by Yan Jiang’s words.

“In the end, you still despise me.” Yan Jiang knew all of this very well.

]Nan Yiyi blushed in embarrassment.

Yan Jiang suddenly added. “I was awake the night you escaped.”

Nan Yiyi looked up in shock and instinctively said, “How can that be? I clearly gave you sleeping pills…” Realizing how rebellious her next words were for a mother, Nan Yiyi hurriedly covered her mouth and was too embarrassed to continue.

Yan Jiang sneered. “Sleeping pills?”

Nan Yiyi’s face was deathly pale. Even her tears were forced back.

Yan Jiang said, “I saw it.”

“What…” Nan Yiyi couldn’t understand what Yan Jiang meant and asked,” What did you see? ”

Yan Jiang narrated expressionlessly. “I saw you hiding in the kitchen and secretly pouring sleeping pills into my bowl. You held a pair of chopsticks and mixed them evenly…”

Nan Yiyi listened in a daze, as if she was stunned.

“I ate that bowl of rice so that you can rest assured. While you were washing the dishes, I turned around and went to the toilet to urge myself to vomit.”

Yan Jiang recalled that night carefully. As it had been so many years, Yan Jiang’s memory was not very clear.

He slowly told her what he remembered.

“That night, I laid in my own room with my eyes closed and listened to you quietly packing up in the room next door. I heard you open the door and go to the living room, as if you were rummaging through something. I got up and hid in the dark room. Through the gap of the door, I saw you rummaging through the television cabinet in the living room for banknotes.”

Nan Yiyi was stunned.

What Yan Jiang said was exactly the same as what I did that night!

He really saw it!

A child was hiding in the dark, secretly observing his own mother packing her luggage and searching for her passbook to run away from home. How despondent and angry he must be!

Nan Yiyi started to feel uneasy and felt too ashamed to face Yan Jiang.

“You don’t know, right?” Yan Jiang saw how Nan Yiyi looked like she was sitting on a carpet of needles. He grinned mischievously with a cunning smile. “I was the one who hid the passbook.”

Nan Yiyi was slightly surprised.

That night, when she couldn’t find the passbook, Nan Yiyi thought that her mother-in-law had kept it.

So it was Yan Jiang.

“When my father ran away, he even knew to throw some money at home. You are even more ruthless than him. You want to steal the money.”

As he reminisced about the past, Yan Jiang felt that he had a tragic background and could come up with a tragic novel.

He took out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it in his mouth, and puffed in front of Nan Yiyi.

In the smoke, Yan Jiang’s face was extremely beautiful, but it was filled with sorrow.

He just looked up slightly and glanced at Nan Yiyi arrogantly. There was mockery, disdain, and contempt in his eyes.

Nan Yiyi was utterly embarrassed in front of Yan Jiang.

]Her hands intertwined uneasily as she defended herself softly. “I didn’t intend to take all the money. I just want to take some travel and living expenses.”

“Stop lying. You clearly want to steal all our assets.” Yan Jiang knew very well that a woman who could abandon her son would naturally do the same thing.

Nan Yiyi raised her voice. “I really didn’t have such thoughts!”

“Mother, can you stop lying to yourself? It’s not so difficult to admit that you are a selfish woman.” All these years, Yan Jiang had already seen through Nan Yiyi’s true colors.

Nan Yiyi still felt indignant. She said, “It’s indeed my fault for abandoning you, but I’m not really indifferent to you. When you were in junior high school and high school, I also sent you some money!”

Sending money to Yan Jiang was Nan Yiyi’s consolation to herself.

She said, “My heart still dotes on you, Jiang Jiang!”

Yan Jiang sneered. “Yes, you sent me a total of 50,000 yuan. Now, it’s still buried in the cenotaph I erected for you.” Yan Jiang bit his cigarette and reached out his hands. He opened them and measured the thickness. “50,000 yuan is really a lot. It’s about the thickness of two tofu.”

Yan Jiang said exaggeratedly, “Really. I have never seen more than 50,000 yuan in my life.”

Nan Yiyi was shocked by Yan Jiang’s rebellious words.

“A… a cenotaph?” Nan Yiyi’s voice was much higher, perhaps due to anger or fear. It was sharp and piercing. “I am not dead yet, why did you make a cenotaph for me!”

Yan Jiang sneered.

“In my heart, Yan Rufeng and Nan Yiyi died in 2006. After all, we are family. How can I not erect a tomb for my parents? If I can’t find their bodies, there should be a cenotaph.”

Looking at Nan Yiyi in amusement, Yan Jiang asked her, “Don’t you think so?”

These words sent chills down Nan Yiyi’s spine.

She was so angry that her neck had become thicker. She looked like she wanted to scold Yan Jiang, but she held it in as she was afraid of something unknown.

Nan Yiyi drank the tea to calm her racing heart.

Nan Yiyi spoke again in that gentle tone. “Jiang Jiang, blame your father. He forced me!” Nan Yiyi hated Yan Rufeng even more than the surging river.

It was definitely right to push all the blame onto Yan Rufeng.

Yan Jiang remained silent.

Nan Yiyi suddenly smiled and said affectionately, “It’s not easy for you to come to Feng City and it’s getting late, Jiang Jiang. Look, let’s stay at my house tonight. Stay for a few more days. I haven’t seen you in so many years and want to accompany you.”

Yan Jiang rejected immediately. “I booked a room at the hotel.”

“Then…” Nan Yiyi glanced at Yan Jiang fearfully. Seeing that he was still rather calm, Nan Yiyi boldly invited him.” How about this? Can you come to my house for a meal tomorrow? ”

“I remember that you loved to eat Mother’s food when you were young. I will make a meal for you tomorrow. Just treat it as fulfilling my wish, alright?”

Yan Jiang couldn’t bear to harshly reject Nan Yiyi’s cautious manner.

This person was still his mother.

She was guilty, but she gave birth to him and raised him for 12 years.

He couldn’t ignore the kindness of raising him.

Moreover, if not for Yan Rufeng’s earth-shattering behavior that made Nan Yiyi utterly disappointed, their relationship as mother and son wouldn’t be as ugly as it was now.

“We’ll see.”

But Nan Yiyi tacitly took it as Yan Jiang had agreed and was overjoyed.

The next morning, Nan Yiyi woke up early and went to the seafood market to buy a lot of seafood and chicken feet. When he was young, Yan Jiang loved to eat braised chicken feet and scrambled eggs made by Nan Yiyi.

Returning home, Nan Yiyi took a photo of the chicken feet and sent it to Yan Jiang in a message. She said: [Jiang Jiang, don’t you like my braised chicken feet the most? I bought half a kilogram of chicken feet. Come over for lunch today, alright?]

She sent another message with her address.

Yan Jiang didn’t sleep well that night and woke up early. After receiving Nan Yiyi’s message, he hesitated for a long time. In the end, he changed his clothes and put on a face mask before going to Nan Yiyi’s house.

Hearing the doorbell, Nan Yiyi hurriedly took off her gloves and ran over to open the door in surprise. Seeing that it was really Yan Jiang standing outside the door, a sincere and happy smile spread across Nan Yiyi’s face.

“Jiang Jiang, come in quickly.”

Nan Yiyi pulled Yan Jiang into the house and realized that there was a beautifully wrapped bouquet of carnations by the corner of the door.

Nan Yiyi glanced at Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang’s ears were red as he lowered his head to change shoes.

Nan Yiyi’s heart warmed. She walked out of the door, bent over, picked up the carnations on the floor, and entered the house. Yan Jiang put on his shoes and looked up. He saw Nan Yiyi carrying a bouquet of carnations and smiling at him, looking very touched.

Yan Jiang tried to cover it up. “I didn’t buy it. I wonder who placed it at the door.”

Nan Yiyi suppressed her laughter and nodded. “Mmm, maybe the property management is sending warmth.”

Yan Jiang was speechless.


Yan Jiang entered Nan Yiyi’s house and saw that she was staying in a three-bedroom apartment. The house was very clean and there were no signs of a man living there. He couldn’t help feeling puzzled.

Is she not married?

Yan Jiang had never investigated Nan Yiyi and didn’t know what kind of life she was living now.

In high school, Nan Yiyi had once written a letter to Yan Jiang, sent him money, and told him her family address. Nan Yiyi had no face to meet Yan Jiang again, but she told him about her home, hoping that he would take the initiative to meet her one day.

Yan Jiang stared at the overly clean house and asked Nan Yiyi in surprise, “Have you never gotten married all these years?”

Nan Yiyi shook her head. “No.”

Yan Jiang asked, “Why not?”

Nan Yiyi said, “It’s boring. Marriage is tiring.”

It must be because that marriage back then had hurt Nan Yiyi all over, so she didn’t dare to touch the marriage again easily. Yan Jiang didn’t ask further about this.

After entering the house, Yan Jiang sat on the sofa. Nan Yiyi turned on the television for him and eagerly brought him a plate of cut fruits.

Everything was fine and she was very polite, as if she was treating him as an important guest.

And they were actually mother and son.

“The food is ready. I will go and bring it out now.” Nan Yiyi placed the dishes on the table, took off her apron, and waved at Yan Jiang. “Jiang Jiang, come over and eat.”

Yan Jiang turned off the television, got up, and walked to the dining room.

Yan Jiang’s eyes burned slightly when he saw the table full of his favorite dishes.

He sat down and picked up the bowl. Nan Yiyi eagerly picked up a chicken claw for him. “This is your favorite. I put pepper and chili in it. Try it.”

“Mmm, thank you.”

Yan Jiang took a bite of the braised chicken feet. The spicy and fragrant braised chicken feet were so delicious that he felt like crying.

“How is it? Are my culinary skills alright?” Nan Yiyi asked him expectantly.

Yan Jiang looked down and said in a low voice, “I don’t remember what the chicken feet tasted like in the past.” It had been more than 10 years and his taste buds had long forgotten about that delicacy.

Nan Yiyi’s smile froze.

She sat down awkwardly and occasionally glanced at Yan Jiang with an uneasy expression, like a child who had said something wrong.

Yan Jiang ate quietly and didn’t say anything.

Nan Yiyi couldn’t bear to waste every minute and second she spent with Yan Jiang. She searched for another topic. “I see that you are wearing a ring. Are you engaged?”

Yan Jiang glanced at the ring on his finger and acknowledged. “I am engaged.”

“Fiancee, is that the female virus specialist who went on Weibo with you previously? Is her name… Song Fei?” Nan Yiyi had been paying attention to Yan Jiang all the time. Nan Yiyi knew all about some major things that happened to Yan Jiang last year.

Yan Jiang’s high-profile pursuit of the virus specialist Song Fei had also caused a stir.

Yan Jiang finally looked up at Nan Yiyi. “You know her?”

Seeing that her son’s eyes lit up at the mention of Song Fei, Nan Yiyi suppressed her laughter and said, “How could I not know? Last year, the incident between Song Fei and the chairman of Chao Yang Company caused quite a stir. Everyone in Feng City was talking about it.”

“Oh I see.”

Nan Yiyi felt that Song Fei’s name sounded familiar. She thought for a moment and asked Yan Jiang uncertainly, “This lady Song Fei…”

Yan Jiang looked up at her in confusion. “What’s the matter?” Thinking that Nan Yiyi was not satisfied with Song Fei, Yan Jiang’s voice turned several degrees colder.

Nan Yiyi could tell that Yan Jiang was displeased and knew that he had misunderstood.

Nan Yiyi hurriedly explained. “I don’t mean anything else. I also like the girl you like. I just wanted to ask you, is Song Fei the girl who stayed next door to our house back then? Isn’t there an exceptionally smart and solitary girl among those twin girls? Is her name Song Fei? Hey, is Song Fei the elder or younger sister?”

Yan Jiang’s expression softened slightly. “The elder sister is Song Fei and the younger sister is Song Ci.”

“I don’t really know their names. I remember that you two didn’t speak much when you were young. Now you two are a couple.” Nan Yiyi’s face was filled with a mocking smile. “When did you fall for that lady?”

Yan Jiang’s face turned red. He said in a low voice, “After Grandma passed away, my relationship with the neighbor next door became intimate. Song Fei is a very good person and isn’t solitary at all. She often helped me then.”

Hearing Yan Jiang’s protective intentions towards Song Fei, Nan Yiyi smiled ambiguously and said, “I am relieved.”

After dinner, Nan Yiyi urged Yan Jiang to stay for dinner.

Yan Jiang took three days off this time and had nothing to do, so he stayed behind.

Actually, he couldn’t bear to leave. Even if Nan Yiyi had abandoned him back then and he hated her, he still loved her at the same time.

No child could bear to reject their mother’s invitation.

Sitting on the sofa, Nan Yiyi asked Yan Jiang about his current job. “What is your current job?”

“I’m a forensic doctor.”

“That’s good. I remember you learned this in university.”

“You know?” Yan Jiang asked.

Nan Yiyi acknowledged sheepishly. “Of course I know. I also secretly went back to visit you a few times.”


Yan Jiang’s expression was nonchalant, but he was very happy.

It turned out that Nan Yiyi still had him in her own heart.

This realization warmed Yan Jiang’s heart slightly.

Song Fei knew that Yan Jiang was going to Nan Yiyi’s house for dinner today. Worried about the situation there, she sent Yan Jiang a message during her break.

Ah Fei: [How’s the progress?]

Yan Jiang glanced at Nan Yiyi, who was washing fruits in the kitchen. He told Song Fei: [Not bad. We had lunch and chatted. She asked me to stay for dinner.]

Song Fei: [Go have dinner then. It’s not easy to meet her.]

Yan Jiang: [Okay.]

Nan Yiyi brought over the freshly washed crystal grapes. Seeing Yan Jiang’s gentle gaze on his cell phone and his fingers typing rapidly on the screen, she understood. “You must be chatting with Song Fei.”

Yan Jiang kept his cell phone and acknowledged.

“I want to sleep for a while.” Yan Jiang had recently developed the habit of taking an afternoon nap. He just needed to sleep for 15 minutes.

Nan Yiyi said, “I have a guest room at home with bedsheets laid out. Come, I will bring you there.”

Nan Yiyi brought Yan Jiang to the guest room.

The bedsheets were navy blue.

When Yan Jiang was young, he loved a navy blue sailboat bedsheet. He slept on it for several years and washed it too many times, before changing it when it turned white.

Yan Jiang felt a lump in his throat as he looked at the dark blue bedsheets.

“I am going to bed. You should rest too.”


After Nan Yiyi left, Yan Jiang laid down on the bed and successfully fell asleep.

Yan Jiang woke up and realized that Nan Yiyi was not in the living room. Thinking that she was sleeping in the master bedroom, he turned on the television and watched an interesting movie.

]Just as the movie was about to end, the door was suddenly opened from the outside.

Yan Jiang turned around in shock. He was slightly shocked to see that it was Nan Yiyi. “You went out?”

Nan Yiyi put down the bream and said, “Yes, I thought you wanted to sleep a little longer, so I went out to buy groceries.”

“I only take an afternoon nap for half an hour.”

Yan Jiang continued to watch television while Nan Yiyi cooked braised fish in the kitchen.

Smelling that sweet and sour fragrance, Yan Jiang couldn’t help turning to stare at the kitchen.

Nan Yiyi was very serious when she cooked. She cut every side dish beautifully and the dishes she made were very delicate and delicious.

Yan Jiang looked away and popped a grape into his mouth. He thought to himself, Is this how it feels to be taken care of by my mother?

After dinner, Yan Jiang bid farewell and left.

Nan Yiyi couldn’t bear for him to leave and personally sent him downstairs. She watched as Yan Jiang drove off, before reluctantly entering the building and returning home.

Yan Jiang was unfamiliar with the roads nearby and was used to using his cell phone to navigate. In the end, he searched his entire body but couldn’t find his cell phone.

Realizing that his cell phone might have been left in Nan Yiyi’s house, Yan Jiang had no choice but to turn back to her house to get it.

Yan Jiang pressed the doorbell and waited for Nan Yiyi to open the door.

A look of surprise surfaced on Nan Yiyi’s face when she saw Yan Jiang returning. “Jiang Jiang, why are you back?”

Yan Jiang said, “I might have left my phone in your house. Let me look for it.”

“Oh, okay.”

Yan Jiang searched around the sofa but couldn’t find it. After thinking for a moment, he went to the guest room. He remembered that he had placed his cell phone on the bedside table before sleeping.

Could it have fallen to the ground?

Yan Jiang knelt on the wooden floor and looked down at the bottom of the bed. He really saw his cell phone. But at the same time, he also saw a pair of male AJ shoes.

Yan Jiang reached out to pick up his cell phone. He stared at those shoes for a while, before quietly getting up and walking out of the room.

Leaving the room, Yan Jiang stuffed his cell phone into his pocket.

Nan Yiyi saw his actions and asked him, “Where did you drop your cell phone?”

Yan Jiang said, “I placed it under the pillow.”

“It’s good that you found it.”

It was already 8.30pm at night, so Nan Yiyi invited Yan Jiang to stay over. “Jiang Jiang, why don’t you stay over at Mother’s tonight?”

“No thanks.” Yan Jiang rejected immediately.

Nan Yiyi was stunned by Yan Jiang’s merciless rejection. Disappointment gradually filled her eyes.

She looked down listlessly and acknowledged in defeat.

Yan Jiang glanced at her before turning to leave.

Returning to the car, Yan Jiang touched the steering wheel with his fingers. He suddenly sent a message to a colleague in charge of intelligence.

Yan Jiang: [ Jun, can you help me investigate someone?]

Brother Jun: [Who?]

Yan Jiang: [My mother, Nan Yiyi, is currently staying in Feng City. Mainly investigate her love life and family situation.]

Those AJ male shoes were the favorite shoes of young boys.

Yan Jiang suspected that Nan Yiyi had lied to him. She didn’t live alone at all. There was someone hiding in her house. Knowing that Yan Jiang was coming, she had specially made preparations in advance to create the illusion of living alone.

Why did Nan Yiyi do this?

If he didn’t investigate thoroughly, Yan Jiang wouldn’t be at ease.

Brother Jun: [Alright, I will give you the results tomorrow.]

Yan Jiang: Thanks, I will treat you to a meal later.

Yan Jiang returned to the hotel and sent Song Fei a message. After knowing that she was not busy, he called her.

u Hanshen’s lover, Shen Zhiyi, had retired some time ago and was planning to switch to a retirement job. She had nothing to do these few days, so she stayed home to research some strange things.

Song Fei was staying at Fu Hanshen’s house. She was standing in the kitchen of Fu Hanshen’s house, studying steamed cakes with her teacher’s wife, Shen Zhiyi.

The two kitchen idiots wanted to steam cake, causing Fu Hanshen to watch on in trepidation.

Song Fei’s cell phone rang, so she washed her hands and answered Yan Jiang’s call.

She returned to her room with her cell phone and went to bed. She asked Yan Jiang, “Are you in a bad mood?”

Yan Jiang said, “How can you tell?”

“Gut feeling.”

“Yes, I am in a bad mood.”

Song Fei sat up and glanced at him seriously before asking worriedly, “What happened? Did you and your mother fight?”

“No, I suspect she’s hiding something from me.”

“Oh?” Song Fei narrowed her eyes and asked him, “Is the matter big or small?”

“I can’t say for sure.”

“Tell me what’s on your mind. I can’t read your mind and I don’t like to guess.”

Yan Jiang remained silent for a moment before telling Song Fei his thoughts.

“I went to her house today and saw that it was very clean and that there were only women’s items in the house. She told me that she was not married and had been living alone all these years. I naturally didn’t suspect anything.”

“Mmm, and then?”

Yan Jiang said, “I was sleeping in the guest room in the afternoon. I lost my cell phone and dropped it under the bed. Only when I left her house at night did I realize that I had lost my cell phone. I went back to my room to look for my cell phone but saw a pair of male AJ shoes under the bed.”

Song Fei narrowed her cold eyes.

“She has a man at home, and a young man at that.” Song Fei smiled coldly. “It’s most likely her son.”

Yan Jiang’s brows twitched. “What did you say?”

“There are very few middle-aged and elderly boys who like AJ shoes. It’s very likely a young boy. Your mother shouldn’t be keeping a gigolo, so that person is most likely her child.”

Song Fei couldn’t bear to see Yan Jiang frown and look so upset at being deceived. She added. “Wait for me to check.”


It was the Internet era now. A person’s social relationship could be easily investigated through the Internet.

Song Fei first hacked into Nan Yiyi’s home computer and realized that the contents of her home computer were all things that only boys would be interested in. For example, the internet celebrities, luxury cars, AJ shoes, little Zemaria…

Song Fei looked at that person’s photo album again and found many photos. Nan Yiyi had also appeared in those photos.

One of the photos was of the boy’s elementary school graduation photo. Nan Yiyi was dressed beautifully and was hugged by the youth. The two of them looked somewhat similar and it was obvious they were mother and son.

Nan Yiyi had a son and was not young.


“Got it,” Song Fei said as she copied those photos and sent them to Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang opened the chat and saw the photo Song Fei sent over.

Upon seeing that young man, Yan Jiang was certain that he was Nan Yiyi’s child because they looked very much like mother and son.

Yan Jiang narrowed his eyes.

Nan Yiyi lied.

She might not be married, but she had a son.

Her son was not young and was already in junior high school.

Why did Nan Yiyi hide the existence of that son from me?

Was she afraid that I will be jealous and angry if I find out?

Yan Jiang felt that things weren’t that simple.

“Can you help me find out that boy’s identity?”

Song Fei started to make conditions: Yan Jiang was usually very obedient and followed her lead, and he would never dare to defy her.

But in bed, Yan Jiang was unreasonable.

Yan Jiang was momentarily stunned before giving in. “Just once.”

Song Fei snorted. “Hmph!”

Song Fei started to search for information. She seemed to have found something. At first, her brows were still furrowed, but gradually, she frowned with a grave expression.

In the end…


Song Fei scolded. “What a vicious woman. So disgusting!”

Yan Jiang raised his brows in surprise.

Even if the person being scolded was his mother, Yan Jiang wasn’t angry.

He looked at Song Fei’s enraged expression and felt that she was so adorable, like a little dolphin.

“What did you find?”

Song Fei took a deep breath and gave Yan Jiang an order. “Immediately set off for Wangdong City. In the future, stay away from that stupid woman, Nan Yiyi. If you dare to be soft-hearted towards her again, I will beat you up.”

After a pause, Song Fei added. “Using a belt.”

Yan Jiang swallowed quietly before asking her, “What exactly did you find out?”

“Your mother is indeed not married,” Song Fei said.

Yan Jiang raised his brows. He felt that Song Fei’s next sentence would be very shocking.

Song Fei didn’t disappoint. She said, “But she is a mistress and secretly gave birth to a son for that man. The shopping mall under your mother’s name is the property that that man compensated them.”

Yan Jiang was speechless.

Unexpectedly, Nan Yiyi had climbed up the ladder by sleeping around.

Yan Jiang felt slightly uncomfortable.

No child could accept such a woman who had lost her morals.

Today, Yan Jiang was indeed moved by Nan Yiyi’s sugar-coated strategy.

However, perhaps because he had already lost all hope for Nan Yiyi and recognized her true, selfish, and cold character, Yan Jiang was only slightly shocked and surprised when he heard Song Fei’s words.

]Meanwhile, his heart that had once again burned with hatred for Nan Yiyi also calmed down.

“Is there anything else?” If it was only this, Song Fei wouldn’t be so angry and would eat the melon curiously.

Song Fei sneered. “That son of hers is rather smart. He has good grades and looks, but his intelligence is bound to be affected. Your brother was diagnosed with leukemia last year. As for you…”

Song Fei’s gaze was especially cold. She said, “I went to check the hospital where your brother is and found all the medical reports your brother has done. I found a bone marrow compatible form…”

Yan Jiang narrowed his eyes as he vaguely guessed what would happen next.

As expected, Song Fei said, “Your bone marrow is very compatible with that younger brother of yours. That bastard Nan Yiyi actually wanted to use your bone marrow to save that younger brother of yours!”

“Damn it!” Song Fei couldn’t take it anymore and scolded. “What a jerk. She abandoned you back then and she still has the cheek to aim your bone marrow! How thick-skinned.”

Song Fei was so angry that she turned off her computer. She glared at Yan Jiang and ordered him. “Hurry up and scram back to Wangdong City tonight!”

After a momentary daze, Yan Jiang was pulled back to reality by Song Fei’s scolding.

He looked at the indignant Song Fei and suddenly smiled. He said passionately, “Only you are good to me. You really have no ulterior motives.”

Song Fei said, “Don’t. My motives aren’t pure either.”

Yan Jiang was stunned. “What are you after?”

Song Fei stared at Yan Jiang’s face and his sexy collarbone that was faintly discernible under his shirt. She laid on the bed and gazed at the ceiling. She sighed. “I crave your handsome face and charming body.”

Yan Jiang was momentarily stunned before he smiled.

After saying that, Song Fei felt very coquettish and didn’t have the face to continue chatting with Yan Jiang. She hung up the video call.

The smile on Yan Jiang’s face disappeared very quickly.

Want my bone marrow?

Yan Jiang sneered.

Not to mention my bone marrow, I wouldn’t even give Nan Yiyi a single strand of my hair!

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