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Chapter 221: In the Whole World, Only He Treats Me Well

Aaron knelt on the ground and stared at the pool of blood that had been burnt by alcohol and was foaming, but he didn’t make a sound.

Only when Edward went downstairs and there were no more footsteps could be heard did Aaron hold the sofa and slowly got up. As he moved, his wound was agitated and more blood flowed out. Aaron finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and moaned in pain.

When Aaron looked up to leave, he realized that Sicilio had arrived at the entrance of the main hall on the second floor.

His tall figure stood under the door, crossed his arms, and looked at Aaron coldly.

Aaron’s lips quivered a few times. In the end, he didn’t say a word and dragged his aching body downstairs. As he brushed past Sicilio, Aaron’s arm was grabbed by Sicilio.

Aaron didn’t move.

Sicilio took out his cell phone and made a call. In Italian, he informed the doctor to come and get the bullet for Aaron. He hung up and grabbed Aaron’s chin with one hand, forcing him to look up.

Aaron was frail and his face was pale, but his gray-blue eyes were filled with pride and unwillingness to admit defeat.

Sicilio lowered his head and he was so close that he was about to kiss Aaron. He told him expressionlessly, “He abandoned you. He has a new identity and has become a Chinese soldier. He is respected and will be upright wherever he goes… What about you?”

Aaron’s eyelids quivered slightly but he didn’t answer.

Sicilio said, “You are a rat in hell. Your name is still on the list of wanted criminals worldwide. He is the moon high in the sky and you are the mud on the ground. Why bother?”

Tears welled up in Aaron’s eyes. He looked into Sicilio’s cold, sharp eyes and said, “Sicilio, you have been respected and loved since you were young.” Aaron smiled slightly, a very bleak and satisfied smile. He said, “There are more than 6 billion people in this world, but only he treats me well.”

Sicilio frowned slightly and released Aaron.

Step by step, Aaron walked down the stairs. Suddenly, everything went black and he lost consciousness.

In his daze, he seemed to see Sicilio running over. He thought to himself: Sicilio is my father’s most satisfactory successor. His heart is as cold as a venomous snake. Why would he be worried about me?

On the day Aaron left China, he sent Han Zhan a message.

The message said: [Hoff, I am going back. Take good care of your beautiful Song Ci. I will still visit her.]

Han Zhan deleted this message and told Song Ci, “Aaron left.”

At that moment, Song Ci was folding the babies’ clothes. Hearing Han Zhan’s words, Song Ci felt relieved. “Are you sure?”


“That’s good.” With Aaron gone, Han Zhan was no longer in danger.

Song Ci said to Han Zhan, “Beibei fell yesterday and suffered a major hemorrhage. Isn’t she hospitalized? I intend to visit her. Brother Han, will you come with me?”

Li Li had laid the floor tiles in the living room. When Su Beibei was awake during the day, Mother Li didn’t dare to mop the floor, afraid that Su Beibei would slip and fall. Last night, before sleeping, Li Li’s mother had mopped the entire living room as usual. Perhaps she was tired and went to bed without drying it.

Su Beibei went to the kitchen to drink some water out of thirst, but unfortunately slipped.

Hearing Su Beibei’s shout, Mother Li woke up in shock and hurried to the living room to take a look. Seeing Su Beibei lying on the floor with blood dripping from her lower body, Mother Li nearly fainted on the spot.

Su Beibei was the calmest. She calmly instructed Mother Li to call the ambulance. Luckily, there was a Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital nearby. Su Beibei arrived at the hospital in time. After emergency treatment, she successfully stopped the bleeding and saved herself and the child.

However, Su Beibei had to rest in bed for a week. After she was discharged and returned home, she had to rest in bed for a period of time. The doctor said that in her condition, she was afraid of her giving birth prematurely. If the child could stay in her mother’s tummy for one more day, then so be it.

Li Li had gone to Japan on a work trip the day before yesterday and was rushing home today. He still needed two hours to get home. Due to Aaron, Song Ci didn’t dare to go out. Hearing that Aaron had gone back, Song Ci naturally had to go to the hospital to visit Su Beibei.

Of course Han Zhan wanted to go along. “Let’s go together.”

Without dinner, Han Zhan brought Song Ci to the hospital.

When they arrived, Su Beibei was alone in bed. She had already fallen asleep.

After a near-death experience last night, Su Beibei’s face was pale and she looked very haggard. Hearing the commotion, the light sleeper Su Beibei woke up.

Seeing that it was Song Ci and Han Zhan, Su Beibei smiled reassuringly at Song Ci. Without waiting for Song Ci to comfort her, she smiled and said, “Don’t worry, the child is saved and I am fine.”

As a mother, Song Ci felt rather upset when she heard Su Beibei’s words.

She walked over to the bed and sat down. She grabbed Su Beibei’s hand. Perhaps it was because she had lost too much blood, but Su Beibei’s hand was cold. Song Ci shielded her hands in her own. She said, “You have suffered.”

Su Beibei shook her head. “I was too careless.”

“Sigh, it’s no one’s fault.” Not seeing Mother Li, Song Ci asked Su Beibei, “Where’s Auntie?”

]”Mother was shocked last night. I asked her to go back and rest in the afternoon. Anyway, Li Li will be back soon.” Mother Li had just undergone an operation last year. Although she was recovering well, she was not as good as before the operation.

Last night, Su Beibei bled profusely and nearly lost her child. Mother Li blamed herself and felt guilty. Today, she had been wiping her tears and her eyes were red. Worried that her mother-in-law would cry her eyes out, Su Beibei scolded her and sent her home to rest.

“She should go back and rest more.”

Su Beibei said, “I don’t know if it’s my psychological effect or if I scared the child last night, but he doesn’t move much today.” Su Beibei had a fetal heart monitor beside her. She said, “If not for the fact that everything is normal with the fetal heart monitor, I would really be worried about the child…”

Song Ci hurriedly said, “The child is doing well. He knows that you are feeling terrible and wants to be more obedient. He can’t bear to torture you.”

“Song Ci, your words are so nice.”

Su Beibei and Song Ci were chatting. Han Zhan couldn’t interrupt them alone, so he walked alone to the corridor of the hospital and stood there. Before long, he saw Li Li rushing over.

Li Li’s clothes were wrinkled and he even had a beard. It was obvious that after receiving the news, he immediately arranged his work and flew back to China.

Seeing Han Zhan by the corridor, Li Li greeted him with a nod and hurried to the ward.

Han Zhan also entered the ward and saw that Li Li and Su Beibei had reunited after a disaster. They were obviously going to hug and kiss.

Han Zhan pulled Song Ci’s hand and said to Su Beibei, “It’s getting late. Song Ci and I will go back first. Beibei, have a good rest. We will come visit you another day.”

“Alright, drive safely.”

Han Zhan brought Song Ci home.

The next morning, Song Ci was still sleeping when she heard the sound of a truck downstairs. Song Ci woke up and walked to the window in surprise. She looked downstairs and saw several workers carrying things.

Zhong Buhui and Grandpa were standing in front of the van, talking to the workers.

Song Ci took off her pyjamas, changed into casual clothes, and went downstairs. She went to the front yard, walked up to Han Aoyu, and asked him, “Grandpa, what are you doing?”

Han Aoyu hurriedly took off his hat and put it on for Song Ci. He said, “These masters are here to put up wooden floors.”

“Wooden flooring?” Han Aoyu’s house had been around for many years. In that era, he loved to stick those fancy patterned floor tiles. It felt very western.

Han Zhan suddenly decided to change the wooden floor. He must have been shocked by Su Beibei’s fall.

Six to seven renovation workers arrived. In just half a day, they had covered every corner of the room with solid wood flooring. The floor was the best brand and they were not worried that formaldehyde would exceed the limit.

The house was pasted with wooden floors and one could use vacuum cleaners for mopping the floor. Old Master was used to using mops and was not used to using vacuum cleaners. He got a new vacuum cleaner and played with it for half an hour on the dust-free floor. He even got Song Ci to record it for him.

It was said that old children were old. Even a person like Han Aoyu would have such a childish side when he was old.

Song Ci took a video of Old Master mopping the floor.

After getting sick of studying new things, Han Aoyu suddenly said to Song Ci, “Lass Song, call your elder sister and the rest and ask if they are free to come over for dinner tonight.”

“Mmm? Is today some special day, Grandpa?” Song Ci asked.

Old Master said, “That’s not it. As your in-laws, we still have to invite your maternal family over for a meal occasionally. It happens to be Friday today and Yan Jiang should be on vacation tomorrow. It won’t affect his work if he comes over tonight.”

Since the old man had already spoken, Song Ci naturally wouldn’t refuse. “Grandpa, wait a minute, I’ll call and ask.”

Song Ci called Yan Jiang and told him about this.

Yan Jiang was about to knock off when he received a call from Song Ci. How could he refuse? “Tell Old Master that Song Fei and I will definitely be there on time.” Just as he was about to hang up, Yan Jiang asked Song Ci, “What does Grandpa like to eat? Or something he likes to eat? I can’t possibly go empty-handed.”

Song Ci thought for a moment before saying, “Can you get loaches? Grandpa said he wants to drink loach soup.”

“I’ll think of a way.”

After hanging up, Song Ci told Han Aoyu, “My elder sister and Yan Jiang are both free. He will fetch my elder sister over after work.” Song Ci walked into the kitchen and saw that there were still many ingredients at home. She rolled up her sleeves and prepared dinner with Zhong Buhui.

Old Master also joined in and prepared to make a few of his best dishes, so that he could show off in front of Song Ci’s family.

When Han Zhan returned from work, he happened to bump into Yan Jiang’s car at the foot of the hill.

Song Fei was driving.

Seeing Han Zhan’s car, Song Fei honked at Han Zhan, stepped on the accelerator, and sped off like a rocket. Han Zhan stared at the Hummer that disappeared in a flash, his heart very calm. As a prospective father, Han Zhan disdained to participate in Song Fei’s game.

By the time Han Zhan arrived at the villa, Song Fei was already chatting with Old Master.

Han Zhan alighted and complained to Song Ci. “Baby Ci, Sister Fei is racing.”

Hearing this, Song Ci widened her eyes and turned to educate Song Fei. “Song Fei, you promised me not to race! Don’t you know it’s very dangerous to drive too fast? This is a mountain road. If anything happens to you, what will we do?!”

Song Fei didn’t retort or admit her mistake. She obediently accepted the scolding like a block of wood.

Song Ci’s mouth was already dry from talking. Seeing that Song Fei still had that lazy expression on her face, she felt as if her hot blood had hit cotton and instantly felt slightly discouraged. “Forget it, it’s fine if you don’t listen to me.”

At the side, Yan Jiang had yet to recover from his motion sickness. He was holding a glass of water and sitting on a wooden chair, resting his forehead on his hand.

Looking at Yan Jiang’s half-dead manner, Song Ci felt that he was very pitiful.

Song Ci pointed at Yan Jiang and said to Song Fei, “Look at Ah Jiang. He is so dizzy. Do you love him or not? If you love him, how can you bear to let him suffer?”

Only then did Song Fei glance at Yan Jiang.

Only when she saw that Yan Jiang was holding his forehead and looking very uncomfortable did she realize that he was actually carsick. Song Fei said guiltily, “I thought he felt that it was exciting and fun…”

Yan Jiang was also speechless when he heard this. He looked up and revealed a pale face. He asked Song Fei weakly, “Do I look like I find it exciting and fun?”

Song Fei was speechless.

After a moment, she admitted her mistake. “I won’t drive fast in the future.”

“It better be!”

That night, Han Aoyu made a pot of loach soup and cooked it for a long time with tofu. It was delicious and so was the soup.

Song Ci drank a bowl of soup and saw that Song Fei was staring at her. She put down the bowl and bragged to Song Fei proudly. “Song Fei, are you very envious of me?”

Envious that I have a good grandfather who can cook.

Song Fei stroked her chin and said, “Song Ci, have you weighed yourself recently?”

Song Ci’s expression froze slightly.

Song Fei said, “You already have a double chin.”

Song Ci felt as if she had been struck by lightning. She suddenly felt that the food in front of her was no longer fragrant.

Han Aoyu acknowledged Song Fei and said, “Song Fei, you’re wrong. Song Ci isn’t eating alone. Her food and nutrients are all for the two in her tummy.”

“You, on the other hand.” Han Aoyu picked up a piece of pork trotter and placed it in Song Fei’s bowl. He scolded her. “Do you not like to eat? Are you very picky? Look at you. Your arms are so skinny that I can break one of them.”

“Eat more. You’ll look better if you gain some weight.”

Song Fei dared to be arrogant to anyone, but in front of Han Aoyu, she had to tuck her tail between her legs.

Song Fei finished that pork trotter and was full.

But Han Aoyu seemed to really like Song Fei. He kept putting food into her bowl with the chopsticks and said, “Lass Song said you like meat. Grandpa specially made a lot of meat for you today. Try them all.”

Hearing this, Song Fei, who didn’t like meat, secretly stretched out her leg and kicked Song Ci.

Zhong Buhui suddenly put down his bowl and asked in a daze, “Who kicked me?”

Song Fei was speechless.

Yan Jiang said, “I’m sorry, Uncle Zhong. I accidentally kicked you just now.”

“It’s okay.”

Yan Jiang tugged at Song Fei’s sleeve to calm her down. He didn’t want Han Aoyu to feel that Song Ci’s family was unreliable.

After dinner, Han Aoyu invited Song Fei and the rest to stay over.

Thinking that they had nothing to do tomorrow, Song Fei and Yan Jiang stayed behind. At night, Han Aoyu, Han Zhan, Song Ci, Song Fei, and Yan Jiang sat on the wooden floor and played cards.

Not only was Han Aoyu good at fighting wars, he was also an expert at playing Fight the Landlord.

But no matter how good an expert was, if he met Song Fei who knew how to play cards, he could only admit defeat. Han Aoyu played a few rounds and felt embarrassed, so he returned to his room to sleep.

With Old Master’s departure, the four of them had gone overboard.

The four of them didn’t have any cash and opened WeChat. The winners and losers all transferred their money via Wechat.

Song Fei didn’t have good cards, but she had a good memory and could always accurately grasp the opponent’s cards at the last few steps.

So every time Song Fei was the landlord, she would win.

Han Zhan didn’t have a good memory, but he was very good at playing cards and could often kill the other three.

They played until 12.30pm. Song Ci was really sleepy. She threw down the last card in her hand and said, “I have to go to bed. The three of you play.”


Han Zhan and the other two played until past 3am. When they were hungry, Han Zhan went to the kitchen to cook another pot of noodles. The three of them ate before returning to their respective rooms to rest.

The next morning, the four of them slept until late in the morning.

After having lunch at the villa, Yan Jiang and Song Fei bid farewell.

On the way, Song Fei received a call from Fu Hanshen.

“Song Fei, are you free recently?” Fu Hanshen had just returned from Africa and hadn’t rested since returning. His voice sounded very fatigued.

“Yes, Teacher. What’s the matter?”

Fu Hanshen said, “I brought back a few special samples of the Ebola virus this time. Can you come over and collaborate with the teacher to study them? I have a feeling that we are very likely to conquer this virus this time!”

Song Fei’s heartbeat quickened. “Teacher, are you very confident?”

“Some time ago, a local town suffered from a plague. At that time, we happened to be there and helped to control the plague. The research institute brought back several samples of mice. Our preliminary examination revealed that among those mice, there were actually five mice that carried an unknown virus that was very similar to the structure of the Ebola virus.”

“So I reasonably suspect that the Ebola virus is very likely to be infected from the mice. So I hope you can come.”

“I need you.”

Fu Hanshen had to admit that talent was something that could only be chanced upon by luck. Song Fei was someone who could always surprise Fu Hanshen. Fu Hanshen felt that with Song Fei around, the research would definitely achieve results sooner.

Song Fei and Fu Hanshen had been researching this virus together for so many years. How could she bear to abandon it? After hearing Fu Hanshen’s description, Song Fei’s heartbeat quickened.

If he could really find the connection between the rat virus and the Ebola virus, he could use their connection as an entry point to research the antidote to the virus.

All these years, everyone had been like a headless fly, helpless against the Ebola virus. The mortality rate of people infected with this virus was as high as 90%. How many people died in the end because they missed the best treatment time?

If they could successfully develop the antidote, how many patients would they save?

In the past, Song Fei would have agreed to Fu Hanshen’s request, grabbed her bag, and sprinted towards the city where he was. But now, she was no longer alone.

“Teacher, I will reply to you later.”

Fu Hanshen was silent for a moment before saying, “Song Fei, don’t disappoint me.”

Song Fei hung up.

Yan Jiang knew that Song Fei was looking at him. He had also heard Fu Hanshen’s words just now. Yan Jiang suddenly stopped the car and turned to look at Song Fei, who was hesitating to speak.

“You are very smart,” Yan Jiang said.

Song Fei frowned but didn’t answer.

Yan Jiang added. “Ah Fei, you’re so smart. You can’t be hidden by me at home. I… I still refuse to let you leave Wangdong City and somewhere that I can’t see. But…”

Yan Jiang grabbed Song Fei’s hand and smiled at her in relief. “The person I love has always been the carefree and unrestrained Song Fei. The Song Fei who is locked up by my side is the incomplete Song Fei who has lost her dreams and pursuits. So…”

Yan Jiang lowered his head and kissed Song Fei’s fingers. “I’ll let you go.”

“But you must come back.”

A mesmerizing smile appeared on Song Fei’s cold and beautiful face. She pulled her hand out of Yan Jiang’s grasp, hugged his neck, pulled his face to her, and kissed him.

There was no hint of lust in this kiss.

“Yan Jiang, thank you.”

Yan Jiang clenched his fists before loosening them.

He had to try to let Song Fei go. The psychologist said that loving someone meant helping her soar, not trapping her there.

Song Fei packed up and went to the airport that afternoon. Yan Jiang personally sent her there.

Since Yan Jiang had nothing to do during the weekend, he returned to the police station to work.

That night, after he got off work, he called Song Fei. The two of them chatted for more than 10 minutes before Song Fei hung up and returned to work.

Yan Jiang was playing games alone at home.

Without Song Fei around, Yan Jiang couldn’t fall asleep again.

Wei Lai suddenly sent Yan Jiang a WeChat video. Yan Jiang accepted the video and stared at the laser television with his fingers on the controller’s game controller. He didn’t even have the time to look at Wei Lai.

There was also someone talking on Wei Lai’s end. He walked to a quieter spot and asked Yan Jiang, “Are you playing games?”


Yan Jiang lost a head and heard Wei Lai say, “We are short of one person in the Great Wall. Are you coming?”

Yan Jiang was about to reject him, when he remembered that Song Fei was not at home. He looked away from the game, picked up his cell phone, and stared at Wei Lai’s background for a while before saying, “You are in the AK Card Room?”

“Mmm, Zhong Xiangshou, Xu Yi, and Liu Zhouyang are all here waiting for you.” These were all Yan Jiang’s old friends.

Hearing that Liu Zhouyang was also there, Yan Jiang said, “Wait, I will come.”

Yan Jiang changed his clothes and drove to the AK Card Room.

The AK Card Room, AK Shooting Club, and AK Music Hall were all in the same building. It was an entertainment venue owned by the same boss.

The card room was on the sixth floor. Yan Jiang went straight to the sixth floor via the side door.

He walked out of the lift. He was wearing a black, white blouse inside a light grey suit. He was wearing chain glasses and his long hair that reached past his ears was casually grabbed at the back and tied casually with a disposable rubber band.

Along the way, those female players were all staring at him.

A man bit his cigarette and stared at Yan Jiang’s tall and handsome figure. He sounded rather resigned. “Damn, why is Brotheer Beautiful here? This person has retired from the entertainment circles. Why is he still so handsome? How can we accept this?”

“I heard that he went to be a forensic doctor and deals with dead people everyday.” A woman rubbed her arms in admiration and fear. “He’s a ruthless person.”

Vicious Yan Jiang circled outside and successfully attracted the attention of all his friends, before entering the private room.

Wei Lai and the rest had been waiting for a long time and started shuffling the cards the moment he arrived.

“I’ve been waiting for you. Sit!”

Yan Jiang sat down boldly, crossed his legs, and started arranging the mahjong tiles.

Yan Jiang casually played his cards as well. He stared at Liu Zhouyang and said, “Yangyang, the CEO of Empire Entertainment looks younger than I expected.”

Liu Zhouyang was slightly surprised. He asked Yan Jiang, “You’ve met our CEO Yan?”

“Mmm, we met once some time ago.”

Liu Zhouyang said, “Our CEO Yan is preparing to step down and retire. I heard he’s not feeling well. He hasn’t appeared much in recent years. I’ve been in the company for so many years and have only seen him once at the annual party.”

Liu Zhouyang said proudly, “When our CEO Yan was young, he would definitely beat Brother Guanxi up.”

Yan Jiang smiled noncommittally.

“What happened to CEO Yan’s health?” Yan Jiang asked casually.

Liu Zhouyang shook his head. “I’m not sure. Someone said that our Director Yan seems to be seriously ill and needs treatment.”

Yan Jiang panicked for a moment before asking, “Do you know what illness it is?”

“They definitely have to keep this a secret.”

Yan Jiang acknowledged.

After one round, Yan Jiang took a cigarette from the cigarette box in front of Wei Lai. Just as he bit it, Zhong Xiangshou lit his lighter and leaned over to light Yan Jiang’s cigarette.

He was attentive and flattering.

Yan Jiang took a drag of his cigarette and glanced sideways. He smiled at Zhong Xiangshou. “Don’t light a fire for me. You don’t have the right to extinguish it for me.”

Zhong Xiangshou didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Why are you still talking dirty? Does your fiancée know your true colors?”

In front of Song Fei, Yan Jiang was a coward. He didn’t dare to speak dirty in front of her.

“Oh yes, Yangyang, if Director Yan abdicates, who is the new director of your company?”

“His surname is Chen and he looks rather young. I heard he has some capabilities.”

Zhong Xiangshou threw out a seven cylinder and said mischievously, “Even if you don’t have any skills, you can’t sit in that position.”

“Heh…” Yan Jiang arranged his cards and said,” Someone told me that Director Yan and the late CEO Han have a close relationship? Is this reliable? ”

Hearing this, everyone stopped and looked at him gloomily.

Yan Jiang looked confused. “Why are you all looking at me?”

“Don’t you know?” Wei Lai said, “Yan Rufeng and Han Chenyi registered their marriage overseas back then. I heard that the current CEO Xiaohan is the child after they registered their marriage.”

“At that time, the IVF technique was still not very mature and very expensive. The two of them worked very hard for a long time before finally getting one Han Qingshen.”

Yan Jiang was stunned. “Is… is that so?”

Seeing that Yan Jiang’s expression was off, Wei Lai smiled and said, “I thought you knew about this.” This news had already spread throughout the entertainment circles.

Yan Jiang said, “I don’t pay much attention to these things.”

If he loved gossip and listened to them, he wouldn’t have only known that the director of Empire Entertainment was Yan Rufeng that night.

Yan Jiang took a sip of water to moisten his dry throat before saying, “So, Director Yan and Hanyi registered their marriage 30 years ago?”


Yan Jiang looked down and remained silent.

No one knew how shocked he was at this moment.

After playing a few more rounds, Yan Jiang suddenly stood up and said, “I’m a little tired. I’ve recently encountered a major case and haven’t had a good night’s sleep in order to solve it. You guys continue playing. I’ll treat you guys tonight. I’ll get going first.”

Yan Jiang was now a forensic doctor and it was not unusual for him to stay up late for work. Hearing his words, Wei Lai and the rest didn’t urge him to stay.

“Let me send you off.”

Wei Lai sent Yan Jiang off.

After entering the lift and seeing that there was no one around, Wei Lai said, “What happened between you and Yan Rufeng?” It was too strange for Yan Jiang to frequently mention Yan Rufeng tonight.

Yan Rufeng and Wei Lai were considered good friends, but he didn’t want to tell anyone about the terrible things that happened between them.

Moreover, Yan Rufeng didn’t like him. If this matter was passed down, Yan Rufeng might think that he was trying to pull strings with him.

Yan Jiang shook his head. “It’s nothing. I just seldom see my family name. I happened to meet them that day and realized that Director Yan is also very handsome. I thought that our Yan Family’s genes are really good and that we are all handsome and good looking. Now that I see Liu Zhouyang, I can’t help but ask him a few questions.”

Weilei was speechless.

“I finally understand your secret to being able to thrive in the entertainment circles.” Wei Lai put on a mysterious expression.

Yan Jiang lifted his chin. “Tell me, why?”

Wei Lai said, “Your skin is thick.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

The lift reached the first floor. Yan Jiang patted Wei Lai’s shoulder. “Go up and play. I am fine. Let’s meet again next time.”

“Alright then.”

After Wei Lai entered the lift, the smile on Yan Jiang’s face suddenly disappeared.

Yan Rufeng and the late CEO Han had registered their marriage 30 years ago. Although they got married overseas and weren’t protected by the law, they were soul mates.

Then what is my mother?

What am I?

An illegitimate child?


A child born out of a wedlock that was even more intolerable than an illegitimate child?

Yan Jiang couldn’t calm down. He didn’t dare to drive as he was afraid of accidents, so he called Ah Lun over. When Ah Lun arrived, Yan Jiang had already fallen asleep in the car. He turned on all the lights and his brows were tightly furrowed as he slept.

The car door was unlocked. Ah Lun opened the door and sat inside, sending Yan Jiang home.

The car stopped in the garage in the courtyard. Ah Lun woke Yan Jiang up. “Brother Jiang, you are home.”

Yan Jiang acknowledged before opening his eyes.

Perhaps it was an illusion, but Ah Lun seemed to see confusion in Yan Jiang’s eyes.

Yan Jiang alighted and turned to say to Ah Lun, “It’s getting late. You should sleep here tonight.”


Ah Lun woke up and made breakfast. He went upstairs to wake Yan Jiang up and realized that he was not in his room! He ran into the courtyard and realized that an Audi was missing.

Ah Lun hurriedly called Yan Jiang.

“Brother Jiang, where are you?”

Yan Jiang’s car was already on the highway. He said, “Ah Lun, I am on the way to Feng City. Remember to lock the door when you leave after breakfast.”

With that, Yan Jiang took off his Bluetooth headset and hung up.

Seeing that he had driven out of Feng City’s expressway, Yan Jiang changed the lane ahead of time and drove out of the expressway.

The night in Feng City was slightly chilly. Yan Jiang alighted from the car in a short t-shirt and shivered in the cold. He hurriedly took out his jacket from his bag and put it on. After thinking for a moment, he took out a mask and put it on.

Yan Jiang entered a shopping mall and asked the security officer to meet their manager. The security officer didn’t agree at first, but Yan Jiang had no choice but to take off his mask. “I am Yan Jiang.”

Yan Jiang pointed at the promotional photos on the cupboard of a luxury makeup shop on the first level of the mall. He told the security guard, “I am the global spokesperson for Company A’s cosmetics brand.”

The security guard recognized Yan Jiang.

Seeing that it was a famous celebrity, the security guard hurriedly took out the walkie-talkie behind his waist and called the manager. Moments later, the manager hurried to the main entrance and invited Yan Jiang to the office upstairs.

Entering the office, the manager asked Yan Jiang with a smile, “Mr. Yan, why are you looking for me?”

“I am looking for someone.”

“Oh? Who are you looking for?”

Yan Jiang took out an old photo and handed it to the manager. “Is Nan Yiyi the boss of this mall?”

The manager stared at the woman in the photo.

Although the woman in the photo was wearing a simple white dress and had no makeup on, the manager recognized her as his boss, Nan Yiyi.

The manager nodded. “Our lady boss is indeed called Nan Yiyi. As for whether she is the lady in your photo, I am not sure.”

Yan Jiang nodded.

He crossed his arms and leaned back slightly. He closed his eyes and said gently, “Manager, please help me contact your boss. Tell her that Yan Jiang wants to meet her.”

The manager thought for a moment, picked up the phone, and called the boss. “CEO Nan, I have an artist who wants to meet you.”

Nan Yiyi was in the hospital. She wiped the youth’s face with her hand and asked impatiently, “No! Didn’t I say that I’m not free these few days?”

The manager was very embarrassed. He looked at Yan Jiang awkwardly. Before he could explain, Yan Jiang said, “Tell her that Yan Jiang wants to see her.”

The manager mustered up the courage and called out to CEO Nan again. “CEO Nan, it’s an actor called Yan Jiang. He specifically asked to meet you.”

Hearing the name Yan Jiang, Nan Yiyi was stunned.

“Who… did you say?” Nan Yiyi clutched the cold towel tightly as her eyes quivered slightly.

The manager said, “Yan Jiang.”

Nan Yiyi closed her eyes.

“Tell him that I will meet him. Help me treat him well first.”

The manager treated Yan Jiang like a living Buddha and invited him to the meeting room..

He drank his tea and played with his cell phone, as he waited for an hour. Just as the hour hand was about to turn to 11, Nan Yiyi stood outside the door and knocked on it.

Yan Jiang said, “Please come in.”

Nan Yiyi pushed open the door and entered.

Wearing a blue dress, Nan Yiyi exuded the aura of a successful career woman. But no matter how strong and domineering she was, her face paled at the sight of the handsome young man in front of her.

Nan Yiyi held the door frame and looked at Yan Jiang’s face. She muttered, “Jiang Jiang…”

Special Note: A few settings have been changed. Firstly, the female protagonist is pregnant with a pair of daughters. Secondly, Ah Rang’s name is unified as Aaron so that it’s convenient for everyone to read. Thirdly, Aaron and Han Zhan are both in 1988. Ah Rang is half a year younger and was born in the eighth month of the lunar calendar, so he is also a dragon.

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