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Chapter 220: Edward: Useless!

Song Ci looked at the time and saw that it was only 4pm.

Usually at this time, Han Zhan would still be working hard in the company. Why did he come back so early today? Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Brother Han, are you done with work today?”

Han Zhan wanted to tell Song Ci what happened at the office today, but when he looked down and saw Song Ci’s big tummy, Han Zhan smiled again and said, “I just remembered that I haven’t had a good meal with you for a long time. I heard from Li Li that pregnant women need to be coaxed, so I specially went home early today to prepare dinner for you.”

Han Zhan took out a box of desserts from his suit jacket. “Look, it’s your favorite chestnut cake.”

Song Ci suddenly smiled in a very clean and happy manner. With a smile, the stars in the sky were all reflected in her eyes. Han Zhan was slightly mesmerized by her smile and instinctively reached out to touch Song Ci’s eyes.

Song Ci’s smile faded slightly. She didn’t speak and even tilted her head to rub her face under Han Zhan’s thumb.

Han Zhan suddenly said, “Baby Ci, I love you.”

Song Ci was stunned.

After being married for so long, this seemed to be the first time Han Zhan said that he loved her.

The moment she heard this, Song Ci was not touched or secretly happy, but puzzled. “Han Zhan, tell me, what happened.” Song Ci looked clumsy, but was actually very meticulous. Han Zhan is really strange today. He must have encountered something today.

A man who never spoke of love suddenly confessed. He must have been agitated.

Han Zhan smiled. “Why can’t anything escape your eyes?”

Song Ci was slightly proud. “I can read minds. Tell me, what happened today?”

Han Zhan muttered to himself for a moment before finally deciding to tell the truth. “I met with a shooting today.” Han Zhan’s tone was rather calm and his eyes didn’t waver at all.

But when Song Ci heard the word “shooting”, her rosy cheeks instantly paled.

“Shooting?” Song Ci grabbed Han Zhan’s arm and anxiously sized him up carefully. After confirming that there was no blood on Han Zhan’s body and no signs of wounds or bandages, Song Ci’s heart that was in her throat instantly relaxed.

“You’re not injured.” She looked terrified.

A smile appeared in Han Zhan’s eyes. “I’m fine.” Pulling Song Ci into his arms, Han Zhan told her, “A piece of the bulletproof glass in the office broke and I escaped a disaster. Don’t worry.”

“Have you caught the murderer?” Song Ci wouldn’t be able to sleep peacefully if she didn’t catch the murderer.

“Do you still remember that young man you met at Brunei?” Han Zhan stroked Song Ci’s belly and said, “He was also the one who came to kill me today.”

How could Song Ci not remember!

“It’s Aaron? Your half-brother?”


Song Ci didn’t know how much Aaron hated Han Zhan. She asked Han Zhan, “Why did Aaron suddenly attack you? He hasn’t bothered you for so many years. It’s too sudden for him to do this today.”

“I’m not sure.”

Han Zhan pointed at Song Ci’s hand on the sofa and said, “The young man wearing a hat in the video you were watching just now was Aaron.”


Song Ci picked up her cell phone and watched the video again. After Han Zhan’s reminder and looking at the young man in the video, Song Ci also felt that the young man’s figure indeed resembled that of the man in Brunei.

“Can’t you catch him?” Song Ci hoped that Han Zhan could catch Aaron to prevent future trouble.

Han Zhan shook his head. “Aaron was trained by Edward. It won’t be easy to capture him.”

Han Zhan saw that Song Ci’s frown was so deep that it could kill a mosquito. He cupped Song Ci’s face and smoothed out her wrinkles. He said, “Don’t worry about me. I have an iron wall. I will be fine.”

“You, on the other hand, should take good care of yourself and don’t run around nowadays.” Han Zhan kissed Song Ci’s lips and sighed. “Song Ci, I will only be at ease if the three of you are safe and sound.”

“Alright, I promise you that I won’t go out for the time being.” Song Ci was the best at judging the situation and knew that Aaron was watching from the shadows, so she would never go out.

It was definitely the safest to be with Grandpa.


Han Zhan stood up and patted his wrinkled pants. “What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you.”

“Let’s see what other ingredients are in the fridge.”


Han Zhan was preparing dinner and the sun was about to set. The afterglow of the sunset shone through the gaps of the leaves of the forest. The villa was hidden in the mottled forest with smoke curling around it, filled with the atmosphere of the mortal world.

Han Zhan placed the table in the small garden, served the dishes, set up the cutlery, took off his apron, and shouted at Han Aoyu, who was squatting in the vegetable garden planting cabbages. “Grandpa, it’s time to eat!”

Following that, he shouted into the house. “Baby Ci, Uncle Zhong, it’s time to eat!”

Han Aoyu took the hoe back into the house, washed his face, and scrubbed his hands clean with soap before coming to the table. Seeing the table full of dishes, Han Aoyu chuckled and said, “The sun rose from the west today. Kid, you also know how to cook.”

Only after escaping death today did Han Zhan realize that he had neglected his family because he was busy with work, be it the pregnant Song Ci or his grandfather who was getting weaker by the day.

Han Zhan scooped half a bowl of rice for Han Aoyu. He said, “From now on, I will rest on weekends.”

“Yo.” Han Aoyu glanced at him and mocked him in a sarcastic manner. “Aren’t you usually busier than the country’s president? Why are you so free now?” Han Aoyu’s every gaze and every word was filled with dissatisfaction towards Han Zhan.

Han Zhan knew that he was in the wrong and didn’t retort.

He poured himself a glass of water, picked it up, and raised it to apologize to Han Aoyu. “I am unfilial. I only know how to earn money and neglected my family. I will punish myself with a glass.” With that, Han Zhan finished the glass of water.

Han Aoyu turned proudly and said proudly, “I can forgive you…” Rubbing his hands together, Han Aoyu was eager to try. He said,” Give me a mouthful! ”

Han Zhan put down his teacup and said, “Then don’t forgive me.”

Han Aoyu chuckled and muttered a few more bad things about Han Zhan.

Song Ci observed the interaction between Han Zhan and Han Aoyu with a faint smile on her face, but she knew why he had done what he did tonight. As he had survived a disaster and was facing the threat of death, he thought of his family. Perhaps he felt guilty and reluctant, so he made a table full of dishes to accompany her and Old Master.

Song Ci filled a cup with chicken soup and said to Han Zhan, “Come, Brother Han, let’s have a toast.”


Seeing that they were all toasting, Zhong Buhui poured himself a glass of water and clinked glasses with Han Zhan.

After dinner, Han Zhan and Han Aoyu laid side by side on the recliner in the garden. There were still mosquitoes in this season, and Han Aoyu and Han Zhan each lit a mosquito extinguishing lamp. But Han Zhan was born with the love of attracting mosquitoes, so he still had a few big bites.

He sat up and kept swatting at the mosquitoes, scratching them.

Han Aoyu suddenly said, “I heard that you encountered a shooting today.”

Han Zhan used his hard nails to press the mosquito bun on his arm. Hearing this, he said without looking up, “You know?” He thought he could hide it from Han Aoyu.

Han Aoyu snorted. “It would be strange if I didn’t know.” It was very easy for Han Aoyu to know something.

Han Zhan acknowledged and said, “It’s Aaron.”

Aaron?” It was the first time Han Aoyu heard this name and felt it was unfamiliar, so he asked Han Zhan, “Who is Aaron?” From Han Zhan’s words, the person who wanted to kill him was an acquaintance.

Han Zhan’s expression was cold as he said, “Edward’s other child always followed behind me when I was young. He was very good-looking but very timid. Grandpa, do you still remember?”

Han Aoyu thought for a moment before asking, “Is it that little boy who stood far away and observed me secretly?”


Han Aoyu already couldn’t remember that child’s looks and didn’t know what his relationship with Han Zhan was, so he asked him, “You two didn’t get along when you were young?”

“We were on very good terms then. We agreed that when we were of age and strong enough, we would escape from that cage. But I was lucky to meet you, Grandpa. Aaron had no one to back him up, no one to think of him, no one to bring him out of his misery, so he ended up like this.”

“Mmm.” Han Aoyu didn’t continue to discuss this matter. He closed his eyes and started humming a Beijing Opera. Old Master Han’s voice was incomplete and a classic tune came out of his mouth. It was completely different and Han Zhan couldn’t tell what he was singing.

Han Zhan hurriedly slipped away.

Sooner or later, the weather would start to turn cold and many of Song Ci’s clothes were still in the duplex. The next day, before Han Zhan got off work, Song Ci called him and asked him to go back and get a few pairs of flats and early autumn clothes for her.

Han Zhan got Long Yu to drive the car into the community. He pushed open the door, entered the house, and went straight upstairs. Han Zhan found a luggage bag and put away the beautiful single shoes that Song Ci had asked for. He also retrieved five to six autumn outfits, folded them, and placed them in the luggage.

He carried his luggage and was about to enter the room.

Gripping the door handle, Han Zhan had just pressed it when there was a slight movement behind him. Han Zhan quickly turned around, raised his left foot, and kicked violently behind him!

That kick landed on a firm chest.

“Hmph!” A grunt followed.

Han Zhan looked over and saw a gray shadow hurriedly take two steps back. His calf knocked against the bedpost, and only then did he stabilize himself.

That person touched the corners of his lips and stood up.

He suddenly looked up and his gray-blue eyes met Han Zhan’s. The two of them looked exactly the same. The man had blonde hair and blue eyes. There was a small mole between his lips and chin, making him look bewitching.

That man grinned at Han Zhan and said in a strange tone, “I thought you had become a weak husband after being discharged from the military. I didn’t expect you to be quite resistant.”

Han Zhan stared at the young man and remained silent.

After more than 20 years, this was the first time Han Zhan saw Aaron. The skinny little boy in his memory had really grown up. He was tall and handsome, and there was almost no familiar feeling from his childhood.

Only that little black mole remained the same.

Han Zhan released the luggage and frowned. “Aaron, long time no see.”

Hearing this long-lost call of Aaron, Aaron was momentarily stunned, before a look of embarrassment and anger appeared on his face. “I am not here to reminisce with you!” Aaron raised his fist again and sprinted towards Han Zhan at the speed of light.

He was coming at him fiercely!

Aaron’s fighting style was very messy. He had never learned orthodox martial arts and his fighting style was a technique he had learned in actual combat. Every move and every move was a move that took a person’s life!

Aaron’s fist went straight for Han Zhan’s heart.

If that punch landed, Han Zhan’s heart would not shatter but would tremble several times.

Han Zhan placed his palm on his chest and took the blow with difficulty. His expression changed slightly. His other hand grabbed hold of Aaron’s arm tightly, used his head as a weapon, and knocked hard at Aaron’s head.

Aaron wanted to let go of Han Zhan, but Han Zhan’s hand was like an iron clamp, grabbing onto Aaron and not letting go.

In battle, Han Zhan would never let any enemy off. He would always find the enemy’s most fatal weakness in the shortest time possible.

And Aaron’s flaws…

When Han Zhan’s head hit Aaron’s nose, he quickly lifted his right leg and kicked Ah Rang’s left calf.

Releasing Ah Rang’s arm, Han Zhan grabbed Ah Rang’s short hair, pulled his hair back forcefully, and hit the wall several times.

After four to five consecutive knocks, Han Zhan grabbed Aaron’s hair and made him look up at himself.

Aaron’s forehead was bleeding, but he had a sinister smile on his face.

Aaron’s smile made Han Zhan very uncomfortable.

Han Zhan pressed Aaron onto the windowsill again. He grabbed Aaron’s wrists with both hands and pressed his right knee against his waist, completely restricting his movements.

Suppressing Aaron, Han Zhan used his right hand to press Aaron’s face against the window sill. He leaned over, lowered his head, and said in Aaron’s ear, “You really think I don’t know anything about your infiltration? Didn’t you realize that my house is filled with surveillance cameras?”

Aaron scolded. “Are you a pervert? You even install surveillance cameras in the room!”

Han Zhan smiled and said, “Which one of us isn’t a pervert?”

Aaron remained silent.

Han Zhan stared at Aaron’s face and hesitated over whether to kill him.

Aaron could see the murderous intent and hesitation in Han Zhan’s eyes, but he was like a maniac, purposely provoking Han Zhan. “Hoff, if you don’t kill me, I will definitely kill that bitch Song Ci in the future! Don’t forget that she still has two little ones in her tummy!”

“If I make a move, I will have three lives. I have profited!”

The little boy who would vomit at night after waking up from his sleep, because he had injured someone had actually turned into a murderous demon when he grew up.

Aaron’s words made Han Zhan want to kill him.

Han Zhan took out the dagger from his pocket and was about to stab it into Aaron’s throat when he suddenly felt something under his knees. Han Zhan looked at Aaron’s waist in confusion. Through the thin fabric of his clothes, Han Zhan saw the outline of a pistol.

Aaron was still scolding Han Zhan fiercely. “Come on! Just stab me to death! That year, you abandoned me and went to live in luxury alone. You can definitely kill me now! Why are you still hesitating? Just stab me!”

“Such pretentiousness is disgusting!”

Aaron lifted his neck and told Han Zhan considerately, “Come, stab my neck. Just stab the aorta here and let me die the fastest!”

Han Zhan stared at Aaron’s angry face. After a while, he suddenly retracted his knife and let go of Aaron. Han Zhan took a step back, leaned against the wall, and looked at Aaron with a complicated gaze.

Seeing that Han Zhan suddenly stopped, Aaron was momentarily stunned. He cursed as he stood up, sat on the windowsill, and asked Han Zhan with a cold smile, “Why, you don’t dare to kill me? You’re so cowardly.”

]Han Zhan played with the knife in his hand. He said in a low voice, “You didn’t shoot me.”

Aaron’s treacherous smile froze on his face. “What?” Aaron pretended not to understand.

Han Zhan glanced at Aaron’s waist and reminded him. “You have a gun. Why didn’t you shoot me?”

Aaron’s expression changed to one of arrogance and disdain. He said, “You are not worth my gun!”

Aaron’s expression was hateful and fierce. This made Han Zhan think of that cat that Old Master Chen had raised many years ago. It looked mighty and domineering, but once you poked its stomach, it would immediately want one to hug and lift it up.

Han Zhan suddenly smiled. “Aaron, you are a good child.”

Having been teased, Aaron started scolding again. “Son of a bitch Hoff, XX…” Ah Rang scolded from English to Italian and then to German. He then said in Chinese,” I am 32 years old. Good your mother!”

Han Zhan chuckled. “You were very boring when you were young, but now you are so sharp-tongued.”

Aaron kept quiet.

Han Zhan looked down and saw that Aaron’s left leg was twitching unconsciously. But even though his calf was already hurting, Aaron’s expression was very calm, as if he had never been injured.

He had already learned to endure and to clench his teeth through everything.

Han Zhan suddenly said, “Aaron, leave Italy and live with me.”

Aaron stared at Han Zhan in a daze, his eyes slightly red.

He rubbed his nose and turned to look at the scenery outside the window. A few seconds later, he said in a low voice, “Hoff, a person with broken bones is completely incurable.” Even if he managed to survive by cutting his own flesh, that rotten bone was still missing and would never grow back.

He had already become one with hell. He was living a ghost in hell, and he would become a pile of ashes in hell when he’s dead.

He couldn’t leave.

He was already rotting there.

Hearing Aaron’s reply, Han Zhan didn’t feel good. He was once again very grateful that Han Aoyu had found him back then, brought him back, and taught him meticulously. Otherwise, Han Zhan would definitely grow to be even more twisted and evil than Ah Rang.

Han Zhan raised his hand and wanted to touch the hair on Aaron’s hand. He reached out halfway but retracted his hand in the end.

Noticing that Han Zhan had placed his hand down, Aaron’s shoulders dropped and he remained silent.

Han Zhan suddenly asked Aaron, “Aaron, do you want to visit your mother?”

This topic jumped a little too quickly and Aaron couldn’t keep up with Han Zhan’s pace. Blinking his eyes, Aaron was confused and asked, “My mother?”

Seeing that Ah Rang was stunned, Han Zhan smiled and said, “Many years ago, I already investigated your mother’s identity. Two years ago, I finally found out.” Han Zhan told Ah Rang, “The information is in my study. I will go and get it for you.”

“Who wants it?” Ah Rang rejected immediately, but his bottom seemed to have been smeared with glue and stuck to the windowsill, unable to get down.

Han Zhan turned and went to the study to find the document.

The study opened a crack and Han Zhan threw the document out. He closed the door and stood behind it, listening intently. Shortly after, he heard footsteps coming out of his master bedroom.

The footsteps stopped at the door of the study and went downstairs.

After a while, Han Zhan opened the door and saw that the floor was clean but the document had disappeared.

Aaron returned to the hotel with the document.

After taking a shower and drinking a glass of red wine, he calmed down and opened the document.

Gao Yunyun…

Female, born in 1969, currently residing in Qingshui Town.

Thirty years ago, she became a female singer in Hong Kong. After debuting for five years, she retired from the industry in a low-profile manner. Now, she was married and had a daughter under her name.

After investigation, Gao Yunyun became a female singer at 18 years old. At 19 years old, she was given to her business partner, Edward, at a dinner party. The two of them spent three days and two nights together. In 1988, Gao Yunyun gave birth secretly. Before she finished her confinement, the child was taken away by Edward…

After reading this document, Ah Rang tightened his bathrobe, laid down on the sofa, and fell asleep uneasily.

It was raining in Jiangnan River Delta in August and the mist caused it to be hazy, like a paradise trapped in the human world.

Aaron was wearing an azure silk shirt and holding a handmade black oil-paper umbrella with a crane drawn on it. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. His facial features were deep and handsome. His thin, handsome figure moved along the smooth stone road, breaking the silence of Jiangnan Town.

The news of a handsome man suddenly appearing in this peaceful and beautiful town very quickly spread far and wide.

That afternoon, the third-year tuition class at Qingshui City High School was on holiday.

Zhong Ling’er ended school and walked to the entrance, where she saw her parents standing beside the car, waiting for her to finish school. She ran up to her mother in small steps and hugged her. She said coquettishly, “Mother, I miss you so much.”

Her mother, Gao Yunyun, was about to laugh when she heard her daughter, Zhong Ling’er, say, “I really want to eat your cola chicken wings and fried rice cakes!”

Gao Yunyun shook her head helplessly and held Zhong Ling’er’s hand as they got into the car. Father Zhong followed behind the mother-daughter duo with a smile, looking righteous and talkative. In the distance, a handsome young man stood under a tree and watched the car drive away from afar. In his eyes, the green mountains and clear waters of Jiangnan Town surfaced – hazy and sparkling.

Zhong Ling’er sat in the car and said to Gao Yunyun, “Mother, they said that a handsome guy came to our town. He looks like a European celebrity. Have you guys seen him? I will go to town to take a look tomorrow during the holidays.”

Father Zhong panicked at the mention of handsome men. My daughter is still so young. How could she be in a relationship? “You are going to be promoted to Year Three soon. It is more important to study hard. Why are you looking at handsome men?”

Sticking out her tongue at her stern, old-fashioned father, Zhong Ling’er held her mother’s hand again and said, “Do you allow me to go and see handsome men, Mother? I’ll go and take a look and secretly take a photo. Later on, he’ll encourage me to study hard and be worthy of being a super handsome man in the future.”

“You’re so full of twisted logic.”

After returning home and waiting for Zhong Ling’er to fall asleep, Gao Yunyun took a shower and threw her clothes into the washing machine. She went to the living room to get a glass of water and walked to the window to drink it. She looked down and saw a tall young man standing in the courtyard.

The moon shone brightly and darkness covered the ground behind that person.

The young man stood under the moonlight. He was as beautiful as a jade crown, but he was covered in sorrow.

Gao Yunyun was shocked.

The houses here were all old-fashioned and were exclusive, so the yards were all in the courtyard.

The young man had climbed over the wall to get in.

But the strange thing was that Gao Yunyun only calmed down after the initial shock. Through the moonlight, Gao Yunyun and the young man looked at each other from afar. By the time she snapped out of her trance, the young man had already left, and for some reason, she was covered in tears.

The next morning, Gao Yunyun woke up early and went to buy beancurd from the town’s Old Master Wang with a thermos flask. She was wearing a white cheongsam with embroidered shoes. Her waist was very narrow and she walked elegantly. Many men were stealing glances at her.

She was already in her fifties but still had an elegant aura and a delicate figure. Old Zhong was really fortunate.

Gao Yunyun walked up to Uncle Wang’s stall and said, “Pack three servings of tofu pudding.”

“Alright, Yunyun, do you still want fried dough sticks and sesame seeds?”

“Three.” After a pause, Gao Yunyun added. “Give me some more rice cakes. I will stir-fry them myself when I get home.”


Uncle Wang was quick and rapidly prepared what Gao Yunyun needed.

Gao Yunyun carried her things and saw that it was drizzling again. She opened an oil-paper umbrella and walked along the narrow and long alley. After walking for a while, Gao Yunyun saw a young man in white walking over.

Staring at the young man’s facial features, Gao Yunyun stood rooted to the ground in panic.

“Be careful.” The young man caught the rice cake that had nearly fallen to the ground.

Gao Yunyun snapped out of her trance and thanked him. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

The young man walked past her.

After the young man took five to six steps, Gao Yunyun suddenly turned and called him. “Wait a minute, Sir.”

Aaron stopped in his tracks and slowly turned to look at Gao Yunyun.

“Sir, have you been following me these few days?” Gao Yunyun had already discovered the young man’s existence. He had been appearing by her side inadvertently these few days and couldn’t be ignored.

Ah Rang suddenly took out a handkerchief from his pocket. He had bought it at an embroidery shop in town with a proud red plum embroidered on it. Aaron handed the handkerchief to Gao Yunyun and asked sheepishly, “Are you Gao Yunyun?”

Gao Yunyun nodded. “I am.”

Aaron smiled and told Gao Yunyun, “Hello, I am your fan. I especially like your ‘Yesterday Won’t Come’.” Ah Rang hummed a few lines of it and asked politely under Gao Yunyun’s stunned gaze, “Can you give me an autograph?”

Gao Yunyun was stunned. “You are my fan?”


When Gao Yunyun was young, she was a small singer. After that, she didn’t make a name for herself and quit the industry to get married.

Gao Yunyun was very flattered that she could still meet her fan after so many years and he was even a young and handsome foreign man. She had a fountain pen in her bag. Gao Yunyun took the handkerchief from Aaron and signed her name on the counter of a small shop nearby.

Aaron looked at her signature and focused expression, as he slowly lowered his head.

“I’m done.” Gao Yunyun handed the handkerchief to Ah Lan.

Aaron looked down and saw that the handkerchief read:

I hope that you will live peacefully and happily forever—Gao Yunyun.

This really didn’t look like a signature blessing from an idol.

Aaron took the handkerchief with both hands and was in no hurry to fold it. Instead, he waited for its handwriting to dry. Gao Yunyun looked at him for a while and suddenly said, “It’s fate that we meet again. Sir, let me treat you to breakfast.”

Aaron looked at her with a complicated expression.

Gao Yunyun explained. “I have already retired from the entertainment circles for many years. It is my honor that someone still remembers me. Sir, I want to treat you to breakfast. Are you willing to do so?”

Somehow, Aaron nodded.

They were sitting in a breakfast shop.

The soup dumplings in the drawer were round, clean, adorable, and tasty.

Gao Yunyun used a pair of clean chopsticks to pick up a soup dumpling and placed it on the plate in front of Aaron. “Sir, this soup dumpling tastes very fresh and delicious. It will be even more delicious with some sauce.”

Aaron stared at the soup dumplings. After a while, he picked up the soup dumpling, dipped it in some sauce, and stuffed it into his mouth.

The strong smell of onions and meat filled his mouth.

Aaron chewed on his soup dumplings as his eyes suddenly blurred.

Gao Yunyun stared at the handsome man with slightly reddened eyes. Eight of the soup dumplings went into Aaron’s stomach. After finishing the soup dumplings, Aaron put down his chopsticks and elegantly wiped his lips with a tissue. Only then did he stand up slowly and bent over to bid farewell.

“Thank you for your hospitality. The soup dumplings are very delicious.”

Aaron’s lashes quivered before he said, “In that case, Madam Gao Yunyun, I will take my leave.”

Aaron was about to leave, when Gao Yunyun suddenly grabbed his wrist emotionally.

Aaron was stunned.

He looked down at Gao Yunyun and remained silent.

Gao Yunyun realized that she was being rude and hurriedly said, “I still have a present for you.”

Aaron asked softly, “What is it?”

Gao Yunyun opened her handbag and took out a jade pendant. She placed it in Aaron’s hand and said, “This is a peace pendant. It’s not worth much. I went to the temple to ask for it. It’s fate that we met here. I don’t have anything else to give you, so just take this jade pendant.”

Gao Yunyun took another deep look at Ah Rang before carrying her bag and leisurely walking out of the breakfast shop.

After watching Gao Yunyun disappear behind the breakfast shop, Ah Rang opened his palm and looked down at the little dragon pendant.

Aaron suddenly took out his cell phone and searched for a question on Baidu.

What is the zodiac of someone born in August 1988?

The answer: Dragon.

Holding the jade pendant, Aaron’s eyes suddenly blurred.

]He folded the handkerchief, put it in his pocket, and hung the jade pendant around his neck. Only then did he return to his homestay, check out from the room, and leave China. At the airport, Aaron took his cell phone, sent Han Zhan a message, and left.

There was a sea of people at the Naples International Airport. Aaron carried a small bag and boarded an off-road vehicle.

The car drove around the city for more than 40 minutes, before finally stopping in front of a luxurious house. He alighted, placed his hands in his pockets, and entered the house.

Passing by the pool, he saw a man practicing in the middle of the pool. Aaron stopped in his tracks and respectfully called out to the pool. “Sicilio, where is Father?”

Sicilio emerged from the pool wearing only a pair of swimming trunks. His chest muscles were very defined and he had two bullet scars on them. He flicked his hair and water droplets splashed everywhere. He looked very manly.

Staring at Aaron intently, Sicilio suddenly asked, “Aaron, who did you meet?”

Sicilio’s eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s. With just one look, he noticed the change in Aaron.

There were some unclear emotions in him. Those were emotions that they absolutely shouldn’t have!

]Aaron’s heart shuddered as he answered without revealing anything. “The mission failed.”

Sicilio raised his brows and said expressionlessly, “Go and receive your punishment yourself.”


Neapolis was in the south of Italy and close to the Mediterranean. The houses here were all built in the standard Mediterranean style. Aaron walked into a small building with white walls and red bricks. He heard the commotion and took off his shoes, stepping on the wooden floor to the second floor.

A bare-chested man was sitting on the sofa in the hall on the second floor with his back facing Aaron. He was maintaining his gun. Beside him, a sexy lady was kneeling on the floor pouring him a bottle of whiskey.

]He assembled the gun and placed the muzzle under the lady’s chin.

The woman gave him a coquettish look, opened her mouth, and took the initiative to bite the gun.

]The man sneered and pushed her down.

Aaron stood there and watched them fool around.

After everything was over, the woman dragged her weak body away. Only then did the man pick up his bathrobe and put it on.

He stood up and turned around, revealing a pair of stern, cold, and handsome faces. He was nearly 60 years old, but there were no signs of age on his face. In addition to his self-discipline, his figure and mental appearance were like that of a 40-year-old in his prime.

Squinting his gray-blue eyes, Edward poured a glass of wine and handed it to Aaron.

Aaron accepted the wine with both hands but didn’t dare to drink it.

“I heard that your mission this time failed?” Edward was obviously expressionless, but Aaron’s hand that was holding the wine glass was trembling slightly. He nodded slightly and acknowledged. “I’m sorry, Father. I failed my duty.”

Edward asked, “Why did you fail?”

Aaron was silent for a moment before saying, “Lone Wolf, it’s Hoff.”

“That little bastard!” Edward snorted. He took the wine from Aaron’s hand and placed it on the table. Touching the rim of the glass, Edward suddenly turned around, raised the gun in his hand, and shot at Aaron!

The bullet dug into his abdomen and tore through his intestines.

Aaron instantly knelt down. He didn’t dare to make a sound or cover his wound with his hand.

Adhua walked over with the wine and splashed that glass of whiskey on Aaron’s wound. The wound was washed by the wine and the excruciating pain was suffocating.

Aaron’s face was twisted in pain and his forehead was covered in sweat. His face was as pale as a corpse in a funeral parlor, but he still had to apologize respectfully. “…I’m sorry, I’m useless.”


Edward lifted his leg and walked past the pool of blood on the ground.

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