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Chapter 219: The Younger Brother Appears Again – Dominating and Outstanding

No one expected to meet Yan Rufeng tonight.

After Yan Jiang met Yan Rufeng, he suddenly became a rabid dog. After his emotional breakdown, he spoke without thinking and was very aggressive.

Then, he pulled Song Fei away. When they got on the car, Yan Jiang’s eyes were bloodshot.

Song Fei drove very slowly this time and wound down all the windows. She held the steering wheel with her right hand and stretched her left hand out of the window.

She knocked on the car door with her left hand and suddenly stopped the car by the side of the road.

In front, Han Zhan saw that Song Fei had stopped the car and also found a seat nearby.

Han Zhan and Song Ci sat in the car and waited quietly for them.

Song Fei sent Song Ci a message: [I’ll leave later.]

Song Ci: [Okay.]

Song Fei turned off her cell phone and tilted her head to look at Yan Jiang. Seeing that Yan Jiang’s eyes were red, Song Fei felt terrible.

No one knew better than Song Fei how much Yan Rufeng affected Yan Jiang. It could be said that Yan Rufeng was the source of Yan Jiang’s pain.

Being bullied by his classmates, being mocked by his neighbors, being discriminated against and insulted—all because of that father who was called a “pervert” and “Master Rabbit”.

Song Fei would forever remember the night when Grandma Yan hung herself and passed away. Yan Jiang had knocked on their door in a panic, stumbled into the house, knelt weakly on the ground, and called out to her with a pale face, “Grandma is dead.”

He was so helpless and scared that he was shivering and his mouth was trembling. But at that time, where was Yan Rufeng?

Song Fei wanted Yan Jiang to be happy.

She found a cigarette, took one out, and handed it to Yan Jiang. “They said that when you are feeling depressed, smoking can relieve your boredom.” Song Fei stuffed the cigarette into Yan Jiang’s hand. When Yan Jiang looked down, Song Fei told him, “Yan Jiang, I like how you are happy.”

Yan Jiang didn’t pinch the cigarette but held Song Fei’s hand.

Song Fei frowned but remained silent.

Yan Jiang said hoarsely, “I will be happy if you hug me.”

Song Fei took off her seatbelt, leaned over, and hugged Yan Jiang. At that moment, Song Fei suddenly recalled that night many years ago. That night, she had also hugged that young man who was trembling from fear like now.

Yan Jiang hugged Song Fei’s waist and said, “I thought he was dead. I thought he went overseas. I didn’t expect that he had been living in Wangdong City all these years and doing a job that dealt with my profession the most.”

Song Fei patted Yan Jiang’s back gently but remained silent.

Yan Jiang added. “I’ve been in the entertainment circles for four years and have collaborated countless times with celebrities from the Empire Entertainment. I even attended the celebratory party of the Empire Entertainment. I had so many chances to meet him, but I missed them all. Do you think he purposely avoided me? Or are we really not fated?”

Actually, Yan Jiang knew the truth.

“I am so famous and everyone in the entertainment circle knows my name. As the director of the Empire Entertainment, how can Yan Rufeng not know me? He knows me. He would rather hide in the dark and watch me than come out to meet me.”

“Ah Fei, my mother abandoned me, my grandmother abandoned me, and my father ignored me.”

Hugging Song Fei tightly, Yan Jiang’s tears landed on her shoulder. He said, “Ah Fei, I am an orphan. I am not greedy. I just beg for you not to leave me.”

Song Fei felt especially terrible. How could she reject the fragile and sad Yan Jiang?

Kissing Yan Jiang’s side profile, Song Fei told him, “Don’t shed tears for someone unworthy.”

She wiped Yan Jiang’s tears and ordered him domineeringly. “Remember, your tears can only flow for me. The others are not worth your tears.”

Yan Jiang was comforted by Song Fei’s dominating manner. “I feel much better now. Let’s go for supper.”

Song Fei released Yan Jiang and stared at his handsome face. Her heart clenched. “Can you still eat?”


“Let’s go then.”

Seeing that Song Fei’s car had started moving again, Han Zhan also started the car.

Only when Song Fei’s car left first did Han Zhan follow behind them at a steady pace.

Han Zhan knew that it was not good to ask about other people’s private matters, but he was also curious. Han Zhan couldn’t resist asking Song Ci, “What’s going on between Yan Jiang and Yan Rufeng?”

Song Ci asked, “Brother Han, do you know Yan Rufeng well?”

“I don’t know him very well, but I’ve heard some things about him and Han Chenyi.”

“What does everyone think of them?” Song Ci asked.

“More praise than slander.” Han Zhan told Song Ci, “I heard that Han Chenyi and Yan Rufeng knew each other since university. The two of them had a deep relationship. Han Qingshen was the child that Han Chenyi found a surrogate to bear after graduating from university. But for some reason, the two of them fell out and Yan Rufeng disappeared for 12 years.”

“After that, Han Chenyi was diagnosed with leukemia and Yan Rufeng returned. Once he returned, he took over the Empire Entertainment and became the vice-president. After Han Chenyi died, Yan Rufeng replaced Han Chenyi as the CEO. He managed the Empire Entertainment for eight years alone. Only when Han Qingshen came from overseas 10 years ago did Yan Rufeng abdicate.”

Han Zhan recalled that someone had once commented on the relationship between Han Chenyi, Yan Rufeng, and Han Qingshen. He said, “Some say that Yan Rufeng is the current Zhuge Liang, Han Chenyi is Liu Bei, and Han Qingshen is the proud Liu Chan.”

From Han Zhan’s description, Song Ci saw a devoted Yan Rufeng. This was a completely different image from the man in her heart who abandoned his wife and son.

As she was very close to Yan Jiang, Song Ci didn’t have a good impression of Yan Rufeng. But she vaguely felt that there might be a reason for Yan Rufeng’s departure back then.

Han Qingshen was Han Chenyi’s daughter in name, but in reality, she was also Yan Rufeng’s daughter. Meanwhile, Yan Jiang was six years younger than Han Qingshen. In that case, Yan Jiang’s mother was very likely to be a mistress!

Song Ci was shocked by her own conjecture.

If Yan Jiang’s mother was the mistress, then Yan Jiang would be too miserable.

Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “What exactly happened between Yan Jiang and Yan Rufeng?”

Song Ci looked sickly as she said in a muffled voice, “When Yan Jiang was 12 years old, Yan Rufeng abandoned Yan Jiang, his mother, and his grandmother. He fled from that house.”

“At that time, everyone said that someone saw Yan Rufeng behaving intimately with a pervert at the entrance of the community. Yan Rufeng abandoned his family for a pervert, so he is also a pervert.”

“Because of Yan Rufeng, Yan Jiang has been criticized from a young age. At that time, his classmates all secretly called him a little pervert. Yan Jiang was always bullied when he was young, so he hated his father, Yan Rufeng.”

“So that’s the reason.” Han Zhan was very smart, and he could also think through what Song Ci had just thought of.

Han Zhan said, “Yan Rufeng and Han Chenyi broke up and he disappeared for 12 years. There must be something else going on. No matter what, the child is innocent. Regardless of whether Yan Rufeng is guilty or not, his actions have indeed let Yan Jiang down.”

As they chatted, the car arrived at the bustling city.

Song Ci smelled a fragrance. She hooked her nose and turned to look out the window. She saw a young man in a white singlet roasting durians by the roadside. Song Ci was so greedy.

“Brother Han.” Song Ci’s voice sounded especially soft and obedient.

Han Zhan’s heart softened and he hurriedly acknowledged. “What’s the matter?”

Song Ci said, “Can you stop the car by the side?”

“What do you want to do? Go to the toilet?”

“No.” Song Ci pointed behind. “There’s a handsome guy roasting durians somewhere.”

For the first time, when Song Ci mentioned another man, Han Zhan’s attention was not on the man who had distracted Song Ci.

Han Zhan felt nauseous at the mention of durian.

But he still parked the car by the roadside and alighted with Song Ci.

The barbeque shop was nearby. Song Ci called Song Fei and told them to order at the barbeque shop first, while she pulled Han Zhan to the durian stall.

Han Zhan felt terrible at the smell, but Song Ci was pregnant and he couldn’t let her stand alone in front of the durian stall, afraid that she would be bumped into.

It was especially hot near the durian stall. Song Ci, who was pregnant, was very afraid of heat. In less than two minutes, a layer of sweat covered her face. Han Zhan couldn’t bear to see her suffer, so he said, “Go to the car. There’s air-conditioning in the car. I’ll wait here.”

Song Ci was especially touched. “Brother Han, I really love you.” Song Ci got into the car without any burden to cool down with the air-conditioning.

Han Zhan was about to suffocate from the smell of roasted durians.

After roasting the durian, Han Zhan and another customer split it in half. Han Zhan took the larger half.

He got the shopkeeper to dig out the durian meat and put it in a sealed box. He carried the durian into the car and quickly drove the car to a nearby park.

Han Zhan placed the durians and Song Ci on a chair in the park before returning to the car.

He sat in the car and wound down the window to look at Song Ci.

Song Ci finished her durian and boarded the car. Han Zhan handed her a bottle of carol gum.

Song Ci obediently poured out two pieces of chewing gum and popped them into her mouth. She didn’t dare to speak as she bit on the chewing gum, because she was afraid that Han Zhan would vomit from her breath that smelled like durians.

It was already past 11pm by the time they finished the barbeque. It would be very late when they returned to the villa, so Han Zhan called Zhong Buhui to inform him of the situation and brought Song Ci back to their house.

The moment they entered the house, Han Zhan hugged Song Ci and wanted to be intimate. But the moment he got close to Song Ci’s lips and smelled that faint durian scent, Han Zhan instantly couldn’t bring himself to kiss her.

He had a strange expression on his face. He looked like he couldn’t bear to let go of dessert but was afraid of gaining weight. Song Ci couldn’t help covering her mouth and laughing.

Song Ci pushed Han Zhan away and smiled. “I’m going to brush my teeth.”

Han Zhan sighed. “I’m sorry, I really can’t accept the smell of durians.”

“I understand.”

Song Ci brushed her teeth and chewed a few chewing gum, before climbing into bed.

Han Zhan hugged her and the two of them chatted for a while before falling asleep.

The next morning, Song Ci opened her eyes and saw Han Zhan standing by the bed changing clothes. Ever since she was pregnant, Song Ci didn’t dare to take advantage of Han Zhan anymore, as she was afraid that contractions triggered from over-excitement would be bad for the child.

ong Ci could only look at such a beautiful scene but couldn’t eat it. She felt slightly sad.

“There’s a changing room. Can’t you change in the changing room?” Why did he have to seduce me?

Han Zhan replied in all seriousness, “To let your eyes have some thrill.”

“You are so cruel.”

Han Zhan chuckled. He pointed at the cell phone on the bedside table and said, “Godmother called half an hour ago to look for you.”

“Looking for me?” Song Ci sat up and asked Han Zhan, “Why is she looking for me?”

“She didn’t tell me. Could it be a secret between you women?” Han Zhan raised his brows, feeling slightly curious. What did Godmother want to tell Song Ci alone?

“I told her that you were still sleeping and told her to call you back after waking up. Remember to call Godmother later to ask.” As he spoke, Han Zhan tossed the tie to Song Ci.

Song Ci picked up her tie and stood up with her hand on the head of the bed. She bent down, wrapped the tie around Han Zhan’s neck, and tied the knot carefully.

As she was standing on the bed, Song Ci was much taller than Han Zhan. Han Zhan’s chin was right beside Song Ci’s big tummy. He placed his palm on Song Ci’s tummy and said with a smile, “I find it magical just thinking that our family is about to have two female cubs.”

Song Ci found it funny. “Other men call their own daughters little princesses. Why are you calling them little female cubs?” It was so unpleasant and without any fatherly love.

Han Zhan raised his brows. “Aren’t you my little princess?”

Song Ci’s heartbeat quickened slightly. “Don’t say such sweet nothings.”

After smoothing out her tie and smoothing out Han Zhan’s suit jacket, Song Ci said in satisfaction, “Alright, you can go to work now.”

“Mmm, see you tonight.”

“See you tonight.”

After Han Zhan left, Song Ci got up, went to the toilet, made herself a simple breakfast, and called Mo Yao.

Mo Yao quickly accepted the call.

“Godmother, good morning.” Song Ci had a sweet tongue and called her Godmother the moment she opened her mouth.

Mo Yao said, “I am in America. Song Ci, you should say good night to me.”

“You went to America? On a business trip?”

“No.” Mo Yao was trying to be mysterious. She wanted Song Ci to guess what she was going to New York City for.

Song Ci thought for a moment and said, “Are you on a holiday with Uncle Li?”

“Your Uncle Li is with me, but not on a holiday.”

“I really can’t guess.”

Mo Yao laughed happily.

Something good must have happened to Mo Yao. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so happy.

“Song Ci, your Uncle Li and I have successfully done IVF.” Mo Yao’s workload had decreased over the past six months and she placed all her focus on the IVF.

Mo Yao was already 53 years old and not young anymore. When she was young, she had been poisoned and her ovulation period was in disarray. Moreover, her eggs were of poor quality. She had tried several IVFs and failed each time.

Mo Yao told Song Ci, “Didn’t you give me a Traditional Chinese Medicine notebook written by your father last year? I found my symptoms in that notebook. I spent two to three months grabbing herbs according to your father’s prescription. After three months of treatment, my ovulation period actually became normal.”

“Just yesterday, the doctor told me that your Uncle Li and my IVF baby is finally successful.” Mo Yao had finally gotten a child in her mid-forties. She, who was usually good at controlling her emotions, was also slightly agitated and her voice was choked.

“Song Ci, I really have to thank you.”

Li Yao saw that Mo Yao’s eyes were red. He grabbed her hand and patted it. The two of them looked at each other and smiled again.

After hearing Mo Yao’s words, Song Ci was also truly happy for her. “I am very happy to be able to help you, Godmother. Congratulations to Godmother and Uncle Li for being promoted to a prospective mother.”

Being congratulated by Song Ci, Mo Yao was still slightly embarrassed. She said, “As a godmother, I am quite embararassed that my child is actually half a year younger than your and Han Zhan’s child.”

“That’s nothing. When your child is born, Han Zhan and I will still call him little brother or sister.”

Mo Yao laughed again.

“But are you planning to have this child on her own or find a surrogate?” Mo Yao was already over 50 years old and an advanced pregnant lady. If she gave birth now, it would be very dangerous for her body and the fetus.

Mo Yao told Song Ci, “We have decided to use an artificial uterus as a surrogate.” An artificial uterus was a newly developed technology that had only been developed in the past two years. It was very expensive, but Mo Yao was not short of money. An artificial uterus was indeed the most ideal surrogate tool.

“That’s good.”

After sharing this joy, Song Ci thought of Song Fei’s suggestion last night and said to Mo Yao, “Since you successfully got pregnant, which means that the notebook my father left behind is still useful. I discussed with Han Zhan and intend to donate this diary to the National Medicine Group so that the country can develop and promote it to avoid private companies bidding for it at exorbitant prices.”

Han Zhan knew very well how valuable Song Tingyun’s notebook was. He was completely capable of starting a new pharmaceutical company and developing and producing it on his own. By then, the prices of the products would be set by him and he would definitely make a killing.

But Han Zhan gave up on this path to wealth.

He said that when he was young, he had done many wrong things under Edward’s coercion. Later, when he joined the military, his hands were stained with too much blood. Han Zhan especially believed in karma. He wanted to donate the notebook to benefit more people so that he could accumulate blessings for his two children.

Meanwhile, Song Ci was the kind of person who would be happy even if she only had a million yuan in savings. Even if she had 10 million yuan, she would still be able to live a carefree life. As long as she wasn’t poor to the point of collapse, Song Ci didn’t really care if she had more money or less.

Song Ci agreed with Han Zhan’s suggestion.

After hearing Song Ci and Han Zhan’s decision, Mo Yao remained silent for a moment before saying, “You guys decide on this matter yourselves. I will send someone to send you the notebook. Song Ci, I really have to thank you this time. The next time I go over to look for you to play, I will bring you a bag of diamonds. I have recently bought dozens of diamonds. There must be something you like!”

Mo Yao gave gold and diamonds without even thinking, which made Song Ci grin happily. “Thank you Godmother!”

After hanging up, Song Ci tidied up briefly. When Ah Song arrived, she followed him back to the villa.

On the way back to the villa, Song Ci asked Ah Song, “Ah Song, why have you been picking me up these few days? Where is Brother Long?”

Ah Song smiled and said, “Brother Long is in charge of fetching Mr. Han. We have been transferred.”

“Why did you suddenly change shifts?”

Ah Song said, “It will be like this frequently in the future.”

“Is that so?”

Song Ci felt that something was off.

In the afternoon, after Han Zhan sent off the client team from England, he returned to the office.

On the way, they passed by a dessert house and Han Zhan got Long Yu to stop the car by the side. He entered the house to buy some dessert and planned to bring them home for Song Ci after work.

Carrying the desserts back to the office, Han Zhan placed them on the desk. He took off his jacket, sat down, and just opened his laptop, when there was a sudden thud on the French window opposite.

Han Zhan looked up at the glass and saw a black bullet in the middle.

Han Zhan’s pupils constricted!


The bulletproof glass was covered in cracks like a spiderweb.

Han Zhan quickly got up and hid under the work table. He opened his cell phone and called Long Yu.

The phone rang for two seconds before Long Yu answered.

“Mr. Han, what do you have…”

“There’s a sniper on the commercial street north of the building!”

Long Yu, who was dozing off in the car, woke up the moment he heard Han Zhan’s words.

He instinctively put on the gun and started the car. As he drove, Long Yu asked Han Zhan about the details.

Han Zhan told Long Yu, “The bulletproof glass window on the north side of my office was hit and didn’t break. I’m fine. The sniper should be hiding in the commercial street on the north side, in a building over 80 meters tall.”

Han Zhan didn’t hear any more gunshots. He was about to come out from under the table when there was another ding. The bulletproof glass finally shattered and landed on the floor of Han Zhan’s office.

A bullet spun into the office and landed on the table above Han Zhan’s head.

Han Zhan quickly got up from under the table and rolled into the lounge.

Long Yu heard the commotion and cursed. He immediately roared. “Mr. Han, protect yourself well. I will go and catch that bastard now!”

Han Zhan hung up.

He hid behind the screen for nearly two minutes, before grabbing the black pillow on the bed and throwing it at the desk.


Just as the pillow was about to land on the office table, a bullet accurately hit the pillow. The goose feathers scattered in the air and the scene was slightly beautiful.

Han Zhan narrowed his eyes and stared at the pillow and the dessert box that had been shot.

Han Zhan stood there for a full five minutes, before throwing another pillow over. This time, the pillow landed steadily on the table, safe and sound.

After confirming that the sniper had already retreated, Han Zhan walked out from behind the screen.

He stood beside his desk and stared at the broken bulletproof glass all over the floor, his eyes cold.

Pressing the intercom, Han Zhan said to his secretary, “Get CEO Li to come up.”

“Alright, Mr. Han.”

Within three to four minutes, Li Li arrived.

Li Li pushed open the door and entered. His eyelids twitched, when he saw the glass shards all over the floor in front of Han Zhan.

That is bulletproof glass!

“Mr. Han, what’s going on?”

Han Zhan held two bullets in his left hand.

He turned around, lifted the bullets, and said to Li Li, “Inform someone to install this glass.”

Li Li stared at the bullet in Han Zhan’s hand, his heart racing. He was an ordinary businessman and had never seen a bullet before.

Li Li walked up to Han Zhan and carefully touched the two bullets.

It was cold to the touch and exuded an eerie chill.

Li Li frowned and asked Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, who did you offend?”

“I have countless enemies.” From minor characters to major international wanted criminals, there were countless people who wanted to take Han Zhan’s life.

Li Li complained in his heart: This answer is 100% pretentious.

“Clean the glass first. Don’t let anyone know about this.” Han Zhan turned and walked to his desk, threw the bullet into the drawer, and threw the broken dessert into the dustbin.

After doing all this, Han Zhan pressed the secretary’s internal line and told the other party, “Order a takeout for me. I want a chestnut cake from Missu’s house.”

“Alright, Mr. Han.”

Li Li was already stunned by the scene in front of him, but Han Zhan was still thinking about the cake he bought for Song Ci. He was indeed a ruthless person.

Li Li admired Han Zhan slightly.

Long Yu and his men hurried to the commercial street on the north side and searched every corner carefully. In the end, Long Yu found traces of that sniper on the rooftop of a hotel chain.

The sniper had taken everything away. There were only traces of him crawling on the ground, but there was a photo pinned to the ground by a rock.

The photo was facing down and its back was facing up.

Long Yu carefully took off the rock and turned over the photo. He saw a beautiful back view.

The back view belonged to a woman. She was wearing a long black robe and had her hair draped over her shoulders. She was standing in front of a swimming pool. Although the woman had her back facing the person taking the photo, Long Yu still recognized her at a glance.

It’s Song Ci!

Long Yu recognized the photo and Song Ci’s clothes. It was the clothes she had worn at the temple the last time they went to Brunei.

Long Yu was stunned.

What did this person mean by leaving a photo of Madam here?

Long Yu called Han Zhan in time to report the situation. “Mr. Han, we came late and the sniper has already left. He didn’t leave any traces of his identity. However, that sniper left something behind.”

Han Zhan asked in a low voice, “What is it?”

Long Yu hesitated before saying, “A… photo of Madam when she was touring Brunei.”

Han Zhan suddenly clenched his fists.

Long Yu guessed. “Mr. Han, I suspect that this person is very likely the man who hit on Madam at the Brunei temple.”

Han Zhan unclenched his fists and said, “Long Yu, bring someone back and bring back the photo.”


Long Yu returned to Han Zhan’s office very quickly. He placed the photo on Han Zhan’s desk and said, “Mr. Han, this is the photo.”

Han Zhan picked up that photo and looked at it carefully for a few seconds before saying, “It looks pretty good.”

Long Yu frowned and didn’t dare to speak.

Han Zhan kept the photo in the drawer and said to Long Yu, “Send someone to protect Madam. Nothing must happen to her and the children in her womb.” Han Zhan didn’t notice that his hands were trembling.

Long Yu stared at Han Zhan’s hand for a few seconds before promising. “Don’t worry, Mr. Han. As long as I’m still breathing, Madam will be fine.”

“Mmm, thank you.”

After Long Yu left, Han Zhan was in no mood to continue working. He turned off his computer and just wanted to go home to hug Song Ci.

After turning off the computer, Han Zhan took his charging cell phone, put on his suit, and left.

Arriving at the basement, Han Zhan sat in the car to see if Song Ci had updated her social media or Weibo today.

The moment he opened his WeChat, Han Zhan received a friend request.

Han Zhan opened the friend review and saw that the other party was a pitch-black user. That person’s WeChat name was very simple:


Instinct told Han Zhan that A was Aaron, his half-brother.

Han Zhan was in a daze for a while before accepting A’s friend request.

The other party kept typing but didn’t send a single message.

Han Zhan raised his brows and thought: What exactly are you typing? You haven’t finished writing after so long. Are you writing a confession?

A moment later, Ah Rang sent a voice message. It was three seconds long.

Han Zhan turned on the voice message and heard Ah Rang say with a smile, “Long time no see, Hoff. Did you receive my present for you?” Ah Rang’s Chinese pronunciation was very gorgeous and accurate.

Han Zhan also replied with a voice message.

Aaron turned on the voice message and heard Han Zhan ask in a low voice, “So you typed for a long time just now and realized that you can’t speak Chinese, so you had no choice but to give up typing and change to voice message?”

Aaron, who had been completely guessed by Han Zhan, was speechless.

Aaron chewed the lollipop in his mouth.

Han Zhan is so annoying!

Aaron kicked the streetlight pole beside him.

At the side, the young man who was also waiting for a cab heard the commotion caused by Aaron He frowned and warned Aaron, “This gentleman, if you damage public goods, you will be fined if you are reported.”

Aaron turned back to reveal a stunningly handsome face.

The young man was momentarily stunned and was speechless by his good looks.

Aaron took out a lollipop from his pocket and handed it to the young man. “I’m bribing you. Don’t report me, alright?”

The young man was speechless.

The young man accepted Ah Rang’s bribe, opened the package, took out the lollipop, stuffed it into his mouth, and tasted it. He said, “This lollipop is so delicious. What is this? I’ve never eaten it before.”

Aaron said, “Ketamine.”

The young man was dumbstruck.

Aaron stroked the other party’s head, making his face red. He then casually said, “Synthetic drugs.”

The young man was stunned and his face turned pale.

Aaron sneered and said, “I’m lying to you, child!” He thought of something and curled his lips. He said disdainfully, “Children are so gullible. They believe everything others say.”

We clearly agreed to escape together in the future, but someone left first.

Aaron turned and left. He boarded a bus and sat down. Only then did he press the voice button and reply Han Zhan: [Hoff, please send my regards to the beautiful Cici. Just say that I miss her very much.]

Han Zhan’s fingertips were cold when he heard Aaron’s voice.

After sending the message, Aaron covered half of his face with his hat and closed his eyes to sleep.

It was his first time in China and everything was new to him. Even the crowded bus had become an interesting toy in his eyes.

]The bus stopped at the stop. Seeing that no one was coming up, the driver started the car and closed the door. At this moment, an auntie holding an umbrella ran over cursing.

The driver saw that the person had been chasing after the bus and stopped it.

The moment the door opened, the auntie hurriedly boarded the bus. She glared fiercely at the driver and used the umbrella in her hand to hit the coin dispenser beside the driver.

After knocking, the middle-aged woman scolded. “Didn’t you see that someone is getting on the bus? So what if you drive a public bus? Do you really think a public bus is your car?”

“I paid for the ride. Do you have the right to stop me from getting on?”

The driver couldn’t resist arguing. “Auntie, you’re late and I have already passed the station.”

“You’re still in the right when you rejected a passenger, is it?!” The middle-aged woman opened her small wallet and rummaged through it. She found two fifty-cent coins and threw them into the coin dispenser.

She scolded the driver again before looking for a seat with the umbrella.

However, when she turned around, she saw that all the seats in the car were filled and there was no empty seat. The middle-aged woman’s face darkened as she walked straight to a skinny boy wearing a loose t-shirt.

The auntie pushed the boy hard and scolded. “Where are you sitting at such a young age! Don’t you know how to give up your seat for an old lady? Are you blind?”

Everyone in the car frowned and looked at the middle-aged woman in disgust.

Seeing that the boy didn’t react, the auntie was enraged. She chuckled and pushed the boy again.

As he was in a daze, someone suddenly shook Aaron awake. He opened his eyes unhappily.

Just as he was about to pull up his hat, Ah Rang heard an auntie scold him in a shrill voice. “Still pretending to be asleep? Do you have any moral conscience?!”

“Get up!”

Aaron was confused.

What the hell?

He took off his hat and looked up at the middle-aged woman beside him.

The middle-aged woman looked to be in her fifties. She held an umbrella in her left hand and a bag of groceries in her right.

The middle-aged woman was stunned when she saw Ah Rang look up and reveal a European face. She scolded. “So you are a foreigner. No wonder you don’t know the rules!”

The lady knocked on the chair under Aaron’s butt with the umbrella in her hand and said fiercely, “Make way for me, my legs hurt!”

Aaron lowered his hat again.

He lowered his head, revealing only his beautiful jawline. “You want me to give up my seat?” The young man’s voice was very gorgeous, like a medieval duke giving a speech.

The lady said, “I am already old. Shouldn’t you give up your seat for me?” The lady was used to being unreasonable and had an arrogant attitude.

Aaron suddenly giggled. His laughter was spine-chilling.

But the middle-aged woman didn’t notice anything amiss. She knocked on the chair under Aaron and urged him. “Get up quickly!”

aaronA tilted his head and glanced at the promotional slogan stuck to the window. After recognizing the meaning of the words in the row, Ah Rang said, “On the bus, we should be polite to the old, the weak, the sick, and the disabled.”

Aaron looked up slightly and gave the auntie a cunning smile.

That smile scared the middle-aged woman.

Aaron slowly stood up. As he got up, he said, “I see that you are not old, nor are you a child, much less pregnant…”

The corners of Aaron’s lips curled up to his ears. He said, “So you are handicapped?”

The middle-aged woman realized that this young man was scolding her. She spat and shouted. “You are the handicapped one! Your entire family is handicapped! Look at how young you are. You are so vicious!”

Aaron found her noisy and annoying. He stretched out his right leg and kicked the auntie’s knee hard.

The middle-aged woman’s knees felt like they had been hit by a hammer. She instantly knelt down uncontrollably!


The passengers were all frightened.

Aaron stepped on the auntie’s knees. With a smile on his face, he pressed down hard.

Hearing the sound of her own bones breaking, the middle-aged woman wailed in grief. “Oh no, the foreigners are hitting the Chinese!”

All the passengers in the car were shocked by Aaron. In addition, the middle-aged woman was indeed hated, but no one helped her. Even the driver only parked the car by the side of the road and forgot to react.

Using one hand, Aaron pulled the crying auntie up and said respectfully, “Auntie, your legs are handicapped and it’s not convenient for you to move. Please sit.” Saying that, Aaron even considerately arranged the auntie’s crippled legs properly and hung them in front of her seat.

The middle-aged woman was terrified by Ah Rong’s polite manner after being injured. She was sweating profusely from the pain but didn’t dare to scold him anymore.

This is a lunatic!

Aaron walked to the driver’s seat of the bus. He lowered his hat and smiled at the driver. He praised him. “Sir, your driving skills are not bad. It’s very stable and deserves a five-star rating.”

With that, he pressed the button to open the door and alighted just like that, leaving the car full of stunned passengers and the wailing auntie.

When Han Zhan returned home, Song Ci was watching a video on her cell phone.

Han Zhan vaguely heard a man say on the phone, “Look, it’s this young man wearing a hat. He has been sleeping since he boarded the car. What about this auntie? She started scolding people the moment she boarded the car.”

“The lady woke the young man up and asked him to give up his seat. Her words were rather harsh and unpleasant. The young man crippled her right knee and invited her to sit down. As the young man had been wearing a hat and didn’t show his face, it was rather difficult to find out his identity.”

Han Zhan walked up to Song Ci and sat down. “What are you looking at?”

Song Ci handed the cell phone to Han Zhan and told him concisely, “An old lady was too unreasonable and asked a young man to give up his seat for her. In the end, that young man actually broke her leg and gave up his seat.”

That young man had really managed to “be civilized and give way to the elderly, weak, sick, and disabled”.

Han Zhan said, “Is that so? There’s such a talent?”

Han Zhan played the video again. In the video, the head covered almost all of the young man’s face, only revealing his chin and nose.

Han Zhan didn’t recognize this person. He returned the cell phone to Song Ci and said, “Vicious people will be taken in by others.”

This middle-aged lady would never dare to flaunt her seniority again.

At this moment, Han Zhan’s WeChat rang again.

Han Zhan opened WeChat and saw Aaron say: [So the input method also supports handwriting.]

Han Zhan was confused.

Aaron sent another message: [Brother, I seem to have become a new internet celebrity because I beat someone up on the bus.]

Han Zhan felt slightly tired. This troublemaker, why is he so restless everywhere he goes!

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