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Chapter 218: Do You Hate Father?

Song Fei saw that Song Ci was silent and thought to herself that sisterhood was just so-so.

“Why? You’re not willing to lend it to me?” Song Fei sneered. “That’s how much you love me.”

Song Ci felt guilty and said softly, “I don’t have much money…”

Song Fei said, “Your man is rich.”

Song Ci said, “Yan Jiang is also rich.”

“I have hands and feet. Why should I use men’s money!” Song Fei was very burdened as an elder sister.

Song Ci’s eyelids twitched at her words. She rolled her eyes and retorted. “You have hands and feet, so you can’t use a man’s money. Did I lose my limbs?” Song Ci glared at Song Fei fiercely. “I don’t want to use Brother Han’s money either.”

Song Fei sneered and told her, “You two are married. The marriage certificate states that your assets are shared. It’s only right for you to use his money.”

Song Fei added. “Moreover, I am not the only one involved in the matters of the Mo Family. Father is our common father. Since you want to investigate his relationship with the Mo Family, there is no reason for me to do this alone. You don’t have the money or the strength to do so. Do you really think you are the wife of the richest man?”

Song Fei was usually a woman of few words, but she had a sharp tongue.

Song Ci was in the wrong. She took out the bank card that she had prepared long ago and said, “There’s 6 million yuan in here. It’s the money that Liang Bo gave me and the endorsement fee that I earned for the airline. Song Fei, I’ll give you the money. Don’t cause trouble for me.”

Song Ci was constantly worried that Song Fei would commit a crime.

Song Fei snatched the card away and placed the bank card into her own pocket without any reservations. She even asked Song Ci, “If you already prepared it, why didn’t you take it out earlier?”

“It’s a huge sum. I can’t bear to part with it.” Song Ci looked at the outline of the bank card in Song Fei’s pants pocket, her heart bleeding.

Song Fei was amused by Song Ci’s pitiful gaze. She lifted her right hand and hugged Song Ci’s arm. Like a jerk coaxing his girlfriend, she coaxed Song Ci. “Little fool, don’t worry. I will definitely return the money to you.”

Song Ci didn’t believe her at all. She was in the field of virus research and couldn’t earn much money in her entire life. Song Ci had no intention of taking this money back.

As Song Fei had said, it was not Song Fei’s sole responsibility to investigate the matter between her father and the Mo Family. As Song Tingyun’s daughter, Song Ci had the same obligation. It was only right for her to fork out money and help Song Fei.

Han Zhan was in high demand now and would be surrounded wherever he went. Only when he saw Song Ci beside Song Fei did he feel at ease and started chatting with other people.

After Yan Jiang entered the main hall, he saw many colleagues and good friends in the entertainment circles, and he was also pulled over to reminisce. The two sisters got a moment of silence, sat down on the sofa, opened the auction book, and started reading.

“Song Ci.” Su Huanyan’s gentle and clear voice sounded from behind Song Ci.

Song Ci turned and saw a beautiful pregnant woman standing behind her. Su Huanyan’s abdomen had also bulged and it didn’t even fit her in a cheongsam. Today, Su Huanyan had abandoned her cheongsam and was wearing a cream-colored dress. The skirt was very wide and covered her pregnancy.

“Huanyan, come and sit here.” Song Ci patted the empty seat beside her.

Hearing the name Huanyan, Song Fei looked up at Su Huanyan and nodded coldly, before lowering her head and continued flipping through the book.

Su Huanyan was handsome in a suit.

After sitting down beside Song Ci, Su Huanyan secretly whispered into her ear. “Song Ci, is this your elder sister, Song Fei? How magical. You two clearly look alike, but wearing different styles of clothes, you have two different temperaments.”

Song Ci asked in amusement, “Tell me, what is my aura and what is Song Fei’s?”

Su Huanyan said, “You are noble and magnanimous.”

Song Ci smiled with narrowed eyes.

Su Huanyan glanced at Song Fei and said even more softly, “Your elder sister is a bandit and domineering.”

“That’s a good summary.” Song Ci suppressed her laughter and nudged Song Fei’s arm. “Can you be more elegant in your sitting position? You’re not demure at all.”

Song Fei was chewing on a piece of candy. She was wearing a black suit and a pair of black diamond-studded high heels. She sat on the sofa with her legs crossed and lifted her chin slightly to look at the brochure, just like that domineering CEO. She was indeed unladylike.

Hearing Song Ci’s words, Song Fei took it as she was bullshitting. A thousand people had all sorts of good looks, figure, and mannerism. She wanted to be that most unique woman.

Song Ci and Su Huanyan were both girls of the same type and couldn’t resist the allure of beautiful accessories. The two of them chattered about which set of accessories looked better and which pair of earrings suited the dress.

[fuzzy]Song Fei was disinterested.

She lifted her head and looked over at Yan Jiang. She saw a lady almost pressing herself against him. Song Fei got up, picked up her drink, and walked over step by step.

There were a total of three people standing beside Yan Jiang. Two men and one woman. The men were all actors. They were all old friends who had worked with Yan Jiang in his famous work many years ago.

At that time, they were still young and didn’t understand the rules of the entertainment circles, so the friendship built then was rather pure. In addition, Yan Jiang’s character was one to do whatever he wanted and he wasn’t pretentious or pretentious. Everyone liked his true character.

So many years had passed and they had maintained a good relationship. Every year, they would meet a few times, have a gathering, have a meal, and sing. When they met at parties, they would inevitably hold Yan Jiang back to reminisce about the past.

Meanwhile, that tall girl wearing a dark purple tube dress was a famous model in the country who had shot fashion magazines with Yan Jiang.

This lady had wooed Yan Jiang before, but Yan Jiang only had eyes for Song Fei and rejected her.

What Song Fei saw just now happened to be that lady leaning close to Yan Jiang and asking, “Brother Jiang, I heard that you are in a relationship. Did you bring your girlfriend?”

Yan Jiang instinctively took a step back and poked the girl’s arm. He reminded her. “Watch your distance when you speak. I’m already engaged. If you get too close, you will be misunderstood.”

Hearing this, the girl looked slightly embarrassed.

The two old friends pitied the female model when they saw how ruthless Yan Jiang was.

The actor called Wei Lai asked Yan Jiang, “Oh yes, the last time you were interviewed, you publicly admitted that you’ve been wooing Song Fei for many years. You said that you were engaged, but you didn’t bring your fiancée over?”

It was Yan Jiang’s first time attending such a public event with Song Fei. He couldn’t wait for everyone to know that he and Song Fei were a couple. “She’s here too.”

Yan Jiang looked up at Song Fei’s seat.

Glancing over, he saw Song Fei get up and walk over. Yan Jiang nodded at her. “That’s my fiancée.”

Wei Lai and the female models turned around at the same time and looked in Song Fei’s direction. They saw a girl wearing a white halter top and a black suit walking over.

That girl’s waist was not a waist but a deadly knife. It was thin and fair and no one dared to look at it.

The girl was beautiful, but her eyes were as cold as spring water. She was obviously not someone to be trifled with.

The actor called Zhong Xiangshou saw Song Fei’s good looks and winked at Yan Jiang. “Your fiancée is very valiant.”

Yan Jiang gave a faint smile. “That’s my little ancestor.”

Song Fei walked up to them and stared straight at the female model beside Yan Jiang with narrowed eyes.

Glancing at the female model coldly, Song Fei walked up to Yan Jiang, raised her right hand, and gently patted Yan Jiang’s right arm, as if cleaning up a virus, disgusted and filled with detest.

There was no dust there. It was just swept by the female model’s hair.

Knowing that Song Fei must be angry, Yan Jiang was overjoyed. He maintained his expression and introduced Song Fei and her two friends. “Ah Fei, this is Wei Lai and Zhong Xiangshou. They are my friends in the circle.”

When it was time to introduce the girl, Yan Jiang’s smile faded as he said coldly, “This is Mi Qi’er, a female colleague whom I have worked with in the past.”

Song Fei greeted Wei Lai and the rest with a nod. She then glanced at Michele nonchalantly. She didn’t react at all, as if she was looking at thin air.

From the time Song Fei patted Yan Jiang’s sleeves, Mi Qi’er’s expression had been very ugly. Now that she was once again ignored by Song Fei, no matter how thick-skinned Mi Qi’er was, she couldn’t stay any longer. She found an excuse and fled.

Wei Lai and Zhong Shou exchanged excited glances.

They could tell that the god of bar, Yan Jiang, had found a tyrant, Song Fei.

One carrot and one pit. They were quite compatible.

Wei Lai and the rest chatted with Yan Jiang and Song Fei. For Yan Jiang’s sake, Song Fei was rather polite and kind to them. After the two of them left, Song Fei stared at Yan Jiang with an unreadable expression. “Be more sensible in the future and don’t fool around. Your body is mine. Don’t let anyone touch you.”

Yan Jiang was very happy.

Song Fei looked so adorable when she was jealous.

He hurriedly explained his innocence. “I have nothing to do with her. She is greedy for my beauty and male body. As for me, I am only greedy for you.”

Song Fei snorted.


Song Fei said, “Let’s go. It’s time to take a seat.” With that, Song Fei strode forward. From behind, her ears looked red and translucent.

Yan Jiang stared at Song Fei’s ears with dark eyes.

I want to bite them.

He pinched his protruding collarbone, before following Song Fei to the venue.

Above their heads was the chandelier shaped like a planet, and the crystal lights were dazzling. Men and women sat under the light, talking in low voices about tonight’s auction.

After the auction officially started, a tall, handsome man walked onto the stage.

He had a pair of mesmerizing brown eyes and looked very gentle when he looked at people. Without a script, the man said, “Welcome guests to the annual charity auction for Love. I am the boss of Love’s Corona Jewelry brand, Qiao Sen.” Boss Qiao’s voice was also very pleasant.

Qiao Sen came from Binjiang City. His status in Binjiang City was the same as Cheng Yanmo’s status in Wangdong City. After he finished his self-introduction, the guests all gave him a round of applause.

Song Ci applauded as she said to Han Zhan, “This President Qiao is rather handsome.”

Han Zhan told her, “This President Qiao already has a wife. Stop dreaming.”

Song Ci was wronged. She rolled her eyes at Han Zhan reproachfully, her eyes full of grievance. “What are you saying, Brother Han? My heart is completely filled by you. How can I tolerate others?”

Han Zhan knew that she loved to joke around. Hearing this, he just smiled and didn’t say anything else.

After Qiao Sen finished his speech, he walked off the stage and sat in the middle of the first row. The host of the auction went on stage leisurely. Under her dainty mouth, every item seemed to have been given life and a legendary story, becoming precious and unique.

The salesperson’s mouth was frightening. Under the incitement of the host’s glib tongue, the guests were like injected with stimulants as they scrambled to bid.

Song Ci sighed. “There are so many rich people.”

Han Zhan raised his brows but remained silent.

“The next item up for auction is Jade Carving Master Erza’s new work, Lotus Harvest.” The emcee walked up with a treasure in both hands. The emcee pulled open the cloth to reveal the jade carving inside.

It was a jade carving. On a pure black stone plate stood a dragonfly lotus-picking statue. The lotus flower and even the petite dragonfly were carved to be very lifelike.

The big screen displayed the details of this work. All the guests present were moved when they saw it.

The host first explained the jade statue’s selection and carving techniques to everyone before introducing the owner.

“There is no need to mention Master Erza’s fame in the jade carving industry. Every year, she will take out her most satisfactory work as a charity auction. Her work is also the most sought after treasure by jade enthusiasts in recent years. ‘Lotus Picking Painting’ will be auctioned at 500,000 yuan. The highest bidder will get it!”

Not only was Erza a jade sculptor, she was also the sister of the organizer tonight, Mr. Qiao Sen, the young mistress of the Fang Family, a wealthy family in Binjiang City. The guests were willing to bid for it not only because of the collection value of this piece, but also because they wanted to be friends with Qiao Sen and be connected to the young mistress of the Fang Family.

Song Ci recognized Erza. They had met at several fashion parties, but they were a few years apart in age and had different social circles, so their relationship was average.

Song Ci tilted her head and said to Han Zhan, “How about we buy this? It looks pretty good. I don’t see any accessories on your desk. This is quite suitable.”

Han Zhan liked the jade’s color and shape quite a bit, so he said, “Buy.” It was fine if Han Zhan didn’t make a move, but once he did, the item would definitely be his. In the end, Han Zhan bid for the ‘lotus’ at 4 million yuan.

After that, they bid for another gemstone necklace for Mo Yao and didn’t attack again.

From the start of the auction, Song Fei had never made a bid. She felt bored and even took out her cell phone to play Miracle Nuan Nuan. This thing had cost her tens of thousands of yuan. Song Fei swore to be Miracle Nuan’s number one paywall player.

Instead, Yan Jiang saw that one of the dark green bracelets was very beautiful and bid for it, planning to give it to Song Fei.

Halfway through the auction, Han Qingshen finally arrived. She and Qiao Sen were old friends. Han Qingshen arrived at the venue and sat right beside Qiao Sen.

Song Ci saw Han Qingshen’s figure and asked Han Zhan, “Han Qingshen is already here. Why isn’t Manager Bei here?”

“He’s working overtime to entertain Fox and the rest on my behalf.” As Han Zhan was coming to attend the auction, Bei Zhan had no choice but to entertain the inspectors from England on Han Zhan’s behalf.

Song Ci pitied Bei Zhan slightly.

Han Qingshen was very considerate of Qiao Sen. She sat down for less than 15 minutes and bid for two items. After bidding, she didn’t raise her card again but lowered her head to discuss something with Qiao Sen. These two people probably treated the auction as a business meeting.

After a few more minutes, that jade fox was finally placed on the table.

The so-called jade fox was actually not a jade artifact but a small object carved from red agate. Due to the bright color and the jade-like glow, it was called a jade fox.

The workmanship of that jade fox was rather exquisite, but it was not the work of a famous jewelry master. The material was also just ordinary onyx and the guests were not interested in it.

The host introduced. “This is a fox carved from onyx. It comes from Chuandong District. This red fox improves endocrine and enhances blood circulation. Wearing it for a long time will be very beneficial to the body.”

Probably knowing that this thing was trash, the auction price set by the organizer was not high. It was only 10,000 yuan.

Song Ci raised her card. “50,000 yuan.”

Song Ci thought that no one would compete with her for this thing, but she heard a male voice ring out from the west side of the seats. “100,000 yuan.” It was a young man’s voice in the midst of his puberty, slightly hoarse.

Everyone thought: Is he stupid to buy such a thing for 100,000 yuan?

Everyone looked towards the west curiously and recognized that this young man was the young master of Wangdong City’s medical family, the Long Family. They all felt strange. Is this thing really that good? Is it worth the young master of the Long Family fighting with Zeus International’s lady boss?

Song Ci also looked at that youth.

eeing Song Ci look over, the young master of the Long Family blushed. He mouthed to Song Ci. “I’m sorry.”

Song Ci felt very tired.

This little guy used to run behind her and declare that he would marry her when he grew up.

The love of youth was bullshit.

Song Ci continued to raise her card. “200,000 yuan.”

he young man added calmly, “300,000 yuan.” The Long Family had doctors, both Chinese and Western doctors, as well as people who concoct medicine and sell medicine. The young man was determined to get this agate fox.

Song Ci got into a fight with the young man. The two of them continued to raise the price without batting an eyelid. They chased each other and actually raised the price of that useless thing to 2 million yuan.

Song Ci wanted to give up.

It was not worth it to spend millions on such a lousy thing. She couldn’t help thinking about the probability of successfully snatching the red fox after knocking Young Master Long unconscious.

Seeing that Song Ci had given up and was about to give up, Young Master Long heaved a sigh of relief.

But before she could finish speaking, a woman in a black suit who looked 90% like Song Ci raised her bid. “2.5 million!”

Young Master Long was enraged.

Where did this jinx come from?

Little Young Master Long was about to raise his card to continue bidding when his cell phone suddenly vibrated. Little Young Master opened his cell phone and saw that his good friend had sent a message asking for help.

Brother Kun: [Long Long, I got into an accident!]

his Brother Kun was the young master’s best friend. Brother Kun would only reach adulthood next month, but he had already secretly been racing for a year and a half. Young Master Long had advised him several times to stop playing such dangerous games, but Brother Kun refused to listen.

Look, something happened!

After receiving this message, the young master didn’t have any doubts. He stood up and left, not wanting that fox anymore.

Everyone was stunned to see Little Master suddenly stand up and leave.

Did he leave in a huff?

A child was still a child, and he had poor tolerance.

Little Young Master Long had taken the initiative to give up, so that agate fox naturally fell into Song Fei’s hands.

Little Young Master Long was called Long Gaogao, as in ‘tall tall’ in Chinese. This name was like a game.

Long Gaogao ran out of the venue in one breath. He took out his cell phone and called Brother Kun as he walked towards the underground carpark. The call didn’t go through and Long Gao thought that Brother Kun had fainted from his injuries.

He was burning with anxiety.

After boarding the car, Long Gaogao called Brother Kun again. This time, the call went through.

Brother Kun answered the call and asked Long Gaogao in a loud voice, “Long Long, what are you doing? Your brother is singing at the KTV. Are you coming?”

Long Gao was speechless.

“Didn’t you get into a car accident?” Long Gao gritted his teeth with a dark expression.

Brother Kun was stunned. “Car accident?”

Brother Kun looked at his bad friends and hung up. He video-called Long Gaogao on WeChat. Long Gaogao accepted the video and saw the energetic Brother Kun. He instantly knew that he had been fooled!

Who could have controlled Brother Kun’s WeChat to send me a message at that time?

“Who knows your WeChat password?” Long Gao questioned Brother Kun.

Brother Kun was confused but still answered obediently, “You.”

Long Gao hung up angrily.

He threw his cell phone hard on the empty seat beside him and scolded. “Damn hacker, screw me! I will catch you and throw you into the smelly ditch to feed the rats!”

At the venue, Song Fei suddenly sneezed.

Yan Jiang asked her, “Is the temperature too low?”

Song Fei rubbed her nose and said self-awarely, “No, someone is scolding me.”

Yan Jiang thought Song Fei was joking.

Seeing that Song Ci and Han Zhan were standing behind them, Yan Jiang turned and asked them, “Song Song, Mr. Han, are you going back now or later?”

Song Ci asked Han Zhan instead, “Brother Han, are we leaving?”

Han Zhan looked at the time. It was 9.40pm. Pregnant women were always hungry. Han Zhan looked down and asked Song Ci, “Are you hungry? If you are, let’s go for supper.”

Song Ci salivated at the mention of supper.

“I’m hungry!” Song Ci asked Yan Jiang, “Brother Jiang, is the barbeque restaurant we frequented still open?”

“Yes, let’s go together?” Yan Jiang was also slightly hungry.

“Alright then.”

The four of them walked out of the venue and walked through the corridor towards the lift entrance.

As they were about to reach the lift, they met Han Qingshen. It was quieter here and Han Qingshen was leaning against the wall of the corridor, answering a call. Not far away, Song Ci heard Han Qingshen say, “Uncle Yan, have you arrived?”

Not knowing what the person on the other end said, Han Qingshen said, “I will come down to look for you guys now.”

Han Qingshen hung up and looked up to see Song Ci and the rest. Han Qingshen and Han Zhan naturally recognized each other. She had also spoken to Yan Jiang at the movie awards party.

They were all familiar faces. Han Qingshen asked them first, “Are you not going to stay for a while more?”

Han Zhan said, “Song Ci is tired, so we’ll get going first. Sister-in-law, do you need me to call Bei Zhan to pick you up?”

Han Qingshen snorted and looked at Han Zhan without any warmth in her eyes. “As a boss, you’re quite good at exploiting your subordinates. You came here to be carefree and left Bei Zhan alone in the company to be a slave!”

Han Qingshen’s heart ached for Bei Zhan.

She really wanted to capture Bei Zhan and make him a beautiful cage at home so that he could be her canary.

But Bei Zhan didn’t want to be a canary. He just wanted to be the Great King Kong.

Song Ci thought that Han Zhan would feel guilty, but Han Zhan was too thick-skinned. After hearing Han Qingshen’s accusation, he actually gave Han Qingshen a suggestion in all seriousness. He said, “Sister-in-law, you can acquire Zeus Corporation and let Bei Zhan be the CEO. I will be the assistant manager.”

“I, Han Zhan, will definitely do my best if my boss has any instructions!”

Han Qingshen was speechless.

If she could acquire Zeus Corporation, wouldn’t she have done so long ago? But Zeus Corporation was a tough nut to crack. She couldn’t chew it even if she wanted to.

Han Qingshen sneered and walked away.

Song Fei, who had been listening to the entire conversation, looked up and stared at Han Zhan with a faint smile. “Brother-in-law has a vicious tongue.”

Brother-in-law Han dared to offend Han Qing, but didn’t dare to offend Song Fei, so he pretended to be deaf.

The four of them followed Han Qingshen into the lift. In the lift, Han Qingshen asked Song Ci, “When are you giving birth, Song Ci?”

Song Ci respected Han Qingshen very much. After all, this woman was definitely a capable person to be able to hold the position of the CEO of the Empire Entertainment. Song Ci replied to Han Qingshen, “There’s still more than three months left. It should be the end of the winter month.”

“That’s four years younger than our Little Treasure. I heard from Bei Zhan that they are a pair of daughters?”

“Mmm, I’ve checked. They are indeed a pair of daughters.”


As they spoke, the lift reached the first level. Han Qingshen turned and asked Yan Jiang, “Your car is also parked outside?”

“Yes, in District B.”

“Let’s go together then.”

The five of them parked their cars in the parking lot of District B. They walked out from the left side of the restaurant. From afar, Song Ci saw a man standing in front of a Bentley.

The man shouldn’t be young anymore. There were a few faint wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. But those wrinkles didn’t make him look old. Instead, they gave off a unique aura, like mellow wine that was fragrant the longer it was.

The man was carrying a little girl. It was Bei Xiaobao.

The August night of the lunar calendar was not very hot. Bei Xiaobao was wearing a bubble sleeve dress and his long hair was tied into a pair of small braids.

Hearing footsteps, Bei Xiaobao looked up. Seeing Han Qingshen, Bei Xiaobao’s round eyes suddenly lit up. She opened her arms and called sweetly, “Mother!”

Only after Yan Rufeng saw Han Qingshen did he put Bei Xiaobao down on the ground. Bei Xiaobao twisted her little butt and rushed over to Han Qingshen. Her movements were quick like a small cannonball.

Bei Xiaobao hugged Han Qingshen’s leg and looked up with a smile. “Mother, Little Grandpa and I have been waiting for you for a long time. Are you still bringing me to eat taro balls?”

Bei Xiaobao loved taro noodles. Han Qingshen had promised her the day before yesterday that she would bring her to her favorite beverage shop to eat taro noodles tonight.

Han Qingshen looked skinny but easily carried the thirty-odd pound Bei Xiaobao. She stroked her nose and said, “Of course I am going. Mommy is here now.”

Bei Xiaobao was overjoyed. She hurriedly turned to Yan Rufeng behind her and said, “Little Grandpa, Mother promised to bring me to eat taro balls. I’ll give you two.”

Yan Rufeng remained silent and just stared blankly at Han Qingshen’s back.

To be precise, Yan Rufeng was looking at Yan Jiang, who was beside Song Fei.

Under the night sky, Yan Jiang’s white suit was very eye-catching. He was young and handsome. This made Yan Rufeng feel like he had traveled through time to see himself when he was young. In the blink of an eye, so many years had passed.

Staring at Yan Rufeng, Yan Jiang’s eyes were filled with uncertainty. So the director of Empire Entertainment was Yan Rufeng.

No matter how many years had passed, Yan Jiang would never forget Yan Rufeng’s face and his person.

The person in front of him was the source of Yan Jiang’s pain.

Although Yan Rufeng was the director of the Empire Entertainment, he seldom appeared in public. He was low-key and mysterious and only lived in the rumors. Yan Jiang had also heard some things about Director Yan and knew that the CEO of the Empire Entertainment, Han Qingshen, was actually raised by Director Yan.

He also knew that Director Yan had such an outrageous relationship with the founder of Empire Entertainment, Han Chenyi.

Yan Jiang knew a lot about the Empire Entertainment’s Director Yan, but he didn’t know that Director Yan was called Yan Rufeng!

Han Qingshen noticed Yan Rufeng’s abnormality and asked in surprise, “Uncle Yan, what’s the matter? Is there anyone you know here?” Han Qingshen turned around and looked at Han Zhan and the rest.

Upon seeing Yan Jiang, Han Qingshen thought of something and her expression changed slightly.

Yan Rufeng, Yan Jiang…

Han Qingshen was stunned by her own guess.

Yan Rufeng walked up to Han Qing’s side and looked at Yan Jiang calmly. After a long while, Yan Rufeng said, “You’ve grown up, Jiang Jiang.”

Han Qingshen widened her eyes slightly.

Is Yan Jiang really that child?

Hearing Yan Rufeng’s words, Yan Jiang shot him an unfamiliar and disdainful look. Yan Jiang said coldly, “Who are you? Do we know each other?”

Yan Rufeng could hear the hatred and deep resentment in the young man’s words. Yan Rufeng frowned slightly and asked Yan Jiang, “Do you hate Father?”


Everyone except Yan Jiang changed their expressions.

Song Fei sized up Yan Rufeng’s face. It was very difficult to associate him with that uncle in casual clothes who always had a gloomy look on his face. Song Ci no longer remembered Yan Jiang’s father’s face, so hearing Yan Rufeng’s words, she only felt that it was absurd and ridiculous.

Are you kidding me?

Yan Rufeng is actually Ah Jiang’s father?

Didn’t they say that after Yan Rufeng eloped with that person, he left Wangdong City and disappeared without a trace?

“Father…” Yan Jiang wasn’t calling Yan Rufeng. Instead, he was playing with the word” father “.

In other people’s eyes, a father and a child should be one of the most intimate relationships in this world. But in Yan Jiang’s eyes, a father was a disgusting term.

“Sir, are you mistaken? My father has been dead for 14 years and the grass on his grave is already 30 feet tall.” Yan Jiang pursed his lips indifferently and asked Yan Rufeng, “How can you be my father?”

Yan Rufeng was speechless.

He was not angry. Instead, he sighed. “Jiang Jiang, your character is completely different from when you were young. I remember that you were very sensible and obedient when you were young.” Unlike now, you’re rebellious and speak aggressively.

It was fine if Yan Rufeng didn’t mention his childhood, but Yan Jiang felt it was ironic when he did.

“Are you even worthy of mentioning my childhood?” Yan Jiang’s eyes instantly reddened.

Yan Jiang clenched his fists and really wanted to punch Yan Rufeng’s face. But he saw the innocent little girl in Han Qingshen’s arms and suppressed his urge.

He couldn’t beat up her grandfather in front of the little girl.

Yan Jiang stiffened his neck and took a few deep breaths. When he calmed down, Yan Jiang carefully looked at Yan Rufeng and sized him up. Yan Jiang suddenly realized that the tall and strong man in his memory was actually two centimeters shorter than him.

Yan Jiang sneered and said mockingly, “Yan Rufeng, you did such a despicable thing. Shouldn’t I hate you?”

Yan Rufeng didn’t retort. He just frowned and explained softly, “It’s not what you think.”

“Why not?” Yan Jiang smiled. As he felt that it was ridiculous, tears welled up in his eyes.

Holding back the tears that were about to fall at any moment, Yan Jiang said in a low voice, “Everyone in that community knows that Old Madam Yan’s son abandoned his filial wife, his elementary school son, and his elderly mother for a pervert!”

Yan Rufeng’s eyes quivered but he remained silent.

Yan Jiang suddenly strode towards Yan Rufeng and pretended to hit him.

Han Zhan suddenly reached out his left hand and accurately grabbed Yan Jiang’s wrist. His deep voice was filled with oppression as he whispered into Yan Jiang’s ear. “Yan Jiang, there are reporters nearby and children here. Don’t be rash.”

At Han Zhan’s reminder, Yan Jiang suddenly stopped in his tracks.

He panted heavily. His chest heaved up and down due to his anger.

From a distance, Yan Jiang stared fixedly at Yan Rufeng and scolded. “The one with the surname Han is a pervert, and you are also a pervert! Meanwhile, I have been called ‘the son of a pervert’ for many years!”

“Because of you, I was beaten up and bullied. I was bullied all over campus!”

“Because of you, I didn’t have a father or mother to dote on me. I became an orphan and could only depend on my grandmother!”

“Because of you, Grandma couldn’t stand the gossip and ended up hanging herself by the door frame of the room with a rope! As for me, I didn’t dare to sleep day and night and was haunted by my grandmother’s nightmare for more than 10 years!”

The veins on Yan Jiang’s neck started popping. His face was red and his eyes were bloodshot as he questioned Yan Rufeng angrily. “Yan Rufeng, shouldn’t I hate you? Am I not the person in this world who is most qualified to hate you?”

— In this world, am I not the most qualified person to hate you?

Yan Rufeng’s expression changed slightly.

He looked at his son and felt bitter, aggrieved, and guilty.

“You can hate me.” Yan Rufeng’s attitude was cold. He turned to look at the neon lights in the distance and murmured. “You are innocent. You can hate me.” But who should I hate?

Yan Jiang smiled disdainfully at Yan Rufeng. He said, “Yan Rufeng, you abandoned your own child and went to raise another person’s child. You are really noble.”

an Rufeng remained silent.

Yan Jiang glanced at Han Qingshen, who remained silent and didn’t look too good. He was so jealous that he spoke in a sarcastic manner. “CEO Han, you are so lucky.”

Han Qing frowned deeply. “Yan Jiang…”

Yan Jiang grabbed Song Fei’s hand and said, “Ah Fei, let’s go.” Song Fei grabbed Yan Jiang’s hand and called Song Ci along.

After Yan Jiang and the rest left, Yan Rufeng’s tall back suddenly bent.

Han Qingshen carried Little Treasure and walked up to Yan Rufeng. She looked at Yan Rufeng’s lonely and confused face and said softly, “Uncle Yan, don’t be angry. That child doesn’t know the truth. It’s not wrong for him to hate you.”

Yan Jiang’s words tonight were indeed vicious. Every word was meant to kill Yan Rufeng’s heart. But Yan Jiang was right. After all, he was the most pitiful victim.

Yan Rufeng slowly straightened up. He turned and looked at Yan Jiang, who had already walked to the side of the car. His eyes were slightly moist. Yan Rufeng said guiltily, “I didn’t know that his grandmother’s death had cast such a deep shadow on him.”

Day and night, he was haunted by nightmares and didn’t dare to sleep. Yan Jiang had been in such agony for more than 10 years. Yan Rufeng didn’t dare to think too deeply about how cruel that was.

He suddenly felt sorry for Yan Jiang and also slightly regretful.

“I owe this child too much.” All these years, Yan Rufeng had also been keeping an eye on Yan Jiang’s life. He knew that after Yan Jiang became an actor, he became very popular. He also knew that he retired from the entertainment circles and became a forensic doctor.

Yan Jiang led a carefree and unrestrained life, doing whatever he wanted. He was completely different from the young Yan Rufeng.

It was obviously his own child, but Yan Jiang’s character was very similar to Han Chenyi’s.

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