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Chapter 213: Old Master is the Most Powerful Boss

Inside the house, Han Zhan remained motionless, his expression unreadable.

Outside the house, Song Ci was possessed and started improvising. She crossed her arms and mocked him arrogantly. “Han Zhenhua! Open the door! You have the guts to look for a mistress, yet you don’t have the guts to open the door?”

Han Zhan could only open the door and stare at Song Ci with a dark expression.

Song Ci was in the midst of her performance, when the door was suddenly pulled open from the inside. A gust of water vapour rushed towards Song Ci. Song Ci shut her mouth and looked up to see Han Zhan, who had just taken a shower and was still dripping with water.

Staring at the sexy old man in front of her, Song Ci smiled so widely that her eyes turned into crescents. She called out softly in a seductive voice, “Zhenhua, let me in.”

Han Zhenhua grabbed Song Ci’s arm and pulled her into the house. Closing the door, Han Zhan said fiercely, “Shut up. You’re not allowed to call me by this name in the future!”

Song Ci hurriedly zipped her mouth. “Okay, I won’t call you that anymore.”

Song Ci, who promised not to call him by his name again, changed Han Zhan’s contact number from Han Sanpang to Han Zhenhua that night.

Song Ci had been happy for a few days because of this name. She took the opportunity to call Han Zhan Zhenhua in private.

It was already late at night when Han Zhan returned home from work.

As the villa was located in a rather remote area, when Han Zhan worked overtime until late at night, the driver had to stay up late too. The road was winding and Song Ci was worried that it would be dangerous on the way home. She couldn’t sleep peacefully without waiting for Han Zhan to come home every night.

That night, Han Zhan alighted from the car. Seeing that the driver was also tired, he said, “Ah Song, stay on the first floor tonight and don’t go back.” Ah Song saw that it was already past midnight. If he drove back now, it would be beyond 1am by the time he reached home.

Ah Song nodded. “Sorry for disturbing Madam and Old Master for the night then.”

Han Zhan walked in front and Ah Song followed behind. The two of them entered the house one after another. Han Zhan saw that Song Ci was still awake and was worried that she would call him Zhenhua in front of his subordinate. In the end, he saw Song Ci quickly put down her book, cover her mouth, and rush to the toilet.

Han Zhan was slightly stunned. He understood that Song Ci might be having morning sickness. He threw down his suit jacket and followed Song Ci into the toilet.

Song Ci closed the door.

As Han Zhan approached the toilet door, he heard Song Ci vomiting violently inside.

Han Zhan opened the door and saw Song Ci kneeling by the toilet bowl. After vomiting, her eyes were moist and red. This was the first time Song Ci vomited since she was pregnant and she couldn’t stop.

Han Zhan’s heart ached slightly for her. “Are you alright?”

Song Ci nodded. “Kind of.”

“Let me get you a glass of water.”

Han Zhan poured cold water for Song Ci to rinse her mouth and half a cup of warm lemon water for her. After drinking the lemon water, Song Ci felt slightly better. Worried that she would vomit again, Song Ci hurriedly went upstairs and laid down on the bed.

Han Zhan quickly washed up. When he came to the bed, Song Ci was already asleep.

Only then did Han Zhan fall asleep in peace.

However, yesterday’s morning sickness was just a warning. The next morning, Song Ci started vomiting profusely. How badly did she vomit? She vomited almost every 10 minutes or so. Even if she didn’t eat or drink, she couldn’t help it.

Han Aoyu thought of a way and prepared some light dishes for her. Song Ci used to love pickled peppers and carrots, so Han Aoyu brewed another jar for her. Song Ci ate two pieces and vomited after a while.

Han Zhan returned home and saw Song Ci lying sickly on the sofa with a clean dustbin by her feet. Only then did he know that Song Ci had vomited dozens of times today.

“Is this normal?” It was the first time Han Zhan was a father, and he turned to look at Han Aoyu.

Han Aoyu thought for a moment and said, “It’s not normal. When your mother and grandmother were pregnant, they only vomited about 10 times a day at the most. Unlike that Song Lass, who vomited yellow water the moment she did.”

Han Zhan was worried and specially stayed at home the next morning. He called an old obstetrician over. It was an elegant old lady. It was said that Han Zhan was delivered by this old lady.

Half an hour after the old lady arrived at the Han Family residence, Song Ci vomited three times. She couldn’t stop vomiting each time.

Seeing this, the old lady said to Han Aoyu, “Lass Song’s condition is called severe pregnancy vomiting. If it doesn’t go well, it will mess up her electrolytes and cause malnutrition. You guys can observe for two days. If she still vomits like this, take her to the hospital to replenish her nutrients and electrolytes.”

Han Aoyu didn’t understand either. He asked, “Didn’t you say that pregnant women can’t take medicine?”

“Old Han, don’t worry. This kind of treatment won’t affect the fetus. My granddaughter was also in this condition last year when she got pregnant. She went to the hospital for a few days and recovered very quickly. Didn’t she just give birth to a girl two months ago? The child is very healthy now.”

Hearing this, Han Aoyu was relieved.

Han Zhan had a charity speech at Shunchen tomorrow. The itinerary that he had already decided on couldn’t be changed. The next day, he stayed at home with Song Ci for half a day. After lunch, Han Zhan boarded a private plane to Shunchen.

On the plane, Han Zhan asked his assistant, “What should I do if the pregnant lady vomits especially violently? Is there any way to reduce her morning sickness?”

The male assistant, who was still single, was stunned.

He said awkwardly, “I’m not sure either. When my mother was pregnant with me, I heard that she ate very well. Oh yes, isn’t CEO Li’s wife pregnant? Mr. Han, you can ask him.”

Han Zhan looked slightly displeased. “I’ve asked.” Li Li’s Su Beibei was the legendary woman who was as relaxed as laying eggs when she was pregnant. She was truly capable of eating and drinking. She had gained more than 10 pounds, when the fetus was less than six months old.

Han Zhan’s heart ached especially at the thought that his Baby Ci was losing weight everyday and didn’t have much meat on her face.

After Han Zhan landed at Shunchen, he had lunch with the organizer. There was a charity speech at 2pm. After the speech, Han Zhan sat below the stage and took out his cell phone. He saw that Li Li had shared a Weibo link with him.

There was a shocking headline on the link:

[Top socialite Song Ci is suspected to be pregnant. She went to the hospital alone to protect the baby but nobody saw her husband? It seems like it’s not easy to be a wealthy lady…]

Han Zhan was speechless.

His first reaction when he saw this headline was: Song Ci is hospitalized?

His second reaction was: Bullshit! Reporters loved to spread rumors.

Han Zhan opened the link and saw that the news reporter was from the New Daily News. He first made a mental note about the other party, before opening the content and reading it seriously.

It turned out that Song Ci had gone to the hospital for treatment this afternoon. Only Long Yu and Han Aoyu were there with her. The reporters didn’t manage to capture Han Zhan’s figure and started spreading rumors that Song Ci and Han Zhan’s marriage had changed, and that it was not easy to be a rich lady.

The big boss on stage was still giving his speech plausibly, while Han Zhan was posting on Weibo with narrowed eyes.

A few seconds later, Han Han Han Han Zhan posted on Weibo.

Han Han Han Han Han Zhan V: [A brain is a good thing. Don’t just leave it there and not use it. As a media person, you should have your own justification for your words. Who gave you the privilege to start rumors and create trouble? Suing @ New Daily News.]

Han Zhan really meant it when he said sue them. Within a few minutes, Zeus Corporation’s official Weibo account posted a screenshot of a document. On the screenshot was Zeus Corporation’s legal department suing the New Daily newspaper for discrediting Han Zhan and his wife, and for damaging their reputation.

As soon as Han Zhan posted on Weibo, the company immediately released the rights document. This efficiency was astonishing. After Han Zhan saw this document, he was very satisfied with his subordinates from the legal department and decided to increase their salary.

Ever since Big Boss Han’s identity was exposed, waves of Big Boss Han’s fans appeared on Weibo. Seeing this, all the fans gloated and left comments under Han Zhan’s Weibo:

First post: [A moment of pleasure in spreading rumors, followed by a crematorium. New Daily News, deserves it!]

Second post: [My CEO Han is even more capable!]

Third post: [Congratulations, CEO Han, you’re going to be a father. Shouldn’t you give red packets?]

Fourth post: [New Daily News: Who am I? Where am I? Why am I being sued?]

As the other party involved, Song Ci was also looking at the melon on Weibo on her cell phone. After reading it, she just wanted to say that paparazzi were really everywhere. She had just been hospitalized today and the reporters already knew about it. Even a dog’s nose wasn’t so sharp.

Han Aoyu planned to accompany Song Ci at the hospital and return at night. Seeing that Song Ci was looking at Weibo, Han Aoyu also put on his reading glasses and opened Weibo to look. It had been many days since he last looked at Weibo, as he had recently fallen in love with TikTok.

Opening his Weibo, Han Aoyu saw his grandson Han Zhan’s post an hour ago.

The New Daily had already deleted the scandalous Weibo post. Only through screenshots of others did Han Aoyu understand what had happened.

Old Master was rather angry.

No, I can’t let others continue misunderstanding him. I have to explain.

As a result, Old Master turned on his keyboard and wrote word by word: [The unscrupulous media is spreading rumors. My granddaughter-in-law is hospitalized, but there is someone to accompany her. Han Zhan went on a work trip and couldn’t come. I personally sent Song Lass to the hospital and am still accompanying her now. Please remove the word “alone” @ New Daily.]

After posting on Weibo, Old Master still felt that it was not enough to vent his anger. He took a photo of himself glaring at the camera, took a photo of Song Ci, and posted it on Weibo.

Song Ci didn’t know what Grandpa had done behind her back. By the time she scrolled to his Weibo account, it had already exploded.

That was because someone recognized Han Aoyu after seeing his selfie!

Due to Han Aoyu tagging the new daily newspaper and admitting that he was Han Zhan’s grandfather, his Weibo post was quickly discovered by others. More and more people commented on it and gradually attracted the attention of some military enthusiasts.

Those who frequently watched military documentaries were all familiar with Han Aoyu’s face. Although this old man had retired for many years, his iron-blooded legend was everywhere in the martial world!

After recognizing Han Aoyu, the little guys immediately screamed on Han Aoyu’s Weibo.

Brother Ye: [Ahhh! Old Master! Is it Old Master Han? Oh my god! I can actually see Old Master Han’s Weibo account in my lifetime. Oh my god, I actually left a message for Old Master Han.]

The world is big but my heart is the greatest: [Oh my, Old Master, you actually know how to use Weibo?]

Green vegetable: [Worship! This is the most powerful person!]

These comments successfully attracted the attention of the crowd. Everyone was asking who Old Master Han was. Those military fans were not willing to explain who Old Master Han was and only asked them to search for Han Aoyu on Baidu.

The netizens searched for Han Aoyu. After that, their hearts were racing.

Coke [… This is a real big boss.]

Yaoyao: [What a good life Song Ci has. Her elder sister is a big boss, husband is a big boss, and grandfather is the most powerful big boss!]

Synchronized Monarch: [Song Ci is the female protagonist who is being pampered by all!]

Sophie Maso: [Only someone like Han Zhan can be considered the true son of a general. Looking at Han Zhan, I think of XX. After all, real generals are usually low-key, humble, and cultured people.]

Han Aoyu’s alias had already been taken off, but he didn’t know about it and he was still playing TikTok, occasionally laughing happily.

Song Ci thought for a moment and decided not to remind Han Aoyu.

Forget it, as long as the old man is happy.

Du Xueyan had been rehearsing in the dance studio recently.

As her vocal cords were about to undergo surgery, the company decided to hold a farewell concert for her before she was admitted to the hospital. This concert was the last one in Du Xueyan’s singing career.

Both the company and Du Xueyan valued this concert very much.

In order to fully display her most perfect and amazing self on stage, Du Xueyan had been practicing her dance in the dance studio these few days. She was hardworking and professional.

Gu Shengyao suddenly pushed open the door and called out to Du Xueyan. “Xueyan, all the costumes for the concert have been sent over. Go and try them on.”


Du Xueyan followed Gu Shengyao to the fashion stylist. On the way, Gu Shengyao asked her, “Did you see Weibo today?”

Du Xueyan had been practicing her dance since she woke up in the morning and didn’t have the time to look at Weibo. “What’s the matter? What scandal is it again?” There seemed to be big news on Weibo everyday.

Gu Shengyao shook his head. “Song Ci is pregnant.” Du Xueyan would find out about this sooner or later, so Gu Shengyao didn’t hide it from her.

Du Xueyan stopped, acknowledged and continued walking.

Gu Shengyao’s gaze was very deep. He looked at Du Xueyan and asked, “What do you think?”

Du Xueyan glanced at Gu Shengyao and suddenly said, “You purposely told me this to see me lose all hope and give up completely, right?”

Gu Shengyao nodded calmly. “Yes.”

Du Xueyan was slightly speechless.

Before pushing open the door to enter the changing room, Du Xueyan suddenly turned around and said to Gu Shengyao, “Gu Shengyao, don’t worry. I won’t mess around. Han Zhan will never turn back. Even if I want to turn back and take the initiative to kiss him shamelessly, he won’t accept me.”

Han Zhan was the most qualified ex.

Gu Shengyao was slightly surprised. In this world, there were countless men who coveted Du Xueyan. She was a girl, a siren, a charm that men couldn’t resist. “Can he really reject you? Why don’t I believe it?”

Du Xueyan suddenly pulled Gu Shengyao into the house.

Du Xueyan pressed Gu Shengyao against the wall. Du Xueyan stood on tiptoe, leaned her head close to Gu Shengyao’s face, and bit his earlobe.

Gu Shengyao’s reaction was very obvious and his eyes darkened.

He was about to reach out to hug Du Xueyan, when she pushed him away heartlessly.

Du Xueyan took a step back and looked at Gu Shengyao coldly. She said, “Look, you will be infatuated with me, but he won’t. When he looks at me, his eyes are upright and cold, like he’s looking at a rock by the road.”

Gu Shengyao composed himself and remained silent.

Du Xueyan turned on the lights in the changing room and turned to try on her clothes. At this moment, Gu Shengyao suddenly said in a hoarse voice, “If your mother didn’t urgently need money to get a kidney transplant back then, Xueyan, would you still choose to come with me?”

Du Xueyan stopped in her tracks.

She didn’t turn back or answer Gu Shengyao’s question directly. Instead, she said evasively, “There are no ifs.” Those things had already happened and those choices had already been made. There was no need to discuss ifs.

Du Xueyan reached out to take off a gown from the hanger. She took off her dance uniform in front of Gu Shengyao.

Du Xueyan had just put on the gown when Gu Shengyao walked over, bent over, and helped her zip up her back.

When the zipper sounded, Du Xueyan heard Gu Shengyao say from behind, “Xueyan, did you know that Han Zhan’s grandfather is Han Aoyu?”

Du Xueyan asked in a daze, “Han Aoyu? Is his identity very special?” The image of Han Zhan’s grandfather flashed across Du Xueyan’s mind.

Gu Shengyao explained Han Aoyu’s identity to Du Xueyan.

Du Xueyan was slightly stunned when she heard it.

She said nothing.

Gu Shengyao suddenly hugged her waist, rested his chin on Du Xueyan’s shoulder, and said seductively in her ear, “Xueyan, you two have been in love for so many years, but he has never confessed his family background to you. Even when your mother was so ill, he never helped you…”

“Xueyan, his love for you is just so-so.”

Du Xueyan was trembling all over.

Han Aoyu…

She vaguely remembered that Han Zhan had also mentioned Han Aoyu to her before. About nine years ago, Han Zhan’s grandmother had passed away and he had applied for leave from the military to attend his grandmother’s funeral.

After the funeral, Han Zhan had to rush back to the military. He boarded a plane and hurried to Wangdong City to meet Du Xueyan.

Upon seeing her, Han Zhan hugged her tightly and said in a choked voice, “Xueyan, I don’t have parents. I was raised by my grandfather and grandmother. Now, I don’t even have a grandmother anymore.”

Du Xueyan remembered that this was her answer to Han Zhan. She said, “Han Zhan, you still have me. I will dote on you.”

Han Zhan only stayed in Wangdong City for half an hour and was about to take the plane to the southwest. Before leaving, he suddenly said to Du Xueyan, “Xueyan, my grandfather is Han Aoyu. He’s quite capable. I’ll bring you to meet him the next time I come back.”

Bringing Du Xueyan to meet Grandpa was to bring his wife home. At that time, Du Xueyan was also looking forward to it, but she didn’t expect that the next time they met, Han Zhan had broken his fingers.

Du Xueyan had also seen Han Zhan’s grandfather in the hospital ward.

His grandfather was sitting on a chair in an ordinary grey shirt and loose pants. His head was lowered and his eyes were bloodshot. Perhaps he had received the news that his grandson was injured and was very anxious. Without even changing his clothes, he took a high-speed train from Shunchen City to Wangdong City.

When Du Xueyan saw Han Aoyu, he was still wearing a pair of yellow rubber shoes with mud on them.

Du Xueyan’s mother was diagnosed with uremia in 2008 and had to undergo kidney dialysis regularly. Du Xueyan remembered very clearly that uremia was not considered a major disease at that time. It was not included in medical insurance and was only accepted by the country in 2013.

After so many years of treating her mother, she had spent all her savings on her.

In 2012, Du Xueyan’s mother’s health deteriorated and she faced the danger of dying if she didn’t get a kidney transplant.

A kidney transplant required a lot of money.

When Du Xueyan saw Han Zhan’s grandfather’s simple peasant outfit in the hospital, her heart turned cold.

I need money, a huge sum of money!

I have to be successful and earn more money to make my life better

Meanwhile, Han Zhan, who had lost his fingers, couldn’t give me everything I needed!

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