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Chapter 212: Don’t Blame the Mistress for Having Bad Intentions, Just Blame Yan Jiang for Being Too Handsome

As the former fan of God Fox, Luo Wensheng would never mistake his Vanishing Step.

Could Song Fei be Fox’s disciple?

Luo Wensheng was very agitated. He couldn’t wait to ask Song Fei for the truth.

But it was time for the competition and he couldn’t disturb Song Fei’s performance. Luo Wensheng crossed his arms and pinched his muscles with his fingernails. He used the pain to keep himself calm and warned himself not to be rash.

There were countless criminals hiding under the dark web. Zhang Jingjing spent nearly 10 minutes to find the website address of that foster website, but she actually couldn’t break through the firewall set up by the other party’s hackers.

Gradually, sweat broke out on Zhang Jingjing’s forehead. She secretly glanced at Song Fei beside her and saw that she was still eating her candy leisurely. That calm and carefree aura made Zhang Jingjing feel uneasy.

Is Song Fei pretending? Or is she really confident?

Actually, two months ago, Luo Wensheng had already tracked down this website, but he was inferior and also couldn’t crack this firewall set up by the other party. Zhang Jingjing thought that if even Captain Luo couldn’t do it, Song Fei probably couldn’t either…

As this thought surfaced in her mind, Zhang Jingjing heard Song Fei say nonchalantly, “Okay.”

Zhang Jingjing looked over in shock and saw that Song Fei had successfully broken through the other party’s firewall and knocked down a red fire fox on her computer. That fire fox was still shaking its butt at the other party’s hacker. It looked especially annoying.

A terrifying glint flashed across Luo Wensheng’s eyes when he saw this fire fox. He suddenly grabbed the back of the chair behind Zhang Jingjing! Staring intently at that fire fox, Luo Wensheng murmured softly, “Fox…”

Yan Jiang heard this word clearly and felt slightly lost.


Fox [1. He repeated in Chinese]?

Who is that?

Yan Jiang stared at Song Fei, who was sitting cross-legged on the chair with a calm expression. A bold guess gradually formed in his mind. Could… Ah Fei be Fox?

Song Fei pushed away her keyboard and stood up.

Glancing at Luo Wensheng mildly, Song Fei told him, “Captain Luo, that person’s IP address shows that he’s near Construction Bank in Feng City’s Qufu Avenue. Do you want to inform the police in Feng City to arrest him?”

Luo Wensheng stared at Song Fei with a fanatical gaze. He couldn’t conceal his excitement as he said, “Song Fei, don’t leave yet! Wait for me to come back after I finish my call. I have something to tell you!” Luo Wensheng turned to make the call, his footsteps hurried, as if he was afraid that if he delayed any longer, Song Fei would leave.

Song Fei pursed her lips and looked down at Zhang Jingjing, who was sitting in front of the computer in a daze.

“Miss Zhang, a person should keep her word. Please resign immediately and promise never to appear in front of Yan Jiang again.” Song Fei held her cell phone with a truly arrogant and disdainful expression. “You can do everything yet you messed with my man.”

Don’t you know that men and cars can’t be lent?

Hearing this, Zhang Jingjing’s face was as pale as death as she sat unmoving on the chair. Yan Jiang’s heart was thumping wildly from Song Fei’s words of “my man”.

All the uniformed police officers watched this scene in a daze. They were all puzzled.

How did Captain Zhang lose to Song Fei?

After ending the call, Luo Wensheng hurried back to the competition hall. He opened the door and invited his colleagues out. “It’s getting late. Your family and children are still waiting for you to go home!”

Luo Wensheng was commanding them to leave, so his colleagues, who were watching the commotion, left reluctantly.

Only Luo Wensheng, Song Fei, and the defeated Zhang Jingjing were left in the main hall.

Only when Zhang Jingjing and the rest had all left did she stand up. She first glanced at Song Fei indignantly, and saw that her expression was cold and she had no intention of showing mercy to her. Even the most arrogant woman was on the verge of tears now.

“Captain Luo.” Zhang Jingjing clasped her hands in front of her abdomen and scratched her fingers uneasily.

She bit her lips, her beautiful face filled with indignance and grievance, her eyes filled with a layer of hazy tears. “Captain Luo, I will hand over my resignation letter to you tomorrow morning. Please approve it.”

With that, tears streamed down Zhang Jingjing’s face.

Luo Wensheng was stunned. He had nearly forgotten that Zhang Jingjing had made a bet with Song Fei before the competition. Luo Wensheng instinctively looked at Song Fei, wanting to plead on behalf of Zhang Jingjing. “Miss Song Fei, look…” He had just opened his mouth when Song Fei interrupted him.

Song Fei showed Luo Wensheng her palm and rejected him domineeringly. “There’s no room for negotiation. Since you dote on your subordinates so much, Captain Luo, why don’t you resign and give the position of Senior Captain to Zhang Jingjing?”

“If Captain Luo is willing to do it, I am also willing to give in.”

Song Fei was so domineering that she didn’t even take soft or hard approaches. This made Luo Wensheng very troubled.

After confirming that Song Fei wouldn’t let her off, Zhang Jingjing turned to look at Yan Jiang eagerly. Although she didn’t beg Yan Jiang to put in a good word for her, her resentful and pitiful eyes spoke more than a thousand words.

Yan Jiang was determined to side with Song Fei. “Miss Zhang, you must admit defeat. You are already an adult and should be able to afford to lose.”

Yan Jiang’s words shattered all of Zhang Jingjing’s hopes for him.

Zhang Jingjing clenched her fists and said hoarsely to Luo Wensheng, “Goodbye, Captain Luo. I will come and see you tomorrow morning with my resignation letter.” With that, Zhang Jingjing picked up her bag and ran off while wiping her tears.

Luo Wensheng stared at Zhang Jingjing’s back for a while, before turning back worriedly. He patted Yan Jiang’s shoulder and said sheepishly, “Zhang Jingjing’s father is Boss Zhang.”

Yan Jiang said, “What’s there to be afraid of? I have tens of millions of fans on Weibo. If he dares to threaten me, I will dare to threaten him.” Yan Jiang was used to being arrogant. Many years ago, he could already do something like beating up a big boss. How could he be afraid of Zhang Jingjing’s father?

Luo Wensheng admired Yan Jiang’s ruthlessness, but right now, Song Fei was the person that Luo Wensheng cared about the most. Luo Wensheng suddenly pulled Yan Jiang aside and squeezed himself between him and Song Fei.

Luo Wensheng lowered his head and looked at Song Fei with sparkling eyes. He lowered his voice and asked Song Fei mysteriously, “Miss Song Fei, do you know Fox?”

Hearing Fox’s name again, Yan Jiang pricked up his ears.

Song Fei nodded. “She is my teacher.”

“Indeed, a great teacher produces a great disciple!” This was the first time Luo Wensheng was so close to his idol. He was very agitated and asked obsequiously, “How is your mentor? Ever since he retired eight years ago, he has never appeared again. We all miss him very much.”

In everyone’s eyes, Fox had always been a man.

A powerful hacker should be a man! This was the consensus of almost everyone.

Song Fei blinked and lied without hesitation. “My mentor is already dead.”

“Ah?” Luo Wensheng was thunderstruck. “How could…”

“My mentor is not in good health. In the past, he got into a car accident. Although he managed to save his life, various organs in his body also suffered from problems. He passed away two years ago.” As she spoke, Song Fei’s face was filled with sincere sorrow.

Luo Wensheng didn’t doubt Song Fei’s words at all. He was filled with emotion. “F God is my belief. When I was still studying, F God was already a legendary existence. Wanting to meet F God has always been my obsession. Unfortunately, I can’t meet him anymore.”

Song Fei said, “It has been so many years. It’s very nice that you still remember Mentor, Captain Luo.”

Although he couldn’t meet F God, meeting his disciple made up for Luo Wensheng’s regret.

Song Fei was a talent. At the thought of such a talent being hidden by Yan Jiang at home, Luo Wensheng felt that it was a waste of God’s gift. He asked Song Fei shamelessly, “Miss Song Fei, you haven’t been working at the research institute recently, right?”

“I’m not feeling well, so I can’t rush around. I won’t be working this year.”

Hearing this, Luo Wensheng hurriedly offered an olive branch to Song Fei. He said eagerly, “Our monitoring team is short of people now. Look, one will leave tomorrow.”

“Miss Song Fei, if you are willing, you can come to our supervisory team to work. Our benefits here are good—insurance, money, and even weekends off! You don’t need to do any hard work. Just sit down and surf the Internet.”

Song Fei felt like she had entered a pyramid scheme.

“The salary is too low for me.” Song Fei rejected him very straightforwardly.

Thinking that Yan Jiang was still working at the police station, Song Fei didn’t want to offend his colleagues so she said reluctantly, “I can spare two days a week to give you technical guidance.”

As a student of Fox, Song Fei had the right to say such things.

Luo Wensheng felt like he was sitting on a roller coaster, his mood fluctuating wildly. Luo Wensheng was very satisfied that Song Fei was willing to come and give technical guidance to their Internet Surveillance Bureau. “That’s good! Miss Song Fei, we won’t let you come for nothing. How about this, we will pay you per day!”


That was settled.

It was already past 9pm by the time Song Fei and Yan Jiang walked out of the Public Security Bureau building side by side. The two of them didn’t speak as they arrived beside the Hummer.

After boarding the car, Yan Jiang consciously sat in the passenger seat and fastened his seatbelt.

Song Fei driving was the same as her personality—unruly and wild. Yan Jiang had already developed the habit of wearing a seatbelt the first thing he did after boarding the car.

Song Fei lowered her head and started the car. She suddenly heard Yan Jiang say, “Don’t say things like cursing yourself to death in the future.” Luo Wensheng might believe Song Fei’s ridiculous words, but Yan Jiang didn’t.

Song Fei was still unconscious two years ago. Where would this hacker mentor come from?

Song Fei moved the car out of the parking lot and drove into the traffic on the road. She controlled the steering wheel and suddenly told Yan Jiang, “Ah Jiang, I am Fox.”

After the initial shock, Yan Jiang had already calmed down and could accept this fact calmly. Hearing Song Fei’s confession, Yan Jiang nodded mildly. “I already guessed it.”

Song Fei found Yan Jiang’s reaction to be dull and not at all shocked. “Aren’t you curious?”

“It’s not strange for anything to happen to you.” Yan Jiang started to brag about Song Fei. “You have been smart since you were young and are a genius. If you tell me one day that you know how to nourish the heavens, I will also believe that you are Nuwa reincarnation.”

Song Fei was speechless.

She freed up a hand and touched Yan Jiang’s cheek. She thought of something and suddenly used some strength to slap Yan Jiang’s cheek.

Yan Jiang was stunned.

He turned his head in shock and questioned Song Fei indignantly, “Why did you hit me!”

Song Fei glanced at Yan Jiang’s outfit today and pouted. “Why are you dressed so nicely at work? You look like a peacock. No wonder you’re being coveted by your mistress. Can’t you control yourself when you know you’re very charming? Can’t you keep a low profile?”

She couldn’t blame the mistress for being evil. She could only blame Yan Jiang for being too handsome.

Yan Jiang was speechless.

He looked down at his own clothes.

Having been an artist for so many years, Yan Jiang’s fashion sense was naturally top-notch. Even if he had to put on the forensic doctor’s white coat every day at work, he had to wear it exquisitely and stylishly.

For example, today, Yan Jiang was wearing a warm white turtleneck sweater paired with a light blue Chanel jacket. It had been a few months since he came back from Africa and Yan Jiang’s hair had grown longer again. A few days ago, he had dyed his hair a light brown. With this dressing, he exuded the aura of a top celebrity.

Yan Jiang actually smiled after being scolded by Song Fei.

Song Fei frowned in confusion and asked him fiercely, “Why are you smiling?”

Yan Jiang placed his fist on his lips to block the corners of his lips that were about to curl up uncontrollably. When he stopped smiling, Yan Jiang said, “Song Fei, you look so adorable when you’re jealous.”

“Shut up!”

Song Fei pulled down the brim of her hat to cover her reddened ears.

Yan Jiang couldn’t help but laugh.

Considering that her grandfather’s health was deteriorating, Song Ci decided to return to the villa for a long period of time. Han Zhan packed his things and drove back to the villa with Song Ci.

At the entrance of the Cheng Family residence, Song Ci noticed that there were many luxury cars parked at the main entrance of the Cheng Family residence. She saw several familiar faces—they were all distant relatives of the Cheng Family. Song Ci had seen them a few times in her previous life.

Typically, only during major events or important holidays would these distant relatives come.

With so many people and cars, Han Zhan slowed down slightly. Those distant relatives of the Cheng Family heard the sound of wheels and turned to look at Han Zhan’s car. Seeing that it was a Volvo, they retracted their gazes.

Han Zhan looked at the outline of the Cheng Family residence in the rearview mirror and was slightly puzzled. “What happened to the Cheng Family?”

Song Ci touched her wedding ring and said calmly, “I heard that Old Madam Cheng is dying. It will probably happen in the next two days.”

“So sudden?”

Old Madam Cheng was a year younger than Han Aoyu. Last year, the Cheng Family even held a birthday party for Old Madam Cheng. At that time, Old Madam Cheng’s health was not good. She survived the winter, but collapsed in spring when everything was recovering.

Thinking of Han Aoyu, Song Ci suddenly said, “Han Zhan, before giving birth, let’s stay at your grandfather’s house for a long time.”

Han Zhan glanced sideways at Song Ci. This is Song Ci. She is not as smart and cunning as Song Fei, but she also had her cuteness.

“… Okay.”

Han Aoyu was overjoyed to know that Song Ci would always stay here during her pregnancy. He said, “If not for the fact that Song Ci is pregnant, I really want to renovate the house and decorate it like how you youngsters like it.”

“Forget it, Grandpa. It’s quite good like this.” Song Ci saw that Han Aoyu kept staring at her tummy, looking like he wanted to reach out and touch it but was also embarrassed. She smiled knowingly, reached out to hold Han Aoyu’s hand, and gently placed it on her tummy.

Han Aoyu was stunned.

Placing his palm on Song Ci’s flat tummy, Han Aoyu’s heart melted at the thought that this tummy would give birth to a little life and he would cry loudly soon.

“Little great-grandson, I am your great-grandfather!”

Song Ci couldn’t help laughing. She imitated the baby’s tone and said to Han Aoyu, “Great Grandfather, how are you? I am Ban Ban.”

Han Aoyu chuckled. He pulled Song Ci to sit down and hinted at Han Zhan to pour tea for himself. Han Zhan poured tea for his grandfather and heard him suddenly say, “I wonder if the child in Song Ci’s stomach is a boy or a girl.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan hurriedly shot Song Ci a comforting look.

Pregnant mothers hated hearing others discuss the gender of their children.

Song Ci shook her head and smiled at him, indicating that she didn’t mind.

Only then did Han Zhan tell Han Aoyu sternly, “Grandpa, don’t say such things in the future. I like both boys and girls.” Han Zhan thought that Grandpa favored boys over girls and wanted Song Ci to have a boy.

Knowing that Han Zhan had misunderstood him, Han Aoyu lifted his leg and stomped on Han Zhan. He scolded angrily, “Get lost! Which ear of yours heard me despising girls?”

Han Zhan said, “…Your words sounded ambiguous.”

Han Aoyu chuckled. “I am thinking of a name for my future great-grandson. How can I favor boys over girls? Your mother even climbed over my head to behave atrociously when she was young!”

Only then did Han Zhan remain silent.

Instead, Song Ci smiled and asked Han Aoyu, “Grandpa, what nice name do you have? You can tell me.” Song Ci respected Han Aoyu more. It was also an honor for Grandpa to give his child a name.

Han Aoyu thought for a moment and said, “I have high hopes for this child. I want to give him the word ‘Yu’ in my name. If it’s a boy, how about Lingyu? Han Lingyu!”

Han Aoyu named the child in Song Ci’s womb Han Lingyu because he hoped that the child would surpass him in the future.

Song Ci said hesitantly, “This name is too big.”

“Just give him another cheap nickname. Dog Egg, Iron Egg, Stewed Egg, Stupid Egg, Lion…” Han Aoyu listed out more than 10 cheap names in one go.

Song Ci was stunned.

Han Zhan asked, “What if it’s a girl?”

Han Aoyu pondered for a moment before saying, “If she’s a girl, call her Han Jingyu.” Han Aoyu tilted his head to look at Song Ci and asked her, “Song Ci, what do you think? If you don’t like it, just name the baby according to what you like.” He was rather open-minded.

After thinking for a moment, Song Ci said, “I like the name Han Jingyu. As for Han Lingyu…” Song Ci deliberated and said,” I still think this name is too big. How about this? If he is a boy, we will name him Han Zhen. When he is at his youth, we will give him the name ‘Lingyu’. Grandpa, what do you think? ”

Han Aoyu nodded in approval. “Han Zhen is not bad. Let’s do as you say.”

Since giving a secondary name was mentioned, Song Ci suddenly looked at Han Zhan. Han Zhan’s grandmother was a well-educated scholar. When Han Zhan was 20 years old and in his prime, his grandmother might have also given him a secondary name.

Song Ci asked Han Aoyu, “Grandpa, what is Brother Han’s secondary name?”

Hearing Song Ci’s question, Han Zhan suddenly got up and left.

Song Ci looked at Han Zhan’s back view as he hurried upstairs. She was feeling puzzled when she heard Han Aoyu say, “Han Zhan’s secondary name is Zhenhua.”


Song Ci was stunned as the name Lu Zhenhua subconsciously popped into her mind. In “The Mists of Love”, the famous Yi Ping’s father, Lu Zhenhua, had nine wives!

No wonder Han Zhan slipped away so quickly. Hh was embarrassed. “It’s a good name.” Although Lu Zhenhua had already become a meme on the Internet, the word “Zhenhua” was a wonderful name.

It was getting late and Han Aoyu had to sleep. Song Ci watched as Han Aoyu returned to his room, before going upstairs to their room. Standing at the door, Song Ci raised her hand and was about to knock when she thought of something and suddenly stopped.

Song Ci coughed into her hand before slamming the door.

After Han Zhan finished showering, he walked out of the bathroom while drying his hair. He heard Song Ci’s sharp voice outside the door, imitating Auntie Xue’s scolding tone in the television drama “The Mists of Love”. She scolded. “Han Zhenhua! You have nine wives. Am I the only one who made you a cuckold?”

Han Zhan’s brows twitched wildly.

He knew that Song Ci would never let him off.

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