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Chapter 207: Meeting A Love Rival, Needle Hidden in Cotton

The lady boss was going to personally film a promotional video for the airline, so the publicity department had specially found a media company with the best reputation in the country to let them spend the shortest time to come up with the most perfect advertising proposals. After Song Ci finished filming her movie, she would return to film her promotional video.

As they were about to part, Han Zhan started to feel slightly frustrated and couldn’t even calm down at work.

In the end, he simply brought Song Ci along and let her accompany him to work. Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She thought to herself, “I’m only going away for slightly more than a month. It’s not like I won’t be coming back after going abroad. Do you have to be so irritable?”

On the night before Song Ci set off, Han Zhan acted as if he had eaten explosives and acted rather fiercely. Song Ci had completely turned into a broken porcelain doll and laid weakly on the bed.

The next morning, Song Ci woke up to find that she had regained some strength but was feeling very hungry. As she walked out of her room, she could smell the fragrance of breakfast.

Song Ci hurried to the dining room in small steps and saw that Han Zhan had made a variety of breakfasts for her. The eggs were specially made into heart-shaped ones. Song Ci looked at that egg, then looked at Han Zhan who was silently eating with his head lowered.

She sat down, cut the egg open with a knife, took a pair of chopsticks, and started eating slowly. Han Zhan looked up, stared at Song Ci’s gentlemanly eating manner, and suddenly said, “I’m going abroad. Don’t be so refined when eating at the set. You can be more rough.”

Song Ci was confused.

“Why?” Song Ci was totally confused. She didn’t understand what Han Zhan meant.

Han Zhan said with a displeased expression, “Don’t you know that the way you eat is especially alluring?”

Song Ci: What?

Song Ci felt the need to let Han Zhan know the truth. “Brother Han, in this world, you are the only one who finds me eating attractive. This is called beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

“No.” Han Zhan shook his head worriedly. “You are already very charming.” In Han Zhan’s eyes, Song Ci was elegant when she ate, alluring when she walked, witty when she spoke, and radiant when she smiled. She was glowing all over.

Song Ci felt very uncomfortable at Han Zhan’s worried expression. She said, “Brother Han, actually, I’m not as outstanding as you think I am. It’s true. As you can see, when there’s no one else around, I don’t stand or sit well. The top socialite is just an empty shell.”

“The best thing I’ve ever done in my life is to deceive you. If I can’t even handle one of you, how can I provoke anyone else?”

Han Zhan placed his chopsticks on the plate and said, “Anyway, wear a longer dress and smile less at people.”

Song Ci was silent for a few seconds.

She vaguely understood why Han Zhan was so uneasy. She looked very much like her mother, Jiang Shiyu. To be remembered by such a ruthless person like Edward for his entire life, it was enough to show just how charming her mother was.

Moreover, she looked so similar to his mother. With Jiang Shiyu as an example, Han Zhan couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

“Okay.” She agreed.

Although he was very reluctant to part ways with Song Ci, Han Zhan still obediently helped Song Ci move her luggage into the car and personally drove her to the airport. After reaching the airport, Han Zhan used his privileges to accompany Song Ci into the VIP lounge. The two of them sat side by side but didn’t speak.

Only when she heard the boarding call did Song Ci stand up. Han Zhan suddenly grabbed her hand.

Song Ci looked down at Han Zhan and suddenly felt a sense of reluctance. “Brother Han…” She was really afraid that if Han Zhan begged her not to leave, her heart might really soften and she would stay.

But Han Zhan just said, “You must take good care of yourself. I will finish what I am doing as soon as possible, and see if I can spare some time to visit you at work and accompany you for a few days.”

A vibrant smile spread across Song Ci’s face. “Okay.”

Han Zhan pursed his lips and said, “Don’t smile at people like that in future.” Like a little sun, those with dark hearts were most easily attracted to girls with such smiles.

Although Han Zhan looked upright and tall, he actually had a dirty side to him. He didn’t want to admit that he was attracted by Song Ci’s smile from the start.

Hearing this, Song Ci quickly shut her mouth, said goodbye to him, and turned to leave.

As he stared at Song Ci’s departing back view, the warmth in Han Zhan’s eyes dimmed bit by bit, before finally turning cold.

Song Ci slept all the way to France.

When she woke up, it was noon in Paris.

Song Ci alighted from the plane and stood at the airport. She looked up at the bright sun, feeling somewhat lost as she didn’t know where she was. Shaking her head, she sprayed some moisturizing water on her face. Her skin was momentarily stimulated by the cold water and she felt slightly energized.

The car sent by Du Junfei had already arrived at the airport. Song Ci boarded the car with Long Yu and headed for the hotel. Along the way, that female assistant called Tao Tao had given Song Ci a list of the cast and crew so that she could familiarize herself with them in advance.

Song Ci opened the list of actors and saw the male lead.

The male lead was called Damien Bell. He had acted in a major fantasy movie and was slightly famous as the second male lead. However, he was far from being famous.

Song Ci was never familiar with the names of foreigners. To make it easier for her to differentiate them, Song Ci added a “Da Da” under Damien’s name.

She followed this method and wrote down a memorable nickname for each actor.

Turning to the third page, Song Ci saw a Chinese woman in the middle. That woman was wearing a white suit, her black hair dyed brown. It was actually Du Xueyan. Song Ci widened her eyes and asked Tao Tao, “Du Xueyan is also going to be in this show?”

Tao Tao nodded.

“Fang…” Seeing that Du Xueyan was going to play the role of” Fang “, Song Ci asked Tao,” Du Xueyan is going to play the male lead’s junior? “This Fang was the female lead in Coleman’s real life and also one of his admirers. However, Coleman was stubborn and only wanted Rain.

This junior sister’s love was destined to be one-sided.

Tao Tao said, “That’s right. The last time we went to Wangdong City for the pre-selection, we wanted to choose this role. At that time, Director Du had already taken a fancy to Du Xueyan, and Coleman had taken a fancy to you as the female lead. It was a pleasant surprise to find you.”

Knowing that Song Ci was the disciple of a good friend of the director, Tao Tao wanted to please Song Ci and leave a good impression. As a result, he spoke in a nicer manner. But Song Ci’s heart was filled with the words “Du Xueyan” and she didn’t notice any of this.

She felt very stifled. It was the same feeling she had when she ate the chili and discovered that half of the chili was in her chopsticks while the other half was already in her stomach.

Long Yu felt that something was amiss and hurriedly whipped out his cell phone to send Han Zhan a message.

He had just taken out his cell phone when he was stopped by a hand.

Long Yu looked up in shock and saw Song Ci shaking her head at him. “Don’t bother Brother Han over this matter. I will settle it well.” She didn’t want Han Zhan to be involved with his ex anymore.

Long Yu could only nod in agreement. “Alright, I won’t tell Mr. Han.”

Song Ci arrived at the hotel where the film crew was staying and rested for the night to adjust her jet lag. The next morning, she changed into casual clothes and drove with Long Yu to the film set. Han Zhan had already prepared a car for Song Ci and it was still his Aoyu Number 1.

Along the way, Long Yu drove while Song Ci read her own script.

Song Ci arrived slightly later and missed the opening ceremony. She went straight to the filming location.

As soon as Du Junfei saw her, she asked the fashion consultant to bring Song Ci for a fitting. The female lead didn’t have many scenes and would only have 20 minutes of screen time after the movie was edited. However, there were as many as 10 outfits and four of them were luxury, custom-made gowns.

Those outfits were all tailored according to Song Ci’s body size, and their style was very similar to Chanel’s style in the 1980s. Song Ci asked the stylist, “These outfits are designed according to Chanel?”

The stylist said, “It’s not an imitation. These were all collected by Chanel in the 1980s. This black dress in your hands was worn by the French supermodel INDRFressange.”

Song Ci was shocked.

She stroked the fashion jewel in her hand and felt very emotional. Someone once said that Du Junfei’s work was worthy of being called a work of art. Every frame and scene could be portrayed in a movie poster.

It was indeed Du Junfei’s work. Everything about it was lavish.

Song Ci changed into every outfit. The stylist thought it was okay and ticked it.

Song Ci had just changed into a black tube dress when she heard someone say, “Coleman is here!”

“Perfect timing.” The stylist pulled Song Ci out of the changing room. She called out to Coleman. “Coleman, I believe Song Ci will definitely be the perfect female lead.”

At the sound of Song Ci’s name, Coleman lifted his head and looked over.

Coleman’s pupils quivered when he saw Song Ci in a Chanel black tube dress. His eyes then turned hazy. The stylist was dumbstruck, but Song Ci’s heart ached for him.

Coleman must have recalled his first love.

Song Ci walked up to Coleman and said, “Coleman, do I meet your expectations?” After asking the question, Song Ci remembered that Coleman didn’t like being asked questions. She was about to say something else when Coleman said, “You are truly a gift from heaven.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Are all French men so romantic?

Coleman rubbed his eyes and turned to leave.

He had arrived suddenly and left in a hurry, as if he had specially come over just to look at Song Ci.

Du Junfei saw Song Ci’s expression and suddenly waved at her. “Song Ci, go on stage. Wear this outfit and I will take some publicity photos for you.” Song Ci walked over.

The film crew was filming the scene of Coleman meeting his best friend, Lyme, on his first trip to the orchestra. Lyme was Rain’s elder brother.

After filming one scene, Du Junfei let the two actors rest first. He gave Song Ci a violin and let her go on stage to shoot the publicity photos. Song Ci carried the violin and stood on stage.

Du Junfei personally took 10 publicity photos of Song Ci and handed them to his assistant Tao Tao so that she could pass them to the post-production artist. Song Ci handed the violin to the prop master and was about to step down from the stage, when she saw Du Xueyan entering the set with her assistant.

Du Xueyan was wearing a camel grey coat today. Her lovely long curly hair was draped behind her head, and her 10cm high heels accentuated her tall, slender figure. She looked very imposing.

Her assistant, Tong Xin, brought two people along and sent coffee to each of the colleagues present. Du Xueyan walked over to Du Junfei and apologized. “Director Du, I am sorry I’m late because of an interview.

Du Xueyan was so famous that even Du Junfei didn’t say anything. “Go and change clothes.”


Du Xueyan turned to leave but was suddenly stopped by Du Junfei. “Wait, the female lead has already arrived. You also have two scenes with her in the movie. Do you want to get to know her first?”

In the movie, after Rain and Coleman got to know each other, Fang and Rain had two scenes together. The dialogue was like a needle hidden in silk.

They could be considered love rivals.

Du Xueyan was slightly shocked. “The female lead is here? Where?”

“On stage.”

Du Xueyan looked up at the stage.

On stage, the prop crew was moving their instruments. It was a hurried scene, but Du Xueyan saw Song Ci at first glance. Song Ci was simply too dazzling. Standing on stage, she felt like everyone was just a background, while she was the main character under the lights.

Du Xueyan had always known that Song Ci was very fair—the kind of natural fairness that many actresses sought after. But wearing a black dress, Song Ci really looked like a top-grade Song Ci—clean, delicate, and beautiful.

Realizing that Song Ci was the female lead of the movie, Du Xueyan’s expression was slightly complicated. She and Song Ci had gone for an interview on the day of the pre-selection, but the director had chosen Song Ci to be the female lead.

She had lost to Song Ci.

Song Ci lifted the sides of her dress and walked down the side steps to walk up to Du Xueyan. “Hello, Miss Du, we meet again.” The last time they met was at the auditions of “Le Chi.”

Du Xueyan quickly regained her composure and stretched out her right hand. “Hello, Ms. Song. I didn’t expect that we would be able to work together and film a movie one day. Ms. Song, are you planning to make a name for yourself in the entertainment circles?”

Smiling, Du Xueyan said meaningfully, “I heard that Ms. Song is already married. How could that person from your family bear to let you step into this huge vat of pollution?” It was common knowledge that the entertainment circle was a huge vat of pollution.

Du Xueyan had purposely mentioned that person in Song Ci’s family. She was obviously trying to drag Han Zhan out to stir up trouble.

Song Ci grabbed Du Xueyan’s hand and said the most hurtful words with her most beautiful smile. “Miss Du, you probably still don’t understand. Han Zhan has never been a stumbling block in the pursuit of my dreams. He is the kind of person who, if I want to fly, he is willing to be my stepping stone and let me fly higher.”

Hearing that, Du Xueyan’s peerlessly beautiful face changed slightly. “Is… is that so? That Mr. Han is rather magnanimous.” Du Xueyan smiled very far-fetchedly. Her smile was even uglier than her crying face.

Song Ci went along with Du Xueyan’s words. “Of course my Brother Han is magnanimous.” She looked at Du Xueyan playfully and said, “Although he was once hurt by the famous Miss Du, he still supports my decision to act.”

Du Xueyan was deeply shocked to suddenly hear about the past between her and Han Zhan from Song Ci.

It was the first time she lost her composure in front of a stranger. She asked Song Ci in a hoarse voice, “You know about Han Zhan and me?” She thought that she was a secret that Han Zhan would never tell Song Ci.

Song Ci smiled calmly and said, “Who hasn’t been in a few relationships before? You’re the person Brother Han once openly liked. Of course he can mention you to me openly.”

“It is never a shameful thing to like someone. It is a shameful thing to abandon someone. Don’t you agree, Miss Du?”

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