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Chapter 203: Zeus International’s CEO, Han Zhan!

After Song Ci and Han Zhan left, Jiang Bi got up and went to the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and looked at the steak. Seeing that it had thawed, she asked Han Wangwang, “Do you want the Wellington steak?”


Jiang Bi grilled the steak on both sides for a minute to seal the gravy. Han Wangwang was cutting onions at the side, crying as she cut. Jiang Bi couldn’t stand it anymore and snatched the knife from her hand. “I’ll cut it, you go out and play games.”

“Alright then.”

Han Wangwang walked to the carpet in the living room and sat down. She leaned back against the sofa and was about to play chicken on her cell phone, when she saw a message from her little uncle.

Han Wangwang opened the message.

Little Uncle: [Have you had a boyfriend before?]

Han Wangwang widened her eyes.

What’s going on?

Why is little uncle concerned about my personal love life?

Han Wangwang: [I am as beautiful as a flower. I can be a school bully and a school genius. What is a boyfriend? If I want something to waste my time, energy, and money on, I might as well play a few more games.]

Han Zhan saw Han Wangwang’s reply and thought to himself, Oh no, my niece doesn’t seem to be interested in men.

After hesitating for a moment, Han Zhan asked Han Wangwang: [What do you think of Jiang Bi?]

Han Wangwang knew how vigilant Han Zhan was. He was the kind of person who would only feel at ease, if he investigated the information of the entire community before moving.

Thinking that Han Zhan was suspicious of Jiang Bi and worried about her, Han Wangwang praised Jiang Bi. [Jiang Bi? Jiang Bi is a very nice person. She is very kind, caring and respectful. I love playing with her the most.]

Han Zhan’s heart turned slightly cold.

There were some things that were rather difficult to say out loud. Han Zhan reminded Han Wangwang from the side: [Wangwang, you need to be careful when dating. You don’t like someone just because you have a good impression of them.]

Although she felt that her little uncle’s words were rather strange, Han Wangwang still replied with an “okay”.

Han Zhan saw that Han Wangwang had replied with the word “okay” and instantly felt that he might have been overthinking things. Han Wangwang was an upright young lady and no one in the family was indecent. Wangwang and Jiang Bi were both girls and it was normal for children to hug and lift each other up high.

Han Wangwang played a round of games and the steak in the oven was ready. Jiang Bi took out the steak and let it cool for a while before cutting it and putting it on the plate. “Eat.” Jiang Bi carried the food to the table.

Han Wangwang tossed her cell phone aside and sat down at the table.

Looking at the delicious food, Han Wangwang hugged Jiang Bi’s shoulder and praised her. “Jiang Bi, you are a treasure. You are so awesome. Can I marry you in the future? You will cook for me forever!”

Jiang Bi smiled and handed the cutlery to Han Wangwang. “Eat.”

Han Wangwang took the cutlery and concentrated on eating. The two of them didn’t speak much during the meal. After the meal, Han Wangwang pulled Jiang Bi to the center to play games.

Han Wangwang wanted to get some beauty sleep at 10pm. “I am going to bed now. You can send me to the airport tomorrow morning.”


Jiang Bi and Han Wangwang went upstairs together.

Jiang Bi opened the door to the master bedroom and entered. Only then did she realize that Han Wangwang had also followed her in. Jiang Bi fell silent suspiciously before saying to Han Wangwang, “There’s a guest bedroom next door. The bedsheets are laid out.”

Han Wangwang hugged Jiang Bi’s hand. She said, “I am leaving tomorrow. I might have to transfer to the Southern Medical University next semester. It won’t be easy to meet you in the future. Can I sleep with you tonight and talk?”

Jiang Bi thought about it and agreed.

The bed was very wide and Jiang Bi slept at the side. The 1.8-meter bed was left for Han Wangwang at 1.4 meters. Afraid that Jiang Bi would fall off, Han Wangwang rolled to the middle of the bed and hugged Jiang Bi’s shoulder. “Why are you so far away? Sleep in a little more. I don’t have any thorns on me!”

Jiang Bi’s body stiffened at Han Wangwang’s hug.

After a while, Jiang Bi crossed her legs, turned over, and slept on her side. Han Wangwang murmured in her ear, talking a lot about her many years of winning prizes.

Only when it was almost midnight did Han Wangwang finally fall asleep.

After she fell asleep, Jiang Bi stared greedily at Han Wangwang’s face for a long time.

The next morning, Jiang Bi sent Han Wangwang to the airport.

Arriving at the airport, Jiang Bi opened the boot and handed a huge bag of snacks to Han Wangwang. Han Wangwang looked at the bag and saw that it was filled with her favorite snacks. She was so moved that she hugged Jiang Bi. “Jiang Bi, I love you the most!”

Jiang Bi’s lips curled into a smile. “Hurry up and go check your tickets. Don’t miss your flight.”


Jiang Bi watched as Han Wangwang went to inspect the tickets and entered the waiting hall, before driving back to the Jiang Family residence.

It was 27th December and the festive season was getting more and more intense. A few days ago, Liang Bo moved into a new house and got into a new car. He invited his friends over and they had a lively meal together. On 27th, he officially invited Song Ci over for dinner.

Song Ci brought the gifts she had prepared to Liang Bo’s house. Seeing Liang Bo living alone in a 300-square-meter large house, Song Ci felt that it was very luxurious.

Liang Bo was not a good cook, but to show his sincerity, he got up early in the morning and cooked a sumptuous meal for Song Ci. Before the meal, the two of them sat down at the table. Song Ci picked up her chopsticks and was about to eat when she thought of Han Zhan.

She suddenly said to Liang Bo, “Liang Bo, let’s take a photo together and show everyone your culinary skills.”

“Alright! Wait for me to go get my hair done.” Liang Bo, who was troubled by the burden of being an idol, quickly ran to the toilet, styled his hair and tidied his collar. Only then did he return to the dining room to take a photo with Song Ci.

After taking a few group photos, Song Ci edited her and Liang Bo’s photos to perfection, before posting them on her social media. Song Ci: [Liang Ge’s culinary skills are not bad. The future Mrs. Liang is very fortunate.]

Song Ci’s friends were all praising Liang Bo’s culinary skills. His dishes were enticing and he was a good man. Whoever married him would be blessed.

It was almost the new year and Zeus Corporation had also prepared red packets and New Year gifts for each and every one of their employees. Zeus Corporation was newly established this year and had packed very thick red packets with very practical gifts.

Han Zhan and Bei Zhan arrived at the restaurant downstairs. Hearing that the employees were all talking about how rich the New Year’s gift was and the many red packets, Han Zhan felt very happy.

“Eh?” Bei Zhan suddenly exclaimed.

Han Zhan looked over at Bei Zhan and saw that he was still scrolling through his phone while eating. He lectured him. “As the vice-president of a major international corporation, do you think it’s appropriate to play with your phone during mealtime?”

What about his image?

Bei Zhan felt very aggrieved. He said, “I’ve already been so busy during work hours, why can’t I look at my social media when I’m eating?”

Han Zhan smiled at him. “A middle-aged internet addict.”

Bei Zhan sneered and put down his cell phone. He looked at Han Zhan with some pity and said to him, “Mr. Han, I suggest you immediately take out your cell phone and look at your social media. You’re having a meal with a man like me, while sister-in-law has the company of a gorgeous man. This difference…”

Some people looked all high and mighty on the surface, but in reality, their wives were about to cheat on them.

Hearing this, Han Zhan frowned slightly. He hurriedly took out his cell phone and opened up his social media account. Looking around, he didn’t see any updates from Song Ci. Han Zhan asked Bei Zhan, “Song Ci updated her social media account?”

“That’s right, didn’t you see?” Bei Zhan thought for a moment, and his expression suddenly became very interesting. “Mr. Han, could it be that sister-in-law blocked you?!” There would come a day when someone blocked Han Zhan too!

[fuzzy]Han Zhan’s face darkened as he opened Song Ci’s profile and entered her social media account. However, he realized that she no longer opened it to him.

Han Zhan was speechless.

He hurriedly took up Bei Zhan’s cell phone and entered Song Ci’s profile page. He saw that these few days, Song Ci had secretly updated three posts behind his back.

The first status was a photo with the main leads being Song Ci and Liang Bo. The two of them were pressed their heads together and smiled annoyingly.

In the second post, Song Ci held a fish in her left hand and a knife in her right. Someone stood aside and took a photo of her killing a fish. Song Ci captioned: [Domestic violence is against the law. Killing a fish is not against the law, right?]

The third post was posted on the night he quarreled with Song Ci. Song Ci posted: [Love is straightforward and hatred is clear. I hate being used by others and being treated like a fool.]

Han Zhan was speechless.

Bei Zhan asked in a low voice, “Sister-in-law really blocked you?”

“…Mmm.” Han Zhan only felt a sense of desolation as the food on his plate lost its flavor.

Only after Bei Zhan had seen enough of Han Zhan’s joke did his expression turn serious. He asked Han Zhan, “You and Song Ci have a conflict? Do you mind telling me?”

Han Zhan naturally couldn’t tell Bei Zhan about his father. He said concisely, “It’s like this. I did something wrong. I deceived and hid the truth from Song Ci. I intended to use her feelings for me to take revenge on someone.”

Bei Zhan thought that there was just a small conflict between Han Zhan and Song Ci. He didn’t expect the problem to be so serious. “What couples are most afraid of is lying about their feelings and exploiting them. You have done both. You should be thankful that she just blacklisted you from WeChat and not the household register.”

Han Zhan also knew that his initial thoughts were very despicable. These few days, he had been thinking of how to apologize to Song Ci, but he felt like he had fallen into a deep pit. Unable to find an exit, unable to think of a solution, he just kept dragging it out.

Thinking that Bei Zhan was a father now and that he must be very experienced in dealing with conflicts between husband and wife, Han Zhan humbly asked him, “Bei Zhan, tell me, what should I do?”

Bei Zhan spread his hands. “Do you know how your sister-in-law tried to make me stay after I found out that she used me as a substitute?”

Bei Zhan’s wife was called Han Qingshen. She was the female CEO of the Empire Entertainment and controlled many entertainment companies in the country.

Han Qingshen had once loved a man in university. Later on, that man broke up with her in order to pursue fame and fortune. He then traveled far and wide to travel to America and was now an internationally-renowned male celebrity.

fBei Zhan was related to that man and they looked somewhat alike.

The first time Han Qingshen met Bei Zhan was at a hotel. She got drunk and seduced him into bed. After that, Han Qingshen started wooing Bei Zhan. The female CEO was full of tricks and this innocent Bei Zhan was quickly conquered by Han Qingshen.

The two of them quickly fell in love and were about to get married, when Hanqing’s first love returned.

During that time, the three of them were at odds with each other. Every day was a disaster. Later on, Bei Zhan discovered that he was just a substitute that Han Qingshen had found. In his despair, he broke up with Han Qingshen.

Han Qingshen was scared out of her wits. She coaxed Bei Zhan for a long time, before finally coaxing him back to her side.

The incident between Bei Zhan and his wife back then was rather serious. Han Zhan had also heard of it, but didn’t know the details. Han Zhan hurriedly asked Bei Zhan, “How did Sister-in-law do it?”

Bei Zhan put down his chopsticks and crossed his arms over his chest. Leaning back in his chair, he said in a low voice, “The first step she did was to ask that first love of hers to a martial arts school and beat him up so badly that he collapsed to the ground crying bitterly. She even took a photo of her beating him up and sent it to me to prove that she no longer had any feelings for her first love.”

So ruthless?

This first step stunned Han Zhan.

“The second step she did was to hold a press conference to openly confess to me and propose to me at the press conference.”

Han Zhan still remembered this incident. At that time, Han Qingshen publicly declared her love for Bei Zhan and proposed to him at the press conference. It was widely known by the entire country.

“Thirdly, she blocked my door with a watermelon in her left hand and a watermelon knife in her right…” Bei Zhan rubbed his face and said with a numb and helpless expression,” She cut that watermelon and handed me the knife stained with watermelon juice. She said to me, ‘Bei Zhan, the knife is for you. If I have anything to do with Bei Tangzhi again, you will use this knife to kill me. ”

“To this day, that knife is still on the table in our study.”

After hearing this, Han Zhan was completely stunned. “S-Sister-in-law is so wild?”

Bei Zhan’s lips curled up. “So what? I like wild things too.”

Han Zhan didn’t want to eat their public display of affection. “Enjoy your meal. I’ll get going first.” Han Qingshen was a girl who could do such a wild thing just to win back her beloved. Han Zhan felt that he should learn from Han Qingshen.

Wangdong TV Station was holding a Spring Festival Gala tonight and Liang Bo was one of the singers invited.

Liang Bo had been very popular over the past six months and had achieved very good results on his first album. He was now very famous and the gala program team had placed his performance third in line.

Meanwhile, the first show was a large-scale singing and dancing opening for the new year. The second show was veteran Mr. Zhang Zhengwei performing “Happy New Year” with a hundred children. The third show was Liang Bo’s individual performance. It could be seen just how much Wangdong TV Station valued and favored Liang Bo.

It took some effort for Zhu Wen to get this line up.

Every time he collaborated with Song Ci, Liang Bo’s performance would always be spectacular. After obtaining the approval of the broadcasting station, Liang Bo decided to invite Song Ci to accompany him.

After lunch, the two of them packed up and brought their outfits to the television station.

Liang Bo had his own personal stylist team and Song Ci also trusted Ai Lun, so they each brought their own stylists. When Ai Lun knew that Song Ci was Liang Bo’s personal composer, his eyes widened in shock.

“Song Song, is there anything you don’t know?”

“I won’t pee while standing.” Song Ci saw that there was no one around and made a joke.

Ai Lun gave Song Ci a pat on the shoulder. “Hey, Song Song, why are you so naughty?”

Song Ci covered her mouth and laughed before saying, “Although I am a pilot, music is something I have been learning since a young age. I am still talented in music.”

“Song Song is so awesome.”

Ai Lun helped Song Ci put on makeup as he said, “I heard that a mysterious big boss will be performing on stage tonight.”

Big boss?

After thinking for a moment, Song Ci asked, “Which big boss?”

“I am not sure about that. Isn’t the epidemic very serious this year? So many people have died. I heard that there will be a memorial event tonight and a big boss from the business world will be performing a memorial service.”

“Is that so? Who is it?”

“There are some rumors that it might be Chuan Dong’s new CEO, Master Cheng.”

Cheng Yanmo?

Chuan Dong Group had always been a loving and patriotic corporation. During this year’s epidemic, Chuan Dong Group had donated quite a bit of money and medical supplies. As a representative, Cheng Yanmo was suitable to perform the eulogy.

After putting on her makeup, Song Ci picked up her cell phone and saw that Han Zhan had sent her a message a minute ago.

Han Sanpang: [Baby Ci, where are you?]

Song Ci: [I have something on tonight and am going on Wangdong TV Station’s Spring Festival Gala with Liang Bo. I might not be home until midnight.] Although their relationship was strained, Song Ci still told Han Zhan her whereabouts obediently so that he wouldn’t worry.

Han Zhan: [I will wait for you then.]

Song Ci thought that Han Zhan was waiting for her at home and thought it was funny: Where did that healthy man who used to sleep at least 10pm go?

The party started at 8pm sharp.

The stage was filled with vibrant colors and the audience was in high spirits. Liang Bo’s show was ranked third and he was quickly brought to the backstage by the program team. Song Ci put on her mask and held her violin as she stood by another lift, waiting to go on stage.

Tonight, Liang Bo was going to sing his album’s leading song, “Like the Wind”. Song Ci was his only accompaniment.

After the veteran Mr. Zhang went on stage, Song Ci and Liang Bo stood at the lift, ready to go on stage. Song Ci was actually rather nervous. The last time she performed in front of so many people was when she was 13 years old and participated in the National Violin Competition.

She took a deep breath, lowered her head, and kissed the strings of the violin. She then got into position and closed her eyes to gather her emotions.

The lift slowly rose. Song Ci could feel the dazzling light shining on her. She held the violin in her left hand, her thumb and index finger gently pinching the neck of the violin. Her entire being was one with the violin.

She couldn’t hear the applause or the din.

Below the stage, countless eyes were fixed on the man and woman who were slowly ascending the stage.

The young man was wearing a black, high-necked, cashmere sweater and a slim-fit suit jacket. He had an exaggerated diamond necklace around his neck and his curly hair was done in a lazy manner, making him look casual and charismatic.

Liang Bo was sitting on a high stool with his left leg draped over it and his right leg resting at an angle. He was looking sideways at the girl in front of him.

That girl had a voluptuous figure. She was round and smooth, with straight, white, sexy shoulders. She was wearing a black strapless bare-back dress, with shoulder-length hair that was half tied and half draped.

Her red lips were extremely lovely and lovely. A thin white mask covered the top half of her face. The camera zoomed in on her gently shut eyes. Her lashes were long and curly with sparkling stars.

Below the stage, many people were captivated by this girl’s bearing and mannerism.

Some people were whispering.

“Who is the girl on stage with Liang Bo?”

“Doesn’t she look familiar?”

“A little.”

But no matter how they guessed, they couldn’t guess that woman’s identity.

Below the stage, Han Zhan sat in the crowd in a low profile. His gaze pierced through the beautiful lights and landed on Song Ci. His heart started racing again. They had already cohabited for half a year, but time had not worn away his fondness for her. He would still be moved by the charm she inadvertently released.

That’s my girl!

Han Zhan clenched the seat tightly with both hands. He had the urge to rush onto the stage and carry Song Ci away, but he had to endure it. Bear with it. Soon, everyone would know that she’s mine.

The low, sobbing sound of the violin echoed throughout the entire venue. The sound of the violin had a demonic quality to it. It soothed one’s restless heart and calmed one down. Song Ci’s violin and Liang Bo’s singing intertwined like sobs.

[Like wind and rain, you can reach out your hand but can’t grasp it]

[Like me and you, so close yet so far apart in a kiss.]

Liang Bo’s voice sounded like he was slightly tipsy and had tears streaming down his face after drinking. There was a tinge of pain, a hint of unwillingness, and a stubborn determination to die without giving up. Song Ci’s violin was like a thin whip, snapping the last bit of hope in his voice.

This was the first time Han Zhan heard this song. No matter how ignorant he was of music, he knew that this song was very outstanding. He secretly took out his cell phone and entered the lyrics of this song. Only then did he know that this song’s name was “Like the Wind”.

Han Zhan searched again and saw the song introduction:

“Like the Wind”

Singer: Liang Bo.

Composer: Cherry.

Composer: Cherry.

Cherry was Song Ci’s stage name.

Han Zhan was slightly stunned. The lyrics of this song were written by Song Ci?

— Like wind and rain, one could reach out but not grasp onto it. Like me and you, so close yet so far apart in a kiss.

Everything written by a person was based on her own experiences. How did Song Ci write this song? Could it be that Song Ci had already noticed my own struggle and hesitation?

Han Zhan couldn’t bear to think further.

He looked up at the girl on stage in a daze, his eyes filled with pain and guilt.

At some point, Song Ci had already opened her eyes. She strutted over to Liang Bo in her high heels. Standing in front of him, Song Ci placed the violin in one hand by her lap and rested her other hand on his shoulder.

Liang Bo wrapped his arms around Song Ci’s waist. The two of them danced a sad tango under the accompaniment.

Han Zhan automatically turned Liang Bo into a blurry mess of mosaics. All he could see was Song Ci’s dancing figure. He knew that Song Ci was a vixen. She was lovable and adorable when she was chatty, elegant and lovely when she was quiet. How could there be such a contradictory and alluring woman in this world?

At this moment, Han Zhan suddenly understood his father’s obsession with Jiang Shiyu.

There was a kind of love that was hard to control.

After Song Ci and Liang Bo got off the stage, they changed their outfits and went to find their seats to watch the rest of the show.

Song Ci took off her gown and changed into a white, embroidered regal gown. She appeared in the audience in a low-profile manner. No one associated her with that mysterious violinist on stage.

Song Ci sat down at her own seat. She took out her cell phone and glanced at it. Yan Jiang had sent her a message a few minutes ago.

Yan Jiang said, [You were very outstanding tonight.]

Song Ci: [You recognized me?]

Yan Jiang: [I will recognize you even if you turn to ashes.]

There were several hundred people in the audience. Song Ci couldn’t find Yan Jiang. She asked him: [Where are you?]

Yan Jiang: [I am preparing backstage. There is a show tonight.]

Song Ci: [Didn’t you agree to leave the industry?]

Yan Jiang: [How can I really just give up everything?]

Song Ci didn’t waste Yan Jiang’s time.


Yan Jiang was wearing a grey, high-cut suit with dark brown hair and light makeup. He was also the most handsome man in the entertainment circles.

Ah Lun was no longer in the entertainment circles, after Yan Jiang left the scene. He took the money Yan Jiang gave him and opened a photography studio. Knowing that Yan Jiang was going on stage tonight, Ah Lun came running errands for him again.

Gazing at Yan Jiang’s face, Ah Lun sighed. “Brother Jiang, it’s a huge loss for the entertainment circles now that you’ve retired.”

Yan Jiang said, “Bullsh*t. For someone like me who can’t sing well and has terrible acting skills, it will be an insult to the entertainment circles if I don’t leave the scene.” Yan Jiang knew his own capabilities very well.

He stood up and stared at the man’s face in the mirror for a long while before saying, “Apart from this face, I am actually useless.”

Ah Lun pursed his lips.

“Oh yes, there was a sudden change in personnel for your show. It was originally planned to be recited together with a few celebrities. This afternoon, the production team suddenly changed their plans and replaced those celebrities. They said that they wanted to invite several well-known entrepreneurs from Wangdong City to recite it.”

“So later, the people working with you will turn from Jiang Quan and the rest to mysterious business moguls.”

Hearing this, Yan Jiang was slightly surprised but didn’t have any other thoughts. The production team was the real father. Yan Jiang was already used to having someone replaced at the last minute.

Picking up the lines, Yan Jiang saw that the lines were all in alphabetical order. He raised an eyebrow. “This Y is me?”

“Yes, Brother Jiang, the order of your recital hasn’t changed. It’s still those same poems.”

“Mmm.” As long as his order remained the same, Yan Jiang had no objections. Yan Jiang stared at the other letters with the words “C, H, J” and asked Ah Lun, “These are the three mysterious big shots?”

“Mmm.” Ah Lun frowned. “I heard that this C is very likely to be Chuan Dong Group’s Cheng Yanmo, Master Cheng. This J seems to be the young master of the Jiang Family, Jiang Guchuan. As for this H, no one really knows.”

If this news got out, it’s very likely true.

As for this mysterious H…

Yan Jiang closed the script and closed his eyes to rest. “Call me when it’s time. I’ll take a nap.” Being a forensic doctor was even more tiring than being a celebrity. He didn’t even have enough time to sleep and slept even less with Song Fei.

No way. I’ll resign when the internship period expired. It’s too tiring to be a forensic doctor, I should just go back to being a celebrity.

Thinking of this, Yan Jiang actually fell asleep in his chair. Ever since he had Song Fei by his side, Yan Jiang’s bad habit of being unable to fall asleep was almost cured.

An hour had passed when Ah Lun woke him up.

Yan Jiang woke up and instinctively wanted to rub his eyes. Ah Lun quickly stopped him. “Don’t rub. Every eyelash of yours is fixed. Don’t ruin the shape.”

Yan Jiang clicked his tongue and impatiently put on his hat. Holding his speech with one hand, he walked out of the dressing room.

Yan Jiang arrived at the back of the stage. From afar, he could see three men, each taller than the other.

The man on the left was wearing a light blue suit. His hairstyle was very exquisite and his skin was rather fair. He shouldn’t be too old. Ah Lun told Yan Jiang, “The man on the left is the young master of the Jiang Family.”

Yan Jiang asked, “Which Jiang family?”

“The Jiang Family of Wonderful Medicine Group.”

Yan Jiang nodded. “That adopted son of Jiang Weimin, right? Jiang Guchuan?” This Jiang Guchuan was an old acquaintance of Yan Jiang. About three years ago, at a dinner party, a sugar mommy took a fancy to Yan Jiang and wanted to sponsor him. He threw the card in front of him and asked him if he was calculating by the days and the months.

With Yan Jiang’s bad temper, he was so angry that he pinned her to the ground and gave her a good beating. He then stuffed the card into that sugar mommy’s mouth and said, “I count with my fists.”

That sugar mommy was a good friend of Jiang Guchuan.

To be friends with such trash, Jiang Guchuan must not be a good person either. Yan Jiang continued walking forward lazily.

“The man in the middle is Master Cheng.”


]Yan Jiang wasn’t familiar with Cheng Yanmo, but he had a deep impression of his brother, Cheng Ziang. It was that guy who hurt Song Ci in her previous life. As that bastard’s elder brother, Cheng Yanmo must be nothing.

Amongst the three collaborators, Yan Jiang labeled two of them as “bad guys.”

As for the last one…

Ah Lun had a strange look on his face. “As for the last tallest one,” he said.” He’s—” Before Ah Lun could finish, the tall man turned.

A handsome face and a pair of unique, deep blue-gray eyes. Who else could it be but that old fogey from Song Ci’s family?

Yan Jiang stopped in his tracks and pouted. He said to Ah Lun, who was beside him, “I know this person. He’s my brother-in-law.”

The 32-year-old Han Zhan was speechless.

Hearing Yan Jiang’s voice, Cheng Yanmo and Jiang Guchuan turned at the same time. Nodding at Yan Jiang, they turned around and stared at the script in their hands.

They looked down on celebrities.

Yan Jiang walked up to Han Zhan and said, “Mr. Han, Master Cheng is the president of Chuan Dong International and Mr. Jiang is the young master of the Wonderful Medicine Group. What about you?”

Han Zhan had never shown himself in public. Since he had come to the venue of the Spring Festival Gala today, he must have some ulterior motives.

Han Zhan glanced at Yan Jiang playfully without batting an eyelid. He said calmly, “CEO of Zeus Corporation.”

Yan Jiang pursed his lips and remained silent.

Hearing this, Cheng Yanmo’s eyes darkened while Jiang Guchuan widened his eyes. Jiang Guchuan looked at Han Zhan in astonishment, unable to conceal the shock in his eyes.

Yan Jiang nudged Han Zhan’s shoulder. “Brother-in-law, you scared Mr. Jiang.”

Han Zhan glanced at Jiang Guchuan but didn’t intend to speak to him. He quickly looked away.

With just a casual glance from Han Zhan, Jiang Guchuan’s heart was in turmoil. This man called Han Zhan is actually Zeus Corporation’s CEO? That legendary elusive boss?

No wonder…

No wonder that woman Song Ci would marry a handicap. With such a handicap filled with diamonds, which woman wouldn’t want to marry him?

Below the stage, the four men had different thoughts and didn’t speak. Only a few seconds before they were about to go on stage did Cheng Yanmo tilt his head and say to Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, happy collaboration.”

]Han Zhan nodded with a slightly serious expression. “It’s time to go on stage.”

On stage, the host went off script and said, “Since ancient times, natural disasters and man-made disasters are the most heartless. This year, a virus has spread across the entire world, and the number of deaths due to the virus has already reached XX million. Our country has a total of XX deaths. This is not just a cold number, but behind it are many living creatures! And families that should have been happy and reunited one after another!”

“On this day that should be a family reunion, how many families will never be able to return to their families? How many children have lose their parents?”

“Disasters are heartless, but people are compassionate. Tonight, we are gathered together to deeply mourn those compatriots who died in the disaster.”

“Next, let’s invite the vice president of the Wonderful Pharmaceutical Group, Mr. Jiang Guchuan, the president of Chuan Dong Group, Mr. Chuan Dong Group. CEO of Zeus International, Mr. Han Zhan, and our country’s young actor, Mr. Yan Jiang, to recite ‘Rest Assured’ for us!”

Everyone was stunned by the host’s words.


What did we just hear?

Who is Zeus Corporation’s CEO?

Han Zhan?

Is it the Han Zhan we know?

Many people suspected that they had heard wrongly!

Song Ci was also dumbstruck. She was already feeling drowsy, but now she was completely jolted awake.

Song Ci sat up straight and looked up to see four handsome men with broad shoulders and narrow waists striding side by side towards the stage.

Handsome men were everywhere, but Song Ci only had eyes for Han Zhan.

The other three were all wearing high-quality men’s clothing. Only Han Zhan was wearing the white sweater that Song Ci had knitted for him. But this old fogey Han Zhan had his own aura. Even though he was wearing the cute, simple, and honest national treasure panda sweater, his aura was still devastating!

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