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Chapter 202: Everytime I Treat You Well, I Can’t Help It

Han Zhan had been kicked and punched before, but this was the first time he had been slapped.

Han Zhan slowly turned back and looked at Song Ci. Song Ci was so agitated that her face was red. Her right hand, which had hit Han Zhan, was still trembling. He was the one who had been hit, but Han Zhan’s heart ached for her.

Han Zhan tried to reach out to pinch Song Ci’s hand. Song Ci struggled but couldn’t break free. Han Zhan touched Song Ci’s reddened palm and looked down, covering the regret and guilt in his eyes. He asked Song Ci, “Baby Ci, is it very painful?”

Song Ci looked at her own hand and then at Han Zhan’s newly-formed left cheek, even breathing hurt.

“Han Zhan, the motive of our marriage was never pure. From the start, I needed your protection and used your identity to take revenge on Mu Mian. I used you, so of course you can also use me—this is very fair. But Han Zhan, can’t you be like me, using me openly? Must you be so despicable? Must you make me feel disgusted!”

When the word “disgusted” escaped from Song Ci’s lips, Han Zhan’s heart was in turmoil. He grabbed Song Ci’s wrist tightly and looked up at her, the whites of his gray-blue eyes bloodshot.

“Song Ci, let me finish.” Han Zhan sounded very anxious, afraid that Song Ci would leave him behind.

Song Ci suppressed the anger and resentment in her heart and struggled to maintain her calm. Gritting her teeth, she said, “Tell me. Tell me everything clearly.”

Han Zhan told Song Ci, “Initially, I brought you over from the Mu Family to cohabit with me because I had ulterior motives. But on the first day we cohabited, I accidentally broke your precious box and discovered that the buckle that you treated like a treasure for eight years was the same buckle that I lost at the disaster site. I realized then that you were the young lady whom I risked my life to save back then.”

“At that moment, I felt very ashamed of my dirty thoughts. At that time, I was thinking that I had personally saved this little girl from the gates of hell. How could I hurt her?”

Song Ci also remembered what Han Zhan said.

She remembered very clearly that in the garage downstairs, when Han Zhan was helping her take her things, he had accidentally dropped her precious wooden box on the floor. The buckle had fallen out and Song Ci was afraid that it would be broken. She hurriedly picked it up and held it for a long while, her heart still aching.

Song Ci’s ears felt slightly hot at the thought of how she would blow and stroke the pendant in front of the owner of the pendant.

She was both angry and frustrated.

Han Zhan told Song Ci again, “The day that I was truly attracted to you and decided to give up on using you to deal with my father was the day we registered our marriage.”

Song Ci tried to recall what happened that day, but she only remembered that they registered their marriage and went to the restaurant in Deep Alley for dinner. After dinner, they got into an argument for the first time because Han Zhan gave her a bank card.

Song Ci couldn’t remember anything else.

Han Zhan knew that Song Ci had forgotten, but he still remembered very clearly. As he recalled that day, he said, “On the way home after registering our marriage, we put on rings for each other, and you snatched my fake fingers over and personally put them on for me. At that time, you said…”

With Han Zhan’s reminder, Song Ci suddenly remembered everything and said, “Brother Han, from now on, you can only let me touch your right hand and your tie.” I seemed to have said this then.

Hearing Song Ci’s words, Han Zhan’s eyes lit up. “Yes! That’s exactly what you said!” Not a word more or less.

“You don’t know how moved I was the moment I heard those words. My heart started racing. I knew then that I was attracted to you. As we got along, I slowly fell for you…”

Han Zhan looked up at Song Ci and resigned to fate. “That frog that was cooked in warm water wasn’t you. It was me.” The person who started the fire ended up being the frog that jumped into the warm water.

“When I found out that Aaron had noticed you, I was really scared that day. It was also at that moment that I realized that I couldn’t push you into the fire pit my father had created. I was actually so scared that you would be hurt.”

“From the moment I decided to confess Aaron’s identity to you, I admitted defeat.”

For the first time, Han Zhan’s back, which was always as straight as a pine tree, bent down in front of Song Ci. He leaned his forehead against the back of Song Ci’s hand, and his shoulders trembled, as if…

He’s crying?

Some tears fell on the back of Song Ci’s hand, dripping down her fingers and onto the sofa.

Song Ci was slightly stunned.

Han Zhan cries too?

Looking at Han Zhan crying so bitterly, Song Ci’s anger was extinguished bit by bit. She couldn’t help but feel sorry for him again.

Song Ci heard the pain in Han Zhan’s voice. “Song Ci, I know you and your mother are innocent, but I have a grudge in my heart. I once watched my father kill my mother and I hugged my dying mother. Do you know what my father said then? He said, ‘Han Mulan, if not for your face, I would have made your life a living hell.’”

“Look at how ridiculous this is. She was already killed by him and she still has to thank him for being merciful and not torturing her…”

Song Ci wasn’t Han Zhan and couldn’t empathize with the pain he went through as a child. But after hearing these words, she also didn’t feel good.

Song Ci was very flustered and didn’t wish to face Han Zhan now. She said, “Han Zhan, let go of me.”

But Han Zhan thought that Song Ci was leaving him. He hurriedly hugged her waist and begged her to stay. “Song Ci, don’t go! Don’t you want me anymore?”

Song Ci remained silent for a while before placing her hands on Han Zhan’s head. “Han Zhan, I won’t leave you. I want to stay over at Yan Jiang’s house tonight. Let me be alone for a while.”

If this went on, things would get very complicated.

Hearing this, Han Zhan still refused. “If you want to be alone and calm down, just stay here. I’ll leave.” He would never allow Song Ci to leave this house. He was afraid that if she left, she would never return.

Song Ci could sense that Han Zhan was too tense and didn’t want to anger him, so she agreed. “Alright then, you can leave.”

Han Zhan released her waist reluctantly. He put on his slippers and walked to the door. As he was changing his shoes, Han Zhan heard Song Ci call his name. “Han Zhan!”

Han Zhan looked up in surprise, thinking that Song Ci wanted him to stay.

Song Ci stood in the middle of the living room, her inquisitive eyes landing on Han Zhan.

Song Ci’s expression was like she was weeping and complaining. She asked Han Zhan, “Let me ask you, in this half a year, you’ve been treating me so well, doting on me, and taking care of me—was it really all just to deceive me into loving you?”

Biting her red lips, Song Ci gazed at Han Zhan with tears in her eyes. She asked again, “Were there times when you just wanted to be good to me?”

Pain flashed across Han Zhan’s eyes. He said, “It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not. But Song Ci, every time I treat you well, I can’t help it.” With that, he opened the door and walked out.

After Han Zhan disappeared from this house, Song Ci suddenly felt that this house was very big and very spacious.

She turned and was about to head upstairs when she stopped in her tracks and glanced at the middle of the sofa. The black sofa was still wet.

Song Ci stretched out her hands and looked at her fingers. She could still feel the warmth of Han Zhan’s tears.

She should hate Han Zhan, but her heart ached for him.

She was hopeless.

Han Zhan drove around this bustling city for a long time, before finally parking in front of the villa.

No matter how much a person grew up, be it when they were young or old, when they were bullied or suffered grievances, the first place they would think of would always be home.

]Zhong Buhui heard the sound of a car. He hurriedly turned on the light in his room, got out of bed, walked to the window, and glanced down at the courtyard entrance.

Seeing that it was Han Zhan’s car, Zhong Buhui hurriedly put on his down jacket and went downstairs to open the door for him. “Zhanzhan, why are you here so late?”

Zhong Buhui reached out to hold Han Zhan’s hand, only to realize that it was very cold. He hurriedly pulled Han Zhan into the house and into the main hall. Under the bright lights, Zhong Buhui realized that Han Zhan’s eyes were red.

Zhong Buhui’s heart skipped a beat. As he poured hot water for Han Zhan, he asked probingly, “Did you have a fight with that Song lass?” Zhong Buhui turned and handed a cup to Han Zhan. “Here, have some hot water.”

“Thank you, Uncle Zhong.”

Han Zhan held the teacup with both hands and sat down on his grandfather’s favorite armchair. Han Zhan just sipped his tea in silence, not intending to speak.

Zhong Buhui stayed with him. As the night was cold, Zhong Buhui lit a fire in the living room.

The room gradually warmed up. Zhong Buhui heard the sound of slow footsteps coming from upstairs. He glanced at Han Zhan and reminded him. “Old Master must have come down.”

Only then did Han Zhan stand up and change seats.

Han Aoyu draped a thick and warm pyjamas jacket over his shoulders and put on furry slippers. He supported himself against the railing as he slowly made his way downstairs. Standing behind the armchair, he stared at the handprint on Han Zhan’s left cheek and slowly narrowed his vicious eyes.

Han Aoyu sat down on his own chair. Zhong Buhui hurriedly handed a cup of hot water to Old Master Han.

Old Master took a sip to moisten his throat before looking at Han Zhan.

Gazing at the red and swollen palm print on Han Zhan’s left cheek, Han Aoyu could imagine how angry Song Ci must have been when she slapped him. Han Aoyu suddenly said with a sigh, “Everyone has to pay the price for their own mistakes. Han Zhan, have you ever tasted regret?”

Hearing this, Han Zhan was slightly stunned. “Grandpa, how did you know…”

Han Aoyu crossed his legs and leaned back against the armchair. He closed his eyes and said, “The first time I saw Song Ci, I already felt that she looked familiar. Your Uncle Zhong said that it might be because Song Ci looks a little like your mother. After returning home, I went to look at Mulan’s photos when she was young and felt that something was off.”

“On the day of your wedding, Song Ci was wearing a red dress. As I stared at her, that familiar feeling grew stronger and stronger. After the wedding, when I returned to my room to rest, I suddenly thought of someone and understood why Song Ci gave me such a familiar feeling. It was because she looked so much like the first love whom Edward loved!”

“I remember that woman. I think her name is Jiang Shiyu…” Recalling Jiang Shiyu, Han Aoyu’s expression was slightly complicated.” The last time I saw Jiang Shiyu was 33 years ago. I rarely see that woman’s intelligence, forbearance, and wit, so I have a very deep impression of her. ”

As for how smart and patient Jiang Shiyu was, Han Aoyu didn’t tell Han Zhan in detail.

“Han Zhan, a person who has suffered in pain will have a very deep memory. It’s impossible that you don’t know Jiang Shiyu. In that case, since I can detect the similarities between Song Ci and Jiang Shiyu, you can too.”

“I am making a bold guess that the previously single you suddenly decided to marry Song Ci because of some unspeakable secret. I am thinking that you might want to use Song Ci to deal with Edward…”

Under Han Aoyu’s sharp and experienced eyes, Han Zhan was shocked. It was his grandfather after all. Even though he was old, he was still an old fox. Han Zhan lowered his head in shame. He was like a transparent person who was seen through by Han Aoyu from the inside out.

Han Aoyu snorted when he saw Han Zhan keeping his head down. “Is my analysis correct?”

Han Zhan’s voice was as soft as a mosquito. “Grandpa, you guessed correctly.”

“Ah! Han Zhan, oh Han Zhan, you are so foolish!” Han Aoyu was so angry that he directly lifted his leg to step on Han Zhan’s foot. Han Aoyu pressed down hard on Han Zhan’s leather shoe, and Han Zhan frowned slightly from the pain, but didn’t move his foot away.

Zhong Buhui watched on coldly without saying anything to dissuade Han Aoyu. At this point, dissuading Han Aoyu would only make him angrier.

Only after releasing his anger did Han Aoyu retract his leg.

He mocked Han Zhan. “Han Zhan, you are so stupid! Regardless of whether it’s that Song girl or Jiang Shiyu, they are totally not at fault. The one at fault is that beast who took the initiative to provoke your mother!”

How could Han Zhan not understand this? He felt pained and said, “I know Jiang Shiyu is innocent, but what happened when we were young made me want to hate her.” Not only him, his younger siblings also detested Jiang Shiyu deeply.

If not for that femme fatale Jiang Shiyu, they would not have been born and would not have suffered so much!

Han Aoyu recalled how Han Zhan was covered in needle-like wounds when he first found him. His heart ached. He didn’t dare to imagine how evil he would have been if he hadn’t snatched Han Zhan back and placed him by his side to be raised. If he had been allowed to grow up by Edward’s side, he would have been such a terrible and evil person.

Han Aoyu looked at Han Zhan and shook his head. This outstanding child disappointed him for the first time. “Han Zhan, you thought you could remain unmoved by that Song girl. You thought you could really be ruthless enough to use that Song girl to deal with Edward. But you didn’t expect that the person who truly fell into the pit of love in the end was yourself.”

“A person scheming against love will eventually be avenged by love. Han Zhan, you are too foolish!”

Those who scheme against love will eventually be avenged by love…

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan only smiled bitterly, the expression on his face showing rare fragility and helplessness. “Grandpa, you are very experienced. Tell me, what should I do now?” Han Zhan didn’t know who to turn to for help and could only look for Grandpa.

Grandpa glared at him angrily. “What do you mean by experienced?”

Han Zhan said in a small voice, “Didn’t you always make grandma angry in the past and even slept in the study…” Seeing that Han Aoyu’s face was getting angrier and angrier, Han Zhan didn’t dare to continue speaking.

Han Aoyu really wanted to kick Han Zhan out.

Although he was angry, he couldn’t just brush aside his grandchild’s marriage. Han Aoyu told Han Zhan, “In a few days, bring Song Ci to the villa for New Year and stay here for a few days.”

Han Zhan asked, “What if she doesn’t come?”

Han Aoyu rolled his eyes at Han Zhan. “In that case, let’s just let her kick me aside and you can get back to being single. You’ve already been single for 10 years—what difference does it make if you’re single for another few decades?”

Han Zhan was speechless.

I must bring Song Ci to my grandfather’s house for the new year.

Early the next morning, Song Ci carried a trash bag and was about to go downstairs to dump the trash. The moment she opened the door, a black shadow fell in.

Song Ci was shocked. She looked and saw that it was Han Zhan.

Han Zhan held onto the door frame and stood up. After seeing Song Ci and the trash bag in her hand, he reached out to take the trash bag from her. “Are you going to dump the trash? Let me do it.”

As their hands touched, Song Ci suddenly felt that Han Zhan’s hands were as cold as ice.

Last night’s outdoor temperature was negative two degrees…

“Han Zhan, you were at the door the entire night?” Song Ci had mixed feelings.

Han Zhan took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his nose before nodding. “I was afraid that you would look for me. I was afraid that if I went too far, you won’t be able to find me, so I didn’t dare to go too far.” But Song Ci didn’t even open this door last night.

Song Ci instinctively said, “I thought you went to the hotel…” Meeting Han Zhan’s aggrieved expression, Song Ci got angry and spoke without thinking.” Han Zhan, is there something wrong with your brain? What if you catch a cold? Why, are you still trying to trick me into feeling sorry for you? ”

Han Zhan stared at the enraged Song Ci. He was not angry, but rather happy.

Han Zhan asked Song Ci softly, “Song Ci, are you feeling sorry for me?”

Song Ci was amused. “My heart aches for you?! If you want to stay at the door, just stay at the door!” Song Ci closed the door and left Han Zhan and the trash outside.

Han Zhan rubbed his nose and obediently went downstairs to throw the rubbish.

He was so cold that he felt slightly numb. As he walked, he felt like he would collapse to the ground the next second if he dragged his heavy body with his feet. After dumping the trash, Han Zhan returned to the lift, leaned against the wall, and wiped his nose.


Han Zhan slowly walked out of the lift.

His door had not been changed and was still locked. Han Zhan didn’t take his keys when he came out last night. He walked up to the door and was about to knock when he realized that there was a gap.

Staring at that crack in the door, Han Zhan’s heart also cracked slightly as a ray of light shone in.

Han Zhan stood at the door for a while, before pulling it open and entering the house. After entering, Han Zhan purposely made some noise while changing his shoes so that Song Ci would know he was back.

Han Zhan was relieved that Song Ci didn’t tell him to scram.

Seeing that Song Ci was busy in the kitchen, Han Zhan thought that she was making breakfast. He boldly walked over and wanted to help her cook. The moment he entered the kitchen, he realized that Song Ci was not making breakfast but ginger tea.

Han Zhan stared at that pot of ginger tea and felt sweet inside. “Baby Ci, is this for me?”

Song Ci said expressionlessly, “There’s a stray cat downstairs. I was worried they might catch a cold and cooked it for them.”

“I know. That cat is called Han Zhan. I will help you send it over later.” Han Zhan decided to be a cat from now on.

Song Ci’s lips curled up.

She turned down the fire, pushed Han Zhan aside, and walked into the living room. When she turned around, Han Zhan suddenly hugged her.

Han Zhan was tall and strong. His arms were long and powerful, so Song Ci couldn’t break free at all.

Song Ci sneered and mocked Han Zhan. “What are you doing? Have you watched too many television dramas? After the fight, you also want to imitate the male and female leads, hugging and kissing each other on the bed, and then we’ll just end up making up?”

Han Zhan shook his head. “No, I’m just feeling dizzy. Let me lean on you for a while.”

Realizing that the head pressing against her cheek was slightly hot, Song Ci realized that Han Zhan was having a fever. She cursed softly before pushing Han Zhan away. “You have a fever. Go sit on the sofa.”

Han Zhan didn’t know that he had a fever, but he still obediently went to sit on the sofa.

Song Ci found a thermometer and measured Han Zhan’s temperature. “40 degrees.” Song Ci scolded Han Zhan. “Add another two degrees and you will turn into a fool.”

But Han Zhan felt very cold.

He shivered as he sat on the sofa. “I can’t be stupid. If I am, my wife will run away.”

Song Ci gave him a meaningful look before turning to go upstairs. When she went downstairs, she was carrying a thin blanket. “Cover yourself properly!” Song Ci threw the blanket over Han Zhan.

Han Zhan used a blanket to cover his chest and legs. He laid on the sofa, completely paralyzed. Song Ci went into the kitchen to pour a bowl of ginger tea and served it to Han Zhan before looking for medicine.

After looking around the house, she didn’t see any flu medicine. Song Ci had no choice but to take her car keys and go out to buy medicine.

Han Zhan hurriedly sat up and said to her, “I’ll go with you.”

“Lie down properly, what are you running around for!” With one look, Song Ci pinned Han Zhan onto the sofa.

Song Ci quickly went downstairs and went to the pharmacy outside the district to buy some fever and flu medicine. She returned home and called Han Zhan. “Han Zhan, take your medicine.”

Han Zhan seemed to be sleeping. He opened his mouth to breathe, but his body was trembling. This was very much like a seizure caused by a fever.

Song Ci hurriedly put down the medicine, walked over, touched Han Zhan’s forehead, and retracted her hand from the heat. “Han Zhan!” Song Ci panicked and pushed Han Zhan’s shoulder.

Han Zhan didn’t react.

Song Ci was terrified. She wanted to drag Han Zhan to the hospital, but he was too heavy and Song Ci couldn’t move him at all.

A few days ago, Song Ci noticed that someone finally moved into the house downstairs which had been empty the entire time. Song Ci planned to go downstairs and get someone to help.

The privacy of their community was very good. Every owner’s access card could only be used to access the lift to their own level. Song Ci couldn’t take the lift down and could only use the fire escape stairs.

Song Ci ran downstairs and politely knocked on the door of her neighbor’s house. “Hello neighbor, are you at home? I am your neighbor upstairs. My name is Song Ci. My lover is sick and fainted. Can you help me carry him to the garage downstairs?”

Behind the door, a pair of brown eyes was staring at the person inside the surveillance camera, but was in no hurry to open the door.

She picked up the phone and called the property management. After confirming that the female owner upstairs was called Song Ci, she opened the door slightly and said to Song Ci, “Wait a minute, let me put on a jacket.”

A deep, melodious voice drifted into Song Ci’s ears. She couldn’t tell the gender.

Song Ci nodded. After a while, he opened the door again and walked out.

Song Ci’s new neighbor was a 1.8-meter-tall young man. She was wearing a leather jacket, casual work pants, and flat shoes. Her hair reached her shoulders and she had an indistinguishable beauty.

Song Ci was stunned. She asked uncertainly, “Neighbor?”

The neighbor said, “Hi, my name is Jiang Bi. I just moved in recently.”

The voice belonged to a girl.

“Hi, sorry to trouble you.”

Jiang Bi closed the door and walked to the lift. She swiped her card and the lift door opened. Song Ci and Jiang Bi entered together.

Song Ci swiped her own card and the lift automatically went up. Song Ci brought Jiang Bi home and said to her, “My lover is slightly heavy. Help me lift his legs as long as he doesn’t fall.”

Jiang Bi stared at Han Zhan’s size and said, “Let me carry him.”

Song Ci was shocked. She instinctively said, “He weighs 1670 catties. You won’t be able to carry him.” Her new neighbor also looked rather skinny. Song Ci didn’t think she could carry Han Zhan.

“It’s okay, I am strong.” Jiang Bi bent down in front of the sofa and said to Song Ci, “Help him up.”

ong Ci hurriedly helped Han Zhan up. Jiang Bi grabbed Han Zhan’s arms and really carried him up.

After carrying Han Zhan, Jiang Bi didn’t seem to have any difficulty walking. Song Ci was shocked and thought to herself that one really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. She looked like a rather skinny lady but was rather strong.

With Jiang Bi’s help, Song Ci and her stuffed Han Zhan into the car. Song Ci sat in the driver’s seat and said to Jiang Bi, “Miss Jiang, thank you so much this time!”

Jiang Bi shook her head. “It’s nothing.”

Jiang Bi turned and left.

Song Ci drove towards the hospital, thinking that this new neighbor was so cold.

For someone like Han Zhan who hadn’t caught a cold for so many years, the moment he caught a cold, it would be especially serious. The doctor directly opened the hospitalization form for Han Zhan and told him to be hospitalized for treatment and to get an injection to reduce his fever as soon as possible.

Han Zhan woke up with a syringe in the back of his hand. Song Ci was nowhere to be seen.

Seeing that Han Zhan was awake, Long Yu hurried over to the bed. Knowing who Mr. Han was looking for, Long Yu told him, “Madam went downstairs to buy you some toiletries. She didn’t leave.”

Only then did Han Zhan feel assured.

His cell phone was charging and he asked Long Yu to bring it over.

Han Zhan turned on his cell phone and saw that there were many missed calls. He called each and every one of them. In the end, he called Li Li and Bei Zhan. On the phone, Han Zhan told them in a weak voice, “I have a serious cold which caused a lung infection. I need to be hospitalized. I will have to trouble the two of you to work harder these few days before the new year…”

Han Zhan’s weak and raspy voice scared the two of them. Bei Zhan hurriedly said, “Mr. Han, rest well. Don’t worry about the company. Li Li and I will settle everything.”

“Thank you…”

After hanging up, Han Zhan tossed his cell phone onto the dresser, lifted the blanket, and stood up. He was no longer as weak as he was on the phone just now. Long Yu had a complicated look in his eyes as he thought that Bei Zhan and Li Li were so kind and gullible.

Han Zhan walked around the room for a while. Thinking that Song Ci should be back soon, he laid down on the bed.

Song Ci returned with some things and saw that Han Zhan was awake but looking very sickly and pitiful. Song Ci put the things down and told Han Zhan, “You had a fever and fainted. It was the neighbor downstairs who carried you downstairs.”

Han Zhan asked weakly, “Neighbor downstairs? Jiang Bi?”

“You know him?”

Han Zhan said, “I remember the identity and appearance of all the people in this building. The neighbor downstairs is called Jiang Bi. She is Jiang Jiagang’s child.”

“The Jiang family?” There were several Jiang families in Wangdong City, but she didn’t know which one. Song Ci asked curiously, “Which Jiang family?”

Han Zhan said, “The Jiang Family of the Wonderful Medicine Group.”

Song Ci knew that person from the Jiang Family. She said, “That Chairman Jiang only has one daughter and a 13-year-old adopted son. What’s up with this Jiang Bi?”

Han Zhan took a sip before speaking slowly. “18 years ago, the 4 year-old twins of Jiang Weimin, the founder of Wonderful Medicine Group, were kidnapped and missing. All these years, the Jiang Family had been searching for those two children and finally found them last year. Unfortunately, Chairman Jiang’s son has already passed away…”

“So Jiang Bi is the daughter that the Jiang family found outside last year?”

“Yes. Jiang Bi and her elder brother were the children of Jiang Weimin and his ex-wife. After the children went missing, Madam Jiang was very depressed and passed away 10 years ago. The current daughter of the Jiang Family was given birth by Director Jiang’s second wife five years ago.”

“I see. I didn’t know.”

Thinking of Jiang Bi’s strength, Song Ci felt slightly envious. “Our neighbor is so strong. Really, you are so heavy for a man, but she actually carried you all the way downstairs without resting.”

“Is that so?” Han Zhan remembered that Jiang Bi was a slender lady. He said, “Some people might look skinny, but they are actually very strong. This isn’t strange.”

“We will go and thank her properly after you are discharged. If not for Jiang Bi’s help, you might have turned into a fool.”

“Yes, we should thank her.”

The two of them spoke calmly for a while, not talking about the argument last night. It was as if that incident never happened if they didn’t bring it up. Han Zhan stayed in the hospital for two days. After his fever subsided and he recovered fully, he went home.

It was 26th December when he got home.

Song Ci went to a high-end fruit shop to buy some exquisite fruits and gave them to Jiang Bi with Han Zhan. Song Ci pressed the doorbell and waited for a while, before the door opened from the inside.

Opening the door, Han Wangwang saw Song Ci standing outside. His eyes widened. “Little Aunt, why are you here?”

Song Ci was even more shocked than Han Wangwang. “Wangwang, why are you at Jiang Bi’s house?” Han Zhan, who was standing behind Song Ci, also asked Han Wangwang, “It’s almost the new year, why haven’t you returned to Shunchen?”

Han Wangwang explained. “I will be flying tomorrow morning. Jiang Bi is my classmate. I will be staying at her house tonight.”

“Are you two classmates?” Song Ci remembered that Han Wangwang was a law student. “Is Jiang Bi also a law student?”


At this moment, Jiang Bi walked over. She was still dressed casually and had a cold expression. Seeing that Han Wangwang was chatting with Song Ci and the rest, Jiang Bi asked Han Wangwang, “You know my neighbor upstairs?”

Han Wangwang nodded. She pointed at Han Zhan and told Jiang Bi, “This is my little uncle. This beauty is my little aunt.”

Jiang Bi nodded and glanced at Han Zhan. “Mr. Han, Mrs. Han, please come in.”

The two of them entered Jiang Bi’s house carrying fruits.

Jiang Bi’s house was a high-quality, duplex-storey, and in a lavish style. Jiang Bi didn’t speak much. She invited Song Ci and Han Zhan to sit down and made them a cup of tea. There was nothing else to say.

Han Wangwang had already treated Jiang Bi’s house as her own. She sat on the carpet, hugged Jiang Bi’s waist, leaned against her shoulder, and said to Song Ci, “Jiang Bi is a very nice person. Auntie, since you’re all neighbors. If you have anything good to eat or drink in future, remember my Little Jiang.”

Jiang Bi was thunderstruck by the term “Little Jiang”.

Han Zhan stared at Han Wangwang’s sitting position, frowned unhappily, and scolded her. “Don’t you have any bones? Can’t you just sit properly? Why do you lean on others all the time? What do you look like?”

Han Wangwang quickly sat up straight, after being reprimanded by Han Zhan.

Song Ci said to Jiang Bi, “Jiang Bi, thank you so much for what happened last time. In future, if you need any help, just tell me.” Saying so, Song Ci took out her cell phone and said to Jiang Bi, “Let’s add each other on WeChat so that we can take care of each other.”

Jiang Bi was still hesitating when Han Wangwang took away Jiang Bi’s cell phone and sent Song Ci a message. Returning the cell phone to Jiang Bi, Han Wangwang said to Jiang Bi, “If you need anything, feel free to look for my little auntie. She is not only beautiful but also kind-hearted.”

Jiang Bi then nodded. “Okay.”

The two of them sat at Jiang Bi’s house for a while before returning. After returning home, Song Ci said to Han Zhan, “Wangwang and Jiang Bi are so close.”

Han Zhan frowned and said, “Why do I feel that the two of them are behaving strangely?” But Han Zhan couldn’t put his finger on it.

Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Does Wangwang like boys or girls?”

Han Zhan was speechless.

He broke out in cold sweat at Song Ci’s question.

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