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Chapter 201: Slapping Han Zhan

Han Zhan’s pupils quivered slightly. “Why do you ask?” Although he had already guessed the reason why Song Fei was specially waiting here, Han Zhan was still slightly shocked to hear this from Song Fei.

This person is really smart.

Song Fei stared at Han Zhan’s knee joint. She totally didn’t believe what Han Zhan said to Song Ci this morning. “Arthralgia is just a reason for you to brush Song Ci off. You just won’t kneel down and kowtow to my parents. Your eyes tell me that you really don’t like our mother. You must know our mother.”

Song Fei’s insight was truly astonishing. Han Zhan thought of denying it and lying, but in the end, he still decided to treat Song Fei honestly. It was all because Song Fei was Song Ci’s family.

“Yes, I do.”

Hearing this, Song Fei’s gaze on him deepened. “How did you know her?”

“I’m sorry, Sister Fei, I don’t wish to lie to you, but I don’t wish to speak of this for now.”

“Oh, you don’t wish to say…” Song Fei sized Han Zhan up with a scrutinizing gaze. Han Zhan allowed her to look at him as she wished, but his expression remained calm and composed, not looking like he had any ulterior motives.

After a while, Song Fei looked away and took out a small black pill from her pocket.

Song Fei played with that little pill like a little kid playing with marbles. Han Zhan stared at the black pill in Song Fei’s hand and narrowed his eyes. His intuition told him that this pill was not something good.

As they played, Song Fei said, “Anyone who has seen my mother will know that we sisters look almost exactly the same as my mother. You hate my mother, but married Song Ci who looks just like my mother…”

“Han Zhan, what are your motives?”

Han Zhan frowned slightly and was about to explain, when he suddenly saw Song Fei raise her right hand and throw that black pill into her neighbor’s chicken coop.

Han Zhan turned to look and saw a plume of smoke rising from the spot where the pill had landed. Within seconds, three to four chickens had collapsed to the ground, struggling for their lives.

Upon seeing this, Han Zhan’s pupils constricted!

Song Fei’s cold voice reached Han Zhan’s ear. “Han Zhan, you’re not allowed to harm my sister. If I find out that you have ulterior motives toward my sister, I don’t care who your grandfather or your godmothers are—I can make you a pile of ashes in a jar!”

Song Fei said that she would turn Han Zhan into ashes, so she really had the capability to do so.

Look, weren’t those chickens the best example?

Suppressing the tumultuous waves in his heart, Han Zhan told Song Fei, “I really don’t have any ulterior motives towards Song Ci. I’ve never thought of harming Song Ci. You don’t have to worry about this, Song Fei.” Han Zhan’s voice was soft, afraid of angering this dangerous person who would explode the society at the drop of a hat.

Song Fei snorted. “It better be.” She turned and left.

Han Zhan stared at the few chickens lying on the floor in the chicken coop. He hesitated for a moment, before slowly walking back to Song Ci’s house.

Yan Jiang stood by the window upstairs and observed the scene on the snow just now. He felt puzzled. What was Ah Fei and Han Zhan talking about behind me and Song Ci’s back? Why did Han Zhan anger Song Fei?

At 11pm, Song Ci returned from her neighbor’s house with a bag of farm produce. There was dried bacon, sausages, and salted duck eggs. Song Ci entered the house and placed the items on the table. She found two bags and planned to pack them up separately for Song Fei and Yan Jiang.

Han Zhan had work and was working in a room upstairs. Song Fei didn’t like to cook, so she sat on the sofa and read the latest literature thesis published in the Lancets Magazine. Meanwhile, Yan Jiang, who was once the most handsome man in the entertainment industry, could only enter the kitchen and put on an apron to cook.

Song Ci said to Song Fei and Yan Jiang, “It’s strange. A few chickens suddenly died in Auntie Zhu’s house next door. Auntie Zhu was so scared that she thought they had contracted the plague and even called a vet over.”

Yan Jiang shot Song Fei a meaningful look.

Song Fei didn’t even look up. “They might have died from the cold.”

Song Ci was surprised. “A chicken can die from the cold?”

Song Fei said expressionlessly, “If a person can die from the cold, why can’t a chicken? Have you forgotten that the little girl selling matchsticks froze to death?”

Song Ci still didn’t believe Song Fei. “I think it might be the chicken plague.” Song Ci packed the food and shouted upstairs. “Brother Han, what do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you.”

Han Zhan walked out of the bedroom, stood in the corridor, and replied, “Hot and sour shredded potato, slightly spicy.”

“So sour and spicy. Are you pregnant?” Song Ci muttered but still went into the kitchen to make spicy shredded potato.

Song Ci continued peeling the potato. Yan Jiang stared at the dried beef in the pan. He turned to look at Song Ci several times, but hesitated. He wanted to tell her what he saw today.

But Song Fei purposely avoided Song Ci and Han Zhan meeting in private because she didn’t want Song Ci to know about this. As a result, Yan Jiang was very conflicted. Should I tell Song Ci about this?

“Why are you always looking at me?” Song Ci turned and glanced at Yan Jiang. “Look at your food and don’t mess it up. If you keep staring at me, I’ll tell Song Fei.”

Yan Jiang poured some water into the pot. The dried beef would taste even better after being cooked for a while longer.

The last time Han Zhan and Song Fei conspired to harm Mu Mian, they had really deceived Yan Jiang. Yan Jiang could understand the feeling of being kept in the dark. Yan Jiang and Song Ci were brothers in distress and they were very close. In the end, Yan Jiang still felt that he should tell Song Ci.

Yan Jiang turned and leaned against the counter. “Song Song.”

Song Ci threw the potato into the pot, picked up the second peeled potato, and grunted without looking up. “What’s the matter?”

Yan Jiang decided to test Song Ci first and asked, “Is Song Fei and Han Zhan hiding something from you?”

Song Ci suddenly stopped peeling the potato. She glanced back at Song Fei and saw that she was reading the thesis intently. She approached Yan Jiang and asked, “You also noticed it?”


Yan Jiang was shocked. “You know? Hey, I thought you didn’t know. I was hesitating over whether to tell you about this.” Seeing that Song Ci knew, Yan Jiang didn’t have to worry anymore and told her what he saw this morning.

“I only discovered it today. Didn’t Han Zhan send you to tutor that little kid next door this afternoon? He was stopped by Ah Fei on the way home.”

Song Ci said calmly, “I noticed long ago that they had secretly gathered together to speak. I was afraid that they were plotting something again. Did you hear what they said today?”

“I don’t know what they said either. I just saw Ah Fei suddenly throw a poison pill at the chicken coop. Several chickens fell to the ground and died. Man, my heart nearly stopped beating when I saw that scene upstairs.”

Hearing that those chickens were poisoned to death by Song Fei, Song Ci was enraged. “How can Song Fei be like this! She poisoned someone else’s chickens just like that, how can we face Auntie Zhu in future!”

Seeing that Song Ci was angry, Yan Jiang hurriedly said, “If she wasn’t really angry, Ah Fei definitely wouldn’t do such a thing.” He asked Song Ci, “Do you know how Han Zhan managed to provoke Ah Fei?”

Song Ci shook her head. “How would I know?”

“I thought you knew…”

Song Ci said, “Actually, I didn’t realize anything. I was actually lying to you when I told you that I saw them talking privately.” She didn’t expect Yan Jiang to be so gullible.

Previously, when Song Ci came back from Auntie Zhu’s house, she saw the footprints of Han Zhan and Song Fei on the snow and knew that they had met privately. She was troubled over not knowing what those two had done in private, and Yan Jiang delivered the information himself.

Realizing that Song Ci was purposely misleading him so that he could tell her everything, Yan Jiang once again realized how evil Song Ci was. “Song Ci, you are too cunning. How could you lie to me!” Yan Jiang regretted knowing this little liar.

Song Ci snorted. “If a woman isn’t cunning, how can she rule the world?” With that, Song Ci tossed the potato aside and hurried into the living room.

Song Ci crossed her arms and stood beside the sofa. She looked down at Song Fei. “Song Fei, come out.”

Song Fei opened her eyes and glanced at Song Ci nonchalantly. Seeing that Song Ci looked like she was about to get angry, she slowly stood up and shuffled out after Song Ci.

Yan Jiang felt a headache coming on upon seeing this. Afraid that the two sisters would start fighting outside, he hurriedly turned off the fire and ran out.

Yan Jiang was hiding under the door and overheard their conversation.

“How did Han Zhan offend you? Why are you scaring him like that?” It was Song Ci’s voice.

Song Fei asked, “How did you know?” After thinking for a moment, Song Fei guessed the crux of the matter. “Did Yan Jiang tell you?” My own man is siding with someone else—he’s asking for it.

Song Ci was like an old hen protecting her cubs. She looked fiercely at Song Fei for an explanation. “Don’t care who told me. Just tell me, how did Han Zhan upset you? He is my man. It’s fine if you bully me, but why did you bully my man? Song Fei, speak clearly. Don’t bully him behind my back.”

Hearing this, Song Fei scolded Song Ci. “Are you an idiot?”

Song Ci said, “You always call me a little dumbass. Even the smartest person will be called dumb by you.”

Song Fei was speechless and helpless. “Idiot, can’t you tell that Han Zhan knows our mother?”

Hearing this, Song Ci asked her instead, “Why do you think Han Zhan knows our mother?”

Song Fei was disappointed at the ignorant Song Ci.

How could I have such a stupid little sister? Eyes are such a good thing but she only used them to flirt.

Song Fei told Song Ci, “Today, when we went to our parents’ grave, I noticed that Han Zhan looked at our mother’s name with disgust and conflict. This means that Han Zhan very likely knows our mother. Even if he doesn’t know him personally, he knows our mother! There should be some enmity between him and our mother!”

“Moreover, we sisters look very much like our mother. Han Zhan obviously hates our mother very much but he married you. Don’t you think this is suspicious?”

“Song Ci, don’t you understand? I was afraid that he married you because he had ulterior motives. I was worried that he would hurt you, so I went behind your back to ask him for an explanation!” But my good intentions were misinterpreted by Song Ci.

This fool even came to seek justice for Han Zhan!

What a silly girl!

Love-struck fool!

After hearing Song Fei’s explanation, Song Ci didn’t look shocked or surprised.

Seeing this, Song Fei couldn’t help stealing a few more glances at her. Thinking about why Song Ci was so calm, Song Fei’s expression couldn’t help turning solemn. “Did you already know?”

Song Ci nodded. “Yes. I noticed something was off long ago.”

Song Fei was slightly shocked. “You actually knew…” Song Fei was in disbelief that Song Ci could discover this herself. She didn’t know that Song Ci had brains.

Song Ci said, “I am not really blind. I can tell some things.” This morning at her parents’ grave, Song Ci noticed that Han Zhan’s expression was slightly off when he looked at her mother’s name.

Song Ci also told Song Fei, “Actually, I already realized that there was a problem. The previous time I went back to Hunan with Han Zhan, I saw a photo of Han Zhan’s mother. Sister, when Han Zhan’s mother smiles, she looks especially like our mother. Is this a coincidence?”

Song Ci felt slightly uneasy. She asked Song Fei, “Elder sister, don’t you think this matter is very strange?”

“How so?”

“Han Zhan told me that his father was a drug lord and his mother was just one of his father’s lovers. He said that his father had a first love who couldn’t be loved. As he couldn’t get that woman, he found many other lovers who were similar to that woman… Today, when I saw Han Zhan looking at our mother’s name on her grave, I thought…”

Song Ci stopped and stared at Song Fei uneasily. She bit her lips and said in a low voice, “I was thinking if our mother is the first love of that drug lord!”

Song Fei’s expression changed slightly. “What’s that person’s name? Han Zhan’s father.”

“I don’t know.” Song Ci shook her head and said, “Han Zhan never told me his father’s exact identity. I only know that he is a major drug lord. But this is just my guess. Only Han Zhan himself knows the truth.”

Song Fei frowned, feeling that Han Zhan was really troublesome. “You shouldn’t have married him!”

“Don’t say that. In that situation, the only person who can help me and know my roots is Han Zhan. Moreover…” Song Ci suddenly smiled and told Song Fei honestly,” It’s quite funny. I married him because I wanted to use him, but I seem to have really fallen in love with him. ”

Song Fei gritted her teeth in exasperation.

Hearing the sudden sound of footsteps in the house, those footsteps stopped after reaching the door. Song Fei smiled and asked Song Ci with a cold face, “Little fool, aren’t you worried that Han Zhan has ulterior motives for marrying you? Aren’t you afraid that he will harm you?”

After thinking for a moment, Song Ci said, “I am afraid too.”

“But even if he had ulterior motives in marrying me, what he has done for me these few months is real. His love and concern for me are also genuine.” Song Ci could tell whether Han Zhan was truly devoted to her.

“If Han Zhan really wanted to make use of me and hurt me, I wouldn’t be so stupid as to join in and be used by him.” Song Ci smiled openly, with a sense of ease and fearlessness. “I, Song Ci, am not the kind of woman who can’t live without a man. If Han Zhan betrays me, I can just give him up and live my single life?”

Mu Mian was already dead and Song Ci was no longer in danger. She really didn’t feel any pressure now. “Actually, I’m waiting for the day Han Zhan takes the initiative to tell me the truth.” Song Ci had long seen through Han Zhan’s many secrets. She was waiting for the day Han Zhan took the initiative to tell her.

If she continued to wait, there would only be two outcomes. Either Han Zhan would come clean, or Song Ci would be disheartened.

Song Fei asked again, “What if he doesn’t say anything?”

Song Ci narrowed her eyes and stared at the messy footprints in the snow. Her expression turned cold. “What else do I want from a man who doesn’t really care about me?”

Song Fei’s expression softened slightly. “Mmm, that’s the right thing to do.”

Inside the house, Yan Jiang turned and saw Han Zhan standing behind him with a dark expression. He raised his brows in surprise. When did this guy come? Patting Han Zhan’s shoulder, Yan Jiang asked him in a low voice, “Shall we go to the backyard for a chat?”

Han Zhan glanced at the sisters on the roof, nodded, and followed Yan Jiang out of the living room to the backyard.

Song Fei’s ears twitched as she heard their footsteps fade into the distance. She told Song Ci, “It’s cold outside, go in.” After lying in bed for eight years, Song Fei was used to using her ears to listen to everything.

Just now when she was talking to Song Ci, Song Fei noticed that Han Zhan had come downstairs. She purposely asked Song Ci those questions in front of Han Zhan so that she could give Han Zhan a wake-up call and let him hear Song Ci’s heartfelt words.

Luckily, Song Ci was also supportive and her words satisfied Song Fei. As for what choice Han Zhan would make, Song Fei didn’t care.

Arriving at the backyard, Yan Jiang took out his cigarette case and took out a cigarette from the side. Before Yan Jiang could bite that cigarette, Han Zhan dashed out and snatched it away.

Yan Jiang glared at him.

Han Zhan bit his cigarette and lit it. Before he could take a puff, he heard Yan Jiang say softly, “Aren’t you guys preparing for pregnancy?” Han Zhan was stunned for a moment, before hurriedly taking the cigarette away from his teeth and pinching it with his hands without smoking it.

Yan Jiang was also smart. After hearing the conversation between the two sisters, he guessed that Han Zhan had many secrets.

Yan Jiang didn’t have the habit of prying into other people’s secrets. He patted Han Zhan’s shoulder and told him, “Mr. Han, listen to my advice. Be honest and speak your mind. Only then will your relationship last longer. Some secrets are like a thorn buried in your flesh. Even if it’s absorbed by your flesh, there will still be a knot.”

Han Zhan frowned and remained silent.

Yan Jiang added. “I know Song Song very well. She is willing to give you a chance. When you take the initiative to confess, you must cherish it. You must understand that there is a limit to her waiting.”

There were almost no secrets between Yan Jiang and Song Ci. Yan Jiang also knew all the reasons and transactions between Han Zhan and Song Ci. He had to remind Han Zhan. “Mr. Han, don’t forget that you and Song Ci still have a one-year promise.”

Han Zhan froze.

His eyes widened slightly.

Recalling Song Ci’s words to Song Fei just now, Han Zhan felt a lingering fear. During this period, Song Ci had always called him Brother Han in a soft, sweet voice, made him laugh, fooled around with him, and cried unbridledly in front of him, so he felt like Song Ci had no choice but to marry him.

In reality, how could Song Ci be that kind of weak little girl? She, Song Ci, had been fighting wits and courage with a domineering man for six years. A woman who dared to stab someone in the gut!

She loved him and was willing to be the little woman in his arms. If her heart turned cold, he would never be able to touch her.

Han Zhan was so scared that his eyelashes were trembling.

Yan Jiang continued. “Don’t think that just because she wants to have a child with you, she really has to have you. Song Song is capable and talented. Even if she has your child in her womb, she will still have the guts to divorce you if something really happens to your relationship.”

“She is not a parasite attached to you. She can leave whenever she wants.” Having said that, Yan Jiang stopped talking.

After hearing Yan Jiang’s words, Han Zhan imagined some more scenarios and broke out in a cold sweat. He suddenly came to his senses. It turned out that hiding or not telling the truth was also a form of hurt and distrust towards one’s partner.

“I know what to do now.” Han Zhan tilted his head and gave Yan Jiang’s shoulder a hard knock. “Thank you.”

Yan Jiang waved his hand. “We are family.”

“Yes, family.”

The two of them stood outside for a while, before turning to enter the house. All four of them had ulterior motives and pretended like nothing had happened. After dinner, they loaded their belongings into the car and prepared to return to the city.

Worried that there would be ice on the roads after the snow, Han Zhan put chains on the tires. On the way back to the city, the car drove rather slowly. Song Ci occasionally chatted with Han Zhan, her usual tone no different from usual.

Han Zhan suddenly realized that Song Ci was also good at pretending.

It was already dark by the time they reached home.

Han Zhan took the initiative to take over the responsibility of cooking and didn’t allow Song Ci to enter the kitchen. He fiddled around in the kitchen for a while and made a home-cooked dinner. Song Ci ate Han Zhan’s meal and seemed to be in a good mood.

After dinner, Song Ci turned on the television and watched a television drama.

She stared at the television, but her heart was racing.

Song Ci only turned to look at Han Zhan, when the sofa beside her lunged and the scent of Han Zhan’s cold wood perfume wafted into her nose. Seeing that his hair and cheeks were all wet, Song Ci said, “You washed your hair?”


Song Ci bent over and retrieved the hairdryer from the television cabinet. Song Ci patted her own leg and said to Han Zhan, “Brother Han, bend over.”

Han Zhan bent over and let Song Ci dry his hair.

Song Ci’s fingers ran through Han Zhan’s hair. Han Zhan’s scalp went numb. He felt comfortable and at ease. After drying his hair, Han Zhan didn’t sit up straight and just laid sideways on the sofa, resting his head on Song Ci’s lap.

Song Ci looked at the television and stroked Han Zhan’s nose and eyes from time to time.

“Song Ci.” Han Zhan’s voice sounded very serious, without the usual warmth and gentleness.

Song Ci blinked and turned off the television. She looked down at Han Zhan’s struggling and hesitating eyes. “Do you have something to say to me?”

Han Zhan met her eyes, and his flickering gaze revealed his uneasiness. “Song Ci, can I tell you my story?”

Song Ci leaned back against the sofa and gazed at the ceiling. Her throat moved. “Okay.”

Han Zhan closed his eyes and sank into his memories. He spoke slowly and tirelessly —

“My mother gave birth to me as an unmarried woman. After giving birth to me, she left me at my grandmother’s house. She returned to school to take the assessment and was determined to become an excellent military pilot. When I was 2 years old, I unfortunately went missing. My mother and grandfather searched for me for several years, but at that time, China was not like the current China. The surveillance system was far from perfect.”

“They searched for me for a long time but didn’t manage to find me. I was still a toddler then and had already lost that memory. I also heard these things from grandma, but I still remember some of what happened after I was stolen.”

Song Ci suddenly asked, “The person who stole you is your father?”


My father’s name is Edward Clooney. He is an Italian. You might not know his name, but you must have heard of the major crimes he committed.” Han Zhan casually mentioned several major events. Song Ci was shocked to learn that those were all crimes she had seen on the news.

Song Ci could already imagine how vicious and cunning Edward was.

“After I was taken away by my father, I was forced to undergo the same miserable and inhumane education in their family. In order to make me immune to all poisons, my father injected me with all sorts of poisons from a young age, turning me into a poisonous human. When I was four years old, I had to complete the family’s baptismal ritual. I still remember how that boy whom I harmed looked like…”

Song Ci realized that Han Zhan, who was calm and composed in the face of any major incident, was actually trembling in fear at this moment.

“We have a total of four brothers and sisters. I have an elder brother above me, and a younger sister and a younger brother below me. Among the four of us, only the eldest is the most doted on by Father. The eldest always calls him by his’ son ‘. To us, he just calls us by our names.”

The last time they came back from Brunei, Han Zhan had told Song Ci about his siblings on the plane. Hearing this, Song Ci made a bold guess. “Could your elder brother be the child of your father’s first love?”

Han Zhan suddenly opened his eyes and nodded at Song Ci. “Yes.”

Song Ci couldn’t bear to think about how the other three children would react every time they saw their father looking at their eldest son with love and satisfaction, but showing no concern for them. They must be very disappointed, right? How could they not be? They are all children, but why are they being bullied like animals while the eldest son received all their father’s love?

“When I found out that my little sister and brother and I were only the children of my father’s mistresses, while big brother was the child of my father’s first love, I hated big brother’s mother very much. I strongly believe that the pain of us three brothers and sister were all caused by that woman.”

“If not for that woman, Father wouldn’t have found so many stand-in lovers! If not for that stand-in lover, we wouldn’t even exist and wouldn’t have to endure all those hardships! At that time, I was only five or six years old and hated living. I always dreamed of dying so that I could leave.”

Song Ci was terrified.

Her heart ached slightly for Han Zhan at that time.

Han Zhan lifted his right hand and stroked Song Ci’s cheek through the glove. His eyes gradually lost focus.

Han Zhan’s voice was intermittent. “You really look like her.”

Song Ci’s heart quivered slightly. “Like who?” That ridiculous guess in her heart became clearer and clearer.

Han Zhan didn’t answer Song Ci’s question. Instead, he said, “Father’s room was filled with photos of that woman. There was her smiling face, her playing the piano, and her throwing a tantrum. I barged into Father’s room by mistake and saw all sorts of photos of women in the room. I felt especially scared then. It was as if I had entered a secret room and was being stared at by countless identical faces—some happy, some sad, some crying, some laughing. I was so scared that my hair stood on end!”

“Father was very angry when he discovered that I had barged into his room. He gave me a good beating and that vicious beating left me lying on the bed for a week. Due to the deep pain, I had a very deep impression of that woman. It was only when I grew up that I found out her identity and her name.”

“What is it called?” Song Ci asked impatiently.

Han Zhan said, “Jiang Shiyu.”

Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief. She thought that her mother’s name was Jiang Mengmeng and her previous guesses were all wrong.

Han Zhan saw Song Ci’s assured expression and frowned. “Song Ci, do you know? Half a year ago, you went to Zeus for an interview. The first time I saw you, I felt that you were very familiar.”

Song Ci still remembered what happened on the interview day. She asked Han Zhan, “Why familiar? Could it be because I look like your mother?”

“No.” Han Zhan shook his head and said, “On the way home, I kept thinking where exactly did I see you. After returning home, I vaguely guessed your identity and went to look for my mother’s photo. Staring at my mother’s appearance, I finally understand why you give me a sense of familiarity. It’s because you…”

Han Zhan covered his eyes with his arm and sighed. “Your face is the source of my pain.”

Song Ci felt as if she had been electrocuted and was losing consciousness.

She gradually regained her senses and asked Han Zhan with a trembling voice, “My mother… My mother, Jiang Mengmeng, is your father’s first love. Am I right?”

Instead of answering Song Ci directly, Han Zhan sat up and stared at the dark grey ground. He suddenly said, “Jiang Mengmeng, original name Jiang Shiyu, British Chinese. Her brother’s name is Jiang Shifeng, current top pianist of the Angel Orchestra.”

Turning to stare at the stunned Song Ci, Han Zhan shattered all the hopes in Song Ci’s heart. “Song Ci, do you understand? Your mother, Jiang Mengmeng, is my father’s first love! Because of her, my mother, and Aaron’s mother have all become innocent scapegoats!”

Han Zhan clutched at his own hair in pain. He was like a wild beast that had fallen into a trap, unable to find an exit.

Han Zhan murmured in pain. “I know your mother didn’t do anything wrong. My father should be the one being stabbed to death! But Song Ci, I hate your mother too much!”

“Do you still remember? In the hospital, when I treated you as a spy and grabbed your neck, I really wanted to kill you! But when you begged me to collaborate with you and let me marry you, an evil thought surfaced in my mind…”

That thought was too despicable. Han Zhan was extremely ashamed and actually didn’t have the courage to continue.

Song Ci’s heart was also in a mess. Hearing this, she suddenly roared. “Continue! You dare to do it but don’t dare to say it?”

Han Zhan’s spirits were agitated at Song Ci’s shout.

He looked at Song Ci uneasily and said in a small voice, “I was thinking that I could marry you and treat you better, like boiling a frog with warm water, so that you could completely drown in my gentle arms.”

“I will bring you to see my father when you are utterly in love with me. I want to show him that the woman he loves but cannot have—she has already married another man and had a child with him! I want to show him that his life is a joke!”

Song Ci looked calm.

Instead of being alarmed, she asked calmly, “Then have you never thought that when I find out the truth, I will also be sad and upset? Have you never thought that your father might kill me in a fit of anger? And that little brother of yours called Aaron—he wants to kill me more than anyone!”

Song Ci’s three questions rendered Han Zhan speechless.

Song Ci thought of something else. She said, “That night after we registered our marriage, we went to a restaurant in Deep Alley for a meal. On the streets, I cried bitterly because I was feeling aggrieved. When you hugged me to comfort me, you said that you married me for another reason…”

Song Ci clearly remembered Han Zhan’s original words. He said,

[Song Ci, how did you know that you schemed to get close to me and I didn’t have any ulterior motives for keeping you?]

[Don’t feel sorry for me. Please make good use of me.]

“Actually, everything you said back then was true. However, you didn’t want my looks and body. You wanted my face and my identity as Jiang Shiyu’s daughter! You wanted me to make good use of you not because you were magnanimous, but because you were also making use of me!”

Unexpectedly, Song Ci even remembered this clearly. Han Zhan felt shocked and uneasy.

“I’m asking you, is this true?” Song Ci’s face turned completely cold.

Han Zhan replied, “…Yes.”


Song Ci gave Han Zhan a tight slap.

Han Zhan’s left cheek was burning. He had been slapped so hard by Song Ci that his head turned sideways.

Song Ci, who doted on him so much, actually slapped him…

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