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Chapter 196: Bear with It When You Must, Be Harsh When You Need To

Like stars surrounding the moon, Cheng Yanmo arrived beside Old CEO Cheng’s bed. Lowering his eyes, he looked at his father, who was sitting on the sickbed, struggling to catch his breath. Cheng Yanmo’s expression remained calm and composed.


Hearing his eldest son’s voice, Cheng Zhanxiong widened his eyes.

Cheng Zhanxiong realized that his eldest son was the only one by the bed, but his youngest son Cheng Ziang was nowhere to be seen. His eyes dimmed slightly. “Where… where is Ziang?” In his weak state, Cheng Zhanxiong couldn’t even say Cheng Ziang’s name clearly.

Cheng Yanmo didn’t answer his question. Instead, he glanced sideways at the directors and shareholders standing in the ward.

Seeing Cheng Yanmo look over, everyone knew that this father-son duo had private matters to discuss and left the ward in unison. Cheng Yanmo’s subordinates guarded the door of the ward, not allowing anyone to get close.

Cheng Yanmo dragged a chair over and placed it beside the bed. He sat down and massaged his tired temples before answering Cheng Zhanxiong’s question. “Ziang has something on and can’t make it.”

There was phlegm in Cheng Zhanxiong’s throat. He opened his mouth and made a sound, as if accusing Cheng Ziang of being unfilial.

Cheng Yanmo gazed quietly at his dying father, who was still trying to act all high and mighty. His expression was impassive, as if he was watching a stranger struggling in pain.

Cheng Zhanxiong’s agitated emotions gradually calmed down. His voice came out intermittently from under the ventilator. “He… hates me. He … won’t meet me. But I… I am his father. His father.”

How dare he not come and see me one last time?

Hearing Cheng Zhanxiong’s words, Cheng Yanmo’s eyes were suddenly filled with mockery. “Yes, you are indeed our father. But you are also the murderer who murdered our mother.”

Cheng Zhanxiong was shocked to hear such rebellious words from Cheng Yanmo.

All along, Cheng Yanmo had always appeared kind and polite in front of everyone. Although he didn’t show much respect to his father, he wouldn’t openly defy him either.

This was the first time Cheng Yanmo spoke of his mother to Cheng Zhanxiong with such a resentful tone.

Cheng Zhanxiong found it both laughable and pathetic. “Why? Even you hate me?”

Cheng Yanmo didn’t answer Cheng Zhanxiong’s question. However, the pair of pitch-black eyes behind the monocle turned increasingly dark, like dark clouds in a stormy sky.

Cheng Zhanxiong understood.

He snorted and asked Cheng Yanmo, “Since you hate me so much, why don’t you seek revenge on me for your mother?”

Hearing this, Cheng Yanmo finally spoke up. His tone was as calm and cold as usual. “I hate you because you made us brothers become motherless children. I won’t take revenge on you because you’re my father.”

That is all!

If he wasn’t Cheng Yanmo’s mother, Cheng Zhanxiong would have already been cut into pieces.

When his mother passed away, Cheng Yanmo was already in his teens.

He was the elder brother. Cheng Ziang could do whatever he wanted, but not Cheng Yanmo. From a young age, his grandfather had told Cheng Yanmo that he would be the future successor of Chuan Dong Group and that he couldn’t act on impulse.

He would always remember his grandfather’s words:

He had to endure when necessary and be ruthless when needed.

As a result, although he hated Cheng Zhanxiong to the core, before he gained full control of the corporation, Cheng Yanmo would never show any obvious displeasure or hatred towards him.

Anyone who threw an egg at a rock was a fool.

Cheng Zhanxiong had suffered a major blow from his eldest son.

He had always thought that his eldest son respected and loved him. Little did he know that his eldest son’s obedience was just a facade.

Although Cheng Zhanxiong’s private life was messy when he was young, he only had two children—Cheng Yanmo and Cheng Ziang. Even in death, his two sons still hated him. This made Cheng Zhanxiong feel like a failure.

Cheng Yanmo suddenly looked down at his watch. It was already past midnight and the needle was pointing past 12. He suddenly said to Cheng Zhanxiong, “When my mother passed away, it was after 5.07 in the afternoon.”

Hearing Cheng Yanmo’s random words, Cheng Zhanxiong was puzzled. “You…” He wanted to ask Cheng Yanmo, what did he mean by that? But he felt short of breath and found it difficult to speak.

At this point, Cheng Yanmo slowly stood up and bowed deeply to Cheng Zhanxiong. He said, “Father, the world is full of hardships. Rest in peace. I hope you can reunite with my mother in the netherworld.”

With that, under Cheng Zhanxiong’s terrified gaze, Cheng Yanmo reached out and took Cheng Zhanxiong’s ventilator away expressionlessly.

Cheng Zhanxiong was already holding his breath. Without the ventilator’s help, he could only exhale and not inhale.

Cheng Zhanxiong’s eyes started to quiver as he stared at Cheng Yanmo. He lifted his trembling fingers as if he wanted to scold him but also wanted to curse him at the same time.

Cheng Yanmo stood quietly by the side. Looking at Cheng Zhanxiong pointing at his chest, he smiled and said, “Father, don’t worry and leave. Don’t miss the auspicious hour. I will manage the company very well. Rest in peace…”

Cheng Zhanxiong widened his eyes and muttered incoherently. “You… you are inhuman…”

Cheng Yanmo’s expression remained unchanged. “You were the one who stopped being human first. You can’t blame me for being inhumane.”

Cheng Zhanxiong’s fingers were trembling even more violently. He was so agitated that his eyes widened and he died on the spot! Cheng Yanmo watched helplessly as Cheng Zhanxiong took his last breath. He then glanced down at his watch.


Very good.

Lowering his eyes to stare at Cheng Zhanxiong’s body, Cheng Yanmo picked up the ventilator and put it on for him. He then gently closed Cheng Zhanxiong’s eyes. After doing all that, Cheng Yanmo turned and walked out.

Pulling open the door, Cheng Yanmo bowed his head and walked out. His hands were clasped quietly in front of his chest, his expression solemn and silent.

Everyone noticed that the eldest young master had come out and turned to look at Cheng Yanmo.

From Cheng Yanmo’s pained expression, they got some information.

He’s gone!

An older director asked in a trembling voice, “Old CEO Cheng is gone?”

Cheng Yanmo looked up and stared at the familiar faces before him. He nodded and said in a clear, steady voice, “My father, Cheng Zhanxiong, passed away at 12.07am on 26 December 2020.”

Everyone fell silent when they heard this.

Half a second later, someone questioned unhappily. “Eldest Young Master, what exactly is Second Young Master busy with? Why can’t he even see Old Man Cheng for the last time? Even… even if he has hatred in his heart, it has been so many years. He should let it go.”

Cheng Yanmo glanced at that person calmly. He smiled and opened his thin lips elegantly, but his words were cold.

“Uncle Zhang, if your father has an affair in your house, messes around on his and your mother’s wedding bed, and is seen by your mother at the scene… your mother kills the mistress in a fit of anger, stabs your father, and then hangs herself at your chandelier. When you return from school, push open the door, and see your mother hanging in the middle of the living room, the mistress lying dead on the floor, and your injured father dying…”

A cold glint flashed across Cheng Yanmo’s eyes. “If you can still be magnanimous and treat your father well after everything that has happened to you, I will really admire you. Really, rather than being a businessman, perhaps you should be a priest. After all, it has always been the duty of a priest to persuade people to let go of their hatred.”

Cheng Yanmo had a smile on his face, but his words were harsh and sharp.

The old man whom he had addressed as Uncle Zhang turned red with anger. “Cheng Yanmo, don’t bully me! I am already so old, how can I tolerate your slander?” Uncle Zhang was insulted by Cheng Yanmo’s harsh words and his voice became unsteady.

Cheng Yanmo gazed calmly at Director Zhang. He was as arrogant as ever. “Uncle Zhang, you have never experienced the pain of others. Don’t try to persuade them to be magnanimous.”

Everyone could tell that after Cheng Zhanxiong’s death, Cheng Yanmo, who had become the absolute power behind Chuan Dong Group, had already become formidable. If the Cheng Yanmo of the past was a woodcutter with a sharp edge, now he was a sharp knife with a sharp edge. Who would dare to provoke him?

Cheng Yanmo was good at business and was even more outstanding than his father, Cheng Zhanxiong. They were all in the same boat because of their own benefits and had to rely on Cheng Yanmo to bring them endless wealth.

However reluctant they were to offend old CEO Cheng in the past, they were equally as unwilling to offend Cheng Yanmo.

Not wanting to see Uncle Zhang enrage Cheng Yanmo, everyone quickly tried to mediate. “Old Brother Zhang, don’t lower yourself to Yanmo’s level. Zhanxiong just left and Yanmo is just feeling very upset and spoke without thinking. Please understand him.”

He was lying through his teeth! Director Zhang glanced at Cheng Yanmo’s calm face and didn’t see any hint of sadness.

Someone else advised Uncle Zhang. “Yes, yes. Everyone knows that the eldest young master and Zhanxiong are very close. If Zhan Xiong suddenly dies, the eldest young master might still be shocked, so his words might not be pleasant. Old Zhang, don’t be angry at him.”

This group of people were fence sitters and recognized the situation. They seemed to want to follow Cheng Yanmo’s lead.

Uncle Zhang snorted and didn’t say anything else.

After confirming that no one was causing trouble, Cheng Yanmo was satisfied. He said to his subordinate, “Call the funeral parlor over!”


Cheng Zhanxiong’s body was sent to the mortuary that very night and cremated at dawn. In the morning, Cheng Yanmo carried Cheng Zhanxiong’s ashes back to the Cheng Family residence for the funeral.

Cheng Yanmo had been using work to numb himself recently. In addition, he had not slept at all the night before and was very fatigued. He even walked rather unsteadily.

He went back to his room to sleep for two hours. When he woke up, Cheng Yanmo took a shower and felt much better. He changed into a black coat and arrived at Cheng Ziang’s villa. He realized that Cheng Ziang was not at home.

He stayed up all night again?

Cheng Yanmo found the butler with a dark expression and asked him where Cheng Ziang went. “Did he not come back last night?”

The butler nodded. “Yes.” Staring at the white lantern hanging by the door, the butler sighed and said, “Second Young Master probably didn’t want to attend Old Master’s funeral and hid away.”

Cheng Yanmo frowned. Walking under the hot sun, he took out his cell phone and called Cheng Ziang.

The call went through for the first time, but no one picked up. Cheng Yanmo patiently dialed again. This time, the call was finally answered, but it was not Cheng Ziang.

“Hi.” It was a clear girl’s voice.

Stunned, Cheng Yanmo asked, “Where is Cheng Ziang?” He thought this girl was Cheng Ziang’s bedmate from last night and told her, “Please pass the phone to Cheng Ziang. I am his elder brother.”

The other party said, “Hello, Mr. Cheng. This is Wangdong City’s Second People’s Hospital. Your brother was hospitalized yesterday night and is still unconscious. Is it convenient for you to come over and pay his medical fees now?”

Cheng Yanmo was shocked. “How did he get injured?”

“I’m not sure. Anyway, when he was sent to the hospital, there were many injuries to his soft tissues. Moreover…” The other party was silent for two seconds before telling Cheng Yanmo a nightmare.” Your brother will probably be impotent in the future. ”

Cheng Yanmo widened his eyes.

How can this be?

Without even taking a bite of food, Cheng Yanmo rushed to the hospital.

By the time he arrived, Cheng Ziang was already awake.

Cheng Ziang could already feel the helplessness and abnormality beneath him. He asked the doctor and he was told the real reason. Knowing that he could never touch a woman again in this life, Cheng Ziang flew into a rage.

When Cheng Yanmo arrived at the ward, it was a mess. There were bedsheets, cups, and all sorts of receipts scattered all over the floor. Meanwhile, Cheng Ziang, the instigator, was sitting on the bed, holding his forehead, unmoving.

The skin on Cheng Ziang’s head had been smashed by a wine bottle and the wound was very long. The nurse had shaved off all his hair the night before when they arrived at the hospital. Currently, Cheng Ziang’s head was wrapped in white gauze and looked like a dumpling.

Standing at the door, Cheng Yanmo looked at Cheng Ziang’s bruised and battered appearance in a daze. In his previous life, Cheng Ziang had been harmed by someone during this period.

Recently, he had been very busy and Mu Qiu’s incident had somewhat affected his mood. He had actually forgotten about this.

Cheng Yanmo was slightly frustrated. He couldn’t help feeling regretful. He thought to himself that if he cared more about his younger brother and kept a close watch on him so that he wouldn’t commit such atrocities, his younger brother would not have ended up in such a state.


Hearing Cheng Yanmo’s voice, Cheng Ziang froze.

Cheng Ziang slowly looked up, revealing a pair of bloodshot eyes filled with pain, despair, and unwillingness. Looking at his elder brother standing under the door frame, Cheng Ziang’s despair and anger turned into grievance.

“Brother…” Cheng Ziang started to cry.

Cheng Yanmo hurried over and placed his hand gently on Cheng Ziang’s head. His heart ached at the thought of the wound under the gauze. He comforted Cheng Ziang softly. “Ziang, it’s Brother. Brother is here.”

“Brother…” Cheng Ziang grabbed Cheng Yanmo’s hand and said angrily,” Brother, I want to kill that woman. I want to kill her! ”

Cheng Yanmo didn’t agree to Cheng Ziang’s request rashly. Some casual promises might be used against him.

Cheng Ziang’s expression was ferocious. He said to Cheng Yanmo, “That woman purposely set me up. She pretended to be drunk and hit me when I wasn’t looking. Brother, you must avenge me. She caused my death! My entire life is ruined because of her!”

“Brother, I have become a cripple!”

Cheng Ziang started sobbing maniacally.

As Cheng Yanmo listened to his brother’s sobs, images of what he had seen in that dream surfaced in his mind.

In his previous life, Cheng Ziang had also been beaten up badly. At that time, Cheng Yanmo also wanted to seek justice for Cheng Ziang, but that girl had a very powerful background and was not someone the Cheng Family could afford to offend.

In the end, the Cheng Family could only suffer in silence.

After losing his manhood, Cheng Ziang became more and more ruthless. At home, he would beat up Song Ci whenever he was unhappy. Outside, he would seduce any girl he liked. If he failed, he would resort to despicable means.

The inhumane him could always come up with all sorts of tricks to vent his anger on women.

Not only that, he was also addicted to browsing perverted websites to enjoy videos of special crimes. Gradually, he became dissatisfied with this and boldly collaborated with others to create a private website that specialized in using minors for profit.

After Song Ci discovered Cheng Ziang’s actions, she reported all of them and sent them to prison.

The year Cheng Yanmo died, Cheng Ziang was still serving his sentence in prison.

As for what would happen to Cheng Ziang in the future, Cheng Yanmo didn’t even need to think to know. Because Mu Qiu had hurt Song Ci, that crazy Han Zhan even wanted to kill him, who was Mu Qiu’s husband. What about Cheng Ziang, who had trampled on Song Ci for six years?

In this life, Cheng Yanmo would never stand by and watch his brother continue to make mistakes!

Cheng Yanmo patted Cheng Ziang’s shoulder and asked, “What’s that girl’s name?”

Cheng Ziang said, “Han Wangwang.”

Cheng Yanmo sighed and closed his eyes.

It is indeed her!

Han Wangwang was born into a military and political family. His father, Han Wanglong, was the top politician in Shunchen City. His grandfather, Han Dongliang, had an even higher status. Cheng Ziang had fallen to this woman in his previous life and this life. It was his own fault.

“Ziang, we cannot afford to offend this person.”

Hearing this, Cheng Ziang was stunned. There was someone we couldn’t afford to offend?

Cheng Ziang recalled Han Wangwang’s parting words last night and asked Cheng Yanmo, “Isn’t she just a girl from an ordinary family? Could she have some other background?”

Nodding, Cheng Yanmo spoke their names softly. “Han Wanglong and Han Dongliang. One is Han Wangwang’s father, while the other is Han Wangwang’s grandfather.”

Firstly, Cheng Ziang didn’t pay attention to politics, secondly, he didn’t pay attention to military affairs, so he didn’t know who these two people were. But hearing the name Han Wanglong sounded familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere before.

Cheng Ziang took out his cell phone and checked the identities of Han Wanglong and Han Dongliang. After reading the information, Cheng Ziang finally knew who he had offended.

Han Wangwang was indeed a pampered little princess.

At this point, Cheng Ziang suddenly felt very fortunate. He was glad that he didn’t really touch her. If he did, the entire Cheng Family and Chuan Dong Group would probably suffer from their revenge!

But Cheng Ziang wasn’t willing to let himself suffer in silence for the rest of his life. “Then should I just endure it? To be bullied for nothing?”

Cheng Yanmo knew what Cheng Ziang was thinking. He told him, “I will arrange for you to go overseas to meet the best male doctor. The chances of you being cured are very high.”

Cheng Ziang saw hope. “Really?”

“It’s true. There is a male doctor in the Netherlands who is very good at this. I will get someone to bring you to him.” Cheng Yanmo hoped that the doctor could treat his brother’s health. He hoped that the physically and mentally healthy Cheng Ziang would not make the same mistake again.

Cheng Yanmo didn’t expect Cheng Ziang to become an outstanding person. He could just be a playboy who only knew how to enjoy life, as long as he didn’t commit any crimes and didn’t dig his own grave.

Cheng Ziang knew that his brother would not lie to him. Hearing that, the malicious intent in his eyes dimmed. “Brother, if it can really be cured…” Cheng Ziang thought for a moment and said,” I must turn over a new leaf in the future! ”

Last night, he had sat alone on the carpet of the hotel, bleeding profusely but unable to get any help. Cheng Ziang regretted it slightly.

He recalled his ridiculous first half of his life and felt rather despondent.

Cheng Ziang couldn’t help thinking of his elementary school days. At that time, he was also a smart kid who won the Best Student Award. One summer, he even jumped into a pond to save a classmate who nearly drowned and was praised by the principal in front of everyone.

But since his mother’s death…

Cheng Ziang knew very well that he was ill because of his own heart. His mother’s death was a thorn in his heart. He knew that he should release Cheng Zhanxiong and himself so that he could lead a more successful life.

But he just couldn’t let it go!

At this point, being comforted in his brother’s arms, Cheng Ziang’s gradually cold heart finally felt a tinge of warmth. “Brother, are you disappointed in me?”

Cheng Yanmo said, “Disappointed.”

Cheng Ziang’s smile was slightly bitter. But his brother said, “But I still have hope for you.”

Hearing this, Cheng Ziang’s eyes lit up. He suddenly felt that life was not as bad as before.

Cheng Zhanxiong’s funeral was scheduled for the morning of December 28th.

Cheng Zhanxiong was a beneficial entrepreneur. His death had also caused a wave of mourning on Weibo. Now that he was dead, the dirty deeds from his previous life were no longer important.

Han Aoyu and the Cheng Family had a pretty good relationship. After Cheng Zhanxiong died, Han Aoyu also went to the Cheng Family’s funeral to sit for a while.

There were quite a number of people from the Cheng Family today. They were all youngsters and middle-aged men. Han Aoyu didn’t have any old friends that he was familiar with. He felt it was pointless and just sat there for a while before greeting them and leaving.

He returned home and saw a black Volvo parked in the yard.

Knowing that it was Han Zhan and his wife who had come, Han Aoyu shouted as he walked in. “Lass Song, I will make potato cakes tonight. Do you want some?” Knowing that Lass Song was a glutton, Han Aoyu always tried to make delicious food for her.

Song Ci, who was taking small bites of grapefruit, couldn’t help massaging her own stomach upon hearing her grandfather’s shout. Every time she came to her grandfather’s place for a meal, she would have to go home to eat digestive pills and exercise crazily to reduce her appetite.

Song Ci ran out of the house with a grapefruit. She smiled sweetly and praised Han Aoyu when she saw her grandfather in high spirits. “Grandpa is so handsome today. This Chinese tunic suit suits you very well! It makes you look strong and strong. You have a hidden aura!”

Han Aoyu knew that Song Ci was someone who could boast with her eyes closed, but he still liked Song Ci’s sweet mouth. Compared to Han Zhan, who couldn’t utter a single pleasant word no matter how hard he tried, Song Ci was much cuter.

“You are so glib-tongued. I will make you another plate of marinated beef!”

Hearing this, Song Ci instinctively shut up.

Han Zhan suddenly snorted.

Han Aoyu harrumphed at Han Zhan, before entering the house to look for potatoes. He was going to fry them and make them into potato cakes. Han Zhan carried the watering can and watered that Luohan Pine. Seeing Song Ci’s depressed expression, he couldn’t help but tease her. “Who told you to have such a sweet mouth? You can eat until you were full?”

Song Ci walked up to Han Zhan and stood beside him, her fingers pinching the pin leaves of the arhat pine. She suddenly said, “I am going to attend the auditions for ‘Le Chi’ next week. If I get chosen, I might go to Europe to film with the production team.”

Han Zhan was shocked. “You are going to Europe? How long will it take?”

=Song Ci said, “Probably a month.”

Han Zhan remained silent.

It had been a few months since they got married and Han Zhan had gone for a few business trips. However, as it hadn’t been long, he didn’t feel too reluctant. Thinking that Song Ci might leave him for a month, Han Zhan couldn’t help feeling reluctant.

“Brother Han can’t bear for me to leave?” Song Ci tiptoed and bumped into Han Zhan’s shoulder. She tilted her head and said to him, “Brother Han, please act coquettishly. I won’t go if you do.”

Han Zhan didn’t believe Song Ci’s lies at all.

You’re lying to me.” Han Zhan knew Song Ci better. “You told me this not to discuss with me or to listen to my suggestion. You’re just informing me of your decision. How can I stop you from doing whatever you decide to do? Moreover…”

Han Zhan smiled and said, “I can’t bear to stop you either.” She wanted to chase after her dreams and he couldn’t stop her footsteps and tie up her wings.

Song Ci’s heart warmed. “I knew Brother Han would understand me.”

There was a reason why Shen Yubei wanted her to act in this movie. “Le Chi” was indeed going to be a hit. All the minor roles in this movie would become major stars in the future. If Song Ci could get a role, she would definitely become famous globally. Three years later, she would have more confidence and capital to participate in Empress Elizabeth’s international music competition.

The violin was a dream that Song Ci couldn’t fulfill in her previous life. In this life, Song Ci wanted to be the real Song Ci!

“Baby Ci, you must get this role. When the movie premieres, I will book the entire theater every day.”


Han Aoyu fiddled in the kitchen for two hours and made a table full of dishes. It was hard to refuse such a grand offer. Song Ci ate two bowls of rice and a lot of dishes. She only put down her bowl when she couldn’t take it anymore.

Han Aoyu asked Song Ci, “Has Grandpa’s culinary skills improved?”

Song Ci said, “It seems to have improved slightly.”

“Liar.” Han Aoyu put down his chopsticks. Hearing the mournful music coming from the bottom of the hill, he recalled something and said to Han Zhan, “Yesterday, that lad Cheng Yanmo brought the geomancer to the top of the hill to pick a grave. When he passed by my house, he said something to me.”

Han Zhan ate without looking up.

“Say what?” Song Ci asked.

Han Aoyu relayed Cheng Yanmo’s words to Han Zhan word for word. “That lad said: my brother has been taught a lesson for being rash and foolish. I will send him overseas to be remodeled and won’t let him commit any more heinous crimes. I hope Mr. Han will be magnanimous and not lower yourself to his level.”

After repeating Cheng Yanmo’s words, Han Aoyu narrowed his eyes and sized Han Zhan up. “Did you bully his younger brother?”

Han Zhan didn’t deny nor admit to it.

It looked like Cheng Yanmo had already investigated the Han Family thoroughly and even found out the relationship between him and Han Wangwang.

Seeing that Han Zhan wasn’t willing to talk about this matter, Han Aoyu didn’t probe any further. Han Zhan was an adult in his thirties, and Han Aoyu had to learn to let go of him and stop asking about his juniors.

“I am old and can’t sit for too long after eating. I am going out for a walk. When you guys return later, bring that roasted duck from the kitchen. Warm it up in the microwave tomorrow and it will be edible.” This was said to Song Ci.

Song Ci nodded. “Alright, thank you, Grandpa.” Song Ci got up and cleaned up the dishes with Han Zhan. After entering the kitchen, Song Ci pulled Han Zhan’s arm and asked him, “You were the one who beat up Cheng Ziang?”

Han Zhan gazed at the greasy plate and remained silent, as if he had gone deaf.

Song Ci thought it was funny. “If you did it, so be it. Stop pretending.”

Han Zhan admitted, “Yes.”

“Why did you do that? He didn’t offend you!”

“Because he hurt you, and he even…” He even married you. Han Zhan refused to admit that he was a petty, jealous, and possessive person. He also didn’t want Song Ci to know his true colors, so he didn’t finish his sentence.

Song Ci’s heart warmed. “Thank you, Brother Han. But from now on, don’t do such things anymore. After all, it’s not a legitimate method.”

Brother Han was such an upright and patriotic young man, but he had even started scheming against others because of her.

She had tarnished the upright Han Zhan.

Han Zhan agreed. “I won’t bully anyone in the future.” After thinking for a moment, he added. “I’ll try my best.”

Song Ci was speechless.

After Cheng Zhanxiong’s funeral, Cheng Yanmo officially appeared as the chairman and executive chairman of Chuan Dong Group at an international major business meeting. Along with him was Li Li, who had recently been promoted to vice-president of Zeus International.

Li Li and Cheng Yanmo met at the banquet after the meeting.

The two of them met and Cheng Yanmo took the initiative to raise his glass to Li Li. “Congratulations on your promotion, CEO Li.” Cheng Yanmo truly admired Li Li, who was only a year older than him and had climbed to his current position with his own capabilities.

Li Li smiled and gave his original words to Cheng Yanmo. “Congratulations to Mr. Cheng for officially becoming CEO Cheng.”

The two of them smiled at each other.

Li Li recalled the scene he saw at the hotel that night. He looked around and waited for no one to notice before asking Cheng Yanmo in a low voice, “CEO Cheng, how is your brother’s recovery?”

Cheng Yanmo heard from Cheng Ziang that on the night he was beaten up, Li Li and Han Zhan had also appeared at the scene.

Knowing that Han Zhan must have something to do with Cheng Ziang being beaten up, and that Li Li had a close relationship with Han Zhan, Cheng Yanmo hid the truth and said, “His health is fine now, but I am planning to send him overseas to further his studies. It won’t be good for him to continue wasting his time here.”

Knowing that “advanced studies” was just a euphemistic way of putting it, Li Li praised Cheng Yanmo’s actions. “It’s time to study hard. He can’t always turn misfortune into good luck.”


The two of them were outstanding youths and were quickly called away to socialize. Cheng Yanmo had drunk some wine and was slightly tipsy. He sat down on the sofa to take a nap. Not far away, a few business tycoons were smoking and chatting about the recent changes in Wangdong City.

As they chatted, they inevitably started talking about the Mu Family. In the past, Mu Mian would never miss such a place. But now that he was no longer around, everyone sighed.

Even now, those old friends who were on good terms with Mu Mian still couldn’t believe that he was a murderer. “I really couldn’t tell that Mu Mian was such a person.”

“I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover.”

“Sigh, the truly pitiful one is still Madam Mu.” Madam Mu was a beautiful, elegant, and kind-hearted woman. The news of her sudden cerebral hemorrhage and death spread like wildfire and many people felt it was a great pity.

One of the middle-aged men shook his head and sighed. “I still remember that when Madam Mu was young, she was a top-class beauty in Wangdong City. To be honest, I once had a crush on her. But she didn’t have a good taste and didn’t like me. She liked Mu Mian.”

“You’re not the only one. That CEO of the Zhu Corporation is still obsessed with Madam Mu. He is the one who is deeply in love.” Old CEO Zhu loved Du Tingting deeply and remained single all his life.

In that case, Mu Mian was indeed so fortunate that it made one jealous.

“The world is unpredictable!”

[fuzzy]Life was unpredictable and unknown. You never knew what would happen the next moment.

Cheng Yanmo listened listlessly to their discussion about the Mu Family. He got up and was about to leave when he suddenly heard someone say, “That daughter of the Mu Family is called Mu Qiu, right?”

“Yeah. Her nickname is Qiu-er.”

“Oh, yes. I heard that Qiu-er has become a nun. A few days ago, the Dongfang Family’s Madam brought the Young Mistress to Magpie Mountain to pray for blessings. She saw a young female nun who looked quite like Qiu-er from the Mu Family.”

“Really?” Everyone was shocked. The youngest daughter of the Mu Family had become a monk?

Many of the uncles who had seen Mu Qiu felt that it was a pity. “That girl is not bad. She is lovely and kind. Our son wanted to marry her in the past. It would be a pity if she really became a monk…”

Cheng Yanmo listened in a daze, finding it absurd.

Mu Qiu had become a nun?

How could…

A string in Cheng Yanmo’s heart snapped.

Now that she had become a nun, she had heartlessly severed all ties with him and their marriage. He was the one who had initiated the breakup, but now, his chest felt slightly stuffy and heavy.

It was drizzling and snowing lightly.

Holding an umbrella, the man climbed up the mountainside and stood in the square, looking up at the temple in front of him.

The words “Moonlight Nunnery” were simple and formal.

Only when the rain had drenched the tips of Cheng Yanmo’s sneakers did he lift his leg and step into the small puddle on the cement floor. The temple was quiet and elegant, slow and peaceful, but it also made one feel at peace.

Cheng Yanmo offered some incense and gave a sum of money for the incense burner. He went alone to the canteen. The rain had already ended and a female disciple dressed in a grey monk robe came to the courtyard with a broom to sweep away the fallen leaves and water.

The female disciple’s back view was tall and slender. She didn’t appear vulgar even when sweeping the floor with a broom. She was wearing a cloth hat that revealed the clean back of her head, without a single strand of hair. Cheng Yanmo stared at that person’s back view, his eyes fixed on it, and even his breathing became shallow.

Carefully, Cheng Yanmo asked, “Xiao Qiu?”

]The female disciple stopped sweeping.

She turned slowly, holding a broom in her hand. Her dark eyes were clear and unprecedentedly clean. Cheng Yanmo stared at Mu Qiu’s face, slightly agitated.

“Xiao Qiu, it’s really you!”

Cheng Yanmo hurried over to Mu Qiu. When he was just one meter away from her, Mu Qiu suddenly clasped her hands together and said in a clear voice, “Benefactor, please stop.”

Cheng Yanmo stopped in his tracks.

He looked at Mu Qiu in shock, feeling very upset.

Mu Qiu gazed at Cheng Yanmo calmly. There was no love or reluctance in her eyes. “Benefactor, my name is Forgetting Dust.” Noticing the shock in Cheng Yanmo’s eyes, Mu Qiu added, “I have already put aside the past. Benefactor, please put down the past as soon as possible and start a new life as soon as possible.”

With that, Mu Qiu turned and continued sweeping the floor.

Cheng Yanmo just stood behind Mu Qiu. Even after Mu Qiu had swept the floor and left with her broom, she didn’t look back at him.

That day, Cheng Yanmo spent the entire day at the Moonlight Nunnery. He ate vegetarian meals and read scriptures. He did everything that Mu Qiu did. When he left, his eyes were bloodshot.

Five days later, a piece of good news hit the headlines of all major newspapers in Wangdong City.

Happy news! Chuan Dong Group’s CEO Cheng Yanmo and the Southern Su Family’s daughter, Su Qing, announced their relationship. The wedding will be held on the 28th of next month!

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