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Chapter 195: I Will Serve Justice On Behalf of Heaven!

Jiang Bi understood what Han Wangwang meant.

After walking out of the bar, Jiang Bi suddenly stopped and called out to Su Weiyin. “I am going to meet a friend. Su Weiyin, send Han Wangwang back to school.”

“Okay.” Su Weiyin couldn’t wait for the troublemaker Jiang Bi to get lost.

Han Wangwang, who was drunk in Su Weiyin’s arms, saw that Jiang Bi was so sensible and instantly felt that this person had a meticulous heart. She decided to be good friends with her in future.

After Jiang Bi left, she turned a corner and hid herself. She watched as Su Weiyin shoved Han Wangwang into a cab and hailed a cab, following behind them at a steady pace.

Han Wangwang got even more ‘drunk’ in the car.

She started bragging wildly and muttered. “Weiyin, I will only tell you this. My family is very impressive. My grandfather and father are both government officials. My little uncle runs several big companies. My great-grandfather is even more impressive. He can make Wangdong City tremble with just his feet!”

“As for me, I am a little princess who is loved and doted on by everyone!”

Su Weiyin felt very awkward and troubled.

After the driver heard Han Wangwang’s words, he couldn’t help laughing softly. He turned back and said to Su Weiyin, “This friend of yours must be drunk. How dare she say that.” Only when one was drunk would one possess wealth and silver.

Su Weiyin covered Han Wangwang’s mouth and said to the driver, “She likes to brag. Sorry for letting you see this joke.”

Han Wangwang slapped Su Weiyin’s hand away. “Don’t cover my mouth, I’m going to vomit!” She shifted her butt, changed into a more comfortable position, and fell asleep.

After a few minutes, Su Weiyin suddenly woke Han Wangwang up. “Wangwang, we are here.”

The groggy Han Wangwang was pulled out of the car by Su Weiyin and headed towards the hotel.

Tonight, Zeus Airlines’ celebration party was held at the Jetta International Hotel. It was already past 10pm and the party had already started to disperse. Many well-dressed people were walking out of the hotel in groups to go home.

Han Wangwang saw that the people who brushed past her were all very well-dressed. She felt that something was off.

Stopping in her tracks, Han Wangwang looked up and stared at the hotel sign. “Jetta International Hotel…” She tugged at Su Weiyin and asked,” Weiyin, why did you bring me to the hotel? ”

Su Weiyin looked slightly uneasy. She said, “The dormitory is locked. We will stay outside tonight.”

“This hotel looks very high-class and expensive, right?” Han Wangwang hugged Su Weiyin’s waist and said, “You are the best!”

“I am your best friend. Of course I am good to you.” Su Weiyin brought Han Wangwang into the lift and pressed the button for level 23.

Bei Zhan had already prepared rooms for the guests. Seeing that it was getting late, Han Zhan also decided to stay at the hotel tonight.

Han Zhan went to get a room card from Bei Zhan and handed it to Song Ci. “We will stay at the hotel tonight, room 2206.”

Song Ci tossed the room card into her bag, held Han Zhan’s hand, and left the banquet hall, preparing to go upstairs to rest.

There were passenger elevators on both sides of every floor of the Jetta Hotel. There were four elevators on each side. Han Zhan and Song Ci held hands as they arrived at the elevator on the west side.

Han Zhan pressed the button for all the elevators to go up.

Seeing that lift number 2 had stopped first, Han Zhan held Song Ci’s hand and entered lift number 2. Just when the lift was about to close, lift number 4 also opened its door.

Song Ci glanced across and saw that the person inside the lift looked somewhat familiar. She seemed to know her.


Song Ci was slightly stunned. She hurriedly said to Han Zhan, “Brother Han, look at that girl in the lift opposite. Doesn’t she look like Wangwang?”

]Han Zhan glanced across and shook his head. “Not really.” The lift door slowly closed and lift number four could no longer be seen. Han Zhan told Song Ci, “Wangwang is attending a party tonight at the One-Station Bar. It won’t end until midnight.”

“Did I see wrongly?”

“I think so.”


Tonight’s party was grand and formal. Ai Lun had specially selected an ice-blue deep V-line fishtail gown in the Lococo style for Song Ci. The gorgeous, exquisite transparent shawl covered Song Ci’s shoulders and chest. Her fair, sexy shoulders were half-hidden and her hazy sexiness was suffocating.

The dress was a fishtail design that hugged the waist and hips. Afraid that it would affect the effect of the dress, Aaron didn’t allow Song Ci to eat anything for the entire afternoon.

At the party, Song Ci only drank a little beverage in order to look good. Now that there was no one in the lift, Song Ci rubbed her stomach and asked Han Zhan without much hope, “I’m so hungry. Brother Han, is there anything I can eat?”

Han Zhan really took out two pieces of toffee from his pocket. “Only this.” Who would have thought that the big boss of Zeus Corporation would always have two pieces of toffee in his suit pocket?

At this point, there was no need for Song Ci to be picky. She peeled off the wrapper and popped it into her mouth. The sweet taste filled her mouth and Song Ci was revived.

Returning to the hotel, the first thing Song Ci did was to get Han Zhan to help her zip down her dress and save herself from the tight-fitting gown.

She put on the hotel bathrobe and walked towards the bathroom while saying to Han Zhan, “Brother Han, help me order some supper. I’m going to go crazy if I don’t eat anything soon!”

Han Zhan, ” Okay.”

After calling for two sets of midnight snacks, Han Zhan put down the phone, sat by the bed, looked up at the ceiling, and narrowed his eyes.

In lift 4.

Han Wangwang was still lying on top of Su Weiyin, her eyes narrowed and she looked very drunk. She was still talking nonsense. Su Weiyin listened intently and heard Han Wangwang say, “Weiyin, do you know? I am a very vengeful person. Whoever bullies me will be bullied even more. So Weiyin, you must love me well and not do anything to let me down.”

“When I get angry, I’ll turn my back on you.”

As she was drunk, Han Wangwang’s voice sounded weak and non-threatening.

After hearing this, Su Weiyin suspected that Han Wangwang knew about her deal with Cheng Ziang and was warning her not to do anything stupid.

But Su Weiyin felt that it was impossible. She had done this secretly and Han Wangwang should not have noticed.

Perhaps Han Wangwang was a girl who loved to brag when she was drunk.

Thinking of this, Su Weiyin quickly calmed down. She supported Han Wangwang and said, “Don’t worry, I will treat you well. You are my good friend.”

“Mmm, Wei Yin is the best.”

Han Wangwang’s cell phone suddenly vibrated. She secretly took it out and saw that it was a message from her little uncle.

Han Zhan: [You must protect yourself well.] Han Wangwang replied the other party with a puppy-dog look, kept her ll phone, leaned against Su Weiyin’s shoulder, and continued to pretend to be drunk.


The lift door opened and Su Weiyin helped Han Wangwang out.

Their flat shoes made almost no sound on the soft fur carpet.

Walking up to Room 2306, Su Weiyin took out her card, opened the door, and helped Han Wangwang inside.

Han Wangwang was brought to the bed by Su Weiyin. She sat on the bed with her body tilted sideways, ready to fall asleep at any time. Su Weiyin grabbed Han Wangwang’s arm and helped her take off her down jacket and short jacket before laying her down flat.

Han Wangwang turned over and laid on the bed. “I’ m so sleepy. I’ m going to bed.” With that, Han Wangwang pressed a pillow over her head and fell into a deep sleep.

Su Weiyin sat aside and waited for more than 10 minutes. After confirming that Han Wangwang had really fainted from the effects of the medicine, she stood up.

Su Weiyin walked to another small bedroom in the suite and knocked on the door.

The door was opened. Cheng Ziang, who was only wearing a bathrobe, stood behind the door. His eyes were dark as he stared at Su Weiyin. “Everything is settled?”

Su Weiyin was slightly afraid of Cheng Ziang. She didn’t even dare to look straight at him. She just lowered her head and said, “Wangwang has already fallen asleep.”

She looked up fearfully again and stared into Cheng Ziang’s malicious eyes. Su Weiyin’s heart shuddered, but she still mustered up the courage to ask Cheng Ziang, “Mr. Cheng, I have already done what you asked me to do. Can you return those photos to me?”

Cheng Ziang lifted his chin toward the inside of the room.

Su Weiyin followed his gaze and looked inside. She saw a leather folder on the table.

She hurried into the room, picked up the leather folder, opened the document, and checked the contents. Su Weiyin was slightly relieved to see that both the photo and the original USB flash drive were inside.

She asked Cheng Ziang boldly, “Mr. Cheng, do you have a backup copy of these photos?”

Cheng Ziang sneered. “Do I need a backup for you?”

The corners of Su Weiyin’s eyes twitched. She hugged the leather folder and ran off.

Walking into the living room, Su Weiyin stopped and turned to look at Han Wangwang. A look of pity and guilt flashed across her eyes, but she still carried the folder and left the suite quickly.

Opposite the hotel was a small park built along the river. The park was nearly empty at night. Su Weiyin crossed the road to the park. She took out a lighter that she had already prepared and lit up a photo, preparing to destroy it.

Halfway through burning the photos, a skinny but long-fingered hand suddenly reached out and grabbed the photo, pulling it away from Su Weiyin’s palm.

Su Weiyin looked up in shock and met a pair of cold, mocking eyes. She exclaimed. “Why is it you?”

Su Weiyin looked at Jiang Bi with a very pale face. “Didn’t you leave because of something…”

Jiang Bi used her foot to put out the fire in the photo. She bent down to pick it up and looked down to see two other people kissing in the photo.

“You got together with the dean?” Jiang Bi’s pleasant voice was laced with sarcasm.

Su Weiyin’s face was pale.

“Return the photo to me!” She reached out her hands to snatch the photo back. Jiang Bi had already taken the photo and stood a meter away without much action.

Flicking the photo in her hand, Jiang Bi said, “Su Weiyin, someone like you is not worthy of having friends.”

Jiang Bi bent over to take the leather folder. How could Su Weiyin just stand by and watch Jiang Bi take it away? She had just escaped from Cheng Ziang’s trap and could not fall into Jiang Bi’s trap again.

Su Weiyin reached out to stop her, but to her surprise, Jiang Bi lifted her right leg and kicked Su Weiyin.

Su Weiyin fell to the ground, her chest hurting.

Jiang Bi picked up the leather folder and stood up. She stood up straight and looked down. She asked Su Weiyin, “Which room is Han Wangwang in?”

Su Weiyin’s pupils quivered slightly. She said in a small voice, “2408.”

Jiang Bi said, “You’re lying.” When a person was lying, their gaze would be different.

Su Weiyin said, “I’m not. She’s at 240…” Before she could finish her sentence, Jiang Bi grabbed her chin. Jiang Bi’s fingers looked very thin, but they were very strong.

Su Weiyin’s chin was nearly crushed by her.

Jiang Bi’s voice was frosty. “Room number!” Her patience was wearing thin.

Su Weiyin was so scared that she looked like she was about to cry. She said, “2306!”

Only after confirming that Su Weiyin was not lying this time did Jiang Bi release her chin. She looked at Su Weiyin with disgust as if she was a maggot. Jiang Bi cursed. “Get lost!”

Su Weiyin was scared by Jiang Bi’s cold eyes. Trembling, she stood up, clutched her chest, turned, and ran away.

In the hotel suite, Cheng Ziang came to the side of the bed. He stared at Han Wangwang’s back for a while, before taking out the camera he had prepared long ago.

Cheng Ziang placed the camera on the television cabinet and aimed it at the bed. He wanted to ensure that the camera panned out and captured everything that happened on the bed.

Cheng Ziang took off his bathrobe, walked slowly to the bed, and knelt down beside Han Wangwang.

He flipped Han Wangwang over.

Han Wangwang was drooling from her sleep. She even burped when she was flipped over, completely unaware that danger was approaching.

Cheng Ziang frowned slightly at the smell of alcohol.

He waved his right hand in front of his nose before removing Han Wangwang’s halter top.

Her clothes were taken off and Han Wangwang’s fair and smooth skin was exposed to the air. It was as flawless as milk and it was bewitching.

A glint of astonishment flashed across Cheng Ziang’s eyes.

She’s indeed a rare gem!

My three months of pursuit are not in vain.

Cheng Ziang unbuckled Han Wangwang’s belt again and reached out to undo the buttons on her pants.

As he placed his hands on the button, before he could undo it, the girl who should have been sound asleep suddenly spoke. “Mr. Cheng, I didn’t know you were so shameless.”

Cheng Ziang was stunned.

He looked up and saw that Han Wangwang had already awoken. Her eyes were open and clear. She didn’t look drunk at all.

What else did Cheng Ziang not understand? “You were pretending.” He was slightly surprised that he had belittled this girl.

Han Wangwang kicked Cheng Ziang.

Cheng Ziang noticed it and was prepared, but Han Wangwang’s kick still knocked him off the bed. As he rolled off the bed and sprawled on the floor, Cheng Ziang was still in a daze.

Is Han Wangwang so strong?

She clearly looks rather skinny, but why is she as strong as an ox?

Cheng Ziang vaguely felt that something was off, but he couldn’t figure it out.

Han Wangwang stood up from the bed and looked down at the man on the floor. Her lips curled into a disdainful smile. “Cheng Ziang, have you heard of this saying? If you stand by the river frequently, your shoes will get wet.”

Han Wangwang got off the bed and grabbed the red wine on the cupboard. “This isn’t the first time you’ve used such despicable means on a girl, right? Do you think I’m as easy to bully as those girls?”

Cheng Ziang got up and stared coldly at the red wine bottle in Han Wangwang’s hand. “You want to hit me?”

Cheng Ziang thought it was funny. “Wangwang, it’s cute to be a little hot, but you will choke to death if you are too hot.”

Cheng Ziang revealed his identity that he was proud of and threatened Han Wangwang. “I am the Second Young Master of Chuan Dong Group. That building in your school is built by my family using money. If you throw this bottle down, your studies and the rest of your life will be ruined.”

So Wangwang, be a good girl and put down the bottle. Otherwise, you won’t be able to bear the consequences.”

Cheng Ziang was very adept at threatening others. It was clear that he frequently did so.

It was not like he had never met a girl who was so stubborn, but they had no power or influence and couldn’t afford to offend him. In the end, they all listened to him. Cheng Ziang was also sure that Han Wangwang would be intimidated by him and not dare to rebel.

Cheng Ziang’s threat made Han Wangwang laugh.

“Chuan Dong Second Young Master…” Han Wangwang smiled maliciously.” Trying to use your status to bully me? “Han Wangwang raised her wine bottle and knocked it hard on Cheng Ziang’s head.


The bottle broke and the sharp glass shards landed on the carpet.

The floor of the hotel room was covered in carpet. It was very thick and soundproof. The glass bottle shattered on the floor but didn’t make much noise.

The red wine flowed down Cheng Ziang’s face and across his chest.

Cheng Ziang didn’t expect Han Wangwang to be so ruthless after knowing his identity. He was caught off guard and was stunned by Han Wangwang’s smash.

Cheng Ziang’s body swayed as he stumbled backwards. In the end, his right hand grabbed onto the table of the television cabinet to steady himself.

As soon as he stabilized himself, Han Wangwang strode over and wrapped her arms tightly around Cheng Ziang’s head. She then used her knee to knock hard against Cheng Ziang’s stomach.

Cheng Ziang didn’t expect Han Wangwang to really dare to hit him. He snapped out of his trance and started to retaliate.

He raised his right hand and was about to slap Han Wangwang. But before his hand could reach Han Wangwang’s face, Han Wangwang caught it.

After grabbing Cheng Ziang’s wrist, Han Wangwang used her shoulder strength to pull the 1.8-meter-tall Cheng Ziang up, causing him to spin in the air before being mercilessly smashed to the ground!


With that, the entire floor of the room trembled.

Downstairs, Song Ci and Han Zhan were having supper. She peeled a quail egg and offered it to Han Zhan. “Here, Brother Han, have a quail egg to nourish your protein.”

Han Zhan opened his mouth and bit the quail egg.

Song Ci picked up another quail egg. Before she started to peel it, she suddenly heard a dull thud upstairs.

The two of them exchanged glances and realized that something was off.

The Jetta Hotel’s soundproofing is excellent. What exactly happened upstairs to cause such a big commotion?!

Han Wangwang tossed Cheng Ziang over her shoulder onto the floor. His back landed on the glass shards and his skin was instantly cut. Blood mixed with red wine and stained the carpet.

All the bones in Cheng Ziang’s body were about to fall apart as he grunted in pain.

Han Wangwang turned again, lifted her right leg gracefully, and stepped hard on Cheng Ziang’s weak spot.

“Ah!” Cheng Ziang’s face turned pale from the pain.

Han Wangwang maliciously stepped on Cheng Ziang a few times. Seeing that Cheng Ziang was in so much pain that his tendons were all standing up, Han Wangwang bent down and gave him a few tight slaps across the face.

“Do you really like to use your hands to hit people?” Her uncle asked her to give Cheng Ziang a good beating, just like how men would beat up women.

Tugging at Cheng Ziang’s twisted cheeks, Han Wangwang smiled mischievously and said, “You are the Second Young Master of Chuan Dong. So what if you are rich? You can violate girls as and when you like?”

“Let me tell you, today, this darling will uphold justice on behalf of the heavens and beat you to death, you dog!”

Han Wangwang clenched her right fist and punched Cheng Ziang’s collarbone and chest. These were all places where the pain was sharp but not easy to leave scars.

Cheng Ziang was like a fish being butchered on a chopping board. He was beaten to death and on the verge of death. Only then did Han Wangwang stop his unilateral attack.

Their little uncle had said that they could beat someone till he wished he was rather dead than alive, but not to death. They were from the Han Family and would never do anything illegal.

Han Wangwang shifted her feet away from Cheng Ziang and rubbed her feet against the carpet in disdain.

She shot a disgusted look at Cheng Ziang, who was covering his sensitive area and wailing in pain. She said, “Take this beating as revenge for those girls you bullied.”

With that, Han Wangwang entered the washroom to wash her hands and carefully disinfect them with antiseptic solution, before returning to her room to pick up her bag.

Just as Han Wangwang was about to walk around Cheng Ziang and leave, she heard him curse weakly. “Han Wangwang, I am going to kill you. I am going to put you in jail. You will get sued!”

Han Wangwang stopped in her tracks and looked down at Cheng Ziang arrogantly. “If you wish to fight a lawsuit, please get your lawyer to contact my father, Han Wanglong. My father and I will be waiting for your lawyer to hold us accountable!”

“Chuan Dong Second Young Master, I will await your arrival!” With that, Han Wangwang slung her bag over her shoulder and left!

Cheng Ziang was in so much pain that he was in a daze. The name “Han Wanglong” sounded familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had heard it before.

Cheng Ziang got up and slowly crawled to the side of the bed. He reached for his cell phone and called the ambulance.

After the call, Cheng Ziang noticed that the camera was still filming. He stared at the camera and threw it away angrily. The camera rolled off the television cabinet.

Han Wangwang went downstairs but didn’t feel relieved. Instead, she was furious.

She rushed to the front desk and said to the young man there, “Hi, I want to report the guest in room 2306 of your hotel, Cheng Ziang. He drugged my drink and tried to rape me!”

“He even took a photo with his camera. It’s in the hotel room. You can go and take a look if you don’t believe me!”

Hearing this, all the hotel staff were shocked. The Jetta International Hotel was the cleanest hotel in the country. Violence was the most intolerable thing.

The young man at the front desk immediately called the police and apologized to Han Wangwang. He said that it was the hotel management’s fault and that they were willing to compensate Han Wangwang.

Han Wangwang didn’t make things difficult for them as she saw that the other party was very polite and was quick to call the police. She gave the excuse that she needed to go home to rest after being scared, and left her phone number and address.

After she left, the young man at the front desk hurriedly called the manager and the night shift security officer over to take a look. A group of people arrived at the 23rd floor in a grandiose manner. Walking out of the lift, they bumped into Han Zhan and his wife.

The manager knew Han Zhan and knew that his room was on the 22nd floor downstairs. The manager stopped in front of them and asked Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, may I know what’s the matter? Your room is on the 22nd floor. Did you enter the wrong room?”

Han Zhan shook his head and told him, “Did something happen to our guest upstairs? We heard a huge commotion in the room just now. It sounded like someone was thrown to the ground.”

The manager looked slightly hesitant as he considered whether to tell Han Zhan the truth. At this moment, Li Li and Su Beibei heard voices in the corridor. They opened the door to Room 2304 and walked out.

Li Li was now Zeus Corporation’s vice president. Upon seeing Li Li, the hotel manager hurriedly bowed respectfully to him. “CEO Li, Miss Su, sorry to disturb you two.”

Li Li waved at the manager and looked at Han Zhan. “Mr. Han, why are you here?”

Han Zhan repeated his words.

Li Li understood Han Zhan’s thoughts the most. He knew that Han Zhan wasn’t the kind of person to poke his nose into other people’s business. If Mr. Han specially came over to watch the show, something major must have happened in Room 2306.

It would be a waste not to watch!

Li Li said to the manager, “Don’t let anything happen to the guest. Quick, go over and ask!”


The manager knocked on the door of room 2306 but no one answered.

The manager was caught in a dilemma. The young man at the front desk said in a low voice, “That girl said she beat up Mr. Cheng. Could he have been beaten to death…”

Hearing that, the manager’s face changed. “Quick, open the door!”

The young man hurriedly took out his card and opened the door.

A group of people filed in.

Inside the room, Cheng Ziang was grabbing a white bedsheet and trying hard to cover his naked body with it. Before he could cover himself properly, the door was opened.

Cheng Ziang looked up at the group of people at the door .”…”

Recognizing that the disheveled man sitting by the bed was Cheng Ziang, Song Ci widened her eyes in shock. Han Zhan immediately covered Song Ci’s eyes and said, “Don’t look, it’ll dirty your eyes.”

Hearing this, Li Li quickly covered Su Beibei’s eyes.

When Cheng Ziang discovered that his old friend Song Ci was among the people who had barged in, he felt like dying.

The manager snapped out of his trance and exclaimed. “Mr. Cheng, your head…” Cheng Ziang’s head was still bleeding profusely from the red wine bottle. It was a terrible sight.

Cheng Ziang rubbed his head and felt the blood on his hand. His face twitched as he roared. “Find that woman!”

After shouting, Cheng Ziang finally couldn’t take it anymore and fainted.

]Seeing this, Li Li said in a low voice to the manager, “Quickly cover his body up for me!”

The manager and the receptionist covered Cheng Ziang’s body with the bedsheets. Only then did Han Zhan and Li Li remove their hands from their lovers’ faces.

Song Ci stared at the red wine bottle on the floor, as well as the naked Cheng Ziang. What else could she not understand? One look and she knew that this was Cheng Ziang trying to force himself on a girl, but instead of doing so, he got beaten up instead.

No wonder Cheng Ziang liked to hit women. He had been beaten up by women before.

The ambulance arrived first.

Cheng Ziang was seriously injured, especially at his lower body. A life was at stake and the hotel manager couldn’t bear the crime of the Chuan Dong Group’s Second Young Master dying at the Jetta International Hotel. He hurriedly got the ambulance to take Cheng Ziang away.

After Cheng Ziang was dragged away by the ambulance, the police arrived.

he manager handed the camera to the police and gave Han Wangwang’s contact number to them. He said, “Police officers, you guys have to investigate this properly. You can’t malign a good person.”

He had seen too many cases where money was used to pressure the guilty into turning the tables, clearing the guilty’s name, and accusing the victim of being “guilty”. He was slightly worried for that girl.

The police took the evidence and promised. “Don’t worry, we won’t wrong every good person or let every bad person off.” With that, they left.

Only after the police left did Song Ci and Han Zhan return to their rooms.

Sitting by the bed, Song Ci said to Han Zhan, “Did you hear what that doctor said just now? He said that Cheng Ziang’s second son is seriously injured and is probably impotent now.”

Han Zhan looked at her with a faint smile and asked, “Why? Are you feeling sorry?” Han Zhan’s tone was sour.

Song Ci rolled her eyes at him. “Don’t malign me.” Song Ci laid down on the bed and rested her head on her hands. She gazed at the ceiling and said with a sigh, “I am very curious about who that heroine who beat up Cheng Ziang is. From today onwards, she is my idol!”

Beating Cheng Ziang up was Song Ci’s ultimate dream. She couldn’t do it and someone else did. Of course Song Ci admired that person.

Only then did Han Zhan feel better. “Alright, sleep early. This has nothing to do with us.” His face was cold as if it really had nothing to do with him.

Song Ci had never suspected that Han Zhan had anything to do with Cheng Ziang’s injuries. Hearing this, she rolled into Han Zhan’s arms and fell asleep.

After Han Wangwang left the Jetta Hotel, she walked to a small park by the river opposite the hotel and sat down on a stone chair.

She was in a very bad mood. In fact, she felt rather terrible.

She knew very well that if not for the fact that she had already taken precautions against Cheng Ziang and sensed that he was secretly in contact with Su Weiyin, she would have ended up like those girls who had been hurt and deceived by Cheng Ziang.

After beating up Cheng Ziang, it was time to settle this score with Su Weiyin.

Han Wangwang stood up and walked to the side of the road to wait for a cab.

After standing there for two minutes, a black figure suddenly approached her. Han Wangwang looked over warily and was shocked to see Jiang Bi.

“Jiang Bi!” Han Wangwang was shocked. “Didn’t you leave early for something?”

Jiang Bi’s hand hung by her leg as she held a paper bag. Hearing this, she lifted the leather bag and handed it to Han Wangwang. “I got it from Su Weiyin.”

Han Wangwang was stunned.

She took the document, opened it, and took a few glances. She understood everything. So Cheng Ziang had used this to threaten Su Weiyin.

Han Wangwang felt very pathetic for being betrayed by Su Weiyin so easily. Friendship was like a glass door that could be broken with a single knock.

Han Wangwang looked at Jiang Bi meaningfully. She suddenly pursed her lips and laughed. “You are quite interesting.”

Not knowing what Han Wangwang was trying to say, Jiang Bi explained. “I just felt that something was off tonight. I was worried that something would happen to you, so I followed you guys.”

“It is indeed abnormal.” Not sure how much Jiang Bi knew, Han Wangwang asked her directly, “You went upstairs just now?”

Jiang Bi hesitated for a moment before nodding. “Mmm, I went. I heard you beating someone up until they cried for their parents while they were locked up.” Perhaps she felt that the Han Wangwang who beat someone up was too different from her usual obedient and quiet self in the dormitory, Jiang Bi couldn’t help laughing.

Han Wangwang’s heart wavered as she stared at Jiang Bi’s smile. Before she could react, she said, “You look so good when you smile.”

Jiang Bi was stunned and looked puzzled. “Like flowers in spring?”

Shaking her head sternly, Han Wangwang corrected Jiang Bi. “No, like a snow lotus on a tall mountain.”

Jiang Bi was slightly embarrassed by her compliments and her ears turned slightly red.

“You still know how to be shy!” Han Wangwang seemed to have discovered a new world. She leaned over, stood on tiptoe, and rubbed Jiang Bi’s ear. Jiang Bi’s body stiffened.

Realizing that Jiang Bi was unable to release herself, her muscles tensed up slightly. Han Wangwang felt that she was exceptionally adorable. “You are so innocent, pure little sister?”

Jiang Bi stood there awkwardly, not moving at all. Only when Han Wangwang retreated did Jiang Bi feel her breathing stabilize.

“Let’s go. We won’t be going back to the dormitory tonight. I’ll bring you to a room.” Han Wangwang stuffed the bag into her backpack. She pulled Jiang Bi’s hand and left, not noticing the strange look in her eyes.

“I’ m inviting you to stay at the Greenhouse. I’ m a member there and it’s cheap with discounts.” Han Wangwang pulled Jiang Bi along as they walked towards Greenhouse. Jiang Bi followed closely behind her. She looked like she wanted to say something but stopped in the end.

Arriving at the hotel, Han Wangwang asked for a double room.

Returning to her room, Han Wangwang chose a bed and sat down cross-legged. She took out the photo from the leather folder and admired it one by one. She clicked her tongue. “This dean is such a beast.”

“His wife just gave birth and is still in her confinement period. He and Su Weiyin must have gotten together a long time ago.” Han Wangwang felt disgusted at the thought of the dean getting together with his female student behind his wife’s back.

She immediately opened the hotel’s computer, inserted the USB flash drive, and copied the photos one by one onto the Wangdong University Forum.

Han Wangwang’s caption was very attractive —

[The dean of a certain law school cheated on his pregnant wife with a female student. How can such a person be a role model?]

After the caption was written, Han Wangwang attached the photos as well. She even created an infuriating caption for each photo before sending it.

After doing all of this, she was in a good mood and even felt very good while sleeping.

Turning off the computer, she turned back to see that Jiang Bi had already fallen asleep. The sleeping Jiang Bi was in a very obedient position. Her hands were placed in front of her chest and her legs were crossed. It was a very standard sleeping position.

Han Wangwang walked over to Jiang Bi’s bed and bent over to hold her hand.

Jiang Bi suddenly opened her eyes. A cold glint flashed across her eyes. Realizing that it was Han Wangwang, Jiang Bi was stunned. She asked, “What are you doing?”

Her voice was not as melodious as before. Instead, it was slightly deeper.


Like a man?

Han Wangwang didn’t think too much of it. She just thought that Jiang Bi’s throat was parched because she was sleeping and that her voice had changed slightly.

She hurriedly explained. “My grandfather said not to put your hands on your chest when you’re sleeping. You won’t be able to catch your breath and will have nightmares easily. This is the reason why people always say that they have sleep paralysis.”

Jiang Bi took her hands off her chest and placed them by her sides.

“Thank you.” Her voice was back to its usual cadence, slightly slow and melodious.

Han Wangwang nodded and laid down on her bed.

Before going to bed, she didn’t forget to send Han Zhan a message to inform him of the progress.

Meanwhile, after Cheng Yanmo alighted from the plane, he hurried over to the hospital.

In a certain ward on the VIP level, many of the board of directors and major shareholders of Chuan Dong Group were seated.

On the bed, Old CEO Cheng looked like he was dying. He was wearing a ventilator and his eyes were slightly squinted. Occasionally, he would turn his head. No one knew what he was waiting for.

Hearing the sound of leather shoes hitting the floor in the corridor, someone walked out to take a look and suddenly shouted in a low voice, “It’s Eldest Young Master!”

Cheng Yanmo handed his coat to his subordinate. His tall frame squeezed into the ward, making it even more crowded. The crowd naturally parted to allow Cheng Yanmo to walk to the bed.

Everyone’s eyes changed when they saw him.

With Old CEO Cheng’s death, Chuan Dong Group would be under Cheng Yanmo’s control from now on.

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