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Chapter 194: Pursuing a Narrow Gain and Neglecting a Greater Danger

As he spoke, the call went through.

Captain Lin had stayed up late last night to catch the culprits and returned to the station this afternoon. He had just finished a few mouthfuls of rice and was snoring away, when Yan Jiang’s phone call woke him up.

“Who? What do you want?” Captain Lin’s voice sounded raspy and displeased.

Yan Jiang wasn’t afraid of Captain Lin waking up. “It’s me, Yan Jiang. Captain Lin, I want to rest this afternoon.”

“The reason?”

Like a peacock spreading its tail, Yan Jiang said shamelessly, “Nothing else. My girlfriend proposed to me and I’m not in the mood to go to work this afternoon.”

At 32 years old, Captain Lin was still single and was so attacked that he couldn’t even fall asleep.

Under the publicity of Captain Lin’s loud voice, in just a few minutes, the entire Public Security Bureau knew that Yan Jiang had been proposed to by his girlfriend and hadn’t gone to work in the afternoon.

Anyone with a brain would know what they were doing in the afternoon.

At night, Song Ci stood by the French window playing the violin.

After a long day at work, Han Zhan returned home feeling fatigued. He could vaguely hear the sound of a violin as he reached his doorstep.

He gently pushed open the door and entered the living room. He saw Song Ci standing by the French window, her back facing him as she concentrated on playing the violin.

The city outside was filled with neon lights outside the window and the person he liked was inside the house. Han Zhan’s tired heart suddenly relaxed.

After Song Ci finished her performance, Han Zhan walked over and hugged her waist. “You look so good playing the violin.” It was very strange. Song Ci was usually like a little fool. Once she grasped the violin, she would enter a completely oblivious state.

Song Ci rubbed her head against Han Zhan’s shoulder and found a comfortable position.

She looked down at this violin. It was a gift from Han Zhan and her name was carved on it.

Song Ci told Han Zhan, “Do you know that every outstanding violinist will name their own violin?”

]”My teacher’s violin is called ‘Fighting Soul’. But this one of mine…” Song Ci frowned as she stared at the two words. She felt slightly helpless.” Brother Han, you gave my violin a soft name. If I become famous worldwide in future, it will be very funny every time I appear on the news. ”

Song Ci walked out of Han Zhan’s arms and turned to face him. She opened her mouth and started a joke —

“Yesterday, the young violinist, Ms. Song Ci, brought her violin, Baby Ci, to a certain concert hall to perform beautifully for everyone…”

After Song Ci finished speaking, she glared at Han Zhan and asked him, “How is this appropriate?”

Han Zhan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “It’s just a name. There’s no need to be angry. Moreover, the name Baby Ci is obviously very nice and not soft at all. It’s especially imposing.”

“Who will believe you?”

Song Ci handed the violin to Han Zhan and said, “My teacher’s violin has only been touched by me. Only you and my teacher can touch my violin. Do you want to try?”

Han Zhan excitedly accepted the violin, held the bow with his fake fingers, and performed a sawed-off performance for Song Ci.

Song Ci’s eyelids twitched. “Alright alright, don’t insult my violin.”

Song Ci quickly snatched the violin back and meticulously maintained it, before putting it back into the box.

During this period of time, Han Zhan had been so busy that he didn’t have time to work out and his muscles were slightly soft. Since he didn’t return too late today, Han Zhan entered the gym, after speaking to Song Ci.

Song Ci had just gotten her period and didn’t accompany Han Zhan to exercise.

Before they got married, she had promised Han Zhan that she would knit three sweaters for him. But she had something on recently and couldn’t knit three sweaters, so she tried her best to make one for Han Zhan.

There were still a few needles left to complete the sweater. Song Ci quickly finished knitting it. She folded the sweater neatly and placed it in a gift box. She then placed it at the door of the gym.

At this moment, her cell phone suddenly reminded her that her close friend Yan Jiang had posted something new.

Song Ci opened her Weibo and saw an extremely arrogant sentence:

Yan Jiang: [I’m engaged. No one is allowed to love me anymore. Not even secretly. My fiancée is very capable @ Your Sister Fei.]

Your Sister Fei: [Don’t love Yan Jiang. Your love for him will never come to fruition unless you are smarter than me.]

15 minutes later, Weibo was successfully paralyzed.

Song Ci’s heart was in turmoil when she saw this message. In the end, her family’s overbearing flower still managed to devour the neighboring natal lily.

Han Zhan finished his exercises, opened the door, walked out, and kicked something.

Lowering his head in surprise, Han Zhan saw a gift box.

Realizing that Song Ci had purposely left it there, a smile appeared in Han Zhan’s eyes.

He squatted down, opened the box, and retrieved the neatly folded white sweater with both hands.

Opening the sweater, Han Zhan saw that the image on the front of the sweater was that of an honest-looking panda. Han Zhan felt somewhat helpless.

He knew Song Ci wouldn’t be so obedient.

Han Zhan went back to his room to take a shower. He put on that sweater and walked up to the mirror in the changing room to size it up. Song Ci’s sweater was beautifully knitted and was slightly loose in size. It was convenient for him to wear a thermos or blouse inside.

Han Zhan felt even more handsome in a sweater.

After Song Ci finished her watermelon, she opened WeChat and saw that Brother Han had updated his social media.

Han Sanpang: [You should wear a sweater during winter. My wife is beautiful and has good hands. I won’t accept any rebuttals.]

Han Zhan also attached a selfie. It was his own selfie. Han Zhan’s selfie was very manly, like he was standing in a military stance.

In the photo, Han Zhan was wearing the white panda sweater that Song Ci had knitted for him. His tall, strong frame and handsome, mature face were very contrasting to that sweater.

But if Han Zhan thought he looked good, how could others say he wasn’t?

Their mutual friends left comments:

Li Li: [The sweater is very cute. Mr. Han is also very cute.]

Bei Zhan: [Hahaha, hahaha!]

Han Wangwang: [Little uncle, you are already so old, why are you still pretending to be young? However, little auntie’s skills are really not bad. Can you let little auntie knit one for me?]

Han Zhan replied Han Wangwang: [Who are you to her? Who gave you the cheek?]

Han Wangwang: [Heartbroken!]

Song Ci shook her head and chuckled.

She got off the bed, pushed open the door to the cloakroom, walked in, and pulled up Han Zhan, who was sitting on the stool replying to messages on his social media. “Brother Han, it’s time to go to bed.”

Han Zhan stood up and followed her back to her room. When they arrived, he stood at the foot of the bed and opened his arms. “How is it? Does the sweater fit me?”

Song Ci took a look and said, “Very suitable.”

Han Zhan was very satisfied.

At night, he wanted to sleep in the sweater, but Song Ci felt hot for him. “Take it off. The heater is on. Don’t get heat rash.”

“I just want to sleep with it on.” With Song Ci’s fierce urging, Han Zhan finally relented and took off his sweater.

Rubbing the sweater lovingly, Han Zhan told Song Ci, “From now on, you will knit a sweater for me every winter.”

Song Ci asked, “Why?”

Han Zhan’s tone was slightly sorrowful. “My grandmother will knit a sweater for me every year…”

Song Ci’s heart softened and she agreed.

As Zeus Corporation was going to be established tomorrow, both Song Ci and Han Zhan were rather agitated that night. They spoke for a long time before finally falling asleep.

The next day, Han Zhan got up before dawn and went to the Imperial Dragon Building.

Bei Zhan was a little superstitious. That year, when he hired an architect to design the Imperial Dragon Building, he had asked a geomancy expert to look at it.

The Imperial Dragon Building was also named by the geomancer.

On the day that the company was going to be officially established, Bei Zhan invited that Fengshui master over to pray for the company.

Han Zhan didn’t believe in such things at first, but rebirth, which sounded like something out of a fantasy, had even happened. What’s more, Feng Shui was a study.

This morning, Han Zhan, Bei Zhan, and Li Li all obediently followed behind the geomancer, praying for blessings.

Han Zhan felt rather tired after the entire ordeal.

After that, Bei Zhan gave the Feng Shui master a huge red packet containing a check for two million yuan. The Feng Shui master accepted the red packet with a smile and left in satisfaction.

After the blessing ceremony, it was time for the company’s opening ceremony and ribbon-cutting ceremony.

On this day, every reporter, who had received an invitation, arrived at the scene to witness the birth of Zeus Corporation.

When they saw that singer Liang Bo had been invited onto the stage to stand alongside Bei Zhan, Li Li, and the rest to cut the ribbon, the reporters could detect a deeper meaning.

It was very likely that this Liang Bo would become the big brother of Yu Hua Company.

Think about it. The Yu Hua Corporation was backed by Zeus Airlines. Liang Bo had connections, resources, and was very capable. It would be difficult for him not to become popular!

What kind of dog-shit luck was this!

Han Zhan and Song Ci sat quietly below the stage.

She saw Liang Bo walk up to the stage looking very flattered. He was holding a pair of scissors and smiled at her. Song Ci also gave him an encouraging sign.

Taking advantage of Liang Bo lowering his head to cut the ribbon, Song Ci asked Han Zhan in a small voice, “Brother Han, why did you arrange for Liang Bo to go up as well?”

Han Zhan said, “Didn’t you say that you wanted me to take good care of him? Moreover, the two of you are in a collaborative relationship. If Liang Bo becomes popular, he can eat meat while you drink soup. It won’t be detrimental to you.”

Song Ci felt very sweet inside.

She stared at Liang Bo and suddenly thought of something. “Brother Han, did you set up this Yu Hua Management Company for Du Xueyan?”

On a sunny day, Han Zhan seemed to have heard the sound of thunder and his expression changed.

Seeing that Han Zhan remained silent and looked slightly uneasy, there was nothing Song Ci didn’t understand.

“I knew it. You are so good to her.” Song Ci’s tone was sour. “You even registered your company for her, but she just kicked you… If Du Xueyan knew about this, she would definitely be very regretful.”

Han Zhan that he let Song Ci down.

“Baby Ci, at that time, you didn’t exist in my life. I thought Du Xueyan was my destiny. She wanted to be a singer, so I got Bei Zhan to register this company on my behalf. My motive was to establish a music kingdom for her that didn’t involve any deception.”

“I already guessed that you would definitely get angry if you knew the truth. That’s why I never got the chance to tell you.”

“I did intentionally hide it from you because I cherish you very much.” Han Zhan’s words were very sincere. Song Ci was angry but didn’t vent it.

Because he hadn’t done anything wrong.

Song Ci felt slightly sour and felt slightly unfair for Han Zhan. It was not worth it.

In her eyes, Han Zhan was good in every way. How could Du Xueyan bear to break up with him?

Song Ci brought up that old topic again. “Brother Han, if you didn’t save that person back then, you wouldn’t have been injured and Du Xueyan might not have broken up with you. In conclusion, your breakup with Du Xueyan was also related to that person…”

Song Ci remembered that the previous time she asked this question, Han Zhan had flown into a rage. But she just wanted to hear an accurate answer from Han Zhan.

Song Ci tilted her head to size up Han Zhan. Seeing that Han Zhan only frowned slightly and didn’t look like he was going to lose his temper, she mustered up the courage and asked him boldly, “Brother Han, if you did it again, would you still do that? Would you still save that person?”

This was the second time Song Ci asked about this. Han Zhan couldn’t help feeling puzzled.

Song Ci stubbornly wanted to know the answer. Did she know something?

Han Zhan turned to look at Song Ci and saw that the girl’s face was filled with guilt and uneasiness.

His heart skipped a beat.

Did she already know about what happened back then?

In order to verify his own guess, Han Zhan purposely said, “There’s something I wanted to ask you a long time ago. Why did you steal my jade pendant?”

Song Ci suddenly looked up and instinctively explained herself. “I didn’t steal it. The chain broke on its own and fell into my arms…” As she spoke, Song Ci suddenly realized that Han Zhan was trying to fish for information from her!

Song Ci covered her mouth and looked at Han Zhan in shock.

Seeing her reaction, there was nothing Han Zhan didn’t understand.

“So you do know.” Han Zhan sounded very certain.

Song Ci lowered her hand and didn’t respond.

It was time for the lucky draw. The first prize winner would get an Aoyu Number 1, the second prize winner would get a holographic helmet manufactured by Sheng Hui Technology, and the third prize winner would get a smart phone worth 20,000 yuan.

The atmosphere was very lively. Everyone raised their hands to attract the host’s attention.

Amidst the din, Han Zhan said to Song Ci, “If time turns back, my choice won’t change. I will still save you.”

Song Ci’s eyes twinkled like bright stars in the sky.

Han Zhan said, “A relationship that is already in danger cannot be compared to a life. Song Ci, even if it’s not you but anyone else, I will do that.”

“Don’t feel guilty towards me. You’ve never done anything wrong. You’re not the one who let me down. Don’t blame yourself for someone else’s mistake. Song Ci, I don’t like to be a good person.”

Song Ci hurriedly said, “I don’t think it’s my fault. I just feel like I’ve let you down.”

Han Zhan shook his head.

“God is fair.” He grabbed Song Ci’s hand and said, “Du Xueyan left and you came. You are better than her. I like you more.”

Song Ci was overjoyed. Excited, she raised her voice. “Brother Han, I also especially like you!”

At the same time, the first lucky audience member on stage was striking the golden egg with a hammer. The entire audience was silent, curious about what this person would hit.

At this moment, a sexy voice suddenly rang out from below the stage.

“Brother Han, I also especially like you!”

All the guests: “!”

Everyone stopped watching the lucky star smash the golden eggs, and turned to stare at Han Zhan and Song Ci sitting in the first row.

Song Ci realized that everyone in the hall had heard her words. She couldn’t help blushing like a drunkard.

Han Zhan’s smile widened. “Alright, I got it.”

Han Zhan stood up and pulled Song Ci’s head into his arms to hide her.

“I’m sorry, my wife is thin-skinned.” Han Zhan nodded at everyone and fled with his thin-skinned wife in front of everyone.

After entering the lift, Song Ci hurriedly wriggled out of Han Zhan’s arms.

“This is so embarrassing.”

Nodding, Han Zhan said, “Mmm, yes. This incident has probably been filmed by the director at the scene. It will be a classic scene at Zeus International’s opening ceremony.”

Glancing at Song Ci in amusement, Han Zhan said, “In the future, during the company’s anniversary celebrations, 10-year celebrations, and 20-year celebrations, I will remember to ask them to play this video.”

Song Ci was very embarrassed. “Brother Han, shut up!”

“Okay, okay, okay.”

Han Zhan brought Song Ci back to the office and accompanied her for an afternoon nap. At 3pm, Song Ci was taken away by the stylist, Ai Lun, to do her makeup for tonight’s party.

Li Li came upstairs to look for Han Zhan and teased him. “Brother Han, I really, really like you!”

Han Zhan shot him a lukewarm glance and said, “I refuse.”

Li Li snorted before putting away his frivolous expression. He walked up to Han Zhan and said, “I heard something. The information is reliable.”

Han Zhan glanced at him silently.

Li Li said, “I heard that Chuan Dong Group’s CEO Cheng is hospitalized today.”


As the leading corporation in Wangdong City, Chuan Dong Group’s every move was closely watched by everyone. Old Man Cheng was hospitalized due to a serious illness, and everyone in the company was in a state of panic. Even the rival families who were eyeing them covetously would take the opportunity to take revenge.

If this matter was not handled well, there would be unpredictable consequences.

“What’s the situation over at Chuan Dong?”

“I heard that the eldest young master of Chuan Dong City, Cheng Yanmo, is rushing back to the country. I guess he is going to meet old CEO Cheng for the last time. However, regardless of whether CEO Cheng is alive or dead, the person who will take over Chuan Dong will definitely be Cheng Yanmo.”

Cheng Yanmo had been in Chuan Dong International for five years. Although he was the company’s Deputy Manager in name, he was already the real CEO. In Chuan Dong International, the eldest young master’s authority was already greater than that of old CEO Cheng.

The changes in Chuan Dong Group couldn’t affect Zeus Corporation. Han Zhan didn’t take it to heart. But hearing the name Chuan Dong Group, he thought of another person…

“You go get busy first. Remember to bring Su Beibei along to attend the party tonight. It’s time for everyone to meet your girlfriend, so that they wouldn’t want to introduce someone to you.” With the establishment of the new company, Li Li and Bei Zhan were both vice-presidents. Since Bei Zhan already had a family, there were naturally fewer people targeting him and pushing women to his side. Meanwhile, Li Li became a hot potato.

Han Zhan detested such disgusting behavior of “gifting women” in the business world the most. He knew very well that beauty was like a knife hanging over one’s head. If you let down your guard slightly, this knife would fall off. If it was light, you would bleed profusely. If it was heavy, your family would be destroyed.

Han Zhan wouldn’t allow any potential danger to be by his side, nor would he allow any danger to be hidden beside his trusted subordinate.

Li Li understood what Han Zhan meant and said, “I’ m going to fetch her. I’ll get going first then.”


After Li Li left, Han Zhan picked up his cell phone and called Han Wangwang.

“Little Uncle!”

Han Wangwang had just finished her lesson and was on the way back to her dormitory.

Han Wangwang was surprised to receive Han Zhan’s call. “What’s the matter, Little Uncle? Are you inviting me to your company’s celebration party to be the DJ?”

n the previous DJ competition, Han Wangwang had won second place. She was now a famous DJ and many nightclubs were inviting her to perform.

Han Zhan sneered. “Inviting you to mess things up?”

Han Wangwang chuckled.

She pushed open the dormitory door and grabbed her cell phone between her shoulder and her right cheek. She then tugged at her clothes.

Over the phone, Han Zhan asked her, “When are you going to do what I told you previously?”

A glint flashed across Han Wangwang’s eyes. “I’ll do it within these few days.” She could feel that that person was losing his patience.

“Do it as soon as possible.”

“Little Uncle, what feud do you have with him?”

Han Zhan said, “You don’t need to worry about that. Once this matter is settled, just wait for the start of spring to transfer schools.”


After hanging up, Han Wangwang carried her clothes to take a shower.

When she came out of the shower, Han Wangwang closed the curtains and started changing.

Han Wangwang’s long, slender legs and perky hips were accentuated by a pair of tight, low-waisted jeans.

She felt that her figure was too voluptuous and couldn’t resist performing a devilish dance in front of the mirror.

Just as she was dancing happily, the door was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

Opening the door, she saw a girl shaking her hips in front of a mirror. Jiang Bi was momentarily stunned. She couldn’t help but notice Han Wangwang’s waist peeking out from under her tight tee. It was so thin, so flat, and so fair.

Han Wangwang heard the commotion and hurriedly stopped. She turned and saw her roommate, Jiang Bi. Han Wangwang felt slightly awkward.

“Hi!” Han Wangwang greeted Jiang Bi with a red face.

Jiang Bi was two years older than Han Wangwang, but they were alumni from the same cohort. Jiang Bi was already 20 years old when she took the college entrance examination. Everyone found this strange, but no one dared to ask why.

As Jiang Bi was more introverted and didn’t speak much, the number of times Han Wangwang saw her in the dormitory during the first semester could be counted on one hand. Actually, Han Wangwang wasn’t familiar with Jiang Bi.

Jiang Bi glanced at Han Wangwang and walked past her without saying anything.

Jiang Bi was very tall. She was more than half a head taller than Han Wangwang, who was 1.65m tall, and was nearly 1.8m tall. When she walked past Han Wangwang, she felt that the person’s manner was so imposing that she didn’t dare to size her up openly.

There was no one else in the dormitory. Han Wangwang and Jiang Bi had nothing to say to each other. She sat quietly on a stool and made a temporary hair style with her curly hair stick.

Putting away her curly hair stick, she opened her snack bar and stuffed two bags of pecan into her bag.

After thinking for a moment, she took two more bags and walked over to the balcony, passing the pecan to Jiang Bi who was sleeping on the bed.

Jiang Bi was listening to music with her earphones on, when she suddenly saw a fair hand reach over. She looked down and saw two purses of pecans. Her gaze then followed that hand to the owner.

She saw a beautiful smiling face.

“Jiang Bi, do you want some pecan?”

Jiang Bi stared at Han Wangwang’s radiant smile. She reached out to receive the pecan and said, “Thank you.” Jiang Bi was cold and arrogant, but her voice was especially pleasant to the ears.

Han Wangwang smiled sweetly at her. “You’re welcome!”

Jiang Bi held the pecan and thought to herself, Why does she like to smile so much?

Just then, the door was pushed open again and a girl with waist-length hair walked in. She was Han Wangwang’s good friend and roommate, Su Weiyin.

Su Weiyin saw that Han Wangwang was wearing a halter top and jeans. She immediately understood. “You are going to play discs again?”

“Mmm, one-station invited me to their Christmas party. The salary is rather high—10,000 yuan a night.”

Han Wangwang never showed off her wealth. The bags she carried and the clothes she wore were all worth hundreds of dollars. No one knew her family background.

Seeing that Han Wangwang was going out to earn money again, Su Weiyin asked her, “Wangwang, are you very short of money?”

“Yup! I am so poor! I have taken a fancy to something good recently and am still short of a large sum of money.” Han Wangwang was still short of 50,000 to 60,000 yuan to buy an Aoyu Number 1.

But Su Weiyin interpreted her poverty as a real one. She said, “How much do you lack? I can lend you.”

“You are really my good friend.” Han Wangwang hugged Su Weiyin and called her “darling” a few times before letting go of her and rejecting her good intentions. “I will slowly earn it myself. If I don’t have enough money, I won’t buy it first.”

“Alright then.”

Only then did Su Weiyin notice Jiang Bi on the bed. Her footsteps subconsciously became softer.

Han Wangwang took up the down jacket and put it on. Just as she was about to leave, Su Weiyin suddenly called out to her. “Wangwang, bring me along to play too. It’s Christmas night today. It must be very lively inside the one-station.”

Han Wangwang had always been loyal to her friends. Hearing that, she didn’t think much of it and immediately agreed. “Okay, come with me.” Picking up her bag, Han Wangwang suddenly looked up at Jiang Bi who was lying on the bed opposite her.

Jiang Bi was eating the pecan in small bites, like a hamster with bulging cheeks.

“Jiang Bi.”

Jiang Bi looked down at Han Wangwang and remained silent.

Han Wangwang tilted her head and smiled sweetly like an angel. “Jiang Bi, it’s Christmas today. If you have nothing on, come with me to one-station.”

Afraid that Jiang Bi didn’t know what one-station was, Jiang Bi explained. “It’s a very famous bar. The drinks there are very tasty. I’ll treat you to a drink!” With that, Han Wangwang waited anxiously for Jiang Bi’s answer.

Su Weiyin tugged at Han Wangwang’s clothes, trying to get her to stop calling her. Jiang Bi didn’t seem like a sociable person at all. Su Weiyin felt that Jiang Bi would most likely humiliate Han Wangwang.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Bi nodded.

She flipped over and jumped off the bed. When she landed, her movements were suave. Han Wangwang was dumbstruck. She quickly gave Jiang Bi a thumbs-up. “You are so handsome!”

Jiang Bi stood up, glanced at Han Wangwang, took her cell phone, and went out to play with them.

The three of them sat in the car and drove over the Imperial Dragon Bridge.

Han Wangwang leaned against the window of the car, looked at the majestic and domineering building in the middle of the Great Dragon River, and cursed her awesome but petty uncle in her heart.

Su Weiyin suddenly said, “I heard that is Zeus Corporation’s headquarters.”

Jiang Bi stared at the building. Although she didn’t speak, she nodded slightly.

Han Wangwang told Su Weiyin, “Su Weiyin, let me tell you a secret.”

Su Weiyin pricked up her ears.

Han Wangwang said, “Zeus Corporation’s boss is my uncle.” Her tone was calm and composed, hiding her achievements.

Su Weiyin snorted. “Stop boasting. Zeus Corporation’s boss is my husband!”

“That’s impossible.” Han Wangwang shook his head and said, “Zeus Corporation’s lady boss is a country-toppling beauty. You can’t compare to her.”

Amidst their banter, the car arrived at the entrance of the nightclub.

Han Wangwang brought them into the shop, arranged seats for them, and went upstairs to meet the manager. At 9pm, when the atmosphere was lively, Han Wangwang took off her down jacket and put on a baseball cap, and walked onto the stage.

As soon as she went on stage, everyone was calling her name. A lovely name like “Han Wangwang” also sounded very grand.

Han Wangwang placed her finger on her lips and shushed her. Her voice was magnified by the microphone.

The crowd went silent and Han Wangwang was very satisfied.

Han Wangwang started to play and her waist started to move. She was unrestrained and wild.

Han Wangwang was exceptionally mesmerizing when she DJ-ed and captured the attention of everyone present. Jiang Bi had joined the dormitory’s WeChat group. When Han Wangwang was participating in the DJ competition, she had contacted the group chat and asked them to vote for her.

Jiang Bi had also voted for Han Wangwang before, but this was the first time Jiang Bi saw Han Wangwang play.

How to put it? She is exceptionally mesmerizing, with a charm that made one unable to take their eyes off her.

Many others also had the same thoughts.

Under the performance stage was a circular dance floor surrounded by a Harmony System high-speed train.

Cheng Ziang and a group of friends were sitting in a booth. They were staring at Han Wangwang through the window.

Recently, Cheng Ziang had been wooing Han Wangwang and had not managed to get his hands on her even after more than two months. It was said that that woman was a tough nut to crack. Neither soft nor hard tactics worked on her. “Second Young Master Cheng, you still haven’t settled that woman called Han Wangwang?”

Hearing this, Cheng Ziang pursed his lips in frustration. He placed the wine glass heavily on the table, stood up, and said, “Just you wait. Tomorrow morning, she will definitely wake up crying in my bed.”

When they heard this, everyone had their own thoughts.

Someone cheered him on. “Second Young Master Cheng, this is how it should be. Take her down if you are a man!”

But there was also a man who sincerely treated Cheng Ziang well and treated him as a brother. He grabbed Cheng Ziang’s hand and warned him not to do anything foolish. “Second Young Master Cheng, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it. Don’t do anything stupid.”

Cheng Ziang nodded nonchalantly. “I am going out for a breather.”

After he left, everyone started to discuss the serious condition of Cheng Ziang’s father. “Second Young Master Cheng’s father is dying. Is this news accurate?” The news of Father Cheng’s illness had already spread and couldn’t be concealed anymore.

“I heard so. Master Cheng is on his way back. I heard he will reach Wangdong at 11pm tonight.”

“Then it must be very serious.”

“I heard from an acquaintance at the hospital that Second Young Master Cheng’s father won’t make it past tonight.”

Everyone fell silent upon hearing this.

After a long pause, someone spoke up to break the eerie silence.

“Master Cheng is taking over Chuan Dong.”

Cheng Yanmo was a far cry from them, who only knew how to enjoy themselves and couldn’t even manage any projects in the company.

They couldn’t afford to offend Cheng Yanmo.

“Second Young Master Cheng is so fortunate to have such an elder brother.” If not for Cheng Yanmo keeping an eye on Cheng Ziang, who knew how many times he would have died.

Cheng Ziang was troubled, not just because of Han Wangwang.

He stood in the escape route behind the washroom and smoked. It was quiet here and there was no fawning or mocking from his friends.

As he squatted in the stairwell, he couldn’t help thinking of what his elder brother had said to him on the phone several hours ago. He had said —

“Ziang, I know you hate father, but he is about to die. I don’t ask you to forgive him. I just hope that you can visit him before he dies. It doesn’t matter if you mock him or pity him. At least, let him see you.”

It had been a long time since Cheng Ziang last saw his father. He couldn’t quite remember how his father looked like in his old age. But he clearly remembered how his mother looked like after she committed suicide by hanging herself! He remembered how that mistress had laid naked under the master bedroom door, covered in blood!

Meet him?

Cheng Ziang snorted and stood up.

I’m afraid that I’ll become blind if I meet that person.

Cheng Ziang walked out of the stairwell and saw a young girl standing in the corridor behind the toilet, pacing back and forth with a hesitant expression.

“Looking for me?” Cheng Ziang stood behind the girl and stared at her back grimly.

Su Weiyin was shocked.

She quickly turned around and saw Cheng Ziang behind her. Su Weiyin stammered. “Mr…. Mr. Cheng, I have thought about what you told me previously.”

Cheng Ziang gave a knowing look.

Su Weiyin asked Cheng Ziang, “Then will you do what you promised me?” Somehow, Cheng Ziang had gotten hold of the fact that Su Weiyin had an affair with the school leaders and used it to threaten Su Weiyin into helping him.

Cheng Ziang acknowledged nonchalantly. “That will depend on your capabilities.”

Su Weiyin clenched her fists nervously. “I… I will settle everything tonight. Mr. Cheng, it is room 2603 of the Jetta Hotel, right?”

Cheng Ziang glanced at her and nodded. “Mmm.”

“I understand.”

Su Weiyin turned and left. Cheng Ziang stared at the girl’s back view without any warmth in his eyes.

This kind of woman who can easily betray her friends is too disgusting!

Han Wangwang alighted from the stage and returned to the booth. She saw Jiang Bi sitting there alone playing with her cell phone. She walked up to Jiang Bi and sat down, tapping her finger on the table in front of her.

Hearing the noise, Jiang Bi turned to look at her.

Han Wangwang smiled and asked her, “Was I cool just now?”

Jiang Bi nodded. “Very cool.”

Han Wangwang asked again, “Do you feel like you’re about to fall in love with me?”

Jiang Bi shook her head and said sternly, “Not yet.”

Jiang Bi was being too serious and Han Wangwang felt rather embarrassed.

She looked around and didn’t see Su Weiyin. A hint of worry surfaced in her eyes. “Where is Weiyin? Have you seen her?”

Jiang Bi pointed at the exit. “I saw her leave from there.”


Han Wangwang was about to get up to look for Su Weiyin, when she walked over with three glasses of wine.

“Come, Wangwang, Jiang Bi, I’ve ordered a cup of ‘Northern Passenger’ for you guys. This alcohol is especially tasty.”

“It’s my treat.”

“Thank you.” Han Wangwang took the drink from Su Weiyin’s hand and handed it to Jiang Bi. Jiang Bi glanced at their drinks and noticed that the lemon slice on Han Wangwang’s glass was smaller, while hers and Su Weiyin’s slice was larger.

Han Wangwang picked up her own glass and was about to drink, when Jiang Bi suddenly pointed at Han Wangwang’s glass. She said, “My glass has more alcohol. You can have it. I don’t drink much.”

Han Wangwang and Su Weiyin both blinked.

[fuzzy]Han Wangwang looked at Su Weiyin and Jiang Bi beside her.

Han Wangwang was no fool. She had been monitoring Cheng Ziang’s every move and had long discovered that he had contacted Su Weiyin several times in private. Tonight, Su Weiyin had volunteered to come to the nightclub with her. Han Wangwang was giving Su Weiyin a chance to make her move.

Han Wangwang’s original plan was to take the initiative to fall into Su Weiyin’s trap so that she could make use of this opportunity to achieve her goal.

However, Jiang Bi’s actions disrupted Han Wangwang’s plans and also Su Weiyin’s.

Su Weiyin looked at Han Wangwang’s wine and then at Jiang Bi’s. She felt that it was the same. She looked at Jiang Bi anxiously, thinking that this woman might have discovered her plan.

Holding back her guilt and panic, Su Weiyin said to Jiang Bi, “So Classmate Jiang Bi can’t drink? Then don’t drink anymore. Our Wangwang is a good drinker.”

“Yes!” Han Wangwang nodded and smiled at Jiang Bi. “If you can’t drink, give me your drink. I love this drink.”

Jiang Bi wanted to remind Han Wangwang that there was something wrong with the alcohol but at that moment, Jiang Bi suddenly noticed Han Wangwang kicking her calf under the table.

Jiang Bi kept quiet.

She quietly handed her drink to Han Wangwang.

Han Wangwang accepted the drink from Jiang Bi. “Thank you, Jiang Bi. You are so beautiful and kind-hearted.” Han Wangwang chatted with Su Weiyin and finished the drink.

Seeing that Han Wangwang had finished the drink, Su Weiyin heaved a sigh of relief. She reached under the table and secretly messaged Cheng Ziang.

Su Weiyin: [She has already drunk the alcohol.]

Cheng Ziang had already arrived at the hotel. After reading the message, he started humming happily and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

At 10pm at night, Han Wangwang suddenly felt dizzy. She said, “I think I am drunk. Let’s go.”

Su Weiyin immediately said, “I will send you back then.”

Jiang Bi got up and followed behind the two of them.

Just as they were about to reach the entrance of the bar, Han Wangwang, who was supposed to be drunk, suddenly tugged at Jiang Bi’s clothes. Jiang Bi looked at her silently, considering Han Wangwang’s motive for doing this.

Han Wangwang should have already discovered that there was something wrong with that glass of wine but still insisted on drinking it. This meant…

Jiang Bi stared at Su Weiyin’s profile.

This fool thought she was a mantis preying on cicadas, but she didn’t know that cicadas weren’t cicadas—they were orioles hiding behind their backs. Danger was lurking, but she only thought of the small benefits right in front of her.

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