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Chapter 193: Song Fei: I Will Beat You To Death If You Don’t Take My Ring

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The two of them hugged each other and cried bitterly that night. Only when they were tired did they fall asleep.

The next day, Auntie Zhang woke up to find that Mu Qiu had gone missing along with her important personal belongings. Guessing that Mu Qiu had left, Auntie Zhang couldn’t help feeling distressed.

Miss is all alone. Where can she go after leaving home? 

There was a magpie hill thirty miles away from Wangdong City, and a monastery halfway up the hill called the Moonlight Nunnery. It was the most famous Buddhist penitentiary within hundreds of miles.

Early in the morning, the Moonlight Nunnery on Magpie Mountain was bathed in the first rays of sunlight. The snow-white ground was shining with a golden glow.

The door to the Moonlight Nunnery opened and a gray-robed nun stepped out onto the white snow. A young girl was kneeling in the snow.

The girl was wearing a green-grey down jacket. Her face was the size of a palm and she had a pair of spirited eyes.

But her face was filled with pain.

This was a despondent human who had been condemned by her conscience to the core.

Master Huiru stared at that girl for a moment before stepping onto the snow and walking up to her. She asked calmly, “Female Patron, how can I help you?”

The girl looked up at Master Huiru, her clear eyes filled with helplessness and pain. She told Master Huiru, “Master, my name is Mu Qiu. I’ve done many bad things. I have a kind and gentle mother and a father who kills people like flies. But they all died because of me.”

“Master, I am in a lot of pain. I can’t fall asleep the entire night. Every time I do, I will dream of my mother lying on the ground covered in blood, asking me why I wanted to harm her. My father will scold me in my dreams every night, saying that I am inferior to pigs and that I will suffer the wrath of heaven. Master, can you redeem me?”

Mu Qiu grabbed Huiru’s wrist tightly as if she was grabbing onto a life-saving straw. “Master, I really can’t take it anymore. Tell me, is there any way to forget the pain? If I become a Buddhist and focus on cultivation, can I resolve this pain?”

Huiru didn’t respond but asked her, “What evil deeds have you committed?”

Tears of regret streamed down Mu Qiu’s face as she told Huiru honestly. “I nearly killed my elder sister. I caused the death of my mother’s newly formed fetus. I even instigated my father to commit a crime for me. Because of me, my father was sentenced to death and my mother also died from a sudden cerebral hemorrhage.”

As Mu Qiu listed out her crimes one by one, Huiru’s eyes widened in shock. How can such a girl, who looks so kind and beautiful, do such a cruel thing? 

Huiru had a pair of deep, intelligent eyes. She sized Mu Qiu up from head to toe for a long time before saying, “If you join our Buddhist school and cultivate wholeheartedly, you might be able to forget your pain. However, all Buddhist cultivators cultivate the heart. Female Patron, if you want me to bless you with Buddhism, you need to ask yourself if you are willing to let me bless you with Buddha?”

Mu Qiu was slightly stunned.

Buddhism cultivation was all about cultivating the heart.

This sentence made her cry. She wiped her tears and said sincerely, “Master, I am willing to become a Buddhist.”

Seeing that she sincerely wanted to join Buddhism, Master Huiru held Mu Qiu’s hand. She gazed at the main door of the temple behind her and said, “Follow me through this door and the mortal world will no longer have anything to do with you. Think carefully.”

Instantly, many images flashed across Mu Qiu’s mind.

The mother who loved her, doted on her, but was indirectly murdered by her, her father who doted on her for her entire life, but ended up saying that he regretted giving birth to her, Cheng Yanmo, who admired and loved her, but had no choice but to break up with her, and Song Ci, who could have killed her but let her live…

Laughter and screams of pain echoed in Mu Qiu’s mind. I’m already so evil, but there is still someone willing to give her a way out. I should wake up!

Placing her hand in Master Huiru’s, Mu Qiu told her, “I am willing to join the Buddhist school and accompany the Buddha forever, never to enter the mortal world.”

“Amitabha, merciful Buddha, follow me in.”

Mu Qiu stood up and followed Huiru into the Moonlight Nunnery.

From then on, the youngest daughter of the Mu Family, Mu Qiu, no longer existed in this world. However, there was now a female disciple of the Buddhist Sect named ‘Forgetting Dust’.


Long Yu followed Han Zhan’s instructions and had been monitoring Mu Qiu’s movements.

Long Yu had quickly informed Han Zhan about Mu Qiu going up to Magpie Mountain alone and becoming a Buddhist.

At that moment, Han Zhan was standing on the top floor of the Imperial Dragon Building, gazing at the surging river in the distance.

]”Mr. Han, Mu Qiu has already become a Buddhist and is now staying at the Moonlight Nunnery. She has become Master Huiru’s disciple and Master Huiru has named her Forgetting Dust as her Dharma name.”

Hearing this news, Han Zhan was slightly shocked. “She actually became a Buddhist.” This is also good. Hopefully, a peaceful place like the Buddhist Sect can cleanse Mu Qiu’s soul. “I got it.”

After hanging up, Han Zhan gave Song Ci another call.

Yesterday was supposed to be Song Ci’s menstrual cycle. Noticing that her menstrual cycle had been delayed for a day, Song Ci excitedly went to buy a pregnancy test and planned to verify it in two days. When she received Han Zhan’s call, Song Ci had just come out of the pharmacy.

“What are you doing, Baby Ci?”

Without a hidden enemy like Mu Mian, Song Ci now dared to drive out alone. She sat in Aoyu Number 1 and turned on its smart driving mode. She then laid down on the chair and spoke to Han Zhan. “Driving.”

Han Zhan laughed and said, “Retarded mode?” Secretly, Han Zhan and Song Ci called their own car’s’ intelligent mode ‘retarded mode.

Song Ci clicked her tongue before saying, “I went to buy a pregnancy test kit just now.”

Han Zhan was slightly stunned.

“Your menstrual cycle has been delayed?” He was also secretly hoping that Song Ci would be pregnant.

Song Ci nodded. Realizing that Han Zhan couldn’t see her nod, she spoke again. “It was supposed to come yesterday, but it didn’t. I just remembered and came to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test kit.”

“If it doesn’t come in another two days, I will give it a try.” It was too early to tell.

“Okay.” At this point, he should say something nicer to please Song Ci. After thinking for a moment, Han Zhan suddenly asked, “Do you want to come to the Imperial Dragon Building to admire the business we’ve built?”

Recently, Song Ci had been so focused on the auditions for “Le Chi” and Mu Mian that she didn’t ask about Han Zhan’s progress. Hearing this, she asked Han Zhan, “When will the new company be established?”

Han Zhan told Song Ci, “This month’s Christmas.”

A month ago, Zeus Airlines had already released news of successful mergers and acquisitions of Sheng Hui Technology Company, Huiteng Car Corporation, East England Real Estate Company, Jetta International Hotel Company, and Yu Hua Management Company.

When this news was released, it shocked the entire country.

Whether it was Sheng Hui Technology Company, Huiteng Car Corporation, or Oriental Real Estate Corporation, they were all major corporations in the country. Amongst them, Huiteng Car Corporation’s Aoyu Number 1, which had just been launched this year, astonished the world.

If Zeus Airlines managed to merge such awesome companies, how formidable must Zeus Airlines be?

The key point was that Zeus Airlines not alone merged with Huiteng Car Corporation. It also merged with three other similarly high-profile companies, as well as the recently emerging Yu Hua Management Company.

Zeus Airlines had already become a massive entity. It had already stood at the top of the Chinese pyramid and had surpassed Chuan Dong Group.

This company had only been established for less than 10 years!

Everyone was very curious about Zeus Airlines and wondered who was its boss.

“Isn’t that the day after tomorrow?!” Song Ci was slightly shocked. In her previous life, Zeus Corporation was established in 2021 and surpassed Chuan Dong Group and became Wangdong City’s leading enterprise.

Meanwhile, Han Zhan had also become Wangdong City’s richest man.

Those few years, Han Zhan was very popular in Wangdong City. He was rich, wealthy, handsome, and cool. Although he was slightly handicapped, he was rich!

At that time, the unmarried girls wanted to marry Han Zhan, the married women wanted to get a divorce and marry Han Zhan, the older women wanted to marry their daughters to Han Zhan, and a bunch of men also wanted to lay their hands on Han Zhan.

In short, Han Zhan was equivalent to RMB—the kind that could speak.

“Yes, the day after tomorrow.” Han Zhan told Song Ci. “There will be a grand gala the day after tomorrow night. At that time, all the business big shots in the country will attend and there will be many big shot celebrities coming to support. Song Ci, it’s time for you to impress everyone.”

Song Ci giggled. “Brother Han, I really like what you’re saying.” Song Ci couldn’t resist taking out a small mirror from her bag and sizing up her own formidable beauty.

She clicked her tongue twice and asked Han Zhan, “Brother Han, oh Brother Han, who is the most beautiful woman in this world?”

Han Zhan acted alongside her. “Of course it’s the young, beautiful, sexy Song Ci.”

Song Ci said, “You have such a sweet tongue!”

Han Zhan was amused by her. After laughing, he suddenly said, “Mu Qiu has become a nun.”

Song Ci said, “Ah? What?” She thought she heard wrongly. “Married or became a nun1?”

“Be a monk.”

Song Ci’s smile faded. “What a joke.”

“It’s true. She went to the Moonlight Nunnery and became a female disciple of a Buddhist sect.” Knowing that Song Ci must be very puzzled, Han Zhan told her, “I was worried about that woman and had Long Yu guard her 24 / 7. Long Yu saw Mu Qiu go to Magpie Mountain this morning and enter the Moonlight Nunnery. She shaved her hair and became a female disciple under Master Huiru.”

If Long Yu saw it with his own eyes, there was no way it could be fake.

Song Ci was slow to react. After snapping out of her trance, she said, “…Got it.”

“I will wait for you at the Imperial Dragon Building then? There is a seafood restaurant nearby that is very tasty. Come over and I will bring you there.”

Song Ci said, “That won’t do. Seafood is cold and not good for the baby in my tummy.” Song Ci was already playing the role of a mother even before she was pregnant.

Han Zhan chuckled before saying, “Let’s have barbeque then.”

“That won’t do either. I’m prone to gain weight if I eat barbeque.”

“Be a good girl. Eat meat and the child will grow up strong.” Han Zhan’s words appeased Song Ci.

“Alright then, let’s have some barbeque.” After hanging up, Song Ci adjusted the steering wheel and sat in the car in a daze.

Song Ci didn’t wish for Du Tingting’s heart to remain in the body of a naughty girl. She had purposely sent Mu Qiu to the execution grounds to observe Mu Mian’s execution. She wanted to use Mu Mian’s death to awaken Mu Qiu’s final conscience and make her understand that evil deeds would eventually be punished.

It was just as Song Ci had expected. Mu Qiu knew that she had to turn over a new leaf. But Song Ci didn’t expect her to become a nun at the temple.

Once she became a nun, she would cut off all possibilities of her relationship with Cheng Yanmo. How much courage did she have to do this?

Mu Qiu was indeed a ruthless and harsh person.

However, it was good that Mu Qiu had become a Buddhist. She would chant sutras and strike the wooden fish daily. Thanks to the influence of Buddhism, Song Ci hoped that Mu Qiu could do good and be a better person.

After dropping Song Ci off at the foot of the Imperial Dragon Building, Aoyu Number 1 went to find an empty parking space. Curious, Song Ci followed behind the car. She was dumbstruck when she saw that Aoyu Number 1 had really parked itself accurately in the parking space.

Damn, no wonder this car is the top-selling car in the world. Who wouldn’t love such an intelligent car? 

The Imperial Dragon Building had already become Wangdong City’s newly-established influencer location. The square was filled with tourists who came to take photos and check-in. Those hawkers selling balloons and hawthorn candies were very popular and couldn’t stop smiling.

Song Ci walked to the square in front of the skyscraper. She looked up and stared at the majestic words carved on the rooftop.

Zeus Corporation.

An air of nobility and dominance wafted over!

A sense of pride welled up in her heart. This is my man’s business! My man is so capable in all aspects. 

Han Zhan’s office was situated on the east side of the top floor of the building, covering an area of about 200 square meters. Apart from his office area, the entire top floor was filled with all sorts of meeting rooms and conference rooms.

The renovation style of Han Zhan’s office was still black and white, making it appear stable and grand, yet low-key and luxurious. He seemed to love French windows a lot. Apart from the weight-bearing columns and the wall, the rest of the wall had been made into large French windows with electric curtains all drawn and bright lights shining in.

Song Ci discovered that he had used half a wall to create an isolated space in the office. It was designed as a children’s playground with a children’s basketball hoop, a maritime pool, and a play area.

Song Ci stared at the children’s playground with a shocked expression. She couldn’t help teasing Han Zhan. “Brother Han, you prepared a playground in the office. Are you planning to be the director of a child care?”

Upon hearing Song Ci’s words, Han Zhan said, “Don’t joke around. This is prepared for our child.”

Song Ci had already guessed it.

But she was curious. “Why did you prepare a children’s playground in the office?”

“It’s convenient for us to bring the child over to play. If you go on a work trip or go out alone, you can also leave the child with me. I will take care of her.” Han Zhan made clear arrangements for everything.

Song Ci instinctively said, “I really like children. I won’t abandon him and go off on my own.”

“It’s too early to say that.” Han Zhan picked up a basketball from the ground and threw it into the small basket.

He caught the ball and stared at the young and beautiful Song Ci. He said earnestly, “I know you like children, but Baby Ci, you are not even 23 years old yet. You are still a playful child. Raising a child is much more difficult and dull than you think. If the child has a bad temper and makes you unhappy everyday, you will always feel like leaving the child to relax when you are depressed.”

“At that time, I will be the only one to take care of the children.” Thinking of these issues, Han Zhan specially got someone to prepare a children’s playground in the office just in case.

Song Ci knew that Han Zhan was right. It was one thing to like children, but it was another to be patient with them.

Song Ci’s heart warmed at Han Zhan’s considerations. She felt very fortunate to have married a good man who doted on her.

But she was a frivolous person. She looked at Han Zhan in amusement, shook her head, and clicked her tongue non-stop. “The once mature and steady overbearing CEO suddenly became a stay-at-home dad. Is this the distortion of humanity or the decline of morality?”

Han Zhan threw that basketball at Song Ci.

Song Ci caught the basketball and heard Han Zhan say, “It’s the power of love.”

Song Ci’s gaze deepened. “You love me,” she said with certainty.

Han Zhan looked at her deeply and didn’t deny it.

Song Ci was overjoyed. It was such a sweet feeling to be able to feel a rush of excitement after several months of marriage. She crossed her arms and continued to size up the office. She noticed a leather bed behind a glass screen.

Song Ci walked over to the double bed and sat down. She sat elegantly like a swan. “I guess you prepared this bed for your little secretary.” Song Ci purposely framed Han Zhan.

Han Zhan took off his suit jacket as he strode towards Song Ci like a shooting star. Arriving in front of Song Ci, Han Zhan grabbed her chin with his left hand and lifted her face so that she could look up at him.

Han Zhan’s gloved thumb pressed on Song Ci’s lips. He hinted. “Secretary Song, it’s time to fulfill your duty.”

This ‘Secretary Song’ made Song Ci shiver all over.

Although ‘Secretary Song’ had stirred up a huge ruckus in Song Ci’s heart, she maintained a calm expression. She batted her lashes seductively and placed her hands on Han Zhan’s arm. “Han Zhan, my salary is very high. Can you afford it?”

Han Zhan said, “I’m giving my life to you. Is that enough?”

Song Ci pouted. “You won’t have that chance.” Saying that, Song Ci thought of how Han Zhan nearly died in the earthquake in order to save her. Her heart trembled, and she hurriedly corrected herself. “Who cares about your life? I don’t want you to give your life to me.”

What right did I have?

Han Zhan added. “Then, shall I give myself to you?”

“I want this!”

After taking Han Zhan, Song Ci recalled the feeling just now and said with emotion, “Brother Han, you’re so gentle today.” He totally treated her like a pigeon egg and didn’t even dare to use any strength.

Han Zhan hugged her waist and rested his chin on Song Ci’s head. He said, “I don’t dare to mess around. I’m afraid that you’re really pregnant.”

Song Ci smiled and fell asleep in Han Zhan’s arms.

After waking up, Han Zhan brought Song Ci to eat some barbequed meat. Song Ci ate the meat in big bites and felt guilty. “I will become fat if I continue eating like this.”

“You can lose weight after giving birth.”

“… Alright.”

Using the excuse of raising a child, Song Ci ate a plate of pork belly, a plate of fatted beef, and a plate of chives and eggs. After dinner, the two of them went to Li Yao’s clothing store to get the clothes they were going to wear tomorrow.

The next morning, Song Ci woke up and realized that her pants were dirty. Realizing that her period had come, Song Ci was slightly disappointed. She couldn’t resist saying to Song Fei: [Song Fei, my period came and I am not pregnant.]

Song Fei heaved a sigh of relief when she saw this.

Song Fei: [Oh, is that so? What a pity.]

Song Ci felt that Song Fei was just being perfunctory. Recalling Song Fei’s boastful words that day, she asked her: [How far have you and Yan Jiang progressed?]

Song Fei: [I want to take him down this afternoon.]

Song Ci: [!]

Song Ci’s gossipy heart was aroused. She hurriedly sent a voice message to Song Fei: ]Song Fei, how do you plan to win him over? Tell me, I can help you analyze if its good enough.]

Song Fei replied with a voice message: [I’ve made three plans. The first plan is to force myself on him while he is still half-drunk. The second plan is to prepare a diamond ring and propose to him. While he is feeling touched, make the request to sleep with him. The third is to drug him directly.]

Song Ci: [!] No wonder Father said Song Fei had an anti-social character. Is this even humanly possible?

Song Fei humbly asked Song Ci: [Which plan do you think is more reliable?]

Song Ci shed a few bitter tears for Yan Jiang before going against her conscience. “The—the second plan.”

Song Fei: [I think so too.]

Song Fei was busy preparing for the big battle of love this afternoon and didn’t have the time to deal with Song Ci. After hanging up the video call, Song Fei put on a long down jacket and sports shoes before driving herself to the mall.

Song Fei went straight to the jewelry store.

The salesperson smiled and asked her, “Hello miss, do you want to see the necklace or the earrings?” Girls who shopped at jewelry stores alone would usually look at these items.

Song Fei walked up to the counter and glanced at the dazzling array of items inside.

She had a phobia of deciding and decided not to choose. She said to the salesperson, “Take out your men’s rings for me to see.” After a pause, she added, “Don’t show me the cheap ones.” They aren’t worthy of that little coward of mine. 

“Alright, please wait a moment.”

The salesperson chose eight sets of male rings and placed them in front of Song Fei.

Song Fei felt that each design was about the same. In any case, they were all rather pretty and she didn’t know much about such things. She asked the salesperson, “Which design should I choose for my proposal?”

The receptionist was stunned. She asked Song Fei uncertainly, “Are you proposing to your boyfriend, Miss?”

Song Fei nodded.

In this day and age, men could propose to men, so what if women proposed to men? The receptionist asked Song Fei, “What type of guy is your boyfriend, Miss?”

Noticing the man on the billboard, Song Fei lazily lifted a finger and pointed at it. “Just like this.”

The salesperson’s smile deepened. “This is our spokesperson, Mr. Yan Jiang. Is your boyfriend this type? Mr. Yan Jiang’s personal aura is very compatible with our brand’s products. If your boyfriend is also this type, I will recommend this design for you…”

The salesperson chose a platinum ring. There was a golden wavy line in the middle that looked like golden sand. It was simple and unique. Song Fei stared at the ring and imagined Yan Jiang wearing it. She thought it looked rather nice.

“This one then.”

After buying the ring, Song Fei instantly became poor.

On the way home, she passed by a flower shop. Song Fei parked the car and opened WeChat to look at the remaining 147 yuan in her wallet. One had to be generous to their own man! 


Song Fei alighted and entered the flower shop.

The manager was a gentle girl who was tending to a basin of Bird of Paradise. When she saw Song Fei enter the house, she asked her with a watering can, “Welcome, what would you like to buy?”

Song Fei was a practical person. She said, “I only have 147 yuan and want to buy some roses. How much can I buy?”

The store manager was slightly stunned before continuing. “It’s not a festive season now. Roses cost 10 yuan a rose. You can buy 11 roses and I will help you wrap them up beautifully.”

Song Fei nodded. “Alright, I’ll have 11 then.”

“Alright, give me a moment.”

Song Fei carried the roses into the car. After thinking for a moment, she sent Yan Jiang a message.

After Yan Jiang returned to China, he was recommended by his university mentor to join Wangdong Police Station as an intern forensic doctor. That day, he was conducting research on a mutilated corpse when his cell phone suddenly rang.

]Knowing that it was Song Fei’s message, Yan Jiang quickly took off his gloves and took out his cell phone to read the message.

Song Fei: [Are you coming back this afternoon? I have something to discuss with you.]

Song Fei was Yan Jiang’s life. Of course he would go back.

Yan Jiang: [I will be back.]

He had a two-hour lunch break in the afternoon. Considering that it would take 40 minutes to drive back and forth, and that he didn’t know what Song Fei wanted to talk to him about, Yan Jiang took an hour off from his superior.

As he drove home, he could smell the fragrance of meat.

Every time they returned home, Yan Jiang would hug Song Fei and suck on her neck like a baby addicted to milk, as Song Fei was his addiction.

Yan Jiang tiptoed into the kitchen, hugged Song Fei, and took a deep breath. He looked up again and saw that Song Fei was frying ribs. The ribs were almost cooked and the fragrance was overwhelming.

In just a few short days, Song Fei had already mastered a good set of culinary skills. She also cooked the beef ribs beautifully. Song Fei turned off the fire and placed the beef ribs on a western plate. She said to Yan Jiang, “Bring it over. I also made spaghetti. We’ll eat later.”

Yan Jiang released her waist and took the plate. He asked her curiously, “What day is it today?” Cooking noodles was very time-consuming. Song Fei didn’t like to eat it and didn’t like to make it either. So what is the special occasion today? 

Song Fei said, “It’s a secret.”

Her cold expression while telling him that it was a secret was adorable and interesting to Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang sat at the dining table and waited. After a few minutes, Song Ci finished preparing the noodles and brought them out.

Just when they were about to eat, Yan Jiang asked Song Ci, “You said on the phone that you had something to tell me. What is it?”

“Let’s eat first and talk after that.” If I say it now, the food will be wasted. 

Yan Jiang’s curiosity was aroused and he ate quickly. Song Fei ate a few mouthfuls of spaghetti and two slices of beef before putting down her cutlery and standing up. “I am full. Remember to wash the dishes.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

Yan Jiang was also full. He threw away the remains, threw the cutlery into the dishwasher, and buried his head in the cupboard to look for the washing powder. He heard footsteps descending the stairs.

Yan Jiang turned and asked Song Fei, “Ah Fei, where is the dishwashing powder?” Turning back completely, Yan Jiang was stunned to see Song Fei in her new outfit.

ong Fei was wearing a dress—a sexy strapped dress!

Two extremely thin straps hung over that pair of fair, thin shoulders, making her collarbone appear alluring. Sexy wasn’t just round and smooth, there was also some sexiness that was the charm exuded from her eyes.

When Song Fei stared at him with those ice-cold eyes, Yan Jiang felt as if his scalp was numb and his soul was being pierced.

Yan Jiang didn’t expect Song Fei to have such a side to her.

He stared at Song Fei in her dress and the roses in her arms. His expression was one of shock and suspicion.

What is Song Fei trying to do? 

Song Fei walked up to Yan Jiang in her flats.

She handed the huge bouquet of roses to Yan Jiang. He looked down at the roses and felt suffocated. “Is this for me?” Yan Jiang’s voice was so gentle that it was unbearable.

Song Fei nodded lazily. “For you.”

Yan Jiang liked it very much. He reached out to take the rose when he heard Song Fei say, “There’s a surprise inside. Accepting the rose means accepting that surprise. Once I give anything away, I won’t take it back. Think about it carefully.”

Song Fei’s surprises were usually shocks, so Yan Jiang quickly retracted his hand.

Yan Jiang really wanted that bouquet of roses, but he was also worried that there might be venomous snakes, itchy powder, or other bizarre things inside. Yan Jiang touched the back of his hand uneasily and asked Song Fei in a consulting tone, “Can you tell me what the surprise you mentioned is?”

Song Fei’s tone was cool and mild. “No.”

Yan Jiang looked embarrassed.

“You don’t want it?” Song Fei kept the bouquet and turned to walk out the door. She said, “It’s okay if you don’t want it. It’s not worth anything anyway.”

“I want it!” Yan Jiang dashed over, snatched the rose from her arms, and carried it over to the coffee table.

This was Ah Fei’s first time giving him flowers and they were red roses that represented love. Even if Yan Jiang was bitten to death by a venomous snake, he would still keep these flowers. He had already decided that when these flowers were about to wither, he would make them dry and store them for as long as possible.

Yan Jiang sat on the carpet and stared at the rose. He couldn’t guess what was so scary about it. “The surprise you mentioned—it shouldn’t be something that will make me itch and poison me the moment my skin comes into contact with it, right?” Having been fooled by Song Fei once, Yan Jiang was already traumatized.

Song Fei shrugged. “Who knows?”

Yan Jiang hesitated for a moment before reaching out for the rose. Song Fei suddenly added. “Don’t be afraid. Even if you are poisoned, I have the antidote.”

Yan Jiang was speechless.

Yan Jiang, who was initially unafraid of death, suddenly felt terrified.

Regardless of what the surprise was, Yan Jiang still wanted to see it.

He started to tell Song Fei his will. “My bank password is the same. It’s the last three digits of your birthday, plus 111. All the properties under my name are under your name. After I die, you will receive all my assets.”

Song Fei kicked his butt. “If you want to look, look. Otherwise, I’ll throw it away. Stop dawdling!”

Yan Jiang finally calmed down after being kicked.

Gritting his teeth, he reached out for the roses, looking for a surprise on tenterhooks. With caution, he opened each rose and saw a velvet box.

At this point, Yan Jiang still hadn’t realized what would happen next.

He was still very certain that Song Fei had placed disgusting things like scorpions and eggs in the box. He picked up the box and shook it. When he didn’t hear any sounds, he said, “Could it be a cricket?”

With that, he narrowed his eyes warily and opened the box.

Yan Jiang’s eyes were filled with shock when he saw the ring sitting quietly inside the box.

Beside him, Song Fei crossed her arms and leaned against the sofa. “That cricket in your hand is worth 68,000 yuan.”

Yan Jiang stared at the crickets. His throat was burning and he couldn’t think straight. “This is…” Yan Jiang picked up the ring and looked up at Song Fei.” Ah Fei, are you proposing to me? ”

Song Fei tugged at her short hair awkwardly. She asked Yan Jiang, “Do I still need to kneel down?” Tsk, it was her first time proposing and she was not very familiar with it. Song Fei snatched the ring from Yan Jiang’s hand and knelt down on one knee in front of him.

Yan Jiang was shocked.

Song Fei raised the ring and started proposing.

“I started protecting you when I was 8 years old.”

When she was 8 years old, Yan Jiang was 12 years old and was about to graduate from elementary school. That year, his father and mother abandoned him one after another, and he led an orphan-like life with his grandmother. That year, Yan Jiang was bullied and scolded at school. Who asked him to have such a twisted father?

But it was also that year that he got to know that cold, intelligent girl from his neighbor’s house. Knowing Song Fei was the only good thing in Yan Jiang’s incomplete youth.

It had been nearly two months since she came back to Wangdong City. Yan Jiang’s skin had already returned to its original color. It was very fair and smooth. Song Fei stared at Yan Jiang’s pleasant face. The ice in her eyes gradually melted.

Song Fei said, “From the age of 8 to 14, I have been protecting you for six years. One would be addicted to raising animals and would develop feelings for them, not to mention for a person.” After a pause, Song Fei’s eyes turned solemn and determined. She said to Yan Jiang, “I still want to protect you forever. You better give me a chance.”

Yan Jiang instinctively asked Song Fei, “If I didn’t give you this chance, what would you do?”

Song Fei frowned, her gaze ice-cold. “I’ll beat you to death.” This reply was very typical of Song Fei.

Yan Jiang smiled.

“Ah Fei, I accept your proposal.” He took the ring from Song Fei’s hand and put it on his middle finger.

Song Fei heaved a sigh of relief. She glanced at Yan Jiang’s middle finger and felt that the ring suited him rather well. I didn’t buy the wrong one. 

Yan Jiang also took off the necklace on his neck and the platinum ring. He knelt down and put the ring on Song Fei’s finger in the same position.

After putting on the ring, Yan Jiang said, “Ah Fei, I will try to set you free, but you are not allowed to lie to me again. You are not allowed to do anything foolish without telling me.” The Golden Sands incident had left a deep impression on Yan Jiang.

He hugged Song Fei. The girl in his arms was extremely skinny, as if she would shatter if he squeezed her hard.

“I love you very much, Song Fei. I have experienced the same pain twice with you.” Eight years ago at the earthquake site, Yan Jiang thought that Song Fei was dead and dug her out for three days without eating or drinking.

In Golden Sands, he thought that Song Fei had died again. He cried bitterly in the midst of the flames of war. For several consecutive days, he couldn’t sleep at all.

“Song Fei, I am a little coward. If you scare me again, I will die.”

Song Fei had already realized just how wrong she had been. She felt very guilty. If she could turn back time, she would never hide it from Yan Jiang again. She had already tasted the feeling of heartache.

“Alright, I agree.”

Yan Jiang closed his eyes in relief and hugged her tightly, upon hearing this.

But Song Fei nudged him.

Yan Jiang was slightly puzzled at being pushed away. “Can’t you let me hug you for a while?”

Song Fei said, “No, you only have 30 minutes to rest. You will be late if you don’t hurry up. Hurry up, we will go upstairs to our room.”

Yan Jiang was stunned. “What are we going back to the bedroom for?” He thought of some inappropriate scenes and felt his throat go dry.

Song Fei pulled Yan Jiang to his feet. As they walked upstairs, she said, “Making babies! I am older than Song Ci. Our child cannot call Song Ci’s children elder brother or sister.” In certain aspects, Song Fei was frighteningly stubborn.

Yan Jiang was dragged upstairs by Song Fei. He felt like everything was unreal. When they arrived at the room, Song Fei took off Yan Jiang’s pretentious glasses and he sat on the bed, his face red and his heart racing.

Everything was progressing smoothly. Just as they were about to engage in an in-depth interaction, Yan Jiang suddenly remembered something. He stopped and said with a disordered breath, “One moment, I have to call my boss and ask for leave. I won’t be going to work in the afternoon.”

He got off the bed barefooted and found his cell phone in his pants to make a call.

Song Fei sat on the bed, her clothes in disarray. She told Yan Jiang calmly, “I’ve checked. The average time for men in our country is 16 minutes. You still have 25 minutes to rest. After that, take a shower before going to work. You won’t be late either.”

Yan Jiang shot Song Fei a meaningful look. “Ah Fei, sometimes research is not reliable.” An average of 15 minutes? That was impossible. In the past, it would take Yan Jiang more than 10 minutes when he just imagined Song Fei, let alone now when they were doing it in person.

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