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Chapter 185: Beast!

Captain Lin led Mu Mian to the corridor and shoved him into the hands of one of his subordinates. “Bring them all to the car. There’s a victim inside. I’ll go take a look at her.”


It was very hard not to cause a stir, when a group of police officers carrying six criminals walked out of the lift and appeared in the lobby on the first level of the hospital,

Someone shouted, “Oh no, the police are here to catch a murderer!” This shout could be heard throughout the entire building.

All the patients’ family members and nurses on duty ran to the window sill of the northern ward. They laid down on their tiptoes and looked down.

Indeed, they saw a group of police officers as well as criminals who were being handcuffed and trying to cover their faces.

“Isn’t that Head of Department Zhu?” They were both from the same hospital, and Zhu Yuanwen was a big shot in the Cardiovascular Department, so the medical staff immediately recognized him.

“Isn’t that Doctor Shen?”

“That’s Dr. Liu!”

“That’s Doctor Zhang from the Department of Anesthesiology!”

“That’s a nurse from the operating theater of the Cardiovascular Department. I think her name is Zhang Jing…”

Recognizing the identities of these people, everyone had an exclamation mark in their hearts!

What is going on?

What crime did Head of Department Zhu and the rest commit?

“Look, there’s another one behind them!” The person being detained at the back of the group was a man of medium height wearing a black suit.

As his back was facing the crowd, no one could see his face clearly, but his back view looked somewhat familiar.

A resident doctor secretly said to his colleague beside him, “Don’t you think that the person at the back looks a little like our hospital’s Director Mu?”

At first, she didn’t think so. But after hearing his words, that colleague also felt that they rather similar. “Actually, he is quite similar.” Everyone knew that the chairman’s daughter had a heart attack and was admitted to Newbridge Hospital. Director Mu had indeed been in the hospital these few days.

It would make sense if it were him.

“But what crime did Director Mu and the rest commit? The police came with such fanfare. They must have concrete evidence to prove their crimes. That’s why they dare to be so arrogant!” Everyone looked at each other in fear and unknown excitement.

“What are you all looking at? Go back to your posts. This is a hospital, not a theater!” The head nurse was a step too slow. She was no longer in a position to watch the drama.

Since she couldn’t see, everyone should stop looking.

Seeing that the head nurse had lost her temper, the young nurses from the Cardiovascular Department quickly dispersed from the window and returned to their respective posts.

At this moment, the sound of wheels grinding against the ground attracted the attention of the head nurse. She stopped in her tracks and looked up at the entrance to the corridor outside the Cardiovascular Department.

The head nurse hurried over when she saw that it was a police officer. She looked at the unconscious girl lying on the bed in front of the police officer, looked up, and asked Captain Lin in confusion, “Officer, what happened? This patient is not from our department.”

Although the girl on the bed was not a patient from the Cardiovascular Department, she was wearing the sterile surgical gown of Newbridge Hospital. “Is she a patient transferred from another department?”

Captain Lin shook his head. “She has been injected with a full-body anesthetic and has yet to regain consciousness. Please arrange a window for her and take good care of her. This person is extremely important and cannot be harmed at all.”

Of course, the head nurse wouldn’t accept such a dubious patient. She asked Captain Lin boldly, “What’s the condition of this patient?”

She is a healthy and innocent victim who nearly had her heart removed by your hospital’s Head of Department Zhu…” Captain Lin’s authoritative gaze swept across the head nurse’s face.” She is a victim. Do you understand the importance of this person? ”

The head nurse was shocked!

Head of Department Zhu and the rest actually planned to dissect the heart of a healthy girl!

Is this even something a human would do?

No wonder they were caught!

They deserve it!

The head nurse nodded solemnly and promised. “Mr. Policeman, don’t worry. I will definitely take good care of the patient. Nothing will happen to the patient!”


]”Bed 45 is empty. I will send her to bed 45.”

Han Zhan and Long Yu stood side by side behind the window of the small hotel room. From here, they could see everything that happened at the main entrance of Newbridge Hospital.

Long Yu snorted when he saw Mu Mian and the rest being dragged into the police car. He scolded. “You heartless beasts should be jailed until you die!”

Han Zhan said, “That’s not enough.”

Long Yu looked at Han Zhan suspiciously and asked humbly, “What should we do next?”

“Control public opinion.” Staring at Long Yu’s tanned face, Han Zhan felt that he was quite pitiful. “Go and rest well. I will handle the rest.”


Public opinion was like a knife that could cut people to death.

That night, a video was posted on Weibo and attracted a lot of attention. The video was posted by a female researcher from Fu Hanshen’s research team called Qin Yue.

Qin Yue missed her ex-colleague, Song Fei. When she had nothing better to do, she scrolled through her cell phone and saw a video of a team dinner.

Qin Yue cut the video and posted it on her social media account.

In the video, Fu Hanshen and his team were having a hotpot dinner at Golden Sand’s rental house.

The person taking the photo was Yan Jiang. Gripping his cell phone, he took the photo in silence. Due to his love for Song Fei, Song Fei appeared frequently on camera.

In the video, Qin Yue asked Fu Hanshen, “Teacher Fu, you and your lover have been separated for a long time. What if you miss each other?”

Virus specialists were also humans and had emotions.

Fu Hanshen stuffed a piece of potato into his mouth and ate until his cheeks were bulging. After he swallowed the potato, Fu Hanshen said, “My right hand doesn’t only know how to make test tubes. It also knows how to do something else.”

They were all adults and it was not at all offensive to make such a harmless joke. Hearing this, everyone burst into laughter and praised Teacher Fu for his talent.

A male researcher noticed Song Fei eating quietly in the corner. He picked up his chopsticks and pointed them at Song Ci. “Let’s interview our research institute’s youngest genius Song.”

Song Fei put down her chopsticks and looked up.

Under her short black hair, the girl’s face was beautiful and exquisite. Her eyes were as cold as snow and her lips were as pink as cherry blossoms. She looked at her male colleague quietly and said, “Go ahead.”

The male colleague coughed. “Little genius, I want to ask you, how does it feel to be a genius?”

Unexpectedly, Song Fei said, “Geniuses are all lonely.”

Everyone quietened down.

Fu Hanshen turned to Song Fei. “You also know how to be lonely?”

ong Fei nodded. “Of course. When I was young, I loved to research all sorts of strange things. My neighbors in my neighborhood all called me a little monster behind my back. I didn’t have any friends in the past.” She picked up her drink and took a sip. “But now, I’m very lucky to have met a group of like-minded colleagues.”

Fu Hanshen smiled, very satisfied with her answer.

Qin Yue raised her hand and waited for Song Fei to notice her before saying, “Song Fei, Teacher Fu said that you are also very talented in chemistry. Many big shots in the chemistry industry want to take you in as their disciple. Why did you reject them and choose virology?”

Song Fei put down her drink. “My father is a doctor, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.” At the mention of her father, a rare tinge of tenderness surfaced on her cold face. “My father said that the most painful thing in this world is to watch someone die in pain, while he is helpless and can only watch.”

“Save the dying and heal the injured. My father left me with the greatest inheritance.” Song Fei seldom said such corny words, even her ears couldn’t help turning red.

The video ended there.

At the end of the video was a caption personally typed by Qin Yue:

[Save the dying and heal the injured. This is your greatest inheritance from your father. It is also the greatest inheritance you have left for us. Little sister Song Fei, there is no war in heaven. I hope you can rest in peace.]

As the main character of the video was Song Fei, a young genius virology expert who had just passed away, the video was quickly noticed and reposted to fame.

After dinner, the netizens had nothing to do and habitually opened Weibo to browse.

After this video was uploaded, everyone felt that it was a pity for Song Fei’s death. But there were also some people who focused their attention on Song Fei’s heaven-defying looks.

Kekejun: [What kind of goddess is she! Not only is she highly intelligent, she is also very good-looking! Us commoners can only kneel in admiration.]

Second-grade youngster: [Oh my god, so beautiful, so young, and a genius with high intelligence! This is too much! Damn the war, causing us to lose such an outstanding virus specialist. May the world be peaceful and there be no war!]

Broken glass: [Little miss looks familiar, don’t you think so?]

Yan Jiang Family’s Little Nine: [This lady looks like Song Ci!]

Yan Jiang’s Big Water: [Yes! The person above said what I wanted to say. I also feel that Ms. Song Fei and Gorgeous Song Ci look very much alike. Not a little, but very much!]

Zhanye: [Song Ci, Song Fei… both have the surname Song. Are they really family?]

For some reason, the comments section was getting more and more off topic. Everyone was guessing if Song Ci was related to the deceased virus specialist, Song Fei.

They looked so alike that it did not make sense if they weren’t related. With the attitude of seeking verification, Song Ci’s fans even specially messaged her to ask about this.

Han Zhan had to work overtime at night and Song Ci had nothing to do at home. She also scrolled through Weibo on her cell phone. She opened her Weibo and saw that she had yet to read over 10,000 private messages. She decided to pick a few to reply to.

She opened her private message and saw that many people were asking if she and Song Fei were relatives. Song Ci was slightly surprised. How did the netizens know that Song Fei and I are relatives?

Song Ci followed the clues and found that video. When she saw Song Fei chatting happily with her colleague in the video, Song Ci’s originally calm heart suddenly stirred as her heart ached.

At 9.20pm that night, Song Ci, who hadn’t posted anything for half a month, finally posted something.

Song Ci: [Song Fei and I are biological sisters from the same womb. From a young age, she has shown extraordinary intelligence. I admire and respect her a lot, especially when I can only score over 80 marks after memorizing so much, while she can score full marks in any exam.

Just like how it was impossible for there to be two identical leaves in this world, there was a world of difference between Song Fei and my character. She liked to be quiet, taciturn, mature and wise. I was noisy, talkative, childish and silly.

But such a foolish me had been protected by Song Fei my entire life.

I still remember 14 years ago in Bijiang City, when the earthquake struck, Song Fei gave up the opportunity to escape and pulled the still sleeping me along to run away. At the moment the house collapsed, she threw me into the toilet with greater endurance. Meanwhile, she fell into the rubble with the house and was injured to the point of being comatose for 8 years.

My life was given to me by Song Fei.

She always called me a little fool, a silly girl, a little coward, a stupid kid. When she looked at me, there was always disdain in her eyes. But in times of danger, the person who protected me was that Song Fei who loved to bully me.

To this day, Song Fei’s passing felt like a dream. I can’t accept the fact that she had already passed away.

But I have to wake up. I have to accept the fact that you have left. After you leave, I will be an orphan in this world. No one will call me a little fool, while protecting me like her own heart.

Song Fei, there must be no war in heaven.

You must be safe in heaven.]

Song Ci was a popular celebrity on Weibo. Coincidentally, the other main character mentioned on this Weibo account was Song Fei, a virology expert who had recently attracted attention on Weibo.

With the push of the mysterious public relations department, this Weibo post of hers was trending at the fastest speed.

When Song Ci realized that she was once again trending, she was rather surprised. When did I become so popular?

Song Ci turned off her cell phone and laid in bed trying to fall asleep. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t fall asleep. She was debating whether to get up and watch a movie when she suddenly heard the sound of the main door downstairs being opened.

Song Ci was shocked.

She hurriedly tiptoed out of bed, opened Han Zhan’s safe, and took out a gun.

This was prepared by Han Zhan.

Han Zhan was a sensitive person and had met several killers before. He always kept a defensive weapon in unexpected places. Han Zhan specially warned Song Ci that if she really encountered danger at home, she could use it to save her own life.

Han Aoyu had also said this to Song Ci.

Song Ci clutched that cold, heavy gun, with her heart in her throat.

Walking in the dark to the wall beside the door, Song Ci leaned against it and pulled open the safety catch like Han Zhan had taught her. She held the gun with both hands and placed her index finger on the trigger, ready to shoot.

This was the first time Song Ci had done this. She was so nervous that her breathing became labored. The footsteps of the person were very heavy. Song Ci listened carefully, trying to discern the gender of the person from the footsteps.

She had yet to figure out whether it was a man or a woman, but she felt that this person’s footsteps and voice were somewhat familiar.

That person unlocked the door and walked in. He was a 1.9m tall man.

Seeing that there was no one in the room, Han Zhan narrowed his blue eyes slightly. He instinctively reached for his cell phone, wanting to call Song Ci and ask about her whereabouts.

Just then, someone suddenly walked out from behind the door. That person raised her gun and before she could get close to Han Zhan, Han Zhan suddenly turned around, grabbed Song Ci’s arm, and pinned her behind.

Song Ci’s arm went numb and the gun fell to the ground. “Ouch, it hurts, Brother Han!” Song Ci’s face was pale from the pain.

Han Zhan pressed down on Song Ci’s arm, leaned over, and said by her ear, “When your Brother Han was playing with a gun, you were still playing with a bubble machine.”

Song Ci continued wailing. “Let go of me, my arm is going to break!”

Han Zhan finally showed mercy and released Song Ci.

Song Ci rubbed her aching arm muscles and gazed at Han Zhan with tears in her eyes. She couldn’t help complaining. “How can you be so rough? You already guessed it was me, but you didn’t even let me have some fun.”

“I am already very gentle towards you.” She had never seen him being so fierce. He was once hailed as the ravenous wolf of the southwest. Once he found a target, he would never let go.

Han Zhan was famous for his ruthlessness in the southwest.

Han Zhan bent down to pick up the gun on the floor and said to Song Ci, “Don’t touch this thing.” After putting it back into the safe, Han Zhan turned and stared at Song Ci for a while before suddenly saying, “Take off your nightdress.”

Song Ci was stunned and instinctively said, “You want it?” She was rather surprised. It was rare to see Han Zhan so straightforward.

Hearing the words “want it”, it was Han Zhan’s turn to be shocked.

Coming to his senses, even Han Zhan couldn’t help laughing out loud. “Are you trying to make me die of laughter?” Han Zhan laughed for a while before saying, “I asked you to take off your nightdress and change clothes. We are going out.”

“You didn’t even clarify things in one sentence and purposely made people’s imaginations run wild…” Song Ci didn’t feel that her mind was dirty. If there was anyone to blame, it was Han Zhan who spoke halfway.

After changing into casual wear, Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “What are we going out for? For supper?”

“We’re going out to meet someone.” Han Zhan purposely acted mysterious and didn’t say who that person was.


“You will know later.”

Han Zhan pulled Song Ci out of the house and into the lift. Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Aren’t you very busy at work? Why are you suddenly back?”

“Because that person is very important and I have to bring you to meet that person, so I skipped work.”

“Who on earth is so mysterious?” Song Ci rolled her eyes and made a humorous joke. “Don’t tell me you have an awesome godfather? The kind who is even more capable than Mo Yao.”


That’s boring.”

Along the way, Song Ci didn’t question who Han Zhan wanted to meet. With Han Zhan by her side, Song Ci felt at ease.

“We’re here.”

Song Ci was dozing off in the car. Hearing this, she opened her eyes and turned to look out the window. When she saw the words “Newbridge Hospital” hanging on the second level of the hospital building, her gaze froze.

This was the place where Song Ci passed away in her previous life. She felt a sense of repulsion whenever she got close to this place. “What are you doing here?” She felt a dull ache in her chest and felt suffocated.

Han Zhan said, “I said that I am here to meet someone important, someone whom you wish to meet the most.”

Song Ci was slightly annoyed by Han Zhan’s antics. “I won’t go up if you don’t tell me.” She hated the feeling of being teased repeatedly.

Han Zhan turned off the engine and unbuckled his seatbelt. Through the windshield, he gazed at the 6th level diagonally above. “Song Fei is upstairs. Do you still want to go up?”

Hearing this, Song Ci was stunned.

She sat in the middle of the car, stunned. Her eyes were slightly wide open, filled with anger at being fooled by her beloved. “Han Zhan, you can’t lie to me!” Song Ci’s voice was very cold, but her expression was fragile.

“Tonight at 9pm, someone reported that Director Zhu of Newbridge Hospital and Director Mu Mian conspired to dissect a living person illegally and steal a heart. The police are very concerned about this matter. They immediately sent someone to the scene to investigate and confirm that the report is true. Head of Department Zhu and Mu Mian have already been brought to the police station.”

Han Zhan wiped the hot tears from Song Ci’s face and said, “Song Ci, the person who was nearly murdered by Mu Mian was Song Fei.”

“Impossible!” Song Ci stared at Han Zhan with teary eyes. She cupped her mouth with both hands and cried. “Song Fei is clearly dead and her ashes are still in the resting hall. I personally received them from Teacher Fu!”

“Han Zhan, you can’t lie to me!”

He couldn’t give her hope and make her sink into despair.

“I won’t lie to you.” Han Zhan tried to remove Song Ci’s hands from his face. He held Song Ci’s cold hands tightly and coaxed her like he was coaxing a child. “Baby Ci, Song Fei is really still alive. She is in the ward upstairs. I will bring you to see her.”

Tears streamed down Song Ci’s face as she nodded vigorously.

Song Ci sprinted into the hospital building of Newbridge Hospital. As she went upstairs, she complained that the lift was slow and was so anxious that she kept stomping her feet.

When the lift stopped on the 6th floor and the door opened, Song Ci ran out without a care. Song Ci sprinted along the corridor, looking for a bed. When she saw Bed 45, Song Ci suddenly stopped in her tracks.

She strode to the door of the ward and placed her hand on the doorknob, but lost the courage to open the door.

She was afraid of opening this door.

What if there is no Song Fei inside and I was just happy for nothing?

“Baby Ci.” Han Zhan placed his hand on the back of Song Ci’s hand. He exerted some strength and opened the door. The door was opened slightly and the light from the ward streamed out. Song Ci slowly looked inside.

As the door was completely pushed open, the entire ward was revealed to Song Ci.

There were four beds in the room. A small bed was placed between the beds, and the patients’ family members were dozing off on it. A woman laid alone on the bed by the window. She was wearing a sterile surgical gown.

The woman had short hair that reached past her ears. Her face was overly thin and her cheekbones were prominent. Her skin was pallid and pale. She was in a coma and her breathing was light and slow. She had an air of innocence about her.

Tears streamed down Song Ci’s face as she stared at Song Fei.

She sprinted to the bed by the window and hugged Song Fei’s shoulders tightly. She buried her face in Song Fei’s neck and cried bitterly. “Elder Sister…” Song Ci broke down on the spot.

Song Ci was so agitated that she woke up the two family members who were sound asleep. The family members sat up in a daze, looked at Song Ci who was crying bitterly, and then looked at the tall man behind her. They were slightly stunned.

Han Zhan lowered his stance and apologized to these family members and patients. “I’m sorry, my lover was too agitated and disturbed everyone.”

They were all people who had been tormented by the pain of their illness to the point of being breathless, so they could understand Song Ci’s loss of composure. “It’s okay, it’s human nature.”

A slightly plump male family member asked Han Zhan, “What’s the relationship between the two of you and that little girl?” They hadn’t seen Song Fei’s family accompanying her and thought she was an orphan.

Having been in a vegetative state for eight years, Song Fei was skinny and thin. Her chest was not much bigger than her behind. As she laid there quietly, she looked like an underage high school girl. It was no wonder they called her a little girl.

Song Ci had been crying with her head buried. No one could see her face clearly. If they could, they would be able to guess her relationship with the patient.

“That is my lover’s biological sister.” Han Zhan leaned against the railing of Song Fei’s bed. He told these family members, “Although my sister-in-law is young and only 22 years old, she is a virologist!”

“Some time ago, my sister-in-law went to Africa with our country’s top virus specialist, Fu Hanshen, to research that Ebola virus. Unexpectedly, there was a war there and my eldest aunt unfortunately passed away.”

Han Zhan turned back to look at the comatose Song Fei on the bed. He shook his head and said with a complicated expression, “Mr. Fu brought her ashes back to the country and my wife personally placed them in the resting hall. We all thought that my sister-in-law was already dead, but who knew that she was actually alive!”

“My lover is crying so badly because she is too happy and surprised.” Han Zhan looked like an upright and kind-hearted young man. Whatever he said was very convincing and unquestionable.

A younger male patient suddenly said, “Oh my god, big brother, is your sister-in-law called Song Fei? The virus specialist Song Fei!”

This man was only in his early twenties and was also an internet bug. The death of the virus specialist Song Fei had attracted quite a bit of attention.

He happened to see it.

Before Han Zhan could reply, the man’s mother turned and glanced at the hospitalization status. Upon seeing that name, she told her son, “It’s Song Fei.”

The man exclaimed again. “There’s actually such a thing!”

Han Zhan shook his head and sighed. He said, “Sigh, we don’t even know what’s going on. Say, the person who was initially declared dead has already been cremated but is still alive. Isn’t this strange?”

“Of course we are also very happy and excited that our elder sister is alive. But for a person who was supposed to be researching viruses in Africa to suddenly die and then appear in our country, isn’t this very strange? We are the closest people to her. We have the right to know the truth.”

Hearing this, the man suddenly glanced at the door. “Mother, go close the door.” His mother obediently closed the door.

The man told Han Zhan in a low voice, “I was smoking in the stairwell just now and heard the doctors on duty say that the head of the Cardiovascular Department of our hospital accepted a bribe from the hospital’s director and nearly dissected a living person’s heart.”

“Luckily someone detected their scheme and called the police in time to successfully stop this murder.”

“Previously, it was the police who personally escorted your sister-in-law to the ward. They all said that Miss Song is that unlucky person.” This incident had already spread throughout the entire building in just an hour. Who in this building didn’t know about the dirty affair between Head of Department Zhu and Director Mu?

As a result, when the young man spoke about this matter, he spoke with a straight face, as if he knew everything and had personally witnessed it.

“There’s actually such a thing!” Han Zhan was very angry. He punched the bed frame, gritted his teeth, and asked, “Why did they do this! Taking the risk of going to jail to dig out my sister-in-law’s heart—what exactly was the reason?”

A hesitant look appeared on the man’s face. He said in a small voice, “I heard that Director Mu’s daughter suffered from a heart disease. Her blood type is special and she can’t find a suitable heart. Your sister-in-law happened to be compatible with Director Mu’s daughter’s heart and nearly died under Head of Department Zhu’s knife.”

Han Zhan purposely let people tell him these secrets. He was satisfied that any patient would know these.

Han Zhan was very good at acting. After hearing the man’s words, he was shocked. “How could…” Han Zhan looked worriedly at Song Ci.

Seeing that Song Ci had stopped crying and was listening intently to their conversation, a smile flashed across his eyes.

Song Ci was no fool. After hearing so much from Han Zhan just now, Song Ci already knew what Han Zhan was up to. Upon seeing Han Zhan look over, Song Ci shook her head and her lips quivered. She looked very fragile.

She murmured in disbelief. “Impossible! This isn’t real!”

Seeing that Song Ci didn’t believe him, the young man said, “Why not? That Director Mu’s daughter was sent to the hospital after a heart attack yesterday night and is still staying in the VIP ward upstairs!”

After hearing that man’s words, Song Ci’s body swayed, her eyes rolled back, and she was actually about to faint. Han Zhan was shocked and hurriedly supported Song Ci. “Baby Ci”

Song Ci leaned into Han Zhan’s arms and grabbed his collar as she cried. “Han Zhan, how could Father treat me like this! Even if I am just an adopted daughter, I am still the child he raised for eight years! How can he be so heartless to kill my biological sister just to save his own daughter?”

“Yes, I admit that the Mu Family has indeed done us a great favor by raising me for eight years and paying for my elder sister’s medical fees. But I have already repaid all the money that the Mu Family has spent on us over the past eight years! I know that we sisters should be grateful for the Mu Family’s care, but we shouldn’t sacrifice our lives for it!”

“Mu Qiu’s life is noble, but my elder sister’s life is cheap?”

“A person who researched viruses far away in Africa can also be brought back to the country. Just how capable is he?!”

“If he doesn’t manage to capture my sister, is he planning to kill me and steal my heart to save her biological daughter?”

Half of Song Ci’s words were sincere, while the other half was deliberate and tear-jerking.

Everyone in the ward was dumbstruck by this earth-shattering secret.


In order to save his own daughter, that Director Mu actually dared to lay his hands on his adopted daughter’s biological sister? Just like this lady said, if they didn’t capture Song Fei, would he really be so heartless as to lay his hands on his own daughter who had been raised for eight years!

Is he even human?

Is he human?

Even if he had taken care of this pair of sisters for eight years, they had already repaid their debts. Is there a need to sacrifice their lives?

The life of a rich family’s daughter is valuable, but the life of a virus specialist is not?


The value of a virologist is much higher than that of a pampered young lady!

The young man suddenly said, “I heard that this isn’t the only hospital under this Director Mu’s name. That Chao Yang Company and Happy Color Shopping Centre are both his! Let’s see if I don’t expose him and ruin his reputation!”

Everyone could not stand being fanned. The young man was the first to express his dissatisfaction. The other patients and their families also joined in to condemn Mu Mian and Head of Department Zhu’s sins.

“Pui! Such a beast and an entrepreneur—how embarrassing! That Dr. Zhu isn’t human either. As a doctor, not only did he not save anyone, he even killed someone!”

“This young lady is a virus specialist! She is a great person who has truly helped mankind. How dare they disregard the law to harm her! They are totally inhuman!”

“We must expose this bunch of disgusting things and have the entire country denounce them! We must seek justice for this young lady!”

“Right! If we blow this matter up, that Mu guy can forget about using money to settle this!”

Song Ci cried on and on, until she fainted. Worried about his beloved wife’s health, Han Zhan hurriedly carried Song Ci to the doctor for treatment. He allowed this group of people to be filled with righteous indignation, as they took out their cell phones and started to expose everything.

That night, a post titled [Chao Yang Company’s chairman, Mu Mian, is inhumane and suspected of murdering the virus specialist Song Fei] appeared on various social media platforms.

There was no lack of night owls in the middle of the night. Everyone’s hands were trembling with anger when they saw this. They all reposted this piece of news in an attempt to hype it up so that more people could see Mu Mian’s true colors.

Zhihu netizens: [I’ve always known that people are evil, but didn’t know that they could be so evil! Such a wicked person is really detestable. I believe our country’s laws can teach him what is called ‘human’!]

Peasants: [Even a movie doesn’t dare to write in such a way. This Mu Mian is really vicious. He is also an outstanding entrepreneur in Wangdong City! He looks like an upright and kind man, but why is his heart so black? Indeed, one can never judge a book by its cover.]

Internet pal 1: [This is really the biggest shocking news of the year!]

Internet pal 2: [How capable does Mu Mian have to be to be able to reach out to Golden Sands? Meanwhile, a group of doctors who were supposed to save the dying and the injured dared to take the heart of a living person just because they were bribed. The knife in their hands is not a surgical knife used to save the dying and the injured, but a butcher’s knife used to kill people and turn them into demons.]

Internet pal 3: [Your daughter’s life is a life, but the lives of virologists are not? I heard long ago that Song Ci broke off all ties with the Mu Family. Now it seems like Song Ci has already detected Mu Mian’s evil intentions. I am starting to wonder if Mu Mian adopted Song Ci and her sister out of kindness or if he has other motives.]

Internet4: [The comment above is very scary. Everyone might not know but Song Ci and Song Fei are twins with the same blood type. Since Song Fei’s HLA is suitable for the daughter of the Mu Family, so is Song Ci. Let me ask you, if Mu Mian doesn’t manage to capture his elder sister Song Fei, will he target his adopted daughter Song Ci?]

Internet pal 5: [Oh my god, after reading our analysis, I am starting to suspect the truth behind Mu Mian adopting Song Ci. Is he trying to be kind or is he already planning something?]

Internet pal 6: [Would such a ruthless person do good deeds? I’m afraid he isn’t doing good, but paying for his evil deeds!]

Internet pal 4: [Mu Mian is so scheming that it makes one’s hair stand on end.]

At dawn, # Chao Yang Chairman Mu Mian #, # Newbridge Hospital #, # Newbridge Hospital Head of Department Zhu #, # Virus Specialist Suspected To Be Murdered #, and so on were all the hottest topics on Weibo that day.

Everyone scolded Mu Mian and Head of Department Zhu so badly that they nearly smashed their faces with eggs.

Meanwhile, the pressure from the public opinion also put quite a bit of pressure on the police’s investigations.

“This incident has already attracted the attention of the entire nation. We have to investigate thoroughly!” Director Chen, who was used to seeing all sorts of criminal techniques and motives, was also impressed by Mu Mian.

Thinking of the phone call he received earlier, Director Chen’s expression turned even colder. He reminded his subordinates. “This victim also has a special identity. I just found out that she is not only Mr. Fu’s student, but also Old Mr. Han’s relative.”

One of his subordinates couldn’t help but ask, “Which Old Mr. Han?”

Director Chen glanced at the person who spoke and said unhappily, “Which Old Master Han do you think it is? Who else in Wangdong City can I call Old Mr. Han?”

Liu Anquan’s eyelids twitched. “This…”

Although that Old Mr. Han had retired and no longer cared about anything, no one dared to belittle him. Even their boss had to be respectful toward Old Mr. Han.

“We will definitely investigate this matter thoroughly and give the victim an explanation.”

Song Ci “fainted” and only woke up the next morning.

Han Zhan bought warm porridge for her and put it in an insulated food container. After Song Ci woke up, she ate the porridge Han Zhan bought and listened to his report on the progress of the night.

“The power of public opinion is enough to drown Mu Mian and his daughter. What we need to do now is to wait.” Waiting for the police and court to sentence Mu Mian.

Song Ci frowned, clearly uninterested. “He attempted murder and won’t be sentenced for long. Public opinion is scary, but the law is the foundation.” Song Ci was not resigned to just this step. A few years in prison would only benefit that bastard.

“Is my elder sister awake?” Song Ci still worried about Song Fei the most.

“She’s awake.”

Song Ci lifted the blanket and was about to get off the bed to look for Song Fei, when Han Zhan held her down. “Don’t go. Yan Jiang is there. You can forget about seeing Song Fei even if you go.”

“Ah Jiang is here too?” That made sense. After the commotion last night, Yan Jiang must have found out that Song Fei was still alive. Given how much Yan Jiang cared about Song Fei, he must have rushed over to the hospital that very night.

“How did Yan Jiang react?” He must be overjoyed to have regained what he lost.

“His reaction seems rather calm.” Han Zhan felt that Yan Jiang’s reaction was abnormal. “At this point, the calmer his reaction, the more abnormal it is.”

“Give him some time.” Song Ci asked again, “Where is Mu Qiu?”

“Yesterday night, Mu Mian was taken away by the police. When Mu Qiu found out about it, she fainted from a heart attack. But Du Tingting had been watching over her. Realizing that something was off, she hurriedly called the doctor over. Mu Qiu was saved again.” Han Zhan sounded rather regretful. He couldn’t help sighing. “That sister of yours is like a cockroach—rather tenacious.”

Song Ci sneered. “Scourge is always like this.”

“I will go and scare her.” Accompanied by Han Zhan, Song Ci arrived at the level of the VIP ward.

The two of them walked out of the lift and saw that Mu Qiu’s door was tightly shut. Meanwhile, a man in a navy blue suit was standing in front of her ward, hesitating to enter.

Song Ci stopped and looked at that person.

This was the second time Song Ci saw Cheng Yanmo in this lifetime. In Song Ci’s impression, Cheng Yanmo had always been strong and independent.

He was the true head of the Cheng Family. His words were like an imperial edict. In that big family of the Cheng Family, everyone followed his lead.

This was the first time Song Ci saw hesitation and uneasiness on Cheng Yanmo’s face.

Cheng Yanmo hesitated between knocking on the door to enter the room or turning around to leave. In the end, he turned around and was about to leave, when he saw Song Ci and Han Zhan walking out of the lift.

Cheng Yanmo’s pupils constricted slightly when he saw Han Zhan.

His reaction didn’t escape Han Zhan’s scrutiny.

Interesting, this guy is actually afraid of me. But Cheng Yanmo didn’t have such a reaction the last time we met. What made him treat me so differently?

Han Zhan nodded at Cheng Yanmo, who also greeted him.

Han Zhan patted Song Ci’s shoulder gently. “Baby Ci, go in first. I’ll wait for you outside.” Han Zhan didn’t leave after seeing Song Ci enter Mu Qiu’s ward. Instead, he lifted his chin at Cheng Yanmo and invited her. “Shall we have a chat?”

Cheng Yanmo gave him a meaningful look. “Okay.”

Between the inpatient building and the technology building, each level was connected by a spacious corridor. The morning breeze was chilly and there were not many people in the corridor.

Han Zhan and Cheng Yanmo walked side by side at a distance of 70-80cm, and tacitly walked to a place with the fewest people. Under them was the small field of the hospital, and in the early morning, they could see the high school students in the nearby community practicing at the basketball court.

As Han Zhan gazed at them, he couldn’t help thinking of his high school days. At that time, he stayed in school and had to wake up early every day to jog around the field for 40 minutes.

Only an early bird could see the most beautiful morning sun.

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