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Chapter 181: The Truth Revealed a Scary Heart

Who is the person who knows Du Tingting the best? Who is the person who has the greatest reason to take the risk to hurt her?

Without a doubt, it was Mu Qiu.

Song Ci calmed down very quickly. She told Han Zhan, “I installed surveillance cameras at the Mu Family residence. I will check the surveillance cameras again when we get back later. If my guess is right, the surveillance cameras will definitely have something that will shock us.”

Song Ci looked very calm, but her heart had already turned cold.

She desperately hoped that her deduction was wrong. If it was, it meant that Mu Qiu still had some conscience. If her guess was confirmed, then Mu Qiu’s intentions were too vicious.

It was said that daughters were the apple of their parents’ eyes, but there were sharp needles hidden inside!

Only then did Han Zhan tell Song Ci, “When I went downstairs just now, I tried to test Mu Qiu’s reaction. But her reaction was too natural. It could be said to be watertight.”

At the mention of Mu Qiu, Han Zhan couldn’t help frowning. “Either she is innocent, or she has a strong mental fortitude.”

How strong must one’s mental fortitude be to be able to remain calm even after nearly killing one’s own mother?

“Vicious heart. Pft.”

Song Ci deeply approved of Han Zhan’s malicious comments.

Song Ci couldn’t help recalling the scene before her death in her previous life. The beautiful and innocent Mu Qiu placed her hand on her chest, tilted her head, and said the most vicious and evil words in her most innocent voice. “Elder Sister, can you give me your heart?”

Song Ci felt a dull pain in her chest and couldn’t catch her breath. Sensing Song Ci’s abnormality, Han Zhan hurriedly supported her body and reminded her. “Take a deep breath!”

Song Ci grabbed Han Zhan’s arm and took a deep breath. Only then did she feel slightly better.

Seeing that Song Ci had finally caught her breath, Han Zhan joked. “Don’t think about those unhappy things. If you’re in a bad mood, think about your Brother Han more.”

Song Ci turned to look at Brother Han’s face and nodded. “Mmm, Brother Han is handsome, elegant, rich, and handsome. My world is lit up just by looking at you!”

Han Zhan was speechless.

He chose to be deaf and focused on driving.

After parking the car below the hospital, Han Zhan held Song Ci’s hand and brought her to the inpatient ward to bring the bedsheets and clothes over to Du Tingting.

“Sorry to trouble you guys.” It had only taken Song Ci two hours from the time she left the hospital to the time she arrived at the Mu Family residence. They must have not eaten yet.

Du Tingting said to Song Ci, “You guys haven’t had dinner yet, right? I’ll get your father to bring you guys out for dinner.”

Song Ci said, “Let Father stay here with you. Don’t worry about us.” Song Ci tucked Du Tingting in and patted her shoulder to comfort her. “You need to rest after losing too much blood. Mother, don’t lose sleep again.”

“I have a friend from Shandong. I asked her to send some gelatin over. I heard that the gelatin there is good for nourishing blood. I will send it over to you then.”

Gazing at Du Tingting’s pale face, Song Ci couldn’t help feeling sad for her. If today’s incident wasn’t just an accident but was caused by Mu Qiu, then as a mother, Du Tingting would be so pitiful!

Du Tingting’s heart warmed at his words. “That’s very thoughtful of you.” It was already past 7pm. Worried that Song Ci and Han Zhan would go hungry, Du Tingting said, “You guys go and eat. I have your father with me. It will be fine.”

“Alright, we’ll get going then.”

It started to rain at some point.

As the rain continued to fall, the car lights shone brightly on the drizzle, giving it a dreamy beauty. Song Ci and Han Zhan strolled through the drizzle.

Song Ci suddenly stopped in her tracks and turned to look at Han Zhan. She felt like this scene was very familiar.

Han Zhan was fishing for his car keys when he looked up and saw Song Ci staring at him lovingly. He was slightly stunned and asked her, “Why are you suddenly looking at me like that?”

Song Ci suddenly said, “The first time I met you was on such a rainy day.”

Han Zhan’s eyes were filled with shock.


Song Ci smiled. “When I was 24 years old.”

Han Zhan was stunned.

But he immediately realized that Song Ci was referring to her previous life. “I haven’t asked you. Do we know each other in our previous life?”

“We do.”

]Han Zhan found it very intriguing. He thought that Song Ci knew him because of his status as the richest man in Dongcheng City. Now it seemed like he had guessed wrongly.

“How’s our relationship?”

Anticipation grew in Han Zhan’s heart, but he didn’t know what answer he wanted to hear.

Song Ci smiled slightly and said, “What can I do? You are the high and mighty Mr. Rich Man, and I am the wife of the useless Second Young Master of the Cheng Family. What can we do?”

Before that hijacking incident, Han Zhan and Song Ci had never interacted. It wouldn’t be right to say that they had never interacted. Song Ci had actually seen Han Zhan before, but only from afar.

It was a memory so distant that even Song Ci had nearly forgotten it.

Song Ci said, “When I was 24 years old, I had just married into the Cheng Family. One morning, I was having a morning jog at the hill behind the Cheng Family residence as usual.”

Han Zhan could guess where Song Ci had met him.

]As he guessed, Song Ci said, “There’s a forest villa on the hill behind. It looks uninhabited. That morning, I passed by the villa and heard a man’s voice. I stood at the villa’s entrance and looked inside. I saw you through the gap of the metal door.”

Song Ci sank into that distant memory. She said in a low voice, “That morning, it was also raining lightly, just like now. You were wearing an azure shirt and standing in the yard with your back facing me. You were holding a bottle in one hand and a phone in the other.”

“At that time, I felt that your back view was rather tall and handsome and couldn’t resist taking a few more glances. But you noticed me. You turned your head and stared at me through the rain.”

Han Zhan couldn’t remember any of the things that Song Ci said. He was clearly the male lead in the story, but he felt like he was listening to a stranger and Song Ci’s story.

He asked Song Ci, “What was my reaction then?”

Song Ci shrugged. “What kind of reaction can you have? We don’t know each other, so you treated me like a stranger and turned to enter the house.”

Han Zhan believed her.

“Get in the car, my hair is all wet.” Song Ci urged Han Zhan into the car. She sat in the passenger seat and stared at the hazy drizzle in front of the car.

She lied.

Actually, Han Zhan had spoken to her the first time they met.

Han Zhan hung up the call when he saw Song Ci standing outside the door. He strode over to the door and asked, “Are you delivering milk?”

Hearing this, Song Ci, who was confident in her beauty, fell into a state of self-doubt. My skin is fair and beautiful, smooth and smooth. In what way did I look like I was delivering milk?

After ending that ridiculous memory, Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Does that villa on the hill behind the Cheng Family belong to you?”

Han Zhan said, “It’s my grandfather’s old residence.”

“So the person I saw was really you.”

“It should be me.” Han Zhan pointed at his own eyes. “Aren’t my eyes very recognizable?”

Song Ci nodded. “That’s you.”

Their first meeting was so hurried that Song Ci couldn’t even remember his face. Only when she saw Han Zhan standing tall and straight in the rain did Song Ci remember the past.

Fate was truly wonderful.

Thinking of how he had also met Song Ci in his previous life, Han Zhan felt a sense of joy. “So after that, we didn’t interact anymore?” Personally, Han Zhan hoped that Song Ci could have more interactions with him.

Song Ci said, “Yes. After my divorce, I became Liang Bo’s music arranger. One time, I took a plane to see his concert and met you on the plane.”

“That was the first time we really met. Someone plotted to hijack the plane and attacked the co-pilot and two children. You saved the two children but your eyes were also injured because of that. In the face of danger, I became the co-pilot and worked with the pilot to send everyone safely to our destination.”

“After that, I went to a charity hospital to perform and met you again. We even became good friends.”

“In this life, I dared to seek your protection because you are my good friend.”

What Song Ci said sounded wonderful to Han Zhan, but at the same time, he felt regretful. “If only I could remember those things.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember. In this life, we are closer than anyone else.”

“That’s true.”

The car stopped in front of a low-key restaurant. “Today, I brought you here to try some chicken with a unique taste.” Han Zhan pulled Song Ci into the restaurant and ordered their signature dish —

Dried steamed chicken.

This dried steamed chicken was made from ground chicken and bacon. Together with pickled vegetables and tripe ginseng, it was made from a specially-made distilled drum made of clay.

Han Zhan scooped a bowl of soup for Song Ci and offered it to her. “Try it. It’s definitely tasty.” This chicken soup was slightly yellow and fragrant.

Song Ci held the bowl with both hands and took a sip. The taste was indeed fresh and fragrant. It was not at all fishy. “This restaurant is located in a very remote location and doesn’t have a grand entrance. If not for you bringing me here, I’m afraid I will never know.”

“When my grandmother was still alive, Grandpa often brought her here. I thought you might like it too, so I brought you here to try it.” Seeing that Song Ci liked this dish, Han Zhan was slightly comforted. “We will come frequently in the future.”


After dinner, he walked out of the restaurant. Seeing that the rain was getting heavier, Han Zhan took off his jacket and draped it over Song Ci’s head. “I’ll go get the car first. Wait for me here.”


Han Zhan drove the car to the entrance of the restaurant and Song Ci hurriedly got into the car. After boarding the car, she saw that Han Zhan was drenched but she herself was clean. At that instant, Song Ci’s heart thumped.

Song Ci knew that there was love at first sight in this world, but love at first sight was not suitable for her and Han Zhan. Han Zhan was mature and wise, but also controlled himself rationally. He also loved beauty, but was not someone who would be easily swayed by it.

Song Ci also loved men, but she was not the type of woman who would fall for anyone.

She fell in love with Han Zhan over time.

But Song Ci didn’t intend to tell Han Zhan.

Whoever fell in love first would lose.

Returning home, Song Ci hurriedly stuffed Han Zhan into the bathroom to take a shower. “Take a shower first, I will get you some clothes.”

Han Zhan placed his hand on the door frame of the bathroom and gazed at Song Ci lovingly. “I’m not that delicate. In the past, during a mission, I hid in a swamp for an entire night and didn’t catch a cold.”

Song Ci glared at him. “You were single then and now you are my husband. My heart will ache even if yours doesn’t.”

Han Zhan gave her a meaningful look.

Is the top socialite’s mouth made of honey?

Han Zhan showered and walked out naked. Song Ci threw him a soft white towel. “Wipe yourself dry. Don’t be a hooligan.”

Han Zhan wiped his body and sighed. “When we first cohabited, you would blush at the sight of me bathing. Now that I’m standing before you naked, your heart is as still as water.”

Han Zhan tossed aside the towel and leisurely put on his shorts. As he put them on, he stared at Song Ci and questioned her soulfully. “Am I not seductive anymore, or did you turn wild, Baby Ci?”

Song Ci’s temples were throbbing when she heard that.

“Don’t be coquettish.”

She picked up her laptop and was about to go downstairs when she saw Han Zhan in his clothes. “I made you some cooling tea. Remember to drink it.”

“Alright, thank you, my wife.”

Han Zhan got dressed and went downstairs.

Song Ci placed her laptop on the coffee table and knelt down on the carpet. She held her mouse as she scrolled through the surveillance footage. “Go and drink some tea.”

“Okay.” Han Zhan went to the kitchen to pour himself some cold-dispelling tea.

Song Ci opened the surveillance footage of the Mu Family and retrieved several surveillance footage. Each frame was playing a different image.

Han Zhan walked over with the tea and sat behind Song Ci.

Song Ci dragged the surveillance footage to 12pm. She said, “Auntie Zhang said that mother fell during lunchtime. The Mu Family usually have lunch past 12.50pm. We will start watching from 12.00pm.”

Before Song Ci left the Mu Family residence, she had placed pinhole cameras everywhere in various hidden spots in the villa to monitor the movements of the Mu Family.

In order not to attract too much attention, she had specially placed the surveillance camera in the stairwell above Du Tingting’s personal photo frame. This surveillance camera was facing the staircase leading to the second level.

Staring at the moving images on the computer screen, Han Zhan’s lips curled up as he praised Song Ci. “You’ve become smarter this time. You even know how to install surveillance cameras.”

Song Ci glanced sideways at Han Zhan and teased him. “Someone who can install surveillance cameras in his own bedroom and monitor the traffic flow at home is the scariest. Compared to me, you’re not inferior either, Brother Han.”

Han Zhan told Song Ci, “I met a spy in the past. Luckily, I discovered him in time and found him. After that, I installed surveillance cameras in my own house.”

As the top socialite, Song Ci had gotten to know many big shots. But a spy was still a distant concept to her. It was more like a career that only appeared on television and novels.

Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Was it a commercial spy or a spy from the enemy country?”

“Both. Due to my grandfather, I met spies from other countries. Later on, I founded my own company and Zeus Airlines’ rise blocked many people’s way of earning money, so many business rivals also sent spies to my side.”

Staring at Song Ci’s beautiful and elegant profile, Han Zhan couldn’t help recalling the scene when he first met her. “That’s why I was so angry the first time you accurately revealed my identity in the hospital. I thought you were a spy.”

Song Ci stuck out her tongue and stared at the surveillance footage. “Which spy looks as good as me?”

“Why not?” Han Zhan gave a real example. “Due to my family background, I know many children from major institutions. There’s an elder brother who is eight years older than me. In his first marriage, he married a very beautiful wife. That wife is an artist, well-educated and perfect.”

“The two of them were very devoted to each other and envied everyone. But one day five years later, a group of people suddenly came and took his wife away. The reason was that his wife was an enemy spy.”

Song Ci was shocked. “All parties involved in marriage need to go through a political investigation, right? How did she avoid it?”

“That’s because her background and identity are all very clean. Even a court hearing wouldn’t be able to find out.” Han Zhan told Song Ci, “Actually, spies are also classified into different levels. Some people are very easy to find, while others are very well-hidden.”

“That big brother’s wife is considered a top-class spy. She was adopted by a Chinese couple when she was just two years old. She ate the rice of our country and enjoyed the education of our country. The people who raised her were our citizens.”

“But she still betrayed our country.” Rubbing Song Ci’s porcelain-like face, Han Zhan concluded. “So, the most beautiful woman is the most potent poison.”

Song Ci felt the strength of Han Zhan’s hand on her cheek and it hurt slightly.

She slapped Han Zhan’s hand away with a look of disdain. “You don’t need to test me. If I were a spy, I wouldn’t have married you.”

Meeting Han Zhan’s puzzled gaze, Song Ci said, “I’ll be your little nanny directly. It’s more valuable to get close to your grandfather than to get close to you.”

“You know, I have a sweet mouth and a gorgeous face. Girls like me are the most popular amongst the elderly.”

Song Ci’s analysis was logical and reasonable, which made Han Zhan’s eyelids twitch in fright. He hurriedly pressed down on Song Ci’s head and turned her face to face the computer. “Look at the surveillance cameras. Let’s not talk about this anymore.”

Song Ci focused on the surveillance footage and remained silent.

The surveillance footage showed Du Tingting carrying her bag and an ultrasound scan upstairs at 12.29pm. As she was pregnant, she was holding onto the railing as she walked up.

The other surveillance footage showed Du Tingting walking out of the master bedroom at the 32 minute. She was holding a card in her hand.

She sized up the card in her hand as she walked. As she was distracted, she habitually walked down the stairs in the middle.

After taking three to four steps, Du Tingting’s feet suddenly slipped on the edge of the stairs. She shrieked and reached out to grab the railing. But before she could reach it, she collapsed.

Du Tingting rolled several times on the stairs until she landed on the platform at the corner. Song Ci couldn’t bear to watch this scene. She turned her head and closed her eyes.

Witnessing this scene, Han Zhan was also shocked. In the future, when Song Ci is pregnant, we have to move their rooms to the first level! But in this house that we are living in now, there is no room on the first level at all.

We have to move house.

After a while, Song Ci opened her eyes. She couldn’t bear to look at the surveillance footage and saw Mu Qiu and Auntie Zhang carrying Du Tingting away.

All that was left was a pool of blood.

Staring at the bloodstains on the ground, Song Ci felt slightly uncomfortable.

“Brother Han, drag the time to 11.20pm and watch the surveillance footage from the beginning again. There must be some details that we didn’t notice.” Song Ci leaned against the sofa, closed her eyes, and stroked her chest in slow motion.

Han Zhan saw that her face was pale and knew that she must have felt uncomfortable when she saw the surveillance footage. “Wait a minute, I remember there’s still some toffee at home.” Han Zhan got up, walked up to the television wall, bent over, and opened the television cabinet. He really found a few toffee.

He took the candy and returned to Song Ci’s side. He tore open a piece of candy and stuffed the toffee into Song Ci’s mouth. “When you are feeling unwell, you will feel better after taking a candy.”

Song Ci sucked on the sweet and stared at it with the tip of her tongue, feeling slightly jealous. “Who did you learn this from? When you were coaxing Du Xueyan in the past?” This was not the first time Han Zhan was using toffee to coax Song Ci.

Han Zhan shook his head. “No.”

Song Ci teased him. “Then who is it for? That little class belle whom you had a crush on in the past?” Han Wangwang had exposed this before. He said that Han Zhan had a crush on a class belle and even confessed to her before but was rejected by her. The reason was that he was too fat.

Han Zhan couldn’t resist clarifying. “Don’t listen to Wangwang’s nonsense. I don’t have a crush on her. That class belle was my deskmate. At that time, I was the fattest boy in my class. When the fattest boy sat with the prettiest girl, they purposely made fun of us. My deskmate really thought I liked her and told me one day to give up. She didn’t like fatties…”

Han Zhan, who had been rejected, felt very puzzled.

“Moreover, I didn’t lose weight because of the belle. When I was young, my health wasn’t good and I took a lot of hormonal drugs to make myself fat. After that, I gradually got rid of the drugs and exercised more. Naturally, I lost weight.”

Han Zhan wasn’t the type to fall in love with anyone who was beautiful. Up till now, the only person Han Zhan truly fell in love with was the teenage Du Xueyan and the current Song Ci.

Song Ci grasped the main point. She asked Han Zhan, “What condition requires hormonal medication?”

Han Zhan said mildly, “Some minor ailments that have all been treated.” He pursed his lips tightly, looking like he didn’t wish to speak further.

Song Ci saw that he was unwilling to speak further and didn’t press him. She continued to watch the surveillance footage patiently.

“My mother said that toffee is good when you’re feeling upset. I’ve tried it before and it’s quite effective.” Han Zhan’s voice suddenly sounded leisurely by Song Ci’s ear.

She turned her head slowly and looked at Han Zhan.

The deep contours of his face gave him a determined look. No matter how much strong winds and tough snows he could survive, there were still times when he needed to comfort himself with toffee.

Song Ci’s heart ached slightly for Han Zhan.

Han Zhan’s past must have contained many stories. Those stories might be painful or sad. Song Ci wanted to listen to them all once, but Han Zhan was still unwilling to open that book called “Han Zhan’s Past” to her.

“When you’re free, Brother Han can tell me your story too?”

Han Zhan said, “That day will come.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

She was waiting for the day when Han Zhan would completely open up to her.

Han Zhan glanced at the surveillance footage and his expression changed slightly. “It’s here!”

Song Ci quickly turned back and glanced at the surveillance footage.

She saw Mu Qiu.

At 11.45pm, Mu Qiu hurried upstairs. As she walked, she placed her hand on her abdomen and rubbed it gently. As a woman herself, Song Ci knew very well what that action meant.

Calculating the time, Mu Qiu’s menstruation would have come these two days.

Mu Qiu returned to her own room and only stayed for four to five minutes before leaving.

When she came out, Mu Qiu was holding several sanitary pads in her hands. From the third floor to the second floor, Mu Qiu walked rather slowly. She also looked very hesitant, as if she was being troubled by something and wavered left and right.

When she reached the staircase landing on the second level, Mu Qiu suddenly stopped in her tracks. She lowered her head and stared at the long staircase in a daze.

As Mu Qiu had her head lowered, Song Ci couldn’t see Mu Qiu’s expression and gaze. When Song Ci gazed at Mu Qiu’s thin and frail body, she felt an inexplicable sense of fear and uneasiness.

Suddenly, Mu Qiu turned around and ran back up the stairs to her room.

Upon seeing this, Han Zhan suddenly said, “Guess what she went back for?”

Song Ci frowned and remained silent. She just stared at the video, waiting anxiously.

About a minute later, Mu Qiu came downstairs. This time, there was a small white jar in her other hand. After recognizing what it was, Song Ci suddenly sat up straight and her eyelids started twitching. She murmured. “It’s facial cream…”

Mu Qiu loved to use LAMER’s facial cream every time the seasons changed, and she had several bottles of them in her cupboard, so Song Ci would not recognize it wrongly.

The surveillance footage was still flashing.

Song Ci saw that Mu Qiu had taken three to four steps down the stairs on the second floor and stopped moving. She opened the small box and took out a thumb-sized tube of facial cream.

Bending down, Mu Qiu applied the facial cream to the edge of the staircase as if she was massaging her face.

Everyone knew that there were several characteristics to LAMER’s facial cream —



After applying, it was transparent and colorless!

“No…” Song Ci wanted to wake Mu Qiu up and not do anything foolish. But the moment she opened her mouth, she realized that this was just a surveillance video, a replay of what had already happened!

She had witnessed the entire incident, but she could only stand by and watch, unable to stop it.

Song Ci covered her face with her hands. She felt cold all over.

How can anyone be so heartless?

That’s her biological mother who had given birth to her and raised her! She is the person closest to her!

Han Zhan retrieved the couple jacket and draped it over Song Ci. He said, “Go upstairs and lie down for a while. I will save this video for later.”

Song Ci grabbed Han Zhan’s hand.

Han Zhan’s hand was extremely warm, like the weather in June.

Song Ci finally felt more at ease. She shook Han Zhan’s hand. “That was her mother who nearly died when she gave birth to her. How can she be so heartless?” Song Ci was puzzled.

Han Zhan covered Song Ci’s eyes.

His voice was deep and gentle, but his words were harsh. “Song Ci, not every child is an angel. In this world, there are children who donated their kidneys to save their mothers, but there are also those who killed their mothers in a fit of anger.”

Hearing this, Song Ci shuddered.

“Save the video. It will be very useful later!” She wanted to show Mu Mian just how evil his daughter was!

“Mmm, I understand. Quickly go upstairs and rest.” Han Zhan ordered Song Ci to return to her room to rest. Song Ci didn’t argue with him and went upstairs directly.

Only after seeing her go upstairs did Han Zhan copy the video and put it in his study drawer.

Recently, there had been some unrest in the city where Yan Jiang and the rest were staying.

The reason for it was also related to Yan Jiang.

About half a month ago, a woman’s body was found on the east coast of the Congo River. She was naked when she was found and her body was already in the image of a giant. She was a homeless person with no power or influence. Although her cause of death was a mystery, no one was willing to investigate her.

After all, it was a thankless task and they might not be able to catch the murderer.

As a newcomer, Yan Jiang was naturally given this thankless task.

Yan Jiang performed an autopsy on the girl and found traces of man’s sperm and fluids under her fingernails. When he dissected her organs, he found a man’s ring in her stomach.

In Kinshasa, anyone who could afford silk clothing was either wealthy or affluent, so that ring was the best way to identify the person.

The police listed out a batch of suspects. In the end, they pinpointed one of the local big shots. In the process of secretly investigating the suspect, they actually discovered five to six imprisoned women in that big boss’s basement!

The news of this incident spread like wildfire and incurred the wrath of the entire nation.

The poor country was so chaotic and there were even several major civil wars a few years back. Once this incident was exposed and controlled by people with ulterior motives, it immediately caused a nationwide sensation.

The city was about to go into turmoil.

Recently, Song Fei and the rest of the staff from the research institute had been traveling together. They didn’t dare to be alone for fear of danger. Yan Jiang knew that chaos was imminent and was worried about Song Fei’s safety. He had to send her to the hospital everyday before going to work.

Song Ci finished her bath and got dressed. She sat at the dressing table to apply skincare products. As she waited for her skincare products to be absorbed, she habitually took out her cell phone and searched for news about the Congo.

This habit was formed after Song Fei and the rest went to Congo.

Looking at the latest news, Song Ci couldn’t help worrying about the safety of Song Fei and Yan Jiang.

Deep into the night, Mu Mian stared at Du Tingting’s pale and frail face as she slept. His heart ached terribly.

The fetus in Du Tingting’s womb represented hope. If Mu Qiu really left, the child in Du Tingting’s womb would also be a source of hope for the two of them.

But the child was gone…

Mu Mian was terrified at the thought of Mu Qiu dying at any moment.

Both he and Du Tingting could not bear the pain of losing Mu Qiu! Just the passing of a newly-formed fetus was already enough to make them so sad. Moreover, this was a lovely and lovely daughter who had accompanied them for 20 years.

Mu Mian took out his cell phone and walked to the side of the bed. He logged into a secret link in his folder and opened his conversation with “1.”

Mu Mian: [Hi, have you made any progress?]

As usual, 1 replied promptly.

1: [Sir, we cannot do this business.]

Mu Mian gave up completely.

Mu Mian: [Deduct the service fee and return the rest of the money to me.]

1: [Alright, the money will be transferred to your account within two working days.]

Mu Mian logged out of the chat and completely deleted that link.

He stood by the window for a very, very long time.

Downstairs, the hospital park was completely silent. Under the few night lights, a moth flew into the light like a flame. It lingered there, reluctant to leave.

Mu Mian stared at those moths and felt a sense of pity.

They knew full well that the flames were burning but they were still drawn to the flame. He knew that once he did something, he would be throwing himself into hell but he had no choice.

Mu Mian opened up the world’s dark web.

The World’s Dark Web was an underground network that could issue missions anonymously and commit all sorts of heinous crimes.

On this day, a new mission appeared on the main page of the website:

2027: $3 USD for someone’s life.

Target details:

Name: Song Fei.

Age: 22 years old.

Birthplace: Wangdong City of China.

Current address: The capital of Congo, Golden Sands.

Identity: Special student at the China Virus Research Institute.

On the dark web, people from all over the world posted all sorts of missions everyday. After Mu Mian’s mission was posted, it only stayed on the homepage for a few minutes before being suppressed by other news.

But there were also many hired killers waiting to do business online. Mu Mian only waited for a few minutes before he received three replies.

Staring at those replies, Mu Mian smiled.

See, using criminal methods to gain benefits was always the most effective way. In this world, there was never a lack of vicious people committing crimes for money.

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