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Chapter 180: Go on a Date, Brother Han?
Everyone in the room looked at Song Ci with satisfaction and fondness.

“Song Song, sit down!” Han Aoyu pointed at an empty chair. Han Zhan and Song Ci sat down together.

Song Ci and the Mu Family had already drawn a line. As a result, no one from the Mu Family was at the table and no one would be foolish enough to bring this up. Everyone was present and the dishes were already served.

The first dish was dessert and it was Song Ci’s favorite coconut ball.

Song Ci was about to pick up a coconut ball with chopsticks, when Shen Yubei reached out and fiddled with the rotating table. The coconut ball was transferred to Shen Yubei. Song Ci saw Shen Yubei pick up the roundest and most beautiful coconut ball and put it in his own bowl.

Song Ci raised her brows.

Doesn’t Teacher hate sweet food the most? He said that he’s sick of it.

Han Zhan turned the plate of coconut balls to him. He took one and placed it in Song Ci’s bowl. “I specially ordered this for you. Our hotel’s dessert is not bad. Try it.”


Song Ci took a bite of coconut. It was indeed delicious. The coconut was fragrant, fragrant, soft, and not greasy. She ate one, looked up, and was about to take a second one when she saw Shen Yubei secretly placing the coconut on his plate onto Di Rongrong’s plate while no one was looking.

Meanwhile, Di Rongrong was scooping with her spoon and didn’t notice Shen Yubei’s petty actions.

Song Ci was confused.

Teacher is so cowardly!

As Di Rongrong placed the steamed abalone on her plate, she noticed that a coconut ball had appeared on her clean, white plate.

She stared at the coconut ball in a daze.

She loved coconut balls the most, but it was too heaty and she was afraid of gaining weight. Moreover, Di Rongrong was a very strict person towards herself. She would only eat those once or twice a year.

Not many people knew that she loved coconut balls. Apart from Mo Yao and Jin Luolan, there was only one… Shen Yubei.

Di Rongrong glanced sideways at Shen Yubei.

Shen Yubei had his head lowered as he ate his food with much focus, which made it even more suspicious. After much hesitation, Di Rongrong still ate the coconut ball.

Shen Yubei secretly turned his head and saw that Di Rongrong had eaten his coconut ball. He was less upset and felt slightly better.

After dinner, Mo Yao and Li Yao took their leave first. She still had to attend an international meeting overseas. After they left, Han Dongliang and his son chatted with Han Aoyu for a while before taking their leave.

Jin Luolan was also very busy. Just as she was about to leave, Jin Luolan found Song Ci and asked her, “Yan Jiang went to Congo? Is this news accurate?”

Song Ci pursed her lips and nodded. She asked Jin Luolan in a small voice, “Godmother, how is the situation over there now?”

Jin Luolan didn’t hide it from Song Ci. She said, “It’s going to be chaotic for some time. But it’s always like this over there. Tell Yan Jiang to be more careful.”

“Thank you Godmother.”

“I’ll get going then.”

“Let me send you off.” Song Ci sent Jin Luolan off and returned to the dining room. She was about to push open the door and enter, when she saw her teacher and Di Rongrong sitting together. The two of them seemed to be talking and appeared rather intimate.

Song Ci hurriedly turned and pulled Han Zhan away.

Han Zhan asked her, “What’s the matter?”

Song Ci said, “My teacher is looking for a wife. Let’s not be third wheels.”

“A wife? Who?”

“Godmother Rongrong!”

Han Zhan was slightly shocked. I actually didn’t know that Godmother Rongrong had an affair with Teacher Shen.

Han Zhan brought Song Ci upstairs and found Han Aoyu. “Grandpa, shall I send you back?”

Han Aoyu waved his hand and said, “You guys go ahead and play by yourselves. Don’t worry about me. Your Uncle Zhong will send me back.”

Han Zhan agreed. He also had his own selfish motives. As newlyweds, he wanted to do something interesting with Song Ci.

Pulling Song Ci out of Grandpa’s room, Han Zhan hooked Song Ci’s palm and said, “Do you want to go on a date, Mrs. Han?”

This ‘Mrs. Han’ from Han Zhan was exceptionally seductive.

Song Ci’s heartbeat quickened slightly as she listened to him. She looked at Han Zhan with a faint smile, feeling very surprised. “Brother Han, you actually know how to date?”

They had known each other for so long, registered their marriage certificate, held their wedding, and even had sex countless times. She had finally waited for the day when Han Zhan would initiate a date.

How rare.

Han Zhan felt slightly guilty. He admitted that he was unromantic and that his life was too boring, but he would learn to interact with the young Song Ci.

Han Zhan hooked Song Ci’s palm again and asked, “So, date?”

Song Ci tiptoed and hooked her arms around Han Zhan’s neck. “It’s a date!”

Song Ci was serious about her date.

She even wrote down a set of dating tips.

Handing the notebook to Han Zhan, Song Ci told him, “Brother Han has not been in a relationship for so many years and probably doesn’t know how youngsters like us date. Here, I’ve written down all the details on the card. Brother Han, take a look carefully. If you act according to this, nothing will be missing.”

Han Zhan looked down and read the contents of the card seriously.

First Date Battle Tips:

One: Wearing couple outfits with Song Ci.

Two: Have ice cream with Song Ci.

Three: Carry Song Ci for half an hour on the banks of the Yulong River.

Four: Watch the sunset together with Song Ci and kiss under the setting sun.

Five: Have a romantic dinner with Song Ci.

Six: When watching a movie with Song Ci, you must buy bubble tea and popcorn.

Han Zhan held the card and smiled as if a huge burden had been lifted from his shoulders. “I was worried at first and didn’t know what to do with you on a date. Baby Ci, I really like this dating strategy of yours.”

“I am a considerate Baby Ci.”

After finalizing the details of the date, Song Ci changed into casual clothes and went out with Han Zhan. She wore black denim pencil pants and a red and black checkered long-sleeved shirt. With her long hair tied up, she looked very young.

Han Zhan was originally dressed very casually. Seeing how young and beautiful Song Ci was, he quietly walked into the cloakroom and sized up his own clothes worriedly.

With his age and status, Han Zhan’s suit was in a low-profile elite style, while his casual clothes were mostly comfortable sportswear. He also had a few casual shirts, but he looked old and vigorous.

For the first time, Han Zhan realized that it was time for him to buy clothes.

Han Zhan searched through all the clothes in the wardrobe and finally found a gray, high-collared, thin sweater that didn’t look that old. After changing, he stood in front of the mirror and stared at the man with a casual expression inside, feeling unfamiliar.

Song Ci was downstairs drinking hot tea and eating nuts. Finally, she heard Brother Han’s footsteps coming down the stairs. Song Ci turned her head and complained. “My Brother Han, you are finally done. You dragged for so long, I thought you were putting on makeup…”

After seeing Han Zhan’s attire, Song Ci started whistling like a hooligan. “Not bad, Senior Han.”

A pair of black jeans and a grey, loose-fitting sweater were draped over the 1.89m tall Han Zhan. He was still the mature, low-profile, and manly Han Zhan, but youthful vigor was added to this mature man.

Like a senior who was well-educated and well-mannered in university.

Han Zhan blushed slightly at this ‘Senior Han’. He walked up to Song Ci, touched his nose uncomfortably, and asked her, “Isn’t it strange to wear this?”

“Of course not.” Song Ci walked over and touched Han Zhan’s chest, looking like a little fan girl with infatuated eyes. “Brother Han is so handsome in this outfit. In the future, you must wear this whenever it’s not working hours.”

With this dressing, even an old man would look like Brother Qiao.

Han Zhan lifted his leg and said, “It has been a few years since I last wore jeans. I feel awkward.”

“Looks good.” Staring at Han Zhan’s long, slender, and powerful legs, Song Ci couldn’t resist touching them again. “Let’s go, let’s go!”

The two of them drove the Aoyu Number 1 to the first stop of their date —

Buying couple outfits!

It was rather chilly to be wearing t-shirts in this season, and the clothing stores all put on long-sleeved outfits. In the end, Han Zhan chose two zip-up jackets, one red and one white. On it was written:

Love China!

Song Ci’s expression froze for a few seconds when she received the couple outfit.

Han Zhan didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. He said, “I looked at everything, and this set of couple outfits is the most proper. The other outfits all have rather stupid designs.” Things like ‘my wife is beautiful’, ‘my husband is handsome’, ‘left, my pig ‘,’right, a wealthy pig farmer’…

In Han Zhan’s eyes, only a lunatic would wear those clothes.

Song Ci took a deep breath and praised Han Zhan. “Brother Han is a righteous and socialist young man. Not bad.” She took off her shirt and put on that red jacket. She also put on the white jacket for Han Zhan. Only then did the two of them leave the store.

It was the first time Han Zhan was wearing a couple’s outfit and he felt slightly embarrassed.

Walking out of the store, his strides were especially big, as if he was afraid of being looked at. Song Ci chased after him. “Han Zhan, you can’t bully me just because your legs are long. Wait for me.”

Han Zhan stopped and held Song Ci’s hand as they walked towards the ice cream shop. He said, “Let’s hurry up. Otherwise, these people will keep staring at us.”

“It’s okay, we are good looking. Every look counts.”

Han Zhan shook his head and said helplessly, “You are so thick-skinned.”

A long queue formed at the entrance of the ice cream shop. Han Zhan pulled Song Ci to the back. Song Ci leaned on his arm and said, “Brother Han, buy the biggest one. I like the big one.”

Han Zhan said, “Mmm, I know you like big ones.”

Song Ci blinked. She felt that there was something off with his words and decided not to say anything else. 20 minutes later, it was Han Zhan’s turn. He said to the young man, “Give me the smallest ice cream.”

Song Ci hurriedly tugged at Han Zhan. “The biggest!”

“Smallest, don’t eat cold food.” He was very determined. It was useless even if Song Ci whined.

In the end, Han Zhan really bought the smallest ice cream. He handed it to Song Ci. “Have it all.”

Song Ci stared at the ice cream that was only the size of a baby’s fist and wanted to bite Han Zhan. “How can I eat it alone? We agreed to eat it together.”

Song Ci pulled Han Zhan over to a wooden chair and sat down. She couldn’t bear to finish her ice cream in one bite, so she used a spoon to scrape it off bit by bit, as if she could eat this for a long time.

Han Zhan was amused by her pitiful look. “Is that really necessary? I’ll give them all to you, alright?” Han Zhan threw his spoon into the dustbin.

Song Ci looked at Han Zhan and then at the ice cream. She tried to resist but couldn’t. She took the ice cream and finished it in a few bites.

Han Zhan’s eyes dimmed as he stared at the white foam at the corners of Song Ci’s lips. Taking advantage of the moment when no one was looking, he hugged Song Ci’s face and leaned over to lick the foam clean.

Only when Han Zhan released her did Song Ci snap out of her trance. She asked leisurely, “Brother Han, is it exciting to secretly kiss a teenage girl on the streets?”

Han Zhan savored the taste and nodded. “Exciting!”

“Old hooligan!”

Song Ci’s cell phone suddenly rang. “Let me take a call.”

She took out her cell phone and saw that it was Mu Qiu calling. “It’s Mu Qiu.” After informing Han Zhan, Song Ci answered the call in front of him.

Amidst the commotion on the streets, Han Zhan didn’t hear clearly what Mu Qiu said. Instead, he saw Song Ci’s expression turn grave.

After Song Ci hung up, Han Zhan reached out a finger and pushed Song Ci’s shoulder. He asked worriedly, “What happened?”

Song Ci slowly turned back, looked at Han Zhan in a daze, and said rather despondently, “Mother fell and suffered a major hemorrhage. She is still in the hospital and has not woken up…” Just like in her previous life, Du Tingting’s child was not saved in this life.

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan was not at all shocked. It was as if the entire Mu Family residence collapsing overnight after being struck by lightning was only natural, as the heavens were taking in demons.

Han Zhan pulled Song Ci’s hand and stood up. “Let’s go to the hospital to take a look. We will continue our date another day.”


It was already evening by the time the two of them arrived at the hospital. The smell of rice wafted along the corridor. The two of them found Du Tingting’s ward and knocked on the door.

Auntie Zhang opened the door and saw Song Ci and Han Zhan outside. She hurriedly closed the door, walked out, and said softly, “Ms. Song, Mr. Han, you guys are here.”

“Auntie Zhang, how is my mother now?”

Auntie Zhang shook her head worriedly. She suppressed her voice and said, “Madam just woke up and Sir has already told Madam about that child. Madam is feeling very upset now and is crying alone.”

“Father is inside?” Song Ci asked.

Auntie Zhang nodded.

Song Ci thought for a moment, grabbed Han Zhan’s hand, and said to Auntie Zhang, “Let’s go downstairs and wait. After Father leaves, Auntie Zhang, inform me again, and I’ll come up.”

Knowing that Song Ci and Mu Mian didn’t get along, Auntie Zhang hurriedly said, “Okay.”

Song Ci and her husband went downstairs and Auntie Zhang returned to the room. Seeing that Du Tingting’s face was covered in tears and that some of her tears were even dripping down her neck, Auntie Zhang hurriedly fetched a basin of hot water.

She wrung the towel dry and handed it to Mu Mian. Mu Mian nodded at her, took the towel, walked to the bed, and silently wiped Du Tingting’s tears.

“Tingting.” Mu Mian returned the towel to Auntie Zhang. He held Du Tingting’s hand and said, “Don’t be like this Tingting. It’s not your fault that the child is gone. It’s the greatest blessing that you are alright.”

Du Tingting bit her lips and suppressed her sobs.

She held Mu Mian’s hand tightly and continued sobbing. “I just saw his first ultrasound image and he has already taken form. He is a human now. He was still in my tummy in the morning but in the blink of an eye… Hubby, I feel so terrible!”

Mu Mian’s eyes reddened at her words.

The husband and wife looked forward to the arrival of this child at an old age. Mu Mian also felt very pained that the child was gone just like that. But with Du Tingting’s current situation, Mu Mian was not allowed to continue grieving over the child.

“Tingting, you must pull yourself together.” Unable to persuade Du Tingting, Mu Mian had no choice but to bring up Mu Qiu. “Tingting, you don’t know how scared Qiu-er was after you fell. In order to save you, Qiu-er personally drove you to the hospital and ran all the way through the red lights. There were several times when she nearly crashed into someone.”

“Qiu-er cried so hard when she heard that you were successfully saved but lost the baby. She didn’t dare to come and see you and felt that it was her fault that you fell. She told me that if you didn’t go upstairs to get her a card, you wouldn’t have fallen…”

Du Tingting listened in a daze. Her heart ached at the thought of Mu Qiu. “How could this be her fault?”

Knowing how fragile Mu Qiu was, Du Tingting quickly said to Mu Mian, “Where is that child now? Quickly get her to come.”

“When I met her just now, she was crying quietly in the stairwell alone.”

Du Tingting pushed Mu Mian’s arm and urged him. “Mu Qiu cannot be agitated and her emotions cannot be affected too much. Quickly go and call her over. Tell her I don’t blame her.”


Mu Mian walked straight to the staircase landing.

Mu Qiu was sitting on the staircase with her head lowered. She didn’t say a word.


Mu Qiu looked up at Mu Mian, her eyes swollen like peaches.

Mu Mian walked over and stroked Mu Qiu’s hair. “Your mother asked you to come in. Go in and chat with her for a while.”

“… Mm.”

Mu Qiu walked into the ward uneasily. She felt even more guilty when she saw the haggard Du Tingting. She pursed her lips before calling out hoarsely, “Mother…”

Du Tingting raised her weak hand and waved at her. “Come over, Qiu-er. I am fine.” In order to control Mu Qiu’s emotions, Du Tingting had to suppress her sadness and put on a calm expression.

Mu Qiu then jogged over and hugged Du Tingting. “Mother, it’s all my fault. If not for me, nothing would have happened to you…”

Mu Qiu kept crying. She didn’t dare to mention that child for fear of making Du Tingting sad.

]”I don’t blame you. How can I blame you?” Du Tingting took out a few soft tissues from the cupboard beside the bed and wiped Mu Qiu’s tears.

Mu Qiu hung her head, feeling frustrated and upset.

Du Tingting straightened her face and greeted Mu Qiu. “Mu Qiu.”

Mu Qiu wiped her eyes and looked at Du Tingting.

“Qiu-er, you didn’t do anything wrong today. Mother was careless. I knew I had to be careful going down the stairs but I still didn’t notice.”

Du Tingting had a habit of climbing stairs. She liked to walk in the middle and not the sides. As a pregnant woman, she should have been very careful. She should have held onto the wall or the railing as she went up and down the stairs.

“I was careless. I accidentally stepped on air and fell. Qiu-er, you didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t feel sorry for me.”

Tugging at Mu Qiu’s hand, Du Tingting felt that her fingers were cold and covered them with her own. “I heard from your father that you nearly got into an accident while trying to save me. You saved my life, Qiu-er. I have to thank you.”

Hearing this, Mu Qiu hurriedly shook her head. As a child, it was only right for her to do her best to save her mother when she was in trouble.

“Mother, you scared me to death today. I thought I would lose you.” Mu Qiu’s legs went weak at the thought of her mother covered in blood.

Du Tingting saw that Mu Qiu was really scared. She smiled weakly and comforted Mu Qiu. “Look, isn’t Mother alright? I just bled too much and will recover after some rest.”

Under Du Tingting’s comforting words, Mu Qiu finally calmed down and stopped beating around the bush.

“Oh yes, Mother, Elder Sister and Brother-in-law are also here. They don’t wish to meet Father and are waiting downstairs.” Mu Qiu was the one who called Song Ci about Du Tingting’s miscarriage. After Song Ci arrived at the hospital, she went to look for Mu Qiu.

Du Tingting instinctively looked at Mu Mian.

Mu Mian couldn’t resist Du Tingting’s teary eyes. “Alright, I will go out.” Mu Mian left without hesitation.

After Mu Mian left, Du Tingting said to Mu Qiu, “Qiu-er, call your Elder Sister and the rest up.”


Mu Qiu took out her cell phone and called Song Ci to inform them to come up.

Shortly after, Song Ci and Han Zhan arrived with many nutrients in their hands.

Han Zhan put down the nutrients and walked to the side of the bed. He called Du Tingting “Mother” and advised her to let it go, before leaving the ward.

Only the three of them were left in the room. Song Ci sat down beside Mu Qiu. She saw that Du Tingting’s face was pale and couldn’t help sighing. “Mother, you’ve suffered this time.”

Du Tingting almost cried again, but she held it in.

“It’s already very fortunate that I managed to survive. That child and I…” Du Tingting touched her lower abdomen gently and choked.” It’s just that we don’t have the fortune and fate to be together. ”

Song Ci comforted Du Tingting. “The little kid must have forgotten something and went back to get it. He will return after he finds it.”

Du Tingting forced a smile. “I am no longer a young lady. How can I get pregnant just like that? Moreover, I don’t wish to have another child. The arrival of this child was an accident.”

The existence of this child was already unfair to Mu Qiu. Now that she had an accidental miscarriage, Du Tingting would never have another child.

Hearing Du Tingting’s words, Mu Qiu said, “There’s nothing wrong with wanting another one. You guys are old and need a child to accompany you for me to be at ease.”

Song Ci glanced at Mu Qiu out of the corner of her eye. Noticing her sincere expression, she remained silent.

Du Tingting shook her head at Mu Qiu. “No, you are enough for us.”

“But I…” Mu Qiu tilted her head and looked elsewhere. She sighed softly.” How many more days can I accompany you guys? “Her heart attack this morning was a wake-up call to remind her to finish her unfinished work as soon as possible and to leave without any regrets.

Du Tingting was at a loss for words and felt very depressed.

The atmosphere was tense and everyone remained silent.

Song Ci was the first to break the silence. “Mother, you don’t have any clothes to change into, right? Shall I go back and get you some clothes?”

Du Tingting suddenly suffered a major hemorrhage. Mu Qiu and Auntie Zhang were in a hurry to send Du Tingting to the emergency ward and didn’t have time to get her clothes. She was still wearing the hospital’s clothes.

Du Tingting’s body was very delicate and she was slightly allergic to the hospital’s hospital gown, and would even get rashes. Hearing Song Ci’s words, Du Tingting felt an itch all over her body.

“I just feel that this body is very itchy.” Du Tingting scratched her shoulder and said to Song Ci, “Also, bring me a set of clean bedsheets and the mite remover at home. I am not used to sleeping with these bedsheets at the hospital.”

Du Tingting was already a little princess when she was still a girl in her maternal family. After marrying Mu Mian, she led a rather poor life for the first few years, but she was still carefree. After Mu Mian succeeded in life, Du Tingting rarely even entered the kitchen.

It was understandable for a woman who had been pampered her entire life to be slightly pretentious.


Song Ci got up and was about to leave when Du Tingting suddenly looked at Mu Qiu. “Qiu-er, go back with Elder Sister. You need to rest and can’t stay here tonight.”

Mu Qiu instinctively shook her head. “No!” She was worried about Du Tingting and wanted to accompany her. “I am fine. I want to stay here to accompany you and talk to you. It will be good for me to relieve my boredom.”

Du Tingting’s face darkened. “Listen to me!”

Mu Mian pushed open the door and entered. He overheard the mother-daughter duo’s conversation and said to Mu Qiu, “Qiu-er, go back with your Elder Sister. Have a good rest tonight and don’t come over again.”

Mu Qiu didn’t dare to go against Mu Mian’s wishes. Although Mu Mian doted on her, Mu Qiu didn’t dare to rebel when he gave the order.

“What about you, Father? Will you stay here to accompany Mother?”

“Of course I will be here with your mother.”

Only then did Mu Qiu agree to go home.

Song Ci and Mu Qiu walked out of the ward. She saw Han Zhan standing at the end of the corridor on the phone, waiting for him.

Han Zhan turned around and saw Song Ci and Mu Qiu. He spoke a few words to the person on the other end of the call before hanging up. Han Zhan strode over and asked Song Ci, “You’re out so soon? Why didn’t you chat for a while more?”

“I’ll go get some clothes for Mother.” Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Brother Han, are you sending me there?”

“I’ll send you.”

On the way back, Han Zhan drove while Song Ci and Mu Qiu sat in the back. Mu Qiu’s makeup was very light now, revealing her original pale skin.

Song Ci noticed that she looked pale and asked, “You look very weak. Are you feeling unwell?”

Mu Qiu nodded hesitantly. “I suddenly suffered a arrhythmia this morning. I don’t have much time left.”

Song Ci had mixed feelings as she gazed at Mu Qiu’s youthful face. For a moment, she thought of letting go of her hatred.

“I heard from Mom that Song Fei went to Congo.” Mu Qiu suddenly mentioned Song Fei.

Hearing this, all the pity in Song Ci’s heart dissipated. She acknowledged and said, “She’s been gone for more than a month.”

Mu Qiu added. “It must be very chaotic in Congo. I saw the news report that there are frequent instances of civil unrest there and many people have died.”

Song Ci narrowed her eyes. She didn’t speak but just stared at Mu Qiu meaningfully. After a while, Song Ci looked away. She casually picked up the thermos and opened the cap.

Taking a sip of hot water, Song Ci said, “That was Song Fei’s own choice. Even if anything happens, it’s her life.”

Mu Qiu turned to look at Song Ci. “You really think so? Aren’t you worried about Song Fei?”

Song Ci said, “Of course I am worried. But Song Fei said that being a virus specialist is her dream. She is so smart and should be doing good for the country and mankind. I cannot stop her.”

Mu Qiu admired Song Fei slightly. She leaned against the glass window and sighed. “I envy her so much. She is so unrestrained and can do whatever she wants.”

“What’s there to be envious about? That job of hers is filled with danger and not so easy to do. Every time she faces a patient, she will be tightly wrapped up, warm and stuffy.”

“That’s true.”

Arriving at the Mu Family residence, Mu Qiu and Song Ci helped Du Tingting pack her clothes.

“Where are the sheets? Which one should we take?” Song Ci asked Mu Qiu.

Mu Qiu said, “There’s a set of pink daisies. Mother especially likes that set. I’ll go look for it.” Mu Qiu squatted down in front of the cupboard to search for the bedsheets, while Song Ci searched for the mite remover.

She searched the cupboard beside the bed but couldn’t find the dispenser. Song Ci asked Mu Qiu, “I don’t see the remover. Do you know where it is?”

Mu Qiu didn’t even look up. She said, “It might be in the toolbox downstairs. Auntie Zhang usually does the cleaning at home. She also uses the mite remover.”

“I’ll go down and get it then.”

]Song Ci went downstairs and found the mite remover in the cupboard by the door of the housekeeper’s room. She took the remover upstairs, but wasn’t paying attention as she was climbing up the stairs. She slipped and fell flat on her face.

Song Ci slowly sat up and hugged her aching leg. She gritted her teeth and called out to Han Zhan. “Brother Han, Brother Han, I fell and injured myself.”

Han Zhan was feeding the koi fish in the Mu Family courtyard. Hearing the commotion, he put down his plate, turned around, and ran into the house.

Carrying Song Ci up and placing her on the sofa, Han Zhan pulled up Song Ci’s jeans. Those little pants were too tight and the material squeezed onto Song Ci’s wound during the process. She couldn’t help but gasp.

Han Zhan’s actions were gentler, but he reprimanded her. “Why are you wearing such tight pants? Are you afraid that others won’t know that your legs are long and thin?”


Han Zhan shook his head and didn’t continue bantering with her.

A purplish bruise appeared on Song Ci’s calf, but it was not a big problem. She didn’t hurt her bone. “I will give you some ointment later. It won’t be a problem.”


“I’ll go upstairs to get some stuff. Wait for me here.”


Han Zhan arrived at the door of the master bedroom on the second floor and walked in without knocking. Mu Qiu had already packed her things. Thinking that it was Song Ci, she said without turning back, “Sister, everything is packed.”

“Mmm, let me take it.”

A man’s voice suddenly sounded from behind, which shocked Mu Qiu. She turned around and stared at Han Zhan in astonishment. “Brother-in-law, it’s you. Where’s my Elder Sister?”

Han Zhan said, “She accidentally knocked herself on the stairs and injured her calf. She’s resting downstairs. Where is the stuff?”

Mu Qiu pointed at the two LV bags on the floor. “Take both bags.”

Han Zhan bent down and easily lifted up two big bags with one hand. He carried the bags out and Mu Qiu followed behind him. She asked, “Is Elder Sister alright?”

“Her injuries aren’t serious.”

Just when they were about to reach the staircase landing, Han Zhan suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Mu Qiu kept walking with her head down and didn’t notice that Han Zhan had stopped and her head bumped into his back. “I’m sorry, Brother-in-law.”

Mu Qiu rubbed her forehead and took a step back. She looked up at Han Zhan in front of her and didn’t know why he suddenly stopped.

Han Zhan walked to the corridor and stared at the wooden staircase. He suddenly said, “Your staircase is rather smooth. Two people fell consecutively within a day.”

Mu Qiu looked at the corridor in confusion. “Really? I did fall a few times in the past, but I paid more attention later and never fell again.”

Han Zhan glanced at her and said, “There will always be times when one is careless.”


Downstairs, Han Zhan squatted down in front of Song Ci and faced her with his broad and muscular back. “Come up.”

Song Ci saw that Han Zhan was carrying two bags and couldn’t bear to push him down. “I can walk myself.”

“Carrying you is like carrying a toddler.” Han Zhan put down his bag, grabbed Song Ci’s legs, and carried her on his back. “Hold on tight.”

Han Zhan carried his bag with one hand and supported Song Ci’s thigh with the other. He walked out of the main door.

Song Ci wrapped her arms around Han Zhan’s neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. “Have I gained weight?”

Han Zhan replied, “No.”

“I’m sorry.” Han Zhan suddenly apologized.

Song Ci was puzzled. “Why are you apologizing to me?”

Han Zhan explained. “I was supposed to have a perfect date with you today. I haven’t carried you on a stroll by the river, watched the sunset together, had a romantic meal, watched a movie, and kissed you goodnight.”

“It’s okay.” Song Ci rubbed her cheek against Han Zhan’s short hair and said, “Aren’t you carrying me now? It can be considered as completing the date of carrying me around.”

“I feel like I’ve wronged you.” The first date had left Han Zhan with some regrets. He was thinking of finding another opportunity to make up for Song Ci’s perfect date.

When they were about to reach the car, Song Ci suddenly called out in a low voice. “Brother Han.”

Han Zhan replied, “Mmm.”

Song Ci said, “There’s something wrong with that staircase.”

Han Zhan paused slightly and didn’t seem surprised. He acknowledged and continued walking towards the car.

After putting Song Ci down, Han Zhan stuffed the items into the boot. He watched as Song Ci settled herself in the passenger seat and fastened her seatbelt. Only then did Han Zhan get into the driver’s seat.

The car drove out of the Mu Family villa and they could see the majestic gates of the Amethyst Gated Community. Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “What did you discover?”

Song Ci said, “Auntie Zhang said that Mother accidentally fell down the stairs and didn’t stop until she reached the corner platform.”

“So, Mother fell down on the stairs between the second and first level. I went up just now and purposely walked in the middle, and I fell.”

“Walk in the middle?” Han Zhan noticed something strange and asked, “Why did you walk in the middle?”

Song Ci gazed at the front of the car. She seemed to be shivering. She said, “It’s because Mother always goes up and down the stairs in the middle.” Only those closest to her would remember these details.

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