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Chapter 179: Miscarriage

The party had finally ended.

The guests who stayed nearby drove straight home, while the guests who came from afar stayed in the hotel. Mu Qiu was not used to staying in a hotel. Although the hotel was quite far from home, she still decided to go home.

Her hair was slightly messy and Mu Qiu decided to just let it down. She drove into a beauty salon that was still open late at night and washed her hair.

After washing her hair, Mu Qiu came to the side of the Yulong River alone.

She stood by the riverbank with her arms crossed, recalling those touching moments at the wedding today. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t envious.

How fortunate it is to be able to marry the person one loves deeply.

At the age of 20, she had yet to embark on her journey of youth, when she was informed that she had arrived at the finishing point. Mu Qiu couldn’t help feeling distressed. If possible, she also wanted to hold a grand wedding and marry the man she loved the most.

Staring at the surging river water, for a moment, Mu Qiu felt like dying.

But she was also afraid of dying.

It was slightly cold by the river and Mu Qiu was wearing very little clothes. She rubbed her arms and turned to go home. Only when she turned did Mu Qiu realize that there was someone standing behind her.

The black coat draped over Cheng Yanmo’s shoulders made him look majestic and cold.

She had no idea how long he had been here.

Cheng Yanmo gazed at Mu Qiu with a complex expression. Looking at his cold expression closely, one could tell that he was slightly nervous, probably afraid that she would jump down from the river.

After a short pause, Mu Qiu snapped out of her trance and smiled. “Master Cheng.”

Staring at the smile on Mu Qiu’s face, Cheng Yanmo suddenly said, “I thought you were going to jump.” His cold, arrogant voice actually had a quiver to it.

Under the night sky, Mu Qiu smiled stubbornly. “I can’t bear to leave this world, but I am also afraid of dying. I will live on until the last day.” Staring at the cigarette in Cheng Yanmo’s mouth, Mu Qiu asked him again, “Do you smoke too, Master Cheng?”

Holding a cigarette between his fingers, Cheng Yanmo walked over to the railing. He bent over and leaned against the railing before saying, “When I’m very frustrated, I can’t resist smoking one or two sticks.”

“Are you troubled, Master Cheng?”


Mu Qiu walked over to stand beside him. She asked Cheng Yanmo, “What’s bothering you?”

Cheng Yanmo didn’t answer.

He stared at the river in silence for a long time. When he finally finished his cigarette, he tossed it into the water. Only then did he stand up and turn to look at Mu Qiu. “Mu Qiu.” He called her ‘Mu Qiu’ in a way that belied his love and hatred.

“Hmm?” Mu Qiu looked up slowly. “Why…”

Cheng Yanmo suddenly pulled Mu Qiu into his arms and lowered his head to kiss her. Mu Qiu didn’t even struggle until Cheng Yanmo was willing to part with her. Only then did Mu Qiu take a deep breath.

She was like a drowning person, breathing the air of freedom.

“Mu Qiu.” Cheng Yanmo wiped the corners of Mu Qiu’s lips. “Let me accompany you in your remaining days, alright?”

Mu Qiu’s heart was in turmoil, as two little villains were fighting inside her heart.

The rational Mu Qiu said, You can’t agree to him. You’re someone who could die at any time. You will give him hope but also make him despair. You’ll be a jerk!

Mu Qiu’s head of romance said, I like him and he likes me. We are both adults and we’ll be responsible for every decision we make. I want to try it out with him. I can’t bear to let him go!

Cheng Yanmo saw through Mu Qiu’s intentions. Taking advantage of the situation, he said, “Let’s cherish our remaining time and not think about anything else. Let’s treat every single day as our last. Mu Qiu, alright?”

“… Okay.” She was a selfish, greedy bitch after all.

It was late and Mu Qiu was very tired today. She just wanted to go home and take a bath. Cheng Yanmo saw that she looked exhausted and asked her, “Are you very tired after being a bridesmaid for the entire day?”

“My heels are all sore.” Mu Qiu usually wore flat shoes and sneakers. Today was Song Ci’s wedding and she had been wearing high heels the entire time. Her feet and calves were slightly sore.

She lifted her leg and rubbed her ankle. She said softly, “I want to go home and rest tonight, is that okay?” Her period had only started two days ago and her stomach was feeling slightly unwell.

“Sure, but you are very tired, so don’t drive. I will send you back.”


It was 1am by the time Cheng Yanmo sent Mu Qiu to the main entrance of the Amethyst Gated Community.

“I’m here.” Mu Qiu unbuckled her seatbelt and was about to alight when Cheng Yanmo suddenly asked, “Are you really not letting me send you to your doorstep?”

Mu Qiu shook her head. “No way. If my father sees a man sending me home late at night, he will beat me to death!”

Cheng Yanmo felt slightly helpless. “You’re already 20 years old. How could your father bear to hit you?”

“My father is very fierce when he hits people!” Mu Qiu pushed open the car door. Before alighting, she turned back and gave Cheng Yanmo a quick kiss on the cheek before alighting. “Goodnight, Brother Mo.”

Wearing high heels, Mu Qiu entered the community. Just as she was about to disappear at the end of the road, she turned around and waved at Cheng Yanmo. Under the night sky, the teenage girl’s smile was gorgeous and radiant, making one feel uncontrollably happy.

Cheng Yanmo smiled and waved at her. Only then did Mu Qiu turn and leave, her figure completely disappearing into the darkness.

Without seeing Mu Qiu, the smile on Cheng Yanmo’s face gradually disappeared. Thinking that Mu Qiu didn’t have much time left, Cheng Yanmo couldn’t smile anymore.

The night watch guard at the community center had seen many rich people and was very good at reading people. Cheng Yanmo was the type of person who was obviously of high status. The guard nodded at him and greeted him respectfully.

Cheng Yanmo tossed a pack of cigarettes to the security guard. “Has anyone been selling houses in this district recently?”

The security guard glanced at the cigarette in his hand. It was a very good cigarette from Fuchun Mountain Residence.

The security guard stuffed the cigarette into his pocket and told Cheng Yanmo, “The Lin Group is on the brink of bankruptcy. I heard that they are selling houses.”

“Thank you.”

Cheng Yanmo turned the car around and left. Along the way, he called his assistant. “Check if the Lin Family of the Amethyst Gated Community is going to sell their house. If so, I want it.”

“Okay, Master Cheng.”

Mu Qiu returned home and changed into slippers. Afraid of disturbing her family, she carried her high heels and tiptoed upstairs.

As he had a lot of work to do in the second half of the year, Mu Mian returned home early in the afternoon. After dinner, he worked in his study. In the middle of the night, he came out and bumped into Mu Qiu, who was sneakily heading upstairs.

“Qiu-er.” Mu Mian called out to her.

Startled, Mu Qiu hurriedly turned to look at Mu Mian. “Father, you are still awake?”

“Yeah.” Mu Mian stared at Mu Qiu’s slightly red and swollen lips and frowned. He had been there before and knew the reason behind Mu Qiu’s red and swollen lips. Mu Mian asked thoughtfully, “Qiu-er, are you dating?”

Hearing this, Mu Qiu was scared witless. She pretended to be calm and said, “No, Father…” Mu Qiu was not confident enough.

Mu Mian immediately saw through Mu Qiu’s lie. “Qiu-er, you…” Mu Mian wanted to tell Mu Qiu that she was going to die and that she couldn’t fall in love, but he couldn’t bring himself to say it.

After a moment of silence, Mu Mian said, “Father respects your every decision. I just want you to be happy.”

Hearing this, Mu Qiu smiled sweetly and couldn’t help but act coquettishly. “Thank you, Father. I love you the most.”

Mu Mian smiled lovingly as he watched Mu Qiu return to her room. Du Tingting was awakened by him. She turned on the light and asked Mu Mian, “Is Qiu-er back?”


Mu Mian laid down and hugged Du Tingting. He hesitated for a moment before telling her about Mu Qiu’s relationship. “Qiu-er seems to be in a relationship.”

Du Tingting was shocked. She instinctively said, “How can she fall in love in this situation?”

Mu Mian sighed as his heart ached slightly. He said, “Qiu-er is already 20 years old and she’s no longer a little girl. To be able to meet a guy that she likes, to be able to… fall in love before her death, it can be considered as one less regret.”

Du Tingting kept silent when she heard Mu Mian say that.

But the thought of Mu Qiu’s health made her worried. “Qiu-er’s condition is so unfair to the boy.”

“I am very selfish.” Mu Mian hugged Du Tingting tightly. “I just want Qiu-er to be happy.”

Mu Qiu’s life was reaching its limit. Du Tingting also hoped that Mu Qiu could spend the rest of her life happily and comfortably. “Forget it, let her be.”

Mu Mian didn’t want Du Tingting to worry and changed the subject. “Oh yes, are you going for your prenatal checkup tomorrow? I won’t be going to work in the morning and will go with you.”

As expected, upon hearing this, Du Tingting temporarily forgot about what happened just now. She replied, “Yes, I have to go for my prenatal checkup tomorrow. It will be better if you come with me. There are so many young ladies in the hospital. I am just a middle-aged woman with a big belly. I will be very embarrassed if I stand with them.”

Mu Mian chuckled. “You’re much prettier than them. They won’t be as pretty as you in their forties.”

Du Tingting’s heart warmed at his words. “You have such a glib tongue! Go to bed now and get up early tomorrow morning for the prenatal check-up. Otherwise, there will be a long queue.”


The next day, Du Tingting and Mu Mian got up early to queue up for the prenatal checkup.

Mu Qiu came back late last night and took a bath. It was already 2am when she went to bed. According to her biological clock, she usually only woke up at 10am.

But at 8.40am, Mu Qiu suddenly woke up.

She was awoken by her physical discomfort.

Opening her eyes suddenly, Mu Qiu placed her left hand on her chest. Inside her chest, her heart was beating like it was being hammered.

Mu Qiu felt as if she was suffocating and her heart was racing wildly. Unable to catch her breath, Mu Qiu started to panic. In her panic, the helpless Mu Qiu called out to Du Tingting in fright. “Mother!”


No one answered her!

Panic and helplessness overwhelmed Mu Qiu.

The doctor had told Mu Qiu that if she suffered from frequent arrhythmias, asphyxiation, or chest tightness, it would be a sign of rapid heart failure. Mu Qiu thought she was going to die and was so scared that tears streamed down her face.

In a hurry, she opened her cell phone and sent a message:

[Father, mother, I am leaving. Don’t be sad for me. Brother Mo, I am sorry.] After composing this message, Mu Qiu’s heartbeat gradually returned to normal. She sat on the bed sweating profusely and couldn’t help touching her forehead.

Mu Qiu felt sweat all over her hands.

Mu Qiu truly knew that her days were numbered.

Nothing happened to her body these two months, so Mu Qiu was so optimistic that she thought she could live a little longer. After all, even doctors made mistakes in their judgement sometimes, right? But this irregularity completely destroyed Mu Qiu’s hopes and optimism.

Mu Qiu was scared out of her wits. She laid in bed for a short rest before taking out her cell phone and sending Cheng Yanmo a message.

[Brother Mo, can I go look for you?] At this moment, Mu Qiu suddenly wanted to be with Cheng Yanmo.

Cheng Yanmo: [Come over.]

Mu Qiu got up, washed her face, put on a facial mask, and applied light makeup on her pale face.

She changed into a light yellow long-sleeved dress and put on a mischievous bun in her hair. Carrying her bag downstairs, she walked into the living room and met her parents who had just returned from their prenatal checkup.

Mu Mian and Du Tingting were chatting happily. They were even happier to see Mu Qiu. Du Tingting walked up to Mu Qiu with a smile, held her hand, and handed her the ultrasound scan.

“Qiu-er, come and look. This is the baby’s ultrasound scan.” Du Tingting was rather happy. She was so focused on the baby’s ultrasound scan that she didn’t notice Mu Qiu’s fatigued expression.

Mu Qiu’s expression remained unchanged. She accepted the ultrasound scan and stared at the blurry image. She asked Du Tingting, “Where is the baby? I can’t see clearly.”

Du Tingting pointed to a seat. “Right here. It’s still very small.”

Mu Qiu looked closely and saw a blurry outline of a child.

Mu Qiu smiled. “He must be very healthy.”

“The doctor also said that the baby is very healthy. We can already hear the baby’s heartbeat today.”

Mu Mian was also very happy. He took the ultrasound scan from Mu Qiu’s hand and folded it. “You must keep this well. This is the child’s first ultrasound scan.”

“You’re right.”

It had been 20 years until Mu Mian and Du Tingting were once again parents, so they couldn’t help feeling somewhat emotional. They couldn’t wait to leave behind all the medical reports for their child to see when he grew up.

“Qiu-er, are you going out?” Du Tingting noticed that Mu Qiu had changed and dressed up beautifully. She thought of her boyfriend.

Is she going to meet her boyfriend?

Mu Qiu nodded.

But Mu Mian said, “Let’s have lunch first before going out. I will also be at home for lunch. After that, I still have to go to work.”

Thinking that it was also working hours for Cheng Yanmo, Mu Qiu agreed. “Let’s have lunch before I go out then.”

There was still one dish that was not cooked, so they still had to wait for a while before eating. Mu Qiu put down her bag and walked into the kitchen to get some water. She held her glass and looked at her happy parents in the living room. Her heart ached slightly.

Auntie Zhang saw that Mu Qiu didn’t look right and handed a plate of sliced dragon fruit to her. She said meaningfully, “Miss, have some dragon fruit. I’ve tried it, it’s very sweet.”

“Thank you, Auntie Zhang.” Mu Qiu took a bite of the sweet fruit but her heart ached even more.

“Miss, cheer up. Don’t think too much.” Auntie Zhang had watched Mu Qiu grow up. How could Auntie Zhang not tell if she was happy?

Holding back her tears, Mu Qiu glanced at Auntie Zhang and said softly, “I am fine.” She held back her tears and carried the dragon fruit to the living room.

“Mother, have some fruit.” Mu Qiu handed the fruit to Du Tingting.

“Okay.” Du Tingting took over the plate and stuffed a piece of dragon fruit into Mu Mian’s mouth. She then took a piece for herself.

Mu Qiu also took a piece. She had just taken a bite when she suddenly felt her lower body heat up. Her menstruation period had always been on time and it was definitely her period. “I am going to the toilet.” Mu Qiu threw down the dragonfruit and was about to go upstairs.

Du Tingting said, “Why did you go upstairs? Isn’t there a toilet downstairs?”

Mu Mian was standing by the side, so Mu Qiu mouthed to Du Tingting. “I am on my period.”

Du Tingting understood what she meant. She remembered that she still had one bag in her room and told Mu Qiu. “I have another bag in my room. You can have it. I don’t need it.”


Mu Qiu hurried upstairs.

Mu Mian took another piece of fruit and said, “Her tummy always hurts during her period. Why isn’t it hurting this time?” Mu Mian had a wife and daughter at home, so he knew all about women.

Du Tingting said, “It doesn’t always hurt.”

After a few minutes, Mu Qiu came down. She even took a few sanitary pads and stuffed them into her backpack.

Auntie Zhang had prepared dinner and called them over.

“Let’s eat.” Du Tingting’s appetite had increased recently and she would get hungry easily.

Mu Mian only ate a bowl of rice, before putting down his bowl and chopsticks. “I am going to work now. See you tonight.” He kissed Du Tingting, picked up his suit, draped it over his arm, and looked at Mu Qiu. “Come back early tonight. You are not allowed to stay out.”

Knowing that Mu Qiu was in a relationship, Mu Mian would never allow her to stay out any longer.

Mu Qiu didn’t even raise her head. She poked her chopsticks into her bowl before answering in a muffled voice. “Got it.” After Mu Mian left, Mu Qiu muttered softly. “What era are we in now? He’s still like this…”

When Du Tingting heard this, she gave Mu Qiu a meaningful look and pretended not to care. “Are you going out to meet your boyfriend this afternoon?”

It would be strange if Du Tingting didn’t know when Mu Mian knew about this. Mu Qiu didn’t reply. She smiled mockingly. “Mother, are you trying to persuade me to break up with him?”

Mu Qiu was like a little hedgehog filled with thorns.

She could tell that Mu Qiu was against it and clearly didn’t want to discuss her relationship with her. Du Tingting didn’t dare to agitate Mu Qiu. After all, her physical condition couldn’t be affected.

Shaking her head, Du Tingting said, “No, you are an adult now. You should know your limits.”


Mu Qiu’s heart ached. She lowered her head and said, “I know I am a dying person and have no right to be in a relationship. But Mother, I really like him a lot.” She liked him so much that she lost all sense of propriety.

Cheng Yanmo was outstanding, steady, and charismatic. A young and inexperienced girl like Mu Qiu would never be able to resist his allure.

Mu Qiu couldn’t bear for her to break up with Cheng Yanmo.

“Then…” Du Tingting asked hesitantly,” Does that child know about your physical condition? ”

Mu Qiu nodded. “He knows. We talked about this before.”

Du Tingting frowned. She put down the spoon in her hand and asked hesitantly, “That child must be very outstanding, right?”

If hhe wasn’t outstanding enough, Mu Qiu would never do such a foolish thing.

Thinking of Cheng Yanmo, Mu Qiu couldn’t help curling her lips. “Mmm, he’s even more outstanding than father.”

“I don’t believe you.” In some ways, Du Tingting was Mu Mian’s little fan. In her heart, Mu Mian was the most outstanding man.

“Never mind if you don’t believe me.”

Du Tingting suddenly stood up and said, “Wait a minute. I have a card with hundreds of thousands of dollars in it. You can spend it. It’s very expensive to be in a relationship and you can’t use too much money from boys.”

Mu Qiu didn’t refuse this time. She even pursed her lips in disdain and said in a low voice, “A few hundred thousand yuan isn’t enough. A simple meal at Deep Alley Restaurant costs several thousand yuan…”

Hearing that, Du Tingting didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She scolded Mu Qiu jokingly. “It’s already not bad if it’s a few hundred thousand yuan, but you think it’s too little! Do you have so much money that you can’t use it all up? How can you go to Deep Alley for every meal?”

Even Du Tingting and Mu Mian would only go to Deep Alley for a meal on holidays and anniversaries. It wasn’t that they couldn’t afford it, but they just felt that a simple meal was not worth 6,000 to 7,000 yuan.

Meanwhile, Mu Mian was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He had achieved his current position step by step and knew very well how difficult it was to make money. Although Mu Mian was not a stingy person, he was not the type to waste money.

Mu Qiu smacked her lips and said, “Alright, alright, my boyfriend and I will be having spicy hotpot every meal. We should be thrifty enough, right?”

Du Tingting was amused by Mu Qiu again. “The spicy soup is still not good enough. Eat KFC. I will go upstairs to get your card.” Du Tingting went to the living room and took her bag along with the ultrasound picture.

The incident that morning had disturbed Mu Qiu and made her lose her appetite. But as Du Tingting watched her, Mu Qiu couldn’t just not eat. She was afraid that her mother would be worried.

After Du Tingting left, Mu Qiu quickly pushed aside the bowl of rice and filled half a bowl with egg soup.

The soup was very fresh. Mu Qiu took a few sips and looked up at Auntie Zhang who was eating in the kitchen. “This soup is good. Auntie Zhang, make this tomorrow again.”

Auntie Zhang smiled and replied, “Okay!”

Mu Qiu added two spoonfuls of soup for herself. Just as she picked up the bowl and was about to bring it to her lips, she suddenly heard a shriek coming from the corridor.


It was Du Tingting’s shriek!

Mu Qiu was so scared that her hands trembled. The bowl fell onto the table and soup splashed everywhere.

In the kitchen, Auntie Zhang was the first to react. She threw down her cutlery and sprinted up the stairs. Her expression changed when she saw Du Tingting sprawled at the corner of the corridor. “Madam, why did you fall? Are you alright?”

Hearing Auntie Zhang’s words, Mu Qiu snapped out of her trance and hurried into the living room.

Standing in the living room, Mu Qiu looked up and saw Du Tingting, who had fallen to the ground and had yet to get up. “Mother! How are you?” Mu Qiu’s legs were slightly jelly and she forgot to go up to help Du Tingting.

Du Tingting slowly lifted her head. She was still holding onto that bank card tightly. She frowned and was about to comfort Mu Qiu to say that she was fine when a warm current flowed out uncontrollably and drenched Du Tingting’s legs.

Thinking of something, Du Tingting’s face turned pale. She reached out to touch her legs. When she raised her hand, both Mu Qiu and Auntie Zhang saw that her hand was blood-red!

Mu Qiu covered her mouth.

Du Tingting looked at her own blood-stained hands. She opened her mouth wide and only exclaimed after a long while. “My child!” Du Tingting was so scared that she fainted. Meanwhile, her lower body was still bleeding profusely.


Mu Qiu hurriedly climbed up the stairs. In a moment of desperation, she even slipped and landed hard on her knees on the edge of the stairs. A sharp pain made Mu Qiu grunt.

Mu Qiu ignored her knees. She got up and stumbled over to Du Tingting’s side.

Hugging Du Tingting, Mu Qiu didn’t even dare to look at the blood under Du Tingting’s body. With a pale face, she hollered at Auntie Zhang. “Auntie Zhang, call the ambulance and my father!”

“Alright, yes, yes!”

Auntie Zhang’s hands were trembling as she called the ambulance.

Annoyed that the hospital was taking too long, Mu Qiu got Auntie Zhang to carry Du Tingting into the car, while she drove Du Tingting to the hospital herself.

Mu Qiu sped all the way. There were several times when she almost crashed into someone else’s car, but she managed to avoid them safely. The car arrived at the bridge of the Great Dragon River before it encountered an ambulance.

Mu Qiu stopped the car and asked the nurse to transfer Du Tingting to the ambulance. She followed Du Tingting into the car. Looking at Du Tingting’s blood-stained lower body, Mu Qiu finally burst into tears.

The doctor in the ambulance was trying his best to save Du Tingting. The nurse put on an oxygen mask for her and the doctor tried to stop her bleeding.

Mu Qiu grabbed the nurse’s pants tightly and begged her in tears. “I beg you guys to save my mother. She is pregnant. Why is she bleeding so much? The blood just won’t stop…”

The experienced nurse lowered her head and told Mu Qiu, “Your mother is bleeding profusely. Young lady, be quiet. Don’t cry. Your cries will disturb the doctor.”

Mu Qiu quickly covered her mouth with her bloodstained hand as tears streamed down her face.

After a period of chaos, the ambulance finally arrived at the hospital. Du Tingting was immediately pushed into the emergency room.

Mu Qiu was stopped outside the emergency room. She collapsed weakly against the wall, buried her head between her legs, and wept. Mu Mian hurried over and saw Mu Qiu sobbing bitterly. His head was buzzing.

He took several deep breaths before walking up to Auntie Zhang, whose eyes were darting around. With a dark expression, he scolded her angrily. “What happened?! Didn’t I tell you to take good care of Madam?! How did you look after her?! How did Madam fall?!”

Mu Mian was enraged. Auntie Zhang was so scared that she didn’t dare to speak.

Mu Qiu wiped her tears and said weakly, “Father.”

Mu Mian looked down at Mu Qiu and quickly suppressed his anger. He tried his best to speak to Mu Qiu amicably. “Qiu-er, tell me what happened.” Mu Qiu’s lips quivered before she told Mu Mian, “After you left, mother knew I was going on a date and was worried that I didn’t have the money to use, so she went upstairs to get my bank card. Auntie Zhang and I were still eating when we suddenly heard mother scream and she rolled down the stairs.”

“Auntie Zhang and I ran over and saw mother sprawled on the floor, bleeding profusely…”

“No one wants this to happen. Don’t blame Auntie Zhang.”

That frightening scene surfaced in Mu Qiu’s mind again. Mu Qiu couldn’t hold back her tears anymore. She hurriedly wiped her tears and gazed worriedly at the emergency room. She clenched her fists and prayed for Du Tingting.

Mu Mian scratched his head in frustration and squatted despondently at the door of the emergency room. His eyelids were twitching wildly.

After a while, the doctor came out.

Mu Mian and Mu Qiu rushed over immediately. Mu Mian grabbed the doctor’s arm and asked, “Doctor, how is my wife and child?”

The doctor shook his head and told Mu Mian, “The patient fell too hard and lost the baby on the spot. The patient bled profusely. Luckily, our hospital still has RH-negative blood in stock. Otherwise…” Otherwise, he didn’t dare to imagine the outcome.

“But luckily, the patient is out of danger.” The doctor patted Mu Mian’s arm, took off his mask, and left.

Mu Mian stood rooted to the ground like a wooden log.

Mu Qiu’s face turned even paler. She murmured. “The baby didn’t survive…” With Du Tingting in such a state, it would be strange if the baby could survive.

However, Mu Qiu still felt somewhat sad when she heard the news.

After a momentary daze, Mu Mian gradually regained his senses. He said in a low voice, “It’s alright, as long as your mother is alright.”

He was also heartbroken that the child was gone, but Mu Mian was already satisfied that Du Tingting managed to stay alive.

Mu Qiu nodded. She looked up at Mu Mian with teary eyes. “Father, what should I tell Mother when she wakes up?”

Mu Mian’s heart clenched painfully.

He pulled Mu Qiu into his arms and said in a choked voice, “It’s alright, your mother is alright. This is the greatest blessing. When she wakes up, I will tell her about the baby.”

Auntie Zhang’s heart clenched as she watched from the side. She couldn’t help feeling worried. If Madam woke up and knew that the child was gone, she would definitely be very upset.

]The Mu Family was in a mess, but Song Ci’s side was peaceful.

The wedding night was rather long and it was already past 11am by the time Song Ci woke up. She didn’t see Han Zhan and calmly found her cell phone to call him.

“Brother Han, where are you? Don’t tell me you went to work the day after getting married?”

Han Zhan chuckled.

That laughter was deep and melodious through the phone. Song Ci felt an itch at her ear.

Han Zhan told Song Ci, “Since you’ve woken up, change your clothes and come down to the dining hall to have lunch with the elders. Godmothers and uncle will be leaving in the afternoon.”

As a result, this lunch was a family meal and also a thank-you meal.

“Okay.” Song Ci wanted to leave a good impression on her elders, so she changed into a lovely pink lacy dress. Looking at the gentle and lovely woman in the mirror, Song Ci broke into a smile and said to her, “You’re so beautiful, Mrs. Han.”

After being narcissistic, Song Ci went downstairs.

She walked out of the lift and saw Han Zhan waiting for her in the corridor outside. “You’re really good at sleeping.” Han Zhan reached out, held Song Ci’s hand, and pulled her into the private room.

Song Ci shot Han Zhan an accusing look. “Who are you blaming?”

“Yes, blame me for being too awesome.” Han Zhan was rather shameless.

Song Ci couldn’t be bothered to argue with him.

The private room was very spacious. There was a huge dining table that was filled with 12 people. At the table, Han Zhan’s godmother and Li Yao sat on the left side, while Song Ci’s teacher, Shen Yubei, sat beside Di Rongrong.

Dressed in a white qipao, Di Rongrong looked like a green lotus in the drizzle of June. She looked elegant and ethereal.

Meanwhile, Shen Yubei was dressed in a light blue Chinese-style suit with a black jade hairpin fastened to his long hair. He looked very elegant, like a wealthy young master from the Republic of China.

Shen Yubei was sitting there as Song Ci’s family. Han Aoyu treated him the most kindly. He pulled him aside and chatted non-stop, asking all sorts of questions about Song Ci’s childhood competitions.

Shen Yubei answered them one by one with a respectful but fearless expression.

With his calm and collected manner, no one would have expected a mischievous pair of high heels to be rubbing against his calves under the table.

As that leg got increasingly unruly, Shen Yubei suddenly reached under the table with his right hand, grabbed that leg’s owner’s thigh, and squeezed.


Di Rongrong suddenly took a deep breath, her expression twisted.

Jin Luolan heard the commotion and turned to ask her, “What’s the matter? You look like you were bitten by a dog.”

Di Rongrong rubbed her own thigh and had no choice but to swallow her saliva. “I’m fine, I just kicked the table leg.”


Hearing this, a smile flashed across Shen Yubei’s eyes.

It was finally quiet under the table.

On Han Aoyu’s left was the Han Family members. Sitting beside Han Aoyu was an old man in his sixties. He was tall and strong, wearing glasses. He looked very righteous and majestic.

This person was Han Aoyu’s only nephew, Han Dongliang. He was also Han Wangwang’s grandfather.

Sitting beside Han Dongliang was a middle-aged man with the same features but much younger. He was Han Dongliang’s son, Han Wanglong.

He was Han Zhan’s elder cousin, as well as Han Wangwang’s father. He was the top political figure in Shunchen City.

Han Wangwang and his brother Han Junjun were both there. The two juniors were playing with their phones. Han Wanglong hated seeing Han Wangwang’s dirty pigtails the most. The day before yesterday, he had dragged Han Wangwang to Wangdong City’s barbershop and straightened her dirty pigtails.

The long-haired Han Wangwang looked much gentler and more obedient. However, no matter how well-dressed the young lady was, her soul was as hot as a little pepper.

Han Wangwang’s younger brother was called Han Junjun. He was only 17 years old and was a high school student.

Han Junjun had short, clean hair. He was wearing a light grey, slim-fit shirt and had a face that was very similar to Han Wangwang’s. He looked elegant and elegant, like a scholarly young master.

Di Rongrong glanced at Han Junjun. “Junjun is so handsome. He will definitely bring harm to many girls when he grows up.”

Han Junjun lowered his head in embarrassment.

Shen Yubei sneered and said softly, “Ms. Di has such great taste. She will always love the young and handsome.” That year, she couldn’t resist flirting with the pure and adorable Shen Yubei at the concert, once she saw him.

In the end, she stole Shen Yubei’s heart, but she turned around and married Huo Jing-an.

Shen Yubei naturally resented her.

Di Rongrong was speechless.

Han Aoyu could tell that the two of them seemed to have a personal grudge. He smiled and said, “In terms of being young and handsome, Yubei is the best amongst your peers.”

The 48-year-old Shen Yubei didn’t look like an old man at all. Instead, he looked like an otherworldly fairy, and seemed very young.

Shen Yubei felt slightly embarrassed at Han Aoyu’s compliment.

Di Rongrong looked at Shen Yubei’s round, fair, and clean face. Her hand felt slightly itchy and she wanted to pinch it. But thinking of this person’s vengeful personality, she gritted her teeth.

Di Rongrong glanced at Shen Yubei’s serious expression and said in a sarcastic manner, “In the past, I liked the younger ones. But now, I like the mature ones who are older than me.”

Shen Yubei put down her glass and retorted. “Is that so? It’s good to be mature, steady, energetic, understanding and devoted to women. You will always love 18-year-old young ladies.”

Apart from Jin Luolan, Mo Yao, and a few other insiders, everyone else was at a loss after hearing this. But they were no fools and could tell that Shen Yubei was mocking Di Rongrong.

Many years ago, Shen Yubei had confessed to Di Rongrong, but she rejected him and chose Huo Jing-an, who was a year older than her.

Huo Jing-an and his family worked in politics and were rather talented. They had all sorts of family backgrounds and knowledge. Most importantly, he knew women better than Shen Yubei. He knew how to fall in love and capture a woman’s heart.

After that, Di Rongrong and Huo Jing-an got married and had a daughter. But she wasn’t very fortunate and she passed away during the confinement period. Due to the death of that daughter, their relationship broke down.

In the fifth year after her daughter’s death, Huo Jing-an had an affair with an 18-year-old young woman. As a result, Huo Jing-an was given the nickname “Huo Eighteen” by Mo Yao and the rest.

Even so, out of consideration for the two families and their own reputations, the two of them maintained the relationship of husband and wife. Although they were husband and wife, their marriage relationship was only in name.

Shen Yubei’s move was so vicious that Di Rongrong’s face turned pale.

After saying that, Shen Yubei also felt slightly regretful. He was very frustrated but didn’t know how to apologize. He just kept a straight face and continued drinking unhappily.

As Han Zhan pulled Song Ci into the private room, he felt that something was off.

He asked, “What happened?”

Han Aoyu chuckled. “I’ m getting hungry waiting for you and Song Ci.”

Everyone laughed at Old Master’s words.

Yesterday, Han Zhan had already brought Song Ci to meet these elders. She also had a good memory and memorized their names and faces.

Song Ci also felt that the atmosphere in the room was off. She quickly greeted everyone. “Hello, Grandpa, Uncle, Godmothers, Cousin, Teacher, Wangwang, Junjun…”

Song Ci admired herself.

Song Ci would never lose to anyone in terms of who had the sweetest tongue.

Please call me —

Sweetie Song!

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