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Chapter 178: A Vow in Court, the Start of an Eternal Fate

All the guests stood up and turned slightly to watch the bride enter. Everyone held their breaths at the sight of the elegant and beautiful Song Ci. Han Zhan’s godmothers all stared at Song Ci with satisfaction, their eyes filled with love and excitement.

Song Ci’s mind was in a mess. Her feet landed on the soft grass as if she was stepping on clouds. She gazed at Han Zhan on the stage of the wedding and was slightly embarrassed by his scorching gaze.

Lowering her head slightly, Song Ci thought: Brother Han, can’t you control your gaze?

Shen Yubei brought Song Ci over to Han Zhan. This was the first time Shen Yubei saw Han Zhan in person and he felt an inexplicable sense of jealousy.

This old guy had it easy!

Han Zhan bent down and greeted respectfully, “Teacher Shen.”

Shen Yubei acknowledged and placed Song Ci’s hand on Han Zhan’s palm. At the same time, Shen Yubei told Han Zhan, “I watched Song Ci grow up. You can’t bully her just because she has no parents.”

“She still has me.”

Han Zhan’s heart shuddered. He looked at Shen Yubei solemnly and promised. “Teacher, don’t worry. I will never let Song Ci down.”

“You must do what you say.” Shen Yubei patted Song Ci’s back and reminded her. “Go on stage with him.”

“Thank you, teacher.”

Holding Han Zhan’s hand, Song Ci walked up to the stage.

The two of them stood facing each other, holding hands as they gazed at each other.

The respected president of the Chamber of Commerce, Chen Shu, was their wedding witness.

Chen Shu was a humorous old man. He poured two glasses of wine and said a classic saying. “The wine of love is sweet and bitter. If two people drink it, it will be sweet dew; if three people drink it, it will be sour vinegar; if you drink it casually, you will be poisoned.”

“Come, drink this wine and don’t drink it with anyone else in this life!” As he spoke, Chen Shu gave Han Zhan a meaningful look, as if he was looking at a jerk.

Han Zhan felt very helpless.

Chen Shu handed the glasses to Song Ci and Han Zhan respectively. The two of them smiled at each other and drank the wine.

Chen Shu’s expression suddenly turned serious. He opened a certificate booklet and said in an elderly voice,

“The marriage between the two families is a promise of eternal love and a compatibility of the same title. When one gets married, they would vow to stay by each other through thick or thin, in sickness or in health, till death do them apart.”

Chen Shu looked up and glanced at Han Zhan, before looking at the beautiful young bride, Song Ci. He asked Han Zhan, “Han Zhan, are you willing to marry Song Ci and be together with her forever from now on?”

Han Zhan looked at Song Ci, making her blush. “I do.”

Chen Shu asked Song Ci, “Song Ci, are you willing to be married to Han Zhan, stay by his side for the rest of your life, and be together with him forever?”

“I do.”

“Alright, let’s exchange tokens.”

Li Li took the ring box and walked behind Han Zhan. Han Zhan reached out his white-gloved right hand, retrieved the ring, and personally put it on for Song Ci.

Han Zhan had custom-made the ring for Song Ci. On the claw-embellished gold holder was a glittering and luxurious diamond. The diamond was 6.2 carats high, FL, D, and 3EX perfectly cut.

From size, purity, or cut, this was a rare and valuable diamond.

Han Zhan had bought this diamond two months ago, on the day he and Song Ci registered their marriage.

Mo Yao was a jewelry supplier and a jewel collector herself. Five years ago, Mo Yao had bought this diamond from an African jeweler at a high price of 4 million yuan. Since Han Zhan sincerely wanted to buy it, Mo Yao had sold it to him at its original price.

The original cost of this diamond ring was just over 4 million yuan, but its market value was immeasurable. It could be sold for an astonishingly high price at any auction.

With the diamond ring on Song Ci’s slender fingers, she looked even more beautiful.

The guests below couldn’t resist taking out their phones to take photos.

Compared to Song Ci’s high-profile and luxurious diamond ring, Han Zhan’s ring was much more low profile. His ring was just a simple ring with a black diamond in the center.

Song Ci felt sorry for Han Zhan and decided to knit five sweaters for him after the wedding!

After the exchange of love tokens, the two of them signed their names on the marriage certificate. Han Zhan, who had always been wild and unrestrained, had written the words in ‘zheng kai’ style on the certificate.

Song Ci copied him and obediently wrote her own name.

Han Zhan and Song Ci’s names were side by side on the paper, and their fates would be tied together forever. Song Ci stared at the marriage certificate and suddenly felt like asking Han Zhan, In my previous life, you said you had a secret to tell me. What is it?

It was a pity that Han Zhan didn’t have the memories of his previous life.

Chen Shu closed the marriage certificate and said loudly, “The ceremony is complete!”

Li Li suddenly pushed Han Zhan. Han Zhan was caught off guard and lunged towards Song Ci. Song Ci hurriedly hugged Han Zhan and the two of them staggered a few steps before stabilizing themselves.

Below, the youngsters were cheering. “Kiss!”

After closing the door to the house, Han Zhan was like an old hooligan. However, outside the door, Han Zhan also felt somewhat uneasy with so many elders staring at them.

Song Ci suddenly cupped Han Zhan’s face, planted a kiss on his mouth, and kissed his forehead, leaving a lipstick mark.

The commotion grew louder.

Han Aoyu said to Chen Shu’s wife, “Our Zhanzhan is shy!”

Old Madam Chen smiled graciously. “Zhanzhan is really embarrassed.” She looked at Song Ci and said, “Your granddaughter-in-law is quite cute.”

Han Aoyu couldn’t resist gloating. “Song Ci is quite good. She is beautiful, kind, good with words, knows how to knit and fly airplanes. I heard that she also plays the violin very well. She can even eat…” Han Aoyu shook his head and said happily,”She’s good at everything. ”

Old Madam Chen just smiled mildly.

Han Zhan got married in his thirties. She could understand why the old man was so happy.

After the wedding ended, everyone boarded the car to the hotel for dinner. Song Ci and Han Zhan took a set of wedding photos in the forest before heading to the hotel.

They had a very happy meal and didn’t drink crazily. As there were very few people, Song Ci only drank two glasses after the toast.

There was still a party at the banquet. After dinner, the guests stayed in the hotel, playing cards and singing. Han Zhan greeted Song Ci’s friends and played a few rounds of cards, before bringing her upstairs to officially meet his godmothers.

All three godmothers were here.

Dressed in a white v-neck suit, Mo Yao sat sideways on the sofa, her fair feet resting on Li Yao’s lap. Li Yao used a feather to gently stroke the base of Mo Yao’s foot. Mo Yao narrowed her eyes in enjoyment.

Song Ci entered the house and saw this scene. Stunned, a phrase flashed across her mind:

The domineering female CEO and her little sweetheart!

Glancing at Li Yao’s muscular and fit figure under his suit, Song Ci felt slightly embarrassed.

This little sweetheart was not small at all.

The singer, Di Rongrong, had taken off her gown and was wearing a negligee with straps. She knelt on the carpet beside the coffee table and looked down at her bag. As she searched for something, Di Rongrong said, “Come play mahjong. Mo Yao, you have so much money. Are you afraid of losing it to me?”

Mo Yao narrowed her eyes and remained silent.

The female diplomat, Jin Luolan, was staring at the television and watching the movie Titanic. She was staring at the face of the male lead, Xiao Li, without even blinking.

Jin Luolan acted as if she was proud of being pretty, and that she was the perfect match for a handsome guy. It was very difficult to associate her with that vicious-tongued diplomat in front of the media, who would often rebuke the reporters from other countries until they didn’t even dare to fart.

Han Zhan coughed and said in a low voice, “Godmother, I brought Song Ci over for you guys.” Upon hearing this, the three godmothers looked up at Song Ci in unison. Their eyes were shining brightly, as if they were looking at a treasure.

Song Ci’s muscles tensed.

Standing beside Han Zhan, she nodded slightly and greeted the three women. “Hello, Godmothers!”

Di Rongrong hurriedly stood up and pulled Song Ci to the sofa beside Mo Yao. “Song Ci, I see that your friends all call you Song Song. Let’s call you Song Song too.”

“Alright, godmother.” Thinking of Li Yao’s previous instructions, Song Ci hurriedly flattered Di Rongrong. “Godmother, what brand of foundation powder did you use? It’s so compatible, and it looks like your skin has no pores at all, even better than mine!”

Li Yao glanced at Song Ci with a faint smile.

Embarrassed, Di Rongrong touched her face and said shyly, “Hey, Song Song, you have such good eyesight. In terms of good skin, your other two godmothers can’t compare to me. I am a skincare expert. I have been taking good care of myself since I was in my teens…”

At the mention of skincare tips, Di Rongrong went on and on.

Song Ci listened patiently with a smile. There was no hint of impatience on her face.

Han Zhan suppressed his laughter and glanced at Song Ci. Just as Di Rongrong was talking about how to wash her face so that she could better understand the pores on her body, Han Zhan finally interrupted her. “Godmother Rongrong, why don’t you write a skincare book and publish it? Give one to our Song Ci so that she can learn from your book?”

Di Rongrong’s eyes lit up. “You are right. Ah, Zhanzhan, you are so smart!”

Di Rongrong also stopped playing mahjong. She opened her laptop and got ready to write a book.

Song Ci could tell that apart from the fact that this Di Rongrong sang really well, she was rather blur at other times. Song Ci had heard that her teacher had a crush on Di Rongrong and was rather surprised. She didn’t expect her teacher to like such a silly and adorable girl.

Only then did Song Ci take out Yan Jiang’s photo from her handbag.

She gave the photo to Jin Luolan. “Luolan Godmother, Yan Jiang heard that you’re a fan of his. Before going to Africa, he specially gave me his autograph and photo so that I can give it to you. He said that it’s his honor to be liked by you.”

in Luolan accepted the photo and touched it lovingly. She carefully placed the book into her bag, looked up lovingly at Song Ci, touched her face, and praised her. “Song Song, you are such a kind and considerate little girl.”

Song Ci smiled obediently.

Who won’t love me for pretending to be obedient?

Seeing that Song Ci had easily won over Jin Luolan and Di Rongrong’s hearts, Mo Yao was rather curious as to how Song Ci planned to win her favor.

Only then did Song Ci walk up to Mo Yao. She couldn’t quite resist Mo Yao’s powerful aura. “Godmother Mo Yao, I also prepared a gift for you.” Song Ci tried her best to appear calm and composed. This was the hardest woman to deal with!

Song Ci handed a notebook to Mo Yao.

Mo Yao took the notebook and flipped through it several times, before suddenly closing it. She looked up and gazed deeply at Song Ci. “Where did you get this notebook from?”

Song Ci said, “My father personally wrote this when he was still alive.”

Mo Yao looked at her inquisitively. “Your father…” She stared at the words on the title page and asked,” What is your relationship with the Mo Family? ”

Hearing this, Li Yao, who was playing with his cell phone, suddenly looked up and glanced at Mo Yao. He looked at Song Ci and saw that she looked very confused. Li Yao explained. “The Mo Family in Chuan City.”

Song Ci was still confused.

Only then did Mo Yao speak. “The Mo Family of Chuan City, the number one legendary Traditional Chinese Medicine family. The Mo Family that is said to possess the art to chill bones and muscles, and the art of rebirth. What relationship do you have with the Mo Family?”

“Nothing.” Song Ci had never heard of the Mo Family. She said, “I never heard of them.”

Mo Yao looked at her suspiciously and glanced at her notebook. She placed it in Li Yao’s arms and asked casually, “Is your father a very good Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor? What is his name?”

Song Ci said, “His name is Song Tingyun. He is quite capable. In the past, people, who were infertile, had sore muscles or backs and other difficult illnesses, would all come looking for him.”

Song Fei’s talent in medicine might be inherited from Song Tingyun.

Hearing that, Li Yao shot Song Ci a bewildered look before looking down to flip through his notebook. After hearing Song Ci’s words, Mo Yao nodded and said, “If my wish comes true, Song Song, I will give you a company and you will be the lady boss.”

Song Ci thought to herself: The richest woman is indeed the richest woman. She just casually gave out a company.

She made a joke. “Forget about the company. I don’t have the capability to manage it well. If Godmother really likes me, you can give me a building and let me be a landlady.”


Mo Yao sat up and pointed to a small box beside the sofa. She said to Song Ci, “It’s our first meeting and I have prepared a small gift. Take a look. Do you like it?”

Song Ci thanked her and pulled Han Zhan to the side of the box. Han Zhan opened it for her. Song Ci looked down and was instantly blinded by the flash. She saw a pile of gold bars!

She’s indeed the richest woman in Asia. This gift is so practical! Not only did she give me gold bars, she even gave me a box of them. How generous!

As Mo Yao took out her present, Di Rongrong also got up from the side of the computer table and walked over with a gift box. She handed it to Song Ci. “I am not as generous as your Godmother Mo Yao. My present is very shabby.”

Although it was said to be shabby, it was still a luxury brand bracelet that cost over 100,000 yuan. “Thank you, Godmother Rongrong. I like this gift very much.”

In terms of money, as a civil servant of the country, Jin Luolan was not as generous as Mo Yao and Di Rongrong. She had gifted Song Ci a painting of value.

Song Ci and Han Zhan returned to their guest room, after greeting their godmothers and gaining their approval.

Once she entered the room, Song Ci was paralyzed on the bed.

She was so tired that she didn’t want to move a single finger.

Han Zhan placed Song Ci’s head on his lap and lovingly massaged her shoulders.

Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Is the Mo Family very formidable?” Mo Yao had only taken a look at her father’s notebook and asked if she knew the Mo Family. Judging from Mo Yao’s reaction at that time, this Mo Family seemed to have quite the background.

“The Mo Family is one of the real thousand-year-old medical families in our country. How powerful is the current head of the Mo Family? To put it simply, there are over 1.3 billion people in our country and he only treats those at the top.”

Song Ci snapped her fingers. “Chief imperial physician?”

“Something like that.”

Song Ci laid on Han Zhan’s lap and pointed at her back. “Give me a massage.”


“Brother Han, why do you think Godmother Mo Yao asked me if I know the Mo Family? Could it be that my father is related to the Mo Family?” Song Ci was not a silly girl. She could tell that something was amiss just by thinking about it.

Since Mo Yao asked this, there must be a reason.

Han Zhan suddenly said, “Song Ci, how much effort do you think an orphan needs to put in? How hard do you think she needs to work to possess such astonishing talent like your parents?”

This question stumped Song Ci.

Her father’s excellent medical skills were not something that could be learned in just a few years in university. Not only was her mother proficient in many languages, she was also good at the four arts. She was a talented girl.

She had never thought of this question. As orphans, they had no one to depend on. How did my parents study? At that time, the country had no compulsory education and the orphanage was not as organized as it was now.

In that era, not to mention orphans, even children from ordinary families would rarely be proficient in foreign languages. Those with good family backgrounds would be considered highly cultured if they could speak English.

Thinking of this, Song Ci understood the difference.

]Song Ci looked up at Han Zhan and asked him, “Brother Han, have you investigated my parents?”

This was a difficult question to answer.

After a slight hesitation, Han Zhan nodded. “I’ve done a simple investigation on my parents-in-law.” He lied out of goodwill. “I saw that you don’t have any relatives on your side during this wedding, so I wanted to check on your parents-in-law’s background and see if they still have any.”

Song Ci asked urgently, “What are the results?”

Only when he saw that Song Ci didn’t seem to mind his private investigation of his parents-in-law did Han Zhan relax. Han Zhan told Song Ci, “There are many mysteries surrounding your parents. The information I found shows that your parents suddenly appeared in Wangdong City 35 years ago. Before that, there was no Jiang Mengmeng or Song Chengyun in this world…”

Song Ci was shocked. She sat up and crossed her legs. She muttered in disbelief. “How is this possible? 35 years ago, my parents were already in their twenties. They couldn’t have appeared out of thin air!”

Han Zhan knew that Song Ci must be filled with doubts. He squeezed her hand comfortingly and said calmly, “I feel that their identities are fake. The names Jiang Mengmeng and Song Chengyun are fake.”

“As for their real names, I don’t know either.”

Song Ci felt ridiculous. If my father isn’t Song Tingyun, then who is he? And who is her mother, Jiang Mengmeng?

Song Ci’s heart was filled with question marks and she couldn’t fall asleep.

Song Fei finally woke up and gave Song Ci a video call.

Song Ci accepted the call and brought her cell phone to the small living room. She placed her cell phone on the ashtray and leaned against the glass of water to steady it. Song Ci sat on the sofa and greeted Song Fei with a heavy heart. “Song Fei, you are awake?”

“Mmm.” Seeing that Song Ci was wearing pyjamas, Song Fei asked, “I am resting. Are you done with the wedding?”

“Mmm, there’s a party tonight.” Song Ci had been thinking about her parents and was somewhat distracted. She didn’t speak much.

“Is something bothering you?” Song Fei asked

Song Ci couldn’t hide her thoughts. She asked Song Fei, “Song Fei, do you think Father and Mother will lie to us?”

Song Fei’s nonchalant expression gradually turned solemn. She stared at Song Ci and frowned. “Why are you asking this?”

Song Ci was slightly uneasy. She said, “Brother Han told me that our parents’ names are fake. Our mother’s original name isn’t Jiang Mengmeng, and our father’s name is also not Song Chengyun. It’s very possible that they encountered something and hid in Wangdong City to live a life of hiding their identities.”

“The fact that they are orphans is highly likely to be false.” After Song Ci spoke, she stared fixedly at Song Fei’s face, not letting go of any minute reaction.

Song Fei merely nodded coldly and said, “Congratulations. You finally realize that all these years, you have been kept in the dark by your parents.” There was a reason why she called Song Ci a fool.

Gritting her teeth, Song Ci asked Song Fei, “You already knew?”

Song Fei asked, “How many orphans have you seen as outstanding as our parents?”

Song Ci realized how stupid she was. She asked Song Fei, “What else do you know? Tell me everything, don’t hide it from me.”

Song Fei said, “Nothing else. Our parents are also keeping things from me.”

Song Ci didn’t doubt Song Fei’s words. She suddenly said, “Song Fei, do you think it’s possible that they are fugitives?” Song Ci might not be good at other things, but she was quite imaginative.

Song Fei was speechless.

“Have you watched too many police films recently?”

Song Ci also knew that she was overthinking things, but she just wanted to know what her parents were hiding from them.

“Happy marriage, Song Ci. I have to get back to work. Let’s talk again next time.”

“… Alright.”

Knowing how busy Song Fei was at work, Song Ci didn’t disturb her and hung up.

Song Fei returned to her room, opened her wardrobe, and found a loose t-shirt and jeans. After changing clothes, she went to the kitchen to cook a bowl of noodles for herself.

Song Fei didn’t know how to cook and her bowl of noodles was very bland. Staring at the boiling water and noodles, Song Fei murmured. “Little fool, it’s enough that you’re in charge of being a silly girl. There’s no need to know so much.”

Even if Song Fei knew, she would never tell Song Ci.

For example, our mother used to be entangled with a man. For example, we had a half-brother…

As night fell, the banquet started.

The gala was a world for the youngsters.

Dressed in luxurious clothes, Song Ci and Han Zhan performed the opening dance under the watchful eyes of the crowd. Song Ci’s dance posture was soft and domineering. She was wearing a pale purple dress and danced with Han Zhan on the dance floor in a waltz.

Song Ci had specially learned dance from a professional teacher, while Han Zhan, this dabbler, didn’t know how to dance at all. He had improvised and learned it for two days before the wedding. Luckily, Han Zhan wasn’t stupid. Although he didn’t dance well with a waltz, he didn’t make a fool of himself.

After dancing, Song Ci laid in Han Zhan’s arms and smiled. “I’m so scared that you’ll step on my feet.”

Han Zhan was slightly embarrassed. “Shouldn’t you reward me?”

Song Ci told Han Zhan mysteriously, “I’ve prepared a surprise for you.”

Han Zhan felt that it might be more shock than surprise.

By the time the guests finished their first dance, it was already 8.30pm. Song Ci went back to her room to change into a dance dress. When she returned to the dance hall wearing a golden bra and a gold fishtail skirt, everyone cheered!

“Wow, Song Song, belly dancing?”

Han Zhan was drinking with Li Li and the rest. Hearing the commotion, he turned around in surprise and looked towards the entrance.

Seeing Song Ci’s bold outfit, Han Zhan’s breathing paused.

She’s starting a rebellion!

Song Ci’s wavy hair fell over her shoulders, and her beautiful eyes were as bewitching as if she was drunk. She glanced at Han Zhan and purposely blinked at him. Han Zhan felt like he was being electrocuted.

The dance dress she was wearing was very revealing. That slender waist that Han Zhan had seen and touched was openly revealed. It was hard not to attract attention.

She was already stunning without wearing any accessories.

Han Zhan’s eyes were ablaze as he wanted to drag Song Ci away. But there were so many people at the scene and tonight was their wedding party. Han Zhan couldn’t bear to ruin Song Ci’s mood.

Song Ci walked up to Han Zhan and reached out to hold him. “Brother Han, you stand here.” Song Ci chose the best position for Han Zhan so that he could enjoy the rest of the dance.

]Han Zhan crossed his arms and stood aside. He saw Song Ci tidying up her skirt and standing in the middle of the dance floor. She nodded at the drummer.

The drummer also nodded at Song Ci. He then beat the leather drum with both hands, producing thumping, rhythmic music. Song Ci’s perky bum quivered along with the beat.

With this move, Han Zhan knew that she was an expert at belly dancing.

Song Ci felt as if she had been possessed by a water snake. She stood rooted to the ground, but her waist, shoulders, and hips were moving crazily. She looked like she had no bones left.

Han Zhan was the closest to Song Ci and could clearly feel her charm. His body even reacted.

Song Ci spun around on her heels, as if she didn’t know fatigue and didn’t feel dizzy. Her skirt fluttered under her, brushing past Han Zhan’s pants, stirring his heart.

Han Zhan could feel Song Ci’s charm. Likewise, others could also feel it. All the men and women at the scene were shouting Song Ci’s name. There were even some girls who couldn’t resist swaying their hips.

Behind Han Zhan, Li Li and Bei Zhan were also shrieking.

Han Zhan glanced at Li Li and Bei Zhan without any warmth in his eyes. The two of them met Han Zhan’s gaze and hurriedly lowered their heads. They didn’t speak nor shout anymore.

Finally, Song Ci finished dancing.

She felt slightly warm and her forehead was sweating profusely. Song Ci wiped her sweat and looked up to see Han Zhan striding over. As he got closer, Han Zhan quickly took off his suit and draped it over Song Ci.

Han Zhan cupped Song Ci’s cheek, lowered his head, and kissed her forehead. Before leaving, Song Ci heard Han Zhan warn her. “There won’t be a next time.”

Song Ci looked up and gave Han Zhan a clean, gorgeous smile.

That smile made Han Zhan’s heart quiver.

Song Ci was pulled to the seat by Han Zhan. Song Ci leaned into his arms and asked him, “Brother Han, am I good at dancing?”

Han Zhan couldn’t lie. “Yes.”

Song Ci was satisfied.

Almost none of Han Zhan’s elders were present at the banquet tonight. All of them were youngsters, and Song Ci’s friends were from all walks of life

When it was time for the friends’ performance, Song Ci’s friends all went on stage to perform. Some performed magic tricks while others danced. When it was Han Wangwang’s turn to go on stage, she directly DJ-ed for her little aunt and uncle.

Han Wangwang was very good at discs. The youngsters below the stage were all dancing crazily like they were in a bar.

Han Zhan sat down on the sofa and placed his hands on the backrest of the sofa. That noisy DJ voice didn’t affect his mood at all. He was like an old veteran, drinking water expressionlessly.

Wearing Han Zhan’s jacket, Song Ci stood in his arms and danced crazily. Her waist swayed so much that it made one’s mouth go dry.

Han Zhan looked up at Song Ci’s frantic manner and swallowed hard. He finished the water in one gulp and signaled for the waiter. “May I trouble you to give me a glass of ice water?”

After Han Wangwang’s performance, Liang Bo went on stage with the microphone.

Liang Boxian sang “May One’s Heart”. He was one of the more popular new singers these days and everyone was very supportive. After he finished singing, there was thunderous applause.

Liang Bo got off the stage and gave a toast to Song Ci and Han Zhan. He had a very sweet tongue and wished Song Ci and Han Zhan well. “I wish goddess Song and Mr. Han a blissful marriage and may you two grow old together!”

Han Zhan finished his drink. After Liang Bo left, he beckoned to Bei Zhan. Bei Zhan walked over, leaned over, and asked Han Zhan, “What’s the matter, Mr. Han?”

Han Zhan said, “Inform Yu Hua to activate the God Creation Plan as soon as possible. I want to make Liang Bo the most dazzling celebrity. He will become the God of Songs.” Such a glib-tongued child should be popular!

Bei Zhan’s lips twitched as he acknowledged.

He stood up and gazed at Liang Bo, who was walking through the crowd with a wine glass in his hand. He felt slightly envious.

Why is this child so lucky?

Before the party ended, Han Zhan left with Song Ci.

Song Ci had not partied enough. Han Zhan pulled her towards the lift. Her high heels dug into the carpet as she walked unsteadily.

Song Ci had drunk a lot and her face was red. She tugged at Han Zhan’s arm and said coquettishly, “Brother Han, I haven’t had my fill yet. Why are you so boring…”

Hearing her coquettish voice, Han Zhan’s entire body went limp.

“Didn’t have fun? It’s okay, Brother Han will play with you.” Han Zhan pulled Song Ci into lift number 6. This lift was only open to special personnel.

Song Ci leaned on Han Zhan’s shoulder and gave him a dubious look.

She complained. “Brother Han is like a blockhead. He doesn’t know how to dance or move. What can you play with me…” Hide-and-seek? Fight the Landlord?

The lift door gradually closed. At the same time, the staff in the surveillance room received the order to cut off the surveillance cameras in the lift that Han Zhan was in.

Song Ci was in a daze and didn’t know what nonsense she was saying. Only when she was pushed down by Han Zhan and her back pressed against the wall did Song Ci wake up slightly.

“Brother Han… sob!”

With her lips sealed, Song Ci couldn’t speak anymore.

Outside lift no. 6, all the doors were boarded up with the sign that said lift maintenance. Inside lift no. 6, Song Ci was dragged into hell by Han Zhan, and then into the clouds…

Drifting and sinking, lingering endlessly.

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