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Chapter 177: The Most Beautiful Bride

Li Li stood behind Han Zhan, holding a black briefcase filled with red packets. Seeing that Mu Qiu didn’t make things difficult for them and opened the door, Li Li hurriedly took out a red packet and gave it to her.

“You are the most gentle and kindest bridesmaid I have ever met.”

This was not Li Li’s first time being a best man. Every time he was a best man in the past, he would be taught a lesson.

It was rare for things to go smoothly this time.

Mu Qiu squeezed the red packet. She was very satisfied with its thickness. Mu Qiu smiled and moved aside. She said to Han Zhan, “Brother-in-law, come in quickly.”

Han Zhan entered the house.

This was the first time Han Zhan saw Song Ci in a wedding gown. She was even more beautiful and mesmerizing than he had imagined.

Song Ci was wearing a white wedding gown made of lace and satin. It was designed to wrap around her waist and hips. The neckline of the gown reached deep into her chest, but Song Ci’s perfect chest shape was completely concealed.

Only then did Han Zhan feel assured. Uncle Li was still kind enough not to let Song Ci expose herself.

Han Zhan walked towards Song Ci step by step, knelt down on one knee in front of her, raised the bouquet in his right hand to Song Ci, and asked very seriously, “Song Ci, will you marry me?”

“Of course I will.” Song Ci accepted the bouquet with both hands and kissed Han Zhan’s forehead. “Groom Han, you must carry me downstairs and get into the car. You are not allowed to stop in the middle.”


Han Zhan carried Song Ci in a princess style. He carried her down the stairs and placed her in the car easily.

The wedding was held on the hill behind. When they arrived, Han Zhan went to the wedding venue first. Song Ci changed into a wedding gown in the RV while Mu Qiu accompanied her.

The wedding was set to take place at 10am. At 9.50am, Ai Lun started to check Song Ci’s makeup, hairstyle, and accessories. After confirming that there were no issues, he asked Song Ci, “How are you feeling? Are you nervous?”

Holding the bouquet, Song Ci smiled sheepishly. “Although it has been two months since we registered our marriage, I am still rather nervous on our wedding day.”

Mu Qiu said, “You are Song Ci. How can you be nervous?”

Song Ci twirled the bouquet in her hand and took a deep breath. “Yes, I am Song Ci. How can I have stage fright?”

Bei Zhan walked over and knocked on the car door. He said to Ai Lun, “Everything is ready here. The bride can alight and wait for her turn to enter the venue.”


Ai Lun and Mu Qiu helped Song Ci out of the car. The three of them stood beside the car. Mu Qiu had something on her mind and hadn’t spoken much since she saw Song Ci. Song Ci asked her, “What’s the matter? What are you thinking about?”

Mu Qiu looked at Song Ci hesitantly.

“Big sister…” Mu Qiu held the ring box in her hand. She ran her thumb back and forth across the surface of the box before saying,” Father has something urgent to attend to at his company and is on a work trip. He might not be able to make it today…” The more she spoke, the softer her voice became.

Song Ci saw Du Tingting early in the morning but didn’t see Mu Mian. She guessed that Mu Mian wouldn’t be attending the wedding today. Hearing Mu Qiu’s words, Song Ci knew that this was Mu Qiu’s excuse for Mu Mian.

Her expression was impassive as she said calmly, “It’s okay, I will enter alone later.” Instead of letting Mu Mian bring her in, Song Ci would rather walk the red carpet alone.

]At this moment, Shen Yubei walked over.

He was wearing a black shirt that was rarely seen today. His suit was still white, with a pure black collar sewn with tiny golden stars.

Shen Yubei looked like a wealthy young master who had just graduated from the Republic of China. His every movement was elegant and classy.

Arriving in front of Song Ci, Shen Yubei sized her up and finally fixed his eyes on the crown on her head. “The emerald is very beautiful.”

Song Ci seemed jealous. She asked, “Is the emerald the only thing that’s beautiful?”

Shen Yubei was only 1.8 meters tall and Song Ci was wearing 10cm high heels. She didn’t need to raise her head to look at him. Song Ci smiled helplessly and said, “Teacher, is it so difficult to praise me for being beautiful?”

Shen Yubei tapped Song Ci’s forehead and praised her. “Song Ci, you are especially charming today.”

Hearing such a praise, Song Ci felt slightly embarrassed and her ears turned slightly red.

She grabbed Shen Yubei’s arm and said in a clear voice, “The first time I participated in a competition, it was Teacher who led me onto the stage. I wonder if I will have the honor of inviting Teacher to accompany me into the arena this time?”

Hearing this, Shen Yubei was slightly stunned. “Can… I?” He was neither Song Ci’s father nor her relative and was not suitable for this.

“You are my most respected teacher. Of course you can.” Song Ci gazed at the wedding venue ahead. She could hear the guests talking. Song Ci told Shen Yubei, “I am a little nervous, Teacher.”

“Don’t be nervous, I will accompany you.” Recalling the past, Shen Yubei’s expression softened. He said, “Do you remember how we managed to overcome your nervousness the first time you went for a competition?”

Song Ci was only 6 years old when she went on stage for the first time. She couldn’t remember the scene, but she remembered Shen Yubei teaching her that if she was nervous, she should look up at the blue sky…

Point her middle finger!

Song Ci suddenly reached out her right hand and raised her middle finger. “I am the most beautiful girl in the world. I am not nervous at all!”

Shen Yubei also raised his middle finger. “I am the most handsome man in the world. I am not nervous at all!”

Song Ci was really not nervous anymore.

With the sound of a bell, Song Ci heard Bei Zhan shout. “May the bride enter the venue!”

“Let’s go, Song Ci. I will accompany you. Don’t be afraid.”


Holding Shen Yubei’s hand, Song Ci entered the wedding venue.

The wedding venue was very meticulously decorated. The chairs at the venue were carved out of solid wood and polished smooth. The wedding stage was set under a red maple tree.

Behind the tree was a pale green lake. To prevent any accidents, a wooden fence had been erected between the lake and the stage, and the fence was surrounded by roses.

Han Zhan stood on the stage with his hands resting on his abdomen, quietly waiting for his bride to enter. The red maple leaves swayed gently in the breeze and landed on his shoulders.

Han Zhan lowered his head to remove the maple leaves. He looked up and saw Song Ci under the floral arch. His blue-grey eyes were lit up with a tinge of red and were filled with astonishment and fondness.

Song Ci was wearing a red halter dress instead of a popular white wedding dress. The red dress was as vibrant as the maple trees in late autumn and accentuated Song Ci’s sexy, slender figure.

Her long hair was in a simple bun, and she was wearing an emerald crown. Her skin was smooth and supple, and her features were radiant. The bride’s beauty was one with the beauty of the forest. This scene was breathtakingly beautiful.

At this moment, Han Zhan suddenly felt the exceptional charm of the top socialite.

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