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Chapter 176: The Pampered Baby Ci

After hanging up, Song Ci said to Ah Lun, “Ah Lun, come upstairs!”

Ah Lun waved at her before running upstairs to look for her. Holding two gift bags, Ah Lun entered the house and said to Song Ci, “Song Song, before Brother Jiang left, he gave me the gift that he prepared for you for safekeeping. There are two gifts. One is Brother Jiang’s and the other is Miss Song Fei’s.”

Song Ci knew that it was impossible for Song Fei to not do anything for her wedding.

“This is from Brother Jiang and this is from Miss Song Fei.” The two gifts were of the same size.

Ai Lun helped Song Ci open Song Fei’s box. After seeing what was inside, he looked puzzled. “What is this?”

Ah Lun shook his head and said honestly, “I don’t know either. It’s a rock?”

Song Ci glanced inside the box. Inside was an egg-shaped rock the size of a child’s fist. Song Ci’s gaze turned gentle as she recalled something. “It’s a dinosaur egg fossil.”

Ah Lun and Ai Lun widened their eyes. “A dinosaur egg fossil?”


Song Fei and Father Song had picked up this egg fossil at a quarry when they went sightseeing. Song Fei treated it like a treasure and couldn’t bear for Song Ci to touch it.

Worried that someone might steal this treasure, Song Fei even got Father Song to deposit it in the bank. Song Ci was enraged and scolded Song Fei for being so petty that she couldn’t bear to let her touch it. Song Fei said, “I will give it to you when you get married.”

Song Ci took it as Song Fei was bullshitting.

She didn’t expect Song Fei’s casual words to be sincere. She had really given her darling dinosaur fossil to her.

Song Ci suddenly felt like crying. She hurriedly said to Ai Lun, “Ai Lun, I am going to cry.”

“Aiyo, my little ancestor, you better hold it in!” Ai Lun hurriedly found a cotton bud and dabbed at Song Ci’s eyes. Song Ci held back her tears and got Ah Lun to open Yan Jiang’s present.

Ah Lun took out a dark green box from the gift bag, and it clearly looked very expensive. Ah Lun opened the box and saw what was inside. He exclaimed. “Oh my God, it’s so beautiful! Song Song, it’s a crown!”

Hearing this, Ai Lun also glanced into the box and his eyes lit up. “Song Song, it’s really a crown!”

Ai Lun took out the crown and showed it to Song Ci. It was a pearl crown with a green gem the size of a quail egg in the center.

Song Ci recognized this emerald.

Two years ago, Yan Jiang had once endorsed an international luxury jewelry brand. At that time, he had only accepted a million yuan endorsement fee from the brand and asked for a green gem.

Song Ci knew about this and even mocked Yan Jiang for being silly. A gem is just a stone. How can it be pragmatic?

Yan Jiang had a popsicle in his mouth then. He patted Song Ci on the head and comforted her. “Don’t be angry. When you get married in the future, I will make it into a crown for you to wear. I will be your elder brother and give you face.”

Scenes of memories surfaced in her mind. All those words that she thought were just a joke turned out to be promises!

If Song Ci could still hold back her tears, she was inhuman!

Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably. Ai Lun glanced at her and was too embarrassed to tell her not to cry. If this happened to him, he would also cry until his tears dried up.

“Go ahead and cry. There’s still enough time anyway. I’ll touch up your makeup after you’re done crying.”

Hearing this, Song Ci suddenly broke into a smile. “Hearing this, I can’t cry anymore.”

“Then I should have said so earlier.” Ai Lun reapplied Song Ci’s makeup before putting that emerald crown on her head. He sized her up and was very satisfied with her makeup today.

“Song Song, you are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.”

Song Ci gave him a faint smile and said, “You made my beauty.”

At this moment, Mu Qiu and Du Tingting’s car arrived downstairs. Du Tingting was very particular about today’s occasion. She was dressed very formally, put on makeup, had her hair done, and even put on rare and valuable accessories.

Mu Qiu was wearing a bridesmaid’s outfit and went up to Song Ci’s room with Du Tingting.

“Song Song.” Du Tingting was charmed by Song Ci’s beauty. She gazed at Song Ci and said, “You were even shorter than me when you first came to my house. Look at you now. You’re already married.”

Song Ci patted the seat beside her and said to Du Tingting, “Mother, have a seat.”

Du Tingting sat down and glanced at Ah Lun and Ai Lun. The two of them were very smart and immediately found an excuse to leave the room. Instantly, there was only Du Tingting and her daughter in the room.

Only then did Du Tingting hold Song Ci’s hand and stuffed a bank card into it. Song Ci was shocked and wanted to push her hand away. “Mother, what are you doing?”

Du Tingting wiped her moist eyes and said in a choked voice, “Song Song, I know there’s a deep rift between you and your father. I also know that all these years, you’ve returned all the money that we spent on you and your sister to your father.”

“But Song Song, you can calculate money but not relationships.”

Du Tingting stuffed the card into Song Ci’s hand and held it, not allowing her to return it.

She told Song Ci, “This is my private savings. You and I are mother and daughter, but I can’t let you get married in a grand manner. You can keep this money. After you get married and have children, there are too many things to spend…”

Song Ci was very touched. All these years, Du Tingting’s kindness towards her had been real. She was made of flesh and blood. Of course she could feel Du Tingting’s efforts. That year, even until her death, Du Tingting still couldn’t stop worrying about her and even urged her to get a divorce to be her true self.

In the path of planning to take revenge on Mu Mian and Mu Qiu, Du Tingting was the greatest burden in Song Ci’s heart. She clutched the bank card that Du Tingting had given her. Regardless of how much money was in the card, at this moment, she truly felt the love of a mother.

“Mother…” Song Ci couldn’t help hugging Du Tingting.” Mother, you must live a long life. I still have to be filial to you in future! ”

In the previous lifetime, Du Tingting suddenly passed away three years later after a cerebral hemorrhage. Her death was unacceptable to everyone, and Mu Mian had to grovel for several months before finally accepting this reality.

I wonder how Du Tingting would end up in this life…

Mu Qiu saw Han Zhan’s car driving over and quickly reminded Song Ci and Du Tingting. “Mother, Elder Sister, Brother-in-Law and the rest are here!”

Only then did Du Tingting stand up and wipe her tears. She said to Song Ci, “Keep the card well. I will wait for you downstairs.”

“Thanks, Mom…”

Du Tingting went downstairs and bumped into Han Zhan at the corridor entrance. Han Zhan stopped and nodded at Du Tingting. “Mother, you’re here.”

“Oh Han Zhan, Song Song is already dressed up. Go ahead.”

“Alright, excuse me then.”

Han Zhan only brought along one groomsman, who was Li Li. The two of them arrived at the door to Song Ci’s room. Han Zhan tidied his bow tie and knocked on the door. “Baby Ci, I’m here to pick you up.”

Mu Qiu stood behind the door and turned to ask Song Ci, “Big Sister, do you want to block the door?”

Song Ci shook her head. “No, open the door.”

“Alright then.”

Mu Qiu didn’t make things difficult for Han Zhan and just opened the door.

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