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Chapter 175: What Should I do If My Little Brother Causes Trouble All the Time?

For some reason, Han Zhan’s face suddenly popped into Cheng Yanmo’s mind. He thought of Han Zhan’s mixed-blood eyes and asked the butler, “Does that little brother have a pair of gray-blue eyes?”

“Unexpectedly, the butler looked shocked and asked Cheng Yanmo, “Young Master, you still remember? How old were you then?”

Cheng Yanmo was speechless.

He thought to himself, What a coincidence.

Old Master Han’s grandson was really Han Zhan! Didn’t they say that Han Zhan only had one grandfather? Cheng Yanmo was afraid that he had misunderstood the relationship between Han Zhan and Old Master Han. He asked the butler, “Is Zhanzhan Old Master Han’s biological paternal grandson or maternal grandson?”

“Maternal grandson, Old Master Han only has one daughter. She died young and Zhanzhan was only six or seven years old.”

Cheng Yanmo waved his hand to dismiss the butler before returning to the study alone.

Sitting on the sofa in the study, Cheng Yanmo recalled the few times he met Han Zhan and felt like he finally understood why Han Zhan dared to beat up his superior Li Li so badly at the martial arts school, and why Li Li had opened the door for Han Zhan in the tea house.

The reason was simple—Han Zhan is the real boss!

How did Zeus Airlines manage to stabilize itself so quickly and carve out a path for itself among so many state-owned enterprises and private airlines? It is all because of Han Aoyu!

Who is Han Aoyu?

He is someone who could make the country lower its flag in respect after his death!

All his doubts were answered.

Cheng Yanmo couldn’t help but reflect on what he had done to Han Zhan— Did I do anything wrong? I didn’t offend Han Zhan, right? He felt that he shouldn’t have offended Han Zhan, but thinking of that troublesome younger brother, Cheng Yanmo wasn’t so sure.

On the morning of the 26th, Cheng Ziang woke up early and sat at the dining table with a dark expression. Up until midnight last night, everyone in the WeChat group was still talking about Song Ci’s wedding today. There were also many retards who wanted to interview Cheng Ziang.

What mood could Cheng Ziang have?

He wasn’t the one getting married!

Cheng Yanmo came downstairs. He saw that Cheng Ziang’s face was dark and guessed why he was unhappy. He couldn’t help warning him. “Stay home today and don’t go anywhere.”

Cheng Ziang sneered. “Don’t worry, I don’t really love Song Ci that much either. I’m just angry and uncomfortable.” Thinking about it, as the Second Young Master of Chuan Dong Group, how could he not be better than that Han Zhan?

But Cheng Ziang only dared to say this in his heart. He didn’t dare to say it out loud for fear of being glared at by his brother.

]Still worried about his brother, Cheng Yanmo thought for a moment and said, “You’re coming with me to the office today. Stay under my watch and don’t go anywhere!”

Cheng Ziang was stunned. “Brother, I am not a child!”

Cheng Yanmo looked at him coldly. His face darkened as he said, “If you were a child, I would have given you homework.” Cheng Yanmo was the merciful one for not giving him homework.

Cheng Ziang couldn’t even finish his breakfast.

Cheng Yanmo was a man of his words. Before leaving the house, he really carried Cheng Ziang into the car. Upon reaching the office, he stuffed Cheng Ziang into his own office and tossed him a laptop so that he could fend for himself.

During the meeting, they had to set up a chair for his little brother in the meeting room. All the senior management thought that Cheng Yanmo was planning to groom Cheng Ziang into the company.

Song Ci had nothing to do with how tough things were for the Cheng brothers. She was very busy today as she was getting married.

Song Ci was born in the Cai Family Village. After the two sisters grew up, the family moved to the city to facilitate their studies.

In the past, when her parents were still alive, they would return to their hometown for a period of time every year to renovate the house. After the earthquake, her parents passed away and her elder sister became comatose, so Song Ci didn’t manage the old house anymore.

As they were getting married, Song Ci had sent someone to renovate the old house in advance. The walls of the house had been rebuilt and new furniture had been bought.

She had stayed here the night before.

At 4am, there was the sound of a car coming from downstairs. It was the makeup artist’s team. Song Ci had no choice but to get out of bed. She groggily made herself a glass of milk and was pressed onto the stool by the makeup artist to put on makeup and do her hair.

It was already daytime when everything was ready.

The wedding was set to be at 9am and Song Ci had an hour to herself. She placed her cell phone on the counter and gave Song Fei a video call.

It was 1am in the middle of the night in Congo and Song Fei was already asleep. There was a double bed in the room and Song Fei was sleeping against the wall while Yan Jiang was sleeping by the window. Yan Jiang picked up the video call when he heard the cell phone ring.

“Song Song.”

Song Ci stared at Yan Jiang for several seconds before saying, “How long has it been? How did you become so tanned?”

The number one handsome man, Yan Jiang’s skin used to be so fair and smooth. But in just a month, he had turned black. Noticing Song Ci’s disdain, Yan Jiang shook his head and laughed. “I’m near the equator, what do you think?”

Song Ci asked him, “You’re still sleeping in the same room as Song Fei?”


“Look at how useless you are. When you climb into bed with Song Fei one day, remember to tell me and I will set off fireworks for you.”

Yan Jiang said in a self-deprecating manner, “I don’t need you to do it. I can do it myself.”

After the joke ended, Yan Jiang’s expression turned serious. He gazed at Song Ci quietly, saw her in a wedding gown, and said sincerely, “Song Song, you are especially beautiful today.”

Song Ci was slightly embarrassed by his compliment. She asked Yan Jiang, “Compared to Song Fei?”

Yan Jiang said, “In my eyes, even if Song Fei is covered in dirt, she is still prettier than you.”

Song Ci pretended to be despondent. “Our friendship is over!”

Yan Jiang raised his brows. “Alright then. I can save on the red packet.”

“You are still my good brother.” Song Ci changed her face like how a woman changed her clothes.

Yan Jiang smiled and said, “I’ve prepared a wedding present for you. Ah Lun should be arriving soon. Look forward to it.”

Song Ci was slightly surprised. “You are…”

She felt very touched.

They had been chatting for so long and still hadn’t heard Song Fei’s voice. Song Ci knew that Song Fei must be very tired, that was why she was sleeping so soundly. “Is Song Fei very tired?”

Yan Jiang focused the camera on Song Fei’s sleeping face. His voice became gentler. “Before she fell asleep, she was still looking at the calendar and saying that its your wedding date. There have been quite a number of patients these two days and she didn’t get much rest. Now that she is asleep, I can’t bear to wake her up.”

“It’s okay, let her sleep. When she wakes up, tell her to call me back.”


As she spoke, Song Ci heard the makeup artist say, “Song Song, is that Yan Jiang’s assistant, Ah Lun?” The makeup artist was a friend of Song Ci’s called Ai Lun. The two of them were very close and both called each other by name.

Song Ci walked to the window and glanced downstairs. She saw Ah Lun. “It’s him.” Song Ci said to Yan Jiang, “Your assistant is here. Let’s not chat for now.”

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