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Chapter 157: Blind or have Bad Taste?

This retirement statement was very Yan Jiang-style. It was arrogant, funny, and straightforward.

After reading this long post, Song Ci felt very conflicted. She could guess why Yan Jiang suddenly announced his retirement from the industry.

In order to confirm her suspicions, Song Ci gave Yan Jiang a call. Thanks to that retirement statement, Yan Jiang’s phone had already been ringing non-stop this morning. Song Ci’s phone call kept indicating that the other party’s phone was busy.

In the end, Song Ci had no choice but to call Song Fei.

Only Song Ci, her husband and Yan Jiang knew Song Fei’s phone number. The call went through immediately. Song Fei picked up the phone and guessed what Song Ci was calling to ask. For a moment, she didn’t speak.

Song Ci asked bluntly, “Song Fei, did Yan Jiang quit the industry because of… you?” At the end of her sentence, Song Ci sounded hesitant.

But Song Fei admitted it. “Yes.”


“You asked for it?” Although Song Ci was asking Song Fei, she guessed that Yan Jiang was the one being stubborn. A proud woman like Song Fei would never do such a thing.

Song Fei said, “It was his own decision. I didn’t expect him to make such a choice.”

I knew it!

Song Ci was slightly angry and her tone became agitated. “Is there something wrong with his head? Congo is such a dangerous place, why does he want to go there? Song Fei, why didn’t you persuade him?”

Song Fei leaned against the wall as Song Ci’s scolding voice echoed in her ears. She gazed at Yan Jiang, who was busy talking on the phone in the courtyard. A lost expression appeared on her beautiful face.

Song Fei suddenly interrupted Song Ci. “Tell me, why is he so stubborn?”

Song Ci was speechless.

Song Ci could hear the helplessness and confusion in Song Fei’s voice and didn’t know what to say. After a moment of silence, Song Fei heard Song Ci sigh. “Song Fei, he really loves you. If not for true love, he wouldn’t have gone so far.”

Song Fei was even more puzzled. She was very confused. “Song Ci, what’s so good about me? What does he love about me?” Since a young age, this was the first time Song Fei was wooed by someone. She felt that boys should like girls like her sister Song Ci who was both sweet and salty.

A cold, unromantic, unfeeling, unruly, spoiled, and vicious woman like her shouldn’t be liked at all.

Is Yan Jiang blind or does he have bad taste?

Song Ci allowed herself to belittle Song Fei, but she couldn’t accept Song Fei belittling herself like this. Song Ci was unconvinced and retorted self-righteously. “How are you bad? You are beautiful and smart. You are also Fu Hanshen’s only disciple. You are intelligent, wise, and calm. You are glowing all over. Isn’t it normal for someone to like you?”

It was the first time Song Ci praised Song Fei like this and goosebumps rose all over her body. “Alright, don’t spout nonsense.”

Song Ci knew when to stop.

It was Song Ci’s first time praising her elder sister in such a manner and she felt slightly awkward. She said, “Of course, you’re just slightly less beautiful than me…”

Song Fei didn’t say a word.

]”I won’t talk to you for now. I will call Brother Jiang again.” Song Ci hung up Song Fei’s call and called Yan Jiang again. After three consecutive calls, the call finally connected.

Yan Jiang had already received more than a dozen calls this morning and his mouth was already parched. He took a sip of tea brewed, accepted the call, and without waiting for Song Ci to speak, he sighed helplessly. “I knew I would receive your call. The news is right, Song Song. I’ve decided to retire from the entertainment circles and stop acting.”

Song Ci was silent.

Yan Jiang thought she was angry and tried to please her. “Are you angry? Are you angry that I didn’t inform you in advance? I have been so busy settling the compensation for the contracts that I forgot about it. You are a magnanimous person, please understand me.”

Song Ci interrupted Yan Jiang’s attempt to please her. “Are you going to Congo with my elder sister?”

It was Yan Jiang’s turn to remain silent.

Song Ci sharply questioned him again and again. “That place is so dangerous. Can you protect yourself? You can’t even protect yourself, yet you still want to protect Song Fei? Ah Jiang, think carefully.”

Yan Jiang was unconvinced. “I am quite skilled and have practiced Taekwondo for several years.”

“But they have guns.” What’s the use of taekwondo in a chaotic place?

“It’s precisely because of this, so I want to go even more.” Yan Jiang sighed. “I can’t let her go to that kind of place alone. I won’t be at ease if I don’t accompany her. Moreover, you know your elder sister very well. If I want to pursue her, a few roses won’t be enough to move her.”

Gritting her teeth, Song Ci replied, “Silly!” She scolded Yan Jiang for being silly, but deep down, she approved of him. For a famous celebrity to quit acting just because of her elder sister, this courage was worthy of Song Ci’s respect.

]”We are setting off for the airport. Let’s not chat for now.” Yan Jiang hung up the phone and waved at Song Fei who was sitting on the windowsill on the second floor. “Song Fei, it’s time to go.”

Song Fei came down very quickly. There were two suitcases by the door and she took the one that belonged to her.

Song Fei stopped in front of Yan Jiang.

Placing her hand on the luggage, Song Fei pursed her lips tightly as she glanced at Yan Jiang’s short hair. The buzz cut accentuated Yan Jiang’s exquisite and perfect face, making him appear even more stern and ruthless.

But Song Fei felt that Yan Jiang still looked better in gorgeous outfits with long hair.

He was born to live under the spotlight.

“Yan Jiang, you can stay. I don’t need your company.” Song Fei’s face was cold and her tone was stiff.

Yan Jiang was momentarily stunned by Song Fei’s words, but recovered very quickly. He took off the silver chain around his neck, opened the photo box hung on the chain, placed it on his palm, and handed it to Song Fei.

Song Fei looked down and saw that it was her 14-year-old self.

Staring at that photo, Song Fei’s expression changed slightly. “What?”

]Yan Jiang smiled. “Don’t order me to stay. Song Fei, I have waited for too long in the same spot. I have waited long enough.” For the past eight years, Yan Jiang had been frustrated and regretful. He regretted being so timid and fearful back then, not daring to express his feelings to Song Fei. “This time, I will accompany you wherever you go. Song Fei, I will never let you go to such a dangerous place alone again.”

Yan Jiang took out a platinum ring from his shirt pocket and put it on the silver chain. He put the necklace back on and patted the ring and photo box. He smiled at Song Fei. “One day, you will be willing to put this on for me.”

Yan Jiang was determined to win over Song Fei!

After a while, Song Fei scolded. “You’re crazy!”

She pulled her luggage and left, her face slightly hot.

“Wait for me!” Yan Jiang hurriedly pulled his own luggage and chased after Song Fei.

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