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Chapter 155: Steamed Buns with Chili Filling

Song Fei was silent for a moment before calling out Song Ci’s name. “Song Ci.”

Song Ci suppressed the uneasiness in her heart and said, “Song Fei, don’t call my name. Once you call my name, something major will definitely happen.” The words Song Ci from Song Fei’s mouth had already become a curse.

Song Fei was silent again. But moments later, she spoke again. “Song Ci, I am going to Africa with my teacher for at least a year.”

Song Ci heard her, but didn’t say anything. The beef in her mouth instantly lost its flavor.

Song Fei gave Song Ci a few minutes to digest this information. Song Ci placed the skewer in front of her and stared at it. She said unhappily, “I can’t persuade you, right?”

Song Fei said, “Song Ci, see you next year.”

“Which country are you going to?” Song Ci was slightly angry and her tone turned anxious.

Song Fei said, “Congo.”

Song Ci took a deep breath and scolded Song Fei. “Do you know how chaotic it is over there?! Song Fei, your life will be in danger! I won’t allow you to go!” Song Ci would never allow Song Fei to go to such a dangerous place, even if one said that she was unreasonable or cowardly.

Seeing that Song Ci had lost her temper, Song Fei sighed. “Song Ci.” Without hearing Song Ci’s reply, Song Fei continued, “Teacher said that with my talent and capabilities, I shouldn’t waste it. Until now, the Ebola virus has yet to develop an effective antidote. Teacher hopes that I can go with him. I want to go too.”

“Song Ci, just like how violin is your life’s pursuit, being a person like a teacher is also my pursuit.”

“Song Ci, you must support me.”

It was rare to hear so many words from Song Fei. Song Ci had already been convinced by her. Song Ci knew that she should support Song Fei in realizing her dream, but she was also worried that Song Fei would be in danger.

In the end, Song Ci asked in a hoarse voice, “Have you told Brother Jiang about this?”

Song Fei was silent.

Song Ci didn’t know if Song Fei was feeling guilty or just silently admitting it.

Song Ci suddenly sneered. She said mockingly, “Song Fei, Yan Jiang is so unlucky to have fallen in love with you.”

Song Fei remained silent. Even if Song Ci didn’t say another word, she didn’t hang up. This was Song Fei. She looked cold and heartless, but she would never take the initiative to hang up on someone important to.

Seeing Han Zhan walk over, Song Ci spoke again. “Song Fei, remember, I don’t want you to be dazzling. I just want you to be safe and sound.”

Song Fei smiled. “Little fool, a scourge will live for a thousand years. I must live a long life.”

Song Ci snorted and hung up.

Han Zhan sat down beside Song Ci and handed two mutton sticks to her. “Song Fei’s call?” He had already heard Song Ci call out Song Fei’s name just now.

“Mmm.” Song Ci told Han Zhan, “Song Fei is going to Congo to study the virus with her teacher.”

Han Zhan frowned and said, “That place is slightly chaotic. I’ve been there before and was ordered to rescue a batch of trapped volunteers. The environment there is terrible and society is messy. It’s very dangerous.”

Hearing Han Zhan’s words, Song Ci felt even more anxious. “Song Fei is very stubborn. Even I can’t persuade her on something that she has already decided on.” Song Ci sighed and said in a low voice, “I just want her to be safe and sound. It’s better for her to be mediocre forever.”

“But Baby Ci, everyone has their own goals. Song Fei is more mature than you, and you know it very well. She must have thought it through carefully before deciding to go to Congo. Since she told you, she hopes to obtain your understanding and support.” Because they were both ambitious, Han Zhan could understand Song Fei.

Song Ci also understood this reasoning. It was just that she cared too much about Song Fei and couldn’t bear to see her go to such dangerous places.

“I hope everything will be well.”

After talking to Song Ci, Song Fei didn’t look relaxed at all. Holding her cell phone, she leaned back against the sofa and sat down on the carpet. Glancing at the time, it was only 20 minutes or so before Yan Jiang returned home. She actually felt slightly nervous.

Yan Jiang arrived home on time and saw that the house was pitch black. Thinking that Song Fei had not returned, he turned on all the lights in the house, carried his bag, and crossed the living room to go upstairs. Only when he passed by the sofa did he realize that Song Fei was actually at home.

Seeing that Song Fei had fallen asleep on the carpet, Yan Jiang hurried over and lifted her up.

Song Fei opened her eyes the moment he hugged her. “Why are you hugging me?” Song Fei laid in his arms, staring at Yan Jiang coldly.

Yan Jiang looked helpless but his arms were still strong and firm. He explained sheepishly. “You fell asleep. I was going to send you back to your room.”

Song Fei said, “You can wake me up.”

Yan Jiang said, “I won’t be able to hug you then.”

He was too straightforward and Song Fei couldn’t bring herself to say anything else.

“Put me down.”

Like an obedient baby, Yan Jiang hurriedly put her down.

Song Fei laid limply on the sofa. Rubbing her tummy, she glanced at Yan Jiang, who was standing beside her and staring at her intently. Ever since she exposed his wolfish ambition, Yan Jiang had been staring at her with such a piercing gaze.

Unable to bear Yan Jiang’s stare, Song Fei suddenly said, “Can you treat me to barbeque?”

Yan Jiang’s eyes lit up. “Now?”



Before leaving, Yan Jiang put on a baseball cap but didn’t wear any shades. With those shades, he felt like the world had turned dark. With Song Fei around, Yan Jiang only wanted to see the light.

Song Fei was still wearing her hoodie. She instinctively put it on when she left the house. After boarding the car, Song Fei asked Yan Jiang, “Aren’t you afraid of being photographed by the reporters?” Afraid of causing trouble for Yan Jiang, Song Fei had to wear a hoodie every time she went out.

Yan Jiang answered very honestly, “I can’t wait for everyone in the world to know about our scandal.”

Hearing this, Song Fei fell silent.

She took a deep look at Yan Jiang and mocked him. “You are quite bold to tease me.”

Yan Jiang said, “I thought that being in love with you was enough to prove my guts.”

Song Fei gazed pensively at Yan Jiang. She felt that he looked unfamiliar but not detestable. She caught Yan Jiang secretly observing her reaction as he drove. She pouted and warned him. “Drive safe.”

Yan Jiang hurriedly sat up straight and stared straight ahead.

Song Fei suddenly said, “You were so cowardly in the past. How did you end up like this?” Although the current Yan Jiang also cowered in front of Song Fei sometimes, he was brave and calm most of the time.

Yan Jiang said, “Without your protection, I have to grow up on my own.” If I’m not brave, how am I going to protect Song Fei and our child in the future? Yan Jiang didn’t dare to say this but only dared to think about it in his heart.

Song Fei felt like she didn’t understand Yan Jiang anymore.

In the past, Yan Jiang was innocent, easy to understand, and easy to bully. Bullying him was also a form of entertainment in Song Fei’s boring life. Now, Yan Jiang looked like a meat bun. Song Fei could pinch and flatten him, but his bun hid chili peppers.

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