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Chapter 154: Song Ci, You are Insulting a Soldier

Holding the three eggs, Song Ci smiled. “Do I need to hatch them?”

Han Zhan asked, “Are you willing?”

Song Ci looked at Han Zhan meaningfully and said, “Of course I am willing. It depends on whether you are willing.” She was no longer referring to hatching eggs but giving birth.

Han Zhan hid the smile in his eyes and gave Song Ci a meaningful look before saying, “Let’s wait until the matter with the Mu Family is settled, before preparing for pregnancy.”

Song Ci didn’t reply. She kept the eggs in her hands and walked along the white line of the asphalt road. There was a ditch at the edge and Han Zhan was worried that Song Ci would fall. He couldn’t help but remind her. “Be careful and don’t fall.”

Song Ci suddenly stopped.

Han Zhan stopped as well. He looked down at Song Ci and remained silent.

Song Ci didn’t turn back. She looked down at her toes and suddenly asked softly, “Brother Han, do you regret it?”

“Mmm?” Han Zhan asked her, “What do you mean?”

Only then did Song Ci turn around. She held the egg in her left hand, grabbed Han Zhan’s arm with her right, looked up at him, and said, “You told me that your hand was broken to save someone. All these years, thinking of those two lost fingers, as well as your dream that you could never achieve, do you regret saving that person back then?”

Han Zhan remained silent.

Song Ci bit her red lower lip and waited for it to turn pale before saying, “If you didn’t save that person, you wouldn’t have lost your fingers. That person ruined your dreams.”

Han Zhan’s expression darkened.

He looked at Song Ci disapprovingly with a solemn expression. “Song Ci, you are insulting a soldier.”

Song Ci was shocked and didn’t dare to look straight at Han Zhan.

Han Zhan continued. “In ancient times, there was a long line of defense against the foreign tribes. Today, there is a military soul protecting China. It is a soldier’s duty to obey orders. It is a soldier’s belief to protect our country. Even if I were to retire from the army, the military soul will never be extinguished. It will forever be carved into every single bone of mine. If you ask me if I regret…”

His scorching eyes stared at Song Ci’s slightly trembling pupils. Han Zhan’s sonorous voice carried an inviolable holiness. “You are insulting my character.”

Song Ci’s body went limp.

She hurriedly hugged Han Zhan’s waist with one hand and buried her face in his chest. Hearing Han Zhan’s slightly agitated heartbeat, Song Ci’s heart ached slightly. “But Brother Han, my heart aches for you…”

When Song Ci was rescued that year, she had inquired about the whereabouts of that soldier from the People’s Liberation Army. But the scene of the rescue was chaotic and everyone was busy saving people. Who would notice an ordinary soldier?

Song Ci thought of how she would sometimes joke about Han Zhan’s broken right hand after their marriage and felt like slapping herself! In order to save her, he had lost two fingers and she still dared to laugh at his incomplete hand!

Song Ci, you are inhuman!

“Han Zhan, Han Zhan, I’m sorry!” I’ve implicated you…

Song Ci hugged Han Zhan tightly as tears streamed down her face.

Seeing Song Ci cry, Han Zhan thought that his harsh words and fierce expression scared her. He sighed, placed his hand on Song Ci’s back, and gently stroked it.

“Baby Ci, it’s not a loss to exchange two fingers for a healthy person.” He kissed Song Ci’s hair and said, “You can feel sorry for me, but don’t cry for me. I feel terrible seeing this.”

Song Ci wanted to stop her tears but she couldn’t.

After a long while, she straightened her back in embarrassment. Wiping her face with the back of her hand, she smiled through her tears and said jokingly, “Luckily I didn’t put on makeup this morning. Otherwise, I’d definitely look terrible crying now.”

Han Zhan stared at her tear-streaked face and asked thoughtfully, “Why are you suddenly thinking of these things?”

Due to all sorts of considerations, Song Ci wasn’t willing to tell Han Zhan the truth. She raised an egg and said, “Seeing you climb a tree and imagining your previous carefree manner, I felt sorry for your previous encounter.”

“It’s alright. I’ve already endured through the toughest times. There’s nothing bad about my life now.” Han Zhan held Song Ci’s right hand and brought her down the mountain.

After returning home, Song Ci had wanted to steam the egg but Han Aoyu said, “The weather is cool now. Let’s have a barbeque tonight.”

Song Ci rubbed her hands and said, “Then we’ll roast the eggs!”

Han Aoyu glanced at Han Zhan and said, “Barbecue should be accompanied by beer!”

“Yes! Grandpa, do you like beer? Do you have it at home? If not, I’ll go buy it!” Song Ci had not had barbeque in a long time and was already drooling.

Han Aoyu chuckled. “Why not? When I was young, I loved to drink cold beer. It was cheap and refreshing!”

Han Zhan splashed cold water on her face. “What do you want to drink? You are not allowed to drink alcohol with high blood pressure.” After a pause, Han Zhan was merciful and stared at Han Aoyu. “But you can have a glass of fruit juice.”

Han Aoyu fumed. “Where did this little bastard come from? He has no conscience at all!”

Han Zhan remained expressionless. “No drinking.”

Han Aoyu saw that Han Zhan didn’t give him any face and couldn’t help bickering with him. Song Ci stifled a smile as she watched the grandfather and grandson bicker. She felt that this scene was exceptionally heartwarming.

At night, Han Zhan really set up a barbeque rack in the courtyard. The few of them were carnivores and all the ingredients they prepared were basically meat. Considering Song Ci’s image as an idol, Han Zhan also prepared some vegetables.

“Chives?” Han Zhan held a metal skewer and placed a plate of sliced chives in front of her. He planned to make them into barbecue skewers.

Song Ci said, “Yeah, just put it on a plate. When they are cooked later, put an egg in it. That will be delicious.”

“Alright.” Han Zhan threw down the metal skewer and went to the refrigerator to take out the meat-filled basket. Song Ci followed Han Zhan and asked from behind him, “Brother Han, can I roast durian?”

Han Zhan, who was not wearing a gas mask, was silent for a moment before rejecting. “Grandpa doesn’t like durians. I get dizzy just from smelling them.” It was definitely not wrong to make Grandpa the scapegoat for something.

As expected, Song Ci immediately dismissed the idea after hearing that his grandfather didn’t like durians.

As Han Zhan was cold and heartless, Han Aoyu had only eaten a skewer of roasted mutton and beef that night. After drinking half a glass of watermelon juice, he got up to go for a walk to digest his food and was prepared to go to bed on time.

Song Ci was focused on eating the beef kebabs that Han Zhan had made for her. Her cell phone rang for a long time before she noticed it.

After a long while, Song Ci finally heard her cell phone ring.

Song Ci took out her cell phone and saw that it was Song Fei calling. She hurriedly walked into the quiet garden with the kebabs and sat down on a wooden chair. Only then did Song Ci pick up the call. “Song Fei.”

Hearing Song Ci chewing on her food, Song Fei asked her, “What are you eating?”

“Do you want some beef kebabs?”

Song Fei had been eating lightly recently. Her taste buds twitched at the mention of beef kebabs. “I want to.”

“It’s a pity you can’t have it.” Song Ci purposely teased Song Fei. “My Brother Han’s beef kebabs are very tasty. I’ll treat you another day.”

“Maybe next year,” Song Fei said.

Hearing this reply, Song Ci was stunned. “Why do we have to wait until next year?” Her voice subconsciously became strained.

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