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Chapter 153: I will Knit Sweaters for Brother Han for the Rest of His Life

Arriving at the kitchen, Han Zhan saw his grandfather staring at the sink in a daze. He asked in a low voice, “Grandpa, are you coming with us?” After his grandmother passed away, his grandfather only went to visit his grandmother’s grave once and never went there again.

Han Aoyu waved his hand and said, “I won’t be going. You go with that Song Lass.” Seeing that cold graveyard, Han Aoyu didn’t feel good. He was old and couldn’t stand the thrill.

“Alright, I will go with Song Ci.”

Han Zhan walked over and patted his grandfather’s back. He squeezed it tightly before leaving.

The hill that Han Zhan’s family lived on was all Han Aoyu’s territory. His grandmother had not been cremated after her death and was buried directly at the top of the hill. There was a parking lot at the waist of the hill and all the cars were parked neatly.

Everyone alighted and climbed up over a hundred stone stairs, before finally reaching his grandmother, Lin Duanfang’s grave.

This was a proper grave. On the right was Grandma’s tombstone, and on the left was an empty plot of land. It was reserved for Han Aoyu’s grave. The tombstone was very well-preserved and the pure black surface of the tombstone was carved with golden words.

On the top right side of the tombstone was a photo of her grandmother in her old age. In the photo, her grandmother was wearing a light grey knitted cardigan with a blue floral skirt. She was wearing reading glasses and gazing quietly into the camera with grace and calmness.

Zhong Buhui placed the square table in front of the tombstone. Han Zhan placed the dishes that Han Aoyu personally made on the table. The table was filled with dishes that his grandmother loved to eat when she was alive.

“Grandma, I am Zhanzhan.” Han Zhan took a deep breath and placed a durian on the table. “Grandpa asked me to bring you a durian. This year’s durians are especially expensive. Grandpa laughed at you for being a gold digger and even causing his wallet to fly away even after you left.”

Hearing this, Song Ci, Zhong Buhui, and the rest all smiled.

Han Zhan lit three sticks of incense, walked up to the tombstone, knelt down, kowtowed, and placed the incense into the incense burner. Gazing at his grandmother’s photo, Han Zhan told her, “Grandma, I am married and brought my wife back today. Take a look at her.”

Turning back to look at Song Ci standing obediently behind him with her head slightly lowered, Han Zhan’s heart melted. “Her name is Song Ci. She is very beautiful and very capable. She knows how to knit, cook, and fly planes. She is the same as you— you both love durians.”

“Like Grandpa, I also found myself a Gold-Devouring Beast.” After a pause, Han Zhan said with a smile, “Grandma, if you are alive in heaven, please bless Zhanzhan and Song Ci to be together forever.”

Song Ci stood aside and blushed at his words.

Han Zhan gave three sticks of incense to Song Ci. “Baby Ci, offer some incense to Grandma.”

Song Ci knelt down beside Han Zhan and lit the incense. Holding the three joss sticks, Song Ci looked at her grandmother, who had aged elegantly in the photo, and then looked up at Han Zhan’s determined, handsome face beside her. Some distant memories surfaced in Song Ci’s mind…

Eight years ago, when the earthquake happened and Song Ci was thrown into the washroom by Song Fei, the house collapsed. Due to the great bearing power of the washroom, only a corner collapsed. Song Ci hid in the innermost corner. Her lower back was hit but her injuries were not serious.

Song Ci was trapped under the rubble, unable to see the light, unable to eat or drink. After an indeterminate period of time, a ray of light finally shone in. She opened her heavy eyelids and slowly turned back. She could vaguely make out that it was a young soldier wearing camouflage clothing.

His face was covered in dust, even his brows.

Seeing that Song Ci had opened her eyes and was still alive, a gratified smile finally broke out on the man’s taut, gray face. After seeing so many corpses, finally seeing a living person was a ray of hope.

“Young lady, don’t be afraid. I will save you now. You will be safe soon!” He moved the concrete slab that was placed on her waist. He had just hugged her shoulders when the ground started to shake again.

Instantly, the entire building collapsed and screams could be heard everywhere. As the building collapsed, that man stood behind her back and blocked her!

My life was given to me by Han Zhan…

Song Ci’s vision blurred again.

She raised the three joss sticks and gave her grandmother a deep kowtow, her forehead making dull thuds on the ground. Hearing this sound, Han Zhan couldn’t help but remind Song Ci. “Baby Ci, don’t use so much strength.”

Song Ci straightened her back and knocked down hard.

Han Zhan frowned and thought for a moment but didn’t stop her. After that, Song Ci said to Grandma, “Grandma, don’t worry. I, Song Ci, will dote on Han Zhan forever. In future, I will knit sweaters for Brother Han for the rest of his life.”

Han Zhan’s heart warmed at her words.

On the way back, Song Ci pulled Han Zhan, who was about to board the car, and said, “Brother Han, walk with me for a while. Anyway, it’s not far and it’s quite good to walk.”

Han Zhan looked down at her feet with concern in his eyes. “Your toes don’t hurt anymore?”

“They don’t hurt anymore.”

Han Zhan called out to Fang Shen. “Uncle Fang, drive my car down the hill. We’ll walk for a while.”


After all the vehicles had left, Song Ci and Han Zhan held hands as they headed down the hill along the asphalt road. Han Zhan grew up on this hill and was very familiar with all the vegetation on it.

Walking to the turn of the road, Han Zhan pulled Song Ci to a thick tree. “This osmanthus tree is so big. I smelled osmanthus just now at the top of the hill.” Song Ci opened her arms and tried to hug the tree, but she couldn’t.

Han Zhan walked up to her, opened his long arms, and touched Song Ci’s fingertips. Together, they hugged the thick trunk of the osmanthus tree. Song Ci looked up at this towering tree. She said, “It must be even older than you and me combined.”

Han Zhan retracted his hand and walked over to Song Ci’s side. He said, “This osmanthus tree is already 200 years old. When I was young, I often climbed up the tree to find eggs.”

Covering his eyes with his hands to block the strong sunlight, Han Zhan looked up at the top of the tree, narrowed his eyes to search for a few seconds, and said, “There’s a bird’s nest there. I’ll go and see if there are any bird eggs.”

Han Zhan took off his jacket and handed it to Song Ci. He rolled up his pants and gracefully climbed up the tree. Worried that he would fall down, Song Ci hurriedly advised him. “Brother Han, step steadily. Don’t step on the weak branches.”

“Don’t worry.”

Han Zhan was a tree-climbing expert and his movements were very steady.

Song Ci observed his actions and complained. “Brother Han, you look like a monkey climbing a tree.”

Han Zhan nearly missed a step.

He roared. “Shut up!”

Song Ci quickly shut her mouth.

Han Zhan squatted on a branch and looked into the nest. He saw three white eggs and said to Song Ci, “There are three eggs!”

Song Ci was overjoyed. “Take them down!”


Han Zhan wrapped his left arm around a tree branch above his head, stretched out his right hand towards the bird’s nest, and easily retrieved three eggs. He put the eggs into his pants pocket and searched for other bird’s nests, but couldn’t find any.

“There’s no more here.”

Song Ci waved at Han Zhan. “Come down then.”

Only then did Han Zhan come down from the tree. After landing, he handed the eggs to Song Ci as if presenting a treasure and said, “The eggs are all yours.”

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