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Chapter 149: Cannot Ruin the Foodie Character Trait

“This is my lover, Song Ci. Song Ci, this is Uncle Lin.” Han Zhan introduced Lin Chong’an to Song Ci.

Song Ci had a glib tongue and hurriedly greeted him as ‘Uncle Lin’.

Lin Chong’an smiled so widely that his eyes narrowed into slits. “How obedient. Come, since it’s our first time meeting, I prepared a red packet for you. Take it.” Lin Chong’an took out a red packet and handed it to Song Ci, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

Song Ci didn’t take it but looked at Han Zhan. After Han Zhan nodded, Song Ci accepted the red packet with both hands and thanked him politely.

“Sorry for making you spend money, Uncle Lin.” Han Zhan said.

Lin Chong’an waved his hand and sighed. “I’ve waited so many years for such an opportunity.” We aren’t afraid of giving out red packets, just afraid that we won’t be able to.

Han Zhan then said, “I’ll go visit Grandpa first, so I’ll talk to you later.”

“Alright, go ahead.”

Han Zhan drove towards the carpark. Song Ci held the red packet and smiled at him. “Zhanzhan?”

Han Zhan pretended to be deaf.

Song Ci didn’t open the red packet. She stuffed it into her bag and followed Han Zhan into the Han residence.

Han Aoyu personally cooked, while Zhong Buhui assisted from the side. The other subordinate was arranging the training equipment at the school grounds. Hearing Han Zhan and Song Ci’s talking, Han Aoyu turned off the stove, washed his hands, and rubbed them on his apron, before walking out slowly.

“Lass Song, you guys are finally here! Come quickly, I made sausages and duck hotpot for you. We’ll have hotpot with dried bamboo shoots later!” Han Aoyu grabbed Song Ci’s hand. He was so anxious to show off his cooking that he ignored Han Zhan who was beside him.

Han Aoyu pulled Song Ci into the kitchen.

Song Ci saw that Han Aoyu was still busy in the kitchen even though he was already in his 80s, and felt very apologetic. She took off the apron on the hook and wanted to help. “Grandpa, quickly rest. Let me make it.”

Han Aoyu hurriedly stopped her. “Go away, go away. I’ve cooked for his grandmother my entire life and am already used to it. With me, you won’t have the chance to cook.” Looking at Song Ci’s fair and clean hands, Han Aoyu added, “Your hands are so delicate and clean. Cooking is a waste.”

Song Ci looked helplessly at that tall figure outside the kitchen and hurriedly said, “Brother Han, aren’t you coming to help Grandpa cook?”

Han Zhan had no choice but to walk over.

Before he even got close to the kitchen counter, Han Aoyu snatched the apron from Song Ci’s arms and stuffed it into Han Zhan’s hands. He ordered him, “The pork trotter is done but it hasn’t been soaked in soup yet. You do it.”

Han Zhan complained as he put on the apron. “Grandpa, the preferential treatment shouldn’t be too obvious.”

Han Aoyu opened the lid of the steamer, took out a few sausages with his chopsticks, and offered them to Song Ci. “Here, try this.”

Song Ci hurriedly opened her mouth and bit off two pieces of sausage in one mouth. It was very tasty. “It’s delicious.”

Han Aoyu chuckled and said, “I know you can eat a lot, so I’ve specially made a lot for you. Eat as much as you want later. Don’t be embarrassed.”

Song Ci was speechless.

In order to satisfy Han Aoyu, Song Ci had set up a ‘foodie’ image for herself the first time they met in Wangdong City. Thinking of how she would have to eat to her heart’s content these few days, Song Ci couldn’t help feeling slightly worried.

I’m going to gain weight!

Han Zhan glanced at Song Ci, saw her troubled look, and smiled very disloyally.

Dinner was ready in no time. Han Aoyu ate without any reservations, and called Zhong Buhui and his two subordinates over. The other subordinate was called Fang Shen. He was just 40 years old and had dark skin and a burly figure. He looked rather dull but his eyes were fierce.

But when faced with Song Ci, Fang Shen gave a reserved smile. That smile made him appear rather straightforward. “Little Song, I also prepared a red packet for you. Here, take it.” Song Ci was 22 years old and very young, so everyone present could call her little girl.

Song Ci accepted Fang Shen’s red packet and said thank you.

Following which, Zhong Buhui also took out a red packet and gave it to Song Ci.

Song Ci accepted them all.

Seeing that everyone had given Song Ci red packets, Han Aoyu was very satisfied. He said to Song Ci, “Red packets are all common items. Grandpa has prepared something nice for you. I will bring you to see it after dinner!”

Song Ci was curious. “What did Grandpa prepare for me?”

“I’m not going to reveal it now.”

Song Ci said, “I also prepared a gift for Grandpa. If you’re willing to tell me your surprise, I will give it to you now.”

“You’re full of tricks!” Han Aoyu rolled his eyes. In the end, he couldn’t resist the temptation of receiving a gift and said in surprise, “I’ll give you some calligraphy and paintings I’ve collected, and some of the jewelry left behind by Han Zhan’s grandmother and his mother…”

Song Ci didn’t dare to imagine how expensive those gifts were.

She felt rather embarrassed when she retrieved the sweater from her luggage. Song Ci placed the gift box on the chair, opened it, retrieved the gray-blue sweater inside, and handed it to Han Aoyu.

“I knitted a sweater for Grandpa. It’s my first time knitting a sweater and I’m not very familiar with it. I might not have handled the details well.” Song Ci was being humble. As the sweater was meant for Han Aoyu, Song Ci had handled every single thread meticulously, so this sweater was not inferior to the ones sold on the market.

Han Aoyu accepted the sweater and stroked it lovingly for a moment before sighing. “I really like this present. Song Lass, if your grandmother was still alive, she would definitely like you very much.”

Han Aoyu looked up at the portrait of Grandma Han hanging on the wall of the main hall and said despondently, “Duanfang really likes to knit. Every winter, she will always knit a few pieces for me and Zhanzhan. That winter when Duanfang left, she would sit in front of the fireplace every day to knit. She was afraid that if she passed on, no one would knit for us anymore…”

Tears welled up in Han Aoyu’s eyes. He said in a choked voice, “Great, now there are people who will continue to dote on Zhanzhan.” As an old man who had been through thick and thin all his life, it was very easy to stir up emotions in him at the mention of the past, and his eyes reddened.

Song Ci looked at Han Aoyu helplessly. She didn’t know what to say to comfort him.

Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci’s hand and whispered into her ear. “Grandpa is missing Grandma again.” It was Grandma’s death anniversary tomorrow and Han Aoyu couldn’t help feeling sad.

Han Zhan glanced at Zhong Buhui. Zhong Buhui received Han Zhan’s hint and hurriedly said to Han Aoyu, “Old Master, it’s time to eat. Zhanzhan and that lass Song came all the way here and they’re still hungry!”

Han Aoyu snapped out of his trance and hurriedly kept his sweater, indicating for everyone to eat.

Song Ci didn’t dare to ruin her image. In order to show her fondness for Han Aoyu’s culinary skills, she ate two bowls of rice and half of that plate of sausages. Seeing this, Han Aoyu was very satisfied. He felt that a lady who could eat well was very fortunate.

After dinner, Song Ci sent out the small gifts that she had prepared for Zhong Buhui, Lin Chong’an, and the rest. Only then did she bring her luggage back to their room with Han Zhan. Han Zhan’s room was on the third level and had a huge French window.

Instead of calling this a bedroom, it was more like a small suite. There was a master bedroom, a small living room, and a simple little kitchen with a refrigerator, television, and wine cabinet. The design of the master bedroom was very stylish. Between the bathroom and the bed was a carved screen made of wood.

Song Ci laid on the light grey bedsheets and looked out the window at the shade of the trees. She sighed. “Brother Han, when we’re old, let’s return here to enjoy our retirement.”

Han Zhan was pleased by her words. “Okay, as long as you like it.”

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