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Chapter 148: I Kind of Like You Now
“Is this your high school?”

“That’s right.” Han Zhan took off his seatbelt and said to Song Ci, “The pea starch jelly here is especially tasty. You will definitely like it.”

Song Ci followed Han Zhan out of the car and walked to a small stall on the left side of the school gates. She saw an old man setting up a stall. In front of his stall was a small bowl of starch jelly, which looked very clean and somewhat resembled translucent lychee meat.

Han Zhan was too tall and had to squat down to speak to the old man. “Grandpa, give me two bowls of jelly, one with parsley, and one without.”

Song Ci pulled up her skirt and squatted down like Han Zhan. She saw the old man slice the jelly into slices and sprinkle the secret garlic sauce on them.

Song Ci actually felt slightly resistant when she smelled that fragrance. She didn’t usually eat such heavy-flavored food and would always feel the garlic flavor in her mouth, after she finished it.

The old man handed the bowl of jelly to Han Zhan. “Here. It’s originally priced at 8 yuan per serving, but since you bought two, I’ll just charge you 15 yuan.”

Han Zhan took the starch jelly and said, “The price has increased. In the past, it was three yuan per serving.” As he spoke, he took out his cell phone and scanned the WeChat.

The old man was amused by Han Zhan’s words. He rolled his eyes. “I was still your uncle when it was three yuan a bowl. I’m already your grandfather now.”

Han Zhan raised his brows. He felt that the old man’s words made sense and didn’t pursue the matter.

Song Ci and Han Zhan sat under the umbrella to eat starch jelly. Han Zhan hadn’t eaten this in a long time and was eating rather happily. Just when he reached the fifth piece, he suddenly heard Song Ci ask, “Does Du Xueyan like this too?”

The starch jelly was stuck in Han Zhan’s throat.

He swallowed the starch jelly with difficulty, and noticed that Song Ci didn’t eat a single bite. He said, “She doesn’t like it. She is burdened by her image as an idol and despises the garlic taste.”

“Oh.” Song Ci then put a piece of starch jelly into her mouth.

Han Zhan sat stiffly on the stool, feeling slightly uneasy. Song Ci swallowed the starch jelly and commented. “Not bad.” She gracefully finished a bowl of starch jelly and stood up.

Standing under the blazing sun, Song Ci called Han Zhan’s name. “Han Zhan.”

Han Zhan looked up and saw Song Ci’s burgundy curly hair glowing in the sunlight. She was beautiful and alluring, but her expression was stubborn. Song Ci said, “Han Zhan, I don’t like to eat such food with heavy tastes either. But if you like it, I’m willing to accompany you.”

After a pause, Song Ci added. “You must cherish it.” With that, she turned around and walked into a small shop to buy a bottle of lemon water.

After downing a mouthful of lemon water, Song Ci looked down and tightened the cap. She realized that the spokesperson for the lemon water was Du Xueyan, and her image was imprinted on the bottle. Song Ci had completely turned into a lemon drop under the lemon tree.

Han Zhan strolled over, snatched away her lemon water, threw the bottle into the dustbin, and stuffed a sweet into her hand. Song Ci looked down at the toffee in her palm and remained silent.

“Eat something sweet and don’t drink anything sour,” Han Zhan said.

After a moment of silence, Song Ci unwrapped the toffee and stuffed it into her mouth.

The tip of her tongue twirled the candy around in her mouth and a sweet taste filled it. Only then did Song Ci stand up and look at Han Zhan. Song Ci pointed at her own chest and said with drooping eyelids, “Han Zhan, I feel terrible here. I still feel terrible after eating the candy.”

Han Zhan’s expression changed slightly.

Tears welled up in Song Ci’s eyes. “I think I like you a little now.”

Han Zhan’s throat vibrated.

Suddenly, he felt terrible, as if a hole had been torn in his heart and a hint of sweetness was pouring in. Han Zhan hugged Song Ci. “It’s all in the past, Song Ci. I can change any flaws, but my past cannot be changed.”

Song Ci said in a low voice, “I understand your reasoning, but I just don’t feel good.”

Han Zhan really had no choice. Other than hugging Song Ci tightly, he did not know what else to do. After a while, Song Ci composed herself and wriggled out of Han Zhan’s embrace. She reminded him, “It’s time to go. Grandpa is still waiting for us to go back for lunch.”

Han Zhan was still worried and sized Song Ci up seriously for a moment. Seeing that she had really calmed down, he pulled her hand and sat back into the car.

As the car drove into the suburbs, there were fewer vehicles and the farmland and three-story buildings became more and more commonplace. Song Ci lowered the window and stared at the endless green rice fields. She imagined Han Zhan pulling up his pants to plant rice and couldn’t help laughing.

Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Are these season crop rice?”

“Mmm.” Han Zhan told Song Ci, “We can harvest it in another month.”

“It’s all harvesters now, right?”


Song Ci rubbed her hands in anticipation. She asked Han Zhan, “What ripe fruits does Grandpa’s house have now?”

“Hawthorn, chestnuts, and dates are almost all ready to be harvested.”

Song Ci rolled up her sleeves. “Then I will go and pick chestnuts for you to make roasted chestnut chicken.”


The car turned around a corner and drove onto an asphalt road. Song Ci heard Han Zhan say, “We’re almost there. It’s the house hidden in the forest.”

Song Ci looked up and saw Han Zhan pointing at a villa built in a forest halfway up the hill. The villa was made of red and yellow tiles and was hidden in the forest. It was low-key and exuded a sense of luxury and mystery. This was completely different from what Song Ci had imagined.

“It’s actually a forest villa. I thought Grandpa’s house was just an ordinary villa built in a rural area.”

Han Zhan told Song Ci, “My grandmother designed this herself when she was still alive.”

“This should be the most luxurious villa within a 10-mile radius.”

Han Zhan made a joke. “After all, this is the hometown of the richest man.”

Song Ci had thought that after reaching her grandfather’s house, she would be treated like a national treasure by the villagers. But after reaching her grandfather’s house, Song Ci realized that there was no one at all within a kilometer of her.

Most of the neighbors’ houses were built along the road. Meanwhile, Han Aoyu’s house was built halfway up the hill. A wall surrounded the villa for more than 300 meters. It was planned to be a garden, a court, a swimming pool, a school grounds and vegetable fields.

At the entrance of the villa, the words “Han Residence” was written on a black metal door.

With such a majestic aura, who would dare to come visit?

Not only was Han Aoyu staying in this house, but his steward, Zhong Buhui, as well as the two officers in charge of protecting Old Master Han’s life were also staying in the house. Seeing that Han Zhan had returned, the middle-aged man called Lin Chong’an opened the door and stood aside to give Han Zhan a military salute.

Han Zhan alighted and gave him a military salute.

“Zhanzhan, long time no see. You brought your wife back to visit your grandpa?” Lin Chong’an glanced at Song Ci and his eyes lit up. Zhong Buhui wasn’t lying. Zhanzhan’s wife was indeed a great beauty.

Han Zhan said helplessly, “Uncle Lin, I’ m already over thirty years old. Don’t call me Zhanzhan anymore.”

However, Lin Chong’an said, “So what if you’re in your thirties? I’ll always be 10 years older than you. To me, you’ll always be a child.”

Han Zhan gave up arguing.

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