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Chapter 147: Han Zhan: I am Cheap

Han Zhan shook his head. “I’m not afraid. It’s common sense to buckle up in a car.”

“You are a good boy.” Song Ci fastened her seatbelt.

Song Ci had not driven for a long time and was still feeling rather nervous as she started the car. The car slowly drove out of the underground carpark and onto the road, as Song Ci’s muscles gradually relaxed.

Seeing that Song Ci’s car was driving steadily and her expression was more relaxed than he had expected, Han Zhan also felt relieved. He asked Song Ci, “How is it? Are you scared?”

Song Ci nodded. “A little.” The accident had affected Song Ci greatly. She kept feeling that the car in front and behind her could lose control at any time and crash into her.

Han Zhan saw that she kept looking at the rearview mirror to observe the cars behind, and he knew what Song Ci was afraid of. Han Zhan suddenly patted the back of her hand and said to her, “You can drive by yourself when I’m by your side in the future.” After a pause, Han Zhan added, “If there is really an emergency, I will be the only one in trouble. I will protect you.”

Song Ci felt very touched.

On the way back to Shunchen City, Song Ci worked with Xiong Jian as the co-pilot. Meanwhile, Song Shiqing sat in the observation position. After the plane took off, Xiong Jian shared with Song Ci many experiences about reacting during an emergency in flight.

Song Ci listened intently and was very energetic the entire journey.

Arriving at Shunchen City, Xiong Jian and Song Shiqing followed Han Zhan’s instructions and flew the plane back to Wangdong City. Han Zhan pulled Song Ci to the parking lot and brought her to board Aoyu Number 1.

This was the first time in Song Ci’s current life that she rode on Aoyu Number 1. When she arrived in front of the car, she realized that this car was slightly different from the photos on the official website.

It should be custom-made.

After boarding the car, Song Ci touched the leather seat beneath her and smiled. “Actually, in my previous life, I also bought this car, but I used the smart mode.”

Han Zhan didn’t mock Song Ci for being useless. He said, “The smart mode of this car is very safe and accurate. The research and development department is developing Aoyu Number 2 and it’s expecting to be launched five years later.” Thinking of Song Ci’s difference, Han Zhan asked her, “Was Aoyu Number 2 successfully launched?”

Song Ci nodded. “It was listed. Not only was Aoyu Number Two successfully launched, your Zeus spaceship was also successfully developed. You opened up a space tourism industry that shocked the entire world. The year I died, you were already recognized as the richest man in Asia and ranked second on the wealthiest chart in the world.”

Song Ci’s heart also warmed slightly at the mention of Han Zhan’s final achievements. She sighed. “Brother Han, you’re really amazing.”

Han Zhan said, “No matter how capable I am, I’m still your man.”

Song Ci felt very comforted by his words.

Han Aoyu stayed in the countryside, so he needed to drive through many streets in Shunchen City, before returning home via the provincial road. Han Zhan chose human driving mode and steered Aoyu Number 1 towards Shunchen City with Song Ci.

Along the way, Song Ci said, “This car looks different from what was posted on the official website. Is it custom-made?”

“Mmm.” Han Zhan told Song Ci, “There are only two of this Aoyu Number 1 model in the world. The one I’m using is a gift for Grandpa.”

Song Ci asked, “What about the other one?”

Han Zhan said, “It should be sent to Wangdong City today. It’s registered under your name.”

Song Ci was slightly surprised. “For me?”


Before Song Ci could say anything, Han Zhan said, “I want to give the most special present to the most special person in my life.” In this world, Han Aoyu and Song Ci held the greatest meaning in Han Zhan’s life.

Song Ci gazed at Han Zhan, her heart suddenly fluttering.

She quietly averted her gaze and gazed out the window at the crowd. After a long while, she finally placed her hand on her chest.

Just now, her heart was racing for Han Zhan.

Han Zhan concentrated on driving and didn’t notice anything unusual with Song Ci. But since Song Ci kept silent, Han Zhan thought she was sleepy. “Are you still sleepy? Do you want to sleep?”

Song Ci shook her head. “A little.”

They still had a long journey, and Han Zhan wanted Song Ci to chat with him for a while more. He found a topic to chat about. “Actually, this car is my birthday present to my grandfather.”

Han Zhan told Song Ci something else. “Actually, my grandmother’s death anniversary is my grandfather’s birthday. But ever since my grandmother passed away, my grandfather has never celebrated his birthday.”

Hearing this, Song Ci also felt slightly sad. “Your grandfather and grandmother must be very close. How did they meet?”

“My grandfather was born a boorish man, while my grandmother is a well-educated young lady from a wealthy family. Although my grandfather looks very knowledgeable now, it’s all my grandmother’s doing. In today’s terms, my grandfather marrying my grandmother is like climbing up the social ladder.”

“In that era, they got together and had a new lease of life. My grandmother followed her father to the countryside and got to know my grandfather. She was 14 years old then and he was only 17 years old. He was born poor and came from a poor family. In order to have a bright future, he joined the military at the age of 20.”

“Grandpa was already 30 years old when he returned in glory. My grandmother was 27 years old then, but she was single all this time and was waiting for my grandfather. My grandmother was a well-known old lady among the several nearby villages. Many people were waiting to see her make a fool of herself.”

“Luckily, my grandmother’s wait paid off. Grandpa returned with honor and married her. They spent their entire life together lovingly.”

Song Ci’s face lit up as she listened to the real life story that was like a television drama. She said, “In that era, women who were 27 years old and still didn’t get married would be criticized. Your grandmother was also very brave.”

“Yeah.” Han Zhan touched the steering wheel gently and suddenly said, “My mother is like my grandmother—brave and devoted.”

It was rare to hear Han Zhan mention his mother. After being married for so long, Song Ci only knew that Mother Han passed away when Han Zhan was five years old, but she did not know how Mother Han died.

Song Ci saw that Han Zhan didn’t wish to talk about his biological mother, so she didn’t pursue the matter. She was afraid of tearing apart the scar in Han Zhan’s heart and she couldn’t bear to see him in pain.

Turning to look at the bustling streets outside the window, Song Ci ended this conversation that belonged to the older generation. She smiled. “The first time I came to Shunchen City, I was just a foreigner. The second time I’m here, I’m part of the Shunchen family. Fate is truly wonderful.”

Han Zhan recalled the first time he came to Shunchen City on a work trip with Song Ci. He sighed. “At that time, I felt that you were full of problems. You always wore short skirts and wasted food. You didn’t eat coriander, smelly tofu, and even went to a bar…”

Song Ci complained. “Then why did you still marry me?”

Han Zhan was silent for a long while before saying, “Being greedy for your beauty and your young, seductive body is my downfall.”

Song Ci was speechless.

She was stunned by Brother Han’s honesty. “You don’t have to slander yourself like this.”

Han Zhan also found it funny.

The car turned several corners on an unfamiliar street, before finally coming to a stop. Han Zhan woke up the drowsy Song Ci. “Baby Ci, I’ll treat you to some food.”

Song Ci reluctantly opened her eyes and looked out of the window. Once she saw the school gates of Shunchen High School, she instantly snapped out of her daze.

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