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Chapter 129: Song Ci has a Dog’s Nose

It had been too long since she last ate and her stomach was already very small. She could only eat the softest and most tender foods. After leisurely drinking half a bowl of porridge, Song Fei finally came to life.

Leaving the breakfast shop, she entered a dark internet cafe.

Turning on the browser, Song Fei remained silent for a moment, before placing her hand on the keyboard. Having not moved in so many years, she was still slightly unfamiliar with the keyboard. But very quickly, her fingers became nimble and fast.

She entered a sentence on the webpage:

How to use WeChat to pay?

After spending a few minutes to figure out what Alipay and WeChat were, Song Fei didn’t find out more. She stayed in the internet cafe for another hour and checked on some things before leaving.

Returning home, Song Fei found a piece of white A4 paper and wrote down one name after another.

Mu Mian, Mu Qiu, Du Tingting, Song Ci, Han Zhan, the doctor, Cheng Yanmo, Cheng Ziang, organ intermediary…

Song Fei wrote many things on that piece of paper. After getting to the bottom of the situation, she came up with a bold and crazy plan.

Han Zhan was going to Shenyang on this business trip.

Song Ci flew alongside him. Due to the accident, she had been recuperating for some time. She went back to work today, but she was still sitting on the observer’s seat.

It had been a long time since Song Shiqing last saw Song Ci. Song Shiqing smiled and asked her, “Miss Song…” Thinking that Song Ci and Han Zhan were already married, Song Shiqing changed his words.” Madam, are you better now? ”

Song Ci blushed. “Call me Song Ci, don’t call me Madam.” They were colleagues and it felt awkward to be addressed as Madam.

Song Shiqing nodded. “Alright, Song Ci.”

Only then did Song Ci answer Song Shiqing’s previous question. Thank you for your concern, but my injuries have already recovered. I haven’t thanked you seriously, as you and Brother Xiong had arrived timely to save me. When we reach Shenyang, I’ll treat you guys to a meal.”

Song Ci later heard from Li Li that on the day of her accident, Xiong Jian was worried about her condition and specially called her before flying. Only then did he know about her accident.

Song Shiqing waved his hand. “There’s no need to be so polite.”

Xiong Jian also suddenly turned around and stared at Song Ci. He warned her sternly. “In the future, you can’t just look ahead while driving. You must also pay attention to the left and right sides of the road. Just because you drive in a civilized manner, it doesn’t mean that others also drive in the same way. You only have one life and you must cherish it. Just take this as a lesson learnt.”

Xiong Jian and the rest didn’t know that there was something fishy about Song Ci’s accident, so they were really saying this for her own good.

Song Ci’s heart warmed slightly. She smiled sweetly at Xiong Jian. “Alright, I will remember it.”

Being attacked by Song Ci’s sweetness, Xiong Jian coughed unnaturally and turned to say to Song Shiqing, “Get ready to take off.”

The plane took off very quickly. As it took off, Song Ci leaned against the seat behind her. She opened her eyes to look at the rays of the rising sun. Her limp body finally regained its strength.

It was not even noon when they arrived at Shenyang.

Song Ci and Han Zhan left together. In the car, Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “How are you feeling today?”

“Not bad, I feel quite comfortable.”

“That’s good.”

The Jetta International Hotel also had a branch in Shenyang. The group of them stayed at the Jetta Shenyang branch. Song Ci and Han Zhan stayed in the presidential suite and ate lunch in the hotel cafeteria. After lunch, Song Ci went to bed, while Han Zhan brought a few colleagues to meet the representative of Shen Fei Group.

Zeus Number 1 was a super high-tech product with over 6 million body parts. Zeus Airlines had very high standards for every single part. The company had entrusted the manufacturing of Zeus Number 1’s parts to hundreds of manufacturers worldwide. Han Zhan had come to Shenyang this time to observe the manufacturing standards of the aircraft manufacturing plant and the character of their collaborators.

There were only two things that Han Zhan valued the most when collaborating with others. The first was their technique, and the second was the image of the corporation. If one had good skills and had a bad image in the corporation, one would still be unqualified.

Two men and a woman were in charge of welcoming Han Zhan. The woman was in her early thirties and had an upright and gracious manner. She was the deputy manager of Shen Fei Group called Liu Yun. Liu Yun brought Han Zhan to the factory and spent the entire afternoon there.

At night, Liu Yun organized a dinner party and had dinner with Han Zhan and the rest. At the dinner party, the other party tried to sound out Han Zhan’s thoughts and after confirming that he was not interested in the foot-washing related things, she personally sent Han Zhan back to the hotel.

Arriving at the hotel, Liu Yun stopped the car. Seeing that Han Zhan was looking down and sending a message, she chuckled and reminded Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, we have already arrived at the hotel. I see that you are slightly drunk. Shall I send you up?” At some point, Liu Yun’s suit jacket had been undone, and her tight blouse accentuated her sexy and fit figure.

Han Zhan looked up and inadvertently saw this scene. He quickly looked away as if he hadn’t seen anything.

Han Zhan spoke politely and coldly. “It’s already very tiring for Manager Liu to send me back personally. The hotel staff has very good service and they will send me back to my room. I won’t trouble you to continue rushing around.”

“Thank you, Manager Liu, for your explanation today. It’s getting late and you should go home early to rest.” With that, Han Zhan opened the car door, bent over, got out of the car, and strode into the hotel without turning back.

Liu Yun stared at Han Zhan’s tall and elegant back view with dark eyes.

Whether this Han Zhan was really as calm as still water and could resist temptation, or was he just as scheming, Liu Yun could see it clearly with her eyes. He was really not interested in the sex trade.

No one liked to exchange their bodies for business. Liu Yun secretly heaved a sigh of relief as she avoided some trouble.

Song Ci was having a good time staying alone in the presidential suite. She took a bath and had a full-body spa. When Han Zhan returned, Song Ci was lying in the king-sized bed watching a movie.

Han Zhan glanced at the screen and saw that Song Ci was watching a minor German movie. “What movie is this?” Han Zhan understood German but didn’t know much about German movies.

“Heidi and Grandpa.” Song Ci patted the empty seat beside her and signaled for Han Zhan to sit down. Han Zhan walked over and sat beside her. He smelled her delicate fragrance and asked her, “What shower gel did you use?”

“I went for a spa this afternoon and used vanilla scented essential oils. Does it smell good?” Song Ci pulled down her clothes, revealing her fair and smooth shoulders. “Look, did my skin become smoother?”

Han Zhan smiled. “It’s not that amazing.”

Song Ci pouted. “That lady said I am so fair that I glow.”

Han Zhan suddenly thought of the sales lady who had deceived him into drinking nutritional tea. “Don’t believe them. They are all liars.”

Song Ci snorted. She smelled something and suddenly leaned over to Han Zhan’s side. Song Ci’s nose twitched on Han Zhan’s shoulder and she suddenly said, “Perfume. A woman’s.”

Han Zhan chuckled. “Were you born in the year of the dog?”

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