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Chapter 127: Song Fei Wakes Up

Han Zhan didn’t know that Song Ci had such a brilliant past. Although Han Zhan didn’t understand music, he knew how high Shen Yubei’s position was in the music and arts circles. “Shen Yubei is very famous. I know him. Rongrong Godmother had collaborated with Teacher Shen Yubei before. I am also fortunate to have met him.”

As Shen Yubei’s disciple, Song Ci must be very outstanding.

Han Zhan had seen Song Ci play the violin at her birthday charity banquet. Song Ci, who played the violin, had an unspeakable allure.

There was a question on Han Zhan’s mind. He asked Song Ci, “Since you like the violin so much, why did you become a pilot in the end?”

Song Ci felt very guilty. She lowered her head, looked at her own hands, and said despondently, “When I was 14 years old, my parents and elder sister accompanied me to attend the National Violin Award for Adolescence. It was summer vacation then and we set off a few days in advance to travel around Bijiang City for a few days.”

“I didn’t think we’d encounter an earthquake…”

Song Ci’s face turned slightly pale as she thought of that dark period. “After the earthquake, I suffered a serious psychological barrier and didn’t dare to play the violin anymore. As long as I touched the violin, I would think of my bloodied parents and my unconscious sister. My hands would shake uncontrollably… I would never be able to play the violin again.”

Han Zhan didn’t expect such a dark past to lie behind Song Ci’s abandonment of the violin.

He grabbed Song Ci’s hands. The right hand with broken fingers was slightly ugly on the back of Song Ci’s fair hands. But at this moment, no one disliked it. Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “Then what made you pull yourself together again?”

Song Ci smiled sheepishly. “In my previous life, after my divorce with Cheng Ziang, I received some psychological treatment and gradually recovered.” It was a blessing in disguise.

Han Zhan frowned the moment he heard Cheng Ziang’s name. He ignored the unhappiness in his heart and asked Song Ci, “What made you want to be a pilot?”

Song Ci’s eyes lit up with admiration. She lifted her head slightly and smiled. “Didn’t I tell you before that I have a crush on someone?”

Han Zhan nodded silently and looked at her strangely.

Song Ci glanced at Han Zhan carefully. Seeing that Han Zhan didn’t mind her talking about her crush, she was relieved. Song Ci told Han Zhan, “Actually, my crush is part of the liberation army.”

Han Zhan said, “I see…”

Song Ci said, “He saved me and gave me a second life. He is my hero.”

“Hero?” Han Zhan repeated this phrase with an indescribable complexity.

Song Ci nodded vigorously. “Mmm, he is my hero, a true hero.” Song Ci clutched her chest as her breathing became shallow. “After the earthquake, I was trapped in the rubble for two days. It was that soldier from the People’s Liberation Army who found me, but the God of Luck didn’t look after us. Before he could rescue me, the aftershock happened. A dangerous building beside us collapsed and pinned both of us down.”

“In order to protect me, he used his body to protect me.”

“During those few days when I was pinned down, he was the one who kept talking to me. He told me about his mother, his grandfather, and his dreams.” Song Ci shook her head and smiled. She said, “Actually, I didn’t even get to see what he looked like. Under those circumstances, everyone was covered in soot and dirt. It would be strange if I could see his face clearly. But I just like him. He is especially warm and can sing for me, even though his singing is terrible.”

Han Zhan was strangely silent for a moment. Before Song Ci could speak again, Han Zhan suddenly asked her, “Does he sing very badly?”

“Mmm, I have never seen anyone with such a poor voice. Not a single sentence was sung correctly.” Although he was her crush, Song Ci was merciless when it came to criticizing him.

Han Zhan’s face darkened. “It can’t be that he can’t sing a single sentence correctly.”

Song Ci said, “Why would I lie to you? He’s really tone-deaf.”

Han Zhan remained silent.

Song Ci glanced at Han Zhan and asked, “Why are you suddenly silent? Are you jealous?”

Han Zhan shook his head with mixed feelings. “No.”

“Then why aren’t you saying anything?”

Han Zhan changed the subject and asked her, “What has this got to do with you being a pilot?”

Song Ci pouted. “The brother from the People’s Liberation Army told me that he thinks female military pilots are the most attractive. He said that his mother used to be a female pilot, the type who flew fighter planes. Since I liked him, I had to be the most attractive woman.”

Han Zhan was slightly shocked. “Just because of this?”

“Mmm.” Song Ci was actually a very simple-minded and brainless person. After realizing that she couldn’t play the violin anymore, she set her goal of becoming a female flight pilot.

Unfortunately, due to her injuries from the earthquake and a long scar on her waist, she was rejected during the interview. To settle for the next best thing, she could only fly a private jet.

Han Zhan stroked her hair and told her, “If that soldier knew that a little girl worked so hard for his words, he would be very heartened.”

Song Ci’s eyes lit up. “Really?”


Song Ci was satisfied. She laid down on the pillow and said, “Let’s go to Austria for our honeymoon. Brother Han, will you accompany me to the Golden Hall to watch a performance?”


That night, the newlyweds were talking about their honeymoon arrangements.

The young girl, who was nearing the end of her life, was drowning in guilt towards her father and her desire to live on.

The man, who was afraid to sleep at night, was still working late at the set.

In a certain corner of the city, on a spacious bed, a sleeping woman slowly opened her eyes that had been shut for eight years!

The dim light shone into Song Fei’s eyes.

She gradually opened her eyes. After getting used to the brightness, she started to size up her surroundings.

All around her was darkness, but she could make out some faint outlines of furniture.

Song Fei was bewildered. Where am I?

But Song Fei calmed down very quickly. She tried to get up but her body was so limp and weak that she couldn’t even get up.

Song Fei laid quietly for a while before propping herself up again. Gritting her teeth, she sat up. Slowly, she shifted her legs to the side of the bed and stepped on the wooden floor. She tried to stand up but failed the first time. She failed the second time. The third time, she stood up and collapsed to the floor.

After struggling on the floor for a long time, Song Fei finally stood up with the help of the cupboard beside the bed. Her malnourished body kept trembling as she stood up. She took one shaky step and stood there for a while, before taking another.


She turned on the lights.

The blinding light entered her eyes and Song Fei suddenly shut her eyes. After a moment, she slowly opened them and observed her own room with a pair of cold eyes that were very similar to Song Ci’s.

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