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Chapter 126: A Slap In the Face will Never be Late

Relying on Song Ci’s backing, Han Wangwang was fearless as she continued to smear Han Zhan’s name. “Is Little Uncle very self-disciplined and has to exercise every day? He’s just afraid of gaining weight. He had a crush on the belle of his class when he was 12 years old, and was rejected when he confessed. The reason is that she doesn’t like fat people.”

As Han Zhan’s dark history was exposed one by one, Song Ci laughed so hard that her shoulders were shaking.

Han Zhan had nothing left to live for. He just wanted to kill Han Wangwang. His tall, mighty, and handsome image in Song Ci’s heart had finally collapsed.

Only after Song Ci was done laughing did she finally bear to remove her hand from Han Zhan’s mouth.

Han Zhan could finally speak. His dangerous eyes stared straight at Han Wangwang as he said, “What are you wearing? Did you go to a nightclub? I remember your father saying that he will break your legs if you go there again!”

As Han Zhan spoke, he took out his cell phone and pretended to take a photo of Han Wangwang. “I’ll send a photo to your father and let him see your wretched appearance. He will definitely send someone to beat you to death!”

Han Wangwang was most afraid of her father.

Her father, Han Yueyun, was also a soldier when he was young. After that, he was discharged from the army due to an injury and was now the big boss of Shunchen City’s political scene. Han Yueyun had a bad temper and hit his children regardless of gender. Han Wangwang had suffered countless beatings from her father.

Hearing Han Zhan’s words, Han Wangwang felt the flesh on her back hurting.

Seizing the opportunity when Han Zhan was not looking, Han Wangwang suddenly reached out and hit the phone away from Han Zhan’s hand. Taking advantage of the moment when Han Zhan lowered his head to pick up the phone, Han Wangwang quickly ran out of the main door.

Standing in the lift lobby, Han Wangwang said loudly to Song Ci, “Little Aunt, I will come back another day to play with you!”

With that, Han Wangwang slipped away.

Han Zhan picked up his cell phone and looked back at the empty lift. “Little dog!” He closed the door and turned to meet Song Ci’s half-smiling eyes.


Han Zhan said seriously, “I am no longer a fatty.”

Song Ci nodded. Her answer was very seductive. “Which part of Brother Han’s body have I not seen before? I definitely know whether you are fat or not.”

Han Zhan heaved a sigh of relief, but seeing that Song Ci’s expression was still so strange, he couldn’t help asking, “Then why are you still looking at me like that?”

Song Ci asked, “Han Wangwang?”

Han Zhan thought she was asking about Han Wangwang’s identity and hurriedly said, “She is my niece, the eldest daughter of my cousin Han Yueyun. Her great-grandfather is my grandfather’s elder cousin.” If this was any other family, there might not be much affection left, but the Han Family was different. Han Aoyu had weak descendants and he only had one daughter in this life, who had died young.

As he had very few family members, Han Aoyu had always maintained a close relationship with his elder cousin’s descendants.

Song Ci said, “I know. Wangwang has already explained it to me.”

Han Zhan realized that Song Ci’s mocking smile was still on her face and was getting wider and wider. He felt even more lost. Like a guilty child, Han Zhan asked Song Ci softly, “Baby Ci, what exactly are you trying to say?” Did I do something wrong?

Song Ci walked up to Han Zhan and sized him up. Brother Han looked righteous and upright but…

Song Ci suddenly said, “My niece is only two years younger than you. I am not interested in little girls…”

Han Zhan felt that this sentence sounded somewhat familiar. Who said it before?

Song Ci considerately answered Han Zhan’s confusion. “You said it personally at the interview, when I met you for the first time. Brother Han, does your face hurt?”

Han Zhan’s face froze slightly.

No wonder it sounded familiar, it came from my own mouth.

After Song Ci purposely mentioned it, Han Zhan recalled what happened on the interview day and looked slightly embarrassed.

Song Ci clenched her right fist and brought it to Han Zhan’s lips. She smiled mischievously and asked Han Zhan, “Let me interview you, Mr. Han Zhan. Don’t you feel guilty sleeping with a young girl who is only two years older than your niece? Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Han Zhan fidgeted for a few seconds before recovering his composure.

He gazed deeply at Song Ci, making her cheeks heat up. She couldn’t help but want to lower her head.

]Han Zhan suddenly said, “I also feel guilty sometimes, thinking of how I still deceived such a young and innocent girl at such an old age. What should I do? It’s all because this young girl is too seductive, I can’t control myself…” Han Zhan’s face was full of guilt, and his tone was very pained as he blamed himself.

Even though she knew that Han Zhan was acting, Song Ci still couldn’t help feeling soft-hearted.

Brother Han is the real king of flirting. He can flirt with others without even realizing it. I can’t win against him!

Song Ci retracted her hand and said in a negative manner, “Forget it, forget it. I’ll let you off this time! I’m going to take a shower!”

After taking a shower, Song Ci played with her cell phone as she focused on maintaining her beauty. She changed Han Zhan’s contact number from Brother Han to Brother Three Fattie. Song Ci couldn’t help smiling as she stared at the name.

Han Zhan had appeared behind her at some point. He looked down at his own name on Song Ci’s cell phone and felt very conflicted. “Can you not hurt me like this?” Han Zhan acted very petty.

Song Ci hurriedly kept her cell phone. Afraid that Han Zhan would secretly change her contact number, she said, “I need to change my cell phone’s unlocking sign.” Saying that, she stood up from the dressing table, hurried to the bed, and jumped onto it.

Hiding under the blanket, Song Ci changed the unlocking sign and heaved a sigh of relief. She put down her cell phone and saw Han Zhan sitting by the bed. He had no intention of snatching her cell phone. “What are you thinking about?” asked Song Ci.

Han Zhan said, “I’ll be busier at the end of the year. Baby Ci, how about we bring forward our honeymoon trip?”

Song Ci was pleasantly surprised. “A honeymoon trip? Sure, where are we going for our honeymoon?”

Han Zhan asked her, “Where do you want to go?”

After thinking for a moment, Song Ci said, “I want to go to Vienna.”

Han Zhan was slightly surprised. He said, “I thought you would want to go to the Maldives or France.” All the big shots that Han Zhan knew loved to go to the Maldives on their honeymoon trips. Han Zhan didn’t think that there was anything fun about the seaside, but girls always yearned for the blue sky and the sea. He thought that Song Ci also wanted to go to the Maldives.

Song Ci shook her head and explained. “Vienna is a city that every musician yearns for. My teacher…” Seeing Han Zhan’s shocked expression, Song Ci finally remembered that she had never told him about Shen Yubei.

“Teacher?” Han Zhan asked, “What teacher?”

Song Ci searched for Shen Yubei’s entry on Baidu Encyclopedia. She placed the cell phone in Han Zhan’s palm and told him, “Shen Yubei is my teacher. He is very capable and is a great violinist. He is famous worldwide.”

“My teacher was invited to perform in Vienna many times. Many years ago, I accompanied him.” Song Ci recalled the “past” of her youth and smiled a little despondently. “At that time, my biggest dream was to be like my teacher one day, standing in the Golden Hall and performing for the world.”

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