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Chapter 125: Han Three Fattie

When they were young, there was a famine in Henan. Han Aoyu’s father fled to Hunan with Han Aoyu. Meanwhile, his elder uncle and his family went to Shunchen. Later, Han Aoyu joined the army to protect the country. After the country was stabilized, he went to look for his family.

He was lucky and managed to find his only surviving family member—his elder cousin Han Wanglong. Han Wanglong was just the captain of a steelmaking truck convoy in Shunchen City. However, his son – Han Dongliang – joined the military and achieved great results. In the end, he even became the director of the Army Engineering University.

Meanwhile, Han Wangwang was Han Dongliang’s eldest granddaughter.

The Han Family was full of men but not many teenage girls.

Han Wangwang was the apple of the Han Family’s eye. Although she was dressed ridiculously, she was actually a very smart lady. Not only was she a member of the “Secondary School Genius Plan”, but she had also attended the world’s top scientist conferences at the age of 15. She was exceptionally talented in mathematics.

Most of the men in the Han Family had joined the military, even Han Zhan used to be an elite sniper. However, Han Wangwang’s appearance would definitely add a female scientist to the Han Family. As a result, the Han Family doted on this beloved daughter of theirs.

Song Ci knew that Han Zhan had a niece. It was said that she was only two years younger than her and was studying at Wangdong University. It seemed like she was this little girl.

Han Wangwang looked at Song Ci in deep thought. “Who are you?”

A guess gradually formed in Han Wangwang’s mind, but she was afraid that she might be overthinking things. The lady in front of me looked like myself. Little Uncle had always been steady, reliable, and upright. He wouldn’t marry such a young wife… right?

Song Ci smiled charmingly. “Hello Wangwang, my name is Song Ci. I am your Little Aunt.”

Han Wangwang widened her eyes as her thoughts came true.

Indeed, men were true to themselves and would always love those who were 18 years old!

My Little Uncle is also one of them…

“Little… little auntie?” Han Wangwang stared at her Little Auntie’s overly exquisite and perfect face. Her heart thumped wildly as she asked somewhat suspiciously, “Are you really my Little Uncle’s wife? How old are you?”

Song Ci said, “22.”

Just two years older than me!

Han Wangwang cursed Han Zhan for being a beast and an animal in her heart. How could he lay his hand on a girl my age? However, upon seeing Song Ci’s devastatingly beautiful face and soul-stirring eyes, Han Wangwang gave up on herself. Who wouldn’t love such an obedient girl?

“Come in and sit down first. Han Zhan will be back soon.”

Seeing Song Ci take out the keys from her bag and successfully open the door to Han Zhan’s house, Han Wangwang knew that this was true. Great-grandfather wasn’t lying—my little uncle is really married.

Upon entering the house, Han Wangwang saw a woman’s high heels in the cupboard, a woman’s shawl on the sofa, and a navy blue grand piano by the French window. Han Wangwang looked down and thought to himself, “Little Uncle seems to dote on Little Auntie a lot.”

That’s true. To be able to find such a beautiful wife at such an old age, Little Uncle must treat her better.

“Do you want coffee?” Song Ci stood behind Han Wangwang and asked.

Han Wangwang turned and took the coffee cup from Song Ci’s hand. She said sheepishly, “I don’t think Little Uncle knows that I’d be coming today. I went home last weekend and heard my grandfather mention that Little Uncle got married. I thought they were lying to me and wanted to come and see…”

Han Wangwang smiled in embarrassment. “I didn’t expect it to be true. Little Uncle is really married.”

But Song Ci caught onto something. “When did you arrive? Why didn’t you call your Little Uncle?”

“I’ve been here for more than an hour. Little Uncle’s work is more important!”

Taking a peek at Song Ci’s beautiful face, Han Wangwang asked her, “Little Auntie, are you a celebrity?”

Han Wangwang was from Shunchen City and didn’t know much about the celebrities in Wangdong City. Naturally, she didn’t know that Song Ci was Wangdong City’s top socialite. This was the first time she saw someone as good-looking as Song Ci and thought she was a celebrity.

Song Ci shrugged. “I am a pilot.”

“So cool!”

Putting down her coffee cup, Han Wangwang sat down on the sofa. She asked Song Ci, “Are you piloting a jet fighter or a passenger jet?”

Song Ci scratched her head sheepishly and said in a low voice, “Driving a private jet—I’m your little uncle’s private pilot.”

Han Wangwang clapped. “So cool!”

“Isn’t this the beautiful wife and pilot of an overbearing CEO?” Han Wangwang chuckled and said, “Wearing a uniform to fly in the sky, taking off the uniform to fly in bed, just the thought of it is exciting…”

With that, Han Wangwang met Song Ci’s meaningful gaze and realized what she had said.

She hurriedly covered her mouth and didn’t dare to look at Song Ci.

Did Little Auntie just discover my true horny appearance?

Han Wangwang looked embarrassed.

Song Ci calmly placed the teacup on the coffee table and said softly, “Actually, not taking it off is more exciting.”

Han Wangwang looked up in shock. The two ladies exchanged glances and both could tell that the other party was a kindred spirit. They smiled and felt a sense of mutual appreciation.

Han Zhan walked out of the lift and heard the sound of impudent laughter coming from his own house. Han Zhan was stunned. Who came to my house? He opened the door pensively. Just as his hand touched the handle, the door was suddenly pulled open from inside.

“Brother Han!” Song Ci was all smiles as she stood behind the door with someone hiding behind her. “Guess who’s here!”

Han Zhan glanced at the person behind Song Ci. Although he couldn’t see her face, he could see her little dirty braid. Han Zhan understood and said, “Wangwang Doggy, what are you hiding for?”

Song Ci was stunned.

Wangwang Doggy?

Han Wangwang, who was hiding behind Song Ci, suddenly jumped out like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

Standing beside Song Ci, Han Wangwang placed her hands on her hips and hollered at Han Zhan. “Little Uncle, I said you’re not allowed to call me by my nickname!”

How can a beautiful and adorable little girl be called Wangwang Doggy?

Han Zhan said, “Oh, I got it, Wangwang Doggy.”

Song Ci couldn’t help and wanted to laugh, when Han Wangwang suddenly said, “Little Aunt, do you know what Little Uncle’s nickname is?”

Han Zhan’s expression changed slightly as he shouted urgently, “Han Wangwang!” His tone was full of threat.

Song Ci hurriedly walked up to Han Zhan, stood on tiptoe, covered his mouth, turned back, winked at Han Wangwang, and said, “What’s Brother Han’s nickname? Tell me so we can have fun together.”

Han Zhan looked at Song Ci in disbelief*. Is this still my Baby Ci? How can she be so biased?*

Han Wangwang snorted proudly at Han Zhan and said loudly, “Three Fattie!”

Song Ci was momentarily stunned before bursting into laughter. Han Zhan’s mouth was gagged, as he glared at Han Wangwang with dark eyes, as if wanting to bore holes into her body.

Han Wangwang was not at all afraid of her little uncle’s intimidation. She told Song Ci, “Little uncle was especially fat when he was young. He had a fat belly, a fat bum, and a fat chin. In short, he was three fattie! Great Grandpa still has many photos of him when he was young and fat!”

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