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Chapter 124: Han Wangwang Appears

Just as he took a step, Mu Mian thought of something and looked down at Mu Qiu. He warned her. “No matter what, don’t let your mother know about this.”

Mu Qiu answered tearfully, “…Okay.”

Meanwhile, after parting ways with Mu Qiu, Song Ci was planning to head home directly. On the way, Song Ci received a call from Han Zhan.

“Brother Han, isn’t there a dinner party? Why are you still free to call me?”

“As long as I want to, I can always spare the time.” No matter how busy he was at work, it was impossible for him to be so busy that he didn’t have time to make a call to greet her. It just depended on whether the other party took the person seriously.

Han Zhan stood in front of the sink, stared at himself in the mirror, and told Song Ci, “I’ll be home around 9.30pm. If you’re sleepy, go to bed first.” Han Zhan knew that Song Ci was going to Li Yao’s shop to try on a wedding dress today. He thought she would be home in the afternoon, but he heard the honking of a car on Song Ci’s side. “You haven’t gone back?”

Song Ci wound up the window before replying to Han Zhan. “I had dinner with Mu Qiu tonight and I’m heading home now.”

“Go back early.” Thinking of this, Han Zhan said, “Oh yes, I am going on a work trip tomorrow. Are you coming with me?” Han Zhan looked forward to working together with Song Ci on overseas trips. It would definitely be very… exciting!

Song Ci wanted to accompany Han Zhan on a work trip. She had recovered and it was time for her work to resume. “Okay, how many days are you going for?”

Han Zhan said, “Four days.”

“Got it.”

After hanging up, Han Zhan turned off the tap and dried his hands, before leisurely returning to the meal. The meal was about to end and the group of people were all red-faced from drinking. They were almost unable to maintain their image as elite bosses.

“A new princess has arrived at the famous KTV. Shall we go take a look after the party ends?” The person who spoke was a vice-president of the Aviation Administration called Du Shen. He was rather handsome and had a good figure. There was nothing wrong with his character—he just loved beauty.

Upon hearing this, all the men at the table smiled with an unspoken mutual understanding. “Manager Li, Mr. Han, shall we go and take a look together?” Amongst these people, Han Zhan and Li Li were both considered young.

Li Li hurriedly said, “I won’t join in the fun. My mother just had an operation and nearly lost her life. I have to go back and accompany her.” Li Li had been using his mother as a shield recently.

“Oh, what surgery did Manager Li’s mother undergo? Was it successful?”

“Sigh, half of her uterus has been removed and she is in a bad mood. If I go back late, she will get angry.” Everyone knew that Li Li was brought up by his single mother. Hearing his words, no one tried to force him.

As a result, all the big shots turned to look at Han Zhan. “Mr. Han, what about you?”

Han Zhan smiled but didn’t say anything. He put down his chopsticks and asked CEO Du with a smile, “How does the princess that CEO Du mentioned look like?” Thinking that Han Zhan was moved, CEO Du Fu smiled mysteriously and said, “Of course she’s the best. I heard that she has a great figure.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan took out his cell phone at a steady pace. He found the photo of Song Ci being nominated as the nation’s prettiest school belle the year before.

Turning his cell phone so that the screen was facing out, Han Zhan raised it and showed it around the table. Everyone saw the stunning beauty on his cell phone screen.

After confirming that everyone had seen Song Ci’s photo, Han Zhan quickly placed his cell phone back on the table. He moved so quickly that it was as if he couldn’t bear to let her be glanced at.

Han Zhan looked up and asked, “Regardless of how pretty she is, can she be as pretty as my wife?”

Everyone was speechless.

How could a KTV princess compare with the top socialite’s looks and outstanding charm?

Han Zhan waved his gloved right hand in front of him and begged with a bitter smile. “I am a handicap. It is not easy for me to marry such a beautiful wife. Everyone, please do me a favor and don’t harm me.”

Since Han Zhan had already used his identity as a handicapped person, how could anyone bear to harm him? “Mr. Han must be joking.” With such a gorgeous and beautiful wife like Song Ci at home, how could he still be interested in a prostitute?

After the meal ended, Li Li and Han Zhan stood at the entrance of the restaurant to send off all the big shots. When everyone had left, Li Li raised his brows at Han Zhan and teased him. “Is your wife controlling you too strictly?”

Not to be outdone, Han Zhan retorted. “Are you a mommy’s boy?”

The two men exchanged a meaningful smile.

Song Ci walked out of the lift and noticed something amiss. There was a young lady sitting on the main seat of the lift!

That girl was wearing a floral jacket, tight denim ripped jeans, shoes with doodles on them, and a black baseball cap with a light brown, dirty ponytail.

It was a punk night club outfit.

The girl crossed her legs, crossed her arms, leaned against the wall, lowered her head, and snored.

Song Ci stared at the unfamiliar girl as many thoughts surfaced in her mind.

Who is she?

A little vixen who has a crush on Brother Han?

Is it cooler to smash this woman awake with a bag or to kick her awake?

All sorts of thoughts flashed across Song Ci’s mind. Before she could even react, the girl who was dozing off suddenly lost her balance. Her body swayed and she nearly fell to the ground.

The girl reacted quickly and grabbed the bench beneath her, so she didn’t manage to fall.

Seeing this, Song Ci felt rather regretful. She had already taken out her cell phone and was about to take a photo.

The girl was completely jolted awake. Sensing that someone was standing in front of her, she adjusted her hat and looked up. Only when her face was revealed did Song Ci realize that this lady was not old—at most 20 years old.

She was even more tender than me.

Could this person be Brother Han’s relative?

Song Ci, who had just wanted to throw the other party into the frying pan to fry, suddenly smiled sweetly. “Hello, little sister. Who are you looking for?” Song Ci’s face changed as if one was changing clothes.

Song Ci’s smile was devastatingly beautiful.

In a daze, Han Wangwang suddenly saw a fairy-like face and was shocked. “You…” Han Wangwang pointed at the door behind her and asked hesitantly,” Is this Han Zhan’s house? ”

It was Han Wangwang’s first time at Han Zhan’s residence and she thought she had come to the wrong floor. This couldn’t be Han Zhan’s house—I must have gotten the address wrong. It was impossible for Han Zhan’s house to have such a gorgeous lady!

She knew Han Zhan! She must be his relative!

Song Ci smiled even more sweetly. She pointed at the main door and said, “It’s Han Zhan’s house. Little sister, who are you to Han Zhan?”

Han Wangwang suddenly went silent. She stared at Song Ci in shock and curiosity as to who exactly was Song Ci to Han Zhan. After a moment of awkward silence, Han Wangwang finally answered Song Ci. “I am his niece. My name is Han Wangwang.”

Han Wangwang was indeed Han Zhan’s niece. She was Han Zhan’s cousin’s daughter and also Han Zhan’s mother’s grandniece. Although his grandfather Han Aoyu didn’t have any biological siblings, he still had a cousin called Han Wanglong in his family.

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