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Chapter 106: Online Lover

Having filled his stomach in the morning, Han Zhan was in a very good mood all the way to the office. His joy was easily detected by Li Li. Li Li entered Han Zhan’s office, and stared at Han Zhan’s face carefully with his bright eyes.

Han Zhan allowed the other party to size him up. After a moment, he asked, “Have you seen enough? If you have, scram back to earn money for me.”

Li Li coughed and tapped his own earlobe with his index finger.

Han Zhan asked, “What?”

Li Li said, “It has a lipstick mark.”


Han Zhan took up his cell phone and used his black screen to reflect his image…

There was nothing. Han Zhan glanced at Li Li mildly. “Is it very interesting to tease me?”

Li Li clicked his tongue, shook his head, and sighed. “You were almost an hour late today. Is there a vixen at home keeping you from going to work?”

Han Zhan warned him. “What vixen? It’s your sister-in-law.”

Li Li suppressed his laughter and corrected herself. “Yes, yes, sister-in-law.”

Li Li was shocked as he gazed at the loving and blissful Han Zhan. In the past, he had always been worried that Han Zhan would remain single forever. Unexpectedly, he was a man who did great things in secret, as he fell in love and got married at will.

It looked like a blissful marriage.

He also felt like getting married.

Han Zhan turned on his laptop and looked up to see Li Li still standing in front of his desk. He raised his brows and asked, “Is there anything else?”

“There’s a banquet tonight. Can you attend it for me?” This was Li Li’s real motive.

Han Zhan immediately shook his head. “I’m not going.”

“I know you don’t wish to attend such an event, but this company is yours to begin with. All the money earned will go to your pockets. I, Li Li, am a hardworking employee. It is your responsibility to attend such an important banquet.”

Li Li complained bitterly as he peeked at Han Zhan’s reaction. However, Han Zhan maintained his cold but good-looking face and quietly watched Li Li act.

Li Li realized that Han Zhan’s heart was as hard as steel, and he had completely given up all hope. Li Li stopped acting and his expression changed. He said coldly, “I have something on tonight and can’t go.”

Seeing that Li Li had finished acting and was willing to speak normally, Han Zhan asked him, “What’s the matter?”

Li Li said, “I have to take care of my mother.”

“You’re lying.” Han Zhan immediately saw through Li Li’s lie. “Do you think I didn’t know that you hired a nurse for Auntie? I’ve never seen you so filial normally. Tell me, what shameful things do you have to do?”

It better not be committing murder, arson, or visitng a prostitute.

Li Li’s expression was slightly unnatural. He glanced outside the office and saw that everyone was focused on their work. Only then did he lean over to Han Zhan’s ear and said, “I have an appointment. I’m going to meet someone.”

Han Zhan gave him a meaningful look. “Matchmaking?”

Li Li actually felt slightly embarrassed. He said in a low voice, “No, I met an online lover.”

“An online lover?” A hint of surprise crept onto Han Zhan’s face. He looked at Li Li disapprovingly for a while, and couldn’t help but knock Li Li on the head. “Li Li, you’re already 29 years old, not a 9 year old kid or a 19 year old blockhead. You’re having an online romance at your age?”

To Han Zhan, only children would meet online friends. He remembered that a few years ago, Han Wangwang had bought a plane ticket to a faraway place to meet her online friends. But before she could meet them, her father had caught her and beat her up.

It was a pity that Li Li was already an adult and his mother was bedridden. There was no way they could beat him up.

Li Li rubbed his earlobes and retorted angrily. “So what if I met an online friend? Let me tell you, that the online friend of mine is very cute. I like cute girls the most. In today’s society, women are all manly men who can hold a bottle of water with one shoulder. Adorable girls are very rare.”

Han Zhan smirked and gave him his blessings. “I wish you success in your online romance and your online friend would be a 200 pound fatty.”

Li Li stomped his feet and turned to leave.

Song Ci indeed had something to attend to today. Han Zhan had just left for work, when Song Ci left the house with her bag. She was going to meet Song Fei in the morning and an important person in the afternoon.

Yan Jiang had been working over the past few days to film Du Xueyan’s music video. Knowing that Song Ci was going to his house, he had specially set up a one-time password for the door lock. The two of them had just quarreled two days ago and were too embarrassed to face each other.

Song Ci arrived at the Yan Jiang Residence alone and gave Song Fei a full-body massage. She then retrieved the book titled “War and Peace” from the shelves along the corridor.

Song Fei loved to read books in the past. The books she read were all unpopular and specific. “War and Peace” was Song Fei’s favorite novel. Song Ci had read this book to her when she visited her previously.

Sitting cross-legged on the windowsill, Song Ci flipped directly to the page with the bookmark between her fingers and read softly. A light breeze blew in from the window and Song Ci’s short hair swayed in the wind. On the bed, Song Fei’s fringe also swayed along with the wind.

As Song Ci read, Song Fei slept peacefully.

“…Everyone has their flaws, just like an apple that has been bitten by God. Some people have bigger flaws, and it is precisely because God especially likes his fragrance…” Saying this, Song Ci suddenly closed her book, got up, and walked over to Song Fei’s bed.

Song Ci bent down, hugged Song Fei’s frail shoulders, and rubbed her face lovingly. “Big sister, God must be jealous of you for being too smart and outstanding, so he punished you to sleep a little longer. Will God let you wake up after you’ve slept long enough?”

Staring at Song Fei’s sleeping form, Song Ci desperately hoped that those tightly shut eyes would suddenly open; then, like in the past, Song Fei would lift her right hand and stroke Song Ci’s hair in a boorish but not rough manner. Song Ci looked down on her coldly. “Little fool, you’re already silly enough, but you still cry so much. So ugly.”

But Song Fei didn’t do as she wished. She just slept peacefully, unable to hear Song Ci’s voice or feel the heat of her tears.

“Are you refusing to wake up because Dad and Mum are gone and this world is boring to you?” Song Ci wiped her tears and leaned over to kiss Song Fei’s hair. She sobbed. “But Song Fei, if you don’t want Song Ci anymore, she will really become an orphan.”

Actually, Song Ci knew very well that the chances of Song Fei waking up were very slim. Perhaps she would continue to sleep like this for the rest of her life until her energy was completely depleted, until she was as thin as a skeleton and take her last breath.

But Song Ci would never give up on Song Fei until that day came!

She grabbed Song Fei’s hand tightly and said, “Song Fei, you must wake up. Even if you don’t do it for me, you must think of Ah Jiang. That fool really likes you…”

As she still had something on, she chatted with Song Fei for another half an hour before leaving.

Long Yu had been waiting downstairs. Seeing Song Ci come out, he hurriedly opened the car door. Song Ci sat down and said to Long Yu, “Brother Long, send me to see Su Beibei.”

“Okay, Madam.”

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