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Chapter 105: Song Ci is an Immature Ingrate

Song Ci was also afraid of the violent and temperamental Cheng Ziang! But no matter how strong she was, she was still a girl. Although men and women were equal, in terms of physical strength, girls were naturally not as strong as men.

Cheng Ziang was a violent man. When he couldn’t find anything, he would punch her and kick her with the tips of his leather shoes. Sometimes, he would pick up a vase and throw it at her without even batting an eyelid. In those few years, Song Ci’s beautiful dresses always hid countless scars…

It was a life worse than a dog’s.

Song Ci was pulled into Han Zhan’s arms along with the thin blanket. Song Ci bit her red lips even harder. She heard Han Zhan comforting her from behind. “It’s alright, Baby Ci. You’re very safe now.”

Han Zhan finally understood why the money collected from Song Ci’s birthday charity banquet had all been donated to the Anti-Domestic Violence Group. As she had been harmed in the past, she hoped that those who were suffering would be able to walk out of the abyss of despair.

Song Ci wiped her tears and secretly pulled down the blanket covering her head, revealing a pair of moist eyes. At this point, those lovely eyes were filled with tears, making her look even more pitiful.

Song Ci gazed at Han Zhan, making his heart soften.

“Brother Han.”

Han Zhan said, “Mmm?” Han Zhan tried his best to shift his gaze away from Song Ci’s eyes so that he wouldn’t have any inappropriate thoughts. If not, he would really be a beast.

Song Ci said, “You’re not allowed to hit me. If you do, I’ll ignore you forever.”

Han Zhan hugged her even tighter and promised. “Alright, I definitely won’t hit you.”

The next morning, Han Zhan woke up at the crack of dawn. Song Ci heard his movements and turned over, burying her face in her pillow and continuing to pretend to be asleep.

“Not getting up?” Han Zhan knew that Song Ci was feeling shy.

Song Ci replied in a muffled voice, “Embarrassed. I have no face to face my parents in Jiangdong.” Having cried last night, Song Ci was too ashamed to face Han Zhan.

Han Zhan smiled and stroked her hair, before going downstairs to the gym alone.

A few days ago, when Han Zhanchen woke up for training, Song Ci would also wake up for morning exercises. When he was gymming, Song Ci would sit on the bifurcation and when Han Zhan successfully pulled himself up, Song Ci would lower her head and kiss his forehead.

The two of them had massacred all the single dogs in the world when they gymed!

Han Zhan had thought that he would receive the same benefits this morning and was looking forward to it.

What a pity.

Once Han Zhan left, Song Ci got up.

After Han Zhan finished exercising, he walked out of the gym and heard Song Ci’s lazy footsteps. He looked up and saw Song Ci stretching lazily as she went down the stairs.

As she stretched her back, the hem of her loose blouse was lifted. It was truly a glorious sight.

Han Zhan stood rooted to the ground and stared at the fair skin around Song Ci’s waist. All sorts of strange thoughts flashed across his mind.

Song Ci had no idea that Han Zhan was fantasizing about her again. She hummed a tune as she walked up to Han Zhan, gave him a flirtatious look, and said, “Morning, brother.”

The way she addressed him was like a falling star, smashing into a patch of dry grassland. Nothing was left alive.

After igniting the fire, Song Ci wanted to escape.

However, Han Zhan grabbed her wrist, clutched her arm, and pressed her against the door of the gym. His actions were gentle, but Song Ci still howled.


Han Zhan released his grip, leaned over, and asked Song Ci, “Who are you putting on such beautiful makeup for so early in the morning?” Song Ci had put on makeup upstairs just now. It was a very light and elegant look, but she purposely made her seductive eyes look even more mesmerizing.

Song Ci squinted at him. “For you to see.”

“You think I can’t do anything to you?” Han Zhan looked at his watch and suddenly said, “Although there isn’t enough time, I am the boss. It’s okay even if I am late once.”

With that, he pulled open the door to the gym and tossed the bewildered Song Ci inside.

Song Ci felt like she was walking into a wolf’s den, when she was thrown into the gym. Only then did she realize that her flirtatious behavior just now had been slightly excessive.

Han Zhan was a meticulous person. Nearly every location was equipped with items that were needed at critical moments.

Seeing that Han Zhan reached out and retrieved a familiar package from the shelf, Song Ci questioned Han Zhan soulfully, “Are you so afraid of me getting pregnant? Brother Han, am I not worthy of bearing your Han Family’s child? Am I ugly? Or am I of a lowly background and bloodline?”

Han Zhan glanced at the pretentious Song Ci and said emotionlessly, “You are an ingrate who has yet to mature. When you get your revenge and have a child, won’t you just kick me away?”

Song Ci was even more aggrieved. “Brother Han, so in your eyes, I am actually so heartless! I can only use death to prove my innocence!” Song Ci made a throat-cutting gesture.

Han Zhan’s lips twitched. “Are you done acting?”

Song Ci knew when to stop.

Only then did Han Zhan say in all seriousness, “I am a handicapped person. It wasn’t easy for a good-looking and blind lady to marry me. If I don’t watch you closely and let you escape, who will compensate me with a wife?”

Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Brother Han, I really won’t leave you.”

As if Han Zhan would believe her.

After that, both Song Ci and Han Zhan went to take a shower and changed into fresh clothes. Song Ci was sweating profusely and felt that her makeup was smudged, so she took off her makeup. After tidying up, the two of them made breakfast together.

Song Ci’s breakfast was very light. Her cod porridge was in a small bowl, while Han Zhan’s porridge was in a big bowl. Song Ci stared at the bowl in front of Han Zhan and threatened him. “Be careful, if you continue eating like this, you will become a fat, greasy uncle in another two years.”

Han Zhan replied, “No, I need to exert my strength often, so I won’t get fat.”

Understanding Han Zhan’s hint, the smart Song Ci chose to remain silent.

After finishing the last mouthful of porridge, Han Zhan put down his spoon and asked Song Ci, “What are you planning to do today?” She had put on makeup early in the morning, so she was definitely going out.

Song Ci said, “I have to go out in the morning to attend to something. Oh yes, I have recovered and can start working now. I can go on a work trip anytime.”

Recalling the change in their current status, Han Zhan took a deep look at Song Ci and asked with interest, “What identity do you wish to assume? Wife or subordinate?”

]Sitting sideways, she stuck out her chest and looked up. Song Ci’s seductive eyes swept across Han Zhan in a natural manner. As usual, her answer didn’t disappoint Han Zhan. Song Ci said, “During working hours, I am your most loyal pilot. For the rest of the time, I will be whatever you want me to be.”

Blinking her eyes, Song Ci continued. “Dear, I can switch to any design that you want.”

Han Zhan raised his brows calmly and stared at the coquettish Song Ci. His tone was complex. “You are so unrestrained.”

Song Ci’s brows twitched.

Will I go to jail for abusing my husband?

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