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Chapter 100: Cheng Yanmo VS Mu Qiu

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One-Station was Wangdong City’s most unique bar.

The bar was over 3,000 square meters in area. In the middle of the bar was a performance stage where celebrities, world-renowned DJs, and strippers frequently performed.

Surrounding the stage was a circular dance floor. The dance floor was filled with people all the time, struggling to move along with the surging music. Outside the dance floor was a Harmony System high-speed train in the shape of a circle.

Each carriage was divided into 18 booths and a bar counter was set up at the end of each carriage. The bartender would be waiting there for the guests who stayed out every night.

The noisy dance floor and the silence of the Harmony System created a subtle but unique sense of mystery.

Mu Qiu was not good at dancing and didn’t have the energy to do so. She went straight into the 7th Carriage of the Harmony System, and observed the bar for a while before ordering a cocktail called “Northern Passenger” under the bartender’s recommendation.


The wine was beautifully seasoned with a layer of orange-red liquid at the top, an ice crystal-like drink in the middle, and a dark blue liquid at the bottom. The rim of the glass was decorated with half an orange.

Mu Qiu took a sip. The alcohol content was not high. For someone like Mu Qiu who could not hold her liquor well, such alcohol was the most suitable.

Carrying her drink, Mu Qiu walked over to table 5 and sat down by the window. From here, the dance floor could be seen, as well as the stage. At this moment, the music had died down and a handsome young man walked onto the stage.

The man sang a love song. It was a song Mu Qiu had never heard before. She happened to hear one line:

[You used to make me very happy, but now I feel lonely just thinking about it. Love has made me the type of person that I hate the most…]

This was a song Mu Qiu had never heard before. Hearing the lyrics, she was slightly stunned.

Love has made me the type of person that I hate the most… 

Mu Qiu shook her head and thought that love had nothing to do with her. She was still a little virgin even until her death. Mu Qiu opened her cell phone and wanted to look for a scenic spot near Wangdong City, to find a grave for herself.

Mu Qiu was so engrossed in her phone that she didn’t notice that there were more and more people around her. In the end, only the seat beside her was empty. At 10.20pm, a dark blue figure sat down beside Mu Qiu.

Mu Qiu stared at her cell phone. She reached for her drink and realized that it was empty.

She finished her drink.

Mu Qiu got up and was about to order another drink, when she saw a man in a suit sitting beside her. “It’s you. Do you still remember me?” Mu Qiu was pleasantly surprised to see Cheng Yanmo again after so many days.

Hearing this, the man who was looking down at his cell phone looked up. Cheng Yanmo was also slightly surprised to see Mu Qiu. “What a coincidence.”

It seems like he still remembers me.

Mu Qiu sat down again and said to Cheng Yanmo, “What do you want to drink? My treat. I haven’t thanked you properly for sending me home the previous time.”

Cheng Yanmo had come to the bar to catch Cheng Ziang, but there were too many people at the bar and he couldn’t find him. As he found it too noisy outside, Cheng Yanmo entered the Harmony System in order to avoid the sounds. He had wanted to just sit down and leave, but he bumped into Mu Qiu.

Meeting Mu Qiu’s smiling eyes, Cheng Yanmo instinctively said, “Same as you.”

Mu Qiu pointed at her wine glass and said to Cheng Yanmo, “I just drank a glass of ‘Northern Passenger’ and it’s quite tasty. I want another glass.”

“I’ll have one too then.”


Mu Qiu got up and left her seat. Soon, she returned with two glasses of wine. Cheng Yanmo quickly got up and let Mu Qiu sit by the window, while he sat down by the aisle.

Cheng Yanmo took a sip of the wine expressionlessly. He didn’t like the taste of this wine, but it was very popular with young girls.

Staring at Mu Qiu, Cheng Yanmo hesitated.

Mu Qiu could tell that Cheng Yanmo wanted to say something, so she asked him, “Do you have something to tell me?”

Cheng Yanmo frowned slightly. Staring at Mu Qiu’s slender figure and that innocent and adorable face, he finally asked the question on his mind. “Little girl, are you an adult yet?”

Mu Qiu was stunned. She covered her mouth and laughed. “Do I look like a minor?” Cheng Yanmo couldn’t be blamed for thinking this way, as Mu Qiu indeed looked like a high school student.

Unlike her sexy elder sister, Song Ci, Mu Qiu didn’t have a hot figure. Her chest was slightly puffed up and she was only cup size B at best. She was about 1.63m tall and had a sickly skinny frame. Wearing a baby-collared dress, she was indeed very small.

Mu Qiu took out her identification card and placed it in front of Cheng Yanmo. She said cheekily, “20 years old.”

Suspicious, Cheng Yanmo glanced down. Being born in April 1999 indeed meant that she was 20 years old. Cheng Yanmo’s frown finally relaxed. He pushed his identification card toward Mu Qiu and said, “You are Mu Qiu.”

“Yes, Mu Qiu.” Mu Qiu reached out to Cheng Yanmo. “What’s your name?”

Cheng Yanmo was silent for a moment, before shaking hands with Mu Qiu and telling her his name. “Cheng Yanmo.”

Mu Qiu said, “Cheng Yanmo, hey, your name is the same as Master Cheng’s!” With that, she saw a mischievous glint flash across Cheng Yanmo’s glasses. Mu Qiu was stunned. She hurriedly picked up her cell phone and searched for Cheng Yanmo’s personal information.

A photo popped up. It was the same facial features as the man beside her, except that he looked even colder and sharper in person.

He’s Cheng Yanmo? Cheng Ziang’s elder brother? That Cheng Yanmo who is acclaimed as Wangdong City’s number one young prodigy?

Mu Qiu peeked at Cheng Yanmo’s face.

Cheng Yanmo asked her, amused, “What did you see?”

Mu Qiu said honestly, “You’re quite good looking.”

Cheng Yanmo was stunned.

He was not as outgoing and passionate as Cheng Ziang. From a young age, he had been steady and self-disciplined, and all his friends were steady and reliable. There were also celebrities and socialites who tried to curry favor with him by climbing into his bed, but none of them dared to praise him so openly.

Cheng Yanmo didn’t know how to answer Mu Qiu.

Mu Qiu had already lowered her head to drink her drink. She sat sideways with her back facing Cheng Yanmo, as she played with her cell phone. She was reading the gossip on Wangdong City’s forum. She saw a post titled “Wangdong City Rankings of the Rich Young Masters”.

Mu Qiu opened the post and saw the original poster’s comment:

As a member of the Swimming Club, she had seen many young and powerful men from Wangdong City. As such, she compiled the rankings. Note: The ranking is real and reliable. No rebuttal accepted.

Number one: Cheng Yanmo, 19.

Second place: Dongfang Yu, 18;

Mu Qiu stared at the words “19” at the back of Cheng Yanmo’s name, feeling somewhat lost.

Is 19 his age? Something doesn’t seem right.

Mu Qiu tapped her own head and read the content again. After understanding what the original poster meant by the rankings, her face suddenly blushed.

From the corner of his eye, Cheng Yanmo saw Mu Qiu staring at her cell phone. For some reason, her fair and clean face suddenly turned red, as if she was drunk.

He felt somewhat puzzled.

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