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Chapter 404: Admiration
Guan Qingheng forced himself into the crowd, and that was when he saw Ye Chong and Feng Su at the center. His sight fell upon Ye Chong eventually. Feng Su might be an attractive precious beauty in the city, but for someone who grew up at the ridge, she was just average.

The sudden participation of Guan Qingheng did not grab any attention. He might be from the ridge, but as much as the ridge was known to the people, the citizens hardly knew him. Probably only those merchants from the authority would recognize him at glances. But practically speaking, he only shared professional relationship with the merchants, thus his identity remained as a top secret among the traders.

"I *am* certainly curious of Mr. Guan's association with the ridge. Please, do tell us, my Brother Guan, some clarifications would have helped resolving misunderstanding. We highly respect those from the ridge, so we would not allow imposters," said Arbeni sluggishly, his rage seemed to have vanished.

Brother Guan? The boy was part of Guan?
Guan Qingheng had heard something interesting seemingly.

Even though May Night's Ridge had never failed to stir up fear in heart of the people, it was not a place with a frightening sight in actuality. The ridge was an establishment with total 14 families, 14 slots open for families to be honest. The committee would reevaluate the resided families every so often and any underperforming family would be banished from the ridge while newer family would take over. Those who were banished because of below average contribution rate would be forbidden from revealing anything of the ridge to the public, or the family would be blacklisted permanently while receiving severe punishment from the ridge.

Guan Qingheng observed Ye Chong carefully

once more. He was holding a wooden spear, the dark tip was not particularly eye-catching, the scent of the spear however... Guan Qingheng could smell the hidden scent of fatality.

The spear was coated with poison. And he roughly estimated the strength of the poison.

That was some strong poison! The expression of Guan Qingheng changed, as he speculated the superior standard of this boy's alchemy.

He then decided to observe quietly at the moment.

"It's top secret. Sorry about that," stated Ye Chong. It was not because he was being uncooperative, rather it was because he simply had no idea what Lunatic Guan asked him there for. She never told him anything else other than visiting the ridge.

But one thing for sure, he did not like being threatened. He had tried his very best to control the hatred as he did not wish to fight the 5 men but that did not mean he would compromise at any condition.

Mu's calmness had influenced Ye Chong deeply but being sociable was never his arsenal.

Assuming a conflict were to happen, Ye Chong would still fight.

He looked at the group with his cold eyes, like a beast with its back lowered, ready to pounce at intensity.

The unspoken hostility had triggered the group.

Feng Su was feeling bad of the situation. She could not believe this familiar-looking boy would decide to initiate a fight right here. It would be bad, the ending of this boy would be unimaginable.

Ye Chong did a quick calculation. To be frank, the chance of his victory was slim, negligibly slim. He could only rely on the intense toxic on his spear at the moment.

The battle did

did not just happen right away, showing that the 5 fighters still remained cautious of Ye Chong because of his identity.

"Since Mr. Guan has something to do at the ridge...," said Liu Sheng unhurriedly, "I guess we shouldn't be holding you back too much... Providing that you have finished your business there, would you kindly join the Congregation with us?"

A battle did not occur. Instead, immense tolerance was unexpectedly given.

Taking a step back was not in Tackan and Sisko's script, as their face tightened, even though they stayed quiet.

Their behavior had justified their attitude, as Ye Chong had been given the equal status in their mind, judging by the stare, since it was natural for the strong to look at the weak from above in free space zone.

"I cannot guarantee this," said Ye Chong frankly. He could sense the sincerity in Liu Sheng but he could not confirm his schedule when he did not know what could happen at the ridge.

Feng Su could not believe her ears. The boy was such a fool. Everything would have been fine if he just nodded his head!

The reality was quite the contrary. The group gave a smile of admiration upon hearing that line of Ye Chong.

"Hah! Great! Such an honest man!" Laughed Sisko, "I like you. You are different from those who just lie their way out! They assume one blatant lie would have settled us but on countless occasions we had settled them instead! Hahaha!"

The pedestrians shuddered...

Feng Su's tiny heart pumped vigorously. She was so glad that she kept her mouth shut throughout the conversation just now. She really thought of making up a white lie to get away from this.


"Alright, alright," smiled Liu Sheng. "We don't need your guarantee. In 30 days we would be waiting here for you. If you did not make it, we would wait for another, till the day you arrive."

"Okay!" nodded Ye Chong firmly.
"So, my fair lady, we hope for your participation in this Congregation. Please, do join us, will you?" said Liu Sheng as he shifted his sight upon Feng Su. His tone was much more insistent, unlike before.

Feng Su could feel her blood freezing just from the sights of these experts.

Her fair face had just turned snow-white from the pressuring atmosphere created by them.

Her eyes, filled with helpless spite, wafted upon Ye Chong pitifully, as her curves grooved in nervousness.

Such a pitiful sight! And the group seemed to have lost their morality among the pedestrians. How could they force such a weak beauty into this war? The pedestrians would love to voice their anger, but well they were not the Jie experts and never wanted to be the punching bag.

Come on, save the girl, Guan.
Save her.

"I'll be going," said Ye Chong, neglecting Feng Su's begging stare. He gave a nod at the group and turned away.

Feng Su felt she had lost hope as she closed her eyes, with tears dripping.

"Are you still a man?" said one girl from the crowd. She could not bear with this anymore! Disdainfully she shouted as she stepped to the front.
"Right! Are you still a man?"
"How could you do this?" The crowd's anger had been initiated.
"You might be from the ridge, but you are one heartless, weak man!"
"So people from the ridge are shameless as you eh?"

Guan Qingheng was feeling uneasy was feeling uneasy from the showering comments. Man the fame of May Night's Ridge...

It was a massive verbal attack coming from the crowd, that even the Jie experts flinched.

Ye Chong did not see the need in this. He believed his action was reasonable. Why the criticisms?

"So all of you would like to have a word, eh?" said Sisko, angrily.

Then the noises disappeared. Sisko's eyes had murdered the aggression in people. The pedestrians were looking frightful upon his glance, some even squeezed back into the crowd.

"Save your pity act. Move," said Liu Sheng.

Poor Feng Su, she did not even have the chance to redeem herself. She did not manage to even summon her ride. She could not run away and certainly she could not call for help.

Well, she got to be cooperative at the moment, probably, in order to find the next chance to have a hit-and-run.

A mech owner like her only needed one thing at the moment. Timing, timing, the most natural thing hardest came by. Dammit, only if this boy spoke for her, but no, he was leaving.

Ye Chong sneaked into the crowd right after.

Crack! Thus! On his way he disabled the few attackers who tried to disrupt the heroes in the dark. That was when the pedestrians realized he was no coward, he was a savior!

The crowd was totally silent now, especially when they heard the piercing wails of the tumbling men on the ground.

Ye Chong indifferently walked out of the frightened crowd.

Well first thing's first, guess I should ask people around for the ridge's location.

"You're going to the ridge?" said one man from his back.

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