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A+ A- Chapter 403: Guan Qingheng
"Uh...," Liu Sheng once looked all pumped and ever-ready but now he somehow had lost all his will as he dropped his head.

"Oh...," a soft sigh could be heard from him, the lowered head was a countermeasure to his embarrassment of being never the center of attention in the eyes of this fair lady. Owing the fact that Liu Sheng was pretty handsome naturally, the gesture worked flawlessly as he could perceive the quick squeak from the females around.

Sadly, there were not many girls around here. Thought Liu Sheng. If he was doing this at other cities, he probably already had a fans' club performing a massive passing-out when he did that.

Feng Su's stress had vanished immediately. She was much relieved upon seeing how effective her question was.

Ye Chong had become the focus again.

Who is he?
Whispers rustled among the pedestrians while Liu Sheng's expression remained uneasy. Ye Chong had already become their main target at first sight, especially when he exerted a far stronger danger than this female Jie expert with a fading charm, thus the awkward silence.

An unpredictable threat would always impose the greatest danger.

Ye Chong stayed as an unknown to the group, as it had been revealed that he was associated with the May's Night Ridge the moment they attempted to interview him. That was the red flag to hold the interview session, as they pulled themselves away from this boy.

Nobody would want to have anything to do with the May's Night Ridge, not even those Jie experts like Tackan's group. They would want to avoid chances of conflict as much as possible, since those of the ridge too possessed highly-refined skills for martial arts.

"Guan Zhufeng. Call me that," stated

Ye Chong flatly.

It was ... a foreign name. The 6 of them exchanged glances promptly to verify their impression.

They felt the name was foreign, so was Feng Su. The pedestrians were in major bewilderment however, wondering what this ordinary-looking boy had done on the top fighters of Guang Hua.

Tackan and his mates were well-known among residents of Guang Hua, but Guan Zhufeng? Nobody had heard of such name before. They might be in the city of alchemy, but the citizens were pretty much informed of martial arts practitioners like Tackan's group.

All 6 of them were the top fighters of Congregation. The 5 combat members were the Jie experts who were esteemed for being the facade of martial arts field on Guang Hua when alchemy was the main trend. That was justifiable by their involvement in the Congregation every year. They were the only actual members among the 10 selected practitioners, while the rest of the participants were merely fillers.

Kurdi was the most known figure among all six of them however. The reason was simple, he was an alchemist. For someone who was able to join the Congregation, Kurdi had all the rights to receive respects and admiration from people. He was still young too, with lots of potential there.

One could imagine the group sparkling in their population while being avoidant of this ordinary boy, that was just weird.

"Pal, wanna join the Congregation with us?" said Arbeni out of the blue, as the other members fired passionate gazes at Ye Chong. They had been in a search of martial arts experts on Guang Hua, they really hoped to have more companions on their way there. The group had spent the past few years putting up facade for Guang

Guang Hua's martial arts, they certainly would want new blood.

The 5 combat members would fight with each other as practice to look for that breakthrough on their way searching for new member. On one congregation they encountered Kurdi the alchemist who had joined them promptly. Kurdi joined because he hoped to have subjects to test on his new reagents.

They thought their journey would be fruitless, but they literally encountered 2 Jie experts this time. How could they stay calm on this? Ye Chong was a helpless case however, thanks to his unpredictable standards and his relationship with the ridge. They would want to talk it out, instead of using brutal force. But Feng Su? Well, that was one bird which could be captured with bare hands.

There was already a crowd around them.

It would be an honor for someone to represent the planet and join the Congregation. People looked envious upon Ye Chong, nobody would say no to that invitation.

"Sorry, not interested," the cold line fell upon heating atmosphere.

The group was confused, wondering if their ears had gone wrong.

"Pal, aren't you going to consider it at least?" Arbeni's voice sounded a little irritated.

They might be afraid of the one from May Night's Ridge but the pride they accumulated over the last few congregations had gotten into them. It was an insult from this boy that challenged their pride after all.

The pedestrians were not foolish and could recognize the brewing storm as they backed off right away. A massacre could happen any second soon when it involved Jie experts.

Both Feng Su and Ye Chong were surrounded by the 5 of them. Kurdi had already removed himself from the scene, he

scene, he was just a feeble alchemist after all.

"How about this pretty? Fancy our invitation?" asked Liu Sheng firmly.
Feng Su's expression remained still, as one perfect line had popped in her head, "I was very much in high admiration towards Mr. Guan. As long as he said yes, I am all fine." That was truly a perfect bounce to the question.

Ye Chong was feeling uncomfortable from the constant stares of the 5. He remained calm however, as his eyes were indifferent.

He tried holding his adrenaline, "I have something to do at the ridge."

It was then a silence.

Pure, dead silence. Every pedestrian literally dropped their tongue upon hearing that unbelievable line.

"So he is from the ridge?"
"The May Night's Ridge..."
"No wonder he refused to join the Congregation..."
"And no wonder he looked all calm even when he was surrounded by 5 congregation representatives..."

Everything made sense with that key phrase now.

May Night's Ridge.

... (Meanwhile at the other side of the street)...

Guan Qingheng was the second leader of the purchasing team this time. That was not the first time he had taken this mission. He looked unexcited merely because of how this job was always a pure boredom. Generally, any position that was regarded the second, the vice, as the supportive role to the first would be an idle position, since only the first, the alpha, the supported held the more authority.

What could he do anyway? The Guan family had fallen horrendously all these years. He was fine with his position but it would only be a matter of time for Guan family to be kicked out of the ridge if nothing had changed.

Guan Qingheng was worried. Qingheng was worried. The issue never failed to vanquish his joy.

It could not be helped. Guan family had been joining the meeting as more of a listener at the ridge. The family lacked originality, invention, new blood, thus the falling status on the ridge. The purchasing mission never ran really well too. This was because the family's status had fallen to a point that nobody really would treat the orders seriously.

The newest ranking had not been put up on the board, but the worries lingered, since there would be an evaluation in a year or so, which would determine status of the 14 families on the ridge. That would likely be the moment Guan family got officially kicked out of the ridge.

He pondered deeply as he walked the street.

"I have something to do at the ridge."
One line from somewhere caught his attention.
At the ridge? May's Night Ridge? Guan Qingheng flinched.
He lifted his head.

No one from the outside would know much about May Night's Ridge, not even the merchants by the street, since only the top merchants had connection to the ridge in the city. Most people did not even know how the place looked. The residents of the ridge had hardly left the place either, as they would be too busy mastering the arts of alchemy under the strict enforcement of the committee. Unless one was of the purchasing department, one would probably never have a chance to leave the place, they were even forbidden to join major competitions like the Congregation.

And there was this guest who wanted to do something at the ridge?
Guan Qingheng was surprised, as he dashed towards the crowd.

May Night's Ridge, a mystery, a forbidden area, the sanctuary of alchemy.

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