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Chapter 402: Deja Vu
It was Feng Su's first visit to Line Shaft City. If it was not because of how she had to pass by Planet Guang Hua on her way to Dankwood, she probably might never have the chance to visit the city renowned with alchemy marvels. Guang Hua was a known planet within the Xi Feng tribe. Unlike the other aristocrats, the Xi Feng tribe was originated in free space zone, so it was natural for a member of the Xi Feng tribe like Feng Su to recognize the status of this planet.

Speaking of alchemist, the best training ground for alchemist should be He Yue galaxy, particularly the aristocrats of the galaxy. The aristocrats not only were able to preserve the traditional system of alchemy but also happened to be well connected to the other system from the 5 major galaxies. Judging from this, their combined system seemed to have a better odds of making a breakthrough.

In reality however, none of the aristocrats was able to harness the potential of their galaxy. None of the families was able to be the representative of He Yue galaxy. Thus, He Yue galaxy eventually was not able to surpass the historical branches on Planet Guang Hua, despite all the superior conditions it could offer.

There was one incident that every Xi Feng tribe members would remember. On one year, the Xi Feng tribe relied on the Abductor to expand their forces in free space zone. The Abductor had brought large batch of children to the tribe, precisely all talented children, whom were all sent to the Sanctuary, according to what Feng Su knew.

Nevertheless, there was a plot twist on their side soon, as somehow the enormous Abductor organization on Planet Guang Hua disappeared in one night. They did not manage to reveal the culprit. They did hear the motive was to find

a child however. That would be a good clue but the batch of children that year was simply too huge to trace. Moreover these children were distributed rapidly to all parts of the tribe. The case hit the dead-end and nothing new discovered d ever since.

All forces of Xi Feng tribe withdrew themselves promptly from Planet Guang Hua. They had a massive evacuation. The Abductor never managed to escape however. The foe seemed to be rather cruel by nature that none of the abductors left the planet alive. The Abductor thought the organization was well-camouflaged as several alliances had been made with known communities, unfortunately those friendly alliances offered nothing than a blind-eye towards the incident.

Because of that, the tribe had drastically weakened in the free space zone. Other than Xi Feng tribe, the two other aristocrats somehow took the same action, as they also withdrew their forces on Guang Hua.

Planet Guang Hua then became a forbidden place to the tribe.

Luckily Feng Su had the one-and-only opportunity to have a visit. The lively street was a relaxing sight to her, probably because of the fresh green nursery gardens around. The scent of flowers wafted through the air, that reached Feng Su's nose behind her purplish veil. She might have hidden her captivating face carefully, but her curves were still something that grabbed sufficient attention. Well she had gotten used to those sights, so she could not care less.

The tough trainings she had undergone recently did not leave a mark on her enchanting physique. She could not help but to smile upon looking at the crowd around her, as she reminisced those days when she was an undercover at the show business. But those days were already history. She had gotten worn out by the constant training and battles. It was great to be able to experience the

the tranquility again.

"Hah! We are there guys! Line Shaft City!" a deep voice rang thunderously behind her.

Feng Su frowned, feeling her mood spoiled.

She made a fancy turn to have a careful look at the inconsiderate pedestrian. And she realized, it was not a person but a group.

Her eyes shone in the brightest fear, wondering where these experts came from.

Yup, you guessed it. Feng Su had encountered Ye Chong's party who had just arrived at the city.

Feng Su gave a quick glance at the members, her heart rumbled with intense peculiarity as she lowered her head, trying to hide her astonishment.

5 experts. There were 5 of them, and they were Jie experts.

Feng Su had obtained her title as a Jie expert not too long ago. She also rode a Phoenix Lord graded mech by then. Her extrasensory was enhanced by her training so she could already sense the potency of these men at one glance.

And she thought that would be her biggest surprise, but the young man next to the 5 Jie experts was far greater shocker. There was something imperceivable of him. He might look like an ordinary man by sight, but Feng Su could notice how the 5 Jie experts maintained a visible distance with him.

It can't be. Could this young man be far stronger than the 5 Jie experts? That was a preposterous hypothesis that stirred fear in Feng Su. These 5 would have the greatest strength for they were the Jie experts, yet they feared this boy, assuming he was stronger, then what he would be?

The strangest part was, Feng Su actually sensed some familiarity on this boy. His face gave her a deja vu. She seemed to have seen him before, but she was pretty sure that she had not.

But why, why the deja vu?

Ye Chong recognized Feng Su at first sight. Her exceptional style and charm were already imprinted in his mind. Certainly, it was not because of his puberty. Firstly, Feng Su gave him a painful lesson during the battle. Secondly, Shang once got so obsessed of this beauty that he had to recite her highness on a daily basis. Ye Chong was somehow drilled with the term "curves" upon association with Feng Su.

Ye Chong did not expect to encounter Feng Su however.

Ye Chong's brief awe got perceived by Feng Su, which affirmed to her intuitive speculation that she had met this man before.

Tackan and his mates seemed to have reacted towards Feng Su. They were warriors after all. The countless fights they experienced had already given them the sensibility, that they could tell Feng Su was a Jie expert at first sight.

Their gazes, imbued with their competitiveness, were fired upon Feng Su.

Ye Chong could feel the pressure just by the side. Feng Su tried her best to control her natural competitiveness from going wild. She almost felt like picking a fight but she should not.

The reason was clear. If it was a one-on-one, she probably could win. But a group fight? That would be far-fetched. Assuming they fought, she doubted she could even last till the moment she fully deployed her mech, especially when that unknown boy was right there.

Feng Su's schemata ran wild, figuring a way to eject herself from the scene. She had never visited free space zone before, but she was informed that this place could be a place of the untamed who thirsted battles from time to time. A conflict could be happening soon.

And that was when Sisko made a whistle. A very ear-piercing whistle, that the passersby covered their passersby covered their ears and avoided him.

"As expected of Line Shaft City, I never expected that I would encounter a female Jie expert, a gorgeous beauty too. Such surprise, ha, ha, ha," Sisko's facial muscles quivered awkwardly, it looked exceptionally scary with his body size.

Meanwhile, few pedestrians were giving off dismissive stares. It was nothing strange as this was a place of alchemy after all, that martial arts practitioners - the presumed uneducated barbarians - should not be visiting. And Sisko could potentially be the most barbaric barbarian ever, judging by his look.

The size of his arm was almost the size of one's thigh. The muscles were solid metal that flick made by his fingers would create an echo.

"You are such sweet person," said Feng Su, in her battle stance, "I am no Jie expert, I am just an ordinary girl you see..." Her angelic voice rang, which seduced the fellow pedestrians successfully. Ye Chong was pretty impressed of her improved voice of seduction.

"Hahaha, keep your little trick, lassie," smiled Sisko, with his lump of veins resting on his forehead like a serpent.

"Liu Sheng, do the talking for me," turned Sisko, as he shouted at the sleepy head behind. "Okay," replied Liu Sheng lethargically as he took a step forward, with a metamorphosis occurring on his face that he became pumped and lively out of sudden.

"It's an honor!" he said. "That we are able to speak with such a beautiful Jie expert. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Liu Sheng, and these are my mates, Sisko, Dong Mo, Arbeni, Tackan and Kurdi," Liu Sheng's tone was calm but somehow an intensity could be felt.

Gasps were heard from the pedestrians. Clearly they recognized those names.

"What about him?" whispered Feng Su, as her fair finger pointed at Ye Chong.

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