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A+ A- Chapter 393: Ye Luo's Proposition
Both of them sneaked out of Abyss City right away.

The message was that effective on grabbing both of their attention.

The message was rather brief yet it was a full-fledged alert, that caused almost-strained expression on Ye Luo's face, while Ye Chong looked only a little sterner than usual nonetheless.

"How? Just how?" asked Ye Luo as he depressingly looked at Ye Chong. Te message basically requested Ye Luo's assistance in "escorting" the lost descendant. And he was not stupid and was fully aware of the underlying meaning.

Ye Luo could not figure however, Ye Chong being the top priority to the family.

Ye Chong frowned, especially after discerning that one name on the list - Ye Yin, the top fighter of Ye family, being the leader of the operation this time. Such a brilliant timing he thought, that he was all alone in free space zone and would be fighting against a massive army of well-trained pilots.

Ye Chong's gaze was frigid. He was not one who liked one's fate to be manipulated by people and not in such manner, most importantly. He had been resistant in becoming part of the filthy aristocrats like Ye family. Who cares if he might be related to the family from any perspective, he would not join them, he would never be joining them.

And Ye Chong got very much irritated. An unknown rage brewed inside him!

The reasons why Ye Chong had been working hard improving himself were, first to seek survival, second to dominate his own life, those were his limits, the ultimate goal of his life, but there must be somebody or some group in his way!

How could he not be mad?

As time passed Ye Chong had changed. There was development in his strength, as well as in his personality. That competitiveness started to appear in his soul, that he would never let somebody to take charge of his life!

Ye Chong did not thrash the place out of rage. Instead, he grew more rational, even crueler, to figure out a way to guard his losing freedom.

Ye Luo smiled bitterly at the angered beast, wondering why the leader of his family would take such extreme measure in capturing it. Was Ye Chong really this important that an expedition had to be formed to get him back? He doubted it, he truly suspected it but he was convinced by his father's sense, well, since this operation would never initiate without his father's permission.

And thanks to this sudden operation, he was on the fence.

Ye Chong turned to Ye Luo and remained silent, his cold gaze was expecting a clarification of some sort from the unofficial representative of Ye family.

"Don't look at me," shrugged Ye Luo, "I am too busy for this. I had given you my Moon King, and I saw nothing. Yup, saw nothing on the bracelet at all." Ye Luo carried on mischievously, "Hah! Ye Yin is a pain in my eyes. Chong, please, be my guest, teach him a lesson. Also, you would probably be stuck behind the walls once you get 'invited' back to your home. You won't be smiling if you are staying in the lawn everyday."

Ye Chong felt relieved for some reason.

Practically, Ye Luo could do him no harm on this. If Ye Luo would choose the family over Ye Chong and pick a fight with him, Ye Luo was about the same standard as Ye Chong. Ye Chong knew it well after the few brief matches they had together in the last few days. Moreover, Ye Chong had a mech, so it would not be hard to eliminate Ye Luo if things went wrong.

However he refused to fight Ye Luo, for some reason, probably because Ye Luo was the person who gave him Moon King. Thought Ye Chong as he picked an excuse to rationalize his perception.

"Oh, right, almost forgot," Ye Luo remembered something, "The Moon King is installed with an automatic identification device. We got to tweak that, in

a way they would not find you out immediately. Well, though I think they haven't know the fact that you own the Moon King now. The device allows Moon King to identify the other mechs from my home, the fun part is, you can easily obtain their information as long as they are of a lower rank than Moon King. Hah! If that happens, just be the catfish. They surely would not notice. It would be an impeccable camouflage, well, except if you encounter Ye Yin. I can't help you on that. Good luck with him if you did meet him by all means. Oh, one last thing, most importantly, assuming you ever get caught, don't tell them that you got these information from me!" Said Ye Luo gleefully, with grace on his childish face. It was a smile of unstoppable freedom.

Ye Chong felt something warm in his heart, but he said nothing.

"With their speed, they should be arriving Dankwood in no time. So you should leave as soon as possible," pondered Ye Luo with his head tilted.
"Leave Dankwood?" asked Ye Chong.
"Yup," Ye Luo nodded as he formed a proposition for Ye Chong. "Dankwood is not a big planet to begin with. It would only be a matter of time till they get to you. But if you sneaked your way out of Dankwood, they would not be able to track you straight away."
"How do I leave? Do I board Moon King?" Ye Luo's proposition made perfect sense, Ye Chong then further inquired with interest.
"Don't think about Moon King. You can't do a space-jump with that. Well, I did hear Xue Lai's Brahmara has the specs to perform a good space-jump. But well, we need to have a Plan B, a more plausible plan. Hmmm...," Ye Luo reminisced the records, "Hm, there are two spaceships on Dankwood, one at Han family, another at the Renlo tribe."

Ye Chong gave a nod, Huang Baiyi did mention similar things before.

"Well for Han family, you could forget about them. We did help them out twice this time, but they aren't the kind who would return the favor on situation like this. No doubt they might accept our request for help, but you would be right out of the bag if that happens." He lifted his head and gave a straight gaze at Ye Chong, shrugged again, "Don't think that those magical make-ups of yours could help. Yes, you could use those makeover fantasy to deceive most people, except for Ye Yin. I can 100% guarantee on that, you won't be able to hide your way out of Ye Yin's grip. He's just downright horrid."

Ye Yin huh? The top fighter of Ye family had such ability? It gave Ye Chong extra horror the fact that this man could win over Ye Luo's "compliment".

"So you are left with the Renlos. Fortunately their defense isn't as strong as the Han's. You have Moon King, it should not be a problem to sneak in. I am not sure if they are on the move at the moment. Just go back to Han family if they doesn't click for you," proposed Ye Luo, gleefully again on his next elaboration, "... since I know where both families parked their rides."


Moon King hovered silently in the dark sky.

Ye Chong observed the hologram projection carefully inside his cabin. Ye Luo left right after he had guided Ye Chong the way there. He did not intend to join Ye Chong's big runaway apparently

Ye Luo, before leaving for good, had a glance at the residence of the Renlos, "Chong, you have my Moon King. Please, by all means, do hold them longer," he mumbled. "You will never like Ye family. I'll be happier too the longer you hold, hehehehe..."

Then he became calm, with fingers rubbing his chin, "Should I leave as well? I had seen enough experts on this planet, I should leave too, hah, mhm, I'll go Han family."

He smiled and ran away promptly.

The Renlo actually had quite a formidable defense, that it would be a chore to infiltrate without a mech. But Ye Chong had Moon King, so it would be a pice of cake.

He watched and memorized the layout of the area completely.

A sudden leap, a sudden sink, like a phantom Ye Chong traveled inside Moon King. He made his way into the spaceship without alarming the guards.

The spaceship was probably the most ancient model Ye Chong had ever seen, that he seriously doubted if the model was a pioneer model from the early era of interstellar travels.

The circuits could be seen everywhere. They were fully exposed on every tile. Well, it felt like an antique Ye Chong was in, since such circuit-formation technique had already joined Trash Planet decades ago. The current leading technique had was much more matured since it allowed an integration of the circuit networks inside the body. Other than this, the ship was wholly made out of metals. Ye Chong could not identify any material that was light and durable.

He ventured deeper into the ship to be welcomed by a shroud of metallic smell. There was no processor, a kind of giant device with dense electronic circuits was found instead.

Ye Chong had no time to act all fascinated by the primitiveness of this spaceship, as he had already perceived footsteps approaching him!

"Like dude, how many times had we conducted an operation in these 6 months? I am getting crazy soon!" a young voice ranted.
"Shh, don't spit it so loud. If the manager heard this, you are very much done-for."

They seemed to be pushing something towards Ye Chong, since Ye Chong heard the wheels rolling on the floor.

"I don't care if the manager heard this!" But the young voice seemed to have softened drastically. This manager was seemingly someone they should not cross. "Like seriously, we used to go on an operation once or twice a year at most! And look what we are doing now! All the operations nonstop for 6 bloody months! I had forgotten how my house looks now!"

"I must agree it has gotten a bit too frequent recently. Our brothers had gotten tired. And I too, felt truly worn out by this."

The voices had gotten closer and Ye Chong quickly took a look at the place, he got to find an escape path as soon as possible. And he spotted a door not far from him. He then tiptoed into the door with his back lowered.

It looked like a storage, with all sort of boxes there. A joyful sight to Ye Chong, the storage would be a perfect place for hiding! Without hesitation he picked a corner and curved into the box.

It was a good timing as the two persons got into the storage right after he hid himself. Through the gap, Ye Chong could see them sending the similar metallic case into the storage.

"We must tell the manager."
"You tell it then, you are the senior here."
"Nah, the junior does the work for junior."
"What do you mean...?" The voice trailed off as they left the room.

The metallic door was shut tight.


Ye Chong rested at the corner after ensuring his safety, as he began recollecting his thoughts.

But something happened that his thoughts got disrupted.

His body began shivering helplessly.

Was it me or the room got much colder than before?

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