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A+ A- Chapter 390: Everyone's On The Move!
In the dark, Ye Chong looked at the village from above, looking for that figure he recognized, that had been imprinted in his mind. The capability of Iris had once again been demonstrated to Ye Chong as search performed. He had detected all sorts of things, the mobile and the immobile yet Rui Bing was not there. He got to admit that the three aristocrats were quite something for they were able to reproduce such master craft in mass. He knew Moon King was the standard model used by the family and a standard model could never represent a family's potency, yet Moon King remained as a spectacular technological amazement to Ye Chong, be it the design of the main body, the little details on all parts, the liquid pressure buffering system.

Moon King was the finest craft he could ever imagine.

And that was only the standard model for the slight rookie. Imagine the topmost craft of Ye family.

Ye Chong was intrigued, very intrigued.

"Okay, be honest, tell me who are you looking for." Ye Luo could hold it no longer. It felt like a galactic myth to see a desperate search performed by such an indifferent man who would not give a damn even to a meteorite.
"Companion." The keyword popped up in his mind after the input.
"I see." It all made sense to Ye Luo by then. Still... it felt off? "So... A boy or a girl?" He decided to give his hypothesis a try.
"A girl," replied Ye Chong briefly.
"OOOOOH!" Everything had made sense! Ye Luo gleefully responded, "And I was wondering why the desperation, so it's a woman after all. Tsk, tsk, no wonder you were in such a hurry. Is she your wife?"
"Wife?" Ye Chong was unaware of such term, "You mean... life partner?"
"Yes, yes, yes. You caught on quick!" Ye Luo's expression was mischievous.
"According to the information on the table, statistically, a likelihood of 50%," stated Ye Chong, the statistic seemed about just right.
Ye Luo was tittering. That was probably his first time seeing a man giving such an odd reply in such a serious tone. But as too strange this man was, he eventually exploded into pure chuckles.

And there Ye Chong was, confused again.
"Was there something wrong?"
"Uh, n-nope. Hahahaha... nope. Really! Nothing wrong at all! Tssshh Tshh..." Ye Luo responded with an expression indistinguishable of whether laughing or crying.
"Hah..." It took quite some time for Ye Luo to calm down, still one could see the corner of his lips twitching sometimes.
"That explains a lot. I finally knew the reason you refused to get back to you family. Sigh, the likelihood would surely fall to 1% and below if you ever reunited with our family." Ye Luo's face tightened, as remembered something.
"Don't you know? All descendants of the family are forbidden to mate with the outsiders." Ye Luo sounded bitter as he spoke.
"Nope. Can't understand at all," replied Ye Chong promptly.
"Alright..." Ye Luo patiently explained, "It was not only a thing in our family. It's the same for all three aristocrats. I am not sure about the perks of the other two bloodlines but they do have the same mating rule as ours. Only member with member of the same family, just to make sure our bloodline remains pure, which is why our family has always been extremely authoritarian on our marriages. Sigh... including me." Ye Luo looked sad as he spoke, "No freedom... no liberty at all. I am the son of the head of the family yet I can't even choose my own wife. Oh, by the way, hehehe, for your information, I have a wife, only in name though. I can't really remember when we last met, but it felt like two years ago... she has her own life and I have mine. And I'm not going home to lose my life." He looked persistent, "Well, if you ever went back home you're gonna be at home for good." Shrugged Ye Luo, his eyes were surrendering to the reality, although wi

th slight disgust.

"It's my life, as determined by my own fate. And I decide my own fate." Ye Chong sounded intensely tenacious in that faint line of his.

Ye Luo was showing admiration in his eyes, but something appeared in his mind, he frowned, "You know, we were very bewildered when you first showed up. We really wondered who your parents were, well, since you really do have the absolute bloodline of our family so your parents must be inside the house, yet we could not find any relevant record on you."

Ye Chong was silent.
"Meh, that aside, let's do something more fun. Say... we get down and grab a few guys since who knows, maybe they know where your wife is. We could ask them a few questions, *kindly*." Suggested Ye Luo, diabolically.

... (Meanwhile at the other place) ...

Feng Su gave her dimensional keystone the last few caress before handing it over to the chief with a heavy heart. The Wings of Nirvana... the mech who had been through the thick and thin with her. It might not be the top-ranked model in the Xi Feng tribe but it was a highly regarded model in the Sanctuary.

It was already an unfortunate beginning when she was suddenly knocked out by that white-garbed woman. Thanks to her stunning spell, Feng Su had stayed nicely on the ground for quite some time after that. The only joy was, also because of that stunning spell, she managed to make a breakthrough in her mentality as she woke up much earlier than Rui Bing expected.

It took almost forever for Feng Su to find the Wings of Nirvana then, that it felt like a miracle when she found that revealing wings under the river.

But maybe, it was god's mercy of giving her a chance to bid a proper farewell to her old Wings. It was probably the time for the old Wings to go for real. Feng Su was feeling a lot as she stared upon this new mech - the Phoenix Lord. Well it was the mech rank she would see in her dream every night but unexpectedly it felt odd when she really looked at it with the correspondent keystone in her grip, as she realized how she missed her old Wings.

Nevertheless, regulation existed for a reason and the tribe demanded her an immediate upgrade, so she took it obediently. This new piece of mech, her new Wings, would need a name, that would set as monument reminding Feng Su that old friend of hers, and that would be... "Wings of Memorial." Whispered she as she got into the cabin quickly.

She had been assigned to the free space zone to take over Huang Zheng's duties. The authority presumed Huang Zheng's incapability in the administration while recognizing Feng Su's vision and this being the perfect opportunity to train her. So there she was, departing, as the chosen one of the tribe.

Beep! Beep!
The communicator rang, she glanced at the incoming code. She shuddered and picked up immediately, "Yes?"

"Lord Feng Su, please head to the chief's room right away. You have 15 minutes." The voice was cold.
Chief's room? Chief?
Does that mean...
"Ah!" She tried to sound calm but her speculation seized her sanity.
"It has been confirmed." The chief was grim as he spoke, "Huang Zheng is dead. Our relationship with the Abductor has been exposed to a certain degree. Fortunately Huang Zheng had erased all data at the base, I would call that a saving grace, maybe we have not been exposed beyond help. You would be taking care of these right after you got there. Cease all ongoing operations with the Abductor for the moment. Do you understand?"
"Yes, chief," replied Feng Su.
The old chief nodded happily, "Your vision had always been great. You also performed exceptionally in the Sanctuary, keep up the good work and hopefully you would not let us down."
"Yes, chief!"

... (Meanwhile at the other corner of the galaxy)...
"You seemed to have mastered the method. With this, your mathematical capability should be about my standard now. And you still have more rooms for expansion. You are far more talented than Ye. Nonetheless, you have a long way to go if you want to be a professional Maverick." Stated Mu/Shang flatly at Little Rock.

"Yes, I know," nodded Little Rock expressionlessly, "Regarding that, when would I get the information from you?"
"About 5 days later. I would need some time to prepare." Mu/Shang gave an estimation after a moment of calculation.
"Alright." And Little Rock zipped his mouth and turned back to the processor.
Zhu Ling put her practice on hold and gave a glance at Little Rock, who then returned a smile at her.

"Ahahahahahahahahaha!" That was when Lian Yue's insanity roared throughout the ship, "Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! I got it!" Lian Yue exited the lab and waddled to Zhu Ling, grabbed her silky hand, muttered, "Ling my girl, look at this! I did it! I had finally completed the blueprint of this engine's modification! See what a genius I am, praise me..." His two hands were caressing the fair hand of hers, endearingly.

Towards such act, Zhu Ling only lifted her leg, "Ow ow ow owww..." A thump was heard as Lian Yue fell onto the ground.

Qiu Man took a look at the busy folks, feeling emotional. The members of the ship might seem scarce at strength, but she knew the power of these folks in his heart.

A supreme machine with imaginably two different personalities, an aloof mathemagicians, a truly talented genius in engines, and a female warrior from the dark and...
"Yeah, me myself, a lady strategist behind the scene."

Such combination... how much strength would it produce I wonder...

"Any news on Ye?" asked Mu/Shang.

"No. They had not found anything on him. Ye seemed to have vaporized completely, somehow... None of the aristocrats have found him at the moment. " Reported Qiu Man as she placed the information down. She looked at that handicapped machinery, whom people called it "Mu/Shang". After countless glances, it still felt like a new surprise whenever she looked at it.

Like who, who was capable of creating such intelligence?
Thought she as her thin index finger scratched the polished chin of hers. She was trying to focus. She was well-aware of the importance of the disappeared boy to this handicapped mech, so she could not risk putting herself into a bad situation because of a little trickery in the search.

She might be important in this group but that did not mean she was irreplaceable. This handicapped mech had another side apparently, whose nature was cunning and dark, that her little tricks had been long read before she even initiated them.

"Also, the Shi family wished that we could provide them some techniques, on the engine for example." Her eyes shifted at the rolling genius on the ground.
"What's your opinion?" asked Mu/Shang calmly.
Qiu Man had an idea in mind apparently, "I believe we could reveal the unimportant portion of our techniques but we would need a corresponding payoff from them."
"For example?"
"A node laboratory at the Virtual World. That'll be great." Qiu Man gave a thought as she glanced at Little Rock.

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