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Both of them quickly dived to the ground, hiding in the tall grass. It was difficult to notice them, even up close.

Dozens of people ran past them not too far away. From between the blades of grass, Ye Chong could see that their eyes were full of fear and dissatisfaction.

What a speedy retreat! Ye Chong and Ye Luo exchanged a look, and saw the surprise in each other. The child abductors had attacked fiercely in large numbers, and had the obvious advantage. However, they were now forced to escape in such a short amount of time.

"That’s too fast," Ye Chong thought.

The child abductors were all running with all they had. Some of them fell down on the way, but no one gave them a second glance. Those who fell tried to get back up, their faces contorted horribly as their eyes told the story of their deep despair. They gritted their teeth and did not yell for help, their faces pale, possibly due to fatigue.

They knew what awaited them ahead, and knew that no one would stop for them. If it were them, they would never delay escaping because of another person.

Soon, everyone was gone, leaving behind the few people who fell down on the grassy plains.

The escaping group was now just visible as black spots in the distance.

Ye Chong and Ye Luo stood up.

"They sure lost quite fast! Han Family’s elite squad is truly powerful. If it’s combat, they’re probably on par with our guys back at home. Aristocrats are aristocrats, I guess. Either they stay quiet, or they roar like thunder," Ye Luo mused.

The few injured child abductors in the grass saw Ye Chong and Ye Luo, and recognized them both immediately in fear.

Ye Chong nodded, agreeing with him.

Both of them ignored the injured child abductors and spoke to each other as though they were not there.

"Let’s go after them," Ye Luo said, his face full of excitement.

"Why?" Ye Chong looked at Ye Luo, curious.

"Intel from the Family suggests that the Xi Feng Tribe might be behind the child abductors. The Family would like to confirm this. The power behind the child abductors has always been a mystery. Besides, I’m tired of seeing those sick b*stards. Hehe, is this an opportunity or what?" Ye Luo rubbed his hands together with enthusiasm.

Ye Chong thought of Huang Baiyi.

A rumbling sound came from afar. The ground shook trembled slightly, and the child abductors all showed horrified expressions.

"I say, those guys will never let their enemies escape just like that, it’s not their style at all. Now they’re finally here. Hehe, let’s get on the bandwagon," Ye Luo said with twinkling eyes as the cavalry beyond approached them.

The cavalry came like a tsunami. They consisted of only about 200 men, but sounded like an army of thousands. The uniform sound of hoofbeats created a huge pressure of subjugation and power.

Ye Chong and Ye Luo stood out like a sore thumbs in the grassy plains.

The leader gave a command and the entire cavalry shifted directions towards them.

The thunderous sound of hoofs beating closed in on the two of them with increasing pressure. The cavalry did not slow down. The animals stepped heavily on the grass, bringing soil and broken blades of grass up with their hooves, marching out a deep trail through the plain.

What a powerful force!

Ye Luo stood in a dignified manner, his earlier easy demeanor gone without a trace. He was now back to the man that Ye Chong first came to know. Ye Chong stood silently, his expression unchanged. This was a magnificent spectacle, but for someone like him who had seen wonders in the space between galaxies, and fought against hundreds and thousands of mechs in outer space, this was only a small scale event.

Be it Ye Chong or Ye Luo, they maintained their standing positions, unperturbed.

The calvary closed in.

500 meters … 400 meters … 300 meters …

The leader at the front of the army lifted his right hand smoothly.

The cavalry came to a complete abrupt halt. The entire cavalry stopped just 10 meters away from the two men. The motion was executed while maintaining their formation perfectly.

The thunderous sound of their advance stopped abruptly, and the grassy plain was now silent.

The soldiers sat on their canterelle rides without expression. Their aggressive rides were now docile as a lamb.

Han Yue was beside the leader.

Han Yue saw Ye Luo and smiled. "I see that Brother Luo is here. Thank you for your help back there." He saw clearly how Luo Shi had took on one of the enemy forces, so that their reinforcements could arrive in time.

Han Yue then introduced him to the lead rider, "This is the young and competent fighter, Luo Shi. Gehong must have heard of him."

The man called Gehong was surprised. "Luo Shi! An elite of the Congregation, it’s an honor!"

Ye Luo smiled gently and said, "You’re too kind. And you are?" Seeing Ye Luo acting all courteous, Ye Chong found it hard to reconcile this image with the child-like Ye Lu he had seen just now. The transformation was too glaring, like switching characters entirely.

"I am Han Gehong!" His hoarse voice was low and uncomfortable to listen to. His cold profile made him seem difficult to approach, and the killing aura emanating from him was strong enough to keep Ye Chong and Ye Luo on their toes.

This was an unfamiliar name. Ye Luo looked to Han Yue, and the man explained, "Gehong is usually with the Tribe Leader, and rarely shows himself." Ye Luo seemed to accept the explanation, but Ye Chong could see the wariness in Ye Luo.

"This is?" The hoarse voice spoke again. Han Gehong looked towards Ye Chong, his cold eyes revealing a moment of surprise. Ye Chong looked like the odd man out, with his wooden spear in hand and a wooden box by his feet. When Han Gehong saw the blackened spearhead, his eyes widened and lit up with recognition.

Ye Chong remained silent.

Han Yue panicked. This was not a man they could afford to offend. He quickly whispered to Han Gehong, "He’s the alchemist."

Han Gehong took another glance at Ye Chong.

Ye Chong’s silence was almost unbearable. Han Yue quickly spoke up, "We’re pursuing the escaping child abductors. What are your plans?"

Ye Luo turned serious and said, "Brother Han, you’re too kind. With the kind of kinship between us, I refuse to just stand by and watch. Besides, the child abductors are notorious for their absolutely deplorable actions. We will try to our best to assist. If you can provide us with two canterelles for the occasion, and we will return them after." Ye Luo made his request without feeling embarassed at all.

Han Yue looked at Ye Chong curiously. He had anticipated Luo Shi’s agreement in helping him, but Ye Chong came as a surprise. Aside that, from Luo Shi’s behavior, it seemed that the two of them had forged a closer relationship. Luo Shi’s use of the term "we" and the request for two canterelles had Han Yue planning ahead for all kinds of possible scenarios.

"Of course," Han Gehong easily agreed, his hoarse voice grating against the ear. "With two able men with us, we’re more prepared against the enemy."

Two riders shared rides with their comrades, leaving two canterelles for them.

Ye Luo climbed onto one of the canterelles in one flowing motion.

"Excellent riding skills!" Han Gehong applauded.

Ye Chong looked at the canterelle before him. Now this was a problem. He had never ridden a canterelle. As the people in the Five Galaxies would say, he had no driving experience at all, much less a driving licence.

The canterelle was as large as a rhinoceros, with four strong legs and a short neck. Its entire body was covered with grayish black fur. Its two large eyes glowed with a kind of animalistic violence. Ye Chong could tell that the black horn on its forehead must be strong and hard. Secured on the canterelle’s back was a black saddle.

From Ye Chong’s point of view, this was probably the most primitive medium of transport ever.

Ye Chong climbed onto the canterelle without hesitation. The canterelle was momentarily agitated, and Ye Chong felt slightly unstable. To the rest of the people watching, however, his upper body did not move at all.

Han Gehong’s half lidded eyes seemed to lit up. He was now curious of this alchemist. From his movements, it was obvious that this was his first time riding a canterelle. However, he could also see that this alchemist had a very strong waist.

Han Gehong’s eyes fell on the wooden spear in Ye Chong’s hand again, feeling perplexed.

An alchemist? Was he really an alchemist?

However, there was no time to further consider it. Han Gehong waved his arm down and spoke in a low voice, "Advance!"

The entirely cavalry moved instantly. Ye Chong felt the canterelle beneath him rush ahead, and he nearly fell backwards. However, his strong waist supported and maintained his sitting position.

Not that it mattered, but his rigid riding made him look mightily ungraceful amongst the other riders.

"Relax, so long as you don’t fall off, you’re good. These canterelles are well trained, they’ll follow the cavalry without needing you to direct them," Ye Luo shared his experience with Ye Chong from beside him.

The cavalry advanced with their canterelles, following the tracks of the child abductors.

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