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Luo Shi was being surrounded, under attack by dozens of men.

Ye Chong did not manage to see Luo Shi fight during the ambush attack on their campsite. This was his first time witnessing the man in combat.

He fought with the typical combat style of the Ye Family. There were no fancy moves, and every move was either damaging or fatal. The man made evasive steps to avoid being trapped by his attackers. Ye Chong could not read his opponents accurately, and he could see that Luo Shi was using authentic combat moves of the Ye Family, much stronger than the instructors in Black Cove.

Compared to him, the instructors were basically newbies to the arena.

Luo Shi moved with ease, never keeping still for a moment too long, preventing his attackers from trapping him. It was impossible to see skills like these in the Five Galaxies or the He Yue Galaxy. In those places, mechs were the main ways of combat.

"Hah, you’re here!" Luo Shi noticed Ye Chong. His eyes shone brightly, and he sounded oddly warm.

Ye Chong was perplexed. He had noticed early on of Luo Shi’s strange attitude towards him. Luo Shi was always trying to be closer to him. Ye Chong had thought that his disguise was blown, and became wary of the man.

Just then, three ambushers went to attack Ye Chong.

Child abductors! They wore the same masks that Ye Chong saw when he first encountered these child abductors. The strange masks left a deep impression in him.

A lance came for Ye Chong, striking like a snake.

Another longsword routed itself to stop Ye Chong from escaping. The sharp edge of the blade shimmered. Once Ye Chong entered its effective range, he would have to face its continuous attacks.

The last man had a dagger in his hand. He was skinny, but his eyes were cold and attentive, like a cat watching its prey in the night.

They thought of this alchemist, the man who caused their last ambush attack to end in failure, as an even more important target than Luo Shi. The alchemist had safely arrived at this place, thus their group that was assigned to the campsite must have failed. While they did not know how it happened, they were still confident of their abilities. Any strong alchemist would still have his or her own weaknesses. If an alchemist were to face off against a combat expert, then the alchemist would be as good as dead. Besides, this was three of them against one alchemist!

Ye Chong’s eyes widened!

Their attacks were exactly the same as the ones he faced when he escaped from the Black Forest.

So it was them last time! Ye Chong’s eyes turned cold.

In just a short instant, Ye Chong understood the whole story. At the first village he visited, he had killed a child abductor, and let another one go. The one who escaped must have told of his story to his organization. Later attempts on his life must have been their act of revenge.

Back in the forest, the complicated territory and their peculiar ways of camouflaging themselves among the greenery had given them a huge advantage. More importantly, Ye Chong was too heavily injured last time till he was forced into a tight corner.

Now, however, they would face Ye Chong, fresh from a new breakthrough. While it was only an instinctive body reflex, the leftover subconscious effects left in his body were still enough to make him even more dangerous.

Ye Chong turned his left leg, swinging his body to the side and avoiding the lance attack. The wooden spear in his right hand stabbed in the direction of the longsword. It was a simple stab, one that Ye Chong did without much thought, done almost reflexively.

The wooden spear hit its blue spot target spot on.

The wooden spear bounced back to him with a rattle of his right hand. Ye Chong seemed to know what was behind him. The wooden spear’s shaft whipped backwards, almost softly, onto the chest of the child abductor with the dagger, ready to attack Ye Chong.


A soft sound was heard. The two persons sandwich-ing Ye Chong in between fell down like puppets with their strings severed. They died horrible deaths. The man with the longsword had a stab wound in his throat, and the flesh around the wound was now in an eerie black. As for the man with the dagger, his chest had collapsed inward from a blow to his body center.

The only surviving child abductor was shocked. They had rushed into their deaths when facing Ye Chong. The man had easily dealt with them both.

"Wonderful!" Luo Shi exclaimed, full of admiration. As he finished pronouncing that single word, he had already switched position five times, killing two more people.

Looking at the way he was, Ye Chong knew that the man was not giving it his all yet. Luo Shi must be more powerful than this.

Suddenly, Luo Shi waved towards Ye Chong, smiling a secretive smile as he said, "Hey, brother, let’s get out of here. I’ve something you’ll probably be very interested in." He did not seem concerned about the child abductors around him at all.

Luo Shi’s suggestion confused Ye Chong completed.

Luo Shi said nothing more. He made a few evasive moves and escaped from his enemies’ grasp. He waved for Ye Chong to follow again, and fled outside.

Luo Shi’s departure was a relief for the rest of the child abductors. They now turned their attention to Ye Chong, but did not attack immediately. Ye Chong had just shown that he was no weaker than Luo Shi. Besides, he was an alchemist!

The leader of this attack squad was now sighing hopelessly to himself inside. Meeting that crazy Luo Shi was unfortunate, but now they were up against another even crazier man.

Ye Chong did not understand Luo Shi’s intention, but looking at his enemies, he also knew that he should leave as soon as possible. He made a turn and fled out of the house, light as a bird.

As the two strong men left, the child abductors all heaved a sigh of relief. Just then, however, a thunderous sound of animal footsteps came from outside, sending a soft tremor through the ground.

The leader of the child abductors was shocked beyond belief!

When Ye Chong left the Mayor’s Mansion, he saw a group of men riding canterelles forcing their ways through the city gates.

However, Ye Chong was more focused on the sight of Luo Shi, waiting for him not far off. Luo Shi waved at him and continued running, heading out of the city. Ye Chong considered for a moment before following him.

The two figures leaped across houses like shadows.

The man at the forefront of the canterelle troop took a quick glance at the two fast-moving figures with surprise. However, he kept his eyes forward and said hoarsely, "Forward, to the Mayor’s Mansion."

Ye Chong followed Luo Shi, but keeping a reasonable distance between them.

They were both fast, and running with all they got. Emerald City grew smaller and smaller behind them. It was when they were about 30 kilometers away from Emerald City that Luo Shi finally stopped.

Almost at that same moment, Ye Chong halted as well, still keeping a reasonable distance between them.

He held the wooden spear in his hand, ready for anything. The wooden box was put aside.

Seeing Ye Chong thus prepared, Luo Shi stared for a moment before laughing and said, "No need for all this, no need at all, we’re not enemies."

Ye Chong did not respond, but asked, "Start talking, why bring me here?" He stared into Luo Shi’s eyes. Shang once told him that when a person lied, he would be able to tell from the eyes.

Luo Shi turned sombre. His next sentence was earth-shattering. Even Ye Chong could not help but show his surprise on his face!

"Ye Chong, it’s you isn’t it?"

Ye Chong said nothing, staring fixedly at Luo Shi. Inside however, he was desperately trying to figure out how he had exposed himself. In the end, he quickly calmed down. He could not understand what he did wrong, and if that was the case, then it was better if he just left it at that and prepare for battle!

Luo Shi shook his head and explained, "Ye Chong, I mean you no harm."

Before Ye Chong could respond, he continued, "It’s not just me, the entire Ye Family means you no harm!"

Ye Chong was unconvinced. The relationship between him and the Ye Family was already complicated as it was, and he did not wish to dwell on it any more than necessary. However, he kept quiet and listened anyway. Luo Shi had surprised him too much.

"When you were in Black Cove, you had already drew attention from the higher ups of Black Cove. You must know how special your body is. Normally, for anyone as thin as you are, he should be physically weaker, and can only develop his speed, flexibility, reaction time.

"But not you!

"Black Cove quickly notified the Ye Family of this. In fact, the Patriarch grew interested in you. Hmm, I’m not sure how much you know about the Ye Family, but in recent years, successors of the family are in decline, and true descendants of the Ye Family are all worried about it. This is also why you gained attention from the Patriarch."

Luo Shi shrugged with an air of self mockery.

"You’re very vigilant, a quick learner, and strong as well," Luo Shi said this with approval, "Every attempt by Black Cove to recover you ended in failure. The Patriarch was vexed by this, but he could do nothing about it." At this, Luo Shi seemed to remember something, and grinned.

"The real deal breaker for the Patriarch is this - you had used the silver liquid, but remained healthy and unscathed!" Luo Shi turned serious and looked straight at Ye Chong, speaking his next words with care, "Do you know what this means?"

Ye Chong remained silent.

Luo Shi did not answer his own question, but switched topics, "The silver liquid is an early invention, but its side effects are obvious. It’s supposed to simulate an element uniquely found in the blood of any Ye Family member. However, current technology is still insufficient to replicate it exactly. There is only one group of people who can use the silver liquid and remain unaffected. Just one group!

"It’s the Ye Family members!"

The simple sentence was like dropping a bombshell for Ye Chong!

"You used the name Ye Chong before, so it’s actually convincing that you’re actually from the Ye Family. However, no one expected you to be so slippery to catch. It seemed as though you always have a mysterious someone by your side, protecting you. Our operations failed every time," Luo Shi said with a wry smile on his face.

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