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Ye Chong’s hands moved quickly. He had never moved his hands so quickly for alchemy purposes. The alchemy flask in front of him was already loaded with many raw ingredients. Ye Chong was also adding all sorts of chemicals into the flask at an astonishing speed. The volume of chemicals he added was only a little each time, but he was doing it very quickly.

His hands were a blur in the air.

He had a wonderful idea, and now he wanted to see how it would fare in practice.

The liquid in the alchemy flask roiled violently like boiling water. Ye Chong did not stop, however, as he continued to add small amounts of different chemicals into the alchemy flask.

Ye Chong’s expression was solemn, his mouth firmly closed. He had the smoke pearl in his mouth for precaution. He had buried the two boxes underground, and the hesitation of the five ambushers had allowed him to do this.

When the last chemical was added into the alchemy flask, a surprising change happened!


It was a low sound of explosion. His tent was burst open by the strong air pressure inside.

A powerful wave of air rippled outwards from him, quick as lightning, and the smoke surrounding his tent was all blown away. This sudden change caught everyone off guard. The strong wind from the explosion swept past everyone in the entire campsite.

Where the wind had blown past, the intense fighting stopped, and people dropped silently to the ground like flies.

The only one standing in the campsite was Ye Chong. He looked pitiful, covered in all kinds of colors. His clothing was almost completely gone but for his pants, still where they should be.

Ye Chong looked at the people lying on the ground in the campsite, satisfied with the result. He was surprised to find that his short, creative moment earlier had led to this fine result. He had expected to only finish off the five ambushers, but this was far beyond his expectations.

In fact, what Ye Chong had created was essentially an explosion. Of course, it was a mild explosion. Creating a large volume of gas in a very short time was, to an alchemist, a piece of cake. The small explosion had created an airstream that spread outwards, covering the entire campsite.

This airstream was not dangerous, and would only feel like strong gust of wind to most people. However, Ye Chong did some preparation work beforehand, surrounding his tent with more than 30 kinds of knockout agents. The knockout agents were so dense around his tent that it was suffocating.

The airstream had spread this dense mixture of knockout agents all over the campsite.

Since their encounter with the fangwolves, Han Yue’s camp had lost many people, so their campsite was not too large in its entirety. The airstream was thus able to cover the entire campsite.

Ye Chong’s knockout agents were all strong ones. Without necessary precautions, everyone in the camp, enemy or ally, had fallen.

Ye Chong realized then that an alchemist was more suited to ambushing. However, he quickly dismissed this idea. Those knockout agents were made of rare and valuable ingredients. If he had not stocked himself from the Black Forest, he would not have been able to win this battle. Besides, it was difficult to control the power of the explosion earlier. If was only because of his strong body that he could survive it unscathed. If it were any other alchemist, being at the center of an explosion would wound, if not kill him.

This strategy was too expensive and dangerous.

This was more so in the Five Galaxies. In the Five Galaxies, battles mostly happened in outer space. Mechs were the favored means of battle. These knockout agents would be useless.

After all these experiences, Ye Chong appreciated the advantages and power of mechs even more deeply. Be it the Five Galaxies or He Yue Galaxy, mech pilots still reigned supreme. He Yue Galaxy may have a place for combat experts, but combat only served as a base for mech pilots to strengthen their bodies.

"Why am I thinking about all this?" Ye Chong laughed at himself mockingly. No power was absolute. The best strategy was always one based on circumstances.

The violent battle was over, and it was quiet. Ye Chong quickly checked Han Yue, lying on the ground, looking peaceful. It was said that knockout agents were first invented to promote better sleep, but was later developed as a weapon of defense for alchemists.

"Looks like I should prepare a lot of these knockout agents," Ye Chong thought to himself as he looked at the people on the ground around him, smiling wryly.

The first to be awakened was Han Yue. Ye Chong felt that he was the best person to deal with the aftermath.

Han Yue opened his eyes, dazed for a few seconds, but he quickly gathered himself. Ye Chong was quietly impressed by his mental strength.

When Han Yue saw the people lying around him, however, he was flabbergasted. He stammered as he asked, "What … What happened?"

Now that was a loaded question. Ye Chong did not know how to explain it, so he kept quiet.

"You … You did this, sir?" Han Yue opened his eyes wide, looking at Ye Chong with disbelief, speaking respectfully all of a sudden.

"Yes," Ye Chong nodded in answer, not denying his actions. However, he did not wish to elaborate further. It would be foolish to explain his techniques to someone else. He switched topics, "How should they be dealt with?" Ye Chong pointed towards the enemies lying on the ground.

If it was up to him, he would choose the simplest way, which was to give each of them a stab in the head with his spear. The poison on the spearhead ensured that he would not have to stab twice.

However, he understood his situation, and did not want to stand out. After all, he was still wary of his status as an outsider. It would be better for Han Yue to make the decision.

"Can … Can you wake up my comrades, sir?" Han Yue stumbled over his words. For some reason, although he was always be very careful with this strange man, it was different from what he was feeling now. Every time he saw the cold face of this enigmatic alchemist, he could feel an icy chill inside. He was grateful that he was not enemies with the alchemist, or he would be dead by now.

The thought of having his life at the mercy of that strange man sent another chilling wave over his heart.

Ye Chong did not know what Han Yue was thinking. The way he saw it, he had only executed a slightly creative solution to their predicament. To Han Yue, however, he was already a character with legendary powers. To suppress hundreds of elite fighters quietly was not only unprecedented, but also brilliant. Alchemists were always thought to hold supportive roles. No one would have guessed that an alchemist could be this strong.

Han Yue still did not know what exactly happened. This further increased the mystery around Ye Chong, and made Han Yue even more nervous.

Humans are always afraid of the unknown.

Ye Chong handed over the awakening antidote to Han Yue, and let him be. Best to leave the professional part to the professionals. He should try to be inconspicuous. However, he was not aware that everything he did so far was anything but inconspicuous.

Soon, Han Yue awakened all his comrades. The ambushers were not so lucky. Most of them were killed in their sleep, while the few who looked like leaders were brought for interrogation.

Ye Chong watched as lives were ended before his eyes. His expression did not change. He had seen death too many times, and had fought against it often himself. This was nothing he had not seen before.

Han Yue was watching Ye Chong throughout the affair. He saw the cool expression underneath his colorful appearance, felt his chest tightened, and moved Ye Chong a few more levels up his danger scale.

"Get anything from them?" Han Yue read the reports from his subordinates. They had suffered heavy casualties from the attack, with only 70 of them still alive, about half of them with injuries. Nonetheless, as the leader, Han Yue stayed composed.

"None," Han Yue’s second replied. He had survived the attack as well.

"They’re child abductors," the Old Mistress announced softly. She walked towards him slowly, supported by her maidservant.

"Child abductors!" Han Yue was surprised with the information. He knew that someone like the Old Mistress would never speak carelessly. She must have her own reasons to be so certain. The Old Mistress would never lie to him about this matter, but why would the child abductors attack them?

The thought occurred to him for a moment, but he quickly suppressed his curiosity and did not pursue further. It was not for him to pry. "Mistress, I apologize for causing you distress!" He bowed to the Old Mistress, and thanked a man standing beside him, "It was an emergency situation just now, and I did not have the chance to thank you for your help, Brother Luo. Please forgive me!" He smiled widely, apparently on good terms with the other man.

"Ah, don’t even bother," the man addressed as Brother Luo replied in mock anger. The man was almost as tall as Ye Chong, and not particularly muscular. It was hard to associate him with the man who had moved fast as lightning earlier. He looked like a refined man, not too tall, but with a certain powerful charisma.

Ye Chong’s face betrayed nothing, but he felt that this Brother Luo looked familiar, even though he was certain that they had never met.

If it was any other normal person, they would have dismissed it as a mistake. Ye Chong did not. He studied the man carefully, but could not find any clues. The feeling of familiarity was still there, however, and this made Ye Chong even more wary of him.

Just who was this man?

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